Holiday Trip:

Part 2

By GryphRaptor & Anima
Story Copyright (C) By: GryphRaptor &Anima
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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Guided by an occasional lisped word from Sienna, Vikki struggled her way towards an unobtrusive entrance. She pushed it open to find a short hallway lined with doors, brightly lit and well-maintained.
"It'sss the door on the end we want, the luxury sssuite."
Vikki was too busy keeping up her momentum to protest being allowed such a room, and trudged heavily right through the wood paneled door. The lighting, just slightly brighter than candlelight, revealed only shapes inside.
"Welcome friend. Please, come in, and make yourself comfortable."
Vikki startled at the deep voice, pinpointing its source as the largest shape in the room. Hesitantly, she stepped the rest of the way through the door, Sienna giving the portal a whack with her tail to firmly shut it afterwards.
"Are you GryphRaptor? From the show tonight?" Vikki moved slowly towards the huge shadowed shape beside the emperor-sized bed. Before she could get close enough to make out much more, one or two of her guests shifted within her, giving Vikki pause. A deep throaty chuckle answered the 'taur.
"Yes, that's me. Minus my costume, now that I'm not performing. Sienna brought you back here at my request...I saw you in the audience tonight and thought you might like to meet."
A soft click sounded, bringing the lights up, revealing GryphRaptor in all hir glory. A truly huge creature, hir presence was overwhelming. Vikki recognized hir from...from somewhere, though she couldn't decide where. Again someone inside her moved, and Vikki sagged against the end of the bed with a groan. To her surprise, GryphRaptor moved to assist her, holding the 'taur up under her arms and guiding her onto the bed. Again shi chuckled, but this time Vikki could see the warm glint in the giant's eyes.
"Overindulged a little tonight? Or just...weak from the lovely feel of it?" GryphRaptor lowered hir massive frame to stay eye-to-eye with the now-reclining hippotaur.
"Mmmmm, maybe a little of the first, but definitely tons of the latter..." Vikki blushed gently, very conscious of the warm weight of the bodies in her womb and stomach. She had trouble even keeping track of who was inside her now, so much had happened in the past few hours!
"I thought you might understand how lovely it is to be filled so well..." GryphRaptor glanced sidelong at the hippotaur, circling back around the bed to place hir within Vikki's field of vision once more. Curling a prominent trunk around hir fingers, almost a nervous gesture, shi settled down. After studying each other for a long moment, Gryph broke the silence.
"But I also asked myself when I saw you, 'Does she know what it's like to fill someone?'"
Vikki blushed again, though she hardly knew why. Maybe it was being in Gryph's presence...the creature was simply stunning! And sooo big... Vikki found her mind swamped with a flood of images, most of them quite deliciously sensual...
", I've never been inside anyone... No one big enough has ever offered..."
Vikki winced inwardly; her speech seemed frank and inelegant next to Gryph's. Ah well, shi'll just have to deal with it, and anyways, shi didn't invite me here to chat! Stifling a giggle, Vikki grinned up at the elephantaur. Slowly, shi extended a hand and ran surprisingly gentle fingertips along Vikki's soft cheek.
"At first I was shy of *doing* anything about my curiosity, but a certain long friend of mine persuaded me to follow up." Gryph chuckled, briefly lifting hir caressing hand to indicate Sienna, who was still wound comfortably around Vikki's swollen body. Vikki watched GryphRaptor as shi spoke, taking in hir size as best she could, then slowly realizing what the combination of Gryph's words and size meant. The full import of it hadn't soaked in 'til this moment. Shi...shi wanted Vikki inside hir! Trembling now, not from fear but more from giddy excitement, Vikki listened as best shi could.
"...decided to invite you back. Do you think you might like to find out what your passengers feel when they slide inside you?" GryphRaptor smiled, and though Vikki wasn't sure what shi did, the expression sent an electric sensual thrill through her! Perhaps anything at this point would've done that!
Licking lips suddenly dry, Vikki locked eyes with the other massive 'taur.
"I, I think I'd like that... But, where? And, mmm, what do you plan on doing with me after I'm in?"
Gryph laughed, leaning down to wrap hir trunk around Vikki's neck and give hir a reassuring squeeze. "Nothing permanent! I'd be a fool to do something to limit our involvement to one experience... I'd like you in my stomach, at least tonight." The two chuckled and exchanged winks. Gryph wasn't the only
giddy one, it seemed... "But I can't promise you I won't let you stay in there awhile... I have a feeling it will feel far too good to let you go easily."
Vikki giggled, sliding a plump hand back along her bulging body.
"I know exactly what you mean. So...umm, how do you want to do this?" Vikki looked back along her swollen flank, only to come nose to nose with Sienna. Giggling, she gave the snake a teasing kiss.
"Well, I think I'd like to start from the rear, Vikki luv. That way, you can watch yourself be swallowed, to a degree..." Gryph smiled when Vikki nodded, and opened hir mouth wide, stretching it to prepare for hir impending vore. Vikki couldn't tear her eyes away from the tusked portal, so *huge* and dark, lined with a thick soft-looking carpet of tongue...
Sienna slid from Vikki's body, and coiling up on the pillows at the head of the bed, she settled in for the show. Vikki herself pushed against the bed with her legs and hands, rotating her gravid form until her round rump pointed at Gryph.
"How's this, GryphRaptor?" She asked, only to choke off the last word in a gasp! Gryph was running hir tongue along her leg, up across the moist blossom of her sex. A low chuckle followed the smaller 'taur's moan.
"You can call me Gryph, Vikki, and I think that's perfect... Can you get on your belly? and stick your legs off the bed?" Gryph made a low, approving sound when Vikki managed, wobbling all the while, to comply. Again Vikki shuddered with pleasure as the elephantaur's tongue slid across her rear, this time loaded with warm saliva, smearing her with the stuff. It certainly wasn't the first time a tongue had been applied to her nether-portions, but the knowledge that this time the caress was only preparation for... Vikki shivered again. This was going to be sooooooooo good, she could feel it...
GryphRaptor rolled the taste of Vikki's skin around in hir mouth, separating and enjoying each part of it. And there was so *much* of Vikki! Shi was hard put to remember a time a larger creature had passed hir lips. At last, shi paused to enjoy the sight of Vikki's glistening hindparts, before lowering hir head and scooping up two plump legs. Pressed close together by the confines of hir warm maw, the limbs slid nicely into place, just gripped by the tip of Gryph's throat.
Vikki's hands played across what parts of her belly she could reach, feeling out the muffled outlines of her 'guests.' She could feel the pull of Gryph's throat on her legs, and inch by inch, Gryph surrounded them with the soft rippling sheath of hir throat. Puffs of hot, moist breath washed
over Vikki, cooling the moistened portions of her body. She moaned, wanting badly to be in that warm pit of Gryph's mouth.
"Ohhh, ohhhHHH, Gryph! Your's like...gods, just like mine... Now I can experience this from the other last..." Vikki's eyes were squeezed shut, her hands roaming aimlessly over her bulk, stroking and squeezing herself as Gryph began devouring her. When she felt the moist, flexible rim of hir lips slide up over the top of her rump, Vikki slowly began pushing herself off the edge of the bed, placing more and more of the burden of her weight into Gryph's mouth.
Gryph panicked momentarily when hir tusks began pushing into Vikki's flesh. Shi couldn't continue like this! Not unless shi...'Well, nothing for it. Probably would've had to anyways at some point.' Shi thought to hirself, as the herm raised hir hands to her jaw, and gave it a practiced jerk sideways and down. A loud *pop* accompanied Gryph's wince as hir jaw fell out of place and sagged down, Vikki's body dropping down as well, out of danger of hir tusks.
"Gryph? What..." Vikki looked back and recoiled to see GryphRaptor's jaw hanging so loosely, brokenly! "Did I do that to you?!" Vikki cried, worried that she had proved too big even for the massive elephantaur. In reply, shi wagged hir head from side to side slightly, and just kept going.
"Ssssie isss forced to dissslocate hir jaw when ssssomeone truly challenging needsss to passss through. It isss normal, no worriess." Sienna slid over to nuzzle Vikki with hir blunt snout, reinforcing her assurance. Vikki immediately relaxed, and Gryph resumed. Reaching forward, cupping hir hands around the hippotaur's haunches, shi pulled hir big, oh-so-willing morsel in further. Gulping steadily, Gryph sighed happily through hir trunk, as hir gullet began to fill. MMMmmmm, and so much more to go yet...
Vikki wriggled her rear, and smiled as she felt it settle with a squelch into the portal of Gryph's throat. It rippled hungrily up over her flesh, tugging it slickly down into deeper warmth, a closer embrace...
"You're in for sssuch a treat, Vikki. I've had the privilege of spending daysss at a time in our companion'sss insides. Shi's sssso soft and hot..." Sienna hiss-giggled as her description made Vikki moan, then peak in orgasm without any further stimulation! Her imagination was enough...
Gryph felt a gush of warmth against the walls of hir throat, and smiled as best shi could around hir stretched jaw-full of hippo. Hopefully later, shi'd get to taste that more fully...
Inside Vikki, the crocodile and company groaned as powerful muscles rippled the heavy flesh enveloping them. Where was their hostess now? Who was having such fun with her? S'bek held his tightly-stretched stomach, senses straining to make something out... Finally, after some further movement and wet slurping, sucking sounds, he detected another heartbeat. Quite loud... About as loud as Vikki's was from here-- Oh my.
"I feel like the smallest figure in those Russian nesting dolls!" Sandi laughed, when S'bek made known his suspicions. A rude organic gurgle and a rhythmic bulging of S'bek's gut heralded the start of another round of fun for Vikki's passengers.

Gryph groaned as shi struggled to swallow the hippotaur down, the females soft flesh felt wonderful as it slid easily over hir tongue and into the rippling passage of hir throat, hir dislocated jaws eagerly sliding upwards around Vikki's massively distended belly, feeling the motions of Vikki's own guests deep inside. Vikki meanwhile squirmed in pleasure at the unique sensations of sliding into the elephantaur's depths, with no fur to mute the sensations, her rump and swollen belly got the direct attentions of Gryph's swallowing efforts. Throat muscles deeply massaging her as they pulled Vikki deeper, steadily closer to the soft embrace of the elephantaur's belly. Her whole body trembling from the sensations as she could feel her sex rubbing firmly against the inside of Gryph's throat, the rippled passageway stimulating her further and further as her juices flowed freely into the elephantaur's eager body.
Sienna hissed softly in pleasure at the sight of her friend getting such a large meal, smiling a bit as she slowly began to coil around the two taurs. Powerful coils caressing them both, helping Gryph to ease Vikki inwards, as well as deeply massage their bodies. Enjoying the feel of rippling muscles within her coils, Sienna shivered a bit, her own belly wanting to be filled as she ran her smooth coils over both Gryph and Vikki, teasing and caressing them in the process.
Large hands softly slide over Vikki's body as she was drawn deeper into Gryph's mouth, eyes closed as she savored every sensation that caressed her body, from Gryph's throat muscles, rippling around her, to the elephantaur's jaws squeezing her swollen belly, working more of her body into the eager warmth of Gryph's own, to the feel of her own guests beginning to enjoy each other once more, her belly rippling and bulging with the motions of pleasure going on inside her. Added to these was the soft caress of Sienna's coils sliding over her body, the serpent's scales rasping gently against her flesh, slipping over the now very sensitive nipples that dotted her taur-belly, causing Vikki's pleasures to build higher and higher.
Gryph's broad tongue also caressed her nipples, tasting each one in turn as they entered her moist mouth. Also rubbing firmly against those Vikki held within her body. The elephantaur moaned in pleasure as shi struggled with the massive meal, hir fore belly beginning to distend as Vikki's hindquarters slid down into her, swelling hir steadily larger as shi continued. Shi could feel Vikki's body thrashing around as her warm juices continued to flood out, coating hir throat and stomachs in the sweet liquids, helping to ease the hippotaur closer to the waiting embrace of the elephantaur's dual stomachs. Sienna's coils enhancing the experience for Gryph as well, strong muscles deeply massaging her growing foregut as the anaconda nuzzled along hir pale hide.
Steadily, but slowly, Vikki slid deeper into Gryph's body, the elephantaur's trunk curled about her waist, drawing her backwards, her pleasured squirming only serving to help Gryph gulp her down somewhat more easily. She shudders as she felt her overly sensitive sex and nipples being pleasured so wonderfully by Gryph's innards, already she could feel her hind legs pushing against the textured walls of Gryph's fore belly. Gryph meanwhile marveled, what portion of hir mind wasn't tied up in the experience of swallowing such a delightful meal as the hippotaur, at how good it felt as Vikki's slick body eased deeper into hir depths. One of hir large hands slipping down to stroke her swollen torso, feeling the hippotaur stretching her body by quite a bit, shi could easily feel every curve of Vikki's form beneath hir own flesh. Shi shivered in pleasure, gulping more eagerly as slowly hir jaws reached the widest portion of Vikki's own enormous belly. Squeezing softly around her, rubbing Vikki's guests around against each other and the soft walls of the hippotaur's womb. Shi could also feel Vikki's still water-logged stomach, and the dolphin sporting about inside.
The large elephantaur moaned as hir own arousal grew as more of Vikki slid into hir body, already the hippotaur's lower body was over halfway inside hir, hir jaws and throat greatly distended around Vikki's overstuffed gut. Shi could feel ever bump and movement of the hippotaur's body and guests inside hirself as shi swallowed, trembling, shi was glad they were using the bed to help support them during this experience. Shi could feel Sienna continuing to slither around hir and Vikki, caressing them both, and helping to ease the hippotaur deeper into Gryph's body. Reaching forward, Gryph gripped Vikki's forelegs, hir trunk still curled around her waist, and pulled backwards, shuddering as the massive bulge of the hippotaur's belly sank downwards inside hir.
Vikki cried out again as her belly was swallowed up by Gryph, her pleasured struggles rubbing her tender flesh against the rippling passage of the elephantaur's mouth and throat, even as shi could feel her rump settling into the elephantaur's fore belly. Powerful gulps deeply massaged her as they dragged her deeper, and she could feel Gryph taking a hold of her forequarters and dragging her eagerly into the embrace of hir hungry maw. Gryph's tongue continuing to caress each of her nipples as she was pulled deeper, the tender nubs firm against the elephantaur's taste buds, filling her mouth with the hippotaur's delicious flavor.
As the elephantaur began to buck, trying to stuff more of Vikki down hir eager gullet, Sienna slowly slithered along both their bodies, deciding to sate a bit of her own hunger, and grinning as she eyed the massive shaft that was now bobbing with each motion of the feeding elephantaur. Her tongue flicked out, tasting the sweet scent of her friend's arousal, both the male and female hormones filling the air as she gently began to rub her muzzle against the thick cock now exposed beneath the elephantaur's body. She marveled as always at the pure size of her friend's maleness, and thought of how good it would feel stretching her jaws and throat around all that thick elephantaur flesh, especially as her friend's belly swelled with the hippotaur. Deciding to give Vikki something to play with as well, Sienna pushed her tail into the hippotaur's gasping mouth, shivering a bit as the female taur clenched her jaws firmly around the serpentine tail that now wriggled within her mouth, eagerly beginning to suckle it, Vikki's tongue searching out the anaconda's sex, exploring the smooth belly scales for the snake's nectar.
Squirming in pleasure, Vikki was startled to find something slipping into her mouth, eagerly she began to suckle, a strange, but pleasant taste assaulted her tongue as a part of her realized she now had Sienna's tail in her mouth. Her body tried, but was unable to suck up more of the serpent's body due to the coils around both her and Gryph. But she didn't care, the snake's own femjuices were soon coating her tongue, and slowly she began to wedge her thick tongue up into Sienna's body, getting a richer flood of the serpent's pleasure.
Finally, Gryph had to pause, breathing heavily through hir trunk, hir jaws stretched firmly just behind Vikki's fore legs, hir tongue rubbing softly between them as hir throat continued to ripple around the hippotaur's body, caressing her overstuffed form, muffled sounds of pleasure coming from Vikki's depths as her own guests continued to pleasure one another. Gryph's upper torso was greatly swollen around Vikki's lower body. Shi could feel Sienna beginning to nuzzle hir cock, and moaned softly around Vikki, bucking against the snake's coils, before feeling the slick coolness of Sienna's body beginning to slip around hir maleness. Gasping shi began to thrust deeper into the anaconda's body, Sienna's throat eagerly swallowing inch after inch of the elephantaur's arousal, stroking it's length as it slide into her. Gryph's pre already flowing quite freely, filling the snake with the warm liquid.
Slowly Gryph began to swallow once more, moaning deeply as hir innards began to shift Vikki even deeper, her hindquarters being squeezed through a short tunnel to empty out into the elephantaur's hindgut, hir forelegs spreading apart as the massive meal was eased deeper into hirself. Vikki could feel Gryph beginning to swallow again, the brief pause allowing her to catch her breath, however briefly. Shivering at the thought of soon she'd be tucked away inside another fur's body. Finally able to experience the sensation of what she'd done to so many others. The hippotaur continued to suckle eagerly on Sienna's tail, filling the snake's sex with her tongue, working it around in the surprisingly cool passageway within the serpent's body. Savoring the somewhat odd flavored juices that filled her mouth. Her hands reaching down to run softly over Gryph's dislocated jaws and swollen throat, feeling herself beneath that warm and rippling flesh.
Gryph's trunk uncurled from around Vikki's waist, and with the aid of the elephantaur's hands, carefully tucked Vikki's forelegs into hir mouth and throat, suckling and swallowing around the hippotaur as shi neared taking her fully into hirself. Gryph's whole body vibrated from the powerful sub-sonics shi was emitting, the vibrations flowing through both Vikki and Sienna as well as they all squirmed in pleasure. Sienna's coils tightened around both taurs, squeezing them tenderly as her body was invaded by Vikki's tongue, her vagina clenching tightly around the probing flesh as she writhed in pleasure. Her jaws slowly, but eagerly, walking their way upwards around Gryph's heavy cock, her powerful throat muscles squeezing and massaging that lovely shaft, milking it as her belly filled with the elephantaur's preseed. Gryph's own motions becoming erratic from the multiple sensations, the hippotaur wriggling around, stretching hir innards more and more, and from the serpent swallowing hir fully aroused cock, the sensitive head being stroked so wonderfully deep inside Sienna's depths, even as the snake's jaws pressed upwards against hir groin. Sienna's tongue flicking softly over the wet nether lips tucked up between the elephantaur's hind legs.
Squirming in pleasure as her body was enveloped by Gryph, Vikki stuffed her arms down into the elephantaur's throat, shivering at the feel of all that soft flesh caressing and surrounding her, multiple orgasms continuing to build through her body as she was swallowed. Her upper torso slowly sinking between the elephantaur's lips, the large tusks brushing against her back as she was pulled deeper, their smooth, and dry coolness a strange contrast to the moist heat surrounding much of her body now. She continued to suckle on the snake tail in her mouth, drinking Sienna's pleasure as the snake continued to coil and writhe about both her and Gryph, though by this point, she was coiled more around Gryph's continuing-to-swell form, then Vikki. She could feel Gryph stroking her through the tightly stretched flesh of hir throat as slowly her chest slipped into the elephantaur's maw.
Gasping around hir massive meal, Gryph trumpeted hir pleasure as shi teetered over the edge, mild orgasms had been building all throughout the massive meal, but the feel of hir hindgut swelling, combined with the dual caresses Sienna was giving to hir male and female portions, a powerful climax finally ripped through hir entire body. Causing the elephantaur to thrash in pleasure, hir heavy seed exploding into Sienna's gut, managing to swell the snake's belly with the thick cum. Hir femjuices coating Sienna's head as the snake continued to swallow around hir cock, milking it for more and more of the elephantaur's load, feeling herself swelling to accommodate every drop. Sienna's own cum spurting freely into Vikki's mouth as the hippotaur's own climax hit, triggered by the tightening of Gryph's body all around her own. The elephantaur's mouth sliding upwards rapidly as hir throat dragged Vikki downwards, hir body eager to fill itself completely with the hippotaur's sweet body. Soft skin rubbing against hir innards as Vikki's shoulders were swallowed up, leaving only the hippotaur's head sticking out of Gryph's mouth.
Shuddering in pleasure, Gryph was only faintly aware of hir jaws slowly relocating themselves as Vikki's head was drawn into hir mouth, hir trunk tip rubbing softly over the hippotaur's muzzle, feeling Sienna's tail still held within her mouth. Reluctantly Vikki felt Sienna's tail slipping from her grasp as her head was enveloped by the elephantaur finally, the soft rasp of Gryph's teeth against her muzzle as those jaws slide shut, signaling that the elephantaur's meal was almost done. Moaning into the softness that now surrounded her, Vikki could feel herself still being pulled downwards, her lower body being squeezed into the heated embrace of Gryph's hindgut, she could feel that soft flesh stretching to accommodate her, and she had to smile, wondering just what the elephantaur looked like with her inside like this.
Eventually Gryph just lay there, gasping at how full shi felt, feeling the hippotaur slowly settling into hir depths, hir jaws and throat sore from the effort of getting such an enormous meal into hirself. Shivering a bit, shi ran hir hands over hir bulging fore belly, feeling Vikki's own upper torso held within, smiling a bit as the hippotaur was tucked away snugly within both hir stomachs. It was quite a strange sensation, with the hippotaur's waist squeezed between hir forelegs, stretching the short passage that connected hir frontal and lower bellies together.
Sighing softly, Gryph smiled as shi felt Sienna slowly releasing hir cock, the cum-filled snake slithering over her overstuffed friend, hissing in contentment, her belly swollen with her friend's cum, "mmmm….I hope you enjoyed your meal ass much assss I did mine…" Grinning as she draped her colorful coils about the hippotaur filled elephantaur.
Gryph just groaned softly, feeling Vikki nuzzling the warm walls that surrounded her, settling into the hot embrace of Gryph's body, "ooooo….Definitely…" as shi looked over the greatly swollen bulges of hir fore and lower belly.
From within the elephantaur, Vikki's muffled voice could be heard, "wow….that was the most intense experience I've ever had…" the hippotaur squirmed a bit, getting as comfortable as she could within the elephantaur's body, loving the feel of slick flesh caressing every square inch of her own body, shivering as her still sensitive nipples and sex were caressed as well, wondering how it would feel when Gryph began to carry her around. "I do hope you don't plan on letting me out anytime soon?"
Chuckling tiredly, Gryph replied, "after all the effort it took to get you in? No way…you're staying inside me for at least a day or two…" hir soft rumbles vibrating through hir guest, causing Vikki to moan softly in pleasure.
Sienna hissed in amusement, and contentment, "what a sshow thisss wassss…I do hope the camerasss picked everything up…" her blunt snout rubbing lightly against the outline of Vikki's muzzle inside Gryph's foregut.
"WHAT!!!" Vikki cried out
"You don't think we'd ever let ssuch a feat assss thisss disssssapear for all time do you? We had to record it…" as Sienna continued to drape herself over hir overstuffed friend, "Don't worry though…it'ssss only for our own private collection…and your'ssss too if you want a copy…"
Vikki pondered that, while she was a bit embarrassed that this whole thing had been caught on tape, she had to admit to herself that she'd love to see it. Chuckling softly she replied, "Well…I guess…after all... I'd love to see it myself, especially since this was the first time I've ever been swallowed…" Both Gryph and Sienna sighed a bit in relief, "we're glad you think that way…and we're sorry that we didn't tell you beforehand…" Gryph added as shi reached back to stroke the enormous bulge of hir hind belly. "Which partially reminds me…it seems as if you have only a single guest inside your stomach?" at Vikki's slight nod, Gryph continued, "Think he'd enjoy a bit of company himself? I know a certain orca that hasn't been eaten in awhile, if you're interested…"
Vikki couldn't help but grin, feeling Jack resting inside her water-filled stomach, she could almost feel his excitement at the prospect, "oh…I don't think he'd take much convincing…

Sienna slithered from Gryph's room, and wound her way up the stage stairs, then back behind the curtain, where the dressing rooms lay. It didn't take too long to find the orca in question, who had just finished (reluctantly) releasing her additions from the show. She looked down when Sienna bumped her smooth leg with a blunt snout.
"Sienna! Is anything wrong?" Her eyes flicked over the liquid-bloated body of the anaconda.
Sienna shook her head, both in negation and amusement. Cheri was so sweet; always worried about the other performers. There'd been accidents, but not many, none serious, and none lately.
"No ssssweetie, just a little offer Gryph, mysssself and a new friend of oursss wish to extend to you..."
Cheri perked right up at that, knowing an 'offer' wasn't likely to be a luncheon at a local restaurant or a request for more working, the management of this place had far more delicious offers. Without a word, she scooped up a towel, and saluted the snake.
"Lead on, Sienna sweetie. I'm always happy to play with you and your friends!"

Gryph smiled to see Sienna return with their fourth party member, the lovely orca's hide glistening smoothly beneath the overhead lights. Cheri stopped dead at the sight of Gryph's stomach, three quarters hir own size, and rippling slowly...
"That hippo--you didn't!" Laughing huskily, she glided up to the elephantaur and ran her hands over the warm mass Gryph had wrapped hirself around. "What can I do, lover? Rub your tummy? Give your bulging yiffy bits some relief? Anything you want, sweetie."
Sienna cleared her throat with a peculiar little cough, "Ahhh, actually sssweet, we'd hoped you'd be up to an inside job... You ssseee, our swallowed guesssst has a lonely dolphin in her ssstomach, and--" She never got any further. Cheri had already pried Gryph's surprised lips apart, and standing on the bed, lifted a leg and slid it down the huge 'taur's gullet. Moaning softly at the feel of warm flesh sliding against her smooth hide, she quickly grabbed a tusk in each hand to support herself, and inserted the other leg. Gryph's gullet had been so thoroughly prepared by Vikki's passage, that it took only a single hardy swallow to send the squirming orca down into hir fore-stomach where Vikki waited.

Vikki found a smooth limber foot on her nose suddenly, as the promised Orca slid in from above. A muffled apology, giggled out by the female cetamorph, accompanied her shift of foot to let her come down against the fore-wall of Gryph's belly. Soon she 'stood' against the stretched sloping wall of stomach lining, slightly rounded belly pressed against Vikki's lips. Taking the opportunity to taste Cheri, Vikki gave her a good swipe with her thick tongue.
"OHH! T, that tongue's almost exactly like, like," At this point Vikki had no problem imagining the white patches on Cheri's body turning pink, "GryphRaptor's... Is your passenger still amenable to a companion?"
Vikki felt Jack do an excited somersault inside her!
"Ahh, amenable's an understatement I'm afraid, my dear. I'm Vikki by the way," She murmured in the hot slick darkness, groping for Cheri's hand and shaking it. Cheri smiled and planted a brazen kiss on Vikki's nose.
"I'm Cheri, and I hope you let me stay while... It's not often I get to curl up or play inside a nice warm tummy!" Vikki just laughed and nodded, before opening her mouth and extending her tongue like a gangplank. Squeaking her delight, Cheri dropped her hands palm-first onto the tongue, caressing and stroking its broad surface... After a moment of this, then slathered in Vikki's saliva, she slid her arms in and lowered her head, shuddering as she felt the hippotaur's upper lip slide down the back of her head. Her breasts, large but streamlined, slid across that glorious carpet of a tongue, making her keen with pleasure!
Jack heard the noise, and found his member bumping gently against the sides of Vikki's water-filled stomach... It *had* been awhile since... Jack moaned, and restrained himself from leaping up Vikki's gullet to meet his new lover.
Vikki's throat felt wonderfully full again, and she didn't even need to think to swallow against that bulk, pulling Cheri in to her smooth hips in one go. Raising her legs and bracing them against Gryph's sticky stomach wall, Cheri made herself easier still to swallow.
Chuckling breathlessly in her mind, Vikki silently congratulated Cheri for the maneuver, before curling her thick tongue up between her smooth rubbery thighs to stimulate her, as well as serve as a sort of appendage to help push/pull the orca down deeper into the hippotaur's depths. She vaguely felt the stirring in a more aft-wards chamber of her other guests, as they realized they had some more company inside Vikki's accommodating body. Perhaps they'd get to know each other later, shouting through the thick muffling walls of her body... Vikki gulped again, determinedly!
Cheri didn't seem to mind the touch upon her smooth sex either, squirming and moaning as she vanished further into the moist satin heat of Vikki's gullet. Another gulp, then another, soft flesh rippling all around her, and Cheri plopped into the water beside Jack. Smiling, 'looking' the dolphin over with her sonar, Cheri gathered him close to her sleek form.
"Been a little bored in here all alone, handsome?" Her cheek stroked across Jack's, a touch of lithe tongue sliding across his lower jaw. Shuddering, Jack curled his cool arms around Cheri, the two slick bodies sliding against each other.
"A little, yes... I heard your name's Cheri, mine's Jack..." He whispered breathily, flushing a little as he felt Cheri stroke her pale belly against his hot length.
"Mmmmm,'s a pleasure to meet you!" She grinned, wrapping her strong thighs around Jack's waist, in the process placing her shiny dribbling vulva against his raging erection. Jack took the hint and sank himself into the tight passage, the latexy lips of her labia clinging gently to his own flesh. Clutching each other with wild abandon, the two began rocking, grinding, then pistoning against each other, hands tongues and legs all augmenting the pleasure centered in the pair's loins and bellies... Jack thought at first he'd be able to last a good while and give Cheri's embers of passion a chance to flare into an inferno, until she whispered to him in her husky voice:
"You know, my kind have been known to eat yours..."

Vikki squirmed, her nipples stroking the flesh floor of Gryph's tummy, letting out little cries as her own stomach suddenly transforms into a churning pot of frenzied mating cetaceans! She breathed a sigh of mingled relief and disappointment when the action lulled... But it was hardly five minutes later when it began again! Hugging herself and rolling from side to side against the supporting walls of her tummy-prison, Vikki gave full voice to her pleasure!

Sienna smileed at Gryph, looking up from the mammoth member she'd wound a few coils around. "Ssssounds like that snack agreed with her, mmmm?"
Gryph chuckled, eyes rather glazed, hands resting on hir belly and breasts alternately.
"I'm gonna hate losing Vikki and her 'guests'...I hope she can come back and visit often..."
A voice suddenly spoke up from Gryph's middle, "I will, you can count on it! Wish I could take you back home... Thanks for Cheri! These aquatic types go down so smooth....Mmmmmm!"
That left everyone in giggles for quite awhile...

Sienna continued to play with Gryph's male-bits, her powerful coils alternating squeezing and sliding along the thick shaft. The elephantaur's body shivering under the assault, both from within and without, pre beginning to coat hir shaft as shi stood there, hir enormously distended bellies bulging with every motion of the squirming hippotaur deep within hir. Sienna loved the way Gryph's belly was so swollen with the overstuffed hippotaur, feeling the female's movements within the swollen belly above her as she played with Gryph's cock, her tail lightly teasing the soft nether lips of the elephantaur's femsex, her own needs beginning to build again as the elephantaur began to rock. Gryph's hands massaging over hir firm breasts, caressing herself as the activities within hir stomachs increased in pace once more.
The massive serpent hissed softly in pleasure as her coils continued to squeeze and caress Gryph's heavy arousal, her cum-filled body squishing a bit with every motion. Smiling at her enormous friend, Sienna slowly began to shift position, soon positioning her cool sex against the elephantaur's cocktip, "mmmmm…think I'll take another helping," chuckling softly as Gryph could only groan in reply. Carefully she began to ease herself down over the elephantaur's cock, gasping in pleasure as her body stretched once more, though this time from the other end. The snake's tail-tip beginning to dip into the moist heat of Gryph's cunny, stroking the soft passage as she began to push herself down over Gryph's cock, gasping as her body stretched to accommodate her friend's arousal.
Gryph moaned deeply in pleasure as hir dual sexes were caressed by Sienna's talented body. Hir cock slowly being enveloped by the snake's cool depths while hir femsex felt the serpent's tail beginning to fill hir. Trembling shi began to use hir trunk on one of hir own breasts, moaning as shi applied suction to hir own nipple. Gryph's hands moving down to stroke the swell of hir fore-belly, caressing Vikki's upper body within.
Inside the elephantaur, Vikki trembled under her own onslaught, feeling Gryph's inner muscles rippling all around her, caressing her more intimately then she'd ever experienced before. Her own motions rubbing all that slick flesh that surrounded her against all her sensitive spots. Her nipples seemed even more sensitive then ever. Her enormously swollen womb and stomach enhancing her pleasures further. A distant portion of her mind could feel Gryph and Sienna pleasuring each other, while her own guests began yet another orgy within her depths. The space in her stomach seemed a little more now, and chuckling mentally, Vikki realized Cheri's 'we've been known to eat your kind' wasn't an idle threat. But the orca was still moving around enough to suggest that she hadn't even begun to think of calling the night of pleasure over. Gryph's sub-sonics vibrating powerfully all around and through her as she ground her sex firmly against the rear walls of Gryph's hind-stomach.
Outside, Sienna cried out as her tail was yanked backwards, Gryph's inner muscles taking a hold of her teasing tail and dragging her backwards into the elephantaur's femsex, impaling her on that massive cock in the process! Her sex stretching tightly around the herm's arousal as she was pulled down over the entire length of Gryph's shaft. Her powerful body writhing in pleasure at the penetration, her long vagina and womb swallowing up the elephantine cock, as hot pre-seed began to flood into her body once more. Soon enough her body held all of Gryph's arousal within her sex, the elephantaur's sheath pressed back against hir groin as hir femsex dragged Sienna backwards, holding the serpent firmly over the flexing and throbbing elephant shaft.
Trembling, the elephantaur bucked eagerly into Sienna's depths, the pressure building within hir body, eager for release into the snake's already cum-filled body. Sienna's writhing, only serving to increase Gryph's arousal, pushing hir steadily towards climax as hir femsex held the serpent tightly within the moist heat of hir vagina. Finally with a loud cry of pleasure, Gryph's body spasmed as hir thick seed exploded into Sienna, further swelling the snake's body, inflating her steadily larger. Scaly hide stretched, Sienna's coloring actually growing lighter as the soft skin beneath her scales was revealed. Ooooooh, she'd rarely if ever been this stretched full! Powerful coils writhed all around and inside Gryph's body as the climax pushed Sienna over the edge as well, the serpent hissing loudly in hir own pleasure as the liquid heat poured into her depths. Slowly their overwhelmed bodies began to relax as they both passed out from the exertions. Sienna's body slipping eventually from over Gryph's cock, to be swallowed up fully by the unconscious elephantaur's femsex, an...interesting reflexive action Gryph had. Sienna's long, bloated body coiled up deep inside her friend's body, eventually held completely within the hot embrace of the elephantaur's womb. Sleeping peacefully now, both hir bellies full and hir womb as well, greatly distended by those shi held within hir, Gryph rumbled deeply in contentment as shi slumbered, worn out by such a wonderful experience. Hir belly occasionally rippled or bulged as hir guests shifted about inside..
Ray stood there, gaping at the sight before him, he'd never seen Gryph like this before, hir pale hide swollen with all those shi held within. He marveled at the elephantaur's greed for stuffing hirself. He himself had thoroughly enjoyed Matty and Shay, even now, the two fems were tucked away within his own belly, his paws softly stroking their outline beneath his tightly stretched stomach, smiling as he felt them shift a bit against one another. The bat was quite a delightful meal, especially with her belly swollen with the wallaby! Both had enjoyed the experience, if the moans had been any indication, as he'd carefully worked the heavily pregnant bat into his own stomach after mating with her. After relaxing a bit, he'd waddled heavily to Gryph's office, wanting to see if there were any plans to hire on Matty and Shay. He'd walked in just in time to see Gryph climaxing, swelling Sienna's already overstuffed body further, then watched as they both passed out, the serpent eventually being dragged fully into Gryph's depths like a strand of reptilian spaghetti. He'd been unable to help himself, he just stood there watching, his shaft pushing upwards against his distended belly at the sight.
Shuddering, Ray found himself standing before the elephantaur's still-moist sex, hir soft nether lips swollen and pink from the earlier efforts. Reaching up, he gently began to caress that massive cunny, unable to help himself from stroking the slumbering elephantaur's femsex, marveling at just how enormous shi was, and how swollen hir belly now was. Gryph moaned softly in hir sleep as the rat began to caress hir, mmmming unconsciously at the gentle caresses to hir slit, hir juices beginning to flow once more, quickly coating Ray's arms as he stood there, the elephantaur spread out on hir side on the low bed that took up most of the side of the room here.
Continuing to work his hands over the warm folds of Gryph's cunny, Ray found himself leaning forward, beginning to ease himself closer and closer, feeling himself being drawn towards those soft lips, trembling as his arms began to slip inside the elephantaur's body, hir sex easily accepting him, as it'd already been quite stretched by the anaconda's earlier passage. Ray began running his tongue over the warm entrance to Gryph's body, shivering at the rich flavor of the elephantaur's juices, a slight tang being added from Sienna's body coiled up deep inside the taur's depths. Drinking deeply he continued to push further into Gryph's depths, shuddering as hir body accepted him, hir inner muscles gripping his arms and drawing him deeper.
Gryph continued to moan softly as shi slept, beginning to shift around, hir heavy shaft pushing against the cushions and hir own greatly distended belly as the rat found himself being pulled into the eager embrace of hir femsex. Gryph's whole body trembled as hir sex opened around the rat's head, his shoulders soon pushing against hir nether lips as hir juices drenched his body, coating his own overly swollen gut as shi began to rock back and forth. Slowly shi shifted position, managing to roll over onto hir distended belly, gasping in pleasure, even in sleep, as hir sex slid down over Ray's body, hir seed spurting out into the cushions below hir as shi climaxed in hir sleep, a soft slurping sound signaling Ray's disappearance fully up into hir depths before shi settled once more into a deep sleep, hir soft rumble filling the room as shi slumbered.
Ray gasped as Gryph shifted position, hir sex slipping down over his entire body, inner muscles deeply massaging him all over as he soon found himself swallowed up by hir cunny, much as Sienna had been. Hir soft flesh surrounded him completely, as climax wracked the sleeping elephantaur's body, dragging him deeper, and slowly pushing him through a tight ring of muscle. Shuddering Ray's body twitched and thrashed around as the experience pushed him over the edge, adding his seed to the warm fluids now surrounding him as he slipped into Gryph's womb. Ray moaned in pleasure as slowly he could feel his body being surrounded by Sienna as the serpent unconsciously coiled all around him, snuggling his overstuffed form with hir own, there inside Gryph's depths. Shuddering a bit, he managed to ease his cock into Sienna's own sex, and mated with her before slowly slipping into unconsciousness himself, wrapped in the serpent's coils.

Vikki chuckled to herself quietly, listening to Gryph's snores and the liquid/organic sounds of hir body all around the hippotaur's own bloated shape.
"Guess it'd be right for us to sleep too, right? We don't want to wake hir up by moving around, do we?" She giggled, talking to her flanks while she stroked her forebelly. Flesh rippling as her guests shifted inside her, Vikki realized that either they couldn't hear her or weren't willing to sleep quite yet.. Cheri was stroking herself wantonly against the soft, warm folds of Vikki's stomach, and Vikki smiled as she realized she could feel Cheri's 'phin-swollen stomach rubbing there as well. Another shifting coaxed a gentle moan from her, as Sandi and S'bek started up again. And...was there another? It felt like it... Maybe S'bek had regurgitated one of the furs he'd bolted down earlier. Probably Jasmine the vixen, Vikki thought, which would leave the larger equine still inside the croc to keep his belly pleasantly heavy. At least, she thought with a grin, that's what *she* would've done.
Jasmine stretched luxuriously as her hips slid up into S'bek's toothy jaws, her entire body dripping with thick slime and muted digestive fluids. Murrrrring at a teasing probe from the reptile's tongue, she stroked a rough scaly cheek. Sandi pulled out the remainder of Jasmine, settling the vixen in her lap to cuddle.
"Purrrrrrrrrrrr, oh, we've been having so much fun Jas! I thought, I'd give you a turn..." Jasmine giggled, then "Waah!"ed as Sandi gigglingly pushed her head through Vikki's cervix to get her off her lap. Then, smiling seductively at S'bek, she crawled over to him and lifted a foot to his lips. "Want a kitty treat, S'bek?"
Licking his lips deliberately, S'bek suckled Sandi's foot into his slippery gullet, heartily congratulating himself for attending the club tonight. Sandi brought her other foot up and worked it into S'bek's jaws alongside her other calf. Solid scaled arms lifted her up into a predatory embrace as S'bek began pulling at the tigress' body, sliding her deeper and deeper down his throat, making his plates bulge as the flesh they armored stretched over a lithe feline body. Purrrrrrrring loudly and stroking her cunnie, swollen from mating, Sandi thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of S'bek engulfing her.
Jasmine slid along the pulpy inner lining of Vikki's womb, sliding beneath Sandi to wrap her legs around S'bek's horny waist. S'bek chuckled to himself, then gasped! as he felt a hand take his somewhat flaccid hemipenises and try to tuck them into warm, slippery orifices. They swelled up eagerly, one spearing Jasmine's sexblossom, the other stretching open her tailhole and gliding within. After a whisper warning to be careful of the mouse in her womb, Jasmine gave herself over to S'bek, thrashing passionately as the croc covered her. Sandi's shoulders and head protruded from S'bek's jaws, the tigress' face the very picture of sensual pleasure. A couple hefty gulps, and not even that was visible. Seconds later Sandi was just another mass bulging S'bek's belly plates, and the croc was able to focus fully on rutting Jasmine. His grunts and the vixen's murrrring cries of joy sparked yet another passionate moment, this one inside S'bek.
Finding herself conveniently curled up with with Alex, Sandi gave his long equine face a teasing lick.
"Hiya studmuffin. You tired yet, or can you let me have a ponyride too?" He chuckled merrily, and with a slight shifting of his hips, Sandi felt the physical assertion that the stallion was far from tired. Sinking down onto the thick shaft, feeling wonderfully hot and full of the stud's cock, she ground her slick vulva against Alex's groin. Slowly, those two set up a rocking rhythm, their bodies bouncing off the slimy walls of S'bek's stomach, driven by cheerful lust.
Vikki trembled, whimpering softly with the myriad sensations coursing through her body. Thick dollops of her lube rolled down her labia, then her legs, joining the pool of other liquids in Gryph's aft stomach. She could really use a male right now...or really, anything back there in her cunnie. And still, amazingly, Vikki yearned for just one or two more furs to fill her stomach and/or womb with... The way her guests had...ah, compacted themselves, (Vikki smirked,) she didn't feel quite as full now as she had.

One last thing, to help keep everything straight where everyone is and such, update the list below as needed, ok? Thanks

Cast of Characters (as of the end of this story):
Name Sex Species Where
GryphRaptor hermaphrodite Elephantaur
Vikki female hippotaur Gryph's stomachs
Jasmine female vixen Vikki's womb
Alex male painted equine S'bek's stomach
Sandi female white tigress S'bek's stomach
Kym female mouse Sandi's womb
Jack male dolphin Cheri's stomach
S'bek male salt-water croc Vikki's womb
Sienna female anaconda Gryph's womb
Shay female bat Ray's stomach
Matty female wallaby Shay's womb
Ray male rat Gryph's womb
Cheri female Orca Vikki's stomach