Justice is Sweet 

by Karloon (FM) 

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 1998 - All rights reserved.

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  Justice is Sweet 

by Karloon (FM) 

Meeting in prosecution office: Chief Wastron is summing up the case against three criminals the courts have been unable to find guilty. He looks carefully at each of the haggard men sitting around a table that was once ornate. But now has survived several trips from the mayor's office, down through each level of hierarchy, until it replaced their folding table. He clear his throat and everybody, except Johnson, sits at attention. "What we have is a situation our laws seem to have been written to insure the guilty go free with our apology. Tapping a few keys on his console, the three faces they all have learned to despise and cringe at, appear on the room monitor. 

"We all know them even when we sleep," He mumbles as he begins to pace. "Rastralla, seen by several witnesses around the Jacos' home and the man servant identified him as attempting to sell life insurance several days before Mrs Jacos' disappearance. Tooka, known acquaintance of Rastralla and an expert driver. If it wasn't for his skill and the modified vehicle they used, Commissioner Kreth's men would have caught them and she might still be alive." He sneers at the final picture, "And Jertulas, known link to organized crime on several planets. He set it up and brought the others from his home world." Wastron takes a drink before continuing. "You two new men don't know much about their race." He puts his glass down as they nod. "Their planet is ruled by the males. Females are considered property and often given as presents or favors to seal deals. The males have a special hormone gland which they have learned complete control of. It makes their females, and those of many other species, including our own, believe they are one step short of being deities." "In the first three trials, they used it to make our women believe they are innocent. Because of Nacasta laws of fourteen jury members, five of who must be of opposite sex, in the next trial, they'll do it again. This time, the judge is female and she'll find them innocent and they'll go free. 

Security commissioner: 

"If they are released," Kreth, the security commissioner almost shouts as he jumps to his feet, his chair flying backward several feet before crashing onto the thin carpeted floor. "Others of their kind will know that this planet is open territory. I don't care how.." He pauses and starts to turn. "But if something happened to them, Our case load is so heavy we'd probably accept the first suggestion." He quickly walks out and closes the door securely behind him. Johnson had been balancing a pencil, his mind obviously working toward a solution of his own. "Could we ask the last judge to just send them home?" Every one looks at him as if he just suggested releasing them with an apology. Every one except the Commissioner. "May I see you in my office." He turns and quietly leaves the room, his long tail twitching, in a way that those who know him, means the meeting is over. Johnson follows in his normal, apparently unsteady amble. Any one who mentions he walks like the morning after, usually finds himself tripping over his own feet. Johnson is an expert at making himself appear to be a stumbling bum. And it has helped him out of many tight situations. "Now," Wastron almost whispers as relax in his file crammed sanctum. "What's going on in that five dimensional mind of yours?" 

Johnson absently brushes his long cheek fur. "The guy who left early," Wastron gives a understanding wink at this. "So if something happened to them before they got home?" Wastron's hopeful expression falls. "Their space port officials check an arriving ship from bow to tail fins. They also check the ship's system logs. They record how much living matter is aboard before lift off. Unless you can find some way to create their weight in a form their officials will accept..." His voice trails off as Johnson is obviously studying the mural that used to be in the entrance lobby. "What do you need done?" Johnson pulls a crumpled paper out of his coat. "In four days, I'll have two prison guards transfer to main security. I want them put on the night shift so that they'll be able to talk to those mud brains. Give them two days to let them become friendly. Then assign them to the shuttle returning our prisoners to their home world." Wastron reads the note and shrugs. "I don't know what you've got planned and I don't want to know." He smiles and his furry shoulders shake as he restrains his laughter. "But I know they'll get their just deserts." Johnson smiles as he rolls off the couch, his four feet appearing to slip, but actually, he is never off balance. "I'll keep that in mind." He slips through the door so quietly that Wastron almost expects to see him still on the couch. Back in his sparse office, Johnson checks his gun and clip before going out. He grabs a hover cab to a housing district near the stock yards. Paying the driver, who quickly seals the window and speeds off, he walks up the slow rising steps and opens one of the double doors. The hall is dimly lit and wider than a cheap hotel room. He stops at room 5 and knocks. "It's Justice", he whispers as he hears someone approach. A warm, rich, and definitely female voice answers. "Justice, who?" "Just us, so let me in." He grins as the latch releases. He slips in and the door closes quietly behind him. "J J, you look like they've been working you too hard." Her voice is filled with loving concern. "What you need is some one to take care of you." He nuzzles her soft, yet strong, lower shoulder. "I've been working on several cases, Sal." He works his hands up her torso until he is stopped by her large bulbous breast. "I have one I could use your help with." He laps her full, furry bosom through the soft blouse. "If you keep that up," she whispers as her excitement builds. "You'll have to help me." She giggles and her breasts jiggle against his face. He gives a swelling nipple one last nuzzle before he steps back. "It's too bad marriages between our types are looked down on. If it wasn't for my job," he leans against her, pushing into her plumpness. Sal allows his caresses to resume. "I have no idea what you think I can do to help you with a case?" J J rests his chin on her plushy upper shoulder. "You know of the Jacos' abduction trials?" She nods and he continues. "The public hasn't been told that the defendants are Tolesans." A look of curiosity spreads across her face. "Is what I've heard about them true?" J J smiles, "In three trials, all the males found them guilty and the females, innocent. Our only saving point has been male judges who called for retrials." Sal licks his fluffy cheek. "And the next judge is female." She tilts her head, "But how can I help?" He nuzzles her soft chin, "We're going to be their jailers, and then help them escape to their home world." She relaxes to his touches as she thinks. "They'll believe they can control me, but what about you?" J J grins, "When you offer to help them escape, tell them we can't marry on this planet." Sal hugs him tight for a moment and then pushes him away. "We need to work out the details. I'll fix us something to eat and you can explain everything." She turns and walks toward the kitchen. "It's too bad we can't really do more," she giggles. Late into the night, J J lays out his plans and Sal attempts to find problems. By midnight, they have a plan that appears to have no faults. Sal grins, "Their pheremones affecting me will make it easier than we could hope for." "I'll get a uniform made for you tomorrow," J J assures her. "If you think of anything we've missed.." He leans into her plushy front. She wraps her strong, plump arms around him and squeezes him into her enormous breasts. "Only one thing I can think of." She looks deep into his questioning eyes and nibbles his nose. "And I'll take care of that first thing in the morning." After several moments of warm embrace, they release each other and J J calls for a hover cab to pick him up at the corner. "I'll drop your uniform by tomorrow eve." He whispers after giving her silky cheek fur a playful nip. He slips out and then begins his unstable walk to the corner. After several minutes, it arrives and whisks him to the apartment complex near his office. He opens his mail as he prepares for a shower, tossing most in the trash and a few on the counter. After a quick sonic shower, he collapses onto his bed. Falling asleep as he hits the crumpled covers. The third alarm finally shocks him out of a deep sleep. Tossing his clothes on, in the reverse order he took them off the night before, he runs down the back way and shifts into his ambling walk as the rear door of the government office building hisses open. At the coffee pot, he fills a cup and grabs a roll without looking at the selection. "J J," one of his co-workers calls out. "got a few minutes to bang skulls together?" "Sure Rigen," they enter his office and J J flops onto his well worn chair. He takes a sip, testing the quality of the coffee. "We have to get a better machine," he comments as he grimaces. He take a large bite and mumbles, "What's on your mind that you want to bash into mine?" Rigen dusts some papers from the partially collapsed couch. "I'm on the Dyne Yo case. I believe he's been to Los Dagas and could close the book on him being involved with the crime lord if I had proof." J J thoughtfully sips his luke warm coffee. "Tell you what," he dunks the roll and slurps it down. "I need two IDs and uniforms made up." Rigen smiles, "I get it done, and you find what I need." He takes the paper as J J pushes it across the table. As he reads, his face changes to one of concern and surprise. He looks up, "A packer as prisoner security? That's easy." He pauses, "Why the deal in my favor?" J J finishes his coffee, "because you have such a terrible memory." Rigen begins to frown and then catches the drift. "Yea, I even forgot I already have the proof I need." He gets up and starts to leave. "Aren't you forgetting something." J J says with a laugh. As Rigen turns, he motions toward the file on the floor. "Sorry," Rigen picks it up and starts to toss it back on the couch. He almost losses his balance as he changes his mind and opens it. His canines are visible as he reads and smiles. "I'll have the IDs by noon and uniforms before you leave tonight." He turns and virtually runs out. J J rings the department secretary and spends the rest of the morning trying to swim through the bureaucratic sea of paper work. Shortly before lunch, he shoves the last folder aside and drops his face onto the coffee stained surface of his desk. He is alert to someone entering and waits until his visitor is beside him. In a motion that no one would notice, he sweeps his forefoot and the stranger falls onto the worn out carpet. "Here," a hand rises with a thick envelope. "I should know better than think you're asleep." Rigen struggles to his feet, still smiling. J J grins, "If I hadn't known it was you." He examines the IDs in detail. "Your head would have checked out how sturdy this desk is." Rigen laughs, "I wouldn't worry about hitting the desk." He nudges the pile of folders. "I'd worry about suffocating under all this." J J laughs, "I've been busy getting every thing caught up so I won't be needed. How's your case looking?" Rigen grins, "We're only waiting for a court date. His attorney found out what we've got and is now talking about making a deal." He shakes his head. "I'd rather watch him squirm in court, but.." They slap hands in mutual congrats. "For my plan to work, I need complete secrecy." "What plan?" Rigen barely manages to ask with a straight face. They have lunch with others of their department and nothing is mentioned of the Rocos' case. About mid-afternoon, Commissioner Walstron knocks on J J's open door. "The judge has ordered them sent home. No one else has been told and I can keep it that way for awhile. How's it going on your side?" He asks after he closes the door. "I'll need a couple of weeks off." He leans back, his chair threatening to drop him to the floor. "Since the judge has decided to let them go, I don't think it will be wise to tell 'any one' until they're gone." Walstron nods in an attempt to understand. "It would be a shame if some one helps them break out. They wouldn't know they're free." He glances at the calendar. "You've got about ten weeks of vacation time built up. Take up to four and have a good time." He smiles for a moment, before his face resumes it's usual flat expression as he leaves. As he finishes his last, coldest and strongest, cup of the day, Rigen enters with a package. "Here's one of them. The other is downstairs." J J tosses his cup in the overflowing trash basket, almost magically balancing it on top. "Great, I'll call a cab and meet you out front." He grabs the phone and is waiting with Rigen in a matter of minutes. The cab floats up and they toss the packages in. "Catch ya when I get back," J J calls out as the hover cab whisks off. It cost him a heavy tip to get the driver to wait while he carries the large package inside, before returning for the smaller one. Sal closes the door as he carries it in. "Can we have a fashion show?" She winks at her joke. J J smiles and shakes his head. "We'd never get anything else done and we have to report for work tomorrow." "So?" she almost laughs. "We don't go in until Midnight." J J is tempted as she moves and her fur flows on her billowing body. "No," he says, as much to himself as her. "We have to keep our minds on the job." He smiles and fluffs her cheek fur. "Besides," he kisses her frown and she starts to smile. "I'm on four weeks vacation and this shouldn't take more than one and a half." Sal smiles and pulls him deep into her silky fur and breast fat. "By then I'll need you to make me feel contented." J J grins and spreads the dossiers about the prisoners on the table. "You need to know everything about them." She grins and prepares supper while he talks. Late into the night (actually early morning) he tells her everything about their personalities and criminal history. As the sun filters through the slightly tattered curtains, Sal struggles to her feet and rubs her tired eyes. "I think we can call it a night." J J gets up and stretches. "Right, I guess I'll crash out on the couch." He staggers toward it. Sal shifts her stance and her ponderous bosom threatens to burst out of her partly open blouse. "Wouldn't you prefer a nice comfortable bed?" He smiles as he is mesmerized by her round, deep cleavage. "After we finish," he almost laughs. "You'll be even softer and warmer." He falls onto the couch, almost asleep before he hits it. 

Sal smiles as she cleans up and goes to bed. As sleep takes her, she imagines a place where they can be together, with him enjoying all of her and more. Late in the afternoon, J J wakes on the floor. He lies without moving, remembering where he is and listening to the sounds of the building. After a moment, he realizes Sal is in the kitchen. He quietly gets up. "Hope you're hungry." She calls from the kitchen. She carries a platter of assorted foods. "I'm not sure if we should have breakfast or supper." J J smiles, "It looks like you made both." He sits down and fills a plate with less than a fourth of the food on the table. Sal laughs as she loads her plate. "I have to watch my diet or I'll start pushing the limits my boss accepts." He smiles and swallows. "After this case, I'll have to make plans for your care." He grins and resumes eating as she stares at him in curiosity. When they finish, he helps her clean up and then briefs her on what duties, tonight's work will involve. After they change into their guard uniforms, J J tries and adjust her's so she looks less like she was poured in. "I thought the measurements you gave me were recent?" He sighs as he watches her upper abdomen slosh within the uniform. She grins, "I guess working close with you has boosted my appetite." She pats her round flesh. "Or maybe I'm getting in shape for what I'm going to do." J J smiles as he picks up the phone. "We better get going, we don't want to be late." He punches the number of the local hovercab that has special vehicles for ones of Sal's subspecies. They walk outside and wait. Shortly, a medium weight truck with cab markings slides up. J J gives the driver an address close to the city's prison and then joins Sal in the back. The inside has been modified of beings of her size or larger and is surprisingly comfortable. They arrive and J J pays the driver. He asks that some one pick them up shortly after quitting time. He joins Sal and leads her into the back entrance of the jail. He shows the transfers and their ID's at the entrance. "They're getting rather desperate for the night shift if they're hiring her kind." He almost sneers. "I bet those pheremone sprayers would be scared of using it on her." He lets them in and signals for the shift change. After they leave, J J takes her on a tour of the jail. They check on the Tolesans last. "So you're the new guards," Tooka sneers. "You better get to know us fast because we'll be leaving soon." J J steps close and stares until he steps back. "But you won't be going where you hope." He pauses for a moment. "I've heard they're modifying the laws so an all male jury can decide." He turns and storms out, with no signs of his usual unsteady walk. 

Jertulas carefully approaches Sal. "What did he mean by that?" His voice oozing with gentleness. "I don't know what he meant," she whispers sadly as he turns the corners and disappears. "So many of his friends have almost turned on him since we met." "Would you like to talk about it? I know they think we're guilty, but I'm a very understanding being." Sal turns and smiles as she senses the pheremone he's releasing, but they affect her in a slightly different way. "The problem is me." She pats her round torso, causing her tightly clothed flesh to jiggle and her bounteous breast to strain the material to it's limits. "More than a century ago, a genologist was working on modifying morans, our meat animals, so that they wanted to eat and get fat. The idea was if the animals had enough intelligence to think, they'd enjoy the food and eat to their limits. His experiments failed until he tried using brain cells from a deceased at the local hospital. The first births resulted in marketable weight in three fourths the time. Every one was impressed and all female morans were impregnated with the new strain. For several generations, everything went like they hoped it would. The first sign of trouble, was when a couple of the largest were kept in a lab and learned to speak. Our high court was split between continuing to think of Mamorans, as the intelligent ones were called, as meat or giving them rights equal to every one else. The final decision was giving us rights. But also allowing us to decide when we wanted to be fed to our limit and become what we were created for. She pokes her snug uniform. "After awhile, it becomes difficult not to gain and then we get too big too work. Our religion teaches us that when we die, we're reborn immediately. If we've been very good, we'll be full Mathuans." Jertulas smiles in understanding, "And they really despise one of you marrying into their race and the possibility of cross bred offspring." He pauses as she nods sadly. "Have you though of moving off planet?" He asks hopefully. Sal shakes her head, her long thick hair floating around like a halo. "We couldn't afford transport, and then we'd need a society that would accept us." Jertulas reaches out and strokes her hand. "If you could help us get home, I'm certain we could find a place for you to live together." Many of our males want their females fat. With that four legged build of yours, you could really fill out." Sal licks her lips as his pheremones spread on her skin. "I don't know," she whispers hesitantly. "Maybe J J might know something." Jertulas smiles, "Tell him that we can give you a place you can live together with out beings making fun of you." Sal smiles, "I better find him." She steps back. "I know you couldn't be guilty." She turns and walks the way J J had gone. Jertulas looks at the others, "I hope I don't have to explain my plans," he whispers. Rastralla looks past the bars. "You know that she's going to want to get very close to you, and maybe all of us." Jertulas smiles, "So what? I kind of like her big boobs and if all I look at is them...." Tooka laughs, "They are good sized. In fact, I'm surprised she can move as well as she can with all that meat in front." They relax and drift to sleep. J J is waiting for Sal in the control room. He smiles as she licks her hand. "That was quick thinking with giving me a different name." He closes the door behind her. "I saw him getting your interest. What do you think?" Sal smiles, "I'll give them a few hours before I let them know we're interested. They'll need to tell me where they have any money stashed so we can buy transport tickets. Then we'll have to work on their 'escape'." J J smiles as he fondles her mammoth breast. "And then we can work on plans for us. I've already been promised any money they give us is ours." Sal smiles and jokingly smothers him in her flesh. "I hope there's enough to take us to an understanding planet." J J smiles to himself as they work on the nightly reports. Once done, they take another tour of the cells. Sal goes to the Tolesans alone. "He said he's interested, but how does he know he can trust you?" Jertulas smiles, "I'll tell you where we stashed our working money. We never trusted banks so we designed ways to hide it." He hands her a tightly folded paper. "Just follow the instructions. When he sees how much there is, he'll know that we trust him." He kisses her hand as she takes the note. Sal licks her hand and then smiles sweetly. "I trust you. With this money, we can get passage on a ship headed for your world." She glances down the hall. "Tomorrow I'll let you know when it's leaving." She turns and quickly walks off. "How could you give her our money?" Tooka demands. "What if they just take it and run?" Jertulas smiles and leans back. "She's got my magic flowing in her. Also, they need a place that will accept them. We've given them what they want in exchange for what we want." Rastralla smiles from his bunk. "I kept pace with your plan every step of the way. You've got her under your control and that burned out jailer is in love with her." Jertulas smiles, "I'll cancel my control over her just before we get home." He lays down and is quickly asleep. The morning guards arrive and ignore Sal as J J reports a quiet night. Outside, they wait for the hover cab in silence. They fake exhaustion during the ride and are shortly in Sal's apartment. "I'd like to get the money now", J J comments while they eat. "If they really trust us, we'll know." Sal smiles and gently holds his hand. "I want to start packing. If things go the way we hope..." She leaves her thoughts unspoken. J J grabs his coat and goes out in his characteristic stagger. He walks several blocks before hailing a hovercab. It carries him into the cleaner parts of the city. The driver scowls at the tip as J J walks into the Finance Security Building. The doorman hesitates at his appearance, but opens the door anyways. Once inside, J J takes a lift to an upper floor and enters the one of the small offices. "Can I help you?" The lightly clad secretary sweetly asks. J J leans against her desk. "I'd like to see Mr. Jones. Tell him it's Michael Cooper Smith." She keeps her vacant smile as she keys the com unit. "There's a Michael Cooper Smith for Mr Jones." "Tell him I'll be right out," a strong male voice replies. J J stumbles back to the finely upholstered couch and flops down. As the door begins to open, he is on his feet before an expensively dressed Centoid with finely trimmed fur enters the room. "Mr. Cooper," he says with a smile that could cut duraloy. "You're here to pick up some materials we've been holding for your friends." J J slips into the play he's known of through several informants. "They sent me because they have to finish up some work before they leave." Mr. Jones smiles, "I thought they might be on planet for a while longer." He hands a thick, sealed portfolio to him. "I do hope we can do business again." J J smiles as he secures the package inside his coat. "I have other friends that may also be interested." Neither of them lose their businessman's smile and J J is quickly outside. A hovercab cruises up as soon as he motions for it. The driver's irritation almost smokes the shield separating them as he hears the address. Once there, the driver almost slideslips the cab as J J gives him a tip almost equal to the tab. He stumbles up the stairs, a couple of sturdy built youngsters are playing and don't even notice him. Sal smiles as she lets him in before he knocks. "The local gossip is I've found a norm. The question is, does he want me or my meat." He smiles as he sits down to the meal she had already started. "If you keep eating like this," he pats her round tummy as she moves beside him. "They'll think I want your meat." She grins as she turns and surrounds his head with her bounteously soft breasts. "But they won't guess how you like my meat." She laughs as she sits down and resumes eating. While he washes up, she packs the rest of her few possessions. "There's no reason to have a lot when you expect to be gone soon." She jokes as he helps her with the last box. J J slaps her plush back playfully. "But you're not going where they think you are." He drops his smile as she turns hopefully at him. "Once this job's done," he promises. "Then I'll work out a way." She smiles and goes to her room. He smiles sadly as he undresses and collapses on the couch. The evening sun is filtering through the tattered curtains as the sound of her showering wakes him from a disturbing sleep. He dresses quickly and counts the credits in the folder. Sal comes out with a towel wrapped around her luxurious mane. "Did you get enough?" She asks jokingly as she begins preparing supper. J J smiles, "I think I'm in the wrong business." He counts a small amount, puts the rest back in the folder and seals it. "You hide this somewhere," he whispers as she puts the food on the table. Her eyes pop out almost as far as her swollen breasts as she sees the credits he removed. "That's more than I'd be worth at full weight." She takes the folder and hides it in her shoulder bag. "No one would expect me to have anything worth stealing. Besides," she turns slightly and the tortured buttons threaten to surrender. "I don't think they'd be able to focus their attention..." Her voice becomes soft and fades as J J fondles her jiggling flesh. He begins breathing heavily until he realizes what he's doing. "I'm sorry," He mumbles as he releases her bounteous bosom. "We have to keep our minds on this case." He sits down and stares at his partially eaten meal. She puts her soft hand on his shoulder. "I understand," she says reassuringly. She sits opposite him and smiles as she begins eating. J J regains his smile, "I have to make arrangements for our trip." He mumbles through a large mouthful as he stands. "I'll meet you at Security." He turns and quickly leaves. Sal smiles as he almost hesitates before closing the door behind him. "Once this case is finished," she leans back and pats her slightly bulging upper abdomen. "He won't be able to resist me any more than a Norm female can resist our subjects." She cleans the kitchen and watches the holo-system to relax. J J flags a cab and directs him to the cargo building of the space port. In less than an hour, he gets out and walks around to one of the smaller offices. He opens the door and pauses. "Weechler, it's J J." A head rises from behind the mound of papers which almost buries the desk. "J J", he call in happy surprise as the door closes. "What can I do for you." J J smiles slightly, "This isn't official," he whispers as he sits on a couch almost hidden by a console. "I'm taking some beings to Tolesa. Three of them, one Mamoran and myself. I'll need separate cargo areas for each of them and a small room for myself." He pauses as Weechler writes, "and the Mamoran and I will be returning after she puts on some weight." He keeps a business-like face as he studies the flight schedules. "I've got one launching day after tomorrow at oh 6:20. It's a five day flight, one day unload and reload, then it hits several other ports and returns here in twenty five days. I can give the Mamoran a chamber that should handle her well and give you a choice of several rooms. There's plenty of empty chambers outgoing and I can have three made ready for your friends." J J smiles, "I want them kept separated from loading until I decide otherwise." Weechler nods, "No problem, get here between five and six and I'll be the only one on board. The captain never asks anything except the cargo weight and we'll have to record the Bio-weight report." payment. "I may need another flight in a few months." Weechler smiles, "I can get you much better accommodations for that one." They stand and shake both hands to signify agreement and silence. J J calls for a hovercab and has to wait almost half an hour before it arrives. He glances at his chronometer and asks the driver to wait for him as they arrive at his apartment. The driver hesitates, but agrees when J J hands him an extra credit. They arrive barely a moment before shift change. He tosses the driver the tab along with a credit tip and quickens his stumbling walk. The previous guards are already leaving and one of them sneers at him. "Watch out she doesn't raid the kitchen, or she'll be meat by the end of the year." J J gives him an uncaring look and joins Sal in the control room. They run standard checks and the verify all prisoners are in their cells. As they approach the Tolesans, Sal quickens her pace while J J slows his. Rastralla reaches out and gently holds her hands. "How are you?" He asks with concern that she knows is faked. She acts as if he is controlling her. "Every thing's going great." She smiles as J J approaches. He stumbles up and leans against the empty cell opposite theirs. "I've got rooms for you on a cargo flight morning after tomorrow. You'll have to stay in separate chambers to lessen chances of being recognized." They look at each other, barely able to control their excitement. "As soon as we get home," Rastralla assures them. "We'll get you a place set up." He smiles at Sal, "I know you're proud of him." Sal grips his hand and turns her head toward J J. She gives a slight wink only he can see. "And I'll do anything I can for him." 

J J smiles slightly and then leaves to cover their assigned tasks. her and steps back. Jertulas has been standing nearby and takes her hand. "He really cares for you, doesn't he?" He asks in a sensitive tone. Sal smiles and looks down at her swelling breasts and belly. "I know he cares for the inner me." She giggles and looks up into his eyes. She licks her luscious lips. "And I think he actually like how much outer me I might become." Jertulas smiles reassuringly, "A few of my friends back home like extras full fems." He pulls her close and whispers, "And I could see his eyes tracing your soft figure." As he speaks, his other hand strokes over her full breasts and then tries to heft one of her fat jugs. Sal licks her lips again as he feels the weight of her other one. "And you think he actually is looking forward to me filling out?" She asks excitedly. Jertulas releases her hand and uses both of his on her ponderous bosom. "I can see why he might like more of you." He slowly pulls his hands back, letting her tightly covered flesh almost flow off his fingers. "And if you need any help in convincing him..." Sal smiles as she runs her hands over the area he touched. She quickly turns, her heavy breasts rolling, threatening to destroy her blouse. Once around the corner, she excitedly licks her hands, tasting the scent he left. As she enters the control room, J J remains staring at the monitor. "Those two are arguing which one of them can have you first." He laughs as Tooka finally insists on one night with her. Sal opens the small fridge and pulls out one of the two large bags she had brought. "The other guards thought I didn't hear their jokes about all this." She open the bag and removes a huge (at least in J J's opinion) sandwich. J J jogs over to the drink dispenser and returns with several bottles. He opens two and smiles as he hands her one. "I hope you can control yourself until we leave," he jokes as she empties her first in a gulp. "I don't want to get you a new uniform for just one night." Sal inhales and the gaps between the buttons of her blouse open until J J is mesmerized by her deep, lightly furred cleavage. "I'll have a friend of mine let it out so I can make it 'til then." She takes several large bites and gulps them down before she reaches for her second drink. She bats her eyelashes seductively, "you know what their kind does to me." She slows her eating as J J contains his laughter. "It's going to be interesting when they find out how much they've peeked your appetite." They both give in to laughter, thankful that the control room is soundproof. The rest of the night, they walk the corridors together. All the prisoners are asleep, or appear to be. By the time the morning shift arrives, the buttons holding Sal's lower body blouse closed, are threatening to explode. She walks carefully, holding her billowing flesh in as well as she can. One of the female guards pulls her aside. "You've seen them?" She asks excitedly. "We know it's some inter planetary deal and they're just being used." Sal smiles in agreement. "It bothers me so much that when I get home," She looks at her quivering flank. "I have to eat to keep from doing something foolish." The guard smiles understandingly and whispers. "One of my friend's brother is in love with one of your kind. He lives out of the city and she sold herself to him. Have you thought about that." She struggles to keep her smile. "It looks like you might be on the edge of feeding frenzy." Sal keeps her smile, "I think it's just worrying about those three." She turns and carefully walks to where J J is waiting in the cab. On the ride home, he notices Sal trying to cover what appears to be nervousness. He follows her inside and closes the door. "What's troubling you?" Sal turns to face him. "If I try and hold it in any longer." She smiles as he watches her lower blouse being stretched to it's limits. "If I bend to unbutton..." She tries not to laugh. J J smiles as he drops to his knees beside her. She pulls her sagging belly in and he quickly releases the buttons. She gasps in relief as her swollen abdomen sags. "I better see Julra about getting these altered. She gets some of her casual clothes and slips out the door, leaving J J gaping in shock over her going out with her clothes open. He watches the morning news and is pleased there is nothing mentioned about the Tolesans. Sal comes in, wearing the clothes she grabbed before leaving. "I didn't tell you," she grins, "Julra lives next door." She prepares a large breakfast and J J caution her to watch how much she's eating. "I know it's hard to hold back," he warns her. "But we don't want anything to tip them off." Sal smiles and forces herself to push the food away. "I know," she grins. "The case first." She laughs and her heavy flesh jiggles within her clothes. She stands up, "tomorrow morning isn't that long to wait." J J takes her soft hand to reassure her. "I can't guarantee anything, but I'm working on it." Sal kisses him gently. "I know," she whispers back. "I think we better get some sleep. Who knows when we'll have a chance tomorrow." J J pats her hand. "We've got enough money to make plans and the commissioner told me he doesn't believe they have any money on this planet." He walks with her to her room. "Tonight, we have to play the game to make them think they're winning." Sal almost laughs. "They won't know justice is traveling with them." They give each other a quick kiss and then separately go to sleep. The evening sun glows through the curtains. J J had suggested that they sleep as long as possible. After trying to remain motionless for more than an hour, he gives up and gets dressed. Sal also had been trying and joins him within minutes. "I guess I'm nervous or excited," she giggles as she begins preparing their meal. J J watches her work. "Remember," he says quietly. "We don't want a full belly to slow you down." Sal looks at the amount of food she had started preparing. "Maybe it was my stomach that wouldn't let me sleep." She returns almost half the food to the containers before she begins cooking. She dishes it up and J J helps her carry it to the table. "I know it's them but.." she hesitates. searching for the right words. "It's just that I really want to eat. Not like this, but...." Her deep brown eyes look more liquid than usual. J J wraps one of his arms around her soft shoulders and pulls her close. "I know," he answers reassuringly. "We've talked about it before and now I'm more sure than ever that I'll still want you." She shakes her head and her long thick mane flows over her bounteous breasts. "But every one will be wondering when I'll go and who'll get," J J grabs her head firmly, yet gently and turns it to face his. "I said I'll find a way, didn't I? This case is just what we need. I've already started a plan to get us some where no one will bother us." Sal wipes her eyes and smiles. "You never sounded this sure of us before. Why now?" J J struggle to escape the truth that he never allowed himself to see. "I guess our joke about prime meat, isn't." He pulls her closer and they kiss passionately. She pulls him closer, squeezing him between her ponderous breasts and trapping him with her strong, yet extremely fleshy arms. "Do we still have to wait until after the case?" She asks with a gleam in her eyes. J J opens his mouth to speak. Suddenly the room is filled with a deep rumble. For a moment he looks around, until he sees Sal laughing eyes. "I guess some one else," she steps back and pats her jiggling lower belly, "wants to be satisfied first." J J feels the weight and sponginess of her lower tummy. "She's only going to be satisfied when justice is served." They both laugh at this. J J calls Weechler and asks him to have Sal's boxes picked up. Shortly before they have to leave for work, a medium sized transport rolls up and the driver approaches. J J opens the door before he has a chance to knock and they quickly load the boxes. The transport drives off as Sal locks the door and gives the key to Julra. She waits until they are alone. "I told her I can't wait any longer and you're going to make me prime." She smiles as she hands J J a sealed envelope. J J grins and gives her a loving hug. "I think you're going to be Supreme." They exchange a quick kiss before the hover cab arrives. The ride to Security passes with out a spoken word, but none are needed. They arrive several minutes early and enter the control room with the attitude of partners, rather than lovers. Every one is waiting and leaves them with only comments about the weather. Sal glances for J J's approval and runs so that her fat billows as much as possible without being apparent she want it to. 

Tooka is the only one not asleep. "Are we still planning to leave?" He asks excitedly as he gently grabs her jiggling arms. Sal fakes being out of breath. "Everything is set. We'll be leaving about four or five." He leans his face between the bars and she plays along as he kisses her. She responds by kissing his cheek. Her teeth playfully scrap his bare flesh. "Just wait till we're in space," she whispers. "I know things that will please you more than you can imagine." She pulls back and straightens her blouse over her heavy, quivering breasts. "I'll be thanking each of you," her long lashes flutter seductively, "personally." She turns and sashes heavily down the corridor. As she turns the corner, the other two sit up smiling. "I wonder what secret ways of pleasure she has?" Jertulas ponders in anticipation. "But there is a lot of her to please us." Rastralla leans back and smiles, "We'll find out while we're on our way to home and freedom." They quietly talk of home and the possible things Sal was hinting at. Sal almost runs into the control room and jerks out the bag containing her lunch. With out a word, she attacks a large sandwich as if she hadn't eaten in days and grabs the second one without pausing. J J holds a large drink container in front of her and she pours the contents down before she catches hold of her appetite. She collapses on the couch and stares at him in a mixture of joy and horror. "Tooka took me to a level I didn't think I could control," she finally gasps. She starts to reach for the bag and then jerks her hand back. J J kneels beside her and brushes her luxurious hair out of her face. "We've been lucky this didn't happen until tonight." He takes the bag, opens it and smiles. "Go ahead," he assures her. "Just keep away from them until it's time." She smiles, throwing her arm around him and mashes his face into her huge plushy breast. "They've never seen my kind overly excited." J J nuzzles her silky flesh as he hands her another sandwich. He gives her each morsel until the bag is empty, kissing and mouthing her bounteous bosom all the while. As she swallows the last gulp, she lets him up. "I hope you know what's going to happen." She almost laughs. J J smiles and affectionately squeezes her soft fleshy body. "If I don't know now," he passionately kisses her for several minutes. "We better do our patrols," he finally gasps. He forces himself to release her and they manage to maintain professional distance for the next several hours. At four o'clock, they prepare to take the Tolesans out as if they are being transferred. J J checks his stun charge and then gets three wrist immobilizers. Sal checks her stunner and smiles. "I think it'll look best if I take the back up position. J J smiles as he accesses the cell control and clears the cell to be opened when they are ready. He grins and leads her down the corridor. When they reach them, Sal stands back, keeping her stunner aimed as J J opens the cell. "Put these on," he commands as he tosses the wrist devices onto the bed. Jertulas picks them up and hands them to the others. The secure lights flash green as they put them on. "Stay together and walk slowly," J J commands. They follow his instructions and are soon in the garage. J J motions to an unmarked truck and they climb in. Sal covers them until J J has secured the rear door. Quickly they climb into the front seats and drive out. As they leave, J J pulls a small box from his jacket and flips the single switch. He smiles as the garage door slides down and secures. "Fifteen minutes before change of shift, the trouble alarms will trip and seal all the doors. The standard procedure will take them almost an hour before they find we've gone." Sal leans back and smiles, "By then, we'll have left orbit." As they approach the space port, she glances back, "When are you going to release them?" J J grins as he drives up to the transport where Weechler is waiting. With only a nod, Weechler opens the hatch while J J opens the door and removes the electronic shackles. They are bio-cleaned of all dirt and wastes, internal as well as external. Then automatically weighed and the total is calculated as they enter. Weechler shows each of them to separate storage areas that have been slightly modified for them. Rastralla pauses, and then smiles. "No one else on board will know we're here, right?" Weechler glances at his timepiece. "The prefight crew will be here soon," he tells them in a concerned voice. Rastralla smiles and they enter their rooms. Sal smiles as she enters hers. "I hope the in-flight meals are good." The door slides closed behind her billowing rump and J J thanks Weechler before going into his own. The crew does their job quickly and efficiently. The hatches seal and the ship begins to gently vibrate as the engines are brought on line. Almost silently, the heavy transport ship floats off the pad and heads upward. Once in space, the pilot receives final instructions before leaving orbit. Within an hour, the ship is cruising in hyper-space. The captain leans back and checks all systems. He knows there are living beings on board, but has no desire to learn who or what. His only concern, is keeping the systems monitored, and fighting the boredom of another cargo run. J J floats comfortably in the null-gravity. He twists and pushes off a wall. Reaching the door, he drifts to Sal's room and enters quietly. "How are you doing?" Sal smiles as she keeps a grip on a hand hold. "I'm ok," she hesitates as she finally lets go. J J quietly laughs and spends the next few hours teaching her the tricks of moving in free fall. "Have you decided which one will be first?" He asks as she demonstrates her new ability. Sal floats toward him and giggles as her flesh surges around him. "I think Rastralla should be last." She pauses in thought. "Jertulas is slightly smaller than Tookas so I guess he's first." J J agrees, "Do you want me to tell him you're ready to thank him?" He almost laughs. Sal grins widely and her tongue runs over both her lips. "Remember to tell him I'll need it pitch blank." She begins unbuttoning her blouse as J J leaves. He propels himself to a hatch and opens it. Jertulas is strapped into a chair, reading the most recent news transmission from Tolesa. He turns and smiles, "I couldn't have planned that escape any better myself." He pauses as he sees J J's unsettled look. "Is there a problem?" J J shakes his head. "Sal feels she must show you her appreciation for giving us a place to live together." He pauses for a moment. "I won't stop her, but I hope you'll treat her well." Jertulas is barely able to control his growing excitement. "Don't worry, I'll respect your request." J J fakes a slight sigh of relief. "One more thing. She wants to please you in complete darkness. You'll enjoy her best, if you only have your sense of touch. Jertula nods. "Tell her to give me a couple of minutes, and then come on in." J J nods meekly, but catches a glimpse of Jertula preparing for her. Sal is wrapped in a very large, loose robe. "It's some thing Julra gave me," she answers his expression. She pushes off and bumps into him as they float into the passageway. J J gives her a reassuring hug. "We both know what you're going to do. If there was another way.." Sal puts a plump finger against his lips. "We also know that this is giving us our best opportunity to have a place we can be together." J J floats to the light control and pauses. He smiles and the lights fade to darkness. Sal puts her hand on the door release and quietly opens it. "Jertulas?" She asks excitedly as she releases her robe and it drifts away. "I'm right here." A slight, almost unnoticed fear, is hidden in his excited voice. "Now what?" "Just stay there." She whispers, trying to control what his pheremones are already awakening in her. The door closes behind her as she pushes herself toward him. Her warm hands touch his chest and he involuntarily flinches. "You're not cold, are you?" She asks sweetly. Jertulas breathes deeply, his hands touch her pillowy breasts. "You'll warm me up, won't you?" Sal gently takes his hands back. "You just relax and I'll do everything. As her tongue strokes his fingers, he relaxes. She smiles as she feels him begin to go limp. She continues licking his left hand, slowly working her way up his arm, coating it with her saliva. She continues onto his chest and then down his other arm. "Do you feel good?" She whispers huskily. "Yes," he answers in an almost dreamlike voice. "It's like everything you touch is feeling more relaxed, yet more alert than ever before." "And it gets even better." Her large, billowing breasts gently bump into his abdomen as she returns to licking his chest. She slowly works her way down. Coating the rest of his chest, then abdomen with her saliva. She slowly works around his rigid penis. His breathing becomes more excited as his cock expands to one and a half times it's normal size. He should feel pain from the stretched skin, but her spit has scrambled his nerves so that pain or pleasure is received as pleasure. The greater the nerve stimulation, the greater the level of pleasure he feels. He takes a deep breath, letting it hiss through his teeth as she licks his throbbing shaft. "I'm ready," he gasps. "I want to be in you now." 

There is a hungry look growing in her eyes as he says this. "Not yet," she whispers with a voice sweet as honey. "I'm going to slowly bring you to levels of ecstasy you've never dreamed of. This is going to be a night you'll never forget." Sal runs her wet tongue upwards to his damp chest and then down his right arm. She licks his hand, opening her mouth wide, she sucks most of his hand into her wet mouth. Jertulas sighs as she pulls back, letting each finger slide out. "Now we go to the first level of ecstasy," she whispers. She sucks his little finger in, gently scraping her teeth over it's skin. She plants her teeth where it joins his hand and bites through in one quick chomp. Jertulas groans loudly as his scrambled nerves send flashes of pleasure into his brain. "Please," he begs, "More, more, don't stop." Sal lets the twitching finger wiggle down her throat, savoring the feel and taste. "I'm just getting started," she whispers lustily. Her saliva stops his blood from flowing as she bites off each finger and thumb in the same manner. His mind is flooded with senses approaching orgasmic intensity, rising with each bite. She swallows his thumb and then switches to his other hand, gulping them down in reverse order. The limited control of his voluntary muscles causes him to shudder as his cock expands to almost twice it's normal size. "I can't believe," he gasps hoarsely. "That it keeps getting better." 

Sal licks his hand, his pheremones driving her taste buds wild. "I've only started," She bites through his palm and gulps. Her next bite is just above his wrist. The bones crunch as she chews and moves back to his other side. As she eats that hand, she seductively rubs her ponderous breasts against his side. He tries to speak, but waves of ecstasy assault his fevered brain as she begins on his arm. Biting chunks of flesh and bone, working her way up as pieces of his arm slides down her throat. She continues eating until stopped by his shoulder. She takes a firm bite and pulls what remains of his upper arm out of the socket and gulps it down. "Please," his whisper is barely audible. "I don't know how much of this I can take." Sal rolls her heavy heaving bosom over his abdomen as she switches to his remaining arm. She sucks the end of his arm before answering. "You don't want your friends to know I'm more than you can handle, do you?" She bites through his arm and gulps, the piece stretches her throat slightly as it slides down, into her elastic stomach. Jertulas shakes his head, his smile threatening to rip his face open. "No, keep going." He groans as his tortured shaft swells even more. "As big as it feels now," he giggles. "You better get me in soon, or you won't be able to force me in." Sal almost chokes on the bite she has just taken. She forces the mouthful down and then struggles to keep from laughing. "I won't be satisfied unless I get all of you deep inside me." She begins to take faster bites, gulping each one before the previous one reaches her belly. As she swallows the last of his arm, she reaches back and pats her slightly swollen lower abdomen. She squashes her soft jugs against his chest and slowly slides them down his body. His body squirms as much as his dulled muscles allow as his incredibly expanded cock is engulfed between her monstrous cushions of milk flesh. "Ahhh," he gasps dryly. "We've reached the top." Sal smiles as his quivering shaft emerges from the depths of her cleavage. Her tongue reaches out and begins slurping his heaving love rod. She works her way up and over it's amazingly stretched head and forces her mouth over and down it's length. Clamping her full lips onto it's base, she begins to suck violently, her inner cheeks touching his painfully pulsing shaft, and then puffing out until they look as stretched as possible. Within moments, his cum blasts into the vacuum she has created. He continues to pump after he is dry. "Oooh, that was so good," he gasps. "I've never felt this good before." Sal smiles as she begins licking her way down both legs. "And that was only level one," she teases. Jertulas sighs. Almost a fourth of his brain cells have burned out and his only remaining desire is to experience more of what she's promise. Sal coats his legs and then begins playing with his toes. She bites each one off quickly and plays with the wiggling pieces of meat in her mouth. She gulps them down and excitedly consumes his feet. As she begins on his calves, she glances up and watches his exhausted shaft rapidly filling to it's previous expanded size. Opening her mouth wider than ever, she gulps his legs down in increasingly large chunks. As she reaches his hips, she carefully pulls his legs out of their sockets and forces the large pieces of meat and bone down her expanded throat. Smiling, she sucks his amazingly expanded balls. She grins in anticipation as she feels the tightness of the normally loose skin. "How many," he tries to gasp. "How many levels?" Sal laughingly licks his hot, pulsing rod. She smiles as she sees it expand to almost three times it's normal size. "Only two more." She promises. "I hope I can hold all of you." Jertulas tries to wet his lips, but even his tongue is dry. "If you can't," he whispers, "I'll be disappointed." Sal is starting to suck on the massively expanded head. "I'll be disappointed too," she answers quietly. She slowly forces her thickened lips around his monstrously swollen staff of flesh and blood. The head ploughs it's way down her throat before her lips reach the base. The swallowing muscles of her throat are exciting him before she begins her torturous sucking. His cumsack swells until it's surface is a network of stretch marks. "Aaah," he almost gasps. "I feel like I've got more than a gallon ready for you." The dryness of his voice tells her he may not be exaggerating. Sal can not smile because of the huge, pulsing shaft of meat clogging her mouth. She sucks more voraciously than before. His pheremones and the amount of his flesh swelling her expanded stomach has driven her well beyond the normal feeding frenzy. Suddenly, she feels his living meat pulse more violently as the first blast of cum is pumped from his ready to burst sack. Her teeth instinctively snap shut and his still pulsing tube humps its way down her throat. With another massive bite. She severs his ball sack and gulps his productive globes down. His scream of pleasure, dries the rest of his mouth and throat. "Oooh please," he barely manages to whisper. "It's impossible. There's no way you can take me any higher." Sal smiles and caresses her amazingly stretched lower abdomen. "Let's see if I can." She chomps into his abdomen and begins pulling and gulping his intestines. "It's a good thing the bio-clean does such a complete job," she thinks as she sucks a several foot length down. Jertulas continues to wiggle and silently groan as she continue to eat. She pauses and strokes her incredibly stuffed abdomen as she looks at what remains of him. Only his head and chest from the diaphragm up, remain. She smiles as she licks the muscular bands, contracting and relaxing as he breathes. "Are you ready for the final level?" She whispers in a combination of affection and hunger. Jertulas tries to answer, but his mouth is so dry all he manages to do is a faint, unintelligent whisper. Sal smiles, "Now let's see," she pats her ponderously bloated belly as if encouraging it to do more than it was designed to. "If I can get all of you in me." She begin taking large bites, quickly exposing the lungs and then the heart. She chews and swallows one of the pink, fleshy lungs before she nuzzles the throbbing heart. Carefully, she forces it into her expanded mouth, savoring the feel as it pulses, before biting it free with a strong chomp. Jertulas feels his brain cells fry in quick succession, reaching a level of ecstasy he never imagined possible. As his chest rapidly forces her stomach to expand more than believable, the final cells burn out. Sal reaches her teeth into the bottom of his skull as far as possible. She breaks his lower jaw off and bites it into easily swallowed pieces. In a few minutes, the only sign remaining of Jertulas, is Sal's ponderously swollen lower abdomen. She remains in the darkness for a few minutes. Relaxing as her digestive system struggles and adapts to her feast. Finally she smiles and strokes her massively ballooning breasts. "You can turn the lights on," she calls out quietly. A slight hiss is heard as the door opens. Slowly the light level rises as J J turns it up. He gasps as he sees how impossibly swollen she is. Sal almost laughs, except her gorged belly warns her not too. "I hope I'm not more female than you can handle," she speaks quietly and slowly. J J smiles and cautiously fondles her overly pregnant looking belly. "Anything I can do to help?" Sal smiles, "Just do what you're doing and I'll be better in a little while." She closes her eyes and concentrates on her overworked digestive system while he massages her. He begins with her magnificently bloated stomach and slowly continues on to her expanding with flesh breasts. "Are you able to control where you fill out?" He asks as he realizes how much they've fattened. "What's the matter?" She replies with a laugh. "Are you afraid I might be thinking of drowning you?" J J tries to throw his arms around her and squeezes himself into her flab bloated bosom. "I'm a great swimmer," he laughs. Sal smiles as she traps him between her soft, bounteous breasts and her strong, spongy soft arms. For several hours he continues to massage and encourage her digestion. Sal relaxes to his caresses. She feels her plump body slowly expand with new fat and smiles as her ponderous breasts become even more so. More than twelve hours after lift off and eight hours after Jertulas, Sal opens her eyes and smiles. She strongly pats her fattened body, impressing not only J J but herself with how soft and billowy she is. "Mmmm, I think I'm going to like serving out justice to the other two." J J laughs and gently strokes her quivering, fur covered fat. "Are you sure it's not them serving you?" Sal nuzzles him with her fleshy lips. "I hope you aren't worried I won't be able to control myself after I have them." He throws his arms around her thick neck and pulls her close. "We know it's their controlling scent that's making you do this." "Mmmm, and making a lot more of me, a lot faster than I ever thought possible." Her face suddenly loses it's dream-like state. She looks deep into J J's eyes. "I know you expected me to fill out eventually." She pauses, trying to put her thoughts into words. J J jokingly grabs her spongy rolls of flesh. "I wasn't sure how I'd feel when you finally started bulking up." He buries his face in her huge, jiggling breasts. "I'm actually excited about you getting even fatter." Sal wraps her fleshy arms around him and hugs him into her quivering flesh. "Then I'm not going to disappoint you." They relax in their mutual embrace and drift to sleep. J J wakes first and gently hugs her billowing belly. He tries to remain motionless, but can't resist exploring her spongy flesh. 

Sal moves slightly, as his fondling gently awakens her. "Shouldn't you check on how they are?" J J grins and floats toward the door. "Who do you want to experience esctacy next?" Sal smiles and pats her swollen belly. "I still plan to see Rastralla last. He's always been the one behind their operations." 

J J tosses the robe to her and then goes into the corridor. He knocks on Tooka's door before opening it. "How are you doing?" He asks hesitantly. The screen on his monitor, shows a high-speed ground vehicle and it's specifications. "I'm not wild about food pills, but I know extra food for us might be noticed by the wrong beings." He tilts his head and a slight smile appears on his lips. "Are you here to see if I'm ready for Sal's gift of thanks?" J J fakes being nervous. "She asks that you accept her in complete darkness. Her ways of pleasure are purely physical and sight will make it less so." Tooka smiles, not even trying to restrain his excitement. "Sounds like a time I'll really enjoy." As J J turns off the light and closes the door, he glimpses a tunic flying by. Sal is waiting beside him. "I hope I'm as ready as he is," she jokes. J J pokes her fat bloated belly. "You're in better shape than yesterday." She kisses him passionately. "And I'll be even bigger and rounder real soon." She loosens her robe as he floats to the lighting control. She touches the door and he switches the lights off. As the door opens, her nose twitches to the thick scent of Tolesan pheremones. "Just relax, and let me do everything," she whispers. Tooka's breath is already rapid. "We'll try it your way," he answers. "I just hope you're enough of a female to please me." Sal smiles as she locates him by his voice and aroma. 'If I'm not enough now', she thinks to herself. 'I should be enough soon.' 

Tooka's searching hands touch her mammoth breasts and he roughly feels how full and soft she is. "They feel even larger than they looked," he laughs like a male who enjoys being in charge. Sal gently, yet firmly takes and licks his hands. "I'm going to do everything," she says sweetly. Tooka begins to feel excited tinglings in his hands, moving up his arm as her saliva scrambles his nerves. "You better hope you can outlast me," he boasts. "Cause I plan on pumping into you until you surrender." Sal smiles, "You better have a lot of sweet cream if you hope to fill me." She licks his other arm, then continues to his chest and abdomen. Tooka doesn't realize that he is losing the ability to move as his nerves sing in pleasure. She licks around his stiff cock and then licks her way to the stretching head. She sucks for a moment and feels the shaft almost double in size. "Aaah," Tooka finally releases himself to her pleasures. "Maybe you weren't bragging about your ways being the best. I can't remember wanting to be in a fem more." Sal smiles as her tongue traces a damp path up to one shoulder and then down his arm. "I can guarentee that they'll be more of you in me than in any other female you've ever been with." She seductively takes one hand and sucks it into her amazingly elastic mouth up to the wrist. 'I know I can swallow bigger bites than yesterday.' She chomps through above wrist and his hand slides down her throat. The twitching fingers excite her as she mouths and then bites off the other one. Tooka finally explodes in groans of pleasure as his brain inturperts nerve signals as indescribable pleasure. "I want to be in you NOW!" He shouts the last word as she bites off his lower arm just below the elbow. "I can FEEL my cock getting bigger than EVER." While he raves, she finishes his arm to the shoulder, in two amazing bites. Her pheremone driven hunger is unbelievable as her mouth and throat seem to tell her how much they can stretch. She swallows the other arm in three bites before passionately stroking her rapidly expanding abdomen. "Please," he begs. "Take me in you before I explode. I'll do what ever you want, just get me inside." Sal rubs her soft, ponderous breasts down his chest. "I'll have to think of what I want," she completely surrounds his more than double sized love rod with her mounds of mammary meat "after you're in me." She slowly moves back and forth, feeling the incredibly tight skin stretch even more. "Please," his voice is only a dry whisper. "If we don't do it now, I'm going to burst." Sal makes her gigantic globes jiggle, feeling his stretched rod pulse between her wonderfully soft jugs. "I don't want you to waste any." She slides down and smiles as his shaft is much more than twice its normal size. His cum sack is a tight sphere, and both are covered with a network of stretch marks. She takes him deep into her mouth in one gulp. She begins to suck him as if hoping to vaccuum his entire body in. In less than a minute, his hot fluid begins pulsing down her expanded throat. When he's dry, she continues until he is completely limp. "You really are the best," he gasps dryly. "I still feel like the more I get in you, the better it'll be." Sal grins as she works her way down his legs. "Your wish," she laughs as she coats his feet. "Is my wish." In two gulps, his feet slide down her unbelievably elastic throat. She works her way up both legs, taking slightly larger bites each time. 'I wonder,' she thinks as her stretching stomach sends signals of esctacy. "How much of Rastralla I'll be able to take in one gulp. She finishes his legs and lovingly pats her amazingly gorged belly. The fat surrounding it, lusciously billows. She smiles as she sees his shaft is more than three times its normal size. His cum sack is swollen with what must be more than a gallon, and both are covered with a web of stretch marks. "I admit," he whispers and sounds as if his mouth is lined with cotton. "Your way is better than I ever imagined it could be." Sal smiles as she coats his incredibly expanded sack and cock until they glisten. She sucks vigerously and his hot fluid blasts down her throat after only a few times. She continues until the flow almost stops. As he takes a gasp, she sucks his empty sack into her mouth and bites as deeply into his abdomen as she can. The still swollen shaft and exhausted balls slide down her ravenous throat. Tooka tries to scream in pleasure as his brain cells begin burning out from the overload. "Oooh, it can't get any better." Sal giggles, "I'm not full yet." She tears into his abdomen and then chest, oblivious to everything except his pheremone flavored flesh and her belly's demand for it. She pauses as only his head and an equal sized portion of his chest remain. His face frozen in incredible esctacy. "You didn't think I could hold all of you," she laughs. She opens her mouth wide and the last of him forces her mouth and throat to expand more than ever. She closes her mouth as his head is squeezed down her amazingly enlarged throat. In a gorged bliss, she closes her eyes. "J J," she calls quietly. "I'm done." J J enters the room and slowly turns the lights on. He stares in surprise because she is finished so soon and then notices the sizes of her mouth and belly. He smiles and begins to lovingly massage her incredibly swollen abdomen. "I don't think we'll have to worry about you being able to handle the last one." Sal opens her eyes slightly, "And with you making me feel sooo contented." She closes her eyes and smiles. "By the time we land, I'll be heavier than we need." She breathes gently as her digestive system struggle to handle her huge meal. J J continues massaging her. He moves upward and smiles excitedly as he actually watches and feels her monstrous mammeries grow even more massive as his hands knead her fat flesh. Several hours later, Sal opens her eyes and smiles at him. "You like what's happening to me, don't you?" J J nuzzles her huge, pillowy breasts and pulls himself into her ponderous belly as well as he can. His heavy cock dents her bloated flesh. "I hope your appettite won't always be this excessive." He strokes one of her heavy billowing breasts. "But I wouldn't want you to be hungry." Sal grins and pulls him deeper into her mammoth mellons. "You know that their pheremones are making me this hungry." She nibbles an ear. "After I take care of them, my hunger will drop back to normal in a few days." She quivers as he sucks her large, excited nipple. "My mouth and throat will also return to normal size. J J moves so that he can watch her face, while his head is nestled between her humongous jugs. "And I hope when we get back home, there'll be something waiting for me that we'll both like." She looks at him in confusion, but decides to let him keep his secret. As gorged as she still is, and as tired as J J is from massaging her, they drift into a deep relaxful sleep. J J wakes and forces himself to enjoy her expansive softness without moving. After many minutes, he begins to gently stroke her billowing flesh, lovingly feeling how much more soft flesh she has adding since they went to sleep. "Thinking of how much more of me they'll be by tomorrow?" Sal whispers seductively. "And I'll have to put on a bit more so the scales will accept that, besides the captain, we were the only two at launch." J J grins and begins aggressively sucking one of her nipples until she is squirming in excitement. He smiles as he floats away. "Are you ready for Rastralla?" Sal licks her fat lips and smiles. "With a warm up like you've just given me." She struggles into her robe that is now almost snug on her fat bloated form. "I don't think he'll be enough to satisfy my appettite." She floats toward the door and watches J J enter Rastralla's room as she enters the hall. Rastralla is strapped into a chair in front of his monitor. "I've been catching up on the news from home," he comments as he turns it off and looks deep into J J's eyes. "How are my friends doing?" J J squirms slightly under his gaze. Inwardly he smiles as his experience tells him Rastralla still feels in control. "Sal has thanked them in her way," he pauses and looks away before looking back and allowing Rastralla to lock his stare once more. Rastralla's smile is so slight that an average being wouldn't notice it. "And now she's ready to please me." J J imediately nods. "Her only request, is that there are no lights on. Her ways bring physical levels of excitement you've only dreamed of. If you can't see, your sense of touch is enhanced." He stops and looks as if he just asked something he knew shouldn't be asked. Rastralla smiles, "I have known many way of pleasure. If she promises her's to be better in the dark," he pushes off his chair and J J follows him to the door. "Then I will await her in darkness." As J J floats out the door, Rastralla turns off the lights. J J pushes off the opposite wall and propells himself to the light control. Sal gently bounces off the wall, her silky fur billowing on her blubber swollen body. As she touches the door handle, he turns the corridor lights off. "Rastralla?" She asks sweetly as she opens the door. She takes a deep breath and, almost instantly, feels his pheremones begin to affect her digestive system. "As you asked," his voice of control comes from somewhere in the blackness. "I have turned off the lights." He snickers, "I only hope that you're as good as your promise." Sal takes an audible gulp, his resumed snicker tells her that he feels more in control than either of the others. "For giving us a place to live together," her voice is sweet as honey as she floats toward his voice. "I hope I can give you a night you'll never forget." "If your ways are that good," excitement finally filters through his controlled voice. "Maybe we'll have to bring others of your kind to teach our fems." Suddenly her soft, humongous breasts bump into him. "It seems that space flight has given you a good appettite," he whispers with uncontrolled excitement as his hands begin to explore her extreme fullness. She smiles as she takes his hands and hungrily begins licking, "Your friends have helped my appetite more than you can imagine." He relaxes as her saliva begins to numb his conscious control of his muscles. "After a night with me," he whispers as she soaks both his arms and begins on his chest. "Your appetite will be insatiable." She lathers his chest and works on his abdomen. "It already is," she whispers huskily as she begins carressing his swollen cock with her wet tongue and thick, fleshy lips. "Mmmmm," he moans as his excitement builds. "I think I'll get one of your kind for myself." Sal smiles as she coaxes his cock until it is more than twice its normal size. The stretch marks glisten with her salia and she begins soaking his legs. She nibbles his toes and barely manages to resist starting her feast. "Are you ready for me?" His voice tries to carry his tone of control, but it comes out as a plea. Sal smiles mischieviously. "Before I'm done," she whispers seductively. You're going to be dry as the Lutan desert." She licks her way up both legs and then up his straining rod. It's head is pulsing as more blood than ever is forced into it. She takes him deep in one gulp and wraps her broad tongue around it. She teases him as long as she can without letting him come. Finally, his cum stretched sack pumps his hot fluid through his shaft so fast that she almost loses her grip on him. "Aaah," he voice is starting to sound dry. "That was the best I've ever had." Sal smiles as she licks her way up his chest and then down his left arm. "Now I have to excite each part of you." She licks his hand and slowly sucks it down. His fingers are twitching sporadically as it enters and then wiggles down her throat as she works more and more of his arm down without biting. "Wooo, I've never felt anything like this." His brain begins to scream with pleasure as his hand is plunged into her vat sized stomach. Her mouth and jaws expand until her lips are snug against his side and shoulder. With a strong, single bite, she severs the flesh and muscles, and pulls the bone out of the shoulder socket. Rastralla tries to squirm as his pleasure centers are flooded. "I can't imagine what it will be like when all of me is excited." His voice is a coarse whisper. Sal continues to lick and teasingly suck his flesh as her stomach digests his arm. Her blubber bloated belly quivers in esctacy as she feels his arm slowly decend into her expansive stomach. She stokes her ponderous abdomen, closing her eyes as she almost feels herself getting fatter every minute. She finally begins to lick each of the fingers of his remaining hand. Slowly she takes it into her expanded mouth and eases it down. Her eyes bulge in surprise as her throat expands to allow it to squeeze past the partly digested arm already clogging her throat. 'I wonder how wide I can get him to stretch me?' She giggles as her fleshy lips make a wet circle around the base of his arm. In a quick motion, she bites through his fleshy tissues and pulls the arm out of its socket. She takes a strong gulp and enough of it is forced down her throat to clear her mouth. She sighs in esctasy and passionately fondles her fat and meat bloated belly. She gently squeezes her spongy flesh, working her way through the fur covered flab of her upper torso and then begins feeling the growing size and soft yielding fat of her monstrously mammoth bosom. "Are you ready for a second time?" Her voice takes on his tone of control. Rastralla whispers something, but it could be anything from a plea for her to stop, or the ravings of a being who's brain is rapidly frying. Sal smiles as she closes her lips and then uses his even more swollen cockhead to force them apart. As the enlarged head nudges into the severed end of the arm, it surges as his remaining brain cells scream with even more intense pleasure. She grins as she grips his hips and pumps his still growing manhood in and out of her throat. Each time she pulls him close, his turgid head rams the arm deeper into her elastic throat and her humongous, pillowy bosom, mashes against his twitching abdomen and chest. When he climaxes, she sucks his cream down like a delicious after dinner liquor." "I hope you'll have more for me soon," she says smacking her pheremone enlarged lips. "Because I'm going to take you where you've never dreamed of." He tries to answer but can barely manage a garbled whisper. His face is almost split in half by his smile. Sal smiles as she recoats both legs. "Here comes something you'd never believe if you could see it." She eases her mouth around one limp foot and pulls it in until she feels it pushing the remains of his arms into her expanding stomach. Her eyes grow wide as she works her mouth past his knee and up his muscular thigh. 'I can't believe my mouth and throat can open this much,' she thinks as she cautiously works her lips toward his crotch. Her unbelievably stretched mouth opens even wider in surprise as his fantastically enlarged cock bumps her nose. The inward motion of his leg is stopped as her huge lips touch his packed with cum sack. For several minutes she relaxes, savoring the feel of his thick leg and exploring her huge, soft belly with her plump hands. She argues with herself that what she is thinking of, is impossible. She reaches around his legs and strokes his hugely stretched cock until she can actually hear his skin creak. Slowly she eases his leg out of her amazingly elastic mouth and throat. As his calf easily slides out, she can feel that most of it is already digested. Keeping her mouth relaxed, she takes his other foot and easily pulls him in. She guides the remains of his other calf and is soon easing both legs into her caverous mouth. She slows as her jaws unhinge and then carefully eases both of his strong, muscular thighs in. Rastralla squirms in excitement as his lower legs are being disolved by her strong digestive juices. Faint whispers of pleasure, escaping his dry lips, can barely be heard. His wiggling is actually working his upper thighs and then hips, into her impossibly stretched mouth and throat. Sal smiles as she allows him to slowly sguirm himself into her voracious stomach. She groans in her own esctacy, stroking her bountious flesh and feeling her humongous belly grow huger and fatter as he, and her throat muscles, slowly pull him in. As his wide hips force her throat widder than she ever dreamed possible, she smacks her upper lip against his throbing shaft of ready to burst skin and blood vessels. She feels it try and grow even bigger as his brain registers his legs being digested, as the most intense massage ever. She can actually feel the stretch marks as his abdomen slowly is engulfed by her amazing mouth. She struggles to fondle her enormous breasts and actually feels them swell with fat as her pherenome excitement builds. His cock head is so huge that she has to work her upper lip over the bulging mass as it and his chest begin the journey into her massiveness. Finally she feels her incredibly expanded throat begin to relax as his hips enter her cauldron-like stomach. Her lips seductively squeeze his neck and them slide up over his head. She opens her mouth wide, and with a mighty gulp, his head is in her throat and her stomach bulges even more as the last of him is forced in. As her enormously stuffed belly accepts the last of him, she allows herself to float as waves of pheremone induced, feeding frenzy pleasure pass through her. Her hundreds of pounds of fat quiver and her silky fur flows like the surface of a calm sea. She flexes her mouth as it slowly contracts to a more normal size. She flexes her jaw and smiles as it begins to work normally. "J J," she whispers as the last flash of pherenome inhanced esctacy passes. J J opens the door, but leaves the room light off. "How are you?" He asks cautiously as he slowly floats toward her. As if in response, she gives a burp that echos from her enormous stomach. "Well stuffed," she whispers seductively. "And getting fatter as we speak." J J gently bumps into her pounderous and fleshy side. Even in the dark, she can see his eyes grow wider than ever. "I've never really thought of you being this magnificiently massive." She smiles as she sees the warmth and entrancement in his eyes. "After I'm not so stuffed." She tries to pull him close, but her new fat makes it difficult to move her flesh bloated arms. "I want to see how contented you can make me." J J fondles her sponginess as he moves to her more then enormous breasts. "Are you sure it's safe?" He asks with a slight laugh. Sal tries to pat her amazingly swollen belly and her blubber rolls and jiggles heavily. "As the last of him entered my stomach, I knew the frenzy their pheremones started, was over." She smiles as he passionately fondles one of her unbelivibly ponderous jugs, "I knew I'd only want every day type food." She turns her head slightly and smiles as she sees her more ponderous then ever belly. "Of course," she whisper with a giggle, "I'll need a lot more than I used to." J J wraps his arm around her fat swollen neck and plays with her rich fur. "I don't think we'll have to worry about that with the credits they gave us." He licks and nibbles her flowing cheek fluff. "And I know we'll find a way to stay together." She struggles to get one fat inflated arm over her monstrous mammeries and lovingly grabs his furry neck. "We're not going to worry about that until tomorrow." She pulls him closer and they passionately kiss for many minutes, J J stroking and gently squeezing her still fattening bosom. Sal drifts into a gorged induced sleep while J J conitnues to carress and fondle her incredibly stuffed belly and flesh expanding body. After almost two hours, he wraps his arms and legs around her huge soft body and joins her in sleep. J J is dreaming of being engulfed, yet protected by her fat as he slowly wakes. He opens his eyes, but all he can see is her two tremendous breasts. Carefully he moves away from her and returns to his room. He unpacks several large food containers and floats them back to the still sleeping Sal. He opens one of the packs and lets it float toward her. Her pudgy nose twitches and she unconsciously licks her lips before she completely wakes up. "You sure know the best way to get me out of a deep sleep," she jokes as she reaches for the floating food. She barely manages to grab it and begins eating ravenously. "It's a good thing," she mumbles as she finishes it, "the effect of their pheremones didn't last any longer than they did." J J laughs as he hands her two more opened packs. "But we're still going to have to get your weight up so they'll think only the two of us came onboard." Sal smiles as she finishes the first pack and pokes deeply into her soft spongy flesh. "You just keep handing me the food and I'll keep packing it away." She continues to eat for several hours before she asks for a break. "It's not that I'm full," she sighs. "It's just that my arms are getting tired." J J smiles as he fondles one of her extra fleshy arms. "I guess I'll have to plan on feeding you myself." He nuzzles one of her humongous breasts and greedily sucks on a large, fat nipple. Sal closes her eyes in contentment. "You know how good that makes me feel," she whispers as she strokes her flab bloated sides with her fleshy hands. "But I'm hoping you can make me feel even better." J J moves to her other bountious jug and licks the nipple to it's spongy erectness. "I know I can," he whispers. "But I want to wait 'til we have a place we can stay together." Sal sighs in response to his vigorous sucking. "And you're afraid I might get too big to get through the hatch." They both laugh and her thick fur jiggles on her billowing fat. When they arrive on Tolesa, the space port inspectors are satisfied that the live weight is within tolerances. In fact, they are surprised with the extra weight until J J tells them he has her in space to experiment how fast a meat species can gain in nul gravity. The cargo is unloaded and a new one taken on board. Within hours, they are back in space. They are two planets from completing their cargo run circuit when J J is summoned to the bridge. "There's a com signal for you," the captain informs him. J J straps himself into the chair before switching the mike on. "This is Johnson." "J J you crazy law runner," Rigen's voice is almost laughing. "We've picked up rumors from Tolesa that any of them controlling our females, don't come home. The commissioner has signed your transfer to Orgasa as their prosecuting commissioner." His voice becomes more serious, yet joyous. "I can guess that your plump friend helped you." J J laughs, "She's not plump any more. I'll contact you when I'm set up and ok your transfer as soon as I get it." Rigen laughs, "You bet. With both of us working together, we'll have a blast handling their dregs. Gotta switch off, so have fun." The com light goes off and J J cuts his signal. "It looks like we'll be getting off at the next stop." The captain floats near the ceiling, his eyes roving over the view through the front port. "We'll be there early tomorrow our time." He glances at a chart. "Shortly after noon, space port time. How's your companion doing?" J J grins as he floats freely, watching the almost motionless stars. "She'll have a bit of trouble getting used to her land legs, but with one third gravity, she shouldn't take too long to get them back." The captain grins. "And she's put on a few weights since we've lifted off." They both laugh and then J J returns to their room. Sal is reading a vid book as he enters. "They have anything good to tell you?" J J pushes off the wall and collides into her massive sponginess. He struggles with her excessive fleshiness as she tries to grab him with her fat engulfed arms. After many minutes, he snuggles into her ponderous bosom. "They've transferred me to Orgasa." He smiles as he sucks and licks one of her plump nipples. 

Sal uses her fleshy arms to pull him into her plushy torso. "And then you can prove you know how to make me contented." Their breathing slows as they finally allow themselves to relax. Their last worry is now behind them. From now until the Captain warns them of their approaching touchdown, they relax in mutual embrace. Occasionally releasing each other for meals. J J gently ties Sal onto a cargo sled before they break orbit for re-entry. When the ship sets down, he guides it to the loading dock. The Captain is waiting and smiles as Sal's massive, jiggling form floats down the corridor. "Don't worry about the sled," he tells them as J J pauses. "I'll pick it up on my next circuit." Sal smiles, "It's been a flight I'll always remember." She pats her ponderously flabby belly. "And I'm glad our new home has a lower gravity than what i'm used to." J J guides her cargo sled to the main office. Two officials are waiting and guide them to a waiting ground transport. The taller one identifies himself. "I am Harsal. We are glad that one of your abilities has be assigned to our planet." The other one joins them and they drive away. "I gave them the location of your quarters." He smiles warmly at Sal. "There are a few of your kind living nearby. Beings on our planet are more tolerent of mix species couples." As they travel from the space port and into a spacious residential area. J J is told of a few cases that are his first assignments. "Sounds like the criminals are the same type I've played against before." They all laugh, "We'll give you a few days to get settled." Harsal promises. "Your friend Rigen, is taking care of getting your property packed and shipped." They drive up to a one story house, with wide double doors. After they are shown around, J J and Sal are left alone. "It looks like we've found a place made for us." She says with a laugh. J J snuggles into her bountious flesh. "And with a lower gravity..." Her climbs onto her huge, billowing back and sinks into her spongy fat. Sal smiles as she moves slightly, causing her hugely bloated body to rock him into a restful sleep. Once he is breathing gently, she allows herself to sleep. Several hours later, they both wake. J J prepares a wonderful feast from the well stocked kitchen. "I'm not going to fatten as fast as I have during the flight," she laughs as he hands her a large bowl of fruit. J J fondles her fur covered flabby belly as she eats. "You're bigger than I thought I'd like." He buries his face into her thick fur. "But I'm finding you more attractive the more of you there is." She eats all he had prepared before stopping. "Now that I've had a good meal," she jokes as she fluffs up her bounteous belly. "I want to see how contented you can make me." J J begins licking and nuzzling her soft ponderous breasts. "I was wondering when you'd ask." He quickly sheds his clothes while he continues to fondle her mammoth mammaries. His already excited cock springs outward and bumps firmly into her silky soft flesh. "Ooooh," she gasps in surprise. "I think you've got the right tool for me." She quivers in growing passion as he slowly moves against her flab bloated lower shoulder and then to her enormously round abdomen. J J teases her and himself by testing the softness of her billowing belly with his hard cock. He restrains groaning in pleasure as he realizes how excited her massiveness is making him. "And you've got a lot for me to work on." He strokes her huge plushy hip as he moves around her mountainous rump. Her thick tail flip from side to side, brushing his shoulders as he squeezes between her hundreds of pounds of fat. "How much do you think you'll gain?" He asks as his throbbing shaft begins to probe her fleshy lips. Sal sighs in pleasure as she truly believes his desire for even more of her. "With the lower gravity here," she smiles and then shoves herself onto his questing rod. She groans in a pleasure she has never known. "And with you keeping me extra contented." She tightens her inner muscles and J J reacts by pushing himself deeply into her lush, fur covered fat. "I think we'll just have to find out together." J J is already losing himself into the physical love every one was warned him against. "I never knew it could be like this." He whispers amid groans of passion. He shoves deeper, forcing his body as far between her ponderous, yet soft, plush masses of rump flesh. Her rich fur excites him to unexpected levels and his rocking within her, causes her pounds upon pounds of flab bloated flesh to roll and jiggle. "If you make me this contented every day," she gasps hotly, "you better expect me to break all the weight records." She almost screams as a series of orgasms start deep within her and spread through out her billowing blubber. As J J begins to climax, he forces himself as deep within her quivering flesh as possible. For a few minutes after he pumps all that he can into her warm depths, he remains squeezed between her rippling fur. J J pulls himself out of her embracing fat and strokes her rich pelt as he moves to her head. "I'm not worried about how much you gain." He squeezes into her ponderously plump bosom and passionately kisses her. Sal smiles broadly as he finally steps back. "Then we better get united before I'm to wide for the legal building's doors." During the next several days, J J becomes acquainted with his new job's assignments. His secretary helps him and he is pleasantly surprised to learn his mate is a species that is extremely fat, although not as heavy as Sal promises to be. They both smile at J J's final line of his report to Commissioner Wastron. "As you asked me to, I can assure you that their justice was sweet." On his first off day, he and Sal are officially united. Before their first year anniversary, Rigen and his Mamoran mate have moved into the house next to theirs. At the anniversary, they have a feast that has the two females competing against their previous achievements. Sal continues long after Jowel has collapsed. Finally she stops, with only a few platters of food remaining. "As much as I want to eat everything," she whispers carefully. "If I try to swallow another bite...." J J smiles and lovingly caresses her incredibly food and fat bloated belly. "Don't worry about it," he smiles. "I'm sure you've put on a record amount of weight for one day." He continues fondling and kneading her humongous body and amazingly huge bosom while she drifts into a food enhanced sleep. 

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