Title:What Friends Are For: Part 1
Author: OgreD
© 2004
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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This happened on June onto the slippery rocks of Southern Australian Islands, everwashed by the raging ocean tides...

The Delta Island wasn't exactly the most pleasurable place to spend a weekend at, mostly due to its "exotic" environment. It basically a number of rocks, cliffs and jagged reef tops, being under a constant oppression by the currents of sea, especially unpeaceful in this longitude. The only people who were bold enough and not enough demanding in the matter of accommodation were seal people. A hundred elephant seals, along with a few of sea lions, made a homey site of scarce basalt platforms of the Delta Bay islands. These platforms were an outright sanctuaries: created by the everlasting onslaught of watery element, the large area behind the wave breakers became flat and slippery, and rather tranquil, as the majority of the ocean's strike force was absorbed by the breakers.

And along these slippery and shining rocks laid the bodies of seals, who were coming here to seek shelter from the storm or when the mating season occurred. Then was exactly such a case.

Jojo, a large bull sea lion, came earlier this year to make a reservation for the nursery for females who'd come her later in July. The problem was that, though he WAS a very large and massive, he was still rather young to be able fighting the "veterans". It didn't mean he couldn't try, however. Fortunately for him, his young blood and fresh fighting skills helped him through grizzled contest for territory on the Island. And the rules of this fighting were rather severe: a bull must either take up a nursery ground in a bloody fight, or withdraw, bleeding and weary, to the savage sea. Of course, the hapless one could settle somewhere in another island of Delta Bay, providing he gets past Orcas, or the killer-whales, who're, although a rare guests in these parts, always on lookout for unfortunate fatty pinipeds to cross their path. But the one who was once exiled could not return this season for breeding or even staying on the main isle: seal people are not particularly tolerant for those occupying the scarce space of platforms.

This year, when the dominant bulls of early seasons came over, the one of these hapless renegades happened to be Jojo. After having done all he could to hold his ground, he managed to occupy a large nursery for his females; out of whose there was a very special one for him. And still he was thrown out to the sea by one of the oldest dominant bulls. Now, he heavily crept of the sea on the on of the smaller rock platforms of his size around eight hundred meters away from the island, and fell down, exhausted and emotionally hurt. His fatty skin trembled as he crushed against the moist rock. It was getting dark and he was in half-asleep condition. He pictured himself fighting his last minutes before falling to the sea, his rival, the bull named Khan, a lumbering fierce mass of sharp teeth, solid bone and quivering blubber. He also has seen his mate, Elen, recklessly taken away from him and into the harem of Khan. Elen... He might never see her beautiful muzzle again. In this condition, broken physically and mentally, he drifted off to sleep.

...He was awakened all of a sudden by a strong splash of water nearby. his resting place was rather distant from the wave-splashed island; it was very quiet here, so he was startled by an event. Shaking his head off salty fog left after a splash, he eyed something... no, someone that made his already quivering mass shiver in earnest. Although Orcas do come by this island group, they were never spotted in such a close proximity as the one, whose blunt muzzle now was protruding from the water. Jojo felt his flippers going limp, but kept his composure.

"Greetings, dear", -Orca cooed in soft feminine voice.
Now that startled Jojo even more. He was already bidding a farewell to his life and preparing to be grabbed and swallowed, and out of the blue he'd got this polite greeting. As long as he remembered the seal people history, none of seals or se-lions ever spoke to killer whale, at least, didn't survive to retell this experience. Waking up somewhere in the sky lying on the cloud would seem more reasonable.

"Well, hello then - he stammered, examining her (he concluded by voice) face, almost of same width as his body's own, - I..I really don't know what to say. are you gonna eat me? "
"No, of course I'm not. Would I ever bother to start this conversation if I was? I could have just picked you off that narrow rock, on which you were so cutely dreaming"

Reasonable, Jojo thought. His defeat drove him completely off his guard that evening. "I..I'm sorry. I meant.."

"It's alright, cutie. My kind really enjoys yours for supper, and you are rather plump...",-Jojo froze as his fear returned - "but it wasn't my intention anyway"

"What was, then ?",-Jojo asked, relieved

"Let me explain something first... oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't even introduce myself!. Well, I guess you will excuse my given it's the first conversation between Orca and seal, if my memory serves me... My name's Rita, of the Western Aquatus School, and what about you?"

"Eh... Name's Jojo, the biggest loser of the Delta Rookery",-Jojo muttered, gathering all his strengths to summon a lame smile on his pointed muzzle,-"The thing is that today I lost my Island Accommodation Privilege, along with my nursery, friend of a life, and lots of blood"

"Yes, I know your story"

Jojo's eyes went round: "By what means ?!"

"This is what I was going to explain. When a loner Orca comes to hunt in new area, he or she's to determine all the available food sources" Rita paused, then continued, revealing a bit of embarrassment as she spoke: "In your... I mean, the case of seals or sea lions, we must observe the colony to estimate the approximate number and decide on if it's safe for local population of yours to lose some persons as foo... I mean the point is that Orca basically pokes out of water nearby the colony and observes...That is the way I noticed you"

"So you've come here to hunt?"

"True as it is"

"But why didn't y.." Jojo shut his mouth in realization of unnecessity of reminding this huge predator the ways of reason.

"I didn't eat you,-Rita smiled,-because I'm a bit...specific in the matter of eating. Don't get offended ,but you're just not big enough"

"No offense taken !" - Jojo almost screamed, but marked another shark in pond of his self-estimation. Then he added, softly: "Okay, if I'm not, then who is ?" Jojo scolded himself for saying so, but he wasn't exactly small: almost a half of ton in muscle, bone and blubber, so he wondered about Orca's actions. Gradually, he felt his fear shrink as soft, soothing voice of the Orca calmed. Anyway, after the events of the evening, he cared little for his life - his initial fear was mostly caused by the speed things unraveled recently.

"...You seem to be away from the talk" Rita interrupted his reflections, giving him a scolding look.

"Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't... I... what was it you said ,anyway?"

Orca smiled, baring row of glistening sea foam-white teeth, and a pink fleshy tongue. "That's more like it. I said, it is the one who threw you out"

"Khan ?"

"If it is his name. To my mind he seems to be better described by a name Chum - he's the exact size I would like my meal to be to"

Jojo agreed in his mind: Khan was really fat, even for a sea-lion, for what he was called Blob, or Seaslug in his early days as pup, until the adulthood, when his size, and layers of blubber, protecting him in battle, proved to be an awesome advantage: Khan became a dominant bull in around six months since he reached the breeding age.

"So...you wanna get him ? It would be uneasy task to make him enter the water. Dominants are usually fasten during the Call of Blood, as we call the mating season, and they don't go to ocean until the season is up"

"That's why I wanted to talk to you. As you apparently know this Chan or whatever, I thought that considering your...mutual unfriendliness, you would help me get him"

"I will not betray one of my kind !,- Jojo exclaimed,- although.." To be honest, the mere thought of his life-long opponent and outright bastard, who barged into his nursery, which he fought for and won, against all the Laws of the Beach, made Jojo's fur rise and his blood boil with anger. Actually, the sight of that obese Khan being torn to pieces (That's the only way Jojo considered possible for a hulk Khan was to be eaten) by some ravenous Orca was the one on his mind throughout his life.

"Consider it,- Rita tempted,- you will get your nursery, your mate, and your reputation back"

"How could she know ?" Jojo thought" Maybe a simple guess, but still.." The Law of the Beach stated that if a nursery's master vanishes due to force-major circumstances(such as an Orca's belly), the previous master, if still around, is assigned back to his title as a local ruler. Everyone in the nursery saw his nursery to be overthrown illegally (he was caught off guard - asleep, to be precise), so in case of Jojo's return his reputation will remain upheld. Slowly, but surely, the image of an Orca as the mindless killing machine began to slip away.

"I... don't think I... ah, what the heck, it's been my life's dream !"

"So it's settled."

"Yes, but what do you want me to do ?"

"To lure him on the stone platform like this, for one the platform just outside the wave breakers, you know, above which the gulls are always circling."

"Sure thing. I think I've got the idea on how to do it...But I'll have to get to the island first - I'm still not allowed there."

"How can a sea-lion get to the island if he's not welcome ?"

"Have no idea"

"And if he's wounded or dying ? I've always though that your kind was quite altruistic"

"Yes, precisely ! You are a wise one, Rita, but there aren't enough scars on me to pass myself for a dying one"

"Well, we can make an appearance of an Orca attack. For example, I can bite you a little, so your sentries would see the teeth marks"

"It's alright with me, as long as you don't cut me in half" - Jojo decided he's endured much through all the fighting ashore, so he can tolerate a bit more. He spread his fore flipper towards Rita whose head was quietly floating on the water surface.

"I'll try not to bite hard"- Orca said and slowly closed her jaws over sea lion's flipper. He barked in pain as he felt the powerful jaws piercing his flipper hide in fifty different places. Hearing it, Rita instantly eased the grip, tasting the blood drops falling on her tongue...

Oh, that taste ! She could swear in this moment she had never tasted anything more delicious in her life. Rita ran her tongue along the length of the flipper, gathering it's wonderful flavor, her eyes rolling. Next moment, as Jojo's eyes began to widen as he felt something's amiss, huge Orca had already lost herself in her natural desire- desire for food, alive, wriggling food. She darted herself out of the water and grabbed awed sea lion's head in her mouth. She licked all over his muzzle and neck, then descended in the water a little to get a better leverage, and swallowed, bringing plump piniped in up to his belly. Jojo was utterly terrified, and tried to struggle, but warm moist mouth held his torpedo-shaped body firmly. He screamed, but his cries wouldn't find anyone to heed to it in such a great distance from the island. He felt muscular tongue running all around his body, salivating it. Despite his state, he felt the constant movements of a tongue around him comforting and somehow pleasurable, but still he attempted to resist. Orca gulped once again, taking Jojo up to his belly - the thickest part of his body and the point of no return. She felt the gleeful feeling circulating all across her body, as she tasted more and more of this delicious morsel. This time, she was licking him with an increasing temp, indulging in his succulent body. Jojo, halfway within, struggled as hard as he could, but the warmth and the soothing embrace of the throat in which his head and neck was were irresistible so he just let it go and relaxed...

This exact moment in the flash Rita opened her eyes. As the tension of his struggling form disappeared, so did her lustful hunger. To her great horror, she realized that she'd got Jojo in her throat, ready to travel through her gullet towards her stomach ! In a second she coughed as hard as she could, throwing him back on the cliff.

She was rather surprised to see on his muzzle a weary sleepy expression and a broad smile, instead of a pale dread. "I'm terribly sorry, I know I wasn't supposed to...I didn't..." It was Jojo's turn to smile broadly: now it was her who was apologizing to him.

"It's alright, it's in your blood, in your nature - to be hunting and eating our kind. I'm unharmed, if you're worried. Except for that flipper- he waved it weakly,- I'm okay. I was even...kind of nice"

"I'm glad you're not angry. Who would I be to break my promise and to destroy pact by which we're bound".

"I think we should be going underway."

It got really dark and no stars were to be seen, only the full moon spread its silver carpet over the dark, tenderly rippling surface of the midnight sea.

The two were here, surrounded by ocean, giving each other starry gazes. Jojo was still soaked in saliva, so he gracefully leaped into the water and surfaced with a distinct grunt.

"My flipper hurts. I'm not sure I would be able to cover all the distance"

"Do you think we should be acting so soon ?"

"My wounds should be fresh so that sentries can identify them as an Orca's bite"

"Alright, then climb onto my back and I will get you as close as possible. You can rest meanwhile."

Sea lion slipped into water, and while he was under it, Rita licked her chops, rolling her eyes for a second, as she felt the reminder of Jojo's exquisite taste. He surfaced nearby and laid across her back as she began to slowly swim away from his resting place.

"You said that a loner Orca should care for our kind's welfare and so on. But how come you are a loner ?" - Jojo asked.

"I was exiled from my school,- Rita answered silently,- I did one very bad thing"

"You can hold it if that memory hurts you,- sea-lion interrupted,- I will understand"

"No, why...Actually, you nearly experienced first-handed"

"You scared someone to death and then turned out to be a sort of his friend?"

"Not really, - Rita chuckled,- but thank you for calling me your friend. I had few in my life"

"You're welcome"

Jojo nuzzled the Orca's back. Though whale's skin is very hard, it's also very sensitive. Nuzzling tickled Rita and she gave a quiet laughter away. Then abruptly, she went all-silent, "I had eaten one of my kind" - Orca pronounced in with metal tune in her quiet voice.

"He must have done something awful to you. I'm sure you had your reasons for tearing him apart",- Jojo said, hardly believing what he'd heard. It would seem impossible to him any ordinary day to be excusing a killer whale for eating someone...

"You're quite right, it was a male. But in addition, he was my friend. My only friend, more than a friend. We loved each other, and my love proved to be so consuming...One moonlit night like this we were off swimming round the Southern African coast, carefree as anyone of our age. That night I was very hungry - I perhaps hadn't eaten for a month, for the food was scarce in that time. Still, I never minded the hunger as I could, my mind was fixed on the other things. A merry things everyone with his blood churning with passion. We ,my mate and I kissed, and caressed each other for all night long. Unfortunately for him, I'd felt him deeper in me then I ever wanted. During one of our kisses, my hunger returned - something came over me and I let it go...

My lips parted wider, engulfing his snout, his muzzle, and sliding over his whole head. He probably though I was playing, but I wasn't - the beast inside me demanded nourishment, and his firm body was the greatest source around. It's a shame, but I enjoyed taking my mate in, I murred as I my jaws closed over his chest, my upper lip bended his dorsal fin. I swallowed and swallowed, without any regard for consequences. It wasn't long until I'd gobbled up his taut belly, and then slurped his tasty tail...I only realized next morning it wasn't a crazy fantasy by the fact my stomach stretched enormously and churned as a stormy sea in attempt to crush the shore. I hadn't felt any movements from within and understood he drifted off the threshold of no coming back. I whined, and talked to the bulge he became, but there was nothing I could do. So I went off drifting aside of kin, feeling full and content as my mate nourished me, slowly digesting within. My school noticed my friend's miss, and sent out a search team, who stumbled upon me, so fat I could barely be swimming to the surface for a breath intake. Considering the low food resources of that place, they quickly figured all up. I was exiled from my family and threatened death upon my return.

I wandered the ocean for three long years, all alone. One thing I discovered changed in me. For a month or so after my departure I couldn't think about eating, but then the natural need kicked in, forcing me to go hunting; the strangest thing was that no prey I managed to catch, which mostly was fish, never satisfied me. I ate and ate but hunger didn't leave. Once I stalked a pilot whale, rather large one, attacked him and swallowed him whole, alive. Only then I felt satisfaction. Pilot whale lasted for about three weeks, after what I lived off my rich fat reserves, after tried to hunt fish again, but to no avail. So tracked off another big meal - this time it was a Weddel seal, a plump one, and sent him down my gullet. Next was the another seal, a smaller one, and one of the dominant sea lions. Don't get offended, but his, and yours taste, was to kill for. He was rather fat as well. So I went on eating in this fashion 'till I got here. So basically, I was scanning your islands for the biggest and the juiciest representative. Aside from elephant seals, which don't often go to water, this Khan chap seemed the most appropriate of all your kind. And... Jojo.."

"Yes, what is it ?",- sea lion was all ears in an effort to be as gentle with his newfound friend as he only could.

"I'd never told this to anyone. But I guess you're the only one to understand me...the world is weird"

"I understand ",- Jojo sighed. World indeed was weirdly composed as the only one to understand the predator is his natural prey.

"We're almost there",- said Jojo raising his head. He could fairly easily see in the darkness, and he was born on this rocks, that were moving around them as Orca and sea lion made their way into the jagged embrace of the Delta archipelago.

"I guess it's time I go on my own. Thank you very much, I'm much better now"

"As we arranged: on the flat rock by the breakers"

"In around half an hour"

"Be on your way then...my friend"

Jojo glided off Rita's rubbery back and swam towards the nurseries. It was a relatively calm weather and he easily crawled out of the water and made his way up the shore. He entered the territory of his former neighbors as he was halted by a pair of grizzled seals, carrying a duty of sentinels. Sight of a bleeding teeth marks assured them in no time - Jojo was given time of three days to recover. He thanked the guardians who only cared for those who're coming and going, never bothering about the events inside.

Everywhere over the platform were the tracks of a fierce fights: the stains of blood, scarred females, dead nursery masters. Suddenly a pair of twins-yearlings blocked his way. They were a members of Khan posse.

"You can't go any further, wimp"

"From here lies the territory of Khan, the Beachmaster"

"Are you nuts, fellows ? This is and island and it has its rules. Everyone applying for the dominati...",-Jojo started

"Rules are avoidable, if you have a strength to prove them wrong"

"Yeah, like what happened to you - checked out, buddy"

"Where are the nurseries' masters ?"

"Gone, man"

"Yeah, scattered across the seals' territory, if alive yet"

"What about Khan ? Are you wackers saying he's overthrown all the nurseries ?"

"Direct hit, wimpy boy"

"And he's gonna kick you once again if you don't scurry away" That's worse then he expected. Apparently, Khan needed his nursery as strike position, some place to wait for a nightfall and beat the rest of masters out. His defeat was the first drop of a tropic sea storm. If he had any doubts about the morality of what he was doing, they disappeared now with no trace.

"That's what I want - to meet up with him. I've got one last business"

"That's gonna be..."

"Short deal,- a rude, vibrant voice growled. Two frail yearlings crawled to sides, making passage for a huge mass of force and blubber, that was Khan,-you never learned the lesson, so I'll have
to teach you again"

"You'll have a great opportunity,- the time has come for being decisive, Jojo thought,- We have one last matter to discuss. I've no point to live since you've disgraced me and have taken away everything I cared for, so I suggest us meeting somewhere away from the island and getting even."

"Why don't we do it right here",- chuckled Khan.

"I don't want to be torn apart in front of your blockhead henchmen"

"Well, that's less mess to clean off my island, I suppose",-said Khan, accompanied by a laughter of his sidekicks. It grieved Jojo to be humiliating that way, but if he was to get rid of Khan, and
fulfill his promise to Rita, he stood it. He's fought enough.

"In twenty minutes find me on the platform just around the northern breaker's edge "

"That's settled",-Khan grunted.

Jojo hurried as fast as his bulk allowed him towards the sea to accomplish the last part of the plan. The moon shone brightly, glistening on Jojo's wet fur as he propelled himself through the water.

In less then five minutes, he laid on the destination rock, fanning his hurt flipper to relax it. Lone sea lion waited for ten minutes or so. He looked around: the sea was unrest here, and there was no chance Khan wood notice a thin dorsal fin... There it was, by the way, nearing the rock from the east. It was some 500 meters until... A loud splash shook him off his thoughtfulness. In some fifty meters Khan surfaced. And threw himself out the water. It was fast. Although, regardless to sea lion's size and complexion, his swimming skills were inherently high.

"I've been waiting forever to do it",- Khan roared.

"You have your chance !,-Jojo exclaimed,- but I will make you regret upsetting our home island! " Jojo threw a short glance towards the foaming sea - a fin was 400 meters away.

Khan roared and darted his massive neck forward so Jojo barely managed to evade that move, and try to retaliate by launching a side jab attack. Jojo's body curved, his teeth sliced around Khan's pulpy neck, but didn't seemingly hurt him, as he whipped his head round, forcing Jojo to immediately bend his neck and duck as low as it was possible. Young sea-lion sent a ripple through his body as he pushed off the ground hard, arcing his back, just a moment before heavy neck of Khan's crushed heavily upon the slippery rock, causing water that covered it to sprinkle skywards. Dodging another deadly bash, Jojo took a glimpse of Rita's fin, discovering it was now only 200 meters away. His distraction cost him a miss of a powerful blow, which threw Jojo on the ground. He didn't hesitate to lift himself, only to thrown to the edge of the water.

"Come on ,Rita, the dinner is served",- Jojo said under his panted breath. He saw her right behind him, some 100 meters afar and increasing her speed - she must have seen the situation. Jojo figured her plan out, as he saw her submerge in the depths. She was coming from the side of his back, and Khan, breathing heavily, with an arrogant chuckle on his blunt muzzle, was in front of him.

"You weren't worth an effort, puny one ",- Khan grunted, his eyes burning, looking as triumphant as one could get.

"Maybe...-Jojo struggled to lift himself off the ground and to his own great astonishment, succeeded,- it's not time for me to lacerate your fat hide in sheds, but it IS a payback time, you
big sea-slug" In the matter of seconds Khan roared and charged towards Jojo, who disappeared for him in a sudden splash of water, and only managed to see something large flying at him before it got all dark, and warm.

...Jojo guessed the moment correctly, rolling aside just his opponent leaped towards him. Falling on the ground, he saw a spectacular sight: Khan, unable to resist the energy of his charge, leapt directly into the Orca's opened jaws, as Rita darted out of water on the platform. It was just enough space for Orca to lay half of her body on and for Jojo to be standing a little aside. Now he had time to estimate his friend's proportions. Rita was huge, and on contrary to all he's heard about Orcas, not streamlined in shape, but with a pudgy tummy hanging out, that now was squeezed by her weight. Jojo locked back to he mouth. It seemed impossible, but she swallowed his archenemy up to his chest. Her head was raised a bit, so Khan dangled with all his blubbery bulk. Futily, he attempted resisting, but all he could do in his current state was sending a ripples through his fat body. With a sensuous gulp Rita, whose eyes were half-closed in bliss she felt as she swallowed more of this succulent sea lion down. She teased him inside her mouth with her tongue, as she did it to Jojo, taking all of his taste and knowing she won't be interrupted. Rita gulped his fore flippers by now, and they were squeezed between his chest and her expandable throat. She distended her jaws even more as she swallowed the one who bullied her friend up to his round fat belly. His flavor was very appealing, so she swallowed further and further, slowly getting Khan's massive midsection in her waiting gullet. Inside, Khan still struggled, but couldn't do a thing to delay, let alone stop the inevitable. His head was now slowly sliding along her throat and into her gullet, his upper body getting softer from intense heat all around him. It was incredibly moist in there also. It was hard to breathe, and slowly he began to cease any resistance.

By some reason, along with righteous feeling of judgment being committed, Jojo felt something else in the look of his friend devouring his enemy. He felt strangely exited and amazed by the fact this huge, trembling mass of blubber was so easily swallowed down.

That moment Rita's immensely stretched jaws began to close as she'd been sliding her lips over sea lion's torso. By this time, Rita felt her prey ceased any struggle, but that didn't stop her from gobbling her meal up. She gave a rolling swallow, taking Khan's heavy belly into her throat. From outside, even through the wall of Rita's hide and blubber, distinct bulge was forming right behind those white spots above her eyes. Rita gathered her strengths and gave a massive swallow, gulping this villain's back flippers along with his arse down. She closed her mouth in utter enjoyment, a huge bulge distending her neck. She tasted her tasty meal one last time, before sending him on a trip through her gullet. Jojo shivered at the sight of this great lump going along Orca's fatty yet elegant body and into her stomach, inflating it so Rita even became more elevated. She gave out a noisy belch, momentarily excusing for it though.

"It's alright,- Jojo chuckled,- better in than out, right. I must thank you, dear Rita, for not only you helped me go on with my life, but saved our colony from being overthrown by this.."

Rita's stomach gurgled, interrupting.

Both Orca and sea lion laughed.

"Anyway, we are in your debt",- said Jojo, bowing lowly to his kind's savior.

"Anytime, anywhere !",- Rita smiled, licking her chops. Khan, after all, wasn't so bad.

Jojo helped Orca to return back in her element, and laid on the rock, glaring at Orca, as she surfaced again.

"Well, your task here completed, but does it mean you will be leaving soon ?",- Jojo inquired, frowning.

"Would you like me to stay ?",- Rita's eyes brightened. Another ordinary night he would let her go with no doubt, but that was no ordinary night, and she was no ordinary Orca. For the short period they knew each other, they became friends, true friends that only a common peril can shape out.

"You are welcome to stay as long as you like...and I would like it"

Rita smiled broadly.
"Well, as long as you don't eat everyone of our kind... No offense intended !", Jojo burst out laughing.

"None taken"
They stared at each other for what seemed to be an eternity, but then Rita interrupted silence:

"I suppose you would be better going now"

"Yes, I've still got to settle things up in my home. We will meet again, I promise ",- Jojo quieted.

"We certainly will",- said Rita and all of a sudden received a kiss on her snout. She blushed as only an Orca can blush, and very gently returned a kiss.

So they swam away from that lonely rock just around the northern breaker's edge, though each of them not lonely anymore. Jojo climbed past the cliffs and crawled into the platform, taking his course to the territory of seal elephants to search for the masters, reported to be there.

Rita swam away towards a quiet and sound lagoon she noticed on her way to the Island to spend the rest her night there and to digest her meal. This was a big one and it will take about a month to digest this fat sea lion completely. She already felt content and full as a former Beachmaster was washed by her digestive juices in her stomach, and his hide began to dissolve, revealing his plentiful fat store. She'll grow to love this place, after all - Rita smiled.

To be continued...