Title:What Friends Are For: Part 3
Author: OgreD
© 2004
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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...Another tide flung inward the sandy beach and withdrew, fading
into the soft white foam, which in turn dissapeared, revealing the
smooth soaked surface of sand. The weather in these parts was usually
bright and sunny, but now, on offset of the winter, ocean was growing
more and more restless every day, whirling and chruning. It's fury
was eagerly accompanied by the storms, whose cloudy bearers were
driven here by the western currents. The very air felt lacking
it's transfluency, making the depressing mood created by the
lead-grey clouds even harder.

That place was the Southern African shore, the eastern part of it.
That also happened to be one of the most active ocean crossroads,
as different currents mingled in there, as did the multiple creatures
who were undertaking a voyage to the distant lands, driven by an
ordinary migration calls or by the tides of necessety. And at
the exact moment of speaking, the most interesting event happening
around the deseerty coasts of African continent was an annual
migration of sea-lions, a small pack of them, led by the large
dominant bull. The travelling group concisted of the large and
experienced bulls, the nurseries' masters, accompanied by their
harems of females, along with this year's offsprings, who had only just
learned to swim as fast as to be keeping up with the rest of the
movement, but still learning the ways of the sea, their curiosity
often replacing their reason and betraying them to the hazards of
the deep ocean, such as sharks' jaws and stomachs.

The leader of the pack, called Jojo put his flipper first on the
safe beaches of this land, probing the air and flickering his whiskers
in the mannerof caution. It was his responsability to make sure the
disembarking site to be secure and acceptable for the whole colony.
Actually, it was against the Rules of the Beaches to have a leader,
but Jojo was something for the exception, earning his title
in the series of services and favors he managed providing his people
with in a rather short time of his rulership. And he did "ruled",but
guided the sea-lions, using his great experience in the underwater
After couple of minutes spent on dry land, Jojo lifted a reassuring
roar, signaling his kin to haul out for a good rest and sleep.
Having passed this and the next stops on their route, the sea-lions
would split up and be on their own, all by themselves. They had to
be staying in group passing these shores as the white sharks, the
great predators of the beachline areas, were known to inhabit these
waters. Reaching 18 feet in length and weighting about two tons,
these behemots had either desire and means of eating the plump
seals and sea-lions: the largest of them could swallow a large fat
seal bull in one gulp, whole, alive and wriggling.

This time, however, sea-lions had a great advantage over these
eating machines. Although not knowing it, seal people under
Jojo's command had an ally. A certain friend of Jojo's was even
the greater predatory beast then the sharks - an orca. Under
her protection nobody could touch the smallest sea-lion pup with
a songle fang. Being a true friends, the sea-lion bull and the
middle-aged killer-whale grew to appreciate each other's species,
and Rita, an orca part of the allience, posed an impenetratable
defence against the sea peils for the whole voyage to the Coasts.

Having settled all the issues down, Jojo left the temporary rookery
to meet up with Rita, for this was the place where their ways parted:
Rita was quite a fatty type, and couldn't possibly survived venturing
in the equator-nearing regions.
As a habit went, Jojo spoke to his friend from the narrow rocky platform,
while she peered from outside the water threshold.
"It is uneasy, but you know we'll meet again with the summmer fall
as we did for...four seasons, if memory serves me ? Anyway, Rita,
there's nothing wrong that can happen to me out there. I'm not an
yearling anymore. ",- Jojo comforted a worried orca;
"It's all quite understood, but this time I feel someting..a strange
apprehention..Well, you're right there's nothing to get oneself concerned
with "
"Well, so be it. I admitt it's true I do feel a bit the same, but
departures are departures - ain't gonna change that"
"So goodbuy, my friend ! Keep off the whirlpools !"
"Don't get stuck in the shallow ! Who're you kidding, for the last
time: it's going to be okay. Farewall already !"
And so Jojo swam back to his people, waving his flippers with an
astonishing for his immense blubbery bulk grace.
"Stay cool",- Rita quietly added, following his leaps in and out
of the water. THis time she really felt something, and the feeling
didn't get any better by the look of the stormy clouds.

Then the huge orca turned and headed back for the Delta Island, where
sea-lions and seal-elephants come every summer for breeding and safety.
It'd just been the time for sea-lions to draw back to the ocean to
be on their own and eat up in their pleasure, accumulating fat reserves
for the next winter.
But seal elephants stayed here for a month later, after what thaey
also would set off for the ocean, leaving the entire Island to
the sea birds.

Of course, Rita could have swam anywhere at her desire, hunting
down pilot whales and seals off the antarctic glaciers, but there
was something apart of her friendship with Jojo that drew her
attention to the Island - and this something was the seal elephant's
colony. Although Rita would never dare to touch anyone of Jojo's
people, sea-lions were not rather friendly to seals. They tended
to be very territorial, and , being much bigger than sea-lions,
occasionally injured them on the attempts or mistakes to enter their
boundries. Rita, on countrary, liked elephant seals very much.
She first tasted one behind the polar circle, bt that was a small
one. There, in the sheltering harbours of Delta Bay, these seals
reached the most of their size and fat content. Lots of them never
left these shores, just were taking a casual dives for fishing.
So the winter, following the first summer she met up with Jojo, when
there was nothing around to eat, she accidently swam into a young
yet very fat seal in on of the harbours. Not noticing him on
her way, she couldn't stop and opened her mouth, startled. It
just happened that seal didn't notice her coming, and swam right
into her opened mouth, stucking in her throat, half his body
left outside. Rita already thought about letting the scared seal
go and apologising to him, when her tongue delivered the delicious
taste of the seal elephant. She couldn't resist her hungear and
simply gulped him down, right through her gullet and into her
Man, he was delitious , she thought. And nourishing, too. His
body kept Rita full and sated for the whole mounth. From that
time on, she took on a habit of satisfying her hunger with a
young plump seals when Jojo wasn't around.

Just like that time, Rita was quite hungry, and was expecting
a heavy pinniped snack. Orca has grown a bit bored by the young
ones, and was eating the adult females and the more plump juveniles.
This time, she thought, it would be a little different. She long
waited for this, and he dreams were about to come true.
Waving her tail fin, orca propelled herself at a low speed through
the Borderrocks, surfacing for an intake of breath, deafening for
a second by the strong waves breaking at the rocks, heavy rain
taking the sight away from any hapless gull, who would by unwise
enough to be flying in that king of weather. Even underwater, it wasn't
at all. Powerful currents were on their watch to grab the unwwary
one and crash him against the jagged rock bases.
Rita knew it wasn't exactly the time, so she swam to the direction
differing from that leading tho the seal nurseries. She would have
to wait for a couple of days, and then she'd have her pleasure.

...Early in the morning of the third day Rita went out of her
trans-like sleep and headed away from her secret harbour, where she liked
spending time playing with her friend, reflecting, and especially
digesting her live meals. Slowly and rhytmically waving her fore-fins,
orca made her way towards the western edge of the Delta bay, where
the kelp forests were floating. It was an a great place for an ambush
and many seals lost in this magnificent vegetation were discovered
by the Rita and her ever-ready belly. Reaching the edgr of the island,
Rita entered the kelp forest, slippery leafs of which tickled her
sensative hide. She suppressed an urge to giggle, as her watching
post was at hand. Finally, she stopped at the exit of the meandoring
kelps, all concealed by it. Just through the kelps, the rock's base
could be seen. It was there where seals used to dive when leaving
Delta islands. Covered with thick vegetation, they could reach
the Borderrocks in safety. Delta bay was known for it's safe
eviroment, but in the sea, you can never be too safe.
However, the seals abandoned this passage because of many of them
who dissapeared in the stomch of the orca, who alse found this
path. But one of them was either too self-confident or plainly unaware
of this fact.

...All of a sudden, Rita's thoughts were interrupted by a splash
from above. Yes, the timing was worked out perfectly. A huge shadow
fell upon the bottom of this shallow pool: it was only 15 feet
deep in here. The newcomer slowly decended to the bottom. Rita's
been watching him for quite some time. When she first met him,
she was idly checking if anyone of seals is still using the "safe"
way out, and noticed him...
He was a huge, full-grown, tremondously heavy and massive seal
elephant bull, one of the dominant ones. Apparently his bulk
prevented him from any fishing and he would just decend and search for
the clamfish. Rita wasn't quite hungry then, but she took a notice
of this obese seafood lover. Delta bay was swarming with fish, but
clams only inhabited kelp forests.

This time Rita was hungry...She's been starving for two mounths
especially to make this intended meal as delicious and wanted
as it only was possible. She now could make out the fatty shape of
an elephant seal, clumpsy as always, going down to the bottom and
entering the kelp forest just a meter to the right and two below
the hungry eyes that were monitoring him. Turning around and trying
to make as little noise as possible, Rita glided after her
prey. At first she thought she lost the sight of him, but then
noticed a wave of his hing flipper. She followed.
Getting closer to him from behind, Rita could now estimate his
bulk - around 1.5 tons of meat, bone and nutritious blubber,
almost as wide as her head at his waist. Gradually Rita began to
drool, her saliva mingling with the salty water. Abruptly, the seal
stopped and lowered his head towards the sea bottom - a clam supper
was served for him. And a seal supper was served for one hungry
Rita opened her jaws wide, and with a thrust of her powerful tail,
grabbed the backside of the seal, swallowing his hind flippers.
Seal darted out, but couldn't get out of the powerful jaws, as
the main throttle of seals underwater are their hind flippers, on
the countrary to sea-lions and fur-seals. Rita swam a bit further,
helping her jaws to stretch wider around the back part of an elephant
seal, who begun thrashing wildly. With a quick series of three
gulps Rita worked her jaws over the lower third of the seal.
She now could taste the delicious flavor of seal elephant's hide,
a blubber rolling beneath it so pleasantly. Rita closed her eyes
in delight. Pretty soon seal was exhausted and didn't put any
serious struggle, being held by the tremondous jaws. Neithet of
the supper participants didn't think of drowning, as both whales
and seals are capable of storing much oxigen in their blood.
Feeling her meal getting limp and tender, Rita giggled aroung the
seal, and kept on with an engulfment at hand. She stretched her
mouth painfully wide when reaching the fat seal's midsection.
Letting a tear out, she swallowed hard, engulfing half of a
scrumptious bull in her hot throat. Her tongue was in condition of
continueing bliss, as the taste was overwhelming. Licking the bull
slick and sticky, she gave anothe massive gulp, stretching her
jaws around the bulge of belly - the thickest point of her prey.
From there it was much easier - Rita simply sucked and slurped a
seal into her gullet. The hind flippers were already past her
stomach's opening ring, and his back was to follow. Swallowing and
slurping for a couple of minutes, Rita crammed seal's chest along
with fore flippers in her mouth, with only fat neck protruding from
between her chops. Seal gave away one more futile attempts to escape,
and went limp once again. Taking it as a sigh, Rita swallowed and gulped
the seal ap to his trunked head. Another slurp finished the job:
the entire bull seal was now within her. One last thing to do...
Looking rather humorously from outside, her neck swollen with a
weakly twitching live food, Rita gathered her strengths and gave
seal a powerful long swallow. Surprisingly enough, the seal slided
down her gullet rather easily - her licking and tasting him rewarded
itself. Feeling the last of her meal stuffing in her stomach, Rita
heavily floated up to take a breath of air - the feat of swallowing
was very exhausting.

Happy and full of a nice, plump, very-very fat seal, Rita swam back
to her harbour. Nothing better then spending a winter with a great
provision of food. Although her stomach juices already were working
hard on the still alive elephant seal, it would definately take
two mounths to digest him completely. Plus, the time for her fat
reserves to expire... Yes, she will not have to eat anything till
the first numbers of June, when her dear Jojo would come.
Smiling to a loud gurgling coming from her wonderfully distended
belly and the feeling of contentment, Rita fell asleep, in her own
way, drifting around the peaceful harbour. By this time, seal
elephant bull, curled in her stomach, also fell asleep, with the
same smile on his face as she had on hers. After all, it was so
pleasant for both of them. Lulling heartbeat along with a soft
gurgling had done it's job, and the seal considered himself a
happy one.

By the onset of the summer Rita have already been waiting by the
african coast at the exact platform for Jojo to return. If was rather
warm, but it felt okay. She was a little hungry, as usual, for
her last meal digested somehow faster than expected. One way or
another, that didn't prevent her from so long waited event as Jojo's
return. There wasn't a strict sea route schedeles, but sea-lions
are known for their punctuality, and after waiting for about
six days, Rita thought htere was something wrong. Jojo must have
reached the beach and hauled out quite some time ago. Then he always
would swim for their meeting spot, where Rita was waiting. So Rita
began worrying is he'd come at all. After waiting for a day more,
the orca decided to get to the beachline where sea-lions were
usualy assembling, and investigate.
Having reached the coast line, she began scanning it, not swimming
neither too close for lions to notice her nor too shallow to get
stuck. It all felt wrong: there were already the whole lot of
seafarers gathered, and her friend was usually the first one. It
was unconventional of him to leave his people. On their way back,
this beach was the assembling point for them, from where, after all
accounted for, they would set off for the Delta Island. At this time
the predators weren't quite active there so sea-lions didn't need
guide to make out the safest way, considering a lot of them were
considerable navigators. And still it seemed weird for Jojo to be

Rita headed back to be waiting by the rock, having a distinctly bad
feeling, that intensified as she was drawing near the place. Even
a five hundred meters from there, Rita felt blood in the water.
She swam faster, as through her disbelief she concluded she's already
felt it. It was awfully familiar to her taste. The smell was growing
stronger with every thrust of her tail, and in the end she had to
swerve sharply to avoib being crushed against the rock she was swimming
for. Peering out of the water she behelt the frightful sight of
a large sea-lion - Jojo, lying flat on the narrow rock protruding just
a few inces beyond the water level level, blood all over him. Quickly,
Rita circled the rock to see his friend's muzzle. Jojo was breathing
"My goodness, what's happened to you ?",- Rita inquired very quietly,
as though afraid of waking him up.
Weakly raising his head, Jojo replied in a brocken voice:
"I'm glad to see you again, Rita...sadly enough it happens to be our
last meeting". He coughed . Now Rita could see a large wound below
his right shoulder - a sort of wound only one creature was able
of inflicting - the great white.
"How are you feeling ?"
"Falling apart. Well, I did what I could, at least. There was an
ambush. I joined with the a family of seals also heading for Delta
islands. I knew the way there, so I agreed escorting them to our
gathering point, as it would be much safier that way. One time
I detatched from them just nearby our destination for a little
fishing, and when I came back, I saw the Great White attacking them.
I interfered, but there was nothing I could do against that kind of
power. I've bitten and thrown away, apparently to be dealt with
later, ad then shark swallowed the entire seal family, one by one.
I just had to retreat"
"Will you be okay ?",- orca's tone sounded even more broken than
Jojo's, as she examined his grievous wound.
"It hurts to dissapoint you, but I will not. The wound is fatal, I
can feel it - I wonder how could last as long as I did. There's one
last favor I'd like to ask you for.."
"Don't say it that way.."
""It's the way it is. My people are safe now, but with this shark
seen so close to this beaches, there's no telling how many seal and
my kind would be eaten next migration. You've got to put an end to
this shark. I've last seen her by the Southern Coral Reef, what's
right beyond the beach territory. Promise me you'll do it"
"I promise you'll be avenged and your people safe."
Tears were forming in her eyes, partially out of regret for her
friend, and partially form the shame as she grew more and more hungry,
excited by Jojo's taste.
As though guessing her thoughts, Jojo after a brief pause spoke
"There is a little something I'm willing to give you. My life is at
it's end, and there's nothing wrong about it. I ask you to swallow
"What ?",- Rita started in disbelief, but her inner wicked nature
rejoiced. She'd never touch him, alive or not, but with his permission
it was her fantasy coming true. She had already had the pleasure of
tasting him in her times.
"It's only there I would find my rest, and I know,- Jojo gave
Rita a toothy grin,- that you're quite hungry. Your eyes tell me
"But I can't just...well, if it is your wish, then how can I
refuse ?"
Jojo smiled, I' glad we understand each other. I will miss you."
"So shall I"
Jojo struggled and suceeded to stand up on his fore flippers and
waddled towards the platform edge. He and his friend exchanged loving
sights and closing their eyes, they kissed for one last time.
Next second, Rita opened her mouthwide and taking Jojo's head and
heck in, sliding her tongue around his muzzle, kissing him inside.
She decended a little to gain the leverage, and she required just
that. Exhausted from his wounds and a long way, Jojo collapsed forward,
his heck squeezing in Rita's throat, his chest engulfed by orca's
maw. Rita stretched her jaws to work them over sea-lion's fat belly,
and then backed off from the rock, forcing Jojo into vertical position,
gravity helping her doing the last favor to her friend. It was rather
easilyfrom now on . Rita sighed deeply while slurping Jojo into
her gullet. As his flippes passed her lips, she closed her mouth
and gave her friend one last lick before swallowing gently, forcing
Jojo to make his way to her waiting stomach. First his head squeezed
out of the stomach's opening ring, then his thich neck, followed by
his bulky body. One emptied out in the hot, slippery and rippling
folds of Rita's belly, he curled up and closed his tired eyes.
He could rest now. He wasn't soory for anything in his life, as
he'd been doing a lots of good to his people and he had been
successful as nursery keeper. Now ti was his time to go, and he
went away the most deliciously, he thought. He felt glad about
his life at it's end doing service to one another creature who he
liked much. Purring softly, he fell asleep for good.

Rita belched, immediately blushing out of embaressment for having
shown a disrespect to her friend. Jojo felt beautiful in her tummy,
but her delight was bitter-sweet, as she realised she'd just lost
her lifelong buddy and companion. This shark will definately pay,
she tought with anger now arising within her mind. But since she's got
a plenty of time untill the next migration, Rita sought out a sheltered
bay a little away from the beaches. There she had been sleeping off
her last meal, as she desired Jojo to be only hers.

After a mounth or so again felt the tingling of hunger. This time,
she didn't hesitate deciding about where to go. Rita swam directly to the site
the vile shark has been seen the last time. Propelling through the water,
Rita's only thought was the vengence.
It didn't take long to determine shark's location: she felt the
intense smell of fresh seal blood coming from the rocky subaquatic
passage a mile further from the place sea-lions gathered annually.
Surfacing, Rita could hear a loud multiply gulls' cries. These
scavengers were always aware of the dinner table, and were always
eager to join the feast. Guiding her path by the gulls' cries and
the intensifying blood consistancy of the water, soon she found
the sourse out. Through the murky waters she made up a shape of
something floating near the surface, surrounded by a cloud of blood.
Probing an object with her ultrasonics Rita determined it was a
young and firm elephant seal, apparently attacked by a shark and
left to die. Usually the sharks would be around in cases like this,
waiting their prey to weakend enough. This seal, however, appeared to
be still capable of swimming, and he did so, slowly and feebly.
Rita was already about to swim closer and ask about what kind of shark
bit him, when the murderer herself has shown. Darting out of blue,
the huge shark, just a little smaller than Rita, came from beneath
towards the seal and grabed him in her jaws. With a single hard swallow,
the seal was swallowed, the bulge he became travelling down to shark's
Startled for a moment, Rita decided not to waste a minute more and
made her own move. She thrusted herself through the water with
the waves of her tail as powerful as she could manage, and crushed
into shark's side. Even as large as she was, the shark was thrown
away for at least twenty meters, her eyes closing from the sudden
Shaking her head from confusion, the shark opened her eyes...
and saw nothing - just a plain darkness. At the same time, she could
feel something gripping her head with a hot embrace. It was so weird,
shark couldn't even react properly. Insted she remained idle for
a minute or so, feeling the strange toothed something working over
her pointed head. It became hard for her to breathe, as sharks had
to swim constantly, so the water would wash over their gills and
support their body with oxigen. And inside the strange darkness that
was engulfing her, the wasn't even a water ! Shark gave a strong
tail thrash, curving her body, but to no result, as she was grabbed
tightly and strongly. It was weird... Great White sharks were at
the top of a food chain ,with nothing to fear except by a nasty
yet tasty humans and... the killer- whales ! In the flash, shark
realised just what was happeninig, but it was too late.
Rita was so overwhelmed by her lust for revenge, she didn't concider
the shark's size - she simply went on working her jaws of the
shark. Shark's head was already in her throat, and her sleek,
torpedo-shaped body was following. Rita tasted her prey, and
concluded that not pariculary tasty, shark had it's flavor, appetizing
enough for orca to continue. Killer-whale thrusted herself with her
tail's fling once again, shoving the shark further and distending her
jaws greately - this great white was almost as wide as herself.
Shark began thrashing abruptly, slowing the process of ingestion
a bit, as Rita had to concentrate on keeping the shark securely.
It became quite a problem to stretch her lips further, but with
one of tail flings, shark accidently moved herself further into the
body of her "consumer". As for consuming, Rita now reached the base
of the fore fins. Yawning even wider now, she worked these flippers
into her mouth, pinning them to the round body of the shark. At
this point, ita felt her jaws unhinge and become looser.
The shark was running out of oxigen, as well as her strength to
resist. It seemed impossibe for a shark of her size to be eaten,
especially whole and alive ! Slowly but surely, she felt her pointed
muzzle being squeezed into the alien gullet, hot and slippery.
The predator was a warm-blooded type - there was no doubt left that
it was an orca. The warm-blooded critters always were the most
desired as her lunch, and man, they were tasty, and now it was a
circle completing itself - she was eaten and enjoyed by the one of
their kind. Shark felt her dorsal fin bending and pinning to her
back as the jaws of the killer whale engulfed her torso. Though
shark couldn't see in the total darkness, but she clearly felt
her head to be sliding along the gullet of the whale. After having
felt her nose tip pushing through the tight muscular ring that's
keeping the entrance to the stomach, shark realised it was much
too late and ceased her struggles.
Outside, Rita felt her meal getting relaxed, and began swallowing
in earnest. Her jaws were now stretched unbelivably wide, but that
didn't bother her - she's got an experience required for such a
feast, and one thing she concerned herself with was the matter of
keeping the enormous shark still. Now this problem solved
itself, and Rita proceeded devouring her enemy gulp by gulp.
Her lips passed the thickest point of the chest and were now
enveloping the belly. One it got in her mouth, she probed the
soft surface of it with her tongue. Judging by the plentiful
squirming inside, she remarked there must have been more than
one elephant seal. Swallowing the pudgy belly of a shark down,
Rita felt her own belly being filled with the shark. No more
seals for this one, Rita chuckled menatally. She could now relax,
slowly and methodically shoving the rest of the shark inside her
stomach, which felt stuffed even when the tail of shark's was still
outside, orca's cheeks and neck bulging grossly. Gulp after gulp,
the killer-whale felt her guest making more and more comfortable,
her stomach inflated greately.
With the last of the tailed slurped between her chops, Rita began
swimming back to her recreation on the Delta islands. Licking
her lips clean from the remainders of shark's taste, she swallowed
massively, sending the tail to met up with the rest of it's owner.
Once the shark was completely inside the stoamch, that was feverishly
secreting digesting enzymes to start the process of digestion,
Rita gave away the triumphant belch, partially aerial, partially

Now she's got even with the murderer of her friend. Flexible as
the orca was, Rita turned back and stopped, her jaws ajar, by the
look of her gut, that was so stretched that the shark's body
parts could be easily made out. And the size of the shark-bulge was
about orca's own size. Going back to swimming, orca smiled broadly.
This Great White was by far the most fulfilling meal she'd ever
managed to get inside, and she seriously considered preying upon
those gr-r-reat beasts.
Her stomach gurgled loudly, assuring her that the digestion of the
shark, who felt asleep because of lack of the oxyen, was progressing.
In their turn, a four seals were digesting in the belly of a shark.
They would have been long since expired by the time Rita's digestion
got through with the stomach of this huge shark.

After this time, however, Rita could not eat any seals or sea-lions,
devouting the rest of her life to defending them in the honor of her
only friend.

The End.