Burgeoning Desires 

By Anima and Morphy 
Story Copyright (C) By: Anima and Morphy
 2000 - All rights reserved.

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without author's Permission.

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  Burgeoning Desires
(Something new by Morphy & Anima. *warning* This tale dwells on inflatables, 
yet includes UB, and conventional vore. ;K)

        "Oh! Sir! How about that one?"
        "No...he doesn't want to be bothered."
        "Well, what about that woman over there!?"
        "Mmmm, maybe...no. She's happily married. There could be problems."
        "Man, we're never going to get rid of these..." The man with the higher 
voice, Mr. James Free, sighed, looking up at a bunch of balloons bobbing 
over his head. He held the strings in his fist, leaning his elbows on the 
counter of the little booth. Beside him stood Mr. Scott, the one who'd been 
turning down people as they walked by. Scott was a big man, who wore a 
trenchcoat everywhere, in all weather. His hair was silver, as were his 
eyes. The younger man had never seen what the frame under that coat looked 
like, but he'd seen Scott easily heft crates weighing upwards of two hundred 
pounds. James had decided awhile ago *never* to argue with his boss. Just as 
Mr. Free was about to take a seat, Scott grabbed ahold of one of the strings 
the smaller man was holding. James searched the milling crowd for the person 
who'd been chosen, but could only see a couple walking by. Young yes, but 
they obviously liked each other. It couldn't be for one of them, could it?
        "Sir! Yes, you. We're giving away balloons, would you like one?" A 
dark-haired youth paused with his girlfriend, peering into the rather 
shadowy midway booth. A collection of huge balloons bobbed softly in the
slight breeze, of varying colors. They were all man-sized, and crowded the 
two men inside the booth.
        "Well, sure... You want one too Misty?" Smiling cutely,
the girl shook her head. Mr. Scott handed the young man the string and 
tipped his wide-brimmed hat.
        "Take good care of her..."

     "What was THAT all about?" Misty murmured, throwing a look over her 
shoulder. Terry shrugged, and smiled up at the balloon.
        "Who cares, I got a balloon!" Misty rolled her eyes.
        "Just like a little kid. What's it supposed to be anyway? Looks weird." 
Terry frowned a little in thought, hauling the balloon down to eye level. It 
was red, translucent, and in the shape of--
        "A vixen. Yep..." Misty made a face, and batted the balloon. It swayed 
gently at the blow, then rocked back. Its muzzle bumped Terry's lips in a 
'kiss' before it steadied again.
        "Is not! Vixens look like little dogs! That thing looks more like a woman! 
Its even got breasts." Now it was Terry's turn to make a face.
        "I told you about this before, it's an *anthropormorphic* vix-" Misty 
seemed about to say something cutting something caught her eye. She squealed 
and pointed at a new booth.
        "Elephant ears! Get me one Terry, please?" Not willing to hand the balloon 
to someone who obviously didn't appreciate it, Terry tied the string around 
his wrist. Then he dug in his pockets for change. Women and their elephant 

        Terry and Misty walked around the fair for another hour, before deciding to 
turn back for home. The red balloon vixen still bobbed along behind Terry, 
glowing like a foxie beacon everytime a bright light lit it from behind. 
Terry took a doubletake as they passed the booth where the balloon had come 
from on their way out. The small wooden construction was deserted, and in 
fact, looked long-unused...
        "That's weird." He mumbled, thinking hard as the lights and sounds of the 
midway faded behind him. Soon his shoes crunched through the gravel of the 
parking lot. Misty seemed anxious to get home, and was waiting for him in 
the car when he arrived.
        "Slowpoke!" She teased, grabbing the rubber vixen and shoving her into the 
back seat. Terry leaned back and threw his jacket over his balloon to keep 
it from floating up and obscuring his view of the road. It squeaked as he 
covered it, in what Terry thought sounded like a plantive tone. He dismissed 
the thought as too strange, and started the car. Misty didn't live far from 
the fairgrounds, and soon she was slipping out of the car and mincing up the 
driveway in her heels.
        "See ya Terry, thanks for the fun night!" She called over her shoulder. The 
young man nodded, waved, and backed out into the street. Ten minutes later 
of uneventful driving, Terry pulled into his driveway. A glance into the 
empty garage told Terry his folks weren't home yet, as he and his inflated 
companion entered the house. Terry didn't bother turning on any lights until 
he reached his room. Releasing the string, the vixen floated up to gently 
bump the ceiling. Sighing softly, he emptied his pockets onto his dresser, 
pausing to look at the picture of Misty in his wallet... As he undressed for 
bed, Terry had the distinct feeling someone was watching him... The feeling 
persisted as he slid beneath his sheets and tried to sleep. Directly above, 
the balloon vixen grinned down at him mutely.

     The next day was as much Hell and the night before had been Heaven. One 
of his professors made an example out of his paper, on how NOT to do 
assignments for his class. Did he *have* to tell everyone who'd written it?! 
Misty seemed distant when he sat with her at lunch, and later, ignored him 
completely in Economics class. Terry's worst fears were confirmed that night 
when he called Misty.
        "What's up Mist? You've treated me like dirt all day!" He could imagine 
Misty flinch as the hurt in his voice clearly carried to her.
        "I, I don't know how to break this to you. You're a nice guy Terry, but I 
think you're strange. I don't want to be associated with a weird guy. Please 
understand when I say that, that I can't see you anymore." Obviously, Misty 
got the message Terry *didn't* understand when he slammed the phone into its 
cradle. He flopped back on his bed, stretched out, and fumed. Why? They'd 
been going out for two months! Why would she cut it short *now*? Terry's 
gaze drifted to the foxie reclining on his ceiling.
        "Was it you? Did Misty finally give up on me when she saw you?" Terry'd 
always had a thing for balloons, latex, rubber; the feel of those materials 
sliding across his skin always gave him such pleasure...and he loved 
squeezing the things against him... Misty couldn't be expected to 
understand. If he'd mentioned how often his fantasies had involved oiling 
her body and dressing her up in black latex...*shiver* Outside, dusk was 
soaking the world in shadow, and bars of black crept down the plain walls of 
the bedroom. Of course, the vixen made no reply to his question, but to bob 
a little. That was odd, if Terry had taken the time to think about it. No 
windows were open, the balloon had no reason to be moving at all. But the 
troubled young man was far too perplexed to concern himself with that. 
Gradually, Terry's ire cooled enough to let him sleep. Lonely and cold in 
the empty house, he curled into himself and hoped to God he wouldn't dream.

        Terry's heart nearly stopped during the night. Some long-dormant warning 
instinct roused him at 3:00 am, forcing Terry to swim up through the blanket 
of sleep wrapped around his brain. Staring at him from less than two inches 
away were a pair of red, glowing eyes! There was a slight weight covering 
his body, from head to toe, something he noticed only after his scream of 
fright gave out. It was only the vixen-balloon... Its helium must've 
denatured during the night and let it drift down to lie on top of him. By 
some freak chance, the balloon's hand/paw was pressed against the front of 
his boxers, a rubbery fingertip penetrating his fly. Terry grinned and shook 
his head, trying to rise off the bed.
        "Going so soon? I thought you would've liked company..." The foxie balloon 
winked at him deliberately, licking her smooth lips with a heretofore-unseen 
tongue. Terry blanched, frightened eyes gazing up at this, this balloony 
*thing* on top of him. This *beautiful* balloony thing...
        "Uh, well, guess not..." Terry said lamely, as the balloon actually 
*breathed* on him warmly. "Who are you?" She grinned and bumped her nose 
against his with a squeak.
        "Whoever you want me to be... I hope you'll give me a name later." She 
smiled again, the glow in her eyes dancing in what could only be interpreted 
as happiness. Terry smiled back up at her weakly. The vixen nuzzled the 
man's cheek. "You're probably wondering why I'm doing this, right? You need 
something only I can give you right now..." The balloon drifted up off him 
somehow, and settled lightly to Terry's left. His eyes were drawn to her 
absurdly impressive bosom and something he could've sworn she hadn't had 
last night... Between the vixen's red squeaky thighs lay an opening, a slit 
glistening with some sort of fluid. It was as if she had undergone puberty 
during the night! Terry squeaked, trying to slip off the bed. He wasn't 
ready for this! The balloon-fox caught his arm and tugged, with the result 
of resuming her position on top of him. With her other chubby hand, she 
tugged off the man's boxers. Terry could've easily thrown her off...in 
theory. In practice, he was helpless! What surprised him more than that was 
the fact that he was enjoying being dominated! The balloon spoke again, her 
sexy voice calming him somewhat.
        "No no, you're not getting away that easy! Relax, you'll enjoy it more. You 
NEED this..." She murrred, wriggling her smooth hips against him. Her 
balloony-skin was cool, but warmed after a second or two of contact with 
Terry's bare skin. He moaned softly, and reflexively wrapped his arms around 
the demanding vixen. She felt sooooo good gliding against him... Suddenly, 

Terry felt his erect member thumping her belly, then sliding down towards 
that slit with another wet squeak. She giggled, then ooooohed as Terry's 
penis nudged against the petals of her sex. Her stiff, rubbery labia refused 
to part enough to admit him, leaving both suddenly frustrated.
        "Please lover, let me in..." Terry whined, his own hips thrusting lightly 
against hers. Given *that* request, she didn't hesitate, but reached down 
and tucked her fingers into her mound. Prying with her fingertips, the 
inflatable femme spread herself w i d e open. The fluid Terry had noticed 
before doubled its flow, dribbling onto the aching flesh of his member. 
Almost painfully aroused, Terry grabbed the vixen's plump, smooth ass and 
thrust it down towards him! Her body *squeaked* once more as in a single 
movement, her loins were filled totally with a nice warm cock. She growled 
in satisfaction, leaned down and rubbed her huge breasts against Terry's 
chest. They flattened out warmly against him, stiff little nipples growing 
larger in response to the friction. Terry's glazed eyes blurrily registered 
the moon outside his window, its image filtering *through* his lover's body. 
The silver disk acquired a red hue, as it shone through the balloon's 
cherry-hued skin. Terry's cool green eyes drifted towards each other as an 
ecstatic smile stretched his mouth. Sounds of pleasure mixed with giggles as 
the foxie snuggled herself tightly against her new lover.
        "Like this, huh? This is your first too, isn't it? Well, let me do all the 
work then." Terry nodded numbly, still smiling and panting heavily. His 
new-found mate jerked her hips up, releasing a good five inches of slick 
Terry, then quickly impaled herself again. The sound of wet rubber on wet 
rubber and flesh, and increasingly more frequent squeaks filled the room, 
the coupled beings' thrusting building them both towards climax. The 
balloon's own body seemed to swell as her excitement grew, her breasts and 
thighs growing against the human and visibly thinning, as the material 
stretched. Perhaps it was merely the result of Terry squeezing the balloon 
sex-toy against him... Terry buried his face between the breasts now beating 
against his chest, making his mate cry out in pleasure!
        "Good! GOOD! Yessss, I knew you'd make a FINE partner..." She growled, 
raising her tail high in the air behind her. The tail was balloon-material 
as well, but cunningly crafted to look like a cartoon vixen's fluffy tail. 
It would've frizzed wildly at this point if it'd been capable as the vixen 
began to cum... Hir tight, squeaky vagina clamped down on Terry, milking him 
for everything he had, while she shivered and twitched. Her eyes were 
squeezed tightly shut, and her mouth gaped to let her whimpers of ecstasy 
escape. Terry tried to still his lover's trembling with his own 
none-too-steady embrace, but soon yielded to his climax as well. A little 
twinge in his balls raised the floodgates, and Terry cried out as a 
long-unused path in his member flared and gushed with semen. Fascinated, he 
watched as his cream exited his body, splattering the inside of the vixen. 
Incredibly, the spooge defied gravity and flowed further up inside her. The 
coating became thinner and thinner as the seed was evenly distributed 
everywhere on the balloon's inner surface, quickly becoming invisible. 
Shuddering, Terry collapsed back into the sheets. For a few minutes, the new 
lovers just stroked each other...Terry hardly believing this wasn't a dream.
        "MMMmmmm, lovely...especially for your first time. I hope it was special 
for you..." What a thing to say! "Feeling better?" The rubber fox murrrred, 
holding Terry's hands against her breasts. He nodded dreamily, and tried 
kissing the vixen. She responded eagerly, tongue slipping past his lips. Her 
tongue had a...*different* taste, kind of rubbery and plastic at the same 
time, and satiny smooth. The vibrations of her sexy murrrr buzzed pleasantly 
in Terry's skull. His breath rushed into her as he gasped from his exertion. 
The moist air helped bloat the vixen even further, and when their lips 
parted, she wore a smile to match Terry's.
        "I'm feeling better too now, you know... I *crave* your seed, your spooge, 
Terry. I *need* it... My body can convert it into almost anything I need. 
It'll be my breakfast, lunch, and dinner... Snacks too if I'm so inclined!" 
She grinned seductively, running her fat paws down her sides. Terry watched 
appreciatively, then pulled her down close to him again.
        "Hope I can keep up... Do you need anything else?" He whispered, hands 
sliding here and there on her smooth, voluptuous body. She nodded slowly, 
planting another kiss on Terry's cheek. It was wonderfully different, kisses 
from a muzzle instead of a flat human face. Surely that muzzle was narrow 
enough to get into some very interesting places...
        "Well, first of all I'd like a name..." She pouted a little, placing her 
arms on either side of her human's neck. Terry hmmed, eyes sliding half-shut 
as he considered. What name would do this, this *vision* credit?
        "How about Talia? I was just reading a book by Lackey, and--" Talia 
interrupted him with an ecstatic kiss. Guess she likes that!
     When the blood had stopped pounding in his ears, Terry heard his lover 
        "I need your physical love, but eventually, I want... Well, there's plenty 
of time for that later. For now just remember, I may be a balloon, but I 
have feelings too!" She bared her teeth at him, then gnawed ferally on 
Terry's fingers. If those teeth in her maw hadn't been soft, the young man 
would've needed stitches! As it was, the teeth just tickled. Terry sighed 
softly, rubbing his hands up and down Talia's smooth back. A static charge 
slowly built, spending itself in a big, fat spark as she leaned down for 
another kiss. Terry yelped! as the foxie broke down giggling.
        "Y, your hair!" She shook her head, clutching herself as giggles claimed 
her again. Raising a hand to touch his hair, Terry found it standing 
straight up.
        "Oh!? Well, take this!" Terry grinned, easily plucking Talia off his hips 
and shoving her against the wall. He rubbed her briskly against the wall, 
then let go. She 'stood' there, pouting, suspended like a fly in a web.
        "Well! That's no way to treat a lady..." Terry just shook his head, trying 
to smooth his hair as he laughed. To show there were no hard feelings, 
(Well, not until Terry had been given a minute or two to recover,) Terry 
took the living-balloon in his arms again. After another lingering, 
inflating kiss, Terry gazed affectionately into Talia's shining eyes.
        "I have no idea how I ended up with you, but I'm glad you're here now... 
YOU'RE not likely to leave me 'cuz I'm weird." Talia nodded, squeakily 
rubbing her cheek against Terry's.
        "Nope, so long as you take good care of me, I'm not going anywhere. 
Speaking of care, I could use some more love..." Love Terry was only too 
happy to provide.

Chapter 2

        Morning brought some problems to light, even as the sun banished the 
shadows from last night. Terry awoke, delighted to see Talia snoring softly 
beside him. It hadn't been just a glorious dream...though his lover was 
rather unreal! She lay suspended a few inches above the bed itself, her tail 
balancing her expertly. He roused her with a peck on the cheek.
        "Good morning lover. Sleep well?" He murmured, rolling over on top of her. 
Clasping her with his thighs, Terry again reveled in the feel of her skin on 
his. The temperature of the rubber again quickly jumped to match that of his 
        "Sleeping next to you, who wouldn't?" She answered readily, smiling up at 
him. Terry chuckled, blushing a tad, and began kneading Talia's body. His 
hands dented her pliable skin inward, sinking in about two or three inches, 
then bouncing back again. She mmmmmmed, wriggling a little under her lover.
        "That's nice! Yeah...do that *everywhere!*" Terry complied happily, 
exploring the lovely body of his vixen. He squashed her breasts inward until 
they they turned concave, smiling as Talia's nipples instantly sprang to 
attention. Teasingly, he left them and squeezed her smooth sides. Not 
wanting to neglect her back, Terry flipped Talia over and kneaded her shiny 
back too. She moaned softly when his hands found her buttocks, cupping the 
plump cheeks and warming them. Terry boldly probed between those cheeks with 
a finger, and surprised himself by locating a sphincter there. An anus!?
        "That's one of my vents love...I take in air and...other substances through 
it." Talia giggled, and thrust herself back on the finger, briefly impaling 
that tight little ring on it. Terry yelped, yanking the finger back.
        "Maybe we'll do that later..." He mumbled, and flipped Talia back over.
        "Don't sit too heavily, I might pop." She added, as he re-straddled her and 
leaned down for another kiss. Terry went white, and scrambled off of his 
        "Y, you can pop?! You'd die..." Talia nodded, turning on her side to face 
him. Boy those teats of her's were
        "I wouldn't be happy, but you could always throw the scraps together again, 
and they'd reconstitute. Don't tell me how I know that, there are a few 
unpleasant memories along those lines... But after a bit of sustenance, you 
won't have to worry about that. If you could find me some latex, rubber, 
anything like that, it would be a nice addition to my diet." Talia looked 
around the room, and pointed out a rain coat in Terry's closet. "That would 
keep me fed for a week!" Terry giggled, then slid off the bed. He stepped 
over to his desk, pulled out a drawer and returned to the bed with it. 
Inside were packages of balloons, latex condoms, several pairs of latex 
gloves, and assorted other items. She grinned knowingly, plucking one of the 
gloves from the pile.
        "I've always liked the feel of that against me...you're like a dream come 
true Talia." Talia looked up at the human and cocked her head, her smile 
        "Really? I've never been a dream-fulfilled before...I've never really been 
anything before! But that feels good!" Talia fed the glove into her mouth, 
then gulped it down. Her smooth neck bulged for a moment with the passage of 
the balled up glove. Terry watched as it tumbled down with a rustle into the 
cavity of her body. It was soon followed by four condoms, another pair of 
gloves, and a package of jumbo-balloons. Terry surveyed the mass resting in 
the balloon's belly skeptically.
        "Now what?" He asked, turning his attention back to Talia's face. She 
licked his lips and giggled.
        "Just watch." She lay down, the white sheets making a perfect backdrop to 
watch her innards at work. The jumble of rubbery items in her abdomen 
appeared as a darker mass within. Slowly, that mass grew darker still, and 
spread across the inside of Talia's back. It looked like the stuff was 
melting! And indeed, it had turned to a liquid. The vixen sat up, and let 
the stuff ooze down into her legs. Terry studied the liquified material then 
turned curious eyes back to Talia's.
        "Now, that stuff will become a permanent part of me. It'll make my skin 
tougher and more flexible, and some of it will go towards my lovely feminine 
lubricant... Have you noticed anything about your cock after last night?" 
Talia thrust her pudgy paw into Terry's shorts, drawing out his member. It 
stiffened immediately as her soft, rubber pads rubbed against the warm 
flesh. Terry flinched, then relaxed. It was going to take some getting used 
to, living with a horny vixen!
        "Uhh, no. I don't usually look at it that closely..." Talia giggled, and 
rolled the penis between her paws. Then, gently, she tugged at it. Terry's 
eyes bulged as he saw his member *stretch* a couple of inches! She saw his 
expression and dropped his cock. To the man's relief, it returned to normal 
once released.
        "Everywhere my liquids touch you, you'll grow more elastic. Might be 
advantageous to have an elastic tongue, no?" Talia winked at him, reaching 
down and spreading herself. Beads of moisture glinted on her full, pouting 
pussy-lips. Hypnotized, Terry nodded dumbly...then shook himself.
        "Though they aren't home much, I don't think my parents should see your, 
um, lovely assets. Do you have any problem with wearing clothes?" Talia 
nodded firmly.
        "Yep, I do. Mostly because there's no need. Watch!" She concentrated, and 
her surface began to ripple. Slowly, the uniform red of her skin turned 
opaque in places. Green appeared, spreading across her chest and hips. A 
minute later, Talia was clad in what looked like a tank top and shorts. And 
when she looked back up at him, Terry startled to see her eyes were now 
green as well. Like his. "I thought you might like these..." She murrred, 
batting imaginary eyelashes at him. Eagerly, Terry scooped his vixen into 
his arms.
        "You're so gorgeous... You drive me wild, you know." Talia grinned, 
nuzzling her mate's cheek.
        "Awww, you're making me blush..." And she was! Talia's cheeks flushed a 
darker crimson for a moment. When Terry loosened his embrace, she slipped 
away and off the bed. To his surprise, she managed to stand on her own feet. 
Talia noticed his surprise, and explained.
        "I've gained some weight, and by shifting it about, I can stand and move 
around. I'm kinda learning this as I go along, my life so far hasn't given 
me any opportunity to really *live*." Sliding off the bed to join her in the 
middle of his room, Terry stepped into her.
        "Tell me about your life. How were you made? Why are you different than, 
well, other balloons?" Talia grinned and tossed her head.
        "Ah, well, it isn't a very interesting story. That guy who gave me to you? 
His name is Scott. He's not a scientist or inventor, he's a magician. But he 
didn't make me, he just works for another magician who did. I won't tell you 
the big cheese's name, 'cuz he's kind of famous and doesn't like word of his 
side-business spread around. Anyways, he made me and others like me to 
entertain himself and make others happy. Like you! Scott's just a middleman, 
there to match a balloon to someone who needs one."
        "Well, I really needed you...would any of those balloons have been the 
right one? like you?" Talia growled, and shook her head.
        "No, *I'm* the one who was chosen! So obviously the others wouldn't have 
been compatible with you for one reason or another." Terry winced, and 
quickly tried to make amends.
        "Sorry love, I didn't mean to sound-" Talia sighed in impatience and cut 
off Terry's words with a fat finger against his lips.
        "Shush, I know. It's you and me, and no one else. Now, lemme have some 
breakfast!" As quickly as they'd appeared, Talia's clothes vanished. They 
never even made it to the bed...

Chapter 3

     Mr. Scott sat back in his armchair, glaring at his assistant. His 
silver eyes sparked with anger.
        "Why?! Why is it every time I give you a task to do, you bungle it! I don't 
know why I put up with you..." James cringed under the verbal assault, and 
wrung his hands.
        "But I'm sorry sir! I'm doing my best to find them..." Tired and worried, 
Scott wiped a hand down over his face.
        "Tell me again how it happened, so I can phrase a report for the boss." 
James nodded miserably, and cleared his throat.
        "Well, I herded the undistributed balloons into the closet like you told me 
to, and shut the door. Maybe I forgot to lock it...but somehow, they got 
out. You never told me, why does that closet look so funny on the inside? 
It's like a shower stall almost." Scott glared at James. The assistant 
suddenly forgot he'd asked a question. "Anyways, the door was open when I 
came down this morning. The basement door was still locked though...but the 
window was open. That's all I know, no one on the grounds saw anything, and 
neither did any of the neighbors I called." Mr. Scott shook his head, long 
silver hair flying back and forth.
        "You should be hanged for this, you know. Fired at the least. But you've 
shown before this that you're good with the balloons, so I'm keeping you 
around." James sighed with relief.
        "But, you'll be docked a week's pay for this. And until further notice, 
you're assigned to find those vixens!" Walking backwards out of the room and 
exclaiming his gratefulness, James made as if to do just that. But as soon 
as he was out of sight, James let out a groan and slumped against the wall.
        "I gotta get out of this job...maybe I should go into jewelry like Mom 

        Terry spent the rest of Sunday with Talia, 'feeding' her and teaching the 
vixen whatever she wished to know. Steadily, the supply of rubber and latex 
items in Terry's drawer dwindled. By nightfall, only a lone condom slid 
around in the bottom of the drawer. Talia grinned sheepishly, tucking the 
little package away for a midnight snack later.
        "I won't always eat this much, I'm just building myself up. With all I've 
eaten today, and all the wonderful love you've made to me, I rather doubt 
you *could* pop me now. But...it would be nice to have some stuff around to 
eat, especially when you can't be around." Talia hugged her new mate gently, 
her soft bosom pancaking against his firm chest. He smiled, touching his 
nose to Talia's. Every moment he spent with her, she became more and more 
wonderful in his eyes...
        "No problem, I'll just go to the store tomorrow. There's a balloon shop 
about twenty minutes away; I buy most of my stuff from them. The owner's a 
nice guy." Talia grinned, lolling her smooth tongue out.
        "Great! Can you take me? I wanta pick out some of my own snacks."
        "I don't see why not. Just be sure to wear more than you are at the 
moment..." Terry chuckled, circling one of Talia's cute nipples with a 
fingertip. He smiled gently when he noticed the little nub turn a blushing 
shade of pink. Talia moaned and shivered, clutching herself to Terry.
        "O, okay... I think it's time for my dinner..." She floated up onto the 
bed, and reclined in a supine position. Her beautiful emerald eyes projected 
a definite 'come-hither' look... Terry needed no other encouragement!

                A bell jingled on the door as Terry shoved it open with his hip, 
supporting Talia with his arms. The vixen's eyes widened as she took in the 
vast array of balloons in the store. Silvery mylar, opaque rubber, and 
similarly composed spheres and oblongs bobbed everywhere, and in all 
different shapes and sizes. A young man in glasses pushed through a shifting 
'herd' of balloon animals to reach the potential customer. His expression 
brightened when he recognized Terry.
     "Good afternoon Terry, what d'you need today? Mr. Farman got in a bunch 
of...oh, I see you've already got one." The clerk was obviously disappointed 
he couldn't spring a surprise on the other young man. Terry frowned, 
glancing at Talia.
        "Actually, I won this at a fair. What're you talking about?" Talia was 
holding still and trying to appear balloony. The clerk frowned a little, and 
        "There's a bunch just like that one in the corner over here, only they 
don't have clothes." Terry followed through the squeaky jungle to a little 
plastic shed stuffed with balloons. They *were* just like Talia! Or, more 
correctly, just like Talia *used* to appear, like the night at the fair. 
Smiling at the rapt look on Terry's face, the clerk began calculating the 
sale in his head.
        "Umm, Tim, could you go get Mr. Farman? I need to ask where he got these." 
Tim stared a minute at Terry, nodded, and retreated to the rear of the 
store. Talia animated and tugged on Terry's sleeve.
        "Those are my batch-mates! I'm speaking with them mentally... They escaped 
from Mr. Scott! He was going to destroy them! He probably does that to all 
the left over balloons..." Talia growled, clenching her puffy fists in rage. 
Her crimson color blushed darker in a heartbeat.
        "I'll buy them all I suppose..." Terry murmured, and shrugged helplessly.
     "Oh you will? That's wonderful!" Mr. Farman's cheerful voice whipped 
Terry around. Talia nudged him surreptitiously.
        "Mr. Farman, where'd you get these balloon vixens?" He asked, waving a hand 
at the bin. The owner's eyebrows raised in surprise.
        "It's a strange thing, really! I found them tied to the parking meter right 
outside the shop. I figured someone had left to them me as a gift, and they 
were so lovely, I decided to put them up for sale. I kept one for myself 
too, it's at home." Terry nearly choked with laughter! Wait until that 
cheerful little widowered bald man realized what kind of creature was really 
on his hands... But there were fourteen vixens that needed a home. If 
someone bought one and popped it...and didn't know anything about them... 
Terry shuddered.
        "Yes, I'll take them all. Do you have some cord I can use to tie them to my 
car?" Mr. Farman grinned and nodded. Fifteen minutes later, his wallet was 
empty and his fist was full or balloon strings. As soon as the group was 
outside with him, the vixens had all begun thanking him and thumping him on 
the back with airy limbs. Terry smiled and acknowledged them, but let Talia 
handle the rowdy bunch. His car looked like a parade float on the way home, 
a bunch of huge balloons tied to his bumper on a six foot cord! Again, 
fortutiously, Terry's parents weren't home. He'd felt like a sheepdog 
herding the balloons into the house and down the hall to his room! Once 
there, an impromptu party ensued. The decorations were simply the brilliant 
and varied colors of the balloons, and the refreshments were pieces of 
Terry's yellow raincoat! Surrounded by the chatting female foxes, Terry put 
his head in his hands and moaned. How did he get himself into this!
        "Terry, don't be like that! You can find them homes. But in the meantime, 
won't you play with us?" Talia murred, pushing Terry's hands away from his 
face and plopping into his lap. Giggling shyly, the other balloons circled 
around him. Terry blinked.
        "Play? You don't mean...all of you...with me..." Talia and the rest nodded, 
every single rubber-vulpine suddenly affecting a sultry pose. Terry moaned, 
and flopped back on the bed. At least he was young... Taking his flop for 
surrender, the young man was swarmed with the smooth, squeaky bodies of the 
vixen pack. Talia was first of course, sliding Terry's shorts and shirt off 
and then impaling herself on his warm cock. Impatient, the others stroked 
themselves and cuddled as close as they could to the mating couple. The poor 
overwhelmed human was on cloud nine, lost in a sea of rubbing and stroking 
balloon-flesh. He reached out, tweaking a nipple here, squeaking a clit 
there, giving the crowd tantalizing tastes of what was to come. Talia 
pressed so tightly against him, (Either by her own design of Terry's 
embrace,) her body sank over his. He found his mouth captured by Talia's, 
his breath drawing directly from her inner reservoir of air. She molded to 
him, her crimson rubber sides creeping down over his. Instead of thrusting, 
she was now making use of her inner muscles. Muscles?! Sheesh, she was 
learning fast! Under the onslaught of that slick, rippling canal, Terry 
wasn't long in cumming, spilling his sustaining seed into Talia's grateful 
body. As soon as Talia tugged herself free, another vixen bobbed up and 
straddled the man. Like Talia the first time, this new lover's slit was very 
tight. Terry didn't wait for her to stretch herself, but grabbed her 
buttocks and shoved his cock deep inside the smooth, warm, rubbery 
tightness. The new balloon-fox let out a harsh yelp of mingled shock and 
pleasure, then dissolved into happy cries. Talia watched, grinning, and 
helped keep one of her 'sisters' stay nice and slick where it counted.
        "I hope you can keep up love, these ladies aren't going to take no for an 
answer!" She called above the collective moans, grunts, and howls of 
pleasure and lust. Terry just croaked out a forced laugh, then cried out 
himself as a second orgasm wracked his sweat-sheened body. At least these 
new vixens were inexperienced, and easy to please! The most recently reamed 
balloon floated gently to the floor with a sated smile, lightly caressing 
her heaving breasts and absorbing the milky gift Terry had bestowed on 
her... Seeing the look of intense satisfaction on her face, the remaining 
femmes were more eager than ever to get theirs... Terry's perception faded 
to wet squeaking thrusts, firm breasts in his hands and on his face, and 
long breathy kisses. His life became sex, passion, lust, slimy goo and slick 
rubber. This vortex of sensation swirled around him, faster and faster, 
ultimately dragging him down into a soothing darkness.

Chapter 4

        Talia woke to find Terry sitting upright for the first time in two days, 
looking around muzzily. The fourteen rescued vixen-balloons lounged around, 
most resting from their 'ordeal.' Already many had experimented with 
clothing and color-changes, and Talia could see that their hide was 
marginally thicker. Satisfied that Terry's delicious cum had done its job, 
she leaned over and kissed him.
        "You did it love! All fifteen of us got a taste of your lovely spooge, and 
are sturdier for it. You may, um, want to buy us some scrap rubber and 
plastic for awhile before taking all of us on again though..." Terry 
groaned, nodding, and wrapped himself around Talia's nubile body. She 
murrrred in delighted pleasure, embracing her human back.
        "I could almost say I never want to have sex again... Almost." He grinned 
weakly, and several in the room chuckled. Suddenly, a rapping sounded on 
Terry's door. He straightened in alarm, and waved his hands frantically at 
the herd of balloons! In seconds, they were all suitably clothed, and 
floating at ceiling level. The door opened to admit Martha, Terry's mom.
        "I've been calling you dear! Someone named Mr. Farman's on the phone." She 
stood in the doorway, hands on her hips, looking around the room. 'Please 
don't look up!' was Terry's prayer as he watched her survey her son's 
dwelling. Satisfied all was well, Martha vanished in a swirl of skirts. 
Terry sighed, switched the ringer on his phone back on and picked up.
        "Uh, Terry? Did you know that those balloons..." Mr. Farman sounded like 
he'd been hit by a truck. Terry chuckled, and replied quickly.
        "Yeah, I know. I knew when I bought those balloons. And no, I'm *not* 
keeping them all. I'll find them good homes...get them gentle mates who 
deserve them." Mr. Farman expressed his intense gratitude, but was called 
away from the phone.
        "Sorry son, Roxy needs me." Terry laughed as he hung up; it didn't take 
much brainpower to figure out who Roxy was. Outside, the light was failing 
fast. Talia nosed her lover, snuggling close to him.
        "Goodnight Terry..."

     That primitive alarm-sense woke Terry again that night, to the sight of 
fifteen pairs of green glowing eyes staring at him in the dark.
        "Sorry Terry, it's time for dinner..." The eyes drew closer. Terry sighed, 
and stripped off his boxers.

Chapter 5

        Everyone noticed Terry's new 'look,' at school and at home. Dark circles 
ringed his eyes, he couldn't keep his head up in class, and there was always 
a peculiar smell about him. Like rubber. Luckily, no one noticed the balloon 
he kept in his pocket, (Talia was so adamant about staying near her mate 
that she let out most of her air to make herself portable.) Terry's grades 
began to slide... Finally, Talia made a suggestion.
        "Terry love, why not take us out tonight? Perhaps a little exercise will 
help us burn off, our, um, exuberance." This suggestion was greeted with 
yips and yaps of concurrence! Nodding sleepily, Terry looked at the clock by 
his bed. 10:00.
        "Well, the pool will be deserted by now...and no one bothers to lock it up 
anymore. What do you gals say to a pool party?"

        Terry had been correct, the pool *was* deserted. Somehow, the band of 
balloony vixens had compressed and torqued themselves into the backseat of 
Terry's little car. It made for a hilarious scene, like the clown car at the 
circus, as fifteen foxies bounded happily from the tiny back seat. Terry got 
them all in a column behind him, and made a beeline for the fence 
surrounding the pool. The gate swung open at his touch, admitting the 
curious group.
        "Okay, here're the ground rules. Don't make too much noise. The nearest 
neighbors are more than a mile away, but I'm not taking any chances! Also, 
put everything back the way you found it when we arrived. Other than that, 
have a ball!" Thus Unleashed, Talia and the rest all plunged into the pool. 
Terry giggled when he saw the balloons couldn't submerge, but crawled around 
on top of the dark, rippling water. The moon peeped out from behind a cloud, 
illuminating the crazy scene. It looked like some group of aliens roaming 
crystal plains, looking for food... Suddenly, one of the vixens disappeared 
beneath the water! Talia cried out and swam over to the spot, then began 
        "She swallowed some water! Hey everyone, gulp the water! Fill yourselves up 
with both holes." Terry grinned as the wet, rubbery foxies replaced their 
air with water and sank to the bottom of the pool. He guessed they must've 
used those 'anus' sphincters too to speed the filling process... Unable to 
resist the fun, Terry stripped bare and dived in after the ladies. He swam 
teasingly out of their reach, his kicking legs bare inches from their 
outstretched fingers. Outsmarted, the vixens could only walk back and forth 
on the bottom underwater, shaking their pudgy fists at him in mock rage! 
When his muscles began to ache, Terry quit doing laps and rolled onto his 
back. Above, the moon sailed across its own starry pool. Terry closed his 
tired eyes. The warm water lapped at him, caressing his skin...lulling him 
to sleep...

     "No, make sure he can't move. Shhhh! You'll wake him up!" His eyelids 
fluttered. What was going on now? He could still feel the water rippling 
against him, but it felt different somehow. Finally, (and reluctantly,) 
Terry opened his eyes. Ahh, he was out of the pool, and lying on a 
water-bloated vixen... It was Talia, in fact. He wasn't sure how he knew it 
was his mate...she just 'felt' different to him than the others. Five other 
H20-filled balloons stood, sat, and squatted near him. They looked much more 
solid filled with water, and were probably about the same weight a real 
flesh and blood anthro-vix would be. Their grins and knowing glances 
unnerved him though...and when they began to stroke themselves...
        "Talia, what's going on? Talia?!" He tried to get up. His mate just 
giggled, and wrapped her gently sloshing arms around him. It was just like 
being held by a water-balloon...wait, he WAS being held by a water-balloon! 
Terry's brain laughed hysterically. The water within Talia was warm too, 
nearly matching the human's body temp.
        "We're just going to have some fun without wearing out your poor cock!" She 
murmured, then nodded to the others. Each of the five vixens took up a 
position at each of Terry's limbs and his head. All five sat down, their 
legs spread wide. Ten pudgy hands gripped his body, and only then did he 
realize what they wanted to do. Shrugging, he made a fist and let one foxie 
impale her warm slit on it. She hissssed in shocked pleasure, then moaned 
and arched her back as Terry plunged his entire arm up inside her rubbery 
body. He saw his limb inside her, shrouded by two layers of green rubber and 
a few pounds of water. He'd done this before with water balloons, shoving 
his cock into one and bulging the skin of the balloon inwards. It had never 
worked well...this was *much* better! Muscles rippled up and down his arm as 
the impaled foxy began to hump that deliciously *huge* intrusion! On his 
left, the second fox tucked Terry's hand into her own cleft and scooted 
forward. Soon two vixen-groins were pressed up around his armpits, while 
their owners stroked and pleasured themselves. Now THIS was something Terry 
had never dreamed of! His vision was abruptly obscured as a third 
balloon-fox sat on his face. Her firm, water-filled thighs pressed cooly 
against his face, and her thick, warmer labia spread to invite his tongue. 
Her delicious, musky-rubber scent filled his nostrils. Terry smiled, 
stiffened his tongue, and drove it as deeply as he could into this new 
lover's depths. Distantly, he felt two other warm, tight passages slipping 
up his long, muscular legs and engulfing them. Their crotches came to rest 
snugly against his balls, bathing them in warm sex-honey. Now only his cock 
and chest were exposed, his fully erect member a pink beacon to the 
unoccupied, (in more than one sense,) vixens. Terry was unable to protest as 
a sixth vixen bounced up, and slid herself down around that delightful 
penis... His moan vibrated the crotch of the balloon sitting on his face, 
making her shudder in further ecstasy. Being inside a water-filled vixen 
made a big difference... Terry filed it away in his head to make love to 
Talia this way later. In and around the pool, the balloons not in on the 
gang-banging experimented with pleasing each other, though they hoped they'd 
get their turn with the nice, warm human! Terry squirmed and moaned under 
the vixens humping him, cumming in a small geyser. Distractedly, he imagined 
the vixen absorbing the cum through the rubber around his cock, letting it 
drift like strands of milky seaweed in her internal reservoir... Again, the 
world began spinning away from him as his awareness narrowed to wet thrusts, 
balloony squeaks, and cries of orgasm. Before long though, the balloons 
enveloping his limbs began to pull off of him. Terry winced, would the 
others now leap on him? Beneath him, Terry felt Talia wriggle out from under 
his body. Now, grinning, she took *both* his feet.
        "Ever wanted to return to the womb, love?" She murred, teasing herself with 
Terry's toes, dipping them in her honeyed sex. Terry nodded, chuckling.
        "It's a desire most men have... Usually however, only one part of them 
makes the trip." Talia giggled, nodding, then inserted one of her lover's 
feet. It slid fairly easily up her slick, clinging canal. Terry raised 
himself up on his elbows to watch, as the vixen worked his second foot in 
against the first. Soon, his ankles were pressed tightly together, and
squeezing even further up inside Talia's translucent body. He could see 
himself inside her, a slightly paler patch underneath her red rubber skin.
        "MMMmmmm, you have no idea how good it will feel to be filled like *this!*" 
She yipped, closing her eyes. Her pudgy paws slid for a moment on his calves 
before gripping, and Terry's motion resumed. Fascinated, the human watched 
as Talia stretched herself over his legs. The rest of her body rippled 
against him like a water bottle...warm and yielding. When she'd nearly 
reached his waist, Terry could see his feet had risen to the level of 
Talia's breasts inside her. Micheviously, he kicked a little, his toes 
distending the perfect mounds of her shiny breasts. Talia *oooohed* and bent 
her head down to tongue her nipple wantonly.
        "Um, Talia, exactly how far is this going to go?" Terry whispered, as the 
balloon's labia slurped up over his navel. Talia just opened her eyes long 
enough to wink, then went back to 'feeding the kitty.' Terry shrugged, and 
lay back on the ground, arms at his sides. What harm could there be in it? 
She wouldn't let him suffocate... Besides, wasn't it kinda sexy, the thought 
of being engulfed in your lover's pussy? Terry shuddered a little, his 
member suddenly poker-stiff again and rubbing against the inner-skin of 
Talia's belly. Little ripples and contractions stroked Terry's body as he 
sank deeper, just like a human woman's vagina might react...(If it could 
have managed such a feat!) Terry watched that fantastically-stretched slit 
advance up his chest inch by slick inch, then bump his chin. Smiling, he 
nudged forward and took Talia's clit in his mouth. Like her tongue, it 
tasted rubbery, but the little fleshy nub was flavored with the vixen's 
sexual essence... He sucked *hard* on that delicious little clit, knowing 
his actions were driving Talia absoulutely nuts! She screamed, barked, 
growled and yipped! as sensation piled on sensation and rocketed her up the 
ladder to orgasm! It came suddenly, a series of contractions so fierce, 
Terry couldn't fight them. His head was roughly tugged up and in! Talia 
flopped back onto the ground, water-filled body sloshing a bit around Terry. 
He wasn't actually immersed in water, she'd made her sex a mere deep 
indentation in her skin, (Like your finger if you plunge it into a balloon's 
surface. You don't actually go inside the thing, but you can see your finger 
'within' it.) Her paws played idly, happily, across her body. Terry was 
curled up in a fetal position, cozied around the general area of Talia's 
tummy. She stroked him through her skin, murmuring little words of affection 
and gratitude. Inside the amorous balloon, Terry's world had become red, 
wet, and *very* small, not to mention warm. He caught himself dozing once or 
twice, and realized that the party was over.
        "Talia! We have to leave! You'll have to birth me so I can drive us home!" 
He shouted, hoping she'd understand him. Talia pretended not to hear, and 
just motioned for the other balloons to caress her life-distended stomach 
even as she hugged that belly to her joyfully. Giving it up as a lost cause, 
Terry let sleep take him over.

        As Terry slumbered inside Talia, the balloon-critters all piled into the 
car. One of them drove, having paid close attention to how Terry had 
operated the car. Luckily, not too many people were on the road that 
night... And even if a crash had occured, Terry was safe enough in his 
watery cushion of a womb...

Chapter 6

        Friday went better than the rest of the week had. Terry managed to stay 
awake in class, and found the time that night, (between orgies,) to do a 
paper. He figured his stamina must have increased... At this rate, his 
grades would pick up in no time! And according to the school's public 
electronic records, they had!
     Over the weekend, Terry had a brainstorm. Sitting down at his computer, 
he linked himself into the internet and tapped merrily away. Talia padded 
over, and looked over his shoulder. She'd drained herself and replaced the 
water with air again, claiming she had gotten tired of being so heavy.
        "Whatcha up to love?" She whispered, tickling Terry's ear with her 
newly-manufactured whiskers. He smiled and ducked away from the tickly 
little filaments. They were a nice touch!
        "I don't visit these sites often, but there are some people on the internet 
who like balloons, latex, and other inflatables *almost* as much as I do. A 
lot of their fantasies include things like you, Talia." The vixen startled, 
looking down at her mate.
        "I don't believe it! That's just too unlikely..." Terry shook his head, 
grinning, and punched up one of his bookmarks. Talia stared as pictures took 
shape: A man making love to an inflatable pool toy; a pool toy making love 
*back* to the man; a cartoonish depiction of a balloon-fox with a mammoth 
cock stroking himself... *That* one had *all* the vixens in the room 
crowding to see Terry's monitor!
      "Anyways, I was thinking that maybe some of you wonderful vixens would 
like to go and make these folks *very* happy..." Terry smiled, indicating 
the screen. Fascinated, several of the ladies nodded and unconsciously let 
their 'clothes' flicker off.
Permission secured, Terry took pictures of the balloons with a Polaroid, 
scanned them into the computer, then posted messages on the more popular 
bulleting boards.
        "I'll check again tonight to see if anyone's responded." He said, switching 
off the 'puter's power. Talia cocked her head.
        "How will you get them to these people Terry?" She asked. The human 
considered, then got up and walked over to his closet. After rummaging 
around for a minute or two, he surfaced with a manila envelope.
        "Can you ladies deflate yourselves, and fit into an envelope like this? 
That's the best way to do it, is by mail..." One of the unattached balloons 
volunteered to try. Everyone watched, nervously, as she let out all her air 
and collapsed into a rubber patch on the floor. Terry took the limp vixen in 
his hands, then slid it into the envelope. She fit easily. Quickly, Terry 
took her back out, located her mouth, and breathed into her. After the first 
few breaths, the balloon began to move. Warm moist air flowed into her from 
Terry's young lungs, bulging her voluptuous body back into its alluring 
proportions... As soon as the experimental vixen was restored to her proper 
size, Terry broke the kiss. She stared at the human, her mouth hanging open.
        "Ohhhhh, YES!" She murrrred, shuddering as she came on the spot. Slick 
fluid rolled down her squeaky thighs. Amazed, the vixen stroked herself and 
smiled. "I feel so warm...and personable..." She grinned ferally at Terry, 
and pounced him. As the foxy lady began ripping off his clothes, Terry 
wondered in the back of his mind if being inflated with a particular human's 
breath formed a bond between balloon and person... If that was the case, he 
may never get rid of this vixen! Well, *maybe* he could handle two... A wave 
of pleasure washed away his train of thought and brought a gasp to his lips 
as the enthusiastic inflatable squashed Terry's member up inside her slick 
passage. Yes...he would handle two...

     The response to Terry's bulletin board message was staggering. Over 
three-hundred individuals from all over the world, (But mostly in North 
America,) wrote in begging piteously for one of the vixens! Terry and the 
the fifteen balloons sorted the mail, and picked those out who sounded best. 
Aside from Talia, the balloon-vix that Terry had inflated, and one more who 
was too shy to go, all the balloons opted to be packaged and mailed. That 
made twelve balloons to deflate, fold up, and stuff into envelopes along 
with instructions Terry printed up for their care. Surely that 'breath-bond' 
would help ease the bonding between vixen and owner... Then off they went 
into the mail, soon speeding on their way to their new mates. Before 
leaving, they'd all promised to email Terry back about their new lives.

A week later...

      "Boy am I glad THAT'S over!" Talia grinned at Terry's outburst, 
joining him as he crashed onto his bed.
        "All of them are very happy with their new mates! We can keep in contact, 
as long as we have email." Terry nodded, glad to hear it.
        "I should be thrilled, but I'm so tired..." He moaned. Talia nodded 
sympathetically, and rolled Terry over. Her plump paws squeezed and rubbed 
the cords of muscle in the man's back, releasing knots of tension and 
fatigue. Terry fairly melted under the massage, letting out little grunts 
and cries of relief as Talia worked her magic.
        "OOOOhhhhhhhhhh...I owe you big for this, my mate." He managed at last, 
through clenched teeth. His body seemed to thrumm with joy, and every one of 
his systems seemed revived. Talia giggled, stopping her massage to lie 
full-length on top of her human lover. She wasn't feather-weight any longer, 
her constant meals had given her enough weight to be a comfortable weight 
atop Terry.
        "Wellll, there *was* something. There are actually three things I need from 
you, not two like I mentioned earlier. Your physical love, yes. But your 
true love as well! I know I have that now, you treat me so 
wonderfully...you're always so concerned about me and my feelings...I 
couldn't ask for someone more wonderful than you! But there's a third thing. 
I want your body." Terry blinked, confused.
        "But you already have that, in my physical love!" He protested. Talia shook 
her head, trailing her chubby fingertips across the back of Terry's neck.
        "No, your *whole* body...inside me. Not in my womb, like earlier, I'm gonna 
eat you." Terry gasped, and turned over to stare at the fox.
        "You can't be serious! You'd trade my undying love and affection for a 
*MEAL?!*" Talia grinned, nodding, and licked her lips. The other two vixens, 
whom Terry had named Kechara and Ashke, politely left the room. Terry's 
parents were taking a little vacation on the coast... Typical. Talia leaned 
down closer to her lover.
        "I can have my cake and eat it too, so don't worry." She giggled, then 
grabbed Terry's head.
        "NO! Let me go Talia! Now! You can't *mmmmmm! mmmmph hmmm eeemmmmmm!*" His 
words were cut off as his mouth slid past the vixen's thick, rubbery lips! 
Her mouth stretched easily around his skull, limber tongue teasing and 
sliding over Terry's face. His pleas and cries buzzed inside Talia's body, 
muffled to the point of inaudibility. His arms waved about, then fastened on 
the smooth vixen's shoulders. Terry tried to push himself backwards, out of 
the gripping suction of Talia's mouth, but couldn't seem to get any 
leverage! Talia's neck rippled as she swallowed, pulling Terry deeper into 
the red-lit cavern of her body. His shoulders squeezed inside her seconds 
later, then his arms became trapped by her lips. Below, Terry realized his 
love had shaped a digestive system inside her! He was in a tight, rubbery 
tunnel right now that appeared to empty into a chamber further down. Her, 
*gulp*, stomach! He called to mind what had happened to all those thing 
she'd swallowed: condoms, gloves, pieces of raincoat, garbage bags, 
tupperware dishes, even a shower curtain! They'd all melted into goop and 
become part of the balloon-vixen. The rippling around his slim body 
continued dragging him further down the vixen's throat. Was he destined to 
become one with his lover like this?! As soon as his hands were absorbed, 
Terry beat at the tube of rubber surrounding him. He screamed and shouted, 
hoping the other two would come and rescue him...but realized they were 
probably in on it too. Would they eat his parents? Had he doomed those 
internet-people to deaths in the bellies of balloon-vixens? Was this an 
invasion?! Talia tilted her head straight back, her lips sliding slowly past 
Terry's waist. A tight little sphincter of rubber admitted Terry's head into 
Talia's tummy, a slightly warmer pocket for his body to curl up into. 
Talia's hands massaged and rubbed her belly, feeling more and more of Terry 
underneath her skin with every swallow. Soon, only his feet protruded from 
her mouth, and she took the time to lick the human's toes thoroughly. In 
spite of himself, Terry shrieked and laughed, kicking and wriggling in the 
tight confines of Talia's latexy body. No matter what the situation, Terry 
would never be immune to tickling! She mmmmmed and grinned, mouthing her 
lover's feet before they vanished down inside her. Terry curled up into a 
ball, and wasn't too surprised to see Talia banish the esophagus he'd come 
in through. Awareness of his situation settled in again when Talia made 
herself opaque, blocking out his view of the outside world.
     Talia stroked the massive bloated dome of her gut, murrRRRRing to 
herself in smug satisfaction.
        "Kechara, Ashke, you can come back in now. He's stowed." Talia giggled, 
patting her tummy. "Anyways love, you'll be fine. Trust me." She lay back on 
the bed, resting both pudgy hands on her belly. Ashke, always the shy one, 
stepped in and stood at the edge of the bed.
        "C, can I touch him?" She whispered, blue eyes wide in her purple-rubber 
face. Talia nodded, grinning. Ashke reached out tenatively, and stroked the 
curve of Talia's stomach. She jumped as she felt Terry wiggle inside his 
rubbery prison. Kechara settled down on the bed beside Talia, curling 
against her friend's side.
        "Didn't think you'd manage it so quickly luv." She laughed, her full tail 
flicking slightly back and forth across the sheets. Talia smiled dreamily, 
relaxing. Though she stilled her own body's movements, Talia continued to 
rock back and forth with Terry's futile struggles. They felt good...like a 
massage from the inside...
        "I just couldn't wait! I wanted him in me so bad... Do you know how hard 
it's been to wait *this* long?! Ever since I fed him up my sex, I've wanted 
to feel that again... That feeling of being so full you want to burst!" 
Talia turned her head in surprise as a moan escaped Ashke. The shy vixen had 
been holding her pudgy muzzle shut to avoid just that, as she came 
explosively! Kechara looked too, blinking. Ashke blushed a darker purple, 
scooting forward to cover the wet spot on the bed with her smooth bottom.
        "So, sorry... I just couldn't help myself when you started talking like 
that..." She whispered, looking intently at the plaid comforter on the bed. 
Talia and Kechara glanced at each other meaningfully, then shrugged. 
Suddenly, Talia's belly growled out a warning. The stretched vixen mmmmed, 
smiling with delight.
     "Snuggle closer girls, he's *really* going to start struggling in a 

        Terry could only make out isolated words from the conversation outside, and 
the strokes he received through Talia's skin did little to reassure him. 
With a sigh, he shifted and tried to stretch out a little. Only then did 
Terry realize the stomach's lining had grown slimy...and in fact, a pool of 
liquid had begun collecting against his back! He yelped and tried lifting 
himself out of the stuff, but there was nowhere to go! The level of warm goo 
rose quickly, caressing his body with lapping waves. It smelled strongly of 
rubber, like a balloon factory or something. It was thick too, his limbs 
moved sluggishly through it when they could move at all... Terry felt it 
close over his chest. Would this be the end? Dying in the guts of his lover? 
The goop crept up his neck. What would his parents do? Would they even care? 
Terry felt the heating liquid-rubber lap at his cheeks. Sheer animal panic 
gripped him as suffocation threatened...
        "TALIA! NOOOOOOOoo-*burble*"

     All three vixens heard Terry's last terrified shout before the liquid 
engulfed his face. Though Talia's body was pretty much opaque, they could 
all see the mass of something darker within her. Talia mmmmmed, closed her 
eyes, and massaged her sides.
        "He's melting now...here, I'll save his essence." Talia manipulated the 
mass inside her that was quickly becoming more *her* than Terry, and 
*twisted*. Like twisting off the neck of a balloon, the human's 
consciousness was preserved in a bubble of sorts and tugged away from the 
dissolving mess of his body. Flesh, bone, blood, everything, was quickly 
converted to a latex soup. It sloshed and gurgled inside the vixen, a lot of 
fun to touch and rub through her tautly-bulging skin. Then the goo began 
warming her from head to toe as Talia dissolved the stomach-pocket she'd 
formed earlier. With her mind, she touched the bubble of Terry that 
remained. He was just fine, in a 'sleeping' state. Gingerly, Talia sat up 
and cradled her still-bulging belly where much of the goo still remained. 
Terry had been a big meal! She pursed her sensuous lips, and to the delight 
of the two others, blew a bubble of the stuff swirling inside her. It took 
on a shape...a human shape, and turned a pale cream in color. When her 
breath had inflated it to the size of a foot or so, Talia reached up and 
pinched its connecting material closed. Working the new balloon's malleable 
surface, she molded that 'umbilical' into a simple nozzle. Giggling, the 
three vixens took turns blowing their own air into the Terry-balloon. Half 
an hour later, four human-sized balloons lay stretched out on the bed. The 
three ladies watched closely as Terry woke up. He blinked, yawned, and 
slowly sat up. Turning to Talia, he smiled.
        "I had the wildest dream! You...um, why are you smiling Talia? Ashke, why 
are you blushing...? Kechara! Don't look at me like that!" Terry frowned, 
then happened to catch a glimpse of himself. He could see through his skin! 
And there was nothing inside but...air! He sighed and quickly lay back down.
        "When am I going to learn? The doctor always told me too much sex can make 
you a shell of a man..." Terry sighed long and loud, his body shrinking 
several inches as a result.
        "Yes Terry, we seem to have rubbered off on you." Kechara murred, grinning 
like a loon. Terry rolled his eyes, (somehow,) and snuggled up with the 
others. Man, the squeaking would NEVER stop now!

Chapter 7

        Dressed as an assassin, James Free was quivering with anticipation. After 
weeks of tracking, he'd finally found where those vixens must've ended up. 
He now stood beneath the window of the young man's bedroom he'd learned 
about, holding a smooth flashlight-shaped device in his gloved hand. 
Standing on tiptoe, James peered through the window... Inside, he observed 
some large balloons resting on the bed. Two...no, three of them! The others 
must be in there as well. A little nervous but still determined, James 
quietly shoved up the window and threw himself up over the sill. He landed 
with a loud *THUD* on the bedroom floor, but quickly rose again. The thing 
in his hand shot purple fire, strands of magical energy that twined around 
the first balloon that sat up. They wrapped around its body, firmly 
imprisoning it. While those arcane bonds were still working, James fired at 
the next balloon, and then the next. Seconds later, all three were trussed 
up and magically gagged. But...there were no others in the room! And one of 
those on the bed...it was a *human* balloon! He'd never heard of any 
transforming power the vixens might've had, but then there *was* a lot he 
didn't know about them. He chuckled quietly, and began putting away the 
device when a quiet gasp erupted behind him. The black-clad man spun around 
to see another vixen, who had already crossed half the room before noticing 
his presence. Moving like a cat, he cut her off from the door and brandished 
the device at her.
        "You'll tell me where your friends are immediately. I haven't time to look 
myself." James tried to sound as menacing as he could, and it must've 
worked, for this timid-seeming vixen trembled!
        "P, please, sir, don't hurt me! I don't really know where the others are, 
Terry mailed them to people..." Her voice came out as hardly more than a 
whisper, her soft throat constricted by the grip of fear. James sucked in an 
angry breath, and stalked closer to the balloon. He backed her up against 
the wall. Mr. Scott would have his hide if even one of those balloons 
remained at large.
        "Did he now? He must have the addresses on the computer. I'll just get you 
out of the way, then hunt the rest down. Soon, you'll all be back with good 
'ol Scott!" James grinned, his perfect teeth flashing in the moonlight, and 
extended his 'wand' again. Ashke, her eyes so wide they threatened to expand 
right off her face, ducked. The bolt of violet force struck the wall and 
disappated harmlessly. James cursed and adjusted his aim, even as Ashke 
launched herself off the wall. Why was *this* one giving him so much 
trouble?! Ashke's plump arm batted the wand up before it discharged, the 
purple ray catching the man square in the chin. Sparkling filaments of magic 
wrapped him up like a Christmas turkey! Bound by his own weapon, James could 
only stare in mute rage at the vixen hovering uncertainly over him. The 
others remained silent and paralyzed. Ashke glanced at them, back at James. 
A feral light suddenly ignited in her eyes.
        "We'll never go back to Mr. Scott! I know exactly what to do with you, you, 
you evil man!" She growled, throwing herself on his body. James squirmed in 
mingled disgust and fear as the vixen stripped him naked, then kissed him. 
Ashke pressed her soft lips to the humans', placing a hand on the back of 
his head and pressing him towards herself. James shrieked around the blob of 
magic clogging his mouth as Ashke's rubbery lips stretched around his head. 
Struggling uselessly against the glowing ropes, James slowly became a meal 
for Ashke. If anything, Ashke had even less trouble enveloping the nice warm 
human than Talia had had with Terry...
        When the other balloons finally felt their bonds dissolve, they looked 
around the room dazedly. What had happened? Where was the intruder!? Then 
they saw Ashke. Her stomach was bloated with a dark mass within, a mass that 
was twitching and moaning loudly. Ashke rested on her back with a lewd smile 
on her face, playing with herself. When she noticed the others looking at 
her, she whipped her hands away from her naughty-parts and stammered.
        "I, I managed to knock his thingie into his face and, um, ate him. I didn't 
know how long those magic-ropes would hold him, s, so I thought he'd be 
safer..." She trailed off, flushing darkly. Terry padded lightly to Ashke's 
side, and curled himself around her huge wriggly belly.
        "Well, you did better than the rest of us! For being shy, you certainly 
turned aggressive enough when the need arose..." Ashke blushed, then giggled 
as her stomach gurgled. "Well, go ahead and digest him. We'll see how much 
*he* likes being a balloon! Maybe we'll deflate him and send him back to his 
boss, hmm?" Terry grinned, and kissed Ashke firmly. The shy vixen melted 
under her protector and love, ecstatic to have his approval. All she'd done 
was fulfill her desire to feel what Talia had felt... The four all cuddled 
together and made love, their moans and groans masking James' screams as he 
dissolved into a blob of gooey latex. The squishy, sloshing rubber-sheathed 
mass engulfed Terry's torso as he pressed close, rippling gently around him. 
Laughing a little, Ashke kissed the others, forcing some of the goo to her 
lips and by pursing her lips and squirting, distributed it among them. When 
all had a nice share in their tummies, she began to blow a bubble. Terry 
stopped her.
        "That can wait. Let him live life as goo awhile longer. It's isn't as if he 
changed much, slime to goo... Anyway, he deserves it!" Kechara nodded 
violently, then tackled Terry.
Insatiable, that's what they were! Sheesh, vixens and their sex drives...


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