Adventures in Lunching 

By Gimlet 
Story Copyright (C) By: Gimlet
 1998 - All rights reserved.

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without author's Permission.

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  "Dull... dull... dull!" Debbie mumbled to herself as she leafed through
the papers on her desk. She'd just finished a lengthy report. God what
a chore! And now she had to deal with these new accounts. It would take
a while to sort these out to work out which to deal with first. She
leaned back and sighed.

"Oh F^%&*!$ll!" came the expletive from the adjoining cubical. Debbie
laughed to herself then got up and stuck her head over the low dividing

"Having trouble Robin?" Debbie said, not bothering to hide her smile.

"Hmmph!" Robin said "It's all right for you, you've had months to get
used to this software. I hate computers!" and she banged the keyboard
back up against the monitor. Debbie chuckled.

"Look it's nearly lunch time. What say we take a break early today

Robin nodded and returned Debbie's smile. The two girls got up and
strode off down the corridor. As usual heads turned as they passed.
They made quite a pair. Both striking brunettes, both built rather
slender and buxom, although Robin was a touch taller. They had been
friends for a year during high school before Robin had to move and when
she moved back into town last month Debbie had helped her get this job
in Jade & Rodingburg Accountants.

They arrived at the cafeteria early by about ten minutes. They picked
up trays and sauntered up to the self service counter.

"So," Robin said as she glanced down the dinner selection "how you been
doing? John still bothering you?"

"Yeah, he always wants things in yesterday." she grinned at Robin as
she glanced over the unappetizing selection. "I've just finished off the
Sander's report but if I take that in now he'll just give me another
one to do without allowing me any time to do my other jobs. He's a real
sod but a close friend of my boss."

"Yeah, so I heard." Robin replied, implying more than she said "Has he
tried to put any moves on you? At least then you could hit him with a
sexual discrimination suit! Hah!" and she chuckled at the thought.
Debbie joined in.

"No, nothing like that. He's just a real slave driver." she scanned the
food selection again and sighed to herself. Robin looked up at her.

"Hum, they still haven't changed the menu have they." she shook her
head slightly "So do you see anything here you can stomach?"

Debbie glanced up at Robin and was about to answer with a joke when
something struck her. Robin smelled absolutely delicious! She wasn't
wearing any perfume today so it must be her own smell. Maybe she ran
into work this morning?

Debbie found herself replying to Robin as she continued to stare at her
friend "Actually, yes." and licked her lips.

Robin's smile faltered at her friend's reply and odd stare.

"Er, Debbie? Why are you staring at me like that?" she paused, then
continued when Debbie licked her lips again. "Hey wait a minute... I am
not an entree!"

Robin had been backing up slightly as she was talking and suddenly
found herself up against the wall at the end of the food counter with
nowhere to go. Debbie had followed and now stood just a couple of feet
in front of her.

"Oh just go with it, I'm sure you'd enjoy it!" Debbie said, and licked
her lips once more for effect. "Come on, take off your jacket." and she
reached up and started unbuttoning Robin's suit. "You'll be warm enough
where you're going!"

"Hey this is Robin here! Remember, you're life long friend? Don't kid
around here. Stop that!" she said as Debbie pushed her Jacket back over
her shoulders to slide off Robin's arms onto the floor. Robin realized
that she wasn't really resisting much. Did she want this to happen?
While she was thinking about it Debbie unzipped her trousers and slid
them down. All she wore was her shirt, underwear, shoes and socks now.
Debbie took off Robin's tie and started unbuttoning her shirt.

"Like you said, the meals here were getting worse and worse. Are you
saying you wouldn't taste good? I can't believe that!" and she whisked
her shirt off to land in the pile accumulating on the floor.

Robin realized she was thinking of this as a sexual thing! Was she in
love with Debbie? She'd never even had a boyfriend before let alone
thought of going with a girl! Debbie reached around her and deftly
undid Robin's bra. As it fell her hands dropped and quickly pulled
Robin's panties down. Only her shoes and socks remained now. Debbie
seemed to be visibly drooling now and Robin found herself getting
rather excited despite herself. She never thought her first 'date'
would be like this!

Debbie stood back from Robin slightly and then unbuttoned her own
Jacket and shirt.

"Wouldn't want to tear my suit now would we?" and she smiled and then
reached up to Robin's head.

"Please, don't do this." Robin said, unconvincingly. She was almost
smiling "I've still got work to do! EEE-*MMMPH!* " she exclaimed as
Debbie opened her mouth wide, grabbed Robin's head, and pulled it
inside. Robin's head squeezed into her mouth quickly and her lips
closed down softly around Robin's neck. She did taste wonderful!

Debbie could feel the struggling inside and when her meal decided to
opened her mouth she squeezed her tongue into it giving her a weird
version of a kiss. From Robin's reaction she seemed to enjoy it as she
reached up and grasped the back of Debbie's head as she tried to join
in the 'kiss'.

Debbie went with the kiss for a bit and then got impatient. She grasped
Robin around the waist, abruptly hefted her off the ground, and pressed
her butt up against the wall. She lifted Robin till her body was angled
down into Debbie's mouth at about forty five degrees. Still holding her
waist tight, Debbie yanked down hard and gulped at the same time.

Pain blossomed briefly in Debbie's mouth as Robin's shoulders rammed
inside, forcing her upper arms back up against her body. Robin's
descent brought her breasts up tight against Debbie's lower lip causing
her to quiver inside Debbie in response and to hug her knees up against
her body.

Debbie smiled. She was glad Robin was enjoying this as much as she was!

Debbie leaned forward to hold Robin up against the wall while she
released her grip on Robin's waist. Robin gasped inside her as Debbie
took firm hold of both her breasts and squeezed them tightly. She
kneaded and squashed them while pushing forwards against the wall.
Robin was pushed slowly inwards, her breasts easing into her mouth bit
by bit.

After several pushes they eventually plopped fully into Debbie's mouth
which promptly started to suck in Robin's knees. Debbie tried to push
further but Robin's rump slipped up the wall stopping her progress.
Instead She tipped her head upright forcing Robin straight up and then
reached around to take firm hold of Robin's buttocks. She kneaded the
twin globes tightly for a second, then pulled them down.

Debbie could feel the vibration in her stomach as Robin gasped once
more and then shook as she was driven deeper, her legs and torso
sliding between Debbie's wide stretched lips with a deep slurping
sound. As she pressed harder she felt tension in her chest then an a
abrupt *twang* as her bra snapped and few across the room under the
strain from her rapidly expanding chest and stomach. She sighed
mentally as Robin slid in a little easier.

Soon only Robin's hips and shoes still poked out of Debbie's enormously
distended jaws. Debbie reached up and slowly undid the laces on both
shoes and slid them off as the feet continued to kick. She dropped the
shoes on the pile of clothing and then whisked off both her socks and
dropped those too.

Debbie tickled them, loving the feel of Robin jerking around inside her
as she giggled, then froze as she heard a thump from her right. She
glanced over to see a wide eyed girl staring at Debbie. It was Nancy.
She worked about five cubicles up from Debbie and she'd done work with
her on occasion in the past. It seemed she couldn't believe her eyes.
Debbie could hardly blame her.

As Debbie watched her standing there with her mouth open her eyes
roamed up and down her body. She did look gorgeous! Beautiful black
hair, a very well shaped body fitted tightly into her suit, and lovely
blue eyes. Debbie just had to have her!

As Nancy watched Debbie gave a mighty gulp, slurping Robin's rear and
feet tightly into her mouth and down her throat. In a couple of seconds
all that was visible was Debbie's enormous Robin shaped stomach, still
twitching fiercely!

"You!.... She.... how?..." Nancy gabbled, her eyes still wide with

Debbie grabbed her writhing, bulging belly and, swaying precariously,
half ran, half lurched over to Nancy. As Nancy stared, still not
believing what she was seeing Debbie let go of her stomach and reached
for the newcomer. 

Nancy finally snapped out of her paralysis and turned to run.
Unfortunately she was too late and she only managed to turn around
before she felt Debbie's hands fasten around her hips. Her breath left
her as Debbie hauled her up off the ground, pulling her backwards, arse
first. She suddenly felt tightness press against her buttocks through
the fabric of her trousers and looked back in horror to see Debbie's
lips spread rapidly around her rear.

She tried to scream but Debbie had let go of her hips with one hand and
that now fastened itself over her mouth. In a couple of seconds Nancy
found herself tipped up till she was literally sitting in Debbie's
mouth, her legs folding up against herself as she slid in. Debbie had
her other hand free now and grasped one of Nancy's hands and pushed in
quickly behind her. Nancy could feel Debbie's upper teeth scrape
lightly over it as she slurped it into her mouth.

Nancy tried  to reach round and pull her trapped hand free but Debbie
just grabbed that and pushed it in alongside the first. She was well
and truly stuck now. Then Debbie proved that statement wrong. She could
move one way, down!

Debbie's first gulp sucked Nancy's rear tightly into her throat and her
legs pressed hard up against her breasts. It seemed that Debbie wasn't
hanging around this time and pulled hard on Nancy's head while gulping
again. Nancy's trousers were soaked with saliva and her shirt and
jacket were too as she was quickly sucked in up to her knees and
breasts. The pressure felt very odd through the wet fabric and Nancy
was starting to get hot in spite of herself, especially as her breasts
were swallowed up.

She spread her legs to either side of her breasts to feel the pressure
of Debbie's mouth better and gave a muffled gasp through the covering
hand as Debbie's roaming tongue pressed her breasts through her shirt.
That didn't last long however as she was sliding down faster and the
sensations were replaced by those of Debbie's tight throat against her
chest, which was even better!

As she was slurped in further she felt her rump bump into something and
then slide backwards past it. Then what ever it was moved. It was

Nancy felt her rear slide behind Robin's backside as Debbie's lips
closed over her shoulders, sucking Nancy's legs and head further in by
the second. Debbie paused with her lips halfway around her meal's head
and Nancy could feel her tensing. Then she let go of Nancy's mouth and
gave a gigantic swallow, sucking her in completely in scarcely a
heartbeat. Nancy got a brief view of the cafeteria before she plummeted
down into Debbie's stomach behind Robin's inverted form.

Debbie collapsed on the floor exhausted. She stared in amazement at her
stomach. It was phenomenal! She could make out the outlines of her two
'guests' inside it. She tried to stretch her arms around it but
couldn't even come close! She lay back against a nearby wall and sighed
as she felt Nancy and Robin squirm inside her. Then her eyes fell on
the pile of clothing from Robin and she realized that it was almost
lunch time at the other workers would be coming in soon!

She staggered to her feet, barely able to stand with both girls
churning inside her, and lurched over to pick up Robin's clothing and
her own bra. She then leant against the wall as she made her way,
slowly, towards the toilets.

Nancy couldn't believe it. She'd been eaten! She could feel the tight,
moist, pulsing walls around her and the wet body in front of her. She
was still recovering from the glorious sensations of being swallowed
when she was tossed back and forwards and up against Robin. It seemed
that Debbie was standing up and moving around. How could she lift the
two of them?

Her questions were pushed to one side as a more 'pressing' matter
presented itself. The lurching around rammed Robin's backside between
Nancy's upstretched legs against her face. From the smell Robin was
extremely turned on still!

Nancy tried to push her away but then felt Robin twisting around. The
girl's naked foot brushed against Nancy's face before Robin came to a
halt, now facing her but still upside down. Then she felt Robin grasp
the back of her head with one hand and drive it hard between her
thighs. Her nose pressed into Robin's slit while she struggled to push
away from the girl, without success.

Then she heard a muffled *zzzzip* sound and felt her soaked trousers
being pulled down slightly, followed by her panties. With her legs held
up as they were neither could be moved much, but it was enough for
Robin to gain access and she pressed her face against Nancy's exposed
mons, sliding her tongue deep inside her.

Nancy gasped as she felt it delve inside and twist around. She tried to
keep her mind on other matters but her resolve faltered as Robin
nibbled on her clit gently. She pressed her hips against Robin while
thrusting her own tongue into the moist cave in front of her face.
Things got a little hectic after that.

Debbie managed to get into the ladies before all hell let loose in her
stomach. She was thrown off balance as the two girls made love deep
inside her and collapsed once more on her enormous stomach. She gasped
with the wonderful sensations as they bucked and tossed inside her.

"Oh god!" she exclaimed as she was thrown around by the writhing mass
of bodies beneath and inside her. She wrapped her arms and legs around
the it and squeezed tightly, moaning to herself. With one hand she
managed to reach round past her stomach to her thighs and thrust her
hand inside her underwear and started to frig herself in time with her
meal's motions. Eventually she felt both herself and the two girls
inside her peak and her entire body went taught.

Her stomach contracted sharply along with everything else and she
suddenly found her mouth full once more as both Robin and Nancy were
squeezed up and out of their confinement. Her mouth was stretched
tighter than ever around the both of them and it began to hurt as
Robin' backside and feet, and Nancy's feet and head emerged into the
open again, still jerking against each other. As they continued to
emerge Debbie could feel the contrast of Robin's smooth skin stroking
her palate and the soaked shirt Nancy was wearing sliding along her

Robin's hips and Nancy's chest squelched out soon enough followed by
the rest of them. Eventually only Nancy's hips and Robin's head were
held by Debbie's mouth and her stomach had returned to it's normal
size. The two ex-meals eventually slowed in their motions and broke
apart as Robin's head squeezed out leaving her free and Nancy still
held by her rear.

"INCREDIBLE!" Robin all but shouted as she collapsed alongside Nancy
(or what part of her was outside Debbie anyway) "Oh we have got to do
that again some time," and she stared down at Nancy's exhausted looking
face. "care to join me?"

Nancy was about to answer when she jumped and abruptly closed her eyes.
She moaned fiercely as Debbie sucked on her rear for a while before
disgorging her fully to lie, stickily, on the floor.

"*gasp pant* I... oh yes... definitely! *gasp* Whoa that was good!"
she said eventually looking up at Debbie "You still hungry?"

"Actually yes," she said smiling "but I think we'd better get dressed,
or in your case get your clothes dried off!" she said grinning at Nancy
"We've got to get back to work in half an hour."

"Well what say we meet up at my place tonight then?" Robin said. The
others agreed and Robin smiled, thinking what she could do to liven the
night up. This could be interesting!

To be continued!