Title: Homes for Bunnies
Author: Smokey Blue Dragon
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Homes for Bunnies

by Smokey Blue Dragon

Katty sat at her kitchen table as she ate her breakfast. Runny eggs, almost burnt toast, and orange juice with too much pulp was what she forced down. She usually cooked better than this, but since she hadn't been to the grocery store in a while, she had little choice. She sat reading the newspaper, though she bored of it quickly. Many of the articles were too serious for her to read. She was rather flakey. Her tail swished from side to side, expressing just how boring this was for her, she wondered why she read the paper every morning. Those thoughts were soon replaced by something else that happened to float into her head, just like something new would pop to mind at the regular interval of every two minutes. She felt unhappy; like she needed to give something back to the community she had taken not that much from. Maybe one of those, 'Christian Children's Fund' things would work for her. Before that thought got her too far, it was replaced immediately by an ad for a sale down at the mall. She squealed with joy and took a sip of her juice, letting now the distaste for having too much pulp command her tiny train of thought. She turned the page and caught site of a new ad, one she had never seen before. It mentioned something similar to a children's fund, but you could actually go down to the office to make your donation, or you could send it in and they would ship you your packet. The choice to her was simple. She could run down there, drop off her money, then go to the grocery store and get some OJ with no pulp, and some fresh eggs. And some cheese. Oh and a jug of milk, she so missed having a nice bowl of milk. No wait!! Children first. She dressed, put on make up, gathered her things, wrote down a list of things she needed from the store, sat down and watched a movie, exercised, watered the plants, then finally caught sight of the ad again. It took command completely this time. She picked up, read it one more time, ignored the two lines at the bottom and got into her car.

The trip to the main office for 'Homes for Bunnies' was a long, intense, overly stressful one. She had headed to the store, remembered the ad, turned around, then parked at home, wondering what she was doing there, then headed back to the store. This was a bad day for her. She was usually better about it. Had it been on a better day, she would have only headed to the store once, but three times; it was a bad day for her. When she finally got to the 'Homes for Bunnies' office, she was hot and thirsty. She pushed the doors open and an audible gasp could be heard from everywhere in the room. The population of the lobby was lapin, completely, without exception. The sight of a full grown female cat walking into that room was the last thing anyone expected to see. Katty blinked a little, then took a seat, watching the TV they had set up to explain the process. A young looking adult rabbit spoke to the viewer about how many baby bunnies go without a home every day and how the small contribution of just 5 dollars could save one child. She shook her head, that wasn't enough; she'd give them at least $20. Before she could finish watching the rest of the short film they had on infinite loop, she was called away to the front desk. Seeing her take a seat among the other, the now terrified visitors made the staff want to expedite her business there.

"Um...can we help you miss?"

"I'm here to donate to save the bunnies." The receptionist blinked in shock.

"You...came to give the children a home?"

"Yes, I did. Now..." She began to dig through her purse, "I know you say 5 dollars per bunny, but that just isn't enough. You should get more than that." As she dug, a rather pleased looking female rabbit walked out of the back room holding her rather round tummy. She smiled warmly as she walked. Katty couldn't help but smile back at her.

"Congratulations on your baby." The rabbit giggled quietly.

"Oh, there's not just one in there, I've got two tucked away nicely." Katty blinked a little at how she worded it but smiled again.

"Oh, twins! Congratulations again! You look like you're just about to pop, when are you due?" The bunny tilted her head a little confused, blinked a little, then laughed and continued out the door. Katty was dumbfounded by this but that dementia was quickly subdued by the receptionist.

"Oh as you see we get people who want to help more than one child. You're welcome to sponsor two if you like....you....are here to sponsor them right?" Katty became a little annoyed by this and rolled her eyes.

"Yes, I came to sponsor the children, now, I don't want just two. I'd like to take..." She looked through her wallet, searching for a 20 but only coming up with a five and a few hundreds. She shrugged and pulled one of the Benjamin’s out.

"What the heck, I'll take 20." The receptionist almost fell out of her chair. By the time she got back upright, she had developed a nasty stuttering problem.

"Tw...tw....twenty??? You can't be serious!!" Katty was now thoroughly annoyed.

"I am as serious as a heart attack! Now sign me up! Give me my packet! I've got things to do!" Not wanting to become the cat's next meal, she nodded and took her money. She began to furiously scribble away at some forms as Katty stood impatiently before taking her turn at filling them out. She returned them after a few moments.

"Okay Mrs. Katty, please follow me. We'll have you ready to go shortly." She nodded and followed the Receptionist to her side of the door. She stepped through and was greeted by applause from everyone in the room. The back appeared to be much more like a doctor's clinic than an office building. In fact, many of the rabbits there wore white coats just like a doctor would. She was led into an examination room for reasons beyond her knowing, but she never did ask, her train of thought constantly being shifted between the colors used in the carpet and the number of ceiling tiles in the room. For a good ten minutes she sat alone, counting the number of tongue depressors there were until one of the ladies in the white coat walked in to see her.

"Hello Mrs. Katty, I'm Dr. Faust. Let's just get you up on the table and get you ready." The whole time Katty was in there, she had begun to think she had come for a check up so she obeyed, paying it no mind. Dr. Faust had her strip down completely and put on a patient's gown before sitting on the table.

"Now just lay back against the pillow there and we'll get you in the stirrups." Again Katty didn't think anything of this. She turned and did as she was told as two stirrups were turned upward from under the table, adjusted to her size and positioned for her legs as they were buckled into place.

"Now...before we go on..." The shorter creature need not continue her sentence, Katty already knew what she was going to ask."

"Are you absolutely sure you want twenty?" Katty was severely annoyed now.

"Why is it when you want to do something nice for the kids everyone has to question what you're doing!?" This frightened the doctor some but she asked again.

"S...so you're sure?"


"Okay, may I just say that you are an inspiration to us all; taking on something like this, and so many."

"Look, it's just money. Now hurry up and do whatever you're doing so I can go. I need to get groceries." The rabbit nodded and walked out. Katty sighed, not liking the service here. Gasps could be heard outside as she waited. She could hear the doctor walk back in with two nurses and a number of other, smaller footsteps.

"Now, lets begin." Faust spoke. Within seconds, Katty felt something soft and round pressing against her groin. She purred softly and wriggled about in the stirrups a little.

"Well, she's sure, let's do this." Katty sat up a little, confused.

"Do what?" She never got a verbal answer, instead she felt that soft ball at her groin press harder until her neatherlips parted and took it in. She gasped and moaned loudly as she felt her birth canal stretch to take in the foreign object. It was warm, and oddly shaped. There was a place where the ball came back down but became a shaft, then stretched wider but thinner. As more of this object was pushed into her, she filled the room with her noises of pleasure. Already her slit began to surge with fluid, the sensation was so wonderful and pleasurable she didn't care what they were using to probe her. Deeper and deeper it went until she could feel the flat, wide shaft split into two just after a strange tuft. Her train of thought was uncommonly on track as she pieced it together. It was a lapin child! They were pushing a child bunny up her cunt! She cried out in protest but the nurses pressed deeper as Dr. Faust comforted her, telling her how good she was doing. Within moments, the child's feet disappeared from view and Katty panted softly as a number of 'oooooo's' could be heard. She could feel and see her tummy stretched outward some from the new arrival. She turned to the doctor and glared at her.

"I didn't sign up for this!!"

"But....you were so sure. You clearly said you wanted twenty."

"Yeah! I wanted to support twenty! Not have twenty stuffed up inside me!"

"You...did you read the ad? See the film we had going on out front?"

"Yeah! I never saw anything about this!"

"Hmmmm...I know your problem." Dr. Faust pulled the day's paper out and turned to the ad, handing Katty a magnifying glass to read those two small lines she neglected earlier.

"We were on a tight budget with the ad, but it's all there." And it was, it explained it all. 'By sponsoring a child, you must be female or herm, able to take one into your womb and support it completely. By saying you have read this ad and paying the five dollars per child, you agree to this act.' Katty whimpered.

"But I couldn't read that!!"

"Well, that's usually why we only get rabbits here, we eat so many carrots that our eyesight is acute enough to read that no problem. We had assumed you could read it and agreed to it. You can't go back now, you've got one in, may as well go with the rest." Katty whimpered again but didn't bother to say no. The next child was picked up and pressed into her body, making her belly swell even further. As the procedure continued, one by one, the children disappeared into Katty's hungry sex, filling her growing tummy. After and hour of extreme pleasure and distension, only one child remained. Nineteen filled her already, could she take one more? She lay there panting heavily, the table wet from countless orgasms; some from the children entering, some only from them moving about inside her.

"You've done great so far Katty, only one more to go...just one more and your done! You've gone waaaaaaay further than anyone else before!" Katty gasped for air as her hands lay on either side of her enormous belly, swollen and plump from her new occupants.

"Just do it! Let me get it over with!" Faust nodded to the nurses and they took the last child and eased her in head first. Not long after she began entering to meet her new siblings, the bunny reached resistance. Katty was to the point where she may not be able to take another, but she urged them onward through cries of pleasure.

"More!! Get her in there!! Now!!" The nurses complied in fear, gently pushing the bunny in further and further. The further she went, the more resistance there was and the louder Katty screamed. With 10 minutes past, only the hips of the 20th child protruded from her slit. The nurses were concerned about pushing any more and Katty's nature took over, having been annoyed by them for the last time. She gritted her teeth and tugged on the child with her internal muscles, pulling, pressing, squeezing, wanting this to be over. Within seconds filled with gasps from the nurses and the doctor, only the bunny's feet remained. She paused, panted heavily, and tugged one more time as she came powerfully, spilling what had to be the most of her fluid yet out on to the table, and the child was gone from sight, buried deep behind the swollen lips that held twenty rabbits no more than the age of 8 inside her. Over the hour it took to get them all past her cervix and into her womb, her body had already begun to think that she was naturally pregnant and flooded her with the necessary hormones. Her breasts had begun to produce milk, swelling out nicely, to a size she had wanted them to be for years. She massaged them lovingly and smiled.

"Okay...they can...come out...now...I'm done." Dr. Faust frowned, confused once more by the feline.

"But...you agreed to the whole thing...that they'd be staying there." Katty looked up at the rabbit doctor quickly.

"What?!" She brought the paper back over to her with the magnifier, letting her re-read. The second line, she had neglected to read it. 'By agreeing to the above mentioned action, you also agree to take the sponsored child (children) as your own to hold within your body indefinitely.' Katty cried loudly.

"I don’t wanna be pregnant forever!!" Tears of sorrow, instead of pleasure, streamed down her face as she repeated. Her cries were silenced when all twenty moved about and wriggled within her womb. She moaned loudly and purred deeply. Her pussy gushed once more but held shut tighter than a drum.

"Oooooo...you know...maybe...this won't be as bad as I thought..." The nurses and doctor smiled and helped her out of the stirrups then helped her dress. Her pants didn't fit her now round belly, making her appear to be a whole year into a pregnancy with twins, but she dressed just the same, seeming to take to her added weight rather well. She walked back into the lobby, hugging her tummy just as the bunny she spoke to was, a satisfied smile crept across her face as she was greeted by an amorous round of applause. She thanked everyone there and took her leave to head to get her groceries; she had to keep her babies fed. Just before leaving, she turned to Dr. Faust.

"You know...I think I may have to come back and donate again." She grinned and walked out, enjoying her new pregnancy.
This story is ©2003 Smokey Blue Dragon (aka Smokescale)