Title:A Dragon Story
Author: Tervicz
© 2004
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A dragon story

It was noon. A large colonna approached the town. The trucks were dirty from the long voyage. They were part of a circus that only performed in major cities. The director was in the leading truck; counting what money they had left. He looked up as they approached the perimeter of the town. The director switched on the radio and took the microphone.

“Attention all vehicles! I can see our spot over there on the right. Everybody follow me in and encircle the field. Monica and me will then head into town for some beer. While we’re gone, I want you all to check our cargo and start constructing the small tent. We won’t perform here, but it’s been a while since we had some practice. Make use of it. And behave yourself for a change. Vladimir out!”

The field was bumpy. The director bashed his head against the door. The trucks were covered the entire rim of the field. All got out and started unloading. The director opened his truck and released the clamps on his Porsche. His wife lowered the ramp. Then she climbed into the passenger seat and buckled up. Vladimir drove his car off the truck and headed into town.

“Hey Alex! Check out on Richey. He’s been in there for five days now. Ask him if he wants to come out.”

The young man unlocked the fortified door and entered. Immediately when he was in, he could see what had happened.

“Hey, Max! You’d better come and look at this. I don’t think Richey’s in the best shape to come out.”

The man leaped to the truck and took a look. His stomach twisted as he saw what had happened.

“Oh man! Just what we need. The boss is not going to like this.”

Everything seemed quiet. It was a full moon that night and the area was well illuminated. A window opened on the first floor. Two silhouettes approached the house.

“Hey Peter. Are you coming along or not?”

The young man waved his arm and climbed onto the tree branch underneath his window. From there it was very easy to get on the ground.

“Do you have the keys, Peter?”

The young man took them out of his pocket and grinned.

“OK, let’s do this.”

The three young men entered the car standing outside. Peter started the car and took off full speed. The engine screamed as they took off. There was no traffic and Peter was able to test the speed capabilities of his dad’s car. The three men got pinned down in there seats as Peter pushed the car to the limit. At the end of the town he stopped abruptly.

“Well done, Peter. Let’s see if you can do this again after having a beer.”

Peter opened the beer can that was offered to him and poured it all down his throat. Then he turned the car around and took off again with full speed. Again he raced through the town centre, showing to his mates what a good pilot he was.

But then the man behind him put his hands on Peter’s eyes.

“Now let’s see if you can drive this thing blindly.”

In panic Peter tried to stop the car, but the man next to him wouldn’t let him. Peter felt his leg being pushed down on the gas pedal. He tried to fight, but they were too strong.

The inevitable happened. The car rammed a parked car and flew high into the air. It came down on its roof again. Peter was stuck in his seat, but alive. His mates weren’t so lucky. Their heads were smashed in when they hit the roof. Peter passed out as sirens approached.

Vladimir seemed to quiet down when he pulled over. The day before he had lost a valuable member of his crew. All because of Max. Max’s carelessness was a problem for the group. A problem he had finally solved after he heard the bad news.

The prison’s director met Vladimir at the entrance.

“Good morning sir. Do you have the money?”

Vladimir showed him a trunk filled with gold. The prison director almost fainted by what he saw. This was his moment.

“Sir, I think I have just what you’re looking for.”

“Nonsense. I’m the one who does the picking. And if the man I picked doesn’t satisfy, I’ll come back again and pick another one. And I can come again and again. You don’t have to worry about the men I take with me; they’re not coming back. Do we have a deal?”

The prison director grinned at his customer.

“Fine with me.”

The two entered the compound where the cells were. Vladimir wasn’t very happy with what he saw. The prisoners were terrible: too fat, too stoned, too old, too sick or just “unable”.

Then he noticed one young man sitting in a corner with his pants down. The young man was frantically pulling on his prick, apparently unaware of the men watching him. It took him only a few minutes to shoot his load against the wall of his prison.

“That one’s perfect.”

The young man turned around and quickly pulled his pants up trying to cover up what he did. Vladimir grinned at him.

“You there. What’s your name?”

“Peter sir.”

“Peter Sir? That’s a strange name, mister Sir.”

“No sir. My full name is Peter Endance.”

“What are you in for?”

“I killed two people in an accident.”

“That’s bad Peter. Do you want to stay there forever?”

“No sir. I’d do anything to get out. Would you help me out?”

“Well… I’ll get you out. I have a job for you. It’s tough, but I think you can handle it.”

“What kind of job, if I may ask?”

Vladimir smiled. This was going well.

“Let’s say Peewee is going to meet real flesh for a change. I’m the director of a very large circus and I need a gigolo to keep one of our ladies happy.”

Peter couldn’t believe what he heard. That a big director would come all the way down to prison and ask a loser like him to fuck one of his women? This was too good to be true.

“I’ll do it, sir. How much will I earn?”

Vladimir laughed at him.

“Earn? Son, I’ll tell you what you’ll earn. You’ll earn nothing. We’ll feed you and we’ll give you shelter and we’ll get you out of this cage, but you won’t receive a penny. Is that clear?”

Peter nodded. In silence he was already planning his escape.

Although he had been in jail for only a couple of days, it felt great having fresh air rushing through his hair as the director’s Porsche made its way across town. The director offered Peter some beer, which he happily accepted.

No circus had ever visited his town, so this was the first one he saw what it meant. Dozens of people were busy erecting a circular tent. Others were practising their skills.

There were lots of animals in and outside cages. There were camels, lions, tigers, dogs, horses, goats, cats, donkeys, monkeys and many others.

All activity stopped for a moment when the black Porsche entered the field. Vladimir led the way to his personal caravan. There a woman was having fun with a dog on the bench. The large bulldog was thrusting his prick in and out of the woman’s cleavage.

“Meet my wife Monica and my dog Spanky. They’re both having fun as you see. Don’t think much about it. My wife lets anything carrying a cock fuck her. Meanwhile I’ll fuck anything with a hole, so stay off the cheese.”

Peter sat down on the bench, right next to the wife and the dog.

“So, is this the woman I’m supposed to pleasure?”

“No Peter. This story is not about dogsex. I’ll show you your new girlfriend later. Cake?”

“Yes please.”

Late in the evening Vladimir showed his new employee around the field introducing him to the crew. Peter was getting a little impatient.

“Hey, Vladimir. Now you showed me the entire place, wouldn’t it be about time to introduce me to my girl. How is she?”

“Well… She’s hot. I can tell you that. I can also tell you she’s big and that she can have a bit of a temper sometimes.”

Peter couldn’t wait to see her. The director led him to a remote corner of the field. There stood an enormous cage. It was old and rusty and looked quite frightening. A low roar echoed through the night. Peter froze. But Vladimir was right behind him and pushed him forward.

“What the hell is that?”

“Meet your new girlfriend, Peter. I told she was big, see?”

Vladimir unlocked the heavy steel door. Then he pushed Peter in and closed it again. Something was cracking under Peter’s boot.

“Now Peter, pay attention. This is a very tough animal. When she’s happy, that means satisfied, she’s as gentle as a puppy. She’ll even let children ride her. She’s our major attraction. We took you for this. There are two ways this can turn out. Either you pleasure her like she has never experienced before or you get eaten. Of course you can pleasure like she never experienced before and still get eaten. But that’s the risk of the job, isn’t it?”

Peter figured now he had been framed. Again he was a prisoner. But now matters were much worse than ever. On the door he had read what was waiting for him now. It said: “WORLD’S ONE AND ONLY LIVING DRAGON.”

Peter looked into the darkness of the cage. He couldn’t see the creature itself, but now and then he could see two flares appear as the creature was breathing. It took him a while to find the furthest corner away from the creature. There he rolled up and kept staring at the emerging flares.

Slowly he began to relax. As long as the dragon was asleep he was not in any danger. As fear retreated Peter saw a chance to think about his life. All his life had he been a tough boy. He had his first tattoo at the age of twelve. He had never loved his parents. They never showed interest in him. And when he needed them most after the accident they turned their back at him, leaving him to rot in a sticky prison.

Suddenly a hot wind hit his face. Two red shining eyes were watching him. Peter wetted his pants.

The creature opened its jaws and showed two rows of sharp shining white teeth. In panic Peter tried to get deeper into his corner. The large red tongue shot out of the dragon’s mouth and wrapped around Peter’s legs. The dragon pulled him out of his corner and released him again. Peter got up and tried to run to another corner. A burst of flames filled the cage as the dragon chased him. Peter’s jacket caught fire. Quickly he took it off and tossed it to the dragon. Then a second burst caught him. This time his pants started burning. Peter kicked his boots off and managed to rid himself from his pants.

The dragon was on top of him now. With its entire body length it encircled Peter. There was no escape. The big jaws closed in on Peter.

Then Peter saw one other option. Between the hind legs of the dragon, Peter could see an opening. Vladimir had told him the dragon was a female and that she wanted to be pleasured. But how on Earth can one please a dragon sexually? He would have to improvise.

Peter had to decide now: food or toy? Toy it was. He evaded the closing jaws and ran directly to the rear. The dragon lowered her butt. Peter found the opening and climbed inside.

Peter was pushed inside by fearsome muscles. It was hot and moist, but Peter was able to breath. It was dark and the muscles just kept on pushing him forward. For a moment Peter feared he might have picked the wrong hole.

The squeezing stopped and Peter found himself in a somewhat broader part of the tunnel. Suddenly the walls started glowing. In front of him Peter could see a strange bulb. It looked somewhat like a boob, with a little nipple in the centre, but it was more symmetric and all red, as was everything else around him.

Carefully Peter stretched his arm and touched the bulb. The entire room started shivering and the red light got brighter. Peter crawled closer and touched it again. Again the tunnel shivered. He started stroking and rubbing it. Peter could feel the dragon shifting her balance a bit.

A stream of hot fluid ran across the bulb. Peter licked at it. The fluid was very sweet, it tasted like honey. A few drops hit him. It started dissolving his clothes. Large holes appeared in his shirt.

Peter didn’t care about his clothes. He was too busy with the bulb. He loved touching it. It was warm and very smooth. He was licking it for the sweet juice that was now pouring down.

When he had enough of it, Peter turned his attention toward the nipple. He suckled on it and found the nipple was actually a hole. First he squeezed his tongue in, but the area behind it was too big. Then he decided to use his finger. He pushed the nipple into the bulb. As he penetrated the hole seemed to widen around his finger. He even managed to push his fist inside and then his arm entered.

The bulb opened up completely. Peter was sucked in. The light was a lot brighter inside the chamber Peter had fallen into than it was in the tunnel. The walls weren’t red but white. Veins ran across the roof. For the first time Peter could here a loud drum that was the dragon’s heart.

Liquid was coming down the walls. Small portions at first, but soon gallons were streaming into the chamber. In no time the chamber was flooded, but Peter didn’t drawn. The sweet fluid was all around him, lifting him. The few clothes he had left were soon eaten away by the dragon’s juice. Peter couldn’t breath, but he didn’t choke either because the liquid provided his body with oxygen. The liquid seemed to act like a living creature. It twisted around Peter’s body and penetrated every single entrance to his body. Peter experienced pleasure he had never felt before. He totally surrendered to the fluid. Then suddenly the walls changed from white to gold. Peter experienced an increase of pressure. He closed his eyes and prepared for the worse.

The hot juice spurted out of the dragon’s body. Peter flew high in the air and hit the wall whit a bang. He opened his eyes and looked at the huge animal standing in front of him. With an amazing precision she started licking him clean. Peter no longer cared to escape. Never would he leave the cage. Most probably he would end up in her stomach one day, but he no longer cared. He took a deep breath and then lost consciousness.

A huge bang sounded outside. For a second Monica took the dogcock out of her mouth and looked at her man who was watching television.

“What was that?”

“Easy honey. That was just Peter that found out how a dragon has an orgasm. Just don’t mind it.”

Monica looked outside and then continued sucking again at Spanky’s dick.

The End