Title: Twisted Laboratory
Author: Smokey Blue Dragon
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Twisted Laboratory
From the Diary of Jessica Swansen

by Smokey Blue Dragon

Day 1
I have no idea where I am. All I know is I am being held prisoner in some strange scientific facility. I'm not sure how long I've been here but it has to have been at least a week. I remember waking and feeling horribly groggy. I faded in and out of consciousness for a few days, how many is still beyond me. This is the first day I've been clear of mind enough to explore the world around me. It is a cubical cell measuring 10 feet by 10 feet near as I can tell. In two of the upper corners of the room opposite to one another, there are a pair of cameras. As far as I can tell, they're off. Occasionally, I hear footsteps just outside what I believe is the door. I have the luck to be furnished with a bed, a toilet, a sink, and an open shower. With the exception of there being no bars and nothing of any real comfort save the bed, I feel like I'm in some sort of maximum security prison. Maybe writing in the journal I had with me will keep me sane. It's strange how whoever brought me here let me keep my purse and everything inside it but I've been stripped of all my clothes. I don't have anything except a few sets of gray panties and bras to wear. They must know my size.

Day 2
Thank God for music, and thank whoever left my radio/CD player in my purse. I tested both FM and AM functions but I must not be in range to pick anything up. Either that or the building I'm in blocks out radio waves. Luckily, I had mind enough to pack the AC adapter. There still has been no change in my conditions; three meals a day (which are not that bad), constant semi-comfortable temperature, and a single power outlet for my CD player. Another funny thing is my watch is missing. It was a cheap little thing so I'm not distraught by its absence. I still have an eerie, unshakable feeling about this place. I want out but screaming and making noise never helped the girls in those psychotic slasher movies, if anything, it made things worse. I'll bide my time. The people here must want me for something, and when they come to get me for whatever it is they want, I'll try and slip out. If I can survive a professional wrestling marathon (like the one my ex-boyfriend made me watch) I can wait out being fed and watched. After all, I have my music to help pass the time.

Day 5
It's getting annoyingly dull. I've been trying to keep up with my workout regiment and my music has helped to a degree but there's only so much exercise and music appreciation one person can take. I'm going to go crazy like this!

Day 7
Men came today. My plan on escaping didn't go so well. They must have snooped on me with those cameras because they came while I was asleep. They must have slipped me something to keep me asleep because when I did wake, I was strapped to a stretcher. Again I was groggy as could be. This time however, I was able to force a few words. I asked what they wanted me for. All I got was, "You'll see. Just relax." At least they were somewhat gentle. I was taken to a laboratory of some kind, a big room lit well around only me. There was a light in my eyes to keep me blinded to what was going on save what they wanted me to see. I asked what they were going to do to me but this time I was ignored. It wasn't much unlike a physical examination combined with a visit from the resident gynecologist. THAT part was rather invasive. I don't think I've ever had an examination like that. They poked and prodded me until I started to go numb. For some reason, they wanted my 'parts' nice and clean because they flushed me out at least five times. Each time it felt like they were using more water than before. There was a lot of pressure, and it seemed like each time they flushed me out, the pressure grew stronger. They had gagged me so talking or screaming for help was out of the question. I kept hearing them calling out numbers, recording them I suppose. While on the table, I felt one of the men brush over a place just below my waist. He said, "It seems we're fast healer. You've mended well." Then he pressed something against my belly. I heard a sound like a soft "psssh" and a chilling sensation filled me from where he pressed that object. All I can guess is that it was some form of hypodermic needle without the needle, one of those new painless injections I had heard about before. It couldn't have been anything deadly. They seemed to interested in me. I felt even sleepier and passed out. When I woke again, I was back in my cell. My hand instinctively went to my stomach, feeling over the site of the injection. There was no inflammation, but I did notice something I didn't have before I came here. There was a scar where one of the men was feeling. Had they implanted something in me? I still don't know. When I opened my journal to write, I saw a note written in red ink. "We find this journal of yours intriguing. We request you continue to write in it every day. Also your exercising seems to have advanced our work. It is recommended that you continue your regiment. If you do not, we have a machine we can put you in to do the workout for you. We would prefer you do it yourself since you know your limits. We have installed a computer connected to a vast music archive should you desire something new. Thank you for your cooperation #37. We expect impressive results from you." So that's all I am to them, a number. I don't see the point in stopping either my journal or exercise, it's all I have to keep me sane...even if it does further their cause. I can't remember much from before I woke up here. For all I know, I may have VOLUNTEERED for this. I'll find out soon enough I suppose. I find my tummy and feminine area are both somewhat tender. What did they do to me?

Day 10
Nothing really new. I'm still working out and writing. What was tender a few days ago feels fine now. The new music is nice. The food is still better than the junk I make. I think my memory is starting to clear up. I remember being approached on the street in town by a strange man. He asked me if I wanted to take part in an experiment. I think I declined and walked away. Then before I could react, a tranquilizer dart hits me. At least now I know I can sue them. A thought hit me today. If I'm 37, then there are others here too. I hope they're alright.

Day 11
I have to get out of here. They have done something to me. I was shipped off for another examination and this time, instead of flushing me out they left me filled up! I'm slightly bloated now. My belly has been stretched and filled like a water balloon! These people are sick! I have to get out of here!

Day 12
At first, I was relieved when they let all the water out of me but that was short lived. Before I could relax, they pumped more water into me! I'm even bigger now! It's like some kind of weird game to them, to see how much I can hold. Either that or they're conditioning me for whatever is to come. God help me. I'm scared.

Day 13
I found the vent in my cell was loose so I removed it and found I could crawl in, even in my inflated state. I crawled around in the ducts a bit, taking care to remember how to get back. I found others like me, bulging in the middle, some bigger than should be possible and some who were just as flat as I had been. I saw all kinds of girls; human, rabbit, fox, wolf, reptilian, just about every species on the planet, even a couple of elven females. It was like some evil Noah's ark. While sneaking around, I overheard something from a group of scientists. "The subjects are all doing wonderfully. Cervix control and strength increases as much as 20% within a week after modification and continues to increase with each exposure to the serum. Number 37 has made great strides. She isn't as far along as the others but she's up to almost three liters. She should be ready for phase three today." At that point I took off back to my own cell again. I sat there for about 15 minutes staring at myself in the full length mirror each cell had. By now, I was used to my larger belly. I even thought I looked rather sexy all swelled out like that. They came and carted me off again. Once back in the lab and gagged, they emptied me. Part of me was disappointed, but for the most part, I was glad to be skinny again. Another painless injection came and they lifted my legs, locking them into stirrups. That serum must be some kind of stimulant or steroid. I can't help but wonder what kind of freakish side effects it could Before anything else happened, I fell asleep again. Those injections must have anesthesia in them as well. I woke to find my belly stretched again. It wasn't as big but something was different. My hands explored the lump and I felt movement! There was something alive inside me! The sensation startled me, and the more I rubbed, the more it moved. What in God's name have they shoved in me?!

Day 14
I'm scared beyond words. The creature inside me keeps moving but what frightens me more than something alien in me is...I think I'm enjoying it. I can't stop rubbing the bulge. The more I rub, the more the thing moves and I've found I'm quite sensitive in there. I think whatever those mentally ill bastards stuffed me with has fur. It likes to lick I've found, and it's actually brought me to climax by lapping over a certain spot at least twice. It's so strange feeling another life yet oddly satisfying; as if I've been entrusted with care of this creature, as if that's the right thing to do. From what I've seen of this place, trying to escape is pointless. I'll keep roaming the ventilation system but who knows how or when an opportunity will come. All I can say is I'm scared, more scared than ever before. The cameras watch me all the time now. I won't go back through the vent until those things go off again.

Day 16
They removed the animal from me. It appeared to be nothing but a small house cat without claws. I was kind of glad it was gone but by the same token, I wondered how my cat back home would like crawling around in my womb. I wonder if she's okay. It's been so long since I've been home. My neighbor has probably gotten the idea that I'm gone. He's more than likely taking care of her. I keep hearing talk about moving me to the next phase. I worry about what that is and how long I'll be here. When I got back to my cell, I was no longer being monitored and entered the duct again. It didn't take me long to find an elven female crying her eyes out. I took it upon myself to try and help her. At first she seemed too frightened for my presence to be of any comfort, but after a little coaxing, I managed to win her confidence. As soon as the vent was open, she practically threw herself at me, sobbing in my arms. I found out her name was Thaylin and she had been trapped here for much longer than me. She was slightly shorter than me, long dark brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, slim, slinky figure. She had lost count of the days but she knew it was far longer than just two weeks. She mentioned something about being ready for phase 4 later today. That had me worried, since I was up for phase 4 soon. Despite our shared knowledge, I still had no clue what they were trying to accomplish. After spending time with her, I didn’t have the heart to leave her alone so when she started feeling sleepy, I curled up with her on her cot. We slept for a couple of hours. It was the best night’s sleep I had had in months. I woke to the sound of the door opening. I urged her to let me stay but she crammed me back into the air duct and placed the cover back over it. I watched in horror as they sedated her and strapped her to a stretcher before wheeling her out. I crawled back to my room and curled up on my cot, unable to bare the thought of them doing to her what they’ve already done to me. Lord knows what this phase 4 was.

Day 17
The men came again today. Phase 4 proved to be rather interesting, if not insanely perverse. They locked me in my own room, not too unlike my cell only completely bare. I was strapped into some sort of harness, legs spread wide, arms held away from my body, head positioned and fixed. Just as I was getting used to the odd position, the whole wall I was facing opened and in walked one of the men with a horse of all creatures. It was bare, sporting only a bridle which was removed once it was inside completely. The man turned and left, the wall sealing up behind him. This had me extremely confused until another injection made its way into my abdomen and the horse was urged forward, its nose pressing against my groin. At first, it shook its head, snorting a little. It made me shudder feeling the warm breath rush over my sex. Just when I thought this was all that was in store for me, a mechanical arm slid out of the wall, guiding the horse’s nose back to my groin and actually pressing it in with a great deal of strength. I couldn’t help but moan, then gasp feeling the horse’s muzzle actually sliding IN me. The funny thing was, the stretching didn’t hurt at all. It actually…felt…kind of nice. The arm continued pushing until literally, the whole of the horse’s head was lodged inside me. The skin in my abdomen stretched a LOT to help it fit. I could see the outline the horse’s head made in me. I would have thought the animal would have fought but it didn’t. The arm that held its neck released it, moving down its body as a number of other mechanical arms gripped various parts of its body, lifting it off the ground and pushing it more firmly against me. My middle stretched even further as its neck and quarters passed my insanely wide cunt. All I could do was moan and groan. I couldn’t believe I was actually ENJOYING this. I was having a full grown HORSE stuffed into my snatch!! Time passed and more and more of the animal disappeared into me. It had to be sedated because I wasn’t feeling it fight at all. Finally, with my belly looking like I was infested with some sort of alien invasion, I reached its hindquarters and something rather distinct poked my rump. It was his dick! I had a STALION going in me!! DAMN he was huge!! I felt like one of those pornos I had seen ads for all over the net, only far trashier. I panted the rest of the horse’s way in until I finally fell limp, unable to even fight once all that was left hanging out of me was his tail, which, by the power I didn’t know I possessed in my rippling vagina, disappeared as well. The whole experience left me exhausted, incoherent, and drooling both of the mouth and the cunt. The men returned and unbuckled me, moving me to a heavy duty stretcher. I think I uttered some nonsensical stuff. All I remember any of them saying as they carted me back to my cell was something about me making them all very proud. As soon as they put me in my cot, I passed out, lulled to sleep by the soft motion inside me. I woke up hours later, my belly still large only a soft, round dome now. I reached down for my notebook and put in my entry for today. God…what is it they have planned for me???

Day 20
I slept through the last few days mostly, unable to move for the most part. Today I woke up to find my middle not nearly as swollen. I stood and moved to look in the mirror. For some reason, there was a clopping sound when I stepped. Upon looking in the mirror, I blinked, thinking I was hallucinating. My face was elongated; I had a pair of ears sticking up from my head. My whole body was covered in tan fur and I had HOOVES and a TAIL. I was a horse!! I don’t know what it was they filled me with before cramming the thing in me but I wasn’t me anymore! I screamed in horror and fell back on my now much shapelier rump. I couldn’t believe it…I was a horse…with…enormous breasts. I was SEXY!! I had to admit, even though I was equian now, I kinda liked it! Even the belly was nice. What was a little freaky though was whenever I rubbed my tummy, I could feel a soft kick come from inside, like the horse I must have absorbed was still in there…only partially absorbed. I wanted answers…but…for now, I could just stare in the mirror for a while.

Day 23
I’ve gotten used to being a horse. It’s not all bad. I’m taller, stronger, probably a lot faster, and the fur is a bonus. It’s gotten cooler in here and even though it’s just real short hair, it’s kept me warm. My belly seems to have shrunk a good bit, though I still feel him kicking inside…getting smaller. What’s really odd is I think I can hear his thoughts. They’re not anything sophisticated, just stuff like ‘I’m hungry. When’s mom gonna feed me?’ Usually, I feed him on schedule…and it’s made me a lot hungrier than I have been. I guess that’s what happens when you’re pregnant, especially with a horse. I managed to slip back into the vent, a bit of a tight squeeze with Harry in my belly, I named him so I wouldn’t go insane calling him all manner of things. I found Thaylin again, and just as I had been when I returned to my cell, she was grotesquely enormous. I slipped in and startled her, trying to convince her of who I was. After about 5 minutes and a good sturdy kiss on the lips, I won her over. I snuggled with her again that night, stroking her belly, drying her tears. It seems she had a dragon for a friend not too much larger than a horse and they opted to cram HER into Thaylin’s cunny. If what had happened to me was any indication, she would be changed into a green dragon in a few days. I neglected to mention it to her because I didn’t want her to worry and cry even more. I found myself caring for her more than most of the men I went out with before this whole experience. Could I be falling in love with her or was I just seeing her as a sister?? Part of me wanted the latter, and another part wanted the former. Was I turning lesbian? Did I really care? Who knew? They had me pumped full of so many drugs and hormones, it may have just been part of their experiment. Hours after I came to see her, they came to examine her and I hid back in the vent, returning to my own room. When I got there, they came to examine me as well. I would have fought but they sedated me again. When am I going to be let out??

Day 25
My tummy is gone, shrunk back down to what I guess is normal. I can’t feel what was left of the horse kicking anymore, but I can still ‘feel’ his thoughts sort of. I can’t tell if they’re his or mine anymore. It’s like we kind of became one mind. It’s really weird. I learned how to swish my tail and twist my ears around, something I don’t know how I figured out. I musta gotten it from Harry. The men came to examine me again today and moved me back to the lab. I heard a few low conversations, something about how I didn’t take the implant as they thought I would. I don’t know what kind of implant they were talking about. After getting checked out, they put me back in the harness I was in a few days ago, when they crammed me full of horse meat. I was scared wondering what they would stick in me now. I heard some clanging and struggling, then a few shouts. One of them had me really worried…something like ‘Careful with him! He’s a man-eater!’ The wall retracted and in came a heavily bound figure. It looked human, or at least humanoid. As soon as the wall sealed up and the light died down, I could see it was another horse, this one was anthropomorphic and rather well built. He snorted and fought with his restraints until he was free, slamming his fists against the walls. I tried to hold still, not make a sound but he picked up what had to be my scent. He wheeled around and stared, practically drooling over me. Instantly, his mouth was drawn to my groin where he started eating me out like I’ve never experienced before. Dear god it was amazing! It wasn’t but a few moments before I climaxed, flooding his face with juice. It was just then that something different happened. My cunt ‘grabbed’ his muzzle and sucked it in. He blinked and moaned softly, cramming himself in further. It was like my body was acting on its own, actually trying to ‘eat’ this male. Like earlier, I couldn’t tell if I was enjoying it or completely horrified by it. It didn’t take long for him to vanish into my sex, making my middle stretch back out, not nearly as large as before, but still rather bulbous. I was returned to my cell and passed out again. Lord knows how I’m supposed to react to all of this.

Day 28
It’s been four whole weeks since I woke up here and in that short a time, things have changed greatly for me. At this very moment, I was heavily pregnant. Unlike before, I was able to move the next day, even though my belly hadn’t changed size much. This time, I could actually communicate with what was in my gut. He said his name was Dash and thought I was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. I didn’t know what to say to that…I had a living, breathing, full grown, man-horse inside me, leaching off me sort of. I asked him what the men meant by ‘man-eater’ and he explained rather bluntly. When they asked him to volunteer, he refused. When they tried to capture him, he devoured three of their men before they could take him down. I was worried he would be upset because of what I did to him. He shook his head and nuzzled against one of my hands, sending a shiver up my spine. It felt marvelous when he did that. He wasn’t upset at all. He rather enjoyed being inside me. He called it an honor. I explained to him everything that had happened to me while I was here and I could feel him frowning through my skin. He wasn’t happy at all. He mentioned if I let him out he would help me and Thaylin escape. I explained to him I didn’t know how to let him out and what happened to the last animal shoved in me. He just stretched out against me, sending more waves of pleasure through me saying he would love to be a part of me. Stranger and stranger…he’s asleep now, resting comfortably in my overly stretched womb. I want out of here before anything else strange happens to me.

Day 29
Dash seems to have shrunk a little, making me look only nine months pregnant now. He’s sleeping a lot but I can still feel his thoughts…like we’re telepathic now or something. I managed to squeeze back into the duct and make my way over to Thaylin’s cell, shocked at first with what I saw. The elf wasn’t there. Instead, there was a green dragoness taller than she was, lying on her back, tummy distended and round. I forced my way in and woke her. Much to my dismay, it was indeed Thaylin and much to HER dismay, she was indeed a dragon. She shrieked when she saw herself in the mirror and fell to her knees, hugging her belly, sobbing loudly, uttering apologies to whoever she had crammed inside her. I tried to comfort her as best I could, explaining to her that I was in a similar situation. She looked up at me feeling somewhat better hearing I could communicate with Dash. She tried it herself and upon receiving a response, threw her arms around me and kissed my cheeks. Needless to say, I was taken by surprise but I hugged her back warmly. Seems her dragon friend forgave her, knowing she didn’t do any of this on purpose. Once she heard what would happen to her, the dragon seemed quite happy with where she was, being made into part of her best friend’s body. Maybe this whole place was trying to study the effects of transformation on normal beings? I wish I knew.

Day 30
I spent the night with Thaylin to help keep her calm and relaxed. I woke up the next morning to find that my tummy was much smaller, still bulging a bit, but still a great deal smaller than before. I went to look at myself in the elf-turned-dragoness’s mirror and blinked seeing something alien hanging between my legs. I called out to Dash but he wasn’t there. Instead I just picked up on a massive batch of memories and knowledge, HIS memories and knowledge. I was assimilating what he had known, just like I did with the horse before. While most of my body remained the same size and shape, I had picked up a good bit of definition in my arms and legs, but that wasn’t the only thing I had gained. I reached down and felt the long shaft hanging from me and gasped at the sensation it caused. I wasn’t just a female anymore, I was BOTH!! And I wasn’t just both…but I was REALLY WELL HUNG!! And it couldn’t have been just from what Dash gave me. I had to have picked up this thing from the first horse! I mean it was like a third damn leg!! Thaylin heard me gasp, her own belly having shrank away to nothing in the night. She woke and sat up, blinking at my new appendage before lunging at me, latching onto it and suckling away like a newborn on its mother’s teat. All I could do was moan. It seemed like I did a lot of that here. For several minutes, I lay there on the floor, rubbing my still rather round belly while my friend licked my new dick until it was stiff. As if she were commanded to, she pulled her mouth from it and climbed atop me, stuffing the thing into her and began riding me like the pony I was. It was the most incredible experience I had ever felt…no wonder so many guys were out for sex all the time!! We both made our respective sounds of passion as we bucked against one another, our two pairs of mounds mashed against one another as she bounced away atop me. It was the first time I had ever thought of a dragon as one of the sexiest creatures alive. I really was falling in love with her and this damned dick was helping me do it. Of course I damn it now, but as soon as we both hit our orgasm, I loved that thing more than life itself. It was an indescribable feeling, like going to heaven and coming back alive as I filled the reptile on me to the brim with equian seed. The aftermath left us both breathless on the floor, embracing one another tightly. It was then she looked up at me and spoke the words I knew where hidden deep inside me. She said she loved me and we kissed, more passionately then I had ever felt with a man and I told her I loved her back. Today I make a vow. I will escape from this hell hole and take Thaylin with me. We’ll find a way out and shut this perverted lab down for good. This I swear.

Day 32
They’ve taken her away from me…those bastards. I will get her back! If I have to tear this whole damned building down, I will have her back!! I don’t know if this is purely my own rage or some of Dash’s mixed in with it but I am PISSED OFF!! I’ll use these new muscles of mine to break out and squash anyone that comes between me and her! If they find this, good, then they know they have one extremely pissed mare on their asses!

Day 40
I think we’re safe now. We’ve been running for a couple of days now and I haven’t seen any sign of our pursuers. After my last entry, I stopped writing for a couple of days, waiting for those monsters to come for me. When they did, I struck back. I did something I didn’t know I could do….I ate one of them, whole and alive, just like Dash did. I thank him again and again for the ability he granted me. But I have to wonder if he and I are one now? Or if it’s just me? Not only could I eat them but I digested them fast, feeling a strange sensation when they melted away. The knowledge they possessed of the lab flowed into my mind. I instantly knew the layout of the place, able to find where they took subject #24, Thaylin. I had all I needed now to save her. After I escaped from the cell, I rocketed down the hall. I didn’t know I could run that fast! After navigating through a few of the passageways, breaking the other cells open and helping the other prisoners escape, I came upon a small squad of men ready to take me down. I practically blew past them, bowling them over. I even grabbed one of them, scarffing him down quickly. More information passed into my head as he melted away in my stomach. It was actually rather fun eating them. I found the lab they were holding my girlfriend in…yes…my girlfriend. I like the way it sounds. I found the lab they were keeping her in and took each scientist there one by one, rather quietly, like I was a spy. I wolfed them down one at a time, emptying the room quickly. As soon as she saw who was there taking them out, I could see her crying tears of joy. They had already stuffed something else in her, I was too late. The last of some dragon’s tail disappeared into her cunny and she passed out. At least she was alright. I freed her from the harness and moved her to a stretcher. Now able to move her, I started working on a way of getting out of here. Nothing came to mind, at least a way I could get out while she was like this. I had to get her out when she was thin again. That’s when a new idea hit me. I found out what they had been sticking us with. It was a variety of solutions, some created to allow for elasticity, some to enhance digestion and absorption. The latter of those wore off after a while…meaning I would only have a short while left before it would take hours for me to digest people. I had to hurry. I mixed up a quick batch and injected Thaylin’s tummy, hoping it wouldn’t hurt her. In a matter of seconds, her middle shrank down quickly and her body altered slightly, becoming more toned, more defined. I was a little shocked to see her own groin sprout a rather large member as well. I shook my head and mixed an antidote for myself, injecting my own middle to cancel out the absorption. I had an idea but it meant I had to be able to get her out afterwards. She was unconscious so I would have to carry her. After locking the door, I moved to her, giving my dear love a deep kiss before working to stuff her into my snatch. Like the other times, I couldn’t stand how good it felt. I bucked my hips in orgasmic pleasure until she was tucked away safely inside me. As soon as I was sure I could get her out, I climbed off the table and busted the door down on top of a couple of guards. I took off down the hall and made for the exit. I noticed all the other girls were free, making for the nearby forest and I followed suit with at least a dozen guards on my heels. I kicked into high gear and vanished into the trees. I made my way through the woods for a long while, unable to keep myself from just running, my hands never leaving my belly. She’s still in there now, asleep, purring actually. I’m glad I had mind enough to pack up what little belongings I had, including my journal and CD player. That thing has kept me sane more times than I can count now. I’ll keep running until I can’t run anymore.

Day 50
I made my way back to my house, surprisingly, my neighbor didn’t freak out when he saw me and he believed everything I said. When she woke up, I let Thaylin out with a great deal of effort. Part of me felt empty when she was gone but I was glad she was alright. She woke and clung to me tightly and I her. Jason, my neighbor agreed to help us, get us groceries and things like that until we felt we could go out in public again. It seemed like the men from that lab would never bother us again. We even saw it on the news, something about a top secret organization devoted to creating a race able to devastate the world. All the subjects escaped and were never found again. Thaylin and I knew what happened, they all returned to their lives without missing a single beat, just like she and I were. Eventually, we both got used to our new bodies, enjoying the abilities we had been blessed with. We even spent some nights sleeping in each other’s wombs. I even let my cat, Fluffy, crawl around in my tummy. She seems to like it in there. I decided after a few conversations online to write down the formulas I picked up from the lab, e-mail them to a few people. Why let us be the only perverts to enjoy it? I even decided to post my journal online, let everyone see just what I went through and how I took it, not to mention how happy I am with my new wife. I hope this whole adventure of mine helps others find their own happiness. I found that sometimes, the worst torture can have the greatest benefits. Now, I need to go. Thaylin is calling.
This story is ©2004 Smokey Blue Dragon (aka Smokescale)