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A really, really, really spoogey retelling of a classic tale

By Strega, Jan 22nd, 2002.

Once there were three bears that lived in a cottage in the forest. There was Papa Bear, the biggest, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear. One morning Mama made porridge for the three (for they were fresh out of roast Hunter), and when they sat down they found it was too hot.

"This porridge sucks," said Baby, poking at with a spoon.

"Mind your manners!' Said Papa, and fetched his son a whack alongside the ear.

"Now, now, boys. We'll go for a walk and the porridge will cool by the time we get back." And she grabbed each by an ear (Baby by that same poor ear, making him wince) and led them out the door.

"But moooooom!" wailed Baby, who had planned to hie it upstairs and bop his bologna the very moment breakfast was over. "I wanna play in my room instead!"

Well, she didn't listen, for if she had there wouldn't be much of a story to tell.


Now, about this time, along came Goldilocks, a high school junior who had the unsafe habit of wandering the woods all by her lonesome. It'd only been a few weeks since she ran into that wolf and learned the sad story of Red and Red's grandmother. She had felt the two-woman-wide bulge in the wolf's belly, you see, as he rammed his fat lupine schlong into her. Well, it was either that or vanish down the wolf's throat as they had, and eventually she tired him out and slipped away.

You would think she'd have learned, but no! She kept at her walks, and today she happened across the bears' rustic cottage. Now Goldie lacked certain skills such as the ability to make left-hand turns into the correct lane, and also lacked the habit of knocking. So she barged on in and started to poke around.

The very first things she tried were the three chairs. In Mama's case the chair was rock-hard and smelling of female bear. Mama, you see, liked to rub her privates against the upholstery and had quiet little climaxes while Papa sat in his great collapsed mess of a chair and watched football. Papa hadn't made the connection yet between Mama's new chair and his recent lack of nookie, and he had gotten into the bad-tempered habit of flopping down into his chair so hard that bit by bit it broke.

"The one chair is too soft, and this other is too hard and smells funny!" said Goldie, and settled into Baby Bear's chair. Well, that chair was spanking new because he never sat in it; he'd outgrown the old one and by the time a new one was delivered he was much happier spanking something else than the chair, if you take my meaning.

"This one is just right!" She pulled it up to the table to the three big bowls of porridge. Fortunately for her soul (if you consider cannibalism a damning offense) there was no human meat mixed in today, for the last bit of woodsman had been made up for dinner last night.

"Why, this one is too hot!" She exclaimed, and fanned Papa's bowl, which was laden with Jabanero peppers and was made of laboratory-grade ceramic else it melt into a puddle. "And this too cold!" said she of Mama's, for the she-bear liked her stainless steel filigree bowl and it had drawn all the warmth from the mush like the heat sink it was.

But Baby's porridge had cooled just right, and the gobbled it down like the greedy little slut she was. Well, perhaps that is a bit harsh, but what else would you call a teenage girl who rather than fight off the wolf (and be eaten as a result) instead let him fill all three of her bodily openings one after the other with fresh semen?

After the big bowl of porridge she was a bit logy, and she went searching for a place to sack out. Papa and Mama bear had one big bed with had two distinct sides, one squashed down from the combined 1200 pounds of bears humping atop it and one hard as a board where Mama slept as far from randy Papa's paws as possible.

Once more she exclaimed, 'One bed is too soft, and one too hard!" So she looked further, and soon found Baby's room down the hall. Now his bed was new, and his frantic (and frequent) masturbation had softened it just enough to make it comfortable to her refined sensibilities. And there was a pleasant, musky smell to the air too, most likely originating from the spooge-saturated Kleenex balls that had been shoved under the bed in such numbers that it had begun to bulge.

"This bed is just right!" she proclaimed, and flinging her clothes off to the sides (for otherwise a passing bear might not be able to fuck her so easily) she flopped down and went to sleep.


Soon enough the three bears returned, and there was much discussion. "Someone's been sitting in my chair!" proclaimed Mama, who sniffed the fabric suspiciously to make sure Baby hadn't humped it while her back was turned. Oh, she knew full well his habits, but better him visiting with Rosy Paw and Her Five Sisters than out fucking goats somewhere.

"Mine too!" said Papa, pulling Goldie's purse from his wreck of a chair and considering whether the suede was better jack-off material than his own paw. Since Mama had been a bit stingy lately he'd had to improvise. After a moment he dropped it, though, because like all bears he was very flexible and he'd figured out his cock was not out of reach of his mouth. It was much neater that way, you see. No mess.

"Bah!" said Baby, and tromped up the stairs as the two bigger bears went to the table. Thus he missed the discussion regarding his empty porridge bowl and the subsequent one in which Papa and Mama went to the bedroom and Mama had to smack Papa across the cheek. You see, the smell of young and nubile Goldie there in the bedroom led the biggest bear to put his paws where they weren't wanted at the moment, namely around Mama's waist from behind.

The resulting commotion left Baby to his own devices, much to his advantage since unbeknownst to the smallest bear there was an easily fuckable human woman right in his bed! But he was about to find out.

He opened the door and stifled a cry. He almost said, 'Someone's been sleeping in my bed, and that someone's still here!' But he wisely didn't, because there asleep on his bed of course was the naked Goldilocks. Now, calling her a child (as most versions of this story do) was something of a misnomer, for she was in her middle teens and well ripened. To be exact she had that narrow waist, D-cup bosom and natural blondness that had inspired many a hairy palm amongst her male classmates. Calling Baby Bear a baby was also a misnomer, for though he was only 5, in bear years he was a teenager too. And we've already gone over his manners and habits.

To reiterate, he got horny when the wind blew, when the sun rose, when he woke up, when he lay down to go to sleep, when he went to the bathroom (especially then), when he went for walks…about the only time he wasn't horny was right after he finished jacking off there in his room, biting into a pillow to muffle the growls so his parents wouldn't burst in and catch him. And he hadn't jacked off in, oh, three hours now. In fact he had sprung a woody on the way up the stairs and had planned to wrap his thick fingers around his cock the very moment the door was shut.

But look! Here was a soft, pink-skinned woman-child, and with a sly smile on his muzzle he slipped into bed with her. He snuggled up in what's called a 'spooning' position. Married couples sleep that way for companionship, human couples that is, but among bears it's called 'doggy style on the side.' By the time he got his forepaws around her and his belly against her butt his shaft was rock-hard and sliding out of its sheath to play.

Goldie might have slept through it had he been circumspect, but between the hot breath on the back of her neck, the paws tugging urgently at her belly, and the long bear cock poking into her, she awoke with a start. She got one look at the bear's face behind her and froze, just as he thrust himself all the way in.

"Oh! Oh, bear, are you going to hurt me?"

Baby Bear chuckled, and started to hump. This was so much better than jacking off! Not only was she slick and warm, but she smelled good too. Much better than the stray dogs, sheep, deer and treestumps he'd gotten his paws around. "No, just fuck you."

Now Goldie didn't know that word, but between Hob (the farm boy who'd introduced her to the carnal pleasures) and the wolf, she was not exactly an innocent. And he was much stronger than she was, not to mention sharp-clawed.

So she lay quiet, only moaning a little as Baby humped up against her back, and it wasn't long before he growled and let go inside her. She could feel his bellyfur twitch as the hot wad spurted into her, pooling between the cocktip and the wall of her vulva. Panting, he relaxed his grip a bit, and she was bold enough to say,

"That wasn't so bad, though you are a bit small for a bear." Now, she meant that he wasn't any taller than she, though he was at least twice her weight. His cock was large enough, if long and thin by human standards. But the bear thought she meant it was too small! It was an insult, and he said,

"Maybe I can find a place it fits better." And he pulled the thing out, all slick and wet, and he slid it right into her ass.

Now it was very tight, and very uncomfortable, and Goldie cried out as he started at her again. He had just come, but he was a teenager after all and his cock hardly softened at all before going stiff again. She cried out again, and he put his paw across her mouth.

But it was too late. Papa Bear had been chased from his bedroom by irate Mama and heard. Grumbling, the big bear opened the door, expecting to find Baby with cock in one paw and a Miss Ursine 2002 calendar in the other. Instead what he saw was Baby on his back with Goldie on his belly, and it wasn't a paw enclosing the smaller bear's cock.

Papa Bear grinned, shutting the door behind him. Goldie gave this new bear a fearful look, for he was much bigger and had great claws and fangs. And, as she was about to learn, big balls, and a long bear cock three times as thick as Baby's! She found this out as he fell to all fours atop the two of them, tip sliding free. If he hadn't already been hard the sight of the goings-on would have done the trick, but as it happened he was and Goldie gasped as a thick and menacing ursine schlongtip ploughed into her.

Baby grinned up at Papa and thrust into Goldie's ass as the big bear pushed his cock into her sex, holding her so she couldn't get away. In a moment she was sandwiched between walls of fur, and Papa grunted as he squeezed the fat thing into her as far as it would go. Papa started to hump, Baby met each thrust with one up her ass, and Goldie whimpered and moaned behind the smaller bear's paw.

Papa hadn't had a human woman in too long, in his opinion, or any other sort for that matter, and he and Baby came at almost the same moment a few minutes later. The big bear's cock gouted out so much spooge (Mama hadn't been very giving lately, after all) that it squirted out around the base, even though Goldie's poor cunny was stretched like elastic around the fist-thick shaft. Ursine jizm soaked his balls and ran down over Baby's as well, and the two grunted together so loudly that Mama, passing in the hall, peeked in to see what was happening.

Goldie was crying by now, and Papa and Baby both gave Mama a fearful look. But the bear sow just smiled tolerantly and reached for Goldie.

"You dears were so nice! Holding onto this little morsel just for me." She plucked Goldie off the two bear cocks, splattering goo everywhere, and opened her jaws like a steamer trunk. Pink tongue rolled out like a carpet for Goldie, and the girl screamed.

"Yes dear," said Papa past his fat wet dick, for at least he had got to shoot his wad before Goldie became Mama's lunch. He did regret that she got to have the girl all to her herself, for the teenager would have made a fine meal for the lot of them. But, well, caught in a compromising position he had to take the out he was offered.

"But mooooom!" Baby pouted, for eating the girl was the last thing on his mind. He had more planned on tying her onto his bed and exploring her various bodily openings as fast as his balls could recharge, which in his case was really, really fast. Every so often he'd let her up to eat or wash off in the bathroom before pushing her face into his lap again…or at least, such had been his fantasies.

"Shush, boy," said Mama, and kicked a mass of crusty Kleenex balls out from beneath his bed. "Clean up your room." And with that she shoved squealing Goldie into her jaws, cheeks ballooning out to hold the frantically struggling girl. Mama was a good-sized bear sow, and before she'd met Papa she had made a few hunters, wood-gatherers and farmers vanish so completely that suspicion had never fallen on her. Now she forced Goldie into a ball of limbs and torso, and pushed the lot of it into her muzzle.

Papa watched this with a smile, for after all he'd gotten away (it looked like) with plunging his meaty bear cock into Goldie. What's more, the sight reminded him of all the times his shaft had slid down his mate's expandable gullet. Thinking of that brought a new stiffness to a cock hardly returned to its sheath, and he reached slyly across to grope Mama a bit.

She just batted at his hand with a giggle and tipped her head back. Gravity took a firm grip on luckless Goldie, who slid back across the sow's rough teeth and into a slippery softness. Mama's gullet opened beneath the girl like a pit, and a suddenly cut-off scream filled the little room as the teenager slid down into the throat.

A massive, wriggling bulge formed in Mama's neckfur as her cheeks deflated; a simple push of her tongue and a light gulp forced Goldie's cum-spattered thighs down after the body. Shapes of hands formed through the stretched fur as the teenager struggled to get a grip, but she had gone head-first into the slimy pit and her hands were trapped between her hips and Mama's throat. Clawed paws reached up to stroke the bulge, and with a liquid gulp Goldie's feet slipped into the closing jaws and out of sight.

"Oh, mom," Baby whimpered, watching the bulge shift. It was the only sign of Goldie now, that and the she-bear's lascivious chop-licking. He left off pushing the masses of Kleenex beneath the bed and watched, as did Papa, as Goldie was sent to her doom.

Mama leaned back, tilted her muzzle up, and swallowed. Ripples formed in stretched fur, rolling down over the half-visible shape of the teenager, and the bulge slipped heavily down into the she-bear's torso. Muscle and bone creaked as the barrel chest swelled to let its meal past, and little dark teats stood out in a double row as Mama's pelt went tight. A second gulp, a third, and the last hint of bulge was gone from her neck, and then with a sudden thump her belly swelled out tight.

Goldie dropped through the gullet like a lead weight through water, carried down by gravity and a muscular contraction that formed above and pushed her down. The slick tunnel was as long as she was, and for a moment she filled Mama from molars to gut. Then the momentary impedance of the stomach-valve opened and she was extruded down into the fetid fleshy space. The last half of her was expelled from the throat so hard she slapped down, jiggling the belly inside and out and splashing herself with caustic juices that already stung her smooth, furless skin.

Mama licked her chops again, grinned, and let out a belch. When Baby did that he got cuffed; when Papa did she got chided. She did it, and they both smiled, even though both would have rather had Goldie for themselves. It was worth losing a humping partner (and a potential meal) to get Mama in a good mood, for she should by all rights have been pissed at them for doing what they did. But she just rubbed her fat, wriggling belly and smiled.

Beneath that fur, in a softly folded space too dark for words, Goldie was still alive. The valve above her had sealed shut, and she rested in a growing pool of acid that sloshed around her knees and butt and bit at her Papa-stretched sex and Baby-reamed asshole. It rose moment by moment, displacing what little air there was to breathe, and Goldie screamed and screamed as she struggled to get out. She thrust her hands against the fleshy walls, slammed her head back against Mama's spine, and kneed as hard as she could.

Mama just burped, and made a little motion to Papa as she left the room. Papa was after her like a shot; he knew her moods, and he rather suspected that when the door to their room was shut she would put her hands up on the bed and welcome, this time, his around her waist. He might not recover as fast as Baby but after watching her eat he was ready.

Baby pouted, leaned back against his pillows, and reached under the mattress for this month's copy of Playbear. He might not have Goldie to fuck, but he still had Rosy, and plenty of energy to expend on her and her five sisters.

And Goldie? Goldie lived long enough to feel Papa's weight as the big boar rode up over Mama's rump. She felt his hands squeezing in from the sides as he hugged the sow, and she felt a pumping motion beneath her as that fat bear cock penetrated Mama as it had her. Mama was ready for it, and it did not hurt the sow. But the humping that started then squeezed the stomach tight around Goldie, and burnt by acid, squeezed in the gut, the last thing she heard was Mama's moan, and one more belch.

The End