The Huntress 

by Omega
Story Copyright (C) By: Omega
 2002 - All rights reserved.

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Story by John W. AKA Omega
From the pages of Furoic Age
All characters and locations
are (c) StarField Games and
the respective players.

The hyena woman stood under the shade of a tree at the edge
of the vast jungle that was her tribe's territory. Before her
the ground fell away to a sandy beach and the blue ocean beyond.
Her name was Kefratiri and she was a veritable giantess, towering
well over nine foot tall and powerfully built as were most of her
kind. Her pelt was a tawny gold-brown color dotted with black
spots that highlighted her cheeks, shoulders, hips and back. Long
jet-black hair fell in dual braids to her breasts and the rest
cascading down her back, between her broad shoulder blades. Large
hands, feet, ears and muzzle were sheathed in black fur almost up
to elbow, knee, skull, and spotted cheek. She wore little in the
way of adornment, only a simple necklace decorated with the two-
headed vulture was clasped around her neck. Two strips of bright
red cloth crossed over her full breasts to be secured to a thin
leather belt that rode her wide hips. A red loincloth of the same
fabric hung from the belt, another draped to her rear with a simple
slot cut to thread her bushy tail through. She carried no weapons
today as she enjoyed the thrill of pitting her strength against
that of her prey and was proud of the scarrs that crossed under the
fur here and there.
Muscles rippled beneath Kefratiri's pelt as the huntress waited
in anticipation. Her tail-tip flicked from time-to-time and gold
flecked eyes narrowed as nostrils flared testing the air for the
scent she knew would be there. The Hyena tribe hunted the jungle
animals, but they also hunted sentient prey... The cruel Slavers
who tried to invade their lands often ended up in some Amazon's
stew-pot, as did the occasional foolish fur seeking to plunder the
riches of the cities deep in the jungles. She could readily recall
the glorious battle she whitnessed when young as a small army of
the militant sheep from across the sea attempted to invade. None
had escaped alive. Rather than leaving with gold and precious gems,
they had instead stayed to grace the tables of the ravenous women
after the victorious defenders had taken their pleasure by force
from the broken survivors.
The towering hyena now sensed the approach of some fur foreign
to her realm. She smiled to herself, flashing fangs set in bone-
crushing jaws, for the capture of an intruder would garner her
much fame and a filling meal as well. More importantly though was
the honor of bedding the doomed male before the feast. And Kefratiri
felt certain that it was indeed a man approaching along the shore-
line. The fur rose on the back of her neck though as an eerie
silence descended... As if the entire jungle were holding it's
Then she saw him round the edge of the beach and crouched low
into the shadows of the tree to observe... He was a white-furred
deer she noted to herself. Somewhat over half her height and
dressed in faded green shirt and pants, an odd box-like neck-hood
rode his shoulders and a schenti kilt and long front panel-cloth of
unusually familliar design coverd his hips. But Kefratiri had to
stare for some moments as this was no normal stag... For his face
was sheathed in an intricate mask of silver such that even the
majestic antlers were made of gleaming metal. The right hand of the
deer was simmilarly covered in a gauntlet of silver. The huntress
found it also interesting that this fur carried no weapons she
could see.
Kefratiri held her position patiently, waiting for the stag to
walk past her before leaping out to accost him.
"Ah-hah! What have we here? A lost buck perhaps? Or more likely,
a treasure-thief thinking to slip into our city?"
The stranger whirled instantly and took up a defensive stance
that the hyena found ameusing in it's boldness as she towered
over the deer. He looked her in the eye and she was startled by
the unearthly pale-white orbs that reguarded her. When he finally
spoke, the voice was low and sonorous, the metal lips moving with
fascinating pliance.
"My name is Omega... And I am neither lost... Nor am I here to
rob your people..."
"You must be lost if you are walking into our lands. I must warn
you though that to cross into the regions within is Death. Turn
back little man and never return."
The pale eyes locked with hers and she had to give the deer points
at least for courage. She did not for a heart-beat believe this
stranger was in any way stupid. His stance bespoke of a warrior's
training, but somehow diffrent.
"I do not seek the cool embrace of Death this day m'lady. But my
course is set and the road I must follow leads within. I have
traveled far to find this place and will not be turned aside so
Kefratiri flashed a toothy grin and looked down at the defiant
white stag, trying to guage what challenge he might pose. She
stepped away from her tree and stood blocking the trail this
intruder sought to tread, taking a place between two stone totems
carved with lurid glyphs and death runes.
"The only place this road will lead you stag, is to my kitchen to
be prepared for a special feast. This is your last warning. Return
wence you came and be content with a diffrent road to travel."
The giantess then unclasped her necklace and top, laying these
aside the tree for she needed no hinderances of movement in the
struggle she hoped was about to unfold. Also, there was the added
distraction the exposed breasts would cause her opponent. For he was
after all a mere male. Dominated by baser urges that would be his
Omega merely nodded once his silver-shod antlered head, slipping
off his shoulder harness, shirt, boots, and then the schenti kilt so
he stood there in only his trousers. Kefratiri glanced at the gleam
of silver from the gauntleted right hand and knew she would have to
be warey of any blow landed from that fist. She licked her lips in
anticipation for her people thrived on pitting themselves against a
worthy foe.
Stag and hyena bowed to eachother and then fell into combat-ready
stances. Kefratiri smiled again as Omega did not rush in against her.
He dug in his splayed hooves into the sand and braced for her attack.
This was a wise decision for despite her great size, the hyena was
remarkably agile and she all but danced across the short distance seperating
them. At the last moment though she lunged, sliding in
almost horizinally to kick out with the hard edge of her foot.
Omega blocked the kick. Catching her ankle in a lock, but this
left him open for the free foot as she twisted to swing the other at
his silver-plated head. He deflected this at the last moment with the
gauntleted forearm. But was sent tumbling from the sheer force of her
kick. The tumble was turned into a tight roll and Kefratiri was both
pleased and surprised as he kicked off from the beach to throw himself
against her even as she was getting to her feet. Omega spun in the air
as he arced towards her, whipping his leg around with increasing
momentum, aiming his hooved foot at her head.
The hyana threw herself backwards and the kick only grazed her
temple. She spun on one knee and caught the out-stretched leg of the
white buck at the ankle in both hands and hauled around with all her
might, useing her opponents momentum and adding to it as she hurled
him into one of the stone pillars. The stag hit with a jolt and cracks
spiderwebbed across the rock from there he impacted. Omega shook his
head and spat blood as he got to his feet and braced for the attack
even as Kefratiri danced in, feinting with another kick, then throwing
a viscious punch that caught him under the ribs.
The deer let out a sharp "whooof!" as the air was forced from his
lungs. But was already counter-attacking even as gasped and coughed.
He fired off a rapid-fire series of jabbs in turn, left hand held in
a rigid spear as he cracked two ribs before ducking under her grab for
him, sliding between her legs like an eel. The huntress wheeled on her
prey, but only in time to see him coil into a hand-stand and then
push up, flinging himself up in the air before her and wrapping his
strong legs around her neck while pivoting in place.
Omega used his weight and leverage in unison against Kefratiri. The
two combined to overcome her substancially larger mass and strength.
She had only time for a short "erk?" before she was sent jolting face-
first into the sand, taking the heavy impact along her spine. Now it
was the warrior woman's turn to shake her head ans spit blood as she
snapped to her feet and hyenachuckled bloodily at the wanderer.
"Hrrrr! You fight well! It will be a pleasure to gnaw your bones
after I've had my fill of you in a diffrent manner."
"I'll take that as a compliment, huff-huff. But I do hope you'll
understand if I pass on the dinner invitation."
She grinned and hyenalaughed at this, suddenly lunging forward,
grabbing him by the back of the head in one large black paw, pulling
him in and burying his silver muzzle between her breasts. Shoving his
surprised face into her clevage.
"Here! Allow me to give you a PREVIEW! Hah-hah-hah-haaaaa!"
He gave a muffled "merf?!?!?" As the warm, bouncy flesh accepted
almost all of his head. But the hyena huntress did not pause to enjoy
the tickly sensation between her juggs. She reached up and grasped
both antlers in her hands, gaining total control of the confused
cervine. She lifted his head out from between her breasts and then
slammed his face into her up-thrust knee. Once, twice, three times she
savagely did this, delighting in the warm feel of blood flowing over
her knee before lifting up the batterd and dazed stag to hyenalaugh
at him now.
"HeeheeHrrrrr!!! You lasted far longer than any other ever has
little buck. But you have lost this contest and now it is time to see
what my meal really looks like under that pretty mask."
Omega gave no resistance now as she held him by the scruff of the
neck in one powerful paw, dangling his hooves off the ground as the
huntress looked over her catch. She traced over the lines of the metal
features, marvelling at the suppleness of the mask this white stag
wore. Fine sliding silver plates of almost impossible skill and
artistry gave the metallic second skin an unearthly pliance and life-
like flexibility. Finally she found a sequence of catches and triggered
them open so the entire back of the mask blossomed open, alowing her
to pull it forward and off the stunned buck. She had to pull hard as
there was resistance, then a sickly wet sucking sound that made the
hairs on the back of her neck really rise this time as the mask was
finally pulled away.
"Now we shall see why you hide behind thi-BY THE BLACK GOAT!!!!"
The deer slipped from nerveless fingers for Kefratiri was staring
at a contenance of utter and terrible ruin. Livid veins pulsed raw
over exposed muscle and sinew. The ears were mere stubs of cartilage
and half healed flesh and the whole was a nightmare visage of burned
and blackened torment. Then those pale eyes flew open and seemed to
bore into her very soul.
Omega crouched down till she could hear every muscle creaking,
then the stag rocketed straight up to catch the hyena in a devastating
rising uppercut that snapped her head up and back, lifting her off her
feet totally while brilliant sparks flooded her vision. He rose up high
with her, then his hand blurred down and all the air left her lungs as
he slamed his fist into her gut to send the woman hurtling back down
to crash into the ground with an earthshaking impact that left a crater
where Kefratiri lay in a broken sprawl.
She almost allowed a bloody toothed smile to herself as not once
had the cervine struck her with the gauntleted hand... Vision dimmed
and oblivion overtook the hyena as the white buck looked down at her
Through a haze of mist she listened to half heard chanting in a low,
sonorous voice vaugly familliar...
Finally Kefratiri awoke to a slight buzzing in her skull. But this
was instantly forgotten as she realized she was bound immobile.
"W-what is this?!?"
"Ah... I see you have awoken. I did worry I had struck you too hard
in the end."
She was laying propped against her tree, arms bound behind her to a
thick sturdy log, legs bound in tough jungle vines to a wooden frame,
spread wide, the black lips of her sex exposed to the pale eyes of the
deer as he reguarded her strangely. Then he knelt between her thighs
and began to trace arcane patterns in her belly. His fingers trailed
tiny sparks and runes of purest red glowed now where he touched her.
"You are Jangun! Shaman!"
He spared her a single glance without pausing in his work upon the
flesh and fur of her stomach, more runes and patterns appeared and
the air itself seemed to thrumm with the charge of potent magiks.
Omega snorted blood from his nose...
"No... I am Qhedenomu..."
"...A Guardian?"
"Yes... This is my Test-of-Spirit to become Kalezhador..."
"That cannot be. No Qhedenomu has come by here in at least a
generation to take the ancient rite with my people."
"...I was in no great rush..."
The pattern was almost finished and Kefratiri strained to look down
over her breasts to stare at the luminous sigils upon her belly. She
tugged against the bindings. But failed to budge them a fraction.
Without leverage she could not snap the logs either.
"Why then did you not announce yourself? We still honor the old
ways. I would never have attacked one on the path of the Kalezhador."
Another glance up as he checked to be sure all was propperly set.
She had already noticed that Omega was now naked, but her current
situation dampened any interest she might have had. That and the
scarred, devastated face that watched her quietly. He considered her
words for a moment... and then a slow smile crossed the ruined face.
"Where would be the fun in that? The Test-of-Spirit is to push
the initiate to the very limits of the will to survive. Male Battle-
Mages are sent here for the treatment is harsh and only one of absolute
resolve can hope to endure the full one year term. If I can not hold
my own against a single member of your tribe... Then how could I ever
hope to last in a city of hyenas?"
"There is wisdom in your words Omega... But why am I bound thus?
What are you doing to me???"
As with all her people, Keftatiri had a healthy respect for those
rare warrior mages the hyena women referred to as Qhedenomu and the
even more dangerous Kalezhador who merged spell, weapon, and body
into a single focused whole of legendary skill and mastery. The Hyena
Queen, Hatshepsut was Kalezhador and her throne of skulls was grim
testament to her ability on the battlefield. So she glared in defiance
at the stag and threw all her effort into breaking free. The muscles
bulged and rippled across her arms and legs as she struggled.
Omega watched her with mild ameusement and admiration for this
woman's determination to snap the cords and shatter the poles that so
thoroughly immobolized her now.
"You are bound now because I have need of your body... and I do
doubt that you would have co-operated even had you known that I was
"Hah! Perhaps you are not as wise as I though! I think you are in
for something of a surprise for we hyenas are not so easily bedded
against their wills. Behold stag! Hee-hee-heeee-heeee-heeee!"
Her barking laughter continued and cervine stared pale-eyed at her
exposed sex. For even as the huntress chuckled, a thick black cock was
slowly extending from the dark folds between her legs. Omega had
wondered idly about the nature of the unusual ball-like sack below her
sex... And now he was seeing for himself the shocking revelation as
this woman did the seemingly impossible.
Kefratiri smirked at him from her place against the tree and all
but purrred in satisfaction as the stag's jaw dropped at the sight.
But the smile began to falter as he crouched down low till his ruined
antlerless head was between her thighs and she could feel the faint
touch of his breath on her sack.
"W-what do you t-think you are d-doing?"
Almost skeletally exposed nostrils drank in the musky scent and a
bemused voice drifted up softly.
"mmmmmmm... What have we here? The truth being even more fascinating
than the illusion... murrrrrrrrr..."
The hyena now began to sweat and squirm in her bindings as Omega
started to ever so slowly nuzzle and play with the sack riding between
her spotted legs.
"STOP THAT! Go molest a ghoul! Your contenance would appeal to one
of the twilight scavengers."
That brought the deer up short and he rocked back on his haunches
to watch her with those disturbing eyes. He held up the blackened
right hand and was silent for a time. Lost in dark memory.
"True... I wear the silver mask to hide this burned and withered
face, these scars that never heal. You are the first to have bested
me to the point that you could actually remove it... I never do..."
He smiled strangely at her and passed his hands before the skeletal
features in an intricate weave of the arcane. Then his face began to
waver as if in a heat mirage and the huntress gawked as flesh and fur
cloaked the wounds, and majestic antlers rose from a now noble brow.
Kefratiri found herself stareing open-mouthed at the now handsome
white stag crouched before her.
"A simple yet elegant illusion you see now."
"Then why the mask and gauntlet?"
"Because spells are oft ephemeral and fail. Illusions like this are
for the vaine. Beauty is never in the appearance. It is found within
where no false magiks distort the truth."
With that he crouched down once more between her legs and the tall
hyena could now watch the antlers bob as he drank once more of her
"In your case there is no deception. Merely lack of comprehension
of what the eyes percieve."
She gave a deep groan as he nuzzled her sack so that she could feel
the black pad of his nostrils flareing with each deep inhalation.
"What are seen as a male's seedsack is in reality a pair of rather
impressive scent glands. murrrrrrrrrr. Such a rich and exotic musk."
She groaned deeper as he lapped at the glands leisurely, slurping
them cupped on his tongue and then tasting her upwards until she felt
the very tip of his pad stroke slowly up the length of her rigid black
cock till his lips were poised over the tip so the caress of his
breath as he spoke sent shivvers of pleasure up her body.
"But THIS is truely stunning in the revelation. Again not a male's
shaft. But in fact your own feminine button and inner passage extended
out as any bucks would be. Obviously mild arousal or excitement causes
the reaction. But shall we see what a more ardent touch elicits?"
Kefratiri's mouth went dry as the white deer opened his jaws and
then lowered his head gradually onto her shaft. She moaned at the
blissful sensation of his tongue on her dark flesh and trembeld as
he sucked gently on the tip, easing more of the black length into his
"ohhhhhh! nmmmmmmmrrrrrrraaaa!"
The antlered head bobbed down another inch, and then another, and
another. Soon the stag's lips were encircling the base of her false
cock and drawing leisurely upon it. Kefratiri tried to resist the
blissfull feelings this cervine was so thoroughly producing, but
finally she could hold back no longer and with a deep rumbling groan
she hit her peak and Omega smiled around her elongated sex as the
muscular contractions spurted her juices onto his tongue. He lapped
along the dark length even as it slowly subsided, returning to the
more familliar feminine form... He looked up from between her thighs
with a grin on his broad white muzzle.
"As I thought... Sufficient stimulation was required to cause your
folds to return as they were. Otherwise how could one of you ever bear
children? Now we may proceed to the main reason you are bound thus."
"huff-huff-huff... ugh... ummmmmmmm... Damn you Omega. You will
NOT bed me like this!"
"Who said anything about bedding you?"
He had folded up close between her legs now and slowly caressed the
soft fur there as he smiled and nodded to the runes glowing red on the
huntress' belly. She tried to shake off the warm glow she still felt
from his attentions and strained mightily against the fetters holding
her. The ropes creaked and the wooden poles made ominous cracking
sounds as all the muscles across her large body contorted and stood
out with this supreme effort.
But the framework held and the hyana woman growled and panted as
she glared at the deer who had been observing serenely all this. The
illusory lips smiled and he tickled her scent sack with an out-stretched
hooved foot.
"I am not merely Qhedenomu... I am also J'motai..."
Kefratiri gasped at that ancient word. Staring anew at this deer.
"J'amotai? One of the lost race? You are from Atlantis?"
"No... I am Hyperborean... Of the same blood as the lost continent."
"But Hyperborea was lost to the Age of Ice generations ago?"
She felt once more the hairs on the back of her neck rising in
an atavistic reaction to this startling revelation. The Hyperboreans
and thair Atlantian kin were held in hyena legends as immortal furs.
Her predicament was becoming steadily and progressively stranger.
"I can see in your golden eyes that you know some tales of my
kind. Though I do not think the stories tell of how some J'motai
survive the ages..."
Slowly she began to percieve that he was pressing his hooved toes
against the black folds of her sex. Tickling her as he inserted them
into the larted labia, making her gasp as the sensation.
"A rare few of the J'motai are the children of the Phoenix. And
like out great mother, we are at times renewed and reborn. There are
various ways this rebirth may come about. And YOU my dear are about
to participate in one such method."
By now the stag had inserted his entire foot into her sex, wiggling
the hooves inside, making her feel full and warm. But she had to groan
as he began to press the other foot in as well, stretching her folds
wide to accept both feet. Kefratiri stared over her breasts at the
sight now for she felt no discomfort from being stretched to her
"murrrrrrr. Feels good. The sigils I have placed upon you allow
a change to take place. Can you guess what change that is?"
The ankles and then the calves were held within the tight passage
of her uterus now and Omega scooted forward a bit as he body shifted
to accomodate the cervine's lower legs all the way to his knees.
Somewhere inside her womb she could feel his feet and her red tongue
lolled out of her jaws as a spreading warmth flowed out from that point
in waves. The hyena shook her head to clear it and grunted in effort as
she attempted to squeeze him back out of her body. She succeeded in
forcing the legs out an inch or two before she had to give up in
exhaustion as the stag's spell lent her womb an impossible desire all
it's own. Her sexual muscles pulled on his legs, aiding the white deer
as slowly his thighs slid into her gaping opening. Her juices were
coating the legs and fur, slicking them and further easing his
entrance. As his thighs went in. Kefratiri's belly began to stretch
out with the distinct form within.
"unnnnnnnn! So tight inside... mmmmmm... As there is a cycle of
birth to adulthood. Also for the blood of the Phoenix there is a
cycle of returning, of healing and peace. You shall be the vessel of
this new cycle. When I beheld what a veritable giantess you were, I
knew this might present a rare opportunity. The less magics are used
in the ritual. The more potent is the cycle. A simple enchantment
to allow you to stretch and accept me without damage was all that
was needed here where a woman of lesser stature would have required
substantial alterations to survive such drastic changes."
With almost reverent slowness Omega eased his hips into her now.
The amazon's uterus and cervix were dialated to an impossible diamiter
to accept the deer's body and her pelvis felt as if it were pushed to
the limits. Kefratiri could only pant in rapid breaths in reply,
thinking back to her mother's own labors in birthing her sister.
But this was not painful at all, she felt more a growing feeling of
being full and warm, and the tight stretching of her womb now as the
cervine folded up his legs within her. She could barely see him over
the preganant bulge of her belly, and could certainly feel pleasure
from each shift in position he made within... But she could sense that
he was not aroused as his hips slipped wetly in. This brought both
regret and a feeling of being deeply honored, though she had to smile
as she *felt* his malehood stirring as her still engorged clitoris
rubbed over him. She still fought to push him back out even when she
knew it was a loseing battle. But the white stag would have expected
no less of a struggle from her, even as he lovingly caressed her moist
black labia. Her juices soaked into his belly and she stifled a giggle
as his stubby tail tickled her sack as his hips and ass slipped in
finally with a wet pop.
Now her sex sucked greedily upon the buck, the powerful muscles that
could milk and draw upon a man were doing so now, but on a scale few
would have thought possible. (Though she did recall the occasion when
Queen Hatshepsut had executed a captured Slaver, a surly red panther,
by shoveing the feline's head between her thighs... and then in, holding
him by sheer muscle contraction alone as he thrashed and pushed against
the huge hyena queen's legs in desperation as he suffocated... The
absolutely gleeful look on Hatshepsut's dark muzzle had spoken volumes
to her enjoyment of the male's death throes.) She somehow doubted that
the J'motai would have any such problems as breathing. Even now his
creamy white chest was moving but slowly, the only sounds now being her
labored panting, the wet rythmic sucking of her folds, and the soft
sussuruss of the ocean waves against the sands.
Omega almost loveingly stroked her ebony button as it now lay
pulsating on his chest, playing black capped fingers lightly upon the
black glistening lips of the labia contracting slowly around his waist,
wetting the white fur and then drawing him in. Kefratiri's belly was
huge now, as if she were approaching term, yet knowing that there was
still more to the stag yet. He reached up to his brow and passed his
hands over the illusory rack so that they faded like mist, leaving the
buck looking almost comically vulnerable and feminine without his great
crown, real or not.
With that done, the deer slipped his hands and forearms into the
moist humid passage, causing the huntress to groan throatily from the
tickling inside. It now felt to her as is she were in the beginnings
of labor as his shoulders and chest were sucked in little by little.
Her pelvis felt as if it were going to crack and her spotted thighs
ached dully from the strain of her position. But more distressing was
the absolutely full feeling in her womb. Surely she would explode from
the strain she thought in the mixed haze of pleasure and pain.
"Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Too much! Too tight! hrrrrrrrrrr! Out! Out!! Out!!!
unnnnnnn! No more!"
She made one last effort to force the crazy stag out! She took a deep
breath and PUSHED with all her might. Muscles contorted and roiled
across her belly and down between her spread wide legs, cervix and
vulva fluttering wildly as the inward progress haulted. Another groan,
and another push and the shoulders were released from the embrace of
her ebony petals.
Any emotion of triumph or accomplishment vanished as deep inside
her the huge hyena ~felt~ the immortal cervine ~playing~ with the oh-
so sensetive cluster of her g-stop. Instantly her sexual muscles
responded, warmth rippling up from that point, juices all but gushing
fourth to soak the deer's shoulders. Omega did not stop there though,
he used both hands to fondle her at that critical spot, slowly building
an orgasm in the warrior that left a sweet taste in her mouth as the
wickedly grinning white stag caressed her g-stop to the edge of climax,
making Kefratiri's large breasts bounced with her sharp panting.
FAIR! OHHHHHH! STOP! ooooooooh!"
One last tickle and the hyena howled as the orgasm rolled over her
in one long wave that seemed without end. Her sex rippled on the deer's
shoulders and they poped in with a great ~slorrrp!~ and accompanying
moan. The black petals moulded over Omega's face as he slipped finally
within Kefratiri. He kissed her button and then he was fully within
her body. The birth canal pushed and pulled him into the now enormus
womb where he curled up in a tight feotal ball. All about the buck,
the soft red walls pressed in snug and tight. The hyena woman's heart-
beat could be heard low and soothing and he closed his pale eyes,
thanking his mother and this marvelous huntress for their gifts as a
deep and peacefull tranquility washed over him.
Outside, Kefratiri was still panting in great gasps. The crimson
runes on her hugely distended belly had flared brilliant and then
faded as the J'motai quieted. She felt flushed with vitality now and
stared with wide golden eyes as her belly shrank down in stages until
she had the outward appearance of one perhaps into her ninth month.
Again the feeling of life flooded her system and with a crack and snap
she rent asunder the framework and the vines that had so securely before
restrained her. The jungle all around her was silent, even the usual
activity of the sea was stilled, as if some unseen force were watching these
events with utmost attention...
The hyena rose shakily to her feet, almost falling on her face.
The new life in her so unfamilliar to what she had normally known.
She slumped against the tree and ran her black paws over the soft
pregnancy. Within there was a faint shifting in response to the
touch... She sensed the fawn curled up in her womb turning it's head
and smiling, then curling up contentedly once more, slowly stroking
the umbilical that now linked to lives more closely than any lovers
ever could be.
She grinned toothily and turned up the path to the city, pausing
only to don her few adornments then carefully gather the future
Kalezhador's clothes. She sighed and stroked the bulge one more time
before vanishing into the shadows of the jungle with a soft hyenachuckle.
"Ahhhh...heeheeheehee! We will have much to discuss in nine months
I would guess."
Inside the white fawn nodded, for as the seasons turned, the cycle
of birth would be played out in dramatic reversal.
From fawn...
To feotus...
To egg...
To the final nothingness of spirit....
Thus setting the stage for startling reformation from the very
elements and air. Flesh and bone given new life and new vitality...
A year in the service of the hyenas was a fair price to pay for
such a gift...
Kefratiri smiled to herself and agreed...
"I will get FULL enjoyment of that time from you, stag. Oh yesss...
The faint chuckle from within her womb told her the deer looked
forward to the challenge as well and the tall hyena smiled and patted
again the soft form of the fawn in her as she strode off with a swish
of her bushy tail.