First Taste of Fur 

By Littleblue
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 2001 - All rights reserved.

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First Taste of Fur

By Littleblue

From the moment she opened her eyes in her mother's den there was different about the
largest of the latest litter in the pack, Samantha. The alpha had somehow gone into a second
heat for this litter when only the one pup within her. This made things unusual for her when
she was born, being on her brother's and sister's birthing times, she came out hungry since
she's been fed like she was a month younger. And though her mother brought her and the
rest right to her milk, it was also more set for the other pups as well and isn't as filling for the
bigger pup.

After a few days the Alpha female was glad when she could get out of the den and get away
from Sam's constant suckling and fighting with her siblings as she finds she needs to eat.
Sam doesn't seem fazed as she falows, 'hey… mommy.. Where you going.. I'm still hungry…
Need ta eat…'

Her mother cuts her off as she snaps at her angrily, 'And if I don't eat, you aren't… ' and
starts to continue on her way, following the wolf that had come to let her know where the kill
had been made.

Samantha huffs as she sits there a moment, then thinks, 'They're going someplace where
mommy can get full? Hey, I should go get food, there's got to be something that can make
me feel full' And starts to run after them, careful to keep on her mother's sent so she can stay
on her tail.

Having been a homebody her whole life so far doesn't help much as she plods along, looking
tired as she starts to hear a truly scary sound. The sounds of growling and yipping filling the
air as she finds her mother's sent fallow to the sound so forces herself on. She takes a bit
more care as she gets to the top of a hill, sure the sounds are just over. The sight before her
making her eyes go wide.

There where several wolves the size of her mother there, all ripping at some sort of creature
she's not seen in her short life. Her mouth dropping as she is fascinated with the sight of
lengths of flesh is gulped down, solid, and by her estimations, more filling food then the milk
she's been forced in the den.

She continues to watch for a time, her mind racing with thoughts as a sound behind her
catches her attention. Turning around she sees a squirrel not all that much smaller then she
is. She watches him, not sure about this creature as he steps closer, taking a round thing off
the ground and starting to nibble on it. Her mind quickly runs though what she should do.
'Well, if mommy eats other animals and she gets full,' then looks at it again. 'Ya, bet he'd
make me full…' then thinks of all the fighting that she saw of the wolves over the hill. 'No, it's
all mine. ' and she jumps as the squirrel pads up closer, only a foot from her and she didn't
get why he didn't mind her next to it, but her mind was made up, she wanted to be full.

She jumped at the smaller animal, landing upon its back as she sat back up and looked at it
wiggling about, now unsure of what to do with it. Her first thought was to rip it apart like she
just saw with her parents, but now realized that if she did that she'd come home a mess and
her mother would find out. 'No.. Can't do that…' and about then her tummy grumbled,
reminding her why she was doing this. All the time she was trying to figure out what to do,
her prey wiggled about under her, squeaking and pleading to be let go. This activity was now
starting to worry her. She knew that all the adults where just over the hill and the way they
fought over the carcass they have there, taking a little morsel of food from her wouldn't be a

So after a panicked moment of realizing this she opened her maw wide and took the squirrel's
head into her maw, panicking it further but at least it was quiet and let her try and think of
what to do with this thing. Then it seemed to dawn on her as She holds her prey as she
thinks.. 'hey.. Maybe I can just… ' and shoves her head down upon the smaller animal,
stuffing it into her maw further, closing her maw to make sure it couldn't back out. For the
time her maw is completely full. Her eyes closing as she gets the taste of prey fill her maw.

She closes her eyes and starts to push it in again, gagging as the head pushes upon the
back of her throat. Her first reaction almost spitting up her prey, but her paws there only let
the burst of air that could had pushed it out opened the way and popped her throat open
around the little thing's head.

Her eyes are now watering, her throat being held open is something she hadn't thought of and
has found it much more uncomfortable then she had bargained for. She starts to sift more as
she also finds another problem start to show. Her mouth isn't quite big enough to get over his
big tummy, but her teeth had poked in so she can't get her mouth open and get it back out.
She's also found that at least the squirrel has calmed not sure why but it's a relief that she
doesn't have to deal with that much.

She lays there a bit as she tries to figure out what to do, not sure how she could possibly
make it any further or off her prey. She's thinks about the animal that's in her maw figuring
that it must have died.

She decides to try and get him out as she painfully tries to open her mouth a touch more,
then she jumps as her prey jumps and bumps the inside of her mouth and her eyes open
wide as she feels her maw drop open. In a panic she grabs at her prey, not sure what to do
about her jaw but knowing that she didn't want her meal getting away as she shoves it in,
easily overpowering the exhausted animal as she quickly starts to stuff it down her throat.

Her mind races as she feels her throat expand about the fur within it. Now realizing that
there's another problem as she tries to exhale and finds that her prey's in the way and starts
to swallow madly as she works it down as fast as she can. It's tail whipping about madly as
she yanks and pulls him down into her body further so that she can breath again.

She finds with her jaw as it is this actually quite easy as she almost has no resistance in her
body. The newly active prey was a bit different matter as he wiggles and squirmed all the way
down and even for a few moment after as she finally gets it down far enough down that the
huge lump in her belly is now the only sign that it was there.

She lays there as her meal settles the rest of the way, glad to finally be able to breath right,
just resting as she lets her body relax with the new supply of air as she pants madly agents
the bulge that had formed in her gut.

Her next concern was her jaw, she's not sure how it happened but is seems to be hanging
lose under her maw as she whimpers lifting is with her paws as best she can. 'Oww.. what
did I do?' and as she says this she feels a small bit of discomfort as is suddenly pops back
the way is was before.. 'Aaaa… thank god.' She takes a bit of time opening and closing her
mouth to test her jaw.

The odd thing was for all the discomfort this was giving her it was also the first time she's not
felt that nagging hunger that's been bothering her for the short life she has had.

As she catches her breath she starts thinking to herself, 'Aaahhh.. This is much better…
**Huff** Never felt this good…' and she turns and flops to her side to see several paws in front
of her. Her eyes look up fast to get to the eyes of her mother and farther. 'Um.. Hi.'

The Pair just looked at her a few moments, her farther looked like he was about to say
something before her mother get her words out faster.. 'I don't know how you got in on the kill
enough to get like that but I hope you are feeling bad enough after being such a pig that you'll
think of it when you I tell you something next time…'

She only whimpers an answer as her farther chimes in, 'Well, If could get here, she can get
back, get up Sam.' And starts to growl, sparking Sam to wine. 'Noo.. my tummy's too full.'
And her mother seems shocked but doesn't stop him.

'That's what happens to a young pup eats what she shouldn't, NOW GET UP!!' and he snaps
at her causing her to scramble to her paws.

He turns and points his nose in a direction, 'Let's go, bet your brothers and sisters would love
to see their big sister like this.' And she whimpers as she starts to slowly pad along, the two
parents staying close behind.

As she pads along, she starts to feel several things, remembering the joy as she lay there
and her anger of being forced into march as she can hear the other members of the pack from
off to the sides. She is sure of something, that she still like this full feeling and is sure that
she wants to do it again.