Title: Once in a Lifetime
Author: Strega
© First draft 19 December 2002; final draft 1 Jan 2003
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Once in a lifetime
By Strega

"Thank you."

‘Shanto’ accepted the glass of wine from the maid and watched her clean up the dinner leavings. Staying here incognito had the useful (if trivial) effect of letting him talk to the help without them freezing in terror. If this buxom young thing had known who he really was she’d probably have dropped at least one of the plates she had just loaded onto the platter.

For the moment he was Shanto, a druid traveling with his animal companion. No city person feared a nature priest, though it’d taken an extra silver to get his ‘pet’ into the Inn room with him. Unlike himself, his companion was decidedly not harmless to the eye.

The barmaid flinched as she turned to the door. While she’d been collecting the dishes his ‘pet’ had padded up behind her and flopped down like a rug. Four hundred pounds of giant wolverine, solid muscle, sinew, claws and fur, lay between her and the door. Its mean little eyes were alert.

Shanto took a sip of wine. "He won’t hurt you."

"He’s very big." Unconsciously the maid backed toward him, and he admired the fair skin through the laces of her dress. Her hair was so dark brown as to be almost black, but not too dark to show auburn highlights.

The wolverine stretched luxuriantly, sharp white claws scraping the floorboards, and rolled over onto its back. Shanto couldn’t see much more than one uplifted paw, but from the maid’s sharp intake of breath he knew what she saw.

"Sir, your animal, he…is he all right?"

Curious despite himself, he leaned forward and glanced past the edge of the desk. There was the beast stretched out to full length, each paw pointing in a different direction. Its muzzle was pointed at the maid, eyes happily shut, and down at the other end of its body was the source of happiness. The beast’s thick black penis was unsheathed and erect, glistening against the dark bellyfur.

Shanto smothered a laugh and sat back. "What, hasn’t a dog every done that for you? He’s advertising. Ri…Rian is a smart beastie. He likes your scent, he’s feeling amorous, and he’s hoping you will obligingly be in an amorous mood too." He took another sip of the too-dry wine. "If you ignore him he’ll stop."

He made a show of annotating the journal page he had open. Apparently that was the extent of his interest in the matter, but out of the corner of his eye he watched the maid. She was still looking down at the wolverine’s display.

When a proper amount of time had passed, he spoke without looking up. "You are not the first woman he’s met. Right now you are cleaning up my room at my request. If a barmaid were to take advantage of an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit with a certain companion of mine, it would be no business of mine to interfere. Should the owner inquire as to her extended presence in my room, why, there was more to clean up than I expected."

She was still looking down, and he understood why. ‘Rian’ was abundantly equipped to satisfy a woman. He heard the shuffle of paws as the wolverine moved closer to her, and the wet sound of the beast’s tongue on her ankle.

She looked at the door, at him (he was still working on the journal) and finally down at the beast. Its tongue was wetting her calf now, and the huge erection was throbbing on the carpet. A flush rose in her cheeks, and quickly – as though afraid she would change her mind if she thought about it too much – she pulled up her dress and sat facing the wolverine.

Almost before she spread her legs the beast’s massive head was between them, his triangular muzzle sliding in toward her sex. The wet sound of tongue on flesh was answered by a moan this time, and Shanto allowed himself a smile. Apparently it wouldn't be necessary to bribe this particular barmaid to lie with his companion.

After just a handful of preliminary licks (No doubt, Shanto thought, to test the waters, as it were ) the wolverine rose to its feet and stepped forward. Shanto couldn’t make out the details of what was happening on the far side of the desk; all he could see was the beast’s arched back. But as that arched back hunched up, then lowered as the beast squatted to mount, the woman’s half-pained moan showed that whether her hand had helped direct the effort or not, Rian had displayed his customary accuracy.

The moan rose almost to a shriek as the arched back lowered further. The brute, following his usual habit, was forcing in as much of his copious endowment as would fit. The wet squelch that followed almost overpowered the woman’s next moan, and Shanto grimaced as Rian began to hump. The dark-furred back with its golden side-stripe moved up and down, the muscles under the pelt flexing visibly.

It really was quite distracting. He continued his journal:

Coldeve 19: Stopped at an Inn for the night, and already my ‘pet’ has managed to seduce a maid using his ‘look how big my cock is’ approach. It’s astonishing how successful he is. Just now my room is full of wet sounds, moans, and the growls of a beast intent on loosing his seed as expediently as possible.

Each time ‘Rian’ pulls out, the tight fit of an almost too-small sex around his member practically pulls the maid’s labia from her body. I do not have to see this to know: I have seen it many times before. Each withdrawal also produces a loud, wet squelch, as air tries to fill the void left by the retreating shaft. And then he growls and humps it in again. I will say this for the maid: She either has a high pain tolerance or is very experienced. Many women would be screaming by now. I am certain not all of ‘Rian’s’ oversized member fits in her, but she does not cry out in pain even when he slams it in with all of his lusty force. Instead, she moans and cries out, louder and louder.

He reached for the blotter paper, and took a minute to fan himself. It suddenly seemed very hot in the room.

As he blotted the page the maid let out an inarticulate shriek. The pale-skinned legs around the wolverine’s ‘waist’ kicked, one falling from atop the beast’s haunch to thump to the floor. Then a long, satiated sigh, and her hands appeared, playing with the beast’s neckfur.

Already the maid has felt her passion. It is, by my reckoning, only three minutes since he entered her. It really is amazing how many women seem to yearn to be violated by some coarse beast. Or maybe it's just the company I keep.

Rian lifted his shaggy head and looked askance at Shanto. The feral beast’s evil little eyes held a question, and his master nodded the answer.

As the furry back arched with the next thrust (for Rian had not yet had his own satisfaction), the wolverine’s head sank out of sight once more.

There was no sound of protest. Perhaps her eyes were shut in her pleasure, or perhaps she didn’t realize what about to happen until too late. But her fingers went tight in the wolverine’s neckfur as Shanto watched. Rian had begun his meal.

The feeding did not stop the beast from continuing to mate. If anything, the wolverine’s muscular body humped more forcefully as his head curled down toward his belly. Past the desk Shanto saw neckfur swell around a melon-shaped object. Powerful swallowing muscles tensed the fur, then rippled downward, and the woman’s head vanished into the greater thickness of the brute’s torso. An even greater bulge, that of her shoulders, swelled the pelt now, and the continuing wet sounds of mating were almost drowned out by the gulping.

The beast strained into a tighter and tighter circle as it fed and rutted. The spastically tight fingers in its neckfur pulled free as the maid's upper arms were engulfed, trapped to her sides and swallowed along with her breasts. Shanto could see how the rhythm of the gulps was matched to the humping: vastly experienced, Rian wasted no effort. Each violently enjoyable thrust slammed the wolverine’s belly against the woman’s groin, simultaneously burying his cock to the hilt and shoving her an inch deeper into the hungry maw. The shapes moving through the tight neckfur were of a woman’s chest and arms now. Beneath the coarse pelt, tough hide and muscle, she was being pushed down the beast’s throat a bit at a time.

Rian could have swallowed her in seconds. A simple yawn, grab, and four or five rapid tosses of the beast’s head and she could have been gone. Or he could have pushed his jaws over her, using the resistance of the floor or a wall to hold her still until she was deep enough to swallow. Either way, one massive gulp once she was waist-deep and down she would go alive to curl in the beast’s stomach.

She was alive now, even with this slower, more enjoyable feeding. Rian was humping her down his throat, combining mating and feeding so that the latter took only a fraction of his attention. All he had to do was keep his jaws lined up and gaped and he could thrust until his balls bounced off her ass.

Shanto watched one fair-skinned foot kick and drop out of sight. He could hear her heels thumping the floor in her last desperate struggle, but it was too little and far too late. Had she reacted when the wolverine’s jaws had first opened she would have had a chance; a scream might have caused Rian to back off. After all, ‘Shanto’ was here undercover, and too much attention was bad for any cover. Rian would have simply gone back to humping her and pretended the ‘kiss’ was all in play.

Now it was too late for the woman. Shanto could tell from the curl of the beast’s body that she was nearly to her hips in hungry musteline jaws. The powerfully violent arches of the furry back were meeting resistance now; the wolverine was curled in on himself as tightly as he could go. To swallow any more, he would have to straighten his body and pull out of the woman.

Rian had little choice now but to concentrate on the mating half of his game and gave short, strong thrusts into the half-swallowed woman. With all of his attention focused on that pure pleasure, the end was not long in coming.

Shanto knew the signs from experience: The building shiver in the furry flanks, the scrape of claws digging into the floorboards, the panting through almost-blocked throat. The wolverine hunched up against his mate once, then again, and finally tensed. A powerful shudder ran through his flanks and haunches, his eyes squeezed shut, and his whole mighty frame shivered as he spent his seed in the doomed woman.

A gasping pant signaled the start of the ejaculation, then a long shuddering inhalation as the passion pulsed through the wolverine’s body. Four hundred pounds of furry predator swayed as in an invisible wind, concentrated entirely on the brief pleasure of the orgasm.

The eyes snapped open again, a breath was released, and with no pause for post-coital relaxation (for his throat was still full), Rian straightened his arched body. A last wet sound signaled the withdrawal of spent musteline cock, and the maid’s rump came into view as the beast pulled his head out from between his forepaws.

Shanto watched the dress slide back over feebly moving thighs and considered that tomorrow sometime the beast would regurgitate that cloth. Flesh and bones would dissolve in the wolverine’s belly, hair in this quantity was just roughage, but a bulky mass of cloth would not pass through. When the rest of the maid was digested, the dress, underskirt and sandals would come back up.

Rian tossed his head, gathering in the thighs in one snap, and the sandaled feet waved from the beast’s jaws. Shanto smiled: This was his favorite part. Watching the knees, (hopefully bare) calves and then feet slide in. The last evidence of Rian’s meal, the last indication that there were two living, thinking beings where now there was to be but one. The wolverine stretched out his muzzle, and gulped.

Swallowing muscles writhed beneath coarse neckfur, and the naked, twitching calves slithered into the beast’s black-lipped muzzle. The gulp had taken a grip on her whole ingested body now and shy of Shanto leaping across the desk and gripping her feet there was no saving her. He had seen someone do that once: In their effort to save the woman in question they had fought the wolverine, refusing to let go the prey’s feet. In the end the rescuer’s arms had been dragged into the beast’s gullet by the strength of the swallowing muscles, and before the fool could withdraw powerful forepaws had reached out. Shortly afterward, Rian had stretched out to rest, unable to curl up around a doubly fattened belly.

A last toss of Rian’s muzzle, and the sandaled feet were gone as well. A moment to work his jaws back onto their joints, and the wolverine sat back on his swelling gut, insufferably pleased with himself.

Shanto got up and went around the desk to pet the brute’s flat head. Rian lowered his ears, pretending to dislike the attention but still pushing up against his master’s fingers. From here Shanto could see every detail of the beast’s swollen belly; the maid was a bulging outline, still twitching. Soon the twitching would end, mercifully; from the speed with which the wolverine digested his meals Shanto knew it must be a veritable furnace in there. By the time the sun rose tomorrow even the bones would be dissolved to a fine powder, and most of the flesh would have been absorbed or passed. Fortunately, this Inn had actual indoor plumbing, or at least a floor hole. Seven or eight full chamber pots would have been hard to explain.

The twitching had ceased, and the wolverine’s cheeks bulged around a massive belch. First the air that had gone down with the woman, then the last breath she exhaled in his stomach came back up. Now there was nothing in the beast’s gut but curled-up woman and hot acid.

"If you had been patient, you could have had her to your bed all night, and eaten her before we left in the morn." Shanto patted the brute again. "In an hour you will be horny again, and you know the rules."

Lord Matthew (for so Shanto was) recited them once more. "Only one bargirl or maid for your stomach per trip. As many as you want to hump, but you have to seduce them: no raping. And none for you while your belly is full."

‘Rian’, who was Ripper as ‘Shanto’ was Matthew, snorted and tossed his head. His meaning was clear: With such smooth, pale skin, and such an opportunity (crouched atop the woman, humping away, no escape for her at all), how could he resist?

Matthew patted the fat beast and went back to his journal.

Coldeve 19, continued: I will have to find an excuse for the maid’s disappearance, but I have had much experience with that. Many more women than you’d expect take Ripper up on his offer; Most go their way afterwards, pleased or pained or wondering if they will bear furry children. And a certain number find that the beast’s urges extend beyond spilling his seed in them. For those, it truly is a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.

Matthew looked up to see the sleepy wolverine curling around the new, temporary bulge in its middle.

And Matthew smiled.

The End