The Dinner Party 

by Nikolas K. Vulper 

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Author's Introduction
 This is my first semi-published story really, first time I've actually went back & edited something of mine. Added a lot to it, hopefully for the best =) Thanks go out to the real Sibe for inspiring the main character and story line, planting the seed that brought this to fruition. Thanks to Jess of VOR-COM for her input too, it's what made me come back to this. And of course to JadeFox for being my mate =) And now...

The Dinner Party by Nikolas K. Vulper

"Good afternoon, thank you for calling Celestial Catering, where we give a heavenly dining experience, this is Robert, how may I help you?"
"I'm interested in ordering one of your buffets."
"Really Sir, for how many?" 
"I'd like your one-ton buffet."
Robert shook with excitement. The commission for selling one of those was enough to pay his rent for two months, and here it was, being thrown into his paws. "Okay sir, what date were you interested in this?"
"Today actually. I know all about your late request fees, and I am prepared to pay them."
Robert couldn't contain himself, the late request fee was rarely given, so it was setup that the employee got about 75% of it, and with that, he'd have no problems with rent for six months. It'd be a lot of work, but oh the reward. "We can be there at six o'clock sir, will that do?"
"That will work perfectly, my address is 1784 CherryHill Lane, I'll see you at six."
"All right sir, thank you again, goodbye." As he hung up the phone, he immediately leaped into the air, screaming and dancing about.
"What is wrong with you Robert?" 
He looked at Melissa, grinning wildly, "I got a one-ton."
"Robert, you lying sack of scum, give me a break."
"I'm not lying, one-ton buffet, can't do it alone, wanna split the commission?"
"What, seventy-five to twenty-five?"
"No, fifty-fifty all the way."
She looked at him quite oddly, used to the dealings he made with other employees, always getting ahead sneakily. "Yeah, sure, why not Robby."
He looked at her bright face, wishing there was some way he could show how much he loved her really, and decided instead of rent, he'd buy her something real nice. "Well, we better get going on this food, only have eight hours."
Feverishly they worked together, and as 5:30 rolled around, they were finished. "Now to load up the truck Melissa."
"Yeah, and then to serve it, boy, what a day!"
They loaded the truck, then headed out. Meanwhile their customer was entertaining other company.
"Why hello little kit, what are you selling?" 
"Cub scout cookies, three dollars a box!"
"And how many boxes do you have?"
"I have twenty with me sir, would you like to buy any?"
"Why yes, I'll take them all, why don't you come in?"
With that the small fox kit walked in, pulling behind him a little red wagon with twenty boxes of cookies. As Sibe closed the door behind him, he began scarfing the boxes of cookies, and all twenty were gone in 5 minutes flat. The kit just stood in amazement.
"I hope you enjoyed them, can I have the sixty dollars now?"
"I had other things in mind for you." Sibe gently scooped the kit and began sucking on his tail. As the kit realized what was going on, he began crying, but by that time, Sibe's mouth was filled with his body. With a strong swallow the kit was gone, and Sibe patted his squirming tummy.
"Well, that wasn't a bad appetizer, and it looks like my meal is here now."
Sibe saw the Celestial Catering delivery truck, slightly late. At two after six, they pulled up, and Robert walked up to the house. He looked at it, a huge mansion. With all this money, one thought crossed into his mind, TIP! As he knocked on the door, he was shocked by who opened it.
"Hello Robert, you're a little late, that's okay though." Robert just stared in amazement. A ten foot tall Husky, easily weighing half a ton. He felt like a midget next to him, a little over half his height and a little scrawny thing. "Are you gonna set this up all by yourself?"
"Uhhh, ummmm, uhhhh, No, I have my friend Melissa with me."
 He looked over at her, "Ohhh, she's a little cutie, got any interest in her?" He asked this non-chalantly, placing a large paw on Robert's back.
 "Well, I've never told anybody, but yeah." He felt an odd comfort with him. That was a secret he had held for years, but beside him, it just melted away. "Don't tell her anything though please."
"Oh, I won't. How 'bout I help you get all this stuff in?"
"You don't have to sir, it's part of our job."
"I want you to cut the sir stuff, you may call me Sibe."
 With Sibe's help, they easily got all the food and materials inside the mansion. Sibe sat on the couch as they setup, and as they worked, they wondered when the guests would be arriving.
"Hey Sibe, when are your guests arriving?"
"You are already here, the buffet is for me." He grinned slyly at them as he began scarfing.
"There's no way you could eat all that!"
"Watch me."
Robert and Melissa just stared in awe as all the work they did made it into Sibe's gullet. Unable to remove their eyes from Sibe, they didn't notice the empty cookie boxes, the little red wagon, or the cub scout uniform. They just watched the food disappear, and Sibe growing, at a very alarming rate. Twenty minutes later, he was leaned back, massaging his gut, picking out food from his teeth.
"Thought I couldn't *urp* do it?"
Robert just stood in awe, then Rebecca spoke up. "Well, no I didn't. So I guess we're done here?"
"Well, I know it's not in the contract, but I'd be interested in some action." Sibe said this while winking slyly.
"I don't know about that Mr. Sibe Sir."
"I was more interested in Robert." Sibe grinned again and pulled the little fox towards him. "How 'bout it little guy?"
Robert was finally able to speak. "No thanks"
"Pity, well, can we move to the second course?" as he snapped his boxers, the only clothing left on his frame.
"The second course? We only brought that which is now in you."
"Well, I've got quite a nice stockpile, let me show you the kitchen."
They followed the large husky into his kitchen, gasping at the size, at least eight times the size at the catering hall. The tour showed his walk in refrigerator and freezer, holding enough foodstuffs to feed Ethiopia for years."I believe these facilities are fine, and I'll gladly give you ten times whatever I owe you for the overtime."
"All right Sibe, sounds like a deal."
Robert and Melissa feverishly worked, watching their work get swallowed as it got finished. After an hour, they heard the doorbell ringing.
"Robert, would you go answer the door please?"
Robert walked off to the front door, and was greeted by a door to door vacuum salesman. "Hello sir, I'd like to have the pleasure of telling you about the marvelous Super-Suck 8 pound vacuum!"
"Sibe, you have a solicitor!", Robert screamed to the kitchen.
"Bring him to me!", Sibe bellowed back.
Robert led the solicitor into the kitchen. After taking one look at the now 5000 pound husky, he just began jabbering incoherently. On that note, Sibe did his vacuum imitation and sucked up the salesfox and the vacuum. Sibe then laid back, just chuckling.
"Well, I don't know if I can eat any more at this size!"
"Does that mean we're done?" Robert asked hopefully, not wanting to become a snack.
"By no means!" Sibe then began growing, first slowly, then very quickly. When he was done, he stood, well, laid, at 20 feet and over 20 tons. "Now you saw what happened to the solicitor, same will happen to you if you don't get back to work."
Robert sprang back to Melissa's side & worked harder than he had ever had before. Faster and faster they worked, and fatter and fatter Sibe grew. After about eight hours, Melissa passed out, as Sibe reached fifty feet, and about 400 tons now. Greedily he rubbed his tummy, still hungering for more, looking down at Robert.
"So, she's done." With that, he scooped her up, and slurped the vixen down his muzzle. "Mmmmmm, she was quite tasty too."
A muffled screaming was heard from his gullet, it was Melissa's voice. Robert instinctively ran to it, pressing his ear to hear her better. Hearing her moan in pain, he became furious.
"How, how, how could you??"
"Quite easily!" he laughed as he scooped Robert up.
"No, don't eat me, I'll do anything!"
"Well, I'm still interested in some action!" he smirked as he dropped Robert into his lap. Robert just looked in awe at Sibe's massive erection. It was now bigger than him. Kind of the same feeling he got at the beginning of the night. "C'mon little vulpine, don't you want to save your life?"
"Robert! You must save yourself!", came Melissa's voice.
"I can't live without you Melissa!"
"Well, it's nice to finally here you admit it, but it's too late. You have to either live without me or not live at all."
"Fine Sibe, I will." With that, Robert stroked Sibe's member gently. Licking and pawing at it, watching it grow even bigger in response. After several moments of hugging and scritching it, Sibe began moaning and flowing out. Robert was covered in it, and as Sibe fell back completed, he began scampering away to freedom. Slipping quickly in his lubricated state, he found himself scooped up into Sibe's paw again.
"I thought you said that would save my life!"
"It did, but now you're done doing it, and so is your life." Sibe dropped Robert into his muzzle, and licked his own ejaculate off of him, mmmmmming at his own taste. When Robert was cleaned, he went down, and landed with a splash in Sibe's stomach.
"Robert!", screamed Melissa as she ran towards him. His eyes adjusted to the darkness and saw his angel, most of her fur digested off already.
"Melissa, I'm so sorry!", he sobbed piteously as he realized his fate was sealed.
"Robert, we have maybe 5 minutes left to live, let's go out with a bang. Now that you finally admitted to loving me, we can spend our dooms together."
Sibe chuckled at the squirming in his tummy. "Well, it's nice to see them go out like foxes." Sibe purred at all their motions until they ceased as they were dissolved completely. "A shame I had to eat them, they were cute kits. Damn, I'm still hungry!" Sibe looked down and massaged his gut again, wanting it full. "Well, only one thing to do."
"Good morning, thank you for calling Celestial Catering, where we give a heavenly dining experience, this is Michael, how may I help you?"

 There's the end. Don'tchya just hate cliffhangers? =) I just know there's more room to go in the story, but I'm not sure how far to go. Always wanted to make a trilogy, so perhaps this will be it. Anything to say to me about it? I'd really love to hear anything. Just send all
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