Don't Tell Mom.

The Babysitter Ate Everyone

By Race
Story Copyright (C) By: Race
 2002 - All rights reserved.

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"Don't Tell Mom. The Babysitter Ate Everyone." by Race
Story idea by Nikolas K. Vulper

Race snickered as he finished up the ad to be placed in the newspaper for that week. "Need a Babysitter?," it said, followed by Race's full name (Race Coon - original eh?) and phone number. The giant coon licked the envelope and took the letter out to the mailbox, before coming back inside and loading up his backpack to go out for the night.
The next day, Race read the morning paper and was pleased to discover that his advertisement was in its proper place on the classified pages, right between an ad selling manure and one for a psychic friends hotline. After reading the paper, Race sat down by his phone and waited enthusiastically for it to ring.
Race snickered to himself as he stared longingly at the telephone. "Heh, this was a great idea. Why go looking for food when you can get it to come to you?" Suddenly, the phone gave out a high-pitched ring, and Race's giant paw was upon the receiver in an instant, lifting it so quickly to his ear that he almost yanked the phone up as well. "Hello," the giant raccoon said as calmly as possible.
"Yes, I'm replying about the advertisement in today's paper concerning babysitting services," said the masculine voice on the other end.
Race had to try very hard to keep from snickering as he took down the necessary information. "Okay, yes, thank you Mr. Buffett. Six o'clock tonight, 500 Elm, five it. I'll be seeing you then." As Race was about to set down the receiver, he remembered an important part he neglected to mention and quickly said one more thing before he hung up. "Oh yes, and there's no charge by the way."
"No charge?" The voice on the other end sounded rather confused, but finally responded. "Wow, that's great. We'll see you at six Mr. Coon."
Race chuckled to himself as he grabbed his backpack and headed out the door once the clock reached 5:30. He found the house rather easily, a rather large house of what looked like a rather affluent family. Although by normal standards it was large, Race still had to duck his head under the threshold in order to push his way in. A snappy looking rabbit-morph in a three-piece suit met Race at the door, smiling up to the giant raccoon.
"Ah, you must be Mr. Coon. It is nice to see you. Kids! Come meet your sitter," yelled the man in the direction of the staircase. A slight rumbling went through the house, followed by a loud cacophony of mixed voices and wails. The source of the noise was soon made clear though, as five young rabbit-children came bounding down the stairs. They all stopped suddenly about halfway down the flight and looked up at their sitter in awe.
Their awe was well founded as they stared at Race. Although it was blatantly obvious that he was a raccoon, the masked face and long striped tail giving that away, he was unlike any raccoon the kids had ever seen. He was incredibly tall, had to be at least fourteen feet in height if not more, and was also incredibly fat. His belly looked like a marshmallow, a giant paunch that pushed out Race's tee shirt and ran over his shorts. His feet were uncovered, giant paws that looked like they could step on any of them and turn a rabbit into a pancake.
Race smiled warmly at the kids, looking each one over as if he were trying to guess their ages, but their father was quick enough to aid him.
"Jeremy's the oldest," he said, pointing to a chubby looking boy wearing a baseball cap. "Jenny's the oldest girl, and that's Jessica right next to her," he then pointed to two girls in matching pink shirt, blue short combos, one taller than the other. "And that's Justin and Jimmy, the twins," the father finished by pointing to two smaller looking rabbits who were also wearing matching outfits, red shirts and blue jeans. "And this is Mr. Coon," the father said as he pointed to the raccoon, talking to his children now, "he's volunteered to sit you while your mom and I go out for dinner."
The five kids nodded in response and took seats on the staircase as their father turned to Race again. "Now Mr. Coon, we have dinner right here, so you don't have to worry about anything. It's in the icebox in a container; all you have to do is heat it up. The phone is over there, and a list for emergencies, and they all need to be put to bed by ten o'clock," the father rambled as he pointed to a telephone. Immediately after that, another rabbit-morph came into the foyer. She was wearing a nice formal dress and a little bit of makeup, and padded over to the father taking his arm in her paw. "Oh, hi honey," the father said as she snuck up on him, turning around and pointing to Race, "the sitter is here."
The kids' mother looked over at the raccoon warily, staring up at him for a bit before turning to whisper in her husband's ear. "You sure about him? He makes me feel uncomfortable..."
The father chuckled and whispered back to his wife, "Well he's free. The other sitters wanted $10 an hour."
The wife nodded and pulled away from her husband, turning to smile to her kids. "He looks like he'll be tons of fun," she snickered as she pointed to Race. She turned back to her husband and motioned to his watch, "It's time to go now, honey."
"Oh yes you're right dear. Be good kids," the father waved to his children as his spouse dragged him out the front door. Race peeked out the door and watched as the couple left before shutting the door behind them. He snickered and turned back around to talk to the kids, but they were gone. The coon blinked and looked around the foyer, but couldn't see them anywhere. ""
All of a sudden Race heard a collection of giggles and bounding feet to his right. He turned to the side and was pounced by five rabbit children running at full speed, knocking their babysitter to the ground. "Erf."
All five chuckled and swamped over the giant coon, the twins yanking on Race's tail, and the other three bouncing up and down on his belly chanting "Sitter! Sitter! Sitter!" over and over again. Race oofed and whined as they swarmed over him. One of the girls took out her gum and stuck it to his fur, before painfully yanking it back with a good collection of gray fur stuck to it. "Hey! I got a fur ball," she declared and tossed it back and forth between herself and the other girl, snickering the whole time.
Meanwhile, Justin and Jimmy were busy having fun tormenting the coon by yanking on his tail. "Hey, Mr. Race lets play tugowar!," they yelled as they grabbed his tail on the tip and pulled as hard as they could, eliciting a loud whine from their babysitter. The other boy, Jeremy, was having fun stepping on Race's face. He reached up on the coon's head and started to yank on his ears.
"Hey look guys, his ears stretch! He's big as an elephant, so let's make him one." Jeremy giggled as he pulled and strained at the large raccoon's ears. His feet pressed down against Race's muzzle as he crawled along his head in order to reach the ears.
Race was in considerable pain at this point, lying there on the ground as five little hellions played with him like a giant toy, stretching his ears and tail to their limit and grabbing out huge clumps of his fur for no reason.
The raccoon grumbled and thought to himself that it wasn't supposed to be this hard. Perhaps it served him right since he was trying to take advantage of people's trust to get an easy meal. It wasn't all his fault though, as the Buffetts showed obvious naïveté by allowing a giant raccoon to sit their kids, and could have easily refused him at the door.
"All right," said Jeremy, as he stood up tall on Race's muzzle after finally letting go of his ears, "Someone go get the water balloons." Race blinked at that, but only a few seconds later and he found himself pelted all over by the water projectiles. Jeremy called to his sister to give him one, and when he received it from her, the oldest child lifted it above his head and threw it down full force into the coon's face. Meanwhile, the other kids continued to pelt him from all angles with other balloons, his fur getting wet rather quickly.
Race growled a little and stared up at Jeremy with his large black beady eyes. The rabbit's feet were in a precarious spot, and all it took was for the large raccoon to open his jaws and gravity pulled the little kid's legs into his maw.
At that point, the leader of the gang of mischievous kids suddenly lost his bravado. "Hey, what in the world?!," he yelled as he tried to pull himself back out of Race's jaws, but they were closed over his legs rather tightly. The other kids meeped and quickly pulled away from Race's body, which freed up the coon's arms finally.
Race lifted his back a little from the floor and pushed against the squirming rabbit with his great paws. The coon swallowed once and opened his jaws again, pulling more of Jeremy's body into his maw. The rabbit continued to thrash around, trying to nip at Race's paws with his long front teeth, but Race was able to avoid the bites. The coon grumbled again and swallowed once more, pulling Jeremy into his mouth almost to the shoulders now. All the oldest rabbit child could do now was shake his head and wail, but even that was soon finished, as Race swallowed once more. A combination of the swallow and a rude push by Race's left paw against the rabbit's head, and Jeremy disappeared with a slurp.
The coon closed his eyes deeply and swallowed a final time, pulling the young boy into his throat, a small rabbit-shaped form pushing out inside his neck fur, fighting the motions of Race's gullet to the last. The other kids pulled back now from the sitter, staring at him in awe as he ate their brother before their very eyes. Instead of running away and hiding however, they leapt back onto the giant reclining raccoon.
"Give us back our brother!" They all yelled in unison, as they punched and pulled at the large raccoon, Jimmy even going so far as to bring a bat in from outside to beat at Race's body. The coon growled a little and reached out for the little boy, a paw grappling around his weapon. Jimmy wasn't going to give up without a fight though, and quickly bit at Race's paw hard, puncturing the sitter's skin. Race decided at that point that enough was enough, and brought his other paw around to grab at the little boy and lift him up into the air.
Jimmy squealed loudly and tried to pull away as well, but the coon was easily stronger than he, and soon found his head pushed roughly into a smelly raccoon maw as well. Race maneuvered his paws to grab at Jacob's tiny arms and hold them against his body, although the rabbit was still able to kick at the coon's face and neck. His struggles were rather weak though, and Race had no problem taking in the smaller child. A few quick swallows, in combination with Race's paws pushing in against the tiny body, and soon it was two rabbit children inside the giant raccoon, Jimmy's footpads the last part of him visible before he too was forced to wear a giant raccoon-coat.
Jenny and Jessica started to cry out, pulling at Race's fur coat and pushing against his belly as they felt their brothers fill the giant mammal's stomach. "You ate our brothers, you monster. We'll tell our parents!" Race snickered and sat up completely now, picking both girls up in his paws.
Although Race originally had apprehensions over this whole thing, the pain and attitudes of this family was quickly changing his mind. "Oh, I can't let you do that. I might have to stop my scam. And don't worry, you'll see them again soon." The raccoon licked over his lips and stuffed Jenny and Jessica's tiny bodies into his wide maw. The two girls screamed and pushed as their brothers did, only their struggles even weaker. The coon leaned his head down a little and worked his jaws slowly over their hugging bodies. The girls whined and held each other close as they were engulfed together by the raccoon's maw.
Race lifted up on their tiny bodies, swallowing once to pull their heads back into his throat, and allowing gravity to aid in their swallowing. He opened his jaws as wide as he could, and slowly pushed the two into his maw as if they were one. In only a few minutes, he had engulfed the two to their waists, four kicking struggling legs sticking out from his open maw. And then, with a swallow and push of his paw, they disappeared into the greedy predator. Race leaned his head back and swallowed once again, a sizeable lump appearing in his gray neck fur, slowly disappearing after a few minutes as the girls were forced into Race's stomach to join their brothers.
Race snickered and licked over his lips, sitting up and turning to the last of the children, who was just sitting on the staircase the whole time, his mouth agape at what his sitter just did. To Race's surprise though, the last boy didn't run or fight or even scream. Justin padded slowly over to Race's side, and climbed onto his belly, leaning down with a floppy ear to listen for his siblings. Justin smiled and hugged at Race's belly, before staring up at his sitter again. "You ate dem all, didn't you?"
Race blinked and chuckled to himself as he answered. "Yes, I did."
Justin chuckled and clambered up to Race's muzzle, lifting the coon's jaws open rather easily and jumping into his maw willingly. The smallest of the rabbit children closed Race's jaws shut behind him, his entire small body filling the coon's maw.
Race was rather confused, a quizzical look appearing on his face, but shrugged it off and swallowed down Justin as well. The coon licked over his lips and paws as he sat up and leaned against a wall. The tiny bulge that was Justin eventually worked its way down the coon's throat as well, the fifth of Race's tiny meals for that night joining the other four. Race smiled and rubbed over his belly, leaning back against the wall lazily and snickering to himself as the five children continued to wiggle around inside him, their voices and struggles still audible to the coon.
About four hours later, the couple returned and opened up the door, smiling to Race as they entered. "Oh hello," said the father as he hung up his jacket, "I trust you put the kids to sleep already?"
Race snickered and nodded, "Yes sir." All of a sudden, the giant coon let loose a loud belch, drawing the attention of the wife and husband to Race's gut. The mother was the first to realize, covering her mouth with a paw as she ran quickly up the stairs.
The father was more naïve, smiling at the raccoon and shaking his head at his strange wife. "So they were no trouble at all. That's good, I guess Julie just wanted to see them again," he said as he pointed up the stairs.
Race chuckled and reached out to pick up the kids' father. "Oh, well she went the wrong way then. They're right here." He patted over his belly, but before the father had a chance to react, Race stuffed the older rabbit into his maw as well. Since Race had already had quite a bit of practice, he had no trouble at all taking in the rabbit-morph before his wife returned. Swallow, push, swallow, push, that was the way of it until Mr. Buffett was nothing more than a bulge in the ravenous predator's throat.
As Race finished gulping down the father, a scream rang out from upstairs. Mrs. Rabbit came bounding back down, yelling out to her husband. "Joe! They're gone! The kids are gone! Joe?..." She slowly turned to Race again, her mouth going agape as she noticed the bulge in his neck, and even more the size of his gut. She slowly backed away, but in only a second, the giant coon paw was upon her as well...
Race smiled and hummed to himself as he closed the locked door to the great house behind him, walking away from the Elm Street residence and returning to his home. It had been a good night for him, seven rabbits already digesting in his gut, more than enough food to sustain his large body for that night. As for what would happen when the family's disappearance was discovered, who would ever find out? He chuckled to himself, feeling quite proud of his deed and anxious to get home to sleep off his meal.
Two weeks later, after it was discovered that not only had the five Buffett kids missed school ten consecutive days, but that Mr. Buffett had also missed work for the same amount of time, a police force was sent to investigate. As the uniformed wolves knocked down the locked door to 500 Elm Street and searched the place, no real evidence was found, and the case was closed as a "mysterious disappearance." The only thing the police did find was a small ball of gray fur, which was immediately thrown into the wastebasket and assumed to be a cat's hairball.

The End

Story copyright Justin M. Schuver/Race 2001
Please do not copy or repost without author's permission. Pretty please with sugar on top.