Title: Engulfed
Author: Tervicz
© 2003
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By Tervicz

The Droncards were a wealthy family. They had an enormous residence.
A mighty chateau surrounded by vineyards. The Droncards were in the wine
business and over the years they had acquired a comfortable life in the
Burgundy-region in France.
They had only one son, Alexandre, who they had sent to Parisian university. It
was June and Alexandre was allowed by the school to return home while he was
studying for his final exams. With a little luck Alexandre would graduate in
less than a month.
The young man was pretty confident of his graduation. He had studied al lot in
advance and there was very little he didn’t know yet. This seemed to be a
vacation after months in the overcrowded city. He loved his home. He wished to
take the vineyard from his father one day, but his father had other plans.
“Good to see you home son. I’m so happy you’re here.”
His mother always welcomed him like this. Even if he had left the house for just
one day she missed him. But she was very kind. She immediately took his luggage
upstairs and started unpacking.
Alex spent the afternoon inspecting his room. It was quite large and it had a
vast panorama over the countryside. He had a computer and radio and very
expensive furniture. His parents always gave him the best stuff and they had the
money to pay for it.
On the walls hung several nude-calendars and posters of babes. His parents knew
of them, but they never mentioned it. Hell! Alex had once found handcuffs and a
whip in their bedroom, so what he had was relatively innocent compared to his
A black Mercedes stopped under his window. It was his father who had spent the
day with one of their clients.

The butler served their dinner. It was very quiet as they ate. Then
mother broke the silence.
“Alex, dear. How do you feel? Do you think you’ll pass your exams?”
“I don’t think I’ll pass. I’m sure of it. I’ve worked hard this semester. Within
a month I’ll be off school and then I’ll be able to help you out here.”
“No! Out of the question! Do whatever you like, but stay out of the wine
“But why? It’s a good life. I’m more than capable to work just as hard as you.”
“No! And that’s the end of it. I will not have my own son competing with me.
It’s hard enough already.”
Not a word was spoken until after the desert. Mother tried to comfort her son.
“Alex, forget about it son. There’s more out there than just this farm. You have
opportunities we never had at your age. Your father and I had countless
sleepless nights trying to pay our debts for this farm. We don’t want you to
undergo the same nightmares we had. Who knows what lies ahead? You can always
come to us if you need help.”
“I don’t need any help. I have everything I want right here. And if I want to go
into any business, you can’t do anything about it!”
Father saw the danger of his son’s rage. If he wasn’t careful his son could just
run away and start his own vineyard. Or worse! He could fail his exams and stay
there forever, which would mean his son could one day take the farm. If threats
didn’t work, then he’d have to bribe him.
“Son, I understand you love this place. I love it too. But this business is too
risky. I tell you what. After you graduate, why don’t you take some time off
here? Take a nice long holyday wherever you like, and that includes here. Is
there anything you’d like to have? It doesn’t matter what, I’ll give it to you
as long as you pass your exams and leave the idea of becoming a wine farmer like
I am. Just name it and you’ll get it right after your graduation.
“Is that right? Oh, let’s see what I don’t have yet. Oh, I know! I don’t have a
pet. Yes, I’ll have a pet. And I’m not talking about a small one, I want
something large.
“Checkmate”, Alex thought. He never had a pet because his father was allergic.
Even the slightest piece of fur could result in a hospital treatment. Alex was
sure he had won this round.
Father looked him straight into the eyes. The angry look slowly changed into a
“Of course son. Whatever you say.”
This Alexandre had not anticipated. How could his father agree to take an animal
into the house? It could kill him. This was clearly a contest, one Alex was not
about to loose without a fight.
“Do I have your word, father?”
“Do I have yours?”
They looked at each other. Tension was rising in that room.
“Then it’s agreed. I’ll pass the exams and whatever I do, I will not go into the
wine-trade. But when I return from Paris, I expect to find a pet her. It’s going
to be a large animal and uncut. And whatever I do with the animal does not
concern you. Alright?”
“Agreed son. Now I want you to study hard in your room. This is no vacation.
You’ll get your vacation afterward. I expect great results. Don’t embarrass me.”
That said, the family left the dining room.

Alex took his father’s advice and worked hard. He rarely left his
room. And in the evening before bedtime, Alex thought about what he could
expect. A dog? A Horse? And the many things he would do with it. Whatever it
would be, Alex would give it full access to all parts of the house, just to
annoy his father. And if his father somehow “forgot” to give him an animal, he
would leave immediately to Paris and get a loan to start up his own farm.
But Alex knew his father well and there was very little chance his father would
not keep his word. This was in fact a duel between him and his father. The stake
was a market share in the wine-business. Alex promised himself not to give in.
He worked very hard. So hard, he forgot to sleep one night. He knew every bit of
his subject matter. He could sing it.
After a week and a half, Alex headed back to Paris again. Confident he would
pass, he said farewell to his mother. Father wasn’t anywhere near. Alex was
ready and he could almost feel the fur touching his skin. This would be his
first pet ever.

Mother watched her son’s car disappear in the distance. She had a
bad feeling. Just in a few days she had seen her family splitting apart. The
irrational pride of both her husband and her son were unbearable for her. Her
son knew his father was very allergic to animals and that he could die if he got
into contact with a lot of fur.
“Honey, please don’t do this. I don’t want to lose you. Please. It’s not worth
your life.”
“I won’t die that easily, honey. He said he wanted a large animal. He didn’t say
what animal. Don’t worry; I was expecting this. That’s why I’ve taken
precaution. I’m the one who will win this fight.”

The exams went incredibly well. There wasn’t a question Alexandre
couldn’t answer. He was one of the best of his class. Even the teachers were
impressed. On his graduation, they honoured Alex as an example for all students.
But Alex hadn’t set his mind on the graduation. All he wanted was to go home and
finish the job of dishonouring his father. If he had bluffed about the animal,
then this would become his worst summer ever. And otherwise he would welcome his
new pet tomorrow.
Alex decided to inform his parents the very last moment before he left of his
graduation. To his surprise his father was the one who answered the phone.
“Hello dad. I thought you folks wanted to know I graduated. I’m coming home now.
I do hope you thought about the pet you promised me. I’m anxious to see it.”
“Congratulations son. It’s here son, waiting for you. And I have to say; it is
big, just as you asked. Well, I’m not going to ruin the surprise yet. You just
come home as soon as possible and see for yourself.”
Alexandre couldn’t believe what he heard. Did his father actually buy him an
animal? This was too good to be true. He had to see this with his own eyes. As
soon as he had finished the conversation he jumped into his car and made his way
home. He drove all night without a stop and by noon he arrived. His parents were
awaiting him.
“Hello I’m home.”
“Oh honey, I’m so glad you’re home.”
“Mom, could we cut the talk until after lunch. I haven’t eaten all day and I’m
“Of course, dear.”
At the dining table, everything remained quiet during the meal. Then father
broker the silence.
“So son. Do you have your diploma? Let me see it.”
Alex took the document out of his jacket and tossed it to his father. Father
looked at it. He didn’t show it, but he was deeply impressed. His son’s marks
were higher than his at the time. All the more reason to keep his son out of his
business or he’d be destroyed.
The family had finished lunch. Alex felt this was the right moment to confront
his father.
“So dad, can I see the animal you bought me?”
“Oh, I haven’t bought it. It’s a gift of one of my customers. It’s in your room
now. Why don’t you have a look son? And then tell me what you think.”
Alexandre went upstairs and entered his room. At first he only could see the
wallpaper had changed, but he couldn’t see any animal. That was until he closed
his door. Right behind it was door made of glass. Behind it was a terrarium. It
wasn’t there when he last left the room. His parents must have placed it there
while he was doing his exams.
Alex opened the door to have a closer look. When he looked inside he finally
found the animal. Alex was stunned. This wasn’t a cute fluffy animal, it was a
damn snake. Alex had seen snakes before but this one was the biggest he had ever
seen. He couldn’t see the full body length but the head was as big as a soccer
ball and the part of the body Alex could see had the size of a telephone pole.
Alexandre was furious. This was incredible. His father had tricked him and Alex
knew it. When he proposed to have an animal, he was thinking about a big dog or
a horse. But this…
But Alexandre wasn’t about to show his frustration to his father. He saw a
little opening. If his father got annoyed enough to kick the animal out of the
house, then Alex could have his revenge by going into the wine-trade after all.
And then he would push his father out of the market without mercy.
“What do you think of her, son? Does she please you?”
Father had silently entered the room behind him.
“Wonderful, just what I always wanted. I’m going to allow her to leave her
prison and let her explore the house. Do you know a good name for a snake by the
“How about Sizzle?”
“No, that’s childish. I think I’ll call her Medusa.”
Alexandre left the doors open and went downstairs again. He headed into the back
yard, to let steam off. Mother watched him smashing a headlight of dad’s car.
“Honey, I think you’ve gone a bit too far. This is very cruel to him.”
“He wanted an animal, he got an animal. It’s a large animal, just as he
requested, and it doesn’t have any fur, which pleases me too. So everybody
should be happy. And if he ever tries to go into my business anyway, I’ll lock
him up with that snake. She ate cattle at my customer, so she won’t have any
trouble with him. It’s time the spoiled kid shows respects to us, and especially
to me. And if you don’t mind, I have to make some calls now.”

Alex tried to make the best of it. The snake ate two hares a week.
Sometimes the snake got out of her home and said hello. Alex needed time to
adapt to her. Slowly he tolerated her presence. On a few occasions the snake
toured the house, but she always returned to her place.
Meanwhile it was summer. Alexandre watched the others on the farm working while
he was bathing in the sun. This was great, but it couldn’t suppress his rage. He
wanted revenge. He had his honour and could not break his promise to his father.
He would have to find some other way to punish him.
All of a sudden a shadow hit his face. The enormous snake was looking down on
him. Her body reached all they way into the house. Respect for this impressive
animal was all Alexandre could put his mind to. He got out of his chair and
touched the snake. Her skin was smooth and Alex loved touching it. This was the
first time he actually touched her skin.
The snake lowered her head. He forked tongue flickered in and out. She seemed to
scan the boy. Alex saw this as the first real meeting with his pet.
Minutes none of them moved except for the forked tongue. Then Alex took an
initiative. He took of his clothes and stood naked in front of the snake.
Immediately the snake started investigating him again. He felt her tongue
tickling his skin.
Then all of a sudden the snake embraced him. It surprised Alex, but it didn’t
disturb him. a second loop surrounded him. The snake tightened her grip on Alex
and lifted him up in the air. Alex wasn’t concerned. The grip was tight, but it
didn’t hurt him. Actually Alex found it to be rather comforting.
The snake’s head was right in front of him. Alex still had his arms free and was
able to touch the snake between the eyes. It seemed father underestimated his
son. This snake was now the only creature Alex trusted. The gigantic animal gave
him full access to its head. It seemed to enjoy the touch.
The snake wrapped more of its body around Alex. The snake was in control now.
Alexandre let go of the snake’s head and closed his eyes waiting for whatever
was to come. From all the excitement he was getting a hard on and it was a bit
painful because of the snake’s grip.
Then he felt a soft fleshy tissue around his feet. Alex opened his eyes again
and saw the snake’s head was now out of sight. But Alex knew where it was; he
could feel it. The snake had closed its mouth around Alex’ feet. But why?
The mouth opened again and then closed around his ankles. Now Alexandre started
to realise what was happening. The snake was apparently taking him in, eating
him. This was no joke; he was a living snack for this animal.
The mouth closed a few inches further up. Alex had to make the decision quickly.
Fight back or not? Alex cock hardened more by the thought that he was being
swallowed alive. He pictured himself being a bulb in the snake’s body. And
frankly, the picture didn’t repulse him. And wouldn’t this be the ultimate
revenge to his father? There was no one here, but soon people would start
looking for him. They would find his clothes and the tracks of the snake. Then
his father would be blamed for his death and lose everything.
Alexandre felt the jaws close just below his knees. He had to decide now. But
how could he possibly fight such an imposing animal. And for what it was forth,
he did like the snake and couldn’t possibly hurt her.
The thought of spending a life behind a desk in Paris or some other city tipped
the balance. Alex finally decided not to fight back and give his snake what it
asked for.
Bit by bit his legs entered the snake’s throat. Alex’ mind relaxed as the
inevitability of his future set in. He just hoped no one would witness his final
moment. This was something private.
One of the loops loosened as the snake’s lips almost touched his crotch. Again
Alex could look the snake in the eyes again. He smiled at her.
“I’m not angry with you, Snake. Do what you have to. It’s alright.”
Gently the jaws closed onto his crotch. Alex still had a hard on, but it didn’t
hurt as much as when the snake had wrapped around it. The boy was now deep
enough into the throat and since he didn’t put up a fight so the snake loosened
her grip on him further. She took her body off him.
Alex was able to touch her head again. He gently stroked her nose signalling the
snake he was going along with it. It encouraged the snake to continue. She laid
her tail around his shoulders and carefully pushed him down.
There was absolutely no aggression: neither the snake nor the boy. They both
wanted the same thing. Alex could still be saved if he would scream for help.
But that would mean the death of the snake and Alex didn’t want that. This was a
gift to her, even though she would soon forget all about him.
His belly was now entering the snake. The big fangs only slightly scratched his
skin. Then his chest slid deeper and deeper. The tissue around his body was warm
and comfortable. One last time Alex looked at his home. Then he said goodbye to
the snake by giving a little kiss one her upper lip. The last thing he saw was
the pink tissue of the mouth coming down on him. Alex pulled his arms in and
closed his eyes. Slowly he sank into the depths of the snake. There were two
heartbeats he could hear. Two heartbeats that eventually became one.

The snake closed her mouth. She was satisfied. She waited a few more
minutes until her prey had finally entered her stomach. Then the snake headed
out into the wild, seeking for a place to rest until her meal was digested. Then
she would look for her next prey, which would preferably be… a young human

The End