City of Fate 

By Blyzzerd 
Story Copyright (C) By: Blyzzerd
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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Windy was sitting alone admiring the new relic he just grabbed from the wizard's laboratory. "Man, I wonder what the hell this thing does?". Windy just studied and studied it until her head hurt. "Maybe this is a piece of shit, out of all the things in there I grab this.". All of a sudden she could hear "THERE SHE IS, GET HER". Windy ran for all that is holy and remember what learned when she was a child. The guards in this city don't use weapons but instead creatures. "what to do, what to do." She stopped, she could see the urgoff. She remembered that the urgoffs that went around capturing people who committed a crime. As she studied it she gave out of a bit of a sigh of relief. She saw a man kicking and punch the wall of urgoffs translucent stomach which was basically it's body, there were clear so they could see who was in it. "Poor bastard", Windy said as the guy wiggled around with all his might as the urgoff just stood there on its 4 legs swishing around its tall with its white eyes and mouth large enough to take man whole.

Windy kept running as she new the maltiries would be out soon, flying versions of the urgoffs except they weren't clear and where a bit smaller, but they we just a flying balloon with a mouth 1-quarter of its entire 5 foot body. What do to, what to do Windy kept repeating as she ran into a maltiry, "SHIT" Windy said a loud as she could. She turned and tried to run by then maltiry unleashed a mass of tentacles. Windy opened her hidden pouch under her belt and slid the relic in it. Tentacles rapped around her legs, arms and chest, turned her so faced the maltiry. It opened its huge mouth and began to pull him into it. Windy struggled. She could feel her feet entering the big balloon like animal first. After her waist was in it, Windy began to kick. People could see shoe like things press against the maltiry's thin skin. It released its tentacles from Windy and let her upper half fall a bit while it kept a strong grip around her waist. Windy felt a sucking sensation as her stomach and knew it would not be long until it got her completely in. Windy had a large chest and the maltiry had to open it mouth a bit bigger to get her complete chest in. With all her might she grabbed the side of this beast's face and tried as best as she could not go in. A crowd gathered around her and the maltiry. Everyone saw Windy with her arms holding on to dear life as she tried to kick the inside of the maltiry's stomach. After about 10 seconds, the maltiry began to suck harder she felt her grip loosing. Inch by inch. Her neck and face were now in the stomach of this beast. She gave up as the maltiry sucked her upper head in. The she saw as the world she new would be gone soon.

The maltiry once balloon shape now had bulges all around it as Windy kicked and punched it, but with no avail. She finally gave up and sat down in the things belly. She never heard or knew what happened after people were caught. She heard stories about being trapped in large rooms with a beast that liked to eat people for fun and wouldn't digest them. There they would sit for 50 years, traveling around in the creatures stomach. Able to see what was going on because of the creatures translucent skin. Every morning they would be taken out of the stomach and eaten every day. After about 10 minutes of sitting in darkness she felt a shift in the creature as it began to turn and move. "This is it, I will finally find out what is the punishment in this damn city, well, at least I know it won't be death, or I hope not." She felt the creature stop. She started kicking and punching the stomach as she heard "This one is a wild one, I think she will get along with the Chupper". The things mouth opened and she saw to men starring at her.

"Get her and move her the waiting area for inspection, I don't want her to have and weapons" another voice said. She was pulled out the creatures mouth to a metal room with three guards and an urgoff. "Put her in the urgoff and move her out". The Urgoffs mouth opened.

"Using creatures to do your own damn dirty work" she said while kicking "I hope all of you rot in hell".

"Cute and Sassy, I love it, why are all the hot ones criminals, if only I could get one night with that ass" said the guard giving orders.

"I will ki…*muff moffen" she began saying as her head was engulfed by the urgoff's gapping mouth. She began to kick wildly because she did not want to know where she was going and knew this might be her only chance of freedom. The guards held her with all her might as the beast consumed her.

"Her tits are so big, even the urgoff's mouth isn't big enough. Maybe I should help her" a guard said with a big grin.

"Come on guys, it is bad enough she has to sent to the queen. I don't think she needs to be any more harassed, this is a punishment worse than death." By now she was about half way into the monster. She was by now used to be eaten whole and alive. She finally stopped kicking and she saw the outside world through the skin of the urgoffs. It was tight in beast but she could breath. What time they lived in, genetically engineered creatures to hold people in their "stomachs, simple mind and a tube that they could get paste for food. Sometimes the creatures would like the faces and bodies their prisoners. Most people fought them to get out, it was futile though, the muscle strength of these guys was unbelievable. Once told to get someone they would run them down and gobble them up to their stomachs, there they move to the prison with their occupants inside of them.

Windy was almost in the urgoff completely. She could feel herself being pulled into the stomach, she wiggled her toes but to no avail. One of her shoes fell off. She was facing up so she could see the ceiling, the cold, metal ceiling. It stared to move and she new she was off. The creature walked and Windy started thinking that she might be put to death. Windy had and idea, maybe the skin of the creature was thin, and might break. So Windy began to kick and punch the insides of the urgoff. All she did was push against the skin. People seeing the monster walk down the hallway, saw someone kicking and punching the stretchy skin of the urgoff. Finally the journey of the urgoff stopped, Windy began to panic again. "Oh my god, I will finally see what happens to people who are arrested, why did I steal that relic, why oh why?" She saw 2 men hang of her began to talk, she couldn't cause the skin of the urgoff muffled most the sound. The once tight area around her loosened and she started to move downward out of the mouth. In about 15 seconds of the urgoff relaxing and pushing, she was finally expelled, only now covered in slime.

"You are charged with theft from a research lab, how do you plea?"

Windy thought for a moment, if I didn't plead innocent, they would find me guilty and give me a punishment worse then death. "guilty".

"Wise choice child. you are here by sentenced to life time punishment with a queen, escort to the room, and make sure to get the relic back."

The man who was standing behind her picked her up and the shoulders and put both her hands behind her back, he then places handcuffs on her. He spun her around. "Wear is the relic?"

"In the front pouch near the front pocket"

He began to feel her, her tight leather pants made it easy to find it. As he found he brushed his hand over her bear belly button and near her large breast that were covered by leather (Leather being the thing to wear).

"HEY PAL" she then kneed him in the crotch, he fell down and she ran down the hallway. Two guards saw her and began to run after her. The man that told her her punishment, raised his hand.

"She is heading to a queen chamber, it will take care of that pest of a female"

Windy ran and ran, kinda worried not seeing any lights or sirens go off. She kept running until she came to a large, white room, nothing really in it. Gasping for breath she looked around. The door behind her slammed shut. Windy turned and looked at the door. Her handcuffs broke off. She rubbed her wrists and looked around. What the hell is a queen she thought just as this creature showed up out of no where. Its skin was a purplish color except for the belly, it was transparent. Windy could actually see in its belly. But from where she was she couldn't see much in it. The Creature stood about 12 feet high and its body was about 5 feet wide. It really didn't have any feet but just a mass of tentacles nears it the end of its body going all the was around it. Its body was like a cylinder with a bulge in the front and back where the stomach was. It also had 3 pairs of tentacles coming from each side, all where waving around and about 7 feet long. Its head was almost human like, female, except it's lips were much large and fatter than normal and had the most beautiful eyes. It just stood there, not doing anything but staring and studying Windy. It began to move its lips.

"Child, do you know what you fate is with me?" It said while moving its self across the room, still on the opposite side of the girl.

"N…" she said quietly. Windy was scared, she never say anything like this. Is moved with grace but look like something only nightmares can bring. "W….w…w.what are you going to d… with me" she managed to get out.

"Ah, so you don't really know well maybe I can show you." The thing stayed close to the wall and began to move towards Windy, almost taunting her. Windy hugged the wall and stayed opposite of it. The moved around the room until both where in each others starting position. "Aww, poor child, doesn't want to be next me, a queen?"

That's what that thing is, a queen. This is my punishment but how can "that" possible be punishment for such a serious crime, Windy thought. All of a sudden the doors opened.

"You can try to escape, but it is hopeless, you are mine now, and no one can do anything about it"

Windy prayed for enough speed to escape and she bolted to the door, she never ran this quickly. She was about 10 feet from the door when a mass of a tentacles grabbed her waste and legs. The door slammed shut. Windy knew it was over. The Queen was laughing. Windy was now the mercy of the queen. The queen pulled her closer and moved her right in front of it's face.

"Now child, see how helpless you are? I am going to tell you now just what is going to happen to you. First I will put you into my mouth and move you around in and make you lay in it and then move you around some more until I have tasted you to your fullest. Then I will swallow you whole, there you will travel to my belly and you shall sit there. When I fell like I will you pull out of the skin that is clear and eat once again. I will do this forever. Don't worry, you won't ever be digested, I get my nutrition from a special mouth. You will be mine to eat and eat and eat. Welcome to you fate" The queen opened it mouth. Slowly position Windy over it.

"n…N….n…No" Windy was in shock. She couldn't believe it

She was placed head first. The big purplish lips were soft and closed around her head. Windy began to cry, she couldn't believe it. With a bit of suction Windy's head was inside the mouth. She felt the monster stopped at her breast. They were very large and the monster had to opened its mouth a bit bigger to fit her chest in. the Queen let go of her grip around Windy's waste as it slip. Windy was now halfway in the mouth. It was large and had no teeth. The tongue was sitting there, all big and blue. Almost waiting for her like her old bed was after a long day. The lips were surprisingly soft and pillow like. They cushioned her in and she got suck further and further into her fate. Windy kicked her feet wildly. All but her lower legs were in now. She now lay on the tongue, it was all warm and soft. All that now remained was her feet, twitching up and down they sucked in, both shoes slipped off.

Windy lay there, in the mouth of this beast, resting on the tongue. She just waited and studied her controller's mouth. With a sudden jerk, the tongue moved the side and Windy fell to the lower part of the mouth, it was even softer. She was now laying on her face and she twisted to face up. A immense tongue scooped her up and moved her around. Up, down, left, right, back and forth, she was tossed around mouth without mercy while being violated by a giant tongue. After about 3 long minutes it stopped and she was flipped onto her back and moved to the top of the mouth. The tongue rubbed her breast. The tongue dropped and she was lowered with it. She was moved to the back of the mouth and she new it was time to meet the stomach. The throat opened and she slid down, she was already wet so she slip down nicely. It was tight and she moved with a graceful pace. Since she was heading face first, she saw a light appear after darkness. She fell and landed on a soft pillow like area. It was about 4 by 4 by 6 feet, and filled with air. It was also lit with a soft glow. She could see that she was now in the stomach of this beast, as she saw the translucent part of the skin and saw her shoes. Windy stood and hit the clear wall of the stomach but it was only like hitting rubber, it just stretched out. She kept hitting and hitting. The Queen looked down and saw two bulges alternating from her stomach.

"Shhh child, calm down. This is your new home. I will eat you again right now if I please but I won't, for I must move myself and since you are my prisoner in my stomach, you to my lair where I will eat you when I please."

Windy stopped punching and sat down against the wall opposite of the clear wall. The beast's tentacles rubbed its tummy.

"Good Girl, now you leave everything to me. We are going to be good friends."

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