Enter(ing) the Orca 

By Baz 
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 2001 - All rights reserved.

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This is a 1st-person orca unbirthing story, set in the UK and the mid-Atlantic. There is obviously UB, Transformation swearing and one pissed-off (And possibly lucky...) British doctor of biology (based on me!). it's done in diary format, up until the UB scenes are finished; some of them are written inside Jude*s (the whale's) womb! I wrote it in this format because no-one's ever done it before, to my knowledge...!

This story is the absolute first EVER UB story

written by the person known to the Vore community

as Baz or Mardacai,

among others. If you are liking,

or even not liking, please E-mail me @

B6Stealth@aol.com J

Enter(ing) the Orca:

An Icelandic Marine Research Institute article for New Scientist magazine, National Geographic magazine and certain Websites.

This document was received two weeks ago (from date of publishing). It has been verified and is most definitely genuine, as I myself have spoken to all the parties involved. I have absolutely NO doubt that we have a lot to learn from Jude and Jason; they have the inside view into the world of one of the sea*s most well known, violent and savage, and yet gentle and merciful predators. A predator that attacks seal cubs savagely, throwing them around and playing with them as if the were dog toys, and yet releases at least four a day unharmed. A creature that has undoubtedly eaten Man, and yet enjoys human contact, a massive behemoth of the seas that is as much violent killer as giant puppy, A species from which we have a lot to learn.

I hope you enjoy reading this article, and I apologise in advance for any persons offended by the copious amounts of swearing and the graphic descriptions of what is apparently known in Fetish circles as "UnBirthing"... Though I dearly hope what you learn overrides any sense of revulsion and/or arousal* There is a lot to learn from Dr. Jason*s experiences, for both humans and orcas and I am very gratefull to the pair of them for the fascinating insight into their world... Though it seems like only a few days ago that I was talking to Jason face to face, as a human, about a new theory that is going round!

Dr. Richard Johans Sweiss Ph.D., U.N.M.R.A., Berlin, Deutchland

Dr. Richard Johans Sweiss, United Nations Marine Research Agency, Berlin, Germany

The Icelandic Police Department handed me this document, partially taken from a diary. It was found by a fisherman when a huge female Shamu and her child leapt over his fishing boat, and the diary fell from her body, thickly coated in her vaginal and uterine secretions. In gold writing on the black leather cover was the name "Dr. Jason L. Elgood Ph.D (Biology and Marine Biology)", who according to our research was not well known. He is now an Orca himself, and a talking, fully sentient one at that. Or maybe the Killer Whale is a sentient creature and all it needed was the proper vocal equipment for speech, as Jude is also able to talk.... The later sections are noted down by an Icelandic police woman, who was handed the Diary by the fisherman who recieved it. The Doctor beached himself on an Icelandic beach and proceeded to tell the her his name, Dr. Jason Elgood Ph.D, and the whole story from where the diary left off. Sergeant Ingamund Svensdottir also adds her personal comments at the bottom of the page. It is not surprising that she freaked at first when the Doctor/Whale spoke to her. Jason, and his mother/lover whale Jude, who also has gained the ability to talk, will help the world of Science soon, and they have the cover of National Geographic, New Scientist and more than a few newspapers across the world to themselves... I wish them the very best of luck, and I am in gratitude to them both for their priceless assistance in helping not only my research but that of those across the world. I have had many conversations with the two of them, a few I will list after Sergeant Ingamund's comments. Please read and form your own opinions of this true story. Perhaps it will disgust you, perhaps it will interest you. For those of you into the UnBirthing fetish, perhaps it will also arouse you. I have on good authority from Jude herself that she is more than happy to assist others who wish to go down the same path as the Doctor has, so that others may enlighten the world into the fascinating world (internal and external!) of the Orca, a vicious, violent and savage predator and yet also a gentle, friendly and majestic giant. It will also give us an insight into the amazing world of the sea. Believe me, I will be following my good friend Jason as soon as I can get leave from the Institute!

DR. Sven H Petersen, Ph.D., Chief Researcher IMRI

Dr. Sven Petersen Ph.D (Marine Biology, animal communication), Chief of Research and Operations, Iceland Marine Research Institute

Date: 31/05/2000. My damn birthday, and no bastard remembered. 28 years old today, and not even a single birthday card, and my girlfriend Dawn broke up with me. I got a coupla thousand quid stuck away in my bank, so maybe I'll fuck off soon. Hire a motorboat and go to America or Jamaica or something... I hear the Ganja's good over there and I'm sure to get a job, perhaps with the government. Marine Biologists are always needed...

1/6/2000: Still no cards or presents, so fuck it, I'm outta here... I'm writing this on the train to Cornwall, so I can hire out Rich Williams' motorboat... Perhaps I should buy it, he ain't gonna see it again unless the Jamaican Port Authority takes it back. As the great Freddie Mercury once said... "I just gotta get out, I just gotta get right outta here!". Look out Jamaica, Dr. J's on the way!

15/6/2000: I've hired out the boat and left old Auntie England's shores for good. All I have is a Global Positioning System set, my diary, a few books on the species Orcinus Orca (the Killer Whale), a couple of UnBirthing stories from the UnBirthing group on Yahoo, my ghetto blaster and my music. It's gonna be a long journey, I just hope it's worth it... Shit, of course it will be... People'll appreciate me there!

20/6/2000: Today I discovered I get seasickness. According to the GPS, I've left British waters after being at sea for six days... Jamaica here I come! I've got enough fuel to last me until one of the mid-Atlantic islands, where there should be fuel... Jesus it's lonely out here. My only companions are the dolphins, a pod which I had been following for a while, my music and one huge, 40-ft orca, a female I think, who keeps with me wherever I go. I'll call her Jude, after my favourite and only true girlfriend, as she seems to be the only friend I have...

1/7/2000, I think: Jude still stays with me... She warded off a shark attack and let me touch her today... She keeps rolling over onto her back and putting what I think is her vagina within my reach... I wonder if I should touch it, to see what happens.

4/7/2000-ish: I dun want to reach Jamaica anymore... I want to stay here with Jude. She provides me with fresh fish, lets me touch even her most private areas... I... I find myself being aroused by her now... I wonder if I should perhaps put my hand inside, or... Or try and mate with her... Jesus my life is so fucked now... But I do NOT want it back how it was... Shit what the fuck do I DO?!?

Some day, probably mid July: I put my hand inside Jude today... Fuck me she's hot! Easily 40°C... I saw inside her and I... I want to be inside and I think she wants me in there too... According to the GPS, I'm now in the doldrums, a few hundred miles off course and with no fuel... but I don't care, I have my huge lover to keep me company...

Probably late July, early August, I dun care: Jude and I mated, I mean, properly. She didn't feel much, because her pussy's about 2 ft long, but GOD, she was good; tight as anything. I now know she wants me inside her. As I lay on her, I felt her opening wider at some points, trying to get me to put my legs inside her hot depths... I don't know what the fuck to do... I change that, yes I do. Tomorrow, I'm going in.

Probably late July, Early August, the day after yesterday: Fuck me it's hot in here. I put on one of those head torch things and went in today... I write this with a pencil from within my lover's womb. It was midday, the sun was at its apex and I'd given up wearing clothes. I went for a swim, Jude with me as always. I climbed back into the boat and, as she did yesterday, rolled over and opened her vagina as wide as she could. I lay on her belly, with a raging hard-on and looked in. This was the first true look I had at her vagina, and it decided it right for me. Her huge clit, at least ten cm long and four cm wide, stared out at me... Jesus Christ I nearly came on the spot. I leapt into my boat, grabbed this diary, a pencil and my head-torch. She rolled over while I was in the boat and squeaked, sounding disappointed, I patted her side, and motioned for her to roll over. "Jude" I said, as if she could understand me... Fuck, I think she could, "Roll over." I patted her side and she did. I stepped onto her belly and stood, feet either side of her slightly open, glistening vagina. I put my diary cord around my neck and one arm, put the head-torch on and sat down... "Ready?" She opened further. I slid my left leg into her fucking hot depths... Muscles pulled at it. I slid my other leg in and waited, wiggling my toes. She squeaked and hot, wet muscles pulled at me. I slid myself in deeper, about to mid-thigh. The first real pull took me then. I was surprised at its power; sliding me in past the hips in one. I came as my rigid dick slid into her hot vagina, and stayed hard. I felt every lump, bump and ripple in there... I pushed my hands in and immediately slipped deeper, about to my bottom rib, and felt a curve in her hot, soft wetness, leading towards her head... My feet slid around that curve and I slid deeper, soon, oh god too soon, reaching my neck and placing my feet on a hard wall of muscle, her cervix. That was the moment Jude climaxed, squeezing my body tight and spurting my face with juices. I drank as much as I could, before another pull took my head inside. The head-torch gave me vision... I saw her long clitoris in front of me and licked at it. I rubbed at every available surface, thrusting my hips into her.... She climaxed again, squeezing me hard, stopping me from breathing. I climaxed at this point, shooting my load into her hot, soft and wet vaginal walls. I felt her cervix open and her climax forced me in to my home, the one place where I truly belong... The walls here are soft, wet and hot. It's comfortable, and I feel... I feel right here... I don't even need to breath.

Jude's forestomach, some time later: It feels so cold out there. It's probably 20, 25°C... I was getting goose bumps. Jude pushed me out today. It's almost as good. I was awake, talking to Jude, though I don't know if she could hear me. I felt her tense around me and then my face was pressed into her cervix, a rigid wall of soft muscle. All I could see was hot wet cervical muscle. I felt her beginning to open her cervix infront of me. The hole was about where my chin was. Her hot, wet, soft womb kept contracting and then relaxing, and each time she relaxed, the cervix opened a bit more. I saw the opening creep up past my eyes and then with a sticky squelch, my head was pushed back into her vagina. Immediately, I got a full hard-on. I looked around, though the head-torch was fading, and saw only hot, vaginal flesh pressed together. I could see probably one or two feet, maybe less, as her tunnel had relaxed, leaving a gap about two inches in diameter between the walls. As I was pushed through, the relaxed muscles were being parted by my mass and oh Jesus did it feel good! I felt more of myself being pushed out of her womb and felt the need to breathe for the first time since my head entered her body. I tensed, struggling to draw a breath. "Jude!" I gasped "Air... I can't breath!" She rolled over and must've opened her slit, because I could just about inhale warm, humid air that smelt of the most wonderfull smell to my knowledge; Jude's vagina. I took several breaths, and felt the airflow cease as Jude closed back up again. I struggled to help Jude, pushing my legs against the other side of her womb. My left foot slipped and was plunged ankle deep into her falopian tube. She climaxed immediately, her womb and vagina squeezing me tight. I could hear her muffled sounds of pleasure all around me, and a giggle rose up inside me as I wondered what she must look like, floating on her back and climaxing with juices spraying from her slit for no apparent reason. I pulled my foot from the tube and pushed again, now my nipples sliding out into her vagina. My cock was still rigid at this point, and would be until long after I reached her stomach. I slid further from her womb and pulled my hands free. I rubbed over every surface and more lubricant fluids leaked out, once again filling my nostrils with that sweet sweet scent. I tried to inhale, and Jude once again opened her slit for me. I saw a faint glimmer of daylight at this point, though I didn't care. As I exhaled, the glimmer vanished again and I felt Jude roll back over and breathe. She tensed her womb around me, massaging at my penis as she pushed me out of her womb past the hips. She paused for about ten minutes, opening her slit periodically for me to breathe as I thrust into her her soft, vaginal walls. Soon I shot my load, shivering with sheer ecxtasy. Oh she was so much better than a human! I realised that my upper body had already gone past the curve, and looked around. I could see the base of her clitoris infront of me, and "upwards", I saw her slit, which was closed tight. One last push from her uterus and I was forced to bend my knees as my head slammed into the inside of her slit. She remained like this, demanding to be pleasured. Naturally, I obliged, rubbing again at everything, thrusting my dick into her soft vaginal walls and sucking her clit. She climaxed about eight times like this, and I was in her vagina for several hours. I felt her slit open and I straightened my knees, pushing my head out into the air. The boat was nowhere to be seen, and neither was land. The sun was at its apex, but fuck was it cold! Her vagina tensed around me and in one fluid motion I was pushed back onto her belly. Little did I know, I would soon be back in there, though not through her slit. I lay there, on her belly for a few minutes, before standing up. Jude rolled over, and I walked on her until she was upright, when I sat down, leaned against her fin and turned the head torch off. Then I stood up, walked forward and kissed her snout. She made a sudden jerk, plunging me into the water, which was like ice. She opened her mouth, and I swam forward until my head and shoulders were inside. I kissed her tongue rubbing her gums with my hands, and felt a jolt of fear as her jaws gently closed on my chest, though not breaking the skin. I turned the headtorch on again and looked around her maw. Ahead of me lay her throat, which was closed. I went limp, not through fear but through trust, and she pulled my entire body into her maw. I curled up on her tongue and went to sleep. When I awoke again, it was still daylight and I was surrounded by live fish. I felt her swallow, and wrapped my arms around her tongue. My head was pressed against the opening to her throat and the fish around me were plunged down to her belly, where I would soon be. I kept hold, fearing for my life, but my grip was slipping. My head was enveloped in soft, wet throat as my arms slipped back a few inches. SHe swallowed again, and my grip was lost. Though all this fear, I felt that my member was rock-hard and began thrusting into her tongue. She swallowed slower, pulling my shoulders into her throat. My fear soon gave way to lust, and I let my self go to my fate, which turns out to be a good night's sleep surrounded by my love. Why I didn't trust her I don't know. As I sit here, curled up within her hot, moist forestomach, I know that if I die here, I'm a happy man to the end.