No Greater Gift 

By Anima 
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 2000 - All rights reserved.

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  No Greater Gift
by Anima

     "Come on dear, you'll be late for the dinner party." Di called out to her husband Jules, who was 
still in the bathroom. He mumbled a reply and staggered out a few moments later.
      "You look great hon. How late is this thing supposed to go?" He asked, wincing as his beautiful 
wife tightened his necktie a bit. 
      "I don't know, about 7:00 I think." She said airily, flinging a gauzy scarf over her shoulders and 
making for the door. Actually, the party ended up going until 9:00, leaving the couple exhausted. 
     "This on top of a workday...oh man." Jules groaned, cranking down his car window on the drive 
home to keep him awake. Diana nodded in mid-yawn, having had a couple drinks as well as too 
little sleep. Whizzing by the neat rows of suburban dwellings, the cadillac's gleaming hood 
reflected the glow of the full moon. Jules saw and yet didn't see the cratered disk nestled among 
the clouds. 
     Diana had been married to a werewolf for three years. Of course, her husband Jules hadn't 
suffered from lycanthropy when she accepted his proposal; he contracted it on their honeymoon 
when a creature assaulted them in a Colorado state park. Both had wept bitterly when the result of 
that attack was discovered, but Di promised still to love her mate. As with all things you live in 
close proximity to, Jules' werewolfism gradually became an accepted thing. On full moons, Jules 
slept in the kitchen with a fridge full of raw meat. Gorging himself, he would often slide into a torpor 
until his true form returned. Only immediate family was aware of Jules' 'nightlife', and generally tried 
avoiding the young couple. 
     Now, Diana and Jules stumbled into the house and perpared only minimally for bed. 
Comfortably naked, they settled into bed and immediately fell asleep. 
     Diana woke to the sense of wrongness, and a quick glance at the clock produced a frustrated 
moan from her. Midnight. She turned to check on Jules and stifled a scream. 
     ", oh Jules. We forgot--" Her love was transformed, his frame covered in thick gray fur 
and his face halfway between a wolf's and a man's. His gleaming green eyes were watching her 
intently as she held a hand to her mouth. The terrified woman had seen him in this state before, but 
had never been caught off guard like this, so close to him. Then she remembered the meat. 
     "Jules, please...go!" She whispered, slowly shifting towards the edge of the bed. His massively 
muscled arm was there, keeping her close. The fur was soft and warm, but no comfort at all. His 
hand-paw stroked her nude flank, his leathery pads cool on her skin. His warm breath drifted over 
her face, carrying the scent of the man her husband was the majority of the time. Diana tried to 
push away, but Jules was preternaturally strong. He gathered her to him, bringing his face in close 
to hers. No scream escaped her lips as she had planned, only a tiny squeak that was lost as the 
beast kissed her. Wet fangs pressed against her gums, and his tongue slavered across her face 
and within her mouth.To her relief, the primal kiss didn't last. He pulled back, and rose to his knees 
on the bed. For a moment it appeared Jules was leaving the bed, but he was only reversing his 
position. Soon she shivered as the wolfman's cold nose snuffled along her toes, whiskers 
brushing and tickling her soles. Now she almost felt like giggling, hoping against hope that her 
husband could be gentle in this shape. Diana relaxed further when he began licking her feet 
tenderly, and settled back into her pillow. An odd warmth began creeping up her body, prompting 
her to check on her mate. For a moment, Diana's brain could not deal with the image her eyes fed 
into it. Her feet were inside Jules, engulfed in his muzzle. And more was following. Now she did 
scream, but no one was around to hear. Horrified, she sat up and grasped her calves, trying to pull 
herself out of the wolf's jaws. But a powerful suction defeated her efforts, and drew a few more 
inches of human flesh inside Jules. Diana began sobbing as she watched herself vanish into the 
sultry warmth of the thing she called husband. 
     "Jules! Please, don't do this! If you can hear me...don't..." Her voice trailed off into a whimper as 
the creature ignored her sounds of distress. Oh yes, it it wasn't for the fact that she was about to die, 
she would've been quite comfortable. The creature's throat tissue was velvety soft and very warm, 
seemingly not tight at all. In fact, as more of her body was drawn into the wolf and presented no 
real problem to him, she concluded a kind of magic must be helping him expand. Jules' neck was 
bulging with the her lower legs, gray skin showing beneath the fur as his flesh stretched over hers. It 
thickened further when her knees passed the beast's wet lips. Slimy warmth wrapped her like a 
blanket as she sank further, a slight tightness telling Diana her feet had just passed through into 
her husband's ribcage. Like a volcano, Jules' stomach growled and rumbled beneath her. He 
licked her thoroughly with his smooth tongue, coating her skin with saliva and ensuring a smooth 
trip down. The mere suction of his constant gulping was no longer enough to keep Diana sliding 
down his gullet, so new action was needed. Jules slid his legs off the bed and crouched at the foot 
of the bed. With a shove forward, Diana found herself pinned against the oak headboard. With this 
brace, her slim body vanished even faster. Wriggling her toes, the prey felt a sphincter give 
around them and welcome her into a sticky chamber. A couple minutes later, she felt the inner 
surface of Jules' stomach against the soles of her feet. It was pulpy and had a kind of rippled 
texture...slime oozed from the stomach walls and squelched up between her toes. Rasping his 
tongue across Diana's alabaster thighs, the creature that Jules had become drooled in 
anticipation and swallowed urgently. He paused a moment to tongue her sex curiously, making 
Diana's teary eyes widen.
     'Oh no...not that too! Please, that would be too much.' As if hearing her thoughts, Jules just gave 
her vulva a lingering lick-kiss before his throat rippled around her in another monstrous swallow. 
Little whimpers of hunger escaped his lips around her waist, betraying the animalistic urge to stuff 
her lovely body, whole and alive, into his guts. Inch by inch Di slid deeper inside her lover, her 
waist was enveloped only a moment before her breasts slid out of sight. By now, Jules was lying 
mostly on the bed and using his paws to shove the huge piece of food down into his belly. Diana 
blacked out briefly, and awoke to more of the same darkness. A rhythmic thrumming that seemed 
to fill her skull proved to be her soulmate's heartbeat, communicated easily through the tissue 
surrounding her. Diana's fingertips wiggled in the relatively cool air outside the wolfman's body, 
and she could feel her buttocks squished comfortably against the bottom of the stomach. The 
stomach waiting impatiently to finish engulfing her. Pulsing in excitement, the sphincter rippled up 
over her head and closed around her arms. Soon a series of gulps pushed her limbs inside as 
well, and the process was complete. Shivering walls of hot flesh pressed against her everywhere 
in regular pulses, coating her body with a mixture of slime and mild acid. It was not yet burning her, 
but Diana was under no illusions that this would last. Using the last breath of air she possessed, 
wife addressed husband.
     "Gee, I never thought we could get any more intimate...shows how much I know. I forgive you 
love... It was both our faults. I give you my body again, my last gift to you..." Her words were barely 
audible from within the beast, muffled by layers of muscle and slimy tissue.
     Jules reset his jaw, relaxed and stroked his quivering gut, a smile on his lupine features. A quiet, 
liquid gurgle signalled the start of digestion. It had been a glorious meal. Belching loudly, the 
wolfman rolled onto his side with some difficulty and drifted off to the sleep of a well-sated 
predator. If only every meal could be like this. 

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