Life Sucks 

By Anima
Story Copyright (C) By Anima
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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  Life Sucks.
An...interesting tale by Anima.
(Appliance n/c sex and vore with a hermy vixentaur)

Opening the door into the quiet salon that doubled as a home, Helios jokingly called out into the dim rooms.
"Anyone home?" Dropping her bags and boxes on a couch, the foxtaur padded through the salon proper and on into the tiny kitchen. After checking for messages, Helios leaned back on hir haunches and considered.
"Mmm, no one left me a message, and I've just finished all my shopping...what to do, what to do..." Hir gaze roved the kitchen, taking in the small fridge, smaller stove, and the tiny sink. Nothing to do in
here, shi'd eaten at the mall. So moving out of the kitchen and into the short hall connecting it with the bedroom and salon, Helios continued hir aimless search. Peeking into hir bedroom, the 'taur broke out in a grin. Of course! Shi hadn't used her vacuum today yet.
Pushing open hir bedroom closet, Helios peered inside. Right behind the door sat her vacuum cleaner. One of the older models that look vaguely like some sort of turbine, Helios' vacuum was well cared for and
squeaky clean. A plastic bag was wrapped around the nozzle on the end of its flexible ribbed hose, tied off with a rubber band or two. Helios chuckled softly to hirself, and tugged the thing out of the closet. Shi plugged it in, then lifted the case of the appliance up onto hir bed. Pouncing after it, shi rolled out on hir side, curling into an arc to reach the vacuum.
"Wondered why I was feeling a little off today... How could I have forgotten to vacuum?" Helios clucked at hirself scoldingly, removing the bag from the nozzle. Ah, the bag was there to keep the nozzle clean apparently. Helios licked the slightly tapered nozzle of the vacuum, using hir tongue to moisten the plastic, using oddly sensuous strokes. What exactly...? Oh. OH!
Helios curled still further around to reach the switch on the vacuum, and flicked it. The motor purrrrred, then built to a noisy roar as she took the nozzle, and began sliding it over hir upright torso's belly. Shi
shut hir eyes slowly, languidly, murrrRRRing softly as hir fur was sucked at. The hose moved under the hermy vixen's paw, nozzle gliding up the soft curve of hir breast, until it rested right atop hir nipple. Helios let it take firm hold there, smiling and beginning to pant softly as hir machine 'nursed' at hir... Shi was just about to move it to hir left nip when a sharp BANG and a clank startled hir into a yelp! Eyes flicking open, shi was just in time to see a fat spark jump from the vacuum's insides, followed immediately by a puff of sour black smoke. The vacuum's roar died with a cough, the machine soon completely dead.
"Oh, *$#@ it!" Helios growled, staring at the dead length of hose in hir paws. "Back to the mall..."

Helios frightened hir third department store clerk into yelling for his manager, and stomped away in disgust. Shi'd visited four stores in two malls, and none of them had the sort of vacuum shi figured shi could use! They were either too weak, the wrong shape to cuddle up with and maneuver around, too expensive or bulky. Occupied with hir frustration, Helios didn't even see hir friend Janice wave and just plowed on through the large femme's clothes department. Janice narrowed her eyes, not about to give up that easily! She plowed right after, ignoring other shoppers' angry or offended looks and words. Eventually, she caught up with her friend at the elevator.
"Helios! I've been trying to get your attention since you left appliances! What's wrong?" Startled to see Jan here, Helios swished hir long bushy tail nervously.
"I, ah, I'm looking for a vacuum. My other one broke... All the ones I've seen so far are horrible! I need something with some *ooomph* to it, y'know? And..." Helios looked around for eavesdroppers before
continuing. "It needs to have some special attachments for getting into certain...crevices." Helios lifted hir tail ever so slightly, a signal Janice picked up on and correctly interpreted. Janice winked, then gave
her friend a sympathetic hug.
"Well, I need to get home now, but good luck on your search! If I see anything that might work, I'll be sure and call ya, okay?"
Helios nodded grumpily, gave Jan a quick nuzzle, and rode the elevator down to the parking lot section where hir van was parked. The ride home wasn't exactly relaxing, given all the Christmas shopper traffic, so the foxie was nearly spitting when shi arrived home. Storming in the door, something heavy right inside the salon connected solidly with hir forelegs. Stumbling then sprawling out across the floor, Helios yelped! Hir nose bumped the floor painfully on the way down. Hindlegs propped on the offending object, shi violently twisted to get a look at the thing, and gasped!
"A, a vacuum! But... Oh, Janice must've got it for me!" Helios grinned, all frustrations and anger forgotten, as shi slid hir paws over the nice machine.
A smooth glossy black, the case about twice the size of hir old one, it promised a lot of power under the hood! Gadgets galore were secreted all over and inside its case, no doubt, given the number of mysterious
slits and ports just barely visible in the thing's warm plastic skin. The electrical cord seemed to play out on an internal spool, and when Helios tried to find its length, proved to be longer than shi had patience to gauge. Similarly, the glistening black hose sprouting from the unit's head proved to be extendable. Helios tugged on the hose, and the unit glided forward smooth as silk on tiny wheels...
"Mmmmmm...I'd better call Jan and thank hir before trying this beast out..." So, instead of pelting for the bedroom like shi wanted to, Helios left the machine to go find the phone. Janice picked up on the second ring.
"So, you got my little early Christmas present?" Janice giggled, sounding quite smug. Helios couldn't fault her, really.
"Yes I did! It's beautiful! Where in the MUCK did you did find this thing?" Janice's voice got a little uncertain as she replied.
"Ahhh, I can't tell, at least not yet. Just have your fun with it, and we'll talk again later, okay?"
Helios shrugged mentally, and said hir goodbyes. Eyes drifting back towards where shi'd left the vacuum, Helios smacked hir lips expectantly!
Grinning and hot with anticipation, Helios led the vacuum with the hose like a dog, on into hir bedroom. Shi didn't even need to lift the thing onto hir bed; the hose was plenty long even after extending up onto the bed. Shi padded over to the wall, cord in hand, and plugged the bad boy in. Then, fairly pouncing on the machine, shi flicked the power switch. A green LED embedded in the switch glowed, one of those snazzy extras that the designers figure'll give consumers a thrill. At first, Helios was disappointed with the quiet hum the vacuum cleaner made. But when that hum built up to a dull roar that powerfully vibrated the machine's casing, hir frown curled up into an admiring grin.
"You sound so promising, my friend! Let's see how you do in bed..." Helios chuckled, curling up with the thick ribbed hose clutched tightly. With a soft zzzzing sound as the ribs slid out of the machine, the hose followed hir up onto the bed. Again applying the nozzle to hir breast first, Helios gasped softly in shock as, still three inches from hir body, shi felt the suction. Hir breast was even straining towards the dark mouth of the hose, fur ruffling softly... Helios closed the distance and let out a long, loud mooooaaaAAN of pleasure! What kind of motor was in this vacuum to create such pull? Shi was sure that every little speck of dust was gone the first millisecond under the suction of the vacuum. Gingerly, shi slid
the nozzle with great effort up over hir nipple... WOAH! Milk, always present in hir breasts due to some special vitamins the 'taur took regularly, seeped up through hir tissues to fly down the hose's 'throat' in a thin stream. Moaning loudly and pressing the hose to hir breast tightly, shi shifted hir legs, and began to hump hir big fluffy pillow. Feminine juices stained the fabric of the pillow as the randy vixen rode a mounting wave of pleasure! When hir guage began to edge over into the red, shi took hold of the
hose and *pulled!* With great difficulty, Helios pulled the nozzle from hir jug with a sticky POP! Sliding over onto hir side, then curling hir front bits toward hir rear ones, Helios brought the vacuum nozzle shakily near hir sopping folds. Almost seeming to jump from hir hands, the nozzle leapt forward to slurp a swollen netherlip into its plastic maw! That's all it took. Shuddering in every part of hir, Helios collapsed, a moaning limp collection of shivering limbs and spasming muscle! The delicious stimulation ended abruptly however, just when shi needed it most, as the vacuum hose slipped away to glide down hir backleg. How had it slipped? Its pull was too strong to just let it be dislodged like that! Mind fogged with fading pleasure, Helios blearily snatched up the hose again, and shoved it right up inside hir cunnie! A whine emanated from the vacuum case, and all of a sudden, the thing shut off!
"NO!" Helios growled, reaching for the case...and falling off the bed in hir haste. Definitely out of the 'mood' now, shi packed the thing away into the closet, hose cord and all. Only partially sated and frustrated
with the faulty vacuum, the vixentaur flopped onto the bed for sleep. It was slow and late in coming, but eventually, sleep found hir.
Bleeping quietly on hir dresser's top, Helios' alarmclock informed hir mistress it was time to rise. Helios groaned throatily, thrashing hir legs to dislodge the blankets. Fumbling over the dresser surface, shi found
the clock and smacked it.
"Why, why just when I'm having the best dream, does..." Helios sighed gustily, sitting half on, half off the bed. Straining to recall the swimming images in hir groggy mind, shi eventually put together and interesting picture of hir and the vacuum locked in a creamy, passionate embrace. It was such a compelling image, Helios decided to give the vacuum another try. Pulling it out of the closet, yawning pinkly, shi plugged it back in, and settled down on the bed with hose in hand. This time shi tucked it right up
between hir hindlegs, gasping out and squeezing hir eyes shut when the suction *schlupped* hir plump vulva right into the tight plastic tube. Turning and opening hir eyes with an effort, Helios examined the
vacuum, looking for a switch to turn the suction up even higher! That shi didn't find, but there was another hose! One of the mysterious ports had slid open to reveal it, a smaller bore hose than the one milking hir drooling cunnie. Shi tugged on it, then yanked, frowning, when it didn't extend. The stubborn ribbed tube refused to yield, staying only a foot long. Growling, shi dropped the thing, and massaged hir breasts manually...shutting hir eyes as bliss washed over hir...
Five minutes went by, Helios' excitement mounting, hir soft cries of pleasure gaining in volume! Paws slick and breastfur matted with warm milk leaked from hir rockhard nipples, the vixen continued pleasuring
hirself while the vacuum helped. Chancing to look back at the vacuum's darkly gleaming mass on the floor, Helios gaped in surprise! The stubborn short hose had grown longer, and in fact, was on the bed right near hir hindpaws! A little nervous now, shi kicked the hose off the bed gently, half-fearing it would bite hir like some kind of plastic snake... A minute later it was forgotten, as Helios' body rocked back and forth in silent orgasm, the vixen's muzzle clamped tight! Her spasming pussy opened wide enough at one point to admit the hose's nozzle, the thing sucking itself to the soft tissues inside and traveling several inches up into hir depths before Helios caught it. Shaking, shi slowly withdrew the hose, every thick rib on its surface making hir squeak with pleasure as it slid from hir hot sticky loins. The last rib set hir off again, and it was all shi could do to hold onto the bucking hose! It seemed almost alive, the way it tried to evade hir grasp and penetrate hir again...
Wary of the strange machine and its eccentric behavior, Helios replaced the vacuum in the closet, fully sated but worried. What was with this machine...?
A third odd incident occured when the vixentaur was using the vacuum for a more mundane application: cleaning. Shi ran the wand over the dusty curtains covering the picture window, smiling as the gray stuff leaped right off under hir wonderful machine's awesome suction. When the phone rang, shi propped the long wand against the wall, and brushed the off switch as shi padded off. Much to hir annoyance, the switch stuck, and the machine remained on. Shi'd crossed half the distance to the kitchen and the
braying phone before a sharp pull on hir tail made hir yelp! Looking over hir shoulder, shi saw the vacuum, attached to hir tailtip! Growling, eyes narrowed in worry, Helios turned the vacuum firmly off, then leapt for the phone.
"Oh, Jen! Hi! Listen, this vacuum of your's..."
Listening on the other end of the connection, and trying her best not to break down into giggles, Jen made consoling sounds to Helios at appropriate times. Ending with reassurances that the vacuum was
completely normal and the incidents must be coincidence, Jen said goodbye.
"It must be shy or something; it cleaned me inside and out the first time I plugged it in!" Jen ran a hand down her side sensually, smiling at the memory... "I wouldn't worry and the vacuum'll bond soon enough.."
Determined to have some real, fulfilling fun with the vacuum, Helios finished hir cleaning and drew the machine after hir into the bedroom. Leaning down towards it and shaking an admonitory finger, the 'taur
addressed the appliance.
"Now listen here! You're a very powerful, admirable piece of machinery, but don't think for a minute I'll let you stick around if you refuse to cooperate!" Tapping the thing smartly on the hood, Helios slid up onto
the bed, pulling a hose with hir. A swift tail-swat managed to flick the switch on, producing the throaty rumble of the vacuum powering up. Hands shaking slightly, Helios applied the nozzle of the hose to hir belly. Shuddering as the flesh and fur was pulled firmly into the nozzle, Helios let out a little yelp of pleasure! Not content with just feeling the suction on hir stomach though, the vixen glided the nozzle up through hir fur, and up the slope of hir right breast. The nozzle fairly leapt for the nipple, seizing it
and a good area of breast-flesh with it. Helios' arms dropped to hir sides, limp and useless in the face of the sensations crackling along hir nerves.
Shi was so enthralled in the awesome suction and the pleasure washing through hir body, Helios didn't see the change coming over the vacuum's main body. From many of those subtle ports shi'd noticed earlier, hoses extruded, glistening with some slick lubrication. They were all similar to the one Helios had had in hir hands, but of varying diameters. Some of the nozzles sported different attachments: some long and slender, others bulbous, bristling with rubber spikes.
Another object slid from within the vacuum, this one rising from the hood of the machine. A round orb, supported on a flexible metal stalk resembling a microphone arm, slid silently out into the air and locked
into place. A kind of shutter blinked open, revealing an angry, red glowing 'eye.' Swiveling towards the creature attached to one of its hoses, the sensor eye took in the image of Helios, determining everything about hir from weight, to olfactory radiation leveles, to heat signiture. Then, labeling Helios as 'prey,' something to clean inside and out, the machine sent its many tentacle-like hoses snaking across the floor...then up onto the bed.
Helios took a moment to register the touch on hir tail, flank, and then hir other breast. Opening hir eyes blearily and gazing down, the vixen gaped at the other hose...hoses...
"What...? How--" The clamping of the hose's firm plastic mouth over hir unattended nipple transformed whatever else Helios had been about to say into a simple groan of pleasure. One slim tentacular hose snuffled along the rich length of the 'taur's brushtail, eventually sliding beneath it, and discovering a sticky crevice to clean. Before cleaning the inside however, the outside needed cleansing, so a special attachment was maneuvered up between Helios' hindlegs. It was brush really, a circular brush with a hole in the center for the vacuum's nozzle. This brush snugged itself up around Helios' vulva, stiff bristles sliding over her puffy aroused flesh. Gasping and rocking, the vixen did nothing to resist these advances, partly out
of shock but mostly just because the machine was pushing all her right buttons! After several scraping, bristly, circular strokes, the brush attachment withdraws, leaving Helios trembling violently and oozing hir feminine liquids. Sensing this new moisture, yet another attachment sprang up to hir sex, this one tipped with a dish-shape. Cupping her juicy sex in an airtight seal, the vacuum sucked Helios' sweet nectar away, the pump gurgling as it took in the warm fluid. When the gurgles stopped, the first hose darted back in, the cup-shaped one getting out of the way a fraction of a second before. Diving eagerly between the slightly-parted labia, the vacuum's hose plunged several inches up within Helios' loins. Eyes opening *wide* Helios let out a strangled YOWL! Locating the source of the noise, the vacuum slid a hose up to seal itself over Helios' muzzle. Shi felt hir breath rushing from hir, drawn right out of hir lungs and into the insatiable vacuum's steel stomach. Just when shi feared shi'd black out, Helios felt hir lips released. Gulping air, gasping loudly, Helios hardly noticed as three more hoses extruded from the machine. Hir hands were both seized, awesome suction pulling them wrist-deep into the hoses. The last fastened itself to hir softly
furred ballsac, taking the sensitive flesh into its fiercely suckling embrace. Helios collapsed onto hir side, feeling ribbed plastic tubes beneath hir, and struggled weakly!
"Jen, oh Jen, what've you brought into my home?" She murmured, grimacing as the hose in hir cunnie began pumping it self in and out. Why would it do that?! Whatever the reason, it was quickly heating making hir femme-sex. A soft gurgle let hir know that hir feminine lubricant had just become the appliance's beverage of choice. Groaning, feeling like a furry orange octopus, Helios tried to twist off the bed and get to the vacuum's off switch.
Following its prey's progress, the red sensor eye blinked scornfully. Helios wriggled hir rear off the bed, the suddenly-unsupported weight pulling the rest of hir with it. Thudding to the floor, all the hoses
stubbornly maintaining their holds, Helios growled! The vacuum had moved on its own, keeping its switch out of range of hir muzzle. Blast! Shi sagged towards the floor, eyes fluttering shut...when shi noticed something on the floor. The electrical cord! Snapping hir head down and seizing the cord in hir jaws, Helios yanked the cord! Nothing happened. The vacuum was sitting on the cord, the loop shi held effectively useless. Tired, and now willing to submit for awhile to this...this abuse, Helios lay there and felt
the hose thrusting in and out of hir. Now that shi was thinking about it, Helios thought the vacuum wasn't doing too bad a job humping hir... Soon the 'taur was thrusting back into the intrusive hose, the intense sucking making ripples in hir vaginal canal... Pleasure gurgled through hir body as the vacuum plundered hir, Helios' barriers dropping as hir excitement mounted! It was getting a little uncomfortable now, though, as shi seemed to have been drained... Hir breasts had emptied ten minutes ago, and just now the quiet gurgle of hir lube trickling into the hose faded away. Horribly, just before hir pleasure peaked, the vacuum hose extracted itself from hir stretched pussy! Having 'cleaned out' that orifice, it returned to its port, rim sticky with hir fluids. Now another hose appeared, slimmer, and with a barrel lined with short rubber spikes. This one burrowed between hir 'taur belly and the carpet, nuzzling, nosing for something...and it found hir sheath. Helios stiffened, (In more than one fashion,) as the fur on hir sheath ruffled in the sucking breeze. Sensing the warmth of the emerging penis, it leapt forward and stuffed the meat down its spiny gullet! It felt incredible, all those little rubber 'teeth' rubbing along hir straining cock... Hir pre formed a flying ribbon as it was sucked right out of hir, gliding down into the curling coils of the hose. Once moisture was detected in the captured member, the vacuum turned up the juice. Helios cried out! stretching hir neck, straining to go SOMEWHERE, ANYwhere! It felt like hir cock was about to come loose! With a start and a shudder, Helios felt hirself lose something...and realized the vacuum had emptied hir balls,
sucking the seed right out of hir! Collapsing again, the shivering, drained foxtaur wondered dimly what would come next...
Having drained the obvious pockets and organic ports in the prey of fluids, the vacuum initated the next step in the cleaning process. Sliding up and back on hinges, the gleaming hood of the vacuum drifted back to reveal what looked like a huge-bore cannon. Instead, it proved to be yet another hose...this one FAR larger than any of the others produced so far. Nosing out into the air like some just-awakened worm, the hose extended slowly towards the limp Helios. A click sounded, and the 'mouth' of the hose irised utwards, expanding to almost four feet in diameter! Hungrily, the hose approached Helios' hindquarters, the intake of air bending hir fur towards its throat.
Helios looked over hir shoulder at the vacuum when shi heard its motor note change. It rose steadily upwards, moving from a rumble, to a howl, then a scream! Lights all over the house flickered, and unbeknownst to hir, the same happened up and down the street. What Helios saw scared hir into
scrambling to all available limbs in a panic! A gaping plastic funnel had emerged, somehow, from the vacuum and was inches from hir rear! Hir tail lay straight out from hir rump like a windsock in the awe-inspiring force of suction the maw employed, while a thin stream of hir arousal's fluid splashed into the tube and vanished... How could shi still *be* lubricating at a time like this?! Shi realized the suction was great enough to probably drain the honey right out of hir glands! Helios leapt away from the hose, sheer terror driving hir muscles! Ripping away from the hoses on hir hands, breasts, and balls shi sprinted for the door! Sprinted...but nothing happened. The hoses shi won free of retracted into the vacuum, the huge maw
continued approaching, and shi moved not an inch! Frantic and barking with fear, shi ran and ran and ran...running in place, the still-growing suction preventing any movement *away* from it. Towards it was another matter, when Helios tried to bunch hir haunches for a longer more powerful leap. Just the slightest leaning of hir rear back towards the maw, and momentum carried hir back further, right into the hose's grasp! Cool plastic closed over hir rump, the lower part knocking hir legs from beneath hir. Helios
scrabbled in desperation at the carpet as the hose swallowed hir steadily in! It was intense, the suction, like some giant was sucking on a piece of foxtaur candy! Relentlessly the suction tugged her inch by resisting inch inside, Helios conscious of every bit of her fur that vanished into that dark mouth... The plastic rim crept over her powerful haunches, and slid up, up, the machine sucking harder and harder to win every bit of its 'meal!' Hir middle was inside the tube when Helios' hands found the power cord again. It was free! The vacuum had moved off the cord sometime during the past few minutes! Grinning in triumph, shi yanked the cord, watching with satisfaction as the plug flew from the socket. The red eye abruptly
died, the suction stopped, and the motor's whine faded into nothing. Helios lay panting, weak and exhausted from the struggle...half-engulfed by this terrible appliance. Her fur gently drifted back flat again, after leaning into the sucking gullet. Helios shuddered violently!
Feeling its power cut, the vacuum felt annoyance. Switching its systems over to the internal pile, it waited for the power to rise, hoping the one to be cleaned was too tired to move away just yet.
Helios jerked hir head, startled, when something whined! THE VACUUM! It was on again, but still unplugged!!? Helios grabbed fistfuls of carpet and hauled rump out of the giant hose, escaping it entirely, only to be hauled right back inside as the suction peaked again. SHWUMP! Furry rump stuck in the yawning funnel once more, the fox 'taur nearly gave up. Shi was so tired from fighting this awesome suction the first time, how on earth would shi endure another bout?! But fight shi did, digging hir claws into the carpet. Helios yelped as the rim hit hir forelegs, a solid bump but not enough to knock hir limbs out from beneath hir. Shifting hir stance, Helios locked hir limbs, face a picture of terror and intense strain! Legs flopping in the breeze inside the hose, Helios felt hir rear sucked deeper, leaning towards whatever steel stomach this machine had... Trying to brace those lost hindlegs against one of the rims inside the hose, shi kicked and struggled!
Amazed at how furiously the creature fought, the vacuum let hir struggle a time, tiring hirself. Then, frustrated with how much power had been consumed, the machine flipped its power toggle one more notch
upwards. Its throaty wine burst into a husky growl, its pull equal to that now of a tornado's most intense suction zone.
Helios heard the vacuum's motor-noise grow louder once more, and braced hirself for an even more intense suction. Bracing did no good. The rim bumped hir again at what felt like high-way cruising speed, slamming hir forelegs up and bolting the last portion of hir 'taur parts. Torso bent forward, arms sucked backwards into the plastic tube, Helios watched as hir view of the room shrank away into a gray shadowy corridor.
Helios' scream was lost in an echo as shi was sucked quickly out of sight, becoming a warm bulge in the snaking coils of the hose. The bulge sank right down into the vacuum cleaner, a large package fitting
somehow into the smaller one...
Helios felt the ribs bumping along hir body backwards as shi was swallowed, a howling wind in hir ears! This must be what it's like for dust bunnies...shi thought, as hir body was thrown to and fro against the
walls of this mechanical creature's throat. Hir large body stuffed the hose full, bulging it outward, just like a snake's just-devoured prey. Suddenly Helios realized the wild trip was coming to an end... An intense tightness and heat engulfed hir tail, rear, belly, sliding quickly up hir body. When it reached hir head, Helios blacked out...
Sitting quietly on the floor, processing its 'prey,' Anima rolled the experience over and over in his mind. It was nice of Jen to direct him to someone to play with who liked his exotic vacuum cleaner shape, such a
radical departure from his usual black panther appearance. It was fun though, cleaning up (and cleaning out) furs like this.... *Bleep* Oh! Shi's ready...
Helios jerked awake, lying on hir bed, groggy and confused. The vacuum! Where was it?! Shi whipped hir head back and forth...then noticed the open closet door. The machine was inside, hose and power cord neatly coiled... Shi was about to dismiss the whole thing as a dream, when shi felt something rustle on hir neck. Reaching up and pulling it about so she could see it, Helios realized it was a tag, attached to a string around hir neck. It read,'One herm vixentaur. Cleaned, drycleaned, pressed, shampooed and brushed. Pickup 1-10-01.'
"Oh brother! JEN!"