Links in the Chain

Extended Version 

by Strega 

Story Copyright (C) By: Strega
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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Links in the chain

Jason nudged Debra, and made the slightest motion with the barrel of his hunting rifle. "There," he whispered.
They were both wearing tan clothing from head to foot, including the off-white safari hats they had purchased at her insistence, two stops back on the tour. They were actually coming in handy now, with the sun in Kenya threatening to bake them dry.
Their guide reappeared, one coffee-bean-dark hand pointing at the opening in the thicket. Silently, he put two hands together palm to palm, and lay his cheek against them.
"Are you sure about this?" Debra poked an elbow into his sweaty ribs. "Sleeping lions?"
"We'll never get another chance. Lions are protected in lots of countries now, and safaris are expensive. These two are old…younger ones'll just take their place after we shoot them." Jason rose to a crouch, and crept forward as silently as he could, his wife following nervously.
The guide gestured again, emphatically, and the two moved into the shade of the thicket. A little cooler here, especially with dusk approaching. Jason looked out for the hand-long thorns, but the hole in the thicket seemed safe enough…almost trimmed. Perhaps some animal ate the long, green spikes.
"Are you sure this is safe?' Jason jumped, staying quiet with an effort. "Shhh!" he pointed ahead, and she squinted into the dimness.
Light filtered in dusty shafts through the overhanging briar. Somewhere ahead was the tree the mass of brush surrounded, a towering thing. The tour guide on the bus trip today had named this type, but Jason was to busy watching for lions (Lions!) to think of it. His heart raced, sweat beaded on his forehead, and every few steps, he would pause, Debra bumping into him from behind. At least she was silent now….
A sound. He stopped where he stood, flinched as she, once again, bumped into him, and listened. A creak, a groan…a long whisper, then rustling. The wind? He looked up; the briars did not seem to stir.
Another step. Sweat beneath his armpits, felt more with each moment. His mouth, dry now, aching for a drink; sweat stung his eyes suddenly. His feet, more and more reluctant to step forward. And now, frozen, staring into the dimness ahead. Lions. In the shadows, somewhere. The rifle in his hands, some sort of military carbine (hunting rifles being harder to get, his guide said) wasn't as comforting as it had been a minute before.
He paused…and in one moment, realized that he wasn't going to take another step forward. Accountancy was not the most glamorous career…but, lion-hunting was not the way to add excitement to his life. He smiled to himself, and turned back to his wife, pointed at the exit. Shook his head.
And then the net sprang up all around them. His rifle was pressed against his chest, his finger spasming on the trigger. Click. Click? It was supposed to go off when you pulled the trigger. Debra mashed into him from the side, and he lost his balance, the next pulling him nearly from the dirt so the two of them struggled, an awkward lump.
His wife let out a shriek, and he cursed, letting go the gun and reaching for the Buck knife he had on his belt. He couldn't quite reach it, and wriggled his hand farther down his side…only to freeze at her wide-eyed expression.
Lions. Two; a huge male, defined by the black mane that seemed to fill the corridor in the thornbrush, and beside him, a sleek female, sandy-colored like his legs. The two watched him with pale yellow eyes, seeming uninterested. Heart pounding, he froze, his fingers like iron around Debra's forearm.
The only sound was the harsh breathing of the two of them; the lions stood like statues. And then, the female stood. Stood? She hopped up onto her hindpaws, balanced with tail flicking, and then melted, her fur running over her torso as she grew slim. Her pelt grew so thin that black skin showed through on her belly, her torso now humanlike, small breasts like an athlete's topped with purple nipples. She steadied, a lion-woman, her head still feline,tuft-tipped tail twitching. "Hello." Her voice was rich, native-accented; she must have been seven feet tall.
"Hi?" he turned his head the smallest fraction, and saw the male lion standing as well. Seven and a half feet tall, at least, his blocky head seeming as large as when he'd been on four legs, his mane enormous in the gloom. Heavy muscles defined his chest, what there was visible around the ruff of black mane that ran down to his navel. He had even less fur, his arms and column-like legs almost human, long, black cock dangling between his thighs.
Debra was staring at the male. He nudged her, as the lioness stepped forward. "You won't need this." She gripped the barrel of his rifle, and pulled it from the net, tossing it aside into the shadows. His wife's rifle followed, the cat having to cut two strands of the net to free it. "They weren't loaded anyway."
"Not…loaded?" He struggled from the net as lowered it to the floor, hardly noticing the male behind her as the lioness' hands found the buttons in his shirt. He fixated on one erect, purple nipple as she expertly pulled his safari clothing off, his pants following as he stood half in a daze. In a moment he was naked. "Why are you doing this?"
She laughed, a purring growl, and pulled him in against her chest with one long, sleekly muscular arm. "A long time ago, there was a lion." Past her shoulder, he saw Debra, also naked, being pulled in against the big male's chest, the two settling down, his wife pulled into the lion's lap. "He was sick, and old, and one day he decided that the washing-woman he smelled in a hut was the only food he could get."
She was pushing him down, his back gritty now with the sandy floor, and her hand found his dick, gripped with smooth strength, the pads rubbing him so he came erect instantly. She stepped over him with one knee, lowering herself. "He broke into the hut, and she cowered under the only shelter she had, a lioness-skin. Huwrrrr…."
He moaned as well, as she impaled herself, and a few feet away, he heard his wife squeak; he looked back, and saw her fully in the lion's lap, his balls small next to the long hard shaft that pushed up into her pussy. "Debra…ough." As his wife started to move in the lion's lap, the lioness squeezed him in her, and he looked up at her again.
"He climbed up over her rump, to get at her neck, and realized that he was atop a lioness…or, it looked like a lioness, felt like one. Without thinking about it, his paws went to either side of her, and he found her with himself. Frightened, she stayed still, and the lion did to her what he'd done to many lionesses. It didn't take long…lions are quick, and small."
The male lion gave a purring chuckle at that, and Debra squealed as he gave her more, this lion anything but small. "And…" she pulled his face back around, and began to squeeze him, rhythmically, like a pulse. "He'd done what maybe no lion had done before. It changed him. Did you not wonder how we did what we did, changed?"
Jason nodded mutely, reaching up now, finding the half-furry breasts. She was much bigger than he, but her pussy gripped his cock, squeezing, and he pushed back as best he could. "He could…it made him change?" He closed his eyes for a moment, felt the squeezing. Seconds ticked away, his hands finding her hips. There was a smell, too, a rank musk, the scent of rutting lions. He felt himself growing ready.
The lion did, as well. A snarl, a thump, and Jason opened his eyes to see him pulling Debra against his belly, his heavy cock pushing deep. The furry balls twitched, and strings of cum dripped down the shaft onto them, his wife pushing at the muscular chest, moaning. The lion's tail lashed the ground; thump, thump.
"Yessss." The lioness was grunting to herself, squeezing him. "But maybe it'd happened before…a pet lion, a tame lion, somewhere. That one didn't learn to change. But this lion didn't just sire the woman." His hands slid up her belly towards her breasts, as he felt his balls growing tense.
"Jason!" The shriek galvanized him, and he looked back, away from the lioness, forgetting her. The lion still held Debra, but now he yawned. A great, jaw-creaking yawn, black lips pulling back, finger-long canines standing out. Yawned, and leaned down towards the woman in his lap, his mouth taking in her entire head.
"Debra!" He shot out a hand towards her, tried to squirm from under the weight, but the lioness held him effortlessly, keeping her balance atop him. "Let her go, you bastard!"
The lion fixed him with a pale, uninterested eye, and swallowed, his head seeming to expand as his neck swelled around Debra's face. Another gulp, and her lips were sliding up over her tanned shoulders, swallowing her slowly, easily, chin slipping down between her breasts.
"Get off me…get off!" He pushed at the lioness, but she held his wrists, and looked down at him coolly. A frantic jerk of his hips, and all it did was make her eyes narrow, as he thrust into her. "Ugh."
"The lion didn't just ssssire her. He ate her afterwards…when he realized she wasn't a lioness. He didn't swallow her, no…he couldn't. It was…after, that he changed." She was still squeezing him, and his body responded, even as he clawed at her arms to get free. Debra was fast disappearing, up to her navel in the lion's muzzle, and he leaned back, cock dripping as it pulled from her.
Leaned back, tossed his head up, and his swollen neck pulsed as he gulped down her butt. The cheeks stood out through his mane, then they were gone, and her thighs were sliding into his maw.
"He could change, to a half-man. And, after eating a few more women, to a full man. Still, he couldn't stop. Every so often, he had to…replenish himself." A squeeze, and he moaned, getting close.
"No…!" The lion's mane-covered neck pulsed, once more, and Debra's feet slipped into his mouth. Shutting his jaws with an emphatic snap, he closed his eyes as well, and swallowed. His maned chest stretched, creaked, and then the lump passed by, and the small bulge in his belly stretched out. With a lurch, the lump descended into it, wobbling, and the lion clasped his fingers over the stretched skin, the shape of curled-up woman twitching underneath.
"You son of aaaaaghhhh." Jason groaned, as he felt it happen, the lioness' squeezing setting him off. Felt his balls throb, his shaft, as he let go into her. "…bitch." His hands still pushed at her chest, weak now.
She groaned, purred, and he felt her pussy grip down, not an orgasm, but trembling, close. "Yesss. Give it all to me." She took his wrists in her big hands, one and the other. "And the lion, after a time, found a man. And he made that man sire a lioness he'd tied up. And then…" she leaned down, over him.
"Oh, no." She yawned, and Jason stared at her palate. At the smooth, dark opening at the back of her tongue, that was going to get much bigger
"Oh, yesss." His head fit perfectly into her mouth. Regaining some strength, he jerked his hands up to fight her; but she held his wrists easily, and all his struggling just made him wriggle beneath her. A sandpaper tongue pressed up beneath his chin, and the top of his head was caught in the tightness at the back of her mouth.
But only for a moment. The tongue pulsed upward hard, and the tightness slid down his forehead, pressed his ears flat, a tight, slippery sheath stretching over his face. He heard a wet gurgle, and his face was in her throat, her fangs sliding down his neck as the gullet took in his head He heard a crude sound, muffled, and realized the male lion had belched loudly enough to be heard right through the lioness' pelt.
He could feel the neckfur conforming to his face, a layer of slick throatskin and strong muscle two fingers thick the only thing between him and the outside world. She held his hands tight, and swallowed again, the muscles beneath the skin clenching it beneath his chin, the tube above his crown loosening, so he slid deeper easily. A loose obstruction beneath the skin - her collarbones? - moved past his forehead, and she swallowed again, her lips stretching out over his shoulders.
He wondered for a moment how she managed it; lions didn't do this. But it was just a passing thought, as he put all his strength into trying to pull back out. Blunt-seeming canine fangs scraped down between his shoulderblades, the sandpaper tongue tasting his chest, and he wriggled, trying to unseat her from atop him, free his hands.
It was a futile effort. She swallowed, and her throat sucked at him, pulsing down over his upper arms, her cheeks distending as his shoulders slipped toward the back of her mouth. Her rump moved atop his groin, suddenly, his cock pulling out of the slippery cunny, and something moved around his knees. Something…it was the lion, belly pressing down on his thighs as he approached the lioness from behind. The heavy gut lifted, and Jason felt the lioness groan and squirm as something happened.
Gulp, and his shoulders slipped down, the lioness rocking forward and back slowly, now. His face was down inside her body somewhere, in the tight space between her ribs, and her pulse was very loud, hammering at him, excited. Her lips slid down his belly, her hands moving to curl him up, getting him to a sitting position. He couldn't struggle any more; all he could do was kick. A managed a couple, and was greeted with an unexpectedly strong jerk, as something shoved the lioness forward, a snarl making it through the creaking darkness to his ears. His ankle had brushed something furry….
The lioness lurched forward again, swallowing heavily, and his hips filled her jaws. A rough hand pushed his feet up beneath her belly…but her hands were on his rump? She swayed back, forward, her cheeks stretching out around his butt, throat pulsing. Swallowed, his hips in her throat now, her muzzle going level, as he heard a gurgle from close ahead, down the throat. A gurgle…and a barely heard squelching, rhythmic, like…
He groaned. The lion was screwing her, even as she ate him. The bastard didn't even have the courtesy to let a man get eaten in peace, and was using that huge black cock on someone who it fit into better than it had Debra. Debra…in the lion's gut, as he would be in the lioness', soon.
Her muzzle went up, and something gripped around his forehead, sliding down, as his face went into a looser space. A rank stench bit at his nostrils, and then his head popped free, shoulders squeezing in as well. A last few kicks, and his legs her in her throat, the slick chute pulsing, tensing down to push at his hips, knees, rippling over his thighs and now calves. He kicked a last time.
And her jaws closed around his feet. A last touch of warm African air, and then fangs scraped, one poking between his toes; sandpaper tongue pushed hard at his instep. The throat tensed around his legs, and with a last gulp she swallowed him, the stomach expanding tightly as he fell downward into the darkness. The tight ring stroked over him, belly, hips, knees, as he shifted in the belly; in a moment, his feet were pushed in after.
He was wrapped in hot darkness, the walls around him tight and slick, stinging to the touch. They were coated with a thick slime, and as they began to pulse over him, he felt the slime being worked into his every contour.
He felt her shudder, felt something pushing against his side, from behind the bellywall. She snarled, jerking around her, climaxing, the male lion driving her where he'd been unable to. Jason cursed, tried to suck in a breath of the foul air, and clawed at the walls.
To her, he was just a meal; she'd needed to eat him, to stay what she was. Just as the male had needed to eat Debra. They were just links in a chain of meals, stretching down through who knew how many years.
The lioness relaxed around him, touched a hand to the bulge he made, and he found himself relaxing as well. There was nowhere to hide from the slime that coated him; he was just a meal now. At least, he had a legacy of sorts. She would stay what she was, thanks to him. Until she needed to feed again.

The End.