Title: Final Judgement
Author: Corona Da Roo
© 2003
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Final Judgement

If you remember, the three dragons under Draconia's command had just eaten Mina and the others. Meanwhile, Alex is still in search of aid……

"I'm sure I should have run into at least one other trainer by now" said Alex, his chest heaving from his long run. He then hears a strange noise coming from his right. "Hunh? Whats that?" he thinks to himself as he approaches the noise. Parting the brush, Alex is confronted with a horrifying sight! "Oh my god…." he gasps as he stares upon the startling scene, "No wonder I haven't seen any other trainers!" All over the small glade are several Dragonites, Charizards, and many other types of dragon pokémon. But the disturbing thing is that almost all of them have one or two large bulges in their bellies that resemble humans. As Alex continues to look over the scene he notices that every single one of the pokémon have Draconia's crest imprinted on their foreheads. "I have to get help and fast," he murmurs to himself, "I just hope that this same thing hasn't happened to Mina and the others." Alex quickly and quietly slipped back away from the resting, gorged dragons.

Meanwhile about half a mile away…

{I wonder if any of my other subjects have found that other boy.} Draconia thought to herself as she flew over her forest domain. {From what I gathered from my dragons back at the previous glen, the boy headed in this direction.} Draconia soon arrived at the glade that Alex had just left. As she landed, the few pokémon that were up and about bowed before her. These few soon aroused the others. {I have a request of all of you,} Draconia said to the group, {I wish to know if any of you have seen a young boy with spiky hair come by here recently.} She looked around at her subjects hoping for a response, which she didn't get. {*sigh* Well if any of you see him, capture him and send word to me when you do have him.} Just as she was about to take off she heard a young voice speak out from the midst of the group [Wait! I have seen this boy you speak of!]
Draconia turned her head to face a young Dratini with a small bulge in its middle resembling a Vulpix. {Yes young one please tell me.} Draconia said, kneeling down to the tiny dragon. [Well, as I was finishing my up with my meal, I saw a human's head poking out from the bushes over there (pointing at the exact spot where Alex had been with its tail) about 5 minutes ago.] Draconia walked over and examined the brush the Dratini had pointed out. {You are correct, little one,} she said to the Dratini, {There are shoe prints here that match the ones back at the glen he fled from.} Draconia the stood up and walked over to the little dragon. {For your help you will be rewarded.} she cooed to the tot. She then placed her hand over the mark on the Dratini's head and spoke a few words. The Dratini's whole body then glowed as it began to grow and evolve into a Dragonair. After it finished the newly evolved Dragonair rubbed its soft head into Draconia's chest. [Oh, thank you your Majesty] it cooed curling back, ebony eyes watering. {Yes, and now I must continue my search. Farewell!} With that Draconia walked off through the brush after Alex.

About 2 hours later…

"Great," Alex moaned, watching the sun stark to sink below the horizon, "I'm lost and those dragons have probably already eaten the others." He stopped, looking around. "Oh man," he groaned, sitting down on a rock, tears starting to form in his eyes, "How am I going to tell mom what happened." He then banged his fist on the rock. "That's it!" he yelled, "I've had it! I don't care if I do make it out of here anymore, eaten or otherwise." Alex then bowed his head down in his lap. "It's a lost cause anyway, cause eventually, Draconia's bound to catch up with me soon," Alex sniffled, regaining his composure, "and when she does she can do what she wants with me." With that, Alex fell over asleep from exhaustion.
Alex was right though, Draconia was indeed gaining on him as he left a perfect trail of footprints to follow and she was already forming in her mind what she was going to do to him. {Maybe I could make him into a loyal subject like my dragons,} she thought to herself. {No that won't work cause they'll probably wind up eating him.} she said shaking her head. {I could always eat him myself and be done with it,} she pondered, {but no that was when I was mad at him. I've grown too fond of his abilities to do that.} Draconia then stopped to think about how to take care of Alex, noticing the sun beginning to set. {Well it would be pointless for me to look for him at night,} she said to herself, {I might as well just rest here tonight and resume my search in the morning.} Yawning, Draconia stretched and curled up on the ground to sleep, not knowing that not more than 200 feet from where she lay, Alex slept soundly.

The next morning…

Draconia yawned loudly as the sun rose on the horizon. {Well, time to continue my search,} she said, yawning and stretching before heading down the trail. At the same time, Alex was just waking up when he heard something large heading his way. "Hunh?" he said sleepily, not fully awake yet. Only when his and Draconia's gaze met did he spring fully awake. "Uh oh" he gulped. {Ah, it seems I have finally caught up to you little human,} she cooed, stepping gradually closer to Alex, {sadly to say I'm afraid that your friends aren't around to help you this time.} "I know," Alex sighed, "just go ahead and eat me like I know you will." With that he kneeled down in front of the dragoness. Draconia, clearly surprised by this show of submission, didn't know what to say. {You mean you're not going to try to get away?} she asked. Alex just shook his head. {Well, just so you know, I'm not going to eat you,} she cooed, lifting his head up to look at her, {I've decided I'm going to have you pleasure me.} At this Alex just looked at her blankly. "You mean you're not… going…to…ea…" the idea then fully set in. She was offering herself freely to him! Draconia just smiled as she leaned back and exposed her moist pokémon sex to Alex. {Just strip down and come on over} Draconia cooed to him.
Alex promptly began to strip down till he was buck naked, his member already fully erect. As Alex approached her, he couldn't take his eyes off her drooling cleft that was easily almost a foot wide from clit to bottom. "Um… I don't know if I'll be big enough to fill you" Alex mumbled, finally reaching Draconia, her musky sex smell washing over him like a warm wave. {That's okay just use your arms and stuff instead.} she replied stroking his chest. Alex nodded and knelt down so that he was almost face to cunt with Draconia's sex. Slowly he inserted his hand up into Draconia's passage, elicting a low moan from her. Alex couldn't believe how hot she was! He could feel her sex rippling and sucking on his arms as he pushed it in pas the elbow before stopping. {Ohhh… put your leg in instead} Draconia moaned, her mind fogged with pleasure. Alex withdrew his arm and sitting down began to slide his leg up into Draconia's hot sex. Draconia moaned loudly as she felt the large protrusion fill he vagina. Alex pushed his leg in till he felt his toes touch a small puckered opening. Feeling this gave Draconia an idea. {Mmmmm… Put both of them in,} Draconia cried, {spread me wide open!} "Ok" Alex said as he lifted his other leg and slid it past her drooling cleft to join his other one, deep within her stretched labia, starting to thoroughly enjoy himself.
Draconia the grinned, knowing that she had full control over him now with her sex. Alex then felt the opening which was Draconia's cervix begin to spread open and pull in his legs. "Wha?!" Alex cried as he felt his legs get sucked up further into Draconia's body, up into her womb! Before he could pull out Draconia bent over and gave him a little shove on his shoulders, pushing him in up to his navel in her slick cunny. "What are you doing?!" Alex cried, pushing against her thighs as he was suckled even deeper into Draconia's womb by her strong vaginal muscles. Grinning, Draconia petted Alex's head and cooed {I'm going to grant you a new life, one that's free of pain and worry.} She then gave a long moan as her sex lips slurped Alex in up to his chest, his legs starting to bulge out her abdomen. "Noooo!!" Alex yelled, starting to push franticly on her slippery sex lips. But, all he succeeded in doing was having his hands squelch into her sex as well, fully entrapping him in her hot cunny and womb. Draconia moaned again and started bucking against the air, trying to force Alex in faster, her sex muscles beginning to tire. Alex then started to struggle less as his neck began to slide in and began to moan as Draconia's cunny muscles rubbed over his erect member over and over.
Draconia then screamed out loud as her climax hit, her sex pulling so strongly on Alex that he was swiftly pulled the rest of the way up her passage all the way into her womb, bulging out her belly greatly. Alex then felt something wet and slimy slide across his belly. He groped for it in the warm darkness and found it just as it 'bit' his navel. Alex then realized that it was an umbilical as he felt warmth and air flow into him. Reaching down, Alex proceeded to jack off until he came explosively inside Draconia's womb, his cum being quickly absorbed by the uterus's soft walls. Draconia reached down and rubbed the bulge in her belly that was Alex. {Now you shall become complete} she cooed as she felt Alex slow his movements as he fell fast asleep, which she too followed.

In the following 9 months, search parties were sent out to look for Alex and his friends, but no traces were found. But somewhere in a quiet grove, Draconia was giving birth. {Unnnnngghhhh…} she groaned as she forced out a rather large blue poké egg. {Well,} she murmured, cuddling the warm egg, {in just a few short minutes, Alex, you will be reborn into your new form of a pokémon hybrid. One that has the knowledge and skills of a human being.} As if in answer she felt the egg shake a bit in her embrace. {Together, you and I will rule over all! Pokémon and human alike!} Grinning she cradled the egg as she felt it slowly pulse with the vibrant life that was inside.

The Beginning…