Customer Feedback 

By Race 
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 2001 - All rights reserved.

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"Customer Feedback"

Scott was insanely bored. The young juvenile fox had already stocked napkins, even when they weren't needed, and they began to overflow from the holders. He had wiped the counters clean, swept the floor, and done pretty much everything besides take an order. Not that he was all that surprised. The fare at "Yummy Burger" was nothing like the name would lead you to believe. Frankly, Scott was surprised how a place like this could stay in business.
Scott sighed and stared at his monitor blankly; his manager was in the back dealing with an avalanche of phone calls, and Scott was the only other employee in the store, so he wasn't too worried about getting caught goofing off. He gave a big yawn and looked up at the clock.
"Only another hour," Scott declared under his breath. He was just about to go restock the napkins when a gruff voice interrupted him.
"Excuse me!"
Scott turned his head back, with a cheerful plastic expression that all food service employees are supposed to wear.
"Welcome to Yummy Burger. Would you like to try our new Double Bacon Chocolate Salad?" he said in monotone, almost like a robot.
"I ordered a Junior Yummy Burger without pickles. And look at this sandwich!" A gruff looking wolf wearing a ratted T-shirt and an upside down ball cap thrust the wilted looking meat burger into Scott's face.
"I see that you got pickles. I'm very sorry. We'll get you a new sandwich immediately." Scott turned to the board to make the sandwich, but was again interrupted by the wolf's voice.
"This place is a disgrace! I ain't never seen such disregard for the customer in my life! You'd figure that it wouldn't require no brains to make a stupid sandwich. If you guys didn't have cash registers that did everything for you, you probably couldn't make change either!"
Scott was not really in the mood for dealing with this sort of thing, especially since the wolf was so much shorter than he. "Typical wimp just trying to be big and mighty," he thought to himself. Scott turned back around when the wolf finished his ranting, feeling a bit hurt, but remembering that the customer is always right. "Yes sir. Here's your fresh sandwich, just like you wanted it."
The wolf growled and grabbed the sandwich, not even bothering a simple "thank you." He stood right at the register and gulped down the burger in a few bites. "That was awful!" he growled.
Scott blinked. "Were you not happy with your food?"
The wolf made a face. "I'd say I ain't happy! That burger tasted like an old sponge!"
Scott's first thought was, "How would you know what a wet sponge tastes like anyway," but of course he instead said quietly, "I'm sorry you were not satisfied."
"You bet I wasn't satisfied! I demand a full refund and a coupon for a free meal!"
Scott sighed and turned around. "I'll have to get my manager." He walked toward the kitchen, muttering under his breath.
"Sir. A customer needs assistance!" yelled Scott through the open door.
"Okay. I'm coming!" came a loud voice from the back of the kitchen.
Scott nodded and shuffled back to the disgruntled wolf. "He'll be here in just a few minutes."
Almost immediately after Scott finished that sentence, his manager entered. He was a fat kindly looking raccoon, about nine feet tall with a baseball cap secured to his head. "Hello. What seems to be the trouble?" he said to the wolf.
"I am very dissatisfied. I had to get a new sandwich, and then when I did it tasted awful. And this guy was rude to me," the wolf said, pointing to Scott.
Scott's face crinkled up as if he was ready to retort, but his manager gave a gentle wave of his paw. "No problem sir. We aim to please." He gave the wolf a kind smile. "I can get you a refund, but it's back in the safe in the kitchen. Just come with me." The manager opened the little wooden door that separated the dining room from the rest of the restaurant and beckoned for the wolf to follow.
"Well all right. I want a free meal as well," said the cranky wolf.
The manager nodded. "There will be a free meal. Just follow me." He turned back through the door into the kitchen, and waited for the disgruntled customer to follow.
Since there wasn't going to be any work to do anyway, Scott took one more look to make sure that there wasn't anybody in the store. Once he was satisfied that the place was empty, he opened the kitchen door and curiously poked his head in to look.
The wolf looked around the kitchen curiously, noting various labels on boxes - Assorted Goat Parts, Monosodium Glutamate, and one that was curiously labeled "Meat Substitute." He blinked and looked at the manager, who was working the safe. "Hurry it up! I've got things to do." he growled.
The manager turned back around, with a sly grin on his face. "Me too." He shot out one of his massive forepaws and clenched it around the wolf's waist.
The wolf squirmed and yelled up at the coon. "Hey let me go you faggot! I ain't never gonna eat here again and gonna tell my friends not to as well!"
The coon manager chuckled. "Oh really. Well that won't be good for me, my restaurant will be ruined because of bad publicity. So how about that free meal?"
The wolf cockily looked back up at the manager, who was almost twice his height. "Hell yeah. It's about time."
"Yes it is." The coon lifted the little wolf up in the air with a paw, holding his waist tightly. He then did something the wolf wasn't expecting, and opened his jaws as wide as he possibly could.
Scott continued to poke his head through the door, taking a look behind him every so often to look for customers. He chuckled and shook his tail. He knew there was a reason his manager was so large, and it wasn't from eating Yummy Burger's soy meat patties.
The wolf shook furiously. "Oh just wait till I get my damn switchblade, you'll be sorry then!" He tried to wrestle his arms down to his pocket, but they were held tightly by the coon.
The manager snorted and lifted the wolf up to his jaws, sticking his head firmly into his maw and clamping the jaws down over, though not hard enough to injure the wolf.
"This is shit! Let me go you stupid faggot!" The wolf continued to yell, although they were muffled now by the manager's jaws. The manager opened his jaws slightly and worked his way over the shoulders, moving his paws further down the wolf's body and leaning against the safe for support.
The manager opened his jaws once more, and slid the wolf in up to his waist. Now the wolf's head was pinned toward the back of the coon's throat, and he could hear the sounds of a massive stomach churning below him. "Oh shit!" he growled.
The coon bent his head up toward the ceiling, letting go of the wolf for a bit, and took a large swallow. The wolf's legs were pulled into the maw, while his head was pulled down into the throat. Another swallow, and only the tail and footpaws remained of the cranky customer.
Scott continued to watch behind him for customers, but the place was deader than a doornail, and besides this was the part he liked the most. He opened the door and pawed over to his boss, climbing up onto his belly. "You want my help buddy?" he asked cheerfully. The coon nodded his head emphatically.
"Okay," Scott replied. He climbed up to where the wolf's footpaws and tail were dangling out, and, taking them into his paws, he shoved them into the jaws of his manager. The coon bent his head back and took two more massive swallows, and soon the only trace of the punk wolf was a bulge in the manager's neckfur.
Scott smiled up at his manager. "Hee hee. Kind of cuts down on repeat customers, but I'd say it's worth it." The coon nodded and patted his friend on the head. "You're such a good worker, Scott." The bulge continued to disappear, as the throat muscles worked on the wolf. A few minutes and he was finally deposited into the massive stomach, which bulged out a little more, pushing Scott up in the air.
"Hee hee. I feel it pushing." Scott chuckled and lay down on his stomach, massaging his buddy's full belly. The raccoon nodded and smiled. "Well it's almost nine. About time to close up," he said. Scott shrugged and nodded and went off to lock the doors and mop the floor.

The End

This pathetic piece of prose is Copyright Justin M. Schuver/Race 2001
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