Title: Inside Job
Author: Strega
© September, 2001/edited Jan 2003
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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Inside Job: Striper in FurryMuck

By Strega, September, 2001/edited Jan 2003

Striper leaned casually against the wall and watched the furs go by.

This place was so very strange. So many species, so many customs! Humans, humanoid furries, nonmorphic furs, 'tauric furs, dragons, giants, microfurs, balloonie furs and more. He shook his head, losing track of the thought as his eyes automatically followed a passing vixen.

Since coming here, away from Sandra, he's had the opportunity to visit with several species of females. There'd been a randy raccoonette; two amazingly horny vixens and most recently a skunkette so like his love Sandra that he'd felt guilty humping her. They'd been startlingly unafraid of a horny skunk five times their mass, but the really remarkable thing was that he'd managed to fit into all of them except the raccoon. His metamorphosis from skunk to semi-intelligent giant skunk to sentient skunkman had somehow left him rather…gifted. He smiled. Wherever I go, I have trouble fitting in.

He took his eyes off the vixen as she joined up with a leopard-morph. It wasn't sex he wanted now, and she was too alert to drag off for his needs. In fact, this meeting room was just too crowded for a surreptitious kidnapping. He turned for one of the exits.

Several furries watched him as he went. He stood out even among the varied creatures that wandered this place. A barely morphic skunk who walked on his hind paws, he towered past seven feet even with his muzzle held forward to mimic a more humanoid creature. His arms were as thick as a big man's thighs, and he walked with a slight waddle on legs that seemed altogether too short for his massive body. His tail was nearly as large as the rest of him together, big enough to serve as a bed or blanket for a normal-sized fur. He didn't wear a stitch of clothing on his broad torso, and though his buried mephit sheath hardly showed, his heavy balls made his gender quite plain.

He weighed five hundred and thirty pounds unfed and hungry…and he was hungry now.

He'd picked a random door from the eight available and grumbled to himself as he found himself in the apartment-house corridor. Well, he needed to pick up some cash anyway in the event he had to eat at a restaurant.

Just as he reached for the doorknob, someone bumped into his tail from behind. Startled, he half-spun, not seeing anyone at first glance and then remembering to look down.

It was another skunk, a male about five and a half feet tall. He was slender and muscular, with short fur and white chest-pelt that made his pectorals and modest (at least compared to Striper's) sheath ridge stand out.

The smaller skunk was giving him a peculiar glassy-eyed look, one almost of hero-worship. Crystal-blue eyes strayed down to Striper's groin, and he giggled. "Oh! Sorry…my fault. I'm Jace."

Striper eyed the little skunk, thinking his own thoughts. He'd thought to catch a vixen or a passing wolf, the most common locals and the least likely to be missed. But skunks were common too, and there was no one in the hall but the two of them.

Jace didn't even blink when he reached out and gathered up a handful of scruff, nearly hoisting him from his feet. All he managed was a startled 'Meep!' and then they were in Striper's apartment. Striper latched the door and sniffed at his soon-to-be-lunch's ears and nape.

"Hee, hee!" Jace pawed at his chest, fingers straying boldly down to rub Striper's sheath ridge. "You don't need to be rough…I'll play."

There was a scent on the small skunk's nape, the residue of mating-bites…from males. Maybe he bit females the same way, but there was no skin off Striper's nose either way. "I don't want to play."

Jace's eyes widened as Striper dragged him closer. The larger skunk was looming above him now, huge muzzle close to his smaller one. "Are you sure? If you eat me first, who will you play with?"

Striper paused in mid-choplick, thunderstruck. "You…know I'm going to eat you?"

The smaller skunk seemed oddly calm, considering, and giggled. "Sure. I knew the minute I saw you. I heard from a cougar friend that you were gulping down furs who lived here."

A cougar friend? Striper had only met one cougar since getting here, and he'd coughed up that last fur from the digested cat days ago. "What cougar?"

Jace grinned, rubbing his hands downward toward Striper's groin. "It doesn't matter. I'd like to play, but if you don't like that idea…." Hooking his fingers into Striper's chestfur, he stretched upward and pushed his nosepad into the big skunk's still-open muzzle.

Striper put a hand behind Jace's ears purely by instinct, pulling the skunk's snout deeper into his own. It was easy to part his muzzle, lean down, and fit his mouth around Jace's entire head. The smaller skunk's chin rested on his tongue as the jaws shut around him from ears to nose.

The smaller skunk was less than a third his mass and couldn't have resisted his hungry urges. Jace didn't even try. As Striper stood confused, Jace stood on tiptoe and pushed his nose right into Striper's throat.

Striper gagged, then swallowed, and Jace wriggled his muzzle deeper. Cheeks wedged into the tightness at the back of the big skunk's jaws then slipped past; the smaller skunk slid his neck in after. Fur tickled Striper's nose, and he held back a sneeze as he wrapped his arms loosely around the little skunk.

Jace was still pushing in, pressing his shoulders against rubbery black lips and slipping his hands in. Both hands found the back of Striper's jaws and the smaller skunk worked his arms into the slick throat, soon poised like a diver with his arms and head buried in gullet.

He presented a smoothly swallowable shape now and Striper finally began to tug at him. One heavy gulp got the arms and head nicely stretched down his throat, and a hungry yawn-and-bite got his jaws loose enough to fit around shoulders as well.

Jace was trying to step on his thigh now, and Striper stood still as he dug his pads into thick pelt and heaved himself upward. Wriggling slowly, the smaller skunk fit himself past the gaping jaws and down the smooth slope of gullet. The big skunk only had to stand there with muzzle open and the smaller forced himself ever deeper.

Lunch folded in the middle as Jace's chest made the one-way trip down Striper's throat, and the little skunk kicked off the muscular furred thigh. Kicking and wriggling, he dove down the big skunk's throat.

Striper stood in amazement as the smaller skunk squirmed his way to his doom. Fangs scraped Jace's back and belly, and once there was a brief taste of blood as a tooth caught. The little skunk's blood had an acidic tang, not at all what Striper had tasted on Sandra's nape. But the thought passed. Jace was still kicking, still wiggling deeper.

Belly and hips slid into his jaws, and Striper was not surprised that the little skunk was sporting a full, unsheathed erection. He smiled to himself as the cock followed the rest into his throat. Maybe the little skunk had thought he'd lick it, but as far as he was concerned it was just another bit of meat. If Jace managed to come on the way down, well, the semen would be just as nutritious outside the little skunk as inside.

Finally Striper's astonishment gave way to renewed hunger. Whatever Jace's habits, whatever motive led him to stuff himself into a predator's throat, he was a meal now. Tossing his head back, Striper got his jaws around slim muscular thighs and swallowed.

It only took the one. Diving down the big skunk's throat, still wriggling, Jace broke loose from the tight walls and slid easily downward. Thighs, knees, ankles, footpaws drained into Striper's muzzle. The tail followed, a long tickly brush of fur sucked in by the weight of the descending skunk. It looked so like Sandra's tail that he reached up to stroke it, barely getting a paw on it before it was gone.

Inside him, Jace was slithering into his stomach. He leaned back with a groan, hands wrapped over his gut as it swelled. Jace curled up inside without resistance and even pulled his tail in after him, so that no second gulp was needed to get the thing out of his gullet.

Striper smacked his lips and shook his head in a last bit of wonderment at his suicidal (if nicely filling) meal. Jace wriggled faintly in his belly, and a second later a massive belch blew out Striper's cheeks as all the air trapped in folds of his meal's body percolated back up. He'd never eaten a skunk before. He thought of Sandra, who so liked to eat ferrets, but even she hadn't. Maybe he would catch her one sometime, when she followed him to this world. There was no shortage of meal-sized skunks….

Striper groaned suddenly. There was a peculiar, powerfully arousing sensation down below. It almost felt like someone was rubbing his sheath. But that was impossible as he was the only one here. It must just be the erection he got sometimes after eating. He flicked his tail out of the way, looked down…and froze.

It was Jace. Mitten-like outlines of hands had moved beneath his bellyfur to curl around his buried cock and were rubbing up and down the shaft. Like all mustelids (or mephits, close enough), Striper's cock was under the pelt so that it only showed as a ridge. His belly fur was long enough to hide even that most of the time, but his balls gave away his sex and if you knew were to look you could see the impressive length of that ridge.

That length still wouldn't clue you in to the truth. Striper was immensely well endowed, in fact too well endowed for his own taste. He'd have been perfectly happy to have a proper skunk cock, long but narrow for its length. Considering his size it'd have been perfect for sex with human-sized females like Sandra. Instead, he had a long but bulky thing that most women couldn't wrap hands, much less snatch around. Blood was rushing to his groin now, and his cock was swollen three inches thick and still growing. The whole more-than-foot of sheath ridge was heavy with stiffening meat, and tapered cocktip was swelling out of the nipple-like opening.

"Uhhhh. How are you hrrrrr doing that?" He hiccuped, letting out what must have been the last of the air in his gut, and the smaller skunk's hands were still moving. He could feel his belly churning hungrily around lunch, digesting it whole, and still the hands moved!

Leaning against the wall, he pushed at the mitten-hands, trying to get them back inside. But Jace moved somehow beneath his fur, using the pelt to rub his sheath and cock. The little skunk was strong, and his fingers kneaded the stiffening shaft until Striper churred with lust.

"All right, hurrrr all right, I can't stop you." His other hand slapped the wall, and he leaned sharply, his feet moving apart. "Huuhh . Don't…all right…." The furred hand-shapes were pulling his now-hard cock up against the huge lump in his gut, stroking him…and Striper's hips moved, thrusting shaft up against the heavy bulge. "Uuuuh!" It felt as though Jace were licking his cock too, something just as impossible as the stroking. Nothing seemed impossible for what should have been a dead, rapidly dissolving skunk.

His tail was twitching madly, and he grunted as his hips moved again, humping him up against the bulge. Jace was playing him like a fiddle, and each little stroke forced him to thrust…and each thrust ground him against the coarse-but-soft fur of fat, Jace-filled belly. "Hwurrr, hurr, why…are you still alive?"

The swallowed, silent skunk rubbed his cock, and Striper's lust rose insanely. He'd jacked himself off before, even sucked himself (skunks being flexible), and of course he had vigorous sex with females as often as he could manage. But this was unspeakably erotic. The skunk was jacking him off from the inside. It was as though his own body had come to life to stroke him!

"Hhhuhr, huuh, hwurrr." His hips were rocking now, his rump going up and down, his footpaws shifting as he went up on the balls of his feet with each bulge-humping thrust. His heavy testicles swung forward and back, a little less each time as they tensed up against his groin. "Hruuuh!"

His lust was building second by second, and soon reached the point of no return. Warm things began to happen in his balls, his groin, and the fingers still pulled at him. "Why are you doing this?" His tail twitched violently….

"Churrrrhhh!" His cock throbbed against his groin, and hot fluid spurted over his belly, spattered over the wall. Eyes squeezed shut as the second pulse hit, and he couldn't see, couldn't hear. He could only feel . Semen pulsed through his cock, and the fingers stroked the underside of his ballsac expertly. At the same moment, Jace shuddered inside him, pushing his groin hard against the bellywall.

Striper opened his eyes after a moment, panting. He could feel the sticky fluid streaming down his belly, dripping in strings from his balls. He looked down, saw the expected mess. "Huh."

The smaller skunk was quiet, now. His relaxed, curled-up shape showed beneath the stretched fur, and the mitten-hands were gone back into the big skunk's stomach. Jace wasn't even twitching, and Striper could feel his gut working on his lunch.

He looked at the smear on the wall, the one on his belly, and collapsed on a nearby chair. "What were you?" He felt the bulge. The little skunk had never been afraid; he'd gone down his throat willingly. Only when curled up in Striper's stomach had he gotten what he wanted: his hands on the larger skunk's cock.

Striper closed his eyes and sighed tiredly. Between the effort of digesting a meal and his post-orgasmic haze, he wasn't thinking clearly. He'd heard rumors. Was it true that people didn't really die here? Jace seemed to know just what he was doing when he went down his throat, as though he'd done it before. Would he see the little skunk again?

He hiccuped, and settled back to sleep. Tomorrow he would cough up Jace's fur, and after that he would see. Perhaps the next time he saw the little skunk…if there was a next time…he would let those hands touch him from the outside.

The End