Last Night on Earth 

By Greywolfe 
Story Copyright (C) By: Greywolfe
 1998 - All rights reserved.

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  [title:epilogue: last night on earth [version:1.01/bastardized]]
[date: 7 July 1998]
[date:11 august 1998]
[author's note]:

this is descriptive, there's very little plot.  trust me.


[alteration history]:
[7 July 1998]:original titile:one, original lyrics coming
              from the song of the same name [the exact
              lyric was ['we've got one love/sisters/
              *grins* - and I don't want irate spice girls
              fans telling me I could have called it 'two
              become one,' thanks...
[8 July 1998]:retitled, added new lyrics
[he don't care what it's worth/]
I lie awake in your arms, time stands still.
you're warm beneath me, bigger than I値l ever be.
you move and I知 intertwined.
wrapped up in your legs and arms and skin.
it's silent outside, the moon hangs down low.
I lean into you, move my fingers to your chest.
I知 happy out here, alone and with you.
I知 happy out here, I want to stay close.
beside you, inside you.
I turn away from the fire to face the man lying on the pillows next to
this is one of the fantasies I致e always harbored...winter, a fire and
a large, bearish man stroking my hair as I lie in his arms, watching
the bright sparks dance in the hearth.

oddly, for once, everything I致e wanted has come true. the man I知
lying with is a friend I致e come half-way across the world to see...
and before I came we talked about this scenario [and some others] for
just close on two years before I could actually get around to making
this whole journey a reality.  yes, I know, for you on the other end,
the person reading this, it probably must sound contrived, but it
isn't.  it's just how things came to be.

his name is Nicholas, or nick for short and he's everything I am not.
where I am merely about five feet tall, he's about six and a bit. my
hair is deep brown, in contrast to his hair which is part silver,
part black.  my beard is brown and amber to his black and silver
beard...I致e never really known what color eyes he has, but mine are
brown.  to my twenty-two years, he's fifty.  he's also a lot bigger
than what I am.  I mean, waist-wise.  I知 about 110#, but nick is
just short on 350#.  so lying next to him is something like being
enfolded in warmth.  surprisingly, for his size, he's very gentle.
it's incredible to watch him, because you'd think that at that size
he'd be sort of unwieldy, but he's graceful. he doesn't break things.

he grins and kisses me, his beard scraping against mine. I知 sort of
drowsy and he knows it, but tonight is our last night together and
we're loath to go up to bed, because bed means goodbye, at least
physically. very gently he puts his arms around me and rumbles,
pleasantly, "I知 going to miss you when you're gone."
I squirm a little.  "I値l still be around," I whisper, putting a
finger on his nose.
"I know," he says, "but you won't be *here*".
I nod.
"I almost half don't want to go," I reply.
"I almost half wish you didn't have to, but it's the only way you can
stay, ultimately."
I shrug, "then what must be will be."
"ah," he grins, "now *this* is familiar territory, this is Philip the
"shh..." I retort, "or I値l have to fly again."
"show me the lights?"  he asks.
with that, I lift him up and spread my wings slightly, but doing that
in this room is sort of dangerous, so I tell him to go and get dressed
and to remember his glasses. I sit on the stairs and wait, watching
the fire until he ruffles my hair and squats down in front of me.
"I知 ready, little one."
I grin, bend forward and kiss him. together we walk out into the
woods, not too far away, just far enough so that there's a clearing.
I try to get as much of my arms around him as I can and then I close
my eyes, smile and concentrate. then I let go and him
wings as well. at first he sort of lurches around in the air, but
after a while he understands how to use them to best effect and quite
suddenly he's graceful again. he doesn't break things.

grinning at me, he takes my hand and leads us to the lights...the city
that's far below us. he knows that I致e been here for just short on
five hundred years and that tomorrow means my going home.  I知
surprised that he's this enchanted with me, but then I sort of
understand, he's human, like I was...once. but that's a long time
"do you think that what we're planning is a good idea?"  he asks,
through the wind.
shrugging in midair is difficult, so I try to answer him as best I
"I actually haven't a clue.  I wish I did..."
with that, I lift him upwards, beyond the clouds.
"a last dance?"
he nods and I imagine that he's one of us, one of the host, holding me
to him, with his wings folded down and big arms around my waist, as we
dance on the clouds...up here the moon is very clear and very bright.
the glow creates the illusion that the clouds are a very soft, very
fluffy carpet - and for us they are. I知 lighter than air and for a
while, he is going to be as well... I lay my head against his chest
and listen to his heartbeat, swaying in his arms...and time passes.
after a little while he nudges me, softly.
"little one?"
a little startled I look up at him, "I知 scared," he says... I nod
and hug him tightly.
"are you sure you want to?"  I ask.
"I知 sure I want to, I知 just not...sure I like the risk."
I grin.  "you have to fall to fly, sometimes."
I shrug.
gently I tug him toward the cabin in the woods.  "we'd better do it
now, before either of us lose our nerve."
he nods.
I lie awake in your arms, time stands still.
you brush your fingers through my hair, murmuring softly.
you take my hand in yours, you anoint it with your mouth.
I am held by your arms and your voice and your warmth.
it's silent outside, except for our breathing.
I lean into you, your mouth touches my forehead.
I知 happy out here, alone and beside you,
I知 happy out here, I want to be close.
beside you, inside you.
I stand in front of him and watch as he undresses. silently, I drop
my own white robe to the ground and step forward. I grin and twirl
around in front of him. I listen to his thoughts, one part wonder and
one part put him at ease I start talking to him like that.
for a while his jaw drops open as we exchange thoughts.
"I didn't...know you could do that..."
I nod and shrug, "that's how I sometimes knew that you wanted to call
me, or I sometimes listen to your thoughts to know what you want and
then do it..."
"I...didn't understand, but I think I do now."
I stand and wait, patiently as he makes up his mind.  this is the
last chance either of us has to back out. knowing him as well as I do,
I know he probably won't back down. it'll take something short of
Armageddon to change his mind.
I close my eyes and concentrate one last time, giving him the tools
for his task, then I step forward, into his arms for a last hug.
"how will I know that it worked?"  he asks.
"you'll know."  I grin, impishly, "trust me, you'll know."
with that he opens his mouth, opens it wide, as if he's yawning. I
watch as he experiments for a while...then he closes his mouth.
"I know," I reply and put a hand on his shoulder.
with that I let him get on with it.  the faster we get this done,
the faster things will get sorted out.

instead of the very direct route, he puts his lips to mine and
proceeds to kiss me...I return the kiss, knotting my tongue in his...
as he strokes my arms, I do the same to his ample belly. he opens
mouth, engulfing my nose, then wider still, engulfing my eyes.
his hands slip into mine and squeeze.
I致e done this before, so I am not return squeeze is for
make sure that he's OK. his mouth moves over the crown of my head
and then, strangely, his tongue comes undone from my own.  I have
an idiot grin on my face as I realize that he is tasting me.  there's
a gentle rumble from deep below, in the cavern of his stomach as he
growls his pleasure.  I thought he'd be afraid, but he isn't. on the
contrary, he's reveling in the situation.  not backing down, I
decide to wreak a little havoc of my own, so I reach down between his
legs and begin to stroke his member into hardness.  the growl becomes
a rumble, almost like a huge cat, purring.  I consider and then reach
for his nipples, squeezing, gently.  more chaos.
the mouth that is swallowing me grins, widely and I can feel his
mustache brush the top of my neck.
'calm down,' he thinks.
doing Philip the impetuous, I retort, 'hey, it's only the last time
I get to sexually molest anyone.  it's my party...not yours.'
as best he can he laughs around me. his hands keep feeding me into
him...his mouth stretches wide as he slips my shoulders into his
mouth...I squirm a little as he repays my favors in kind, his tongue
gently brushing each of my own little nipples when they come across
his tongue.  for a little while I lie in his mouth, just enjoying the
sensation of his tongue as he plays it from one end of my chest to
the other. after a little while he decides to be bad...knowing that I
can't stop him, he reaches between my legs and a large hand begins to
tug at my member. it's uncomfortable, but I manage to get my hands
within range of his paws.  rather ineffectually I slap at them...he
laughs again and continues to swallow. my arms are pinned against
my sides as he slides the top-half of my body into his mouth, his
hands stroking my legs as his tongue probes between them. his
mustache is brushing against my back like the bristles of a broom...
the sensations everywhere are incredible. when my penis enters his
mouth, he uses his newfound flexibility to wrap his tongue around my
erection...he plays with it for a little while, stroking up and down,
then heading for my balls.
using his tongue, he makes his way between them and up into the crack
of my rear end. 
'nice,' he thinks.
I blush.  after all this time [and half way down his throat] I知
still embarrassed that he finds me attractive. prolonging the agony,
he slowly begins to tug on my penis, back and forth, back and forth...
at first gently, but then speeding each stroke, until I知 virtually
thrashing around in his mouth. finally he tosses my midriff back a
little, so that my penis is aimed over his a result of
the peristaltic waves washing over my body, I spurt two or three
powerful shots, which wash straight down and into his belly.
after that there's a little slimy residue as I continue to thrust
against his's body does half of the work,
but his throat does most of it...unthinkingly he's constantly working
on my genitals, milking them for what little they have left. back on
the outside of his mouth, he's in the process of feeding my upper-legs
into his mouth, his tongue coating me in saliva...I don't bother to
open my eyes inside of him...there wouldn't be much point anyway,
since I can't see a thing...instead I feel each sensation as it
reaches my's strange, for once in my life I feel everything
around me, the smooth, but gentle peristaltic waves against my penis,
back and stomach.  he tips his head backwards and suddenly my feet are
the only things outside of his mouth.  I grin as I feel his bearded
face against my body one last time, then he swallows, tickling my toes
with his tongue one last time before I drop through the opening in his
throat and down into his waiting gut, which I imagine is now vastly
'one,' he thinks.
I lie down, my gut spilling down onto the bed of pillows that Philip
and I had been lying down on.  with my left hand I stroke at the bulge
that is the young man that I致e swallowed, while my right hand searches
for his robe...this wasn't entirely his idea. I知 partly to blame for
what happened here, but I知 still not sure...even after I致e got him
inside of me...
what's going to happen next, will *anything* happen next? was this
just one rather insane idea? but I think, as I stroke him, softly,
that it couldn't have been.
he wasn't one of us, he wasn't human.  he gave me the ability to
partake of him...what had he called it, once, in jest...? a host. 
"a host of angels...just think of communion wafers," he'd said.  I
look up at the ceiling and watch the flames make shadows everywhere...
as I paw my distended stomach, I talk to him, knowing that he's been
through this once before, being on my end of things, helps a little.
the patterns that the fire makes against the ceiling are dangerously
comforting and very hypnotic...

the next morning I wake stomach is it's normal size and the
white robe I壇 been clutching is gone.  the fire has burnt out and
the sun is high up in the sky...the most pressing thing, though, is
an incredible pain in my back,
of all places.  as I get up I am startled...usually standing up is
a chore, because I知 so heavy, but right now I,
that's not the right word.  weightless. running up the stairs two
at a time I don't notice the little, white feathers drifting to the
floor behind's only when I reach the bedroom that I
understand what's happened.

racing to the full-length mirror, I gasp... my body, the one that I致e
always known, is still there - round arms, gut and all, but now the
source of pain from my back is evident. I...have...wings. I nearly
collapse, but, somehow manage to stay standing in front of the mirror
long enough so that one of my hands can verify what my eyes are

shaking, I reach for the downy feathers. my hands don't pass through
they're there.  they're real. experimentally, I flex, allowing the
wings to spread out. the question now is, how do I make sure I知
normal.  thinking back to what Philip did, I close my eyes...and
concentrate.  instantly, the wings disappear and I知 naked
as I致e ever been in the last fifty years.

genuinely puzzled now, I start to do all the things that Philip and I
planned for, in case this very thing happened.  carefully, I arrange
the papers, make sure that everything is taken care of, then I send
everything that needs to get sent off away...

at the end of the day I知 standing up on the roof of the cabin,
looking down into the clearing where we flew up to the lights of the
city the night before, when a silver-lined visage comes to rest in
front of me.
'come,' the angel thinks.
I grin and put down the mug of coffee I壇 been drinking. she takes my
hand and leads me to the clearing, then, very gently, she rises...and
the earth is no more...
I lie awake inside of you, time stands still.
you are joined to me as I am joined to you.
you are the warmth that surrounds me.
I am held by your thoughts, your words and your skin.
the softest thing here, is the sound of your heartbeat.
I curl up within you and I fall asleep.
I知 happy in here, alone and inside you,
I知 happy in here and for once I am close.
inside you...
[he's living like it's the last night on earth/]