Title: The Dragon's Welcome
Author: BrendomS
© 2005
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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The Dragons Welcome

Elora walked down the cold street, her bare feet hitting the pavement over and over. She was a female dragon, light blue, and attractive by standards. She was wearing loose pants, and a sweater. Farther down along the street, she saw a male dragon walking along. She decided he looked nice enough and approached him.

"Hello" she said.

He turned and looked at her. "Hi."

"I'm Elora, I live just down the street." he looked mildly interested but kept walking. Naturally, Elora followed. "What's your name?" she asked.

"I'm Relind" he replied quietly.

They walked quietly for a while. Relind stopped in front of a big green house. He was about to walk in when he remembered Elora. "Want to come in?" he asked.
Elora smiled and nodded and thanked him for his graciousness. Inside the house was pretty normal. There was a cozy fire in the hearth.

"Its very nice in here" Elora remarked. Relind looked at Elora.

"Yes, very nice." "Would you like to see the down stairs?" he asked. Elora agreed. Relind opened the door for her, and they trudged down the stairs.

The basement was all concrete. Elora looked around in surprise. "Relind, is there anything you wanted to show me down here?" she asked as she turned to face him. He had just finished locking the basement door, the only exit. "What are you doing?" she asked, a little put off. Relind stared back at her.

"You are quite beautiful" he remarked. "Almost scrumptious" Elora was starting to get worried.

"Thank you" she muttered. She started casually around the room, looking for a window.

"You wont find any escape." Relind remarked casually. Elora was frightened now.

"What do you want?" she asked her voice shaking a little. She turned now desperate to find a window. She felt a sharp pain in her back, and then numbness. She sank to the ground, victim of a paralyzing dart. Relind walked up to her casually.

"What a beautiful creature" he said, "Quite delicious looking" he kneeled down and started to slide off her pants. She tried to resist, but the paralysis was too strong. Relind slid off the rest of her pants. Then he started on her sweater, pulling it off just above her head. He threw the clothes aside, and admired Eloras body. Beautiful she was, but not too beautiful. He began to take off his own clothing. Once he was finished, Elora could see his fine red scales. His arms were big and strong. He sat down next to her legs. "You are a wonderful person, Elora," he said. "And I will remember you." He grabbed one of her legs by the ankle. "What nice feet you have" he said to her "They look quite flavorful" He played his fingers along the base of her three clawed toes. Elora cringed slightly at the touch. He then proceeded to place the whole foot in his mouth. Elora felt the warm wetness of the interior of his mouth. His tongue licked along her whole foot, between her toes, along the top, and across the delicate wrinkled sole. "Mmmm... Delicious" he said to himself. He then grabbed Elora's other leg and proceeded to do the same to it. When he was finished with the feet, he pushed them both far back into his mouth. With the toes pressing against his throat, he swallowed. Elora was pulled up into the Dragons mouth. She felt a powerful suction on her legs and feet. Relind swallowed again, taking in the full taste of Eloras pelvic area. He ran his tongue across her skin. He swallowed yet again. Now he met Eloras eyes, wide with fear. He gave a smile to her, and then swallowed again. Eloras breasts were now in his mouth. He face was just below Relinds. He wrapped his tongue around her head, soaking it in spit. He swallowed. He felt Eloras toes pop into his stomach. Her head was now in his throat. He gave a series of hearty swallows, and then sat down. He felt eloras limp tail hanging outside of his lips. He sucked it up and swallowed one last time. He then curled up and slept. Elora twitched inside his stomach, then gave her consciousness to the dark.