Stock Taking 

By Gimlet 
Story Copyright (C) By: Gimlet
 1998 - All rights reserved.

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  It had been a long day.

The supermarket had been far more crowded than usual with the local's
seeming to want to stock up on virtually anything long lasting. Heather
vaguely remembered another scare about the green house effect and
everyone saying there was supposed to be some sort of super storm front
building but she never paid much attention to the scare mongering. At
least things had quieted down now towards the evening.

Heather looked along the checkouts once she'd finished dealing with the
last customer in her queue and smiled. It looked like the curse had
struck again. Tabitha had a problem customer. The fellow seemed to be
at boiling point, no doubt in a great hurry and insisting his card
works fine normally! Heather smiled to herself as she watched Tabitha's
strained smile as she swiped the card again.

The customer was considerably shorter than Tabitha's 5'6" well built
frame but it looked like the guy wasn't intimidated by her size at all,
and Tabitha seemed to be getting nearer and nearer her breaking point.
The two girls had been friends for a long time and Heather had only
just helped Tabitha to get this job last week. Tabitha was not used to
the check out machines as yet, let alone dealing with the more
difficult customers. Heather was definitely going to have to help her.

Unfortunately the manager was out so Heather went to get Susan from
another checkout and the two girls went over to Tabitha's counter. At
least there weren't any more customers.

"Look, you're swiping it all wrong!" the irritable customer was
insisting as Heather and Susan approached and he tried to grab the card
and do it himself. At least Tabitha managed to keep the card and tried
again, still forcing a smile.

"P..Please, if you could just wait a bit" she said "I'm sure it'll work
in a minute."

Heather whispered to Susan to take over for Tabitha for a while and
then turned to the customer herself.

"I'm terribly sorry sir, we have been having trouble with phone
connections." Heather said smiling sweetly while she grabbed Tabitha's
arm and edged her out of the way "All of the card machines seem to have
some intermittent faults at present. If you can wait here for a while
we'll see what we can do." And she started walking quickly towards the
back room, hauling Tabitha along with her while Susan started to answer
his further argumentative comments.

Soon the two girls were out of sight of the front of the shop in the
store room. Tabitha seemed incredibly relieved.

"Oh thanks Heather!" she sighed "I was going to pieces there! So what
do we do about the guy!"

Heather peeked around the corner looking back into the shop while she

"Actually Susan seems to have things well in hand. She'll wait a while
then try again. On trouble cards the speed you swipe them at makes
quite a difference. We don' exactly have advanced machines here you
know!" and she glanced back at Tabitha smiling up at her.

Heather always thought it funny that all through school Tabitha had
been taller than her by a good four or five inches but had always
seemed to look up to her. She kept having to get Tabitha out of trouble
even then.

As Heather turned her attention back to the shop she smiled.

"There, it looks like Susan's got it. The guy's leaving now." Heather
then moved back and closed the door to the stock room they were in.

"Look, it's nearly closing time and there aren't any more customers in,
you want a bite to eat?"

Tabitha smiled, returning to her more usual relaxed stance.

"Sure. I've been starving since we had to miss lunch!" and the two
friends went back into the stock room to find a snack.

They walked about and eventually settled on getting a couple boxes of
cookies. Heather was sure that their boss wouldn't notice if they got
the ones from the top shelf. Stock taking was weeks away!

As Tabitha went to find a step ladder so she could reach the top shelf
Heather heard her stomach rumbling loudly. She hadn't only missed lunch
but had been called in late last night to help with a delivery and
hadn't had anything to eat then! One of the trucks hadn't come in till
two AM in the morning but her boss had insisted she stay on to help
out. He was getting really annoying like that, it wasn't on her job
remit! However this had meant that she'd over slept this morning and
hadn't had breakfast either!

Tabitha hauled over the long step ladder and set it up. As she started
to climb up it Heather's stomach growled again.

"Whoa!" Tabitha said looking over her shoulder "Maybe you need two
packets huh? You sound ravenous!" Heather didn't realize that it had
been loud enough for Tabitha to hear. She smiled in response as her
friend continued up the ladder.

The two girls had always been close friends and there had been several
times when Heather had seriously thought about taking there friendship
'further', but didn't know if Tabitha would balk at the idea. She was
fairly sure Tabitha was straight but looking up her skirt as she held
the ladder steady she seriously considered talking with her about that

Tabitha got one packet and then climbed up a bit further to get another
couple from a different shelf so they wouldn't be noticed as much. As
Tabitha's feet went up past Heather's head something clicked deep
inside Heather as her stomach gurgled loudly again. She gazed at
Tabitha's feet and drooled.

When Tabitha stretched up on her left foot reaching upwards, Heather,
without really thinking about it, grabbed her free right foot and
whipped her sneaker and socks off quickly and dropped them on the

"Hey! What are you doing?" Tabitha said and put her bare foot back on
the ladder rung. As soon as she did Heather grabbed the other foot and
lifted that, pulling the laces and removing both shoe and socks

"Whoa!" Tabitha said, trying to keep her balance "Now cut that out!"

Heather's mouth salivated in anticipation of... what? What was she
thinking? As she looked up Tabitha's long legs admiringly she got her
answer. Her stomach rumbled expectantly and she instinctively grabbed
both Tabitha's feet, lifted her friend up by them, and dropped them in
her waiting mouth.

Tabitha grabbed onto the shelf to steady herself as her feet were
lifted and them felt them plunge down, pressing into something hot and
wet. It pulsed around her and shifted. She freed one arm and folded her
skirt back to look down, and nearly had a seizure! Her feet were
entirely into Heather's mouth, her lips encircling her ankles.

As she gaped, dumb struck, Heather gulped and Tabitha was shocked to
watch her friend's mouth slide up her legs towards her knees. The
pressure and rhythmic pulsing around her feet was gorgeous and Tabitha
struggled to make sense of this.

"How... what... what are you doing! Oooh!" she cried as a further gulp
drew her in up to her knees. She couldn't see Heather's face any more
as her skirt covered it. She could feel Heather's tongue though,
rippling over her legs gently as she descended.

Desperately she released her grip on the shelving and reached down to
grab Heather, hoping to stop her progress. Unfortunately as soon as she
let go of her support she felt Heather's lips and throat widen
impossibly and she plummeted downwards. She felt her legs slide down
her throat and into her moist stomach, then her buttocks bounced
lightly against Heather's upper lip with her mouth stretched tight
around Tabitha's Hips.

Tabitha stared down at the comical sight of her skirt bulging around
Heather's head and shoulders, then started as Heather gulped once more.
It felt glorious as her hips were drawn inside Heather's mouth and
Tabitha started to moan to her self, closing her eyes and rocking her
body gently.

Heather couldn't believe it! Tabitha was inside her! She roamed her
tongue over the fabric of Tabitha's panties as she gulped again sucking
her wide hips smoothly into her mouth. The skirt started to fold
upwards, being slurped up in reverse as Heather continued her meal. She
reached up and grabbed Tabitha's hands. She didn't even seem to react
to this and Heather stuffed them into her mouth against Tabitha's
front, folding in her skirt there roughly.

Heather stretched, yawned, and rippled her incredibly tight throat
muscles and felt Tabitha start to slide down further. Tabitha's knees
were already pressing out her stomach and, as her waist disappeared in
between Heather's wide jaws, she started to wriggle and gasp softly to
her self in time with Heather's gulps. As she continued Heather heard
several pops and a tearing sound as her uniform top and bra tore open
and fell off her in tatters to hang around her arms. Her stomach
stretched still further.

Heather felt Tabitha's arms press in around her breasts, squeezing them
together through her uniform. Soon Heather's lips reached the large
mounds and stretched wide, slowly sucking them in.

Tabitha was going nuts! This was better than sex! She felt ripples and
pressure over her entire body as she was slowly devoured. Heather's
moist mouth pressed gently against her breasts and soon they filled her
mouth. She then felt a slight tug as her name tag caught on Heather's
lip and then was pulled off and fell to the floor. Shortly afterwards
her chest was pressed in by Heather's tight throat as her mouth slid
up, over Tabitha's shoulders and came down around her neck.

They didn't stop there long though. Soon she felt the tight embrace as
her friend sucked her further into her body and Tabitha's head was
slowly pulled inside. She tipped her head back as far as she could and
gazed in wonder as Heather's mouth started to close over her face. The
view was incredible, and weird! Soon that too was gone as Heather's
lips came together and she gulped strongly several times, tipping
Tabitha over the edge into a strong orgasm and drawing her deep inside
to lie curled in her friend's belly, quivering to herself.

She lay there panting as she recovered, trying to get a grip on what
had happened. She was still overwhelmed by the sensations of being
swallowed and so just lay there for a bit, resting.

Heather slumped on the floor as she watched her friend's head disappear
into her mouth. Slowly her blond curls were sucked in too and the
enormous bulge wriggled down to settle into a fetal position inside

She gazed at her enormous stomach in wonder. As she stared she thought
she could make out Tabitha's outline through her skin and then saw it
move as she shifted slightly. She mmmd to herself quietly closing her
eyes as she felt the glorious sensations of Tabitha sliding around
inside her. Then she 'felt' rather than heard the vibrations of
Tabitha's voice coming from deep inside her.

"Heather?" came the weak plea "Why did you do that? HOW did you do
that? I mean.. It's just..." and she seemed to run out of words.

Heather looked down on her enormous stomach and realized what would
inevitably follow, her friend's death! She clutched at her belly and
hugged it tight to herself between her drawn up knees.

"Oh Tabitha, I don't know. It was just all so quick... and I was
desperately hungry... and you were delicious! Oh, I didn't mean it like
that. Oh god I'm sorry Tabitha. I couldn't control myself, can you
forgive me?"

The bulge, which was a slightly larger than Heather used to be, twisted
around inside her, causing Heather to smile in pleasure despite

"Forgive you?" came the reply from deep within Heather "It was
fantastic! You have no idea how good that felt. Er, not to sound like a
killjoy or anything, but is it possible you could let me out now?"

"But how?" Heather answered morosely "I don't even know how I ate you,
I mean you weigh more than I do! Er... normally I mean."

Tabitha was shifting around again and Heather hugged her stomach
tighter in response.

"Well can't you just make yourself sick or something?" she said "And
please hurry, the air's getting a little stale in here!"

Heather mumbled agreement while she desperately tried to think of
something. She doubted sticking her finger down her throat would work
as something a good deal larger had just gone down and that hadn't made
her sick. She tried anyway and was surprised to feel a slight gagging
and the sensations of her stomach tensing slightly around Tabitha.

"Oh!" Tabitha exclaimed "That's lovely!" and she started to moan loud
enough that the she could probably be heard outside rather than just
being heard by Heather through her bones.

Heather gave up sticking her finger down her throat, she'd already got
her whole hand in her mouth and it was doing nothing. She instead
concentrated on tensing her stomach to squeeze Tabitha back up. To help
she rolled over onto her front, lifted off the floor by her enormous
stomach, and balancing with her legs just touching the floor around the
twitching mass.

She strained and squeezed, pushed and clutched and felt something begin
to give while Tabitha thrashed about as much as she could in her tight
confines. Slowly Heather could feel it starting, some movement.
Suddenly it got out of control, she wasn't consciously tensing anymore,
her stomach gurgled and churned all of its own. As she looked down she
could see it writhing and pulsing, and not just by Tabitha's movements

Tabitha was near boiling point by the sound of it and the shifting
within her was bringing Heather close to her own orgasm. Then she felt
Tabitha kick and thrash within her and a muffled scream irrupted from
her as she came. The movement tipped Heather over the edge and she too
writhed about in ecstasy, desperately trying not to shout out loud. As
she came she felt her stomach suddenly clutch incredibly and deep
gurgling noises started, even louder than before. She opened her eyes
and stared in amazement as she watched her stomach shrink!

As she gazed in astonishment it shrank visibly so in a second or two
she could put her feet on the floor properly once more. She could still
hear Tabitha screaming in pleasure within her, then the tone rose
slightly, squeaked and then was silent. Heather braced herself with her
hands and stood up clutching her rapidly diminishing form.

By the time she was upright, leaning against the wall, her stomach was
half way to it's normal size and showing no signs of stopping. The
bubbling, churning, gurgling noises were getting louder and louder and
she could feel another orgasm building. In a matter of seconds it
peaked and she closed her eyes tight as she shook.

After she had recovered the churning had more or less subsided and she
opened her eyes to gaze down on her nearly normal sized belly. It
shrank for a few more seconds as she watched, uttered a final solitary
gurgle and then everything was normal... except she was half naked!

As she stared at her stomach she felt a little tension inside herself

*BUUUUUURP!* she exclaimed loudly.

Recovering slightly she pulled her torn uniform top around herself,
weeping silently for her lost friend.

'At least she died happy.' she thought to herself. It wasn't much of an
epitaph, and she could still feel the edges of the hunger as it ebbed
inside her. She realized that she almost wanted to eat someone again
and hastily blocked out that thought as she rushed out of the
supermarket without bothering to give any excuse to Susan or anybody
else as she ran.

She wondered who would be her next meal, and how long would her hunger
stay sated?