Title: A Strange Meeting
Author: GryphRaptor
© 2004
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A meeting between GryphRaptor and Guyver47 and D4-7

A Strange Meeting
By GryphRaptor
Characters Guyver47 and D4-7 © Alicia Boros
Picture of Guyver47 used as reference for this story

It all began with a chance meeting at a local nightclub.
Loud powerful music blasted through the air, setting Guyver47's bones vibrating with the deep bass tones. D4-7 had decided to stay home, apparently a new game had caught the canine's attention, and D4 had been playing it almost non-stop for the last few days. Guyver47 had to grin a bit at the thought of how focused D4 had become on that computer game. She herself had tried it but found it not really to her tastes, though some of the characters she rather liked.
As the night drew on, G47 occasionally slipped onto the dance floor, joining the throngs of dancers of various species. A couple times she even danced with a partner, though none really caught her eye for more then just dancing. Returning to the bar, and leaning back against it during the lull between dance sets, G47 scanned the dancers once more and sighed, feeling rather bored overall, and pondered starting something just to alleviate her boredom.
Almost as if her thoughts summoned trouble, a fight broke out over towards the back, where the larger beings tended to congregate. Ears perked in interest, G47 began to make her way over, curious to see just what was going on, of course a good amount of other beings had the same idea, but by creative use of force she managed to clear her way to the scene of the conflict, eyes widening at the scene before her.
Squaring off against a trio of rough looking individuals was quite a creature, defiantly a tourist, as G47 had never seen anything quite like the being. Shimmering black feathers covered much of the creature's back, and dark wings half spread as the creature glared at the trio cornering it. Overall, the creature resembled a gryphon of some sort, though instead of the normal feline attributes, this creature more resembled a dinosaur of some sort, wickedly sharp looking, scythe-like talons extended from the inner toe of each foot.
The trio the creature squared off against were most defiantly drunk, and G47 had the feeling that they'd probably made some rather inappropriate comments to the creature, perhaps thinking that just because it wasn't wearing any clothing (not that there'd be much a creature like that could wear) that it was open game for fun. Two of the antagonists were minotaurs, while the third was a large and burly lion. All three of them appeared to be from the same gang, since they were all in fairly similar outfits.
"What's going on?" she asked another of the watchers, a rather attractive stallion that she'd danced a couple times with during the night.
"The usual for around here, too much to drink and those three taking too many liberties with the other dancers. Apparently they choose the wrong visitor to corner" as he nodded towards the creature, "Guess they thought she'd be an easy mark, being new around here and all." That comment drew Guyver47's attention once more to the strange creature, studying her in more detail as the stallion continued, "Course how anyone could think that that creature would be an easy mark is beyond me…" G47 had to agree, armed with sharp claws, on both hands and feet, as well as a wicked looking beak, she'd think twice about messing with such a being.
As everyone watched, one of the minotaurs moved towards the strange gryphon creature, "Bitch, you'll pay for those remarks, we were just trying to be friendly…" he growled at her.
The hybrid snarled back, "oh yeah, real friendly, putting your hands where they aren't wanted and assuming that I want what you have…" she spit out at the minotaur and his friends, "as if you undersized idiots have anything to offer. G47 had to smirk at that, granted by the looks of the trio, they were rather amply equipped, nothing tended to enrage drunken idiots more then insulting their sexual attributes. There was something else that was nagging at G47's attention as she watched the creature, then abruptly she realized what it was, while the creature had a feminine build, there was also a masculine bulge between her thighs, noticed as she shifted position to keep her trio of opponents in view.
"A hermaphrodite, interesting…" G47 murmured to herself, wondering just where such a creature came from, and how she hadn't noticed it during her stay here at the club. As she continued to watch, she had to blink as the hybrid creature lunged forward much faster then she (or anyone else apparently) expected her to be able to move, and the minotaur found himself flat on his back, one of those large toe-talons arced over his neck, "Now I'd like you and your friends to leave, unless you'd like to lose twenty pounds of unneeded flesh, after all…you seem to not exercise the muscle there in your head, called a brain…." The hybrid snarled, toe-talon flexing, pressing a bit tighter against the minotaur's throat, creasing the skin, the very tip pressing deep enough to draw a few drops of blood. The minotaur's companions seemed just as startled, though the lion snarled in return and lunged at the hybrid, "you'll pay for that…"
As the lion lunged, the hybrid jumped back, the minotaur shi'd pinned to the floor just lay there, gasping, hand going to his neck, probably checking to see if his head was really still attached. The lion managed to slam the hybrid into the wall behind with a loud crash, cracks spreading out from the impact zone as shi became pinned.
Deciding to lend a hand, as three against one, even if the one being targeted seemed quite able to take care of hirself, G47 slipped through the crowd to behind the third gang member, grinning evilly as she picked up a large and rather heavy bottle. This night was turning out a lot more fun that she expected, as she brought the bottle down across the back of the minotaur's neck, since their skulls were quite thick (this and his companions seeming to have thicker skulls then the norm from what little she'd observed so far). With a loud oof and the sound of glass breaking, the minotaur sank to the ground, out cold. Not content with just laying the minotaur out, the wolf shifted position and lining herself up, gave the unconscious ganger a hard kick to the groin, grinning evilly.
Looking over at the hybrid, Guyver47 chuckled at the sight of the lion laid out as well, clothing shredded, thin lines scored into his flesh by the hybrid's sharp claws, though non of the wounds were life-threatening. The hybrid stood there panting, beak gaped slightly, "Now…anyone else seem to think I'm an easy lay?" shi growled in a soft but deadly tone.
As the crowd dispersed, the spectacle over, the dancing and such resumed, though G47 noted that most were giving the hybrid a wide berth, the club bouncers gathering up the trio and hauling them out, the sounds of sirens could be heard, apparently someone had called the authorities to take care of the gangers. Personally, if it had been her, G47 wouldn't have let the trio live, but then she was rather bloodthirsty and vindictive. She watched as the manager of the club cautiously approached the stranger, and stood there talking with hir for a bit, G47 guessed the hybrid was getting an apology, and she saw the manager and the hybrid shake hands.
Turning the stranger headed towards an empty booth, squeezing in to rest, a server approaching with a large drink for hir, then retreating back to the bar to serve the rest of the patrons. Guyver47 pondered introducing herself to the stranger, if nothing else she was curious as to where shi came from, as well as just what shi was. Walking over she paused at the side of the booth, "Quite an impressive display, mind if I join you?"
The creature looked at G47, and she briefly had the feeling of what a mouse must feel like under the gaze of a hawk, it was a strange sensation for G47. "I suppose" the hybrid replied warily, head cocked slightly to the side as shi studied the striped wolf. Gryph studied the female wolf as she slipped into the vacant seat across the table from hir. Attractive in her black leather outfit, the stripped wolf stood about average in height, a thick spiked collar encircled the canid's neck.
Sitting there across from each other, GryphRaptor and Guyver47 studied each other, both wary of the other. Finally Gryph spoke up again, "Would you like something to drink? Oh, and my name's GryphRaptor, or Gryph if you prefer, you are?"
"Guyver47, nice to meet you." G47 replied, glad the uncomfortable silence had been broken. As Gryph turned to summon another waitress, the wolf caught her companion's scent, blinking a bit at the soft cinnamony scent that wafted lightly from the creature across from her. There was also another scent coming from the strange hybrid, but G47 couldn't quite place just what it was. As Gryph returned hir attention to Guyver47, the wolfess had to ask, "I know this is rude, but just what are you? You resemble a gryphon, at least in part, but I've never seen anything quite like you."
Gryph raised an eye ridge, "well.. it is a bit rude, but I'm used to that question", shi replied, "I'm a hybrid of gryphon and velociraptor, and I'd be very surprised if you'd seen others like me."
"I see…" Guyver47 said in return, "must make for interesting family reunions."
GryphRaptor nodded, "you could say that, though I don't go home much, not that I don't like my family or anything, I'm more comfortable wandering around, seeing where my wings take me and who I meet along the way."
The conversation probably would have continued along those lines over several more rounds of drinks, Guyver47 and GryphRaptor learning a bit more about each other, soon both were slightly inebriated. Making their way unsteadily out of the club, they were about to go their separate ways, when a large form stepped out from a nearby alley. "Think you two can humiliate me and my friends and get away with it?" the large minotaur growled, "you two bitches will have to learn some manners…" as several more shapes moved out of the shadows, all of them large specimens of various species, a lion, a wolf, and the minotaur, as well as a pair of rats.
"All this attention just for us? I think we should be flattered…" Guyver47 quipped.
"Oh I don't know…I can think of better ways to spend my time then dealing with these "people"" GryphRaptor replied, "though by the looks of things, an apology from them isn't gonna happen anytime soon…I do think that this group has an inferiority complex or something."
"You know, you may be right, or perhaps they're just overcompensating for some sort of shortcoming…" G47 mentioned.
"Shut up you!" Growled the minotaur from earlier, "we're gonna make you pay…perhaps if you let us have our fun, we'll let you go…" the minotaur threatened to evil chuckles from the rest of the gangers.
"Flip you to see who goes first?" Gryph asked hir companion.
"Hmmm…Naw, let's get this over with as quickly as possible…There's a good movie on later I'd love to catch." G47 replied offhandedly. It was about this time that the toughs realized that they were being made fun of by Gryph and Guyver47, and with a cry of "Get Them!" they charged the duo. As G47 ducked beneath the punch the minotaur launched at her, but unfortunately ducked right into the minotaur's leg as he lashed out at her, knocking her back into a pile of trashcans. Crying out, bio-booster armor sprouting from nowhere to cover Guyver47's body, as she rose from the crushed trashcans and retaliated against the minotaur. One powerful spinkick knocking him back into a nearby wall, hard enough to leave an impact crater in the brick wall. Meanwhile, the two rats circled in on Gryph, the hybrid leaping straight up into the air, snatching up both rats, one in each foreclaw, and hauling them up to the top of a nearby building. Their cries being cut off once they were out of site. Gryph soon soaring back down, circling in behind the lion, slamming into the back of his head, knocking him into the wall next to the now unconscious minotaur. Landing carefully next to Guyver47, she and Gryph turned to the remaining ganger, the wolf stood there, jaws gaping, eyes almost bugging out of his face.
"I suggest you either leave, or wait there for the cops to arrive for you and your friends…." G47 ordered the wolf, voice echoing strangely from within the dark helmet that now concealed most of her face. Apparently it was all too much for the wolf, he merely sagged to the ground, and sat there, rocking a bit. "Guess they aren't so tough when they aren't in a pack. Imagine that, this group beaten by a couple weak girls…" Guyver47 teased as her armor disappeared, and draping an arm over Gryph's shoulder, led the hybrid off towards her apartment, "guess we both need to get cleaned up a bit," as the wolfess smiled at her new friend.
The sound of sirens followed the duo as they made their way slowly down the street, heading towards G47's apartment, the wolfess leaning in a bit against Gryph's larger frame. After about a 20-minute walk, Gryph and G47 made it to the canid's apartment, a bit of squeezing and Gryph managed to make it inside following behind G47. "Guess you're used to having a bit of trouble with normal sized stuff…" Guyver47 commented.
"A bit…" Gryph replied grinning a bit wryly as shi looked around the rather nice apartment, the sounds of a video game coming from one of the other rooms, "you have a roommate?"
"That's D4-7, you might say she followed me home one night and hasn't left since…" G47 chuckled a bit, "But anyway, we should get cleaned up….me especially" As she glanced down at her rather dirtied appearance, bits of garbage still sticking to her clothing and fur. Grinning G47 turned and swayed a bit towards another of the rooms to clean up, tail swishing slowly with each step, Gryph purred a bit at the sight.
"Looks like things might turn around tonight…" shi murmured to hirself, before poking hir head into the room the sounds of a video game emitted from. A rather nice entertainment center dominated the room, sprawled over an overstuffed couch, wearing an oversized T-shirt lay a trim Doberman. The remains of chip bags and soda cans piled nearby as the canid's attention was caught up fully by the large screen before her, thumbs and fingers flying over the controller as the sprites dashed about. Apparently it was some sort or RPG, a rather nicely designed one actually.
Guyver47 sighed as she showered the gunk out of her fur, her clothing tossed into the hamper for the next day's cleaning, wrinkling her nose a bit as the scent from them as she sprayed the hamper with some deodorant. "whew….surprised that didn't scare Gryph off…" she muttered to herself as she washed up, soon shaking the excess water from her pelt as she finished. Grabbing up a clean, if oversized t-shirt, and donning it she slipped back out to see how Gryph was doing, and if shi'd met D4-7 yet.
Entering the living room where she'd last seen the Doberman, G47 had to chuckle as she watched D4-7 and Gryph battling each other in VS. mode from the RPG. It was a rather amusing spectacle as they good-naturedly cursed each other out as they fought each other's characters. They were managing some pretty spectacular combos and moves too. "Guess I don't need to introduce you two to each other…."
Blinking a bit guiltily, Gryph and D4-7 turned and looked at G47, "Uh yeah….guess got a bit carried away with this…." Gryph mumbled, as Guyver47 smirked at the duo.
"Heh….there's clean towels and stuff in the bathroom if you want to clean up a bit Gryph." At that the large hybrid rose and headed into the bathroom to clean up, "guess I do need to get cleaned up a bit, my feather's are a mess…" shi replied as shi left the room, hearing soft giggles from both girls.
Once Gryph left, G47 raised an eyebrow at D4, "What?" The Doberman asked, "not my fault…shi asked what I was playing…and well…" D4 trailed off.
"Uh huh… right… " G47 teased her friend, "so..what do you think of our guest?"
"Shi's a bit scary to begin with…but shi's a lot nicer then hir appearance would make you think." The Doberman said, leaning back in the couch a bit, letting the game play against itself as she and Guyver47 chatted. "She's also very quick in picking up how to play video games" she grinned and ducked as a pillow sailed through the air at her from where Guyver47 sat on the arm of a nearby chair.
"You and your games…I swear…you're obsessed with them" G47 grinned, "but at least something dragged you away from the screen, you've been on that thing for the last week!"
"Have not…and you know it…" grumped D4-7, glancing at her friend, "ok…so maybe I do play these things a bit obsessively," she admitted, "anyway, what happened to you and our guest, Gryph was hir name, right?"
"Oh, well, was at a club, and saw a few drunks bothering Gryph, decided to help out a bit…the toughs took a bit of exception to us beating them, and decided to gang up on us outside the club. We managed to convince them the errors of their ways…and got a bit dirty in the process…." She shrugged a bit, "thought I'd bring hir here to clean up, though now that I think about it, I probably should've asked where shi's currently staying…ah well…" she grinned.
"Ok, how much did you drink G?" queried D4-7, "you're never this cheery unless you've had a few drinks…"
"Only a couple…" G47 replied innocently, "you know it takes a lot more then that to get me drunk…" clearly the Doberman didn't really believe her friend but let the conversation drop.
"So, what'cha gonna do once shi's finished getting cleaned up?" D4-7 mentioned mischievously.
"I…Don't know…" Guyver47 paused, "Shi is quite…fascinating…isn't shi?"
D4-7 chuckled, "uh huh….try not to get too lou…mrph" as another pillow impacted directly in the canid's face, not allowing her to finish the sentence as D4-7 toppled from the couch with a "oof"
Leaving the room, G47 smiled wryly to herself as she went to go check on their guest, almost running into Gryph as the hybrid squeezed out of the bathroom. Gryph's arms and wings encircling her carefully to keep her from falling, "sorry…" they both said at the same time, then chuckled a bit. G47 inhaled deeply, Gryph's scent was a lot more pleasant then she'd noticed earlier. Abruptly she realized she was still laying against Gryph's chest, her hands lightly stroking across the fine scales of her chest a bit. "oh…Excuse me…" she stammered, trying to pull away.
"Is something wrong?" Gryph questioned? Claws softly stroking G47 lightly, a gentle purr sounding from the hybrid. Gryph seeming to be in no hurry to release the wolfess.
"I'm, not sure…" the canid replied, inhaling Gryph's rich scent again, blushing deeply as she did so.
Smiling, Gryph continued to gently caress the canid, purring softly as shi leaned down, brushing hir beak against G47's muzzle. Guyver47 groaned softly as she felt one of Gryph's claws sliding down along her side, stroking very lightly just above her tailbase, "do you want me to stop?"
In answer, G47 reached up and pulling Gryph's head close, kissed the hybrid, her jaws pressing against Gryph's beak, licking lightly along the edges. Pushing the larger hybrid into the bedroom in the process. "No…" she breathed softly as her hands slid over the hybrid's body, caressing the soft scales and feathers that covered Gryph's body.
Smiling Gryph returns the kiss tenderly, hir forked tongue softly stroking across Guyver's face, before the hybrid begins to carefully nibble along the side of the wolfen's neck. Hir large beak nipping very lightly as shi holds G47 close. G's body trembling in reaction as she enjoys the warm softness of Gryph's body against her, her hands stroking up along Gryph's belly, and up over the hybrid's breasts, before leaning in and nuzzling between those soft mounds of flesh. Gryph's purr vibrating strongly through the gray wolfess as a firm warmth begins to rub lightly against her thighs.
Purring a bit herself, Guyver reached down to rub that warmth, hand gently closing around Gryph's swelling arousal, stroking softly as the large hybrid rubbed against her. Gryph's beak continuing to nibble gently along the wolfess' neck, before drawing Guyver into another kiss, a deeper one this time. The hybrid's tined tongue gently tickling about within G's mouth, stroking across her own tongue, before rubbing against the back of the wolfess' throat. Gryph letting G47's throat tug softly on her tongue as they held the kiss. Hir claws stroked carefully through G's thick pelt, causing the female wolf to squirm in pleasure, especially when Gryph's claws slide down along her spine then settled at her tailbase, massaging deeply there.
"Ooooo…" G47 moaned in pleasure as the massage and caresses continued, her partner's arousal beginning to rub lightly against her groin area, teasing at the soft folds of her sex as she trembled. Pulling away from Gryph a bit, Guyver47 smiled at her new friend and turning around, tail raised to the side, leaned over, one paw guiding the hybrid's shaft towards her sex as her free hand helped steady her on the floor. Presenting herself to Gryph, eager to feel that lovely being squeeze inside her.
Taking a hold of the wolfess' about the waist, carefully Gryph began to nudge hir shaft into Guyver47's body, gasping in pleasure as her tightness swallowed up inch after inch of the hybrid's arousal. G herself crying out in pleasure as she felt her insides being stretched, precum already beginning to coat her spaziming passageway as the hybrid slowly sheathed hirself fully inside the wolfess' body. The hybrid's claws softly rubbing along Guyver's side, stroking through her pelt as shi began to thrust in and out, hir shaftip pushing deep up inside the wolfess, nudging through her cervix to rub directly against her uterine walls, causing her belly to ripple and bulge slightly.
Guyver's innards clenching tightly about Gryph's cock as the duo groaned deeply in pleasure, driving each other closer and closer to climax. The wolfess could feel herself actually growing heavier as precum poured into her depths, "equines have nothing on this lovely creature" she thought as her breasts swayed beneath her, her claws digging into the plush carpet beneath her as the pressure steadily built. Gryph's thrusts beginning to increase in pace, rocking G back and forth as she felt the hybrid's cocktip beginning to flare deep inside hir, causing her to cry out in surprise as her belly swelled even larger, making it look almost as if she were going through a very rapid pregnancy.
Pulling her back firmly, Gryph cried out in pleasure as shi climaxed into the willing wolfess, emptying hir heavy load directly into Guyver's womb, packing the canid tightly with hir thick seed as hir whole body trembled in release. It'd been awhile since shi'd enjoyed another's company, and was making up for it now! Guyver's own cry echoed Gryph's as the hybrid's climax pushed her over the edge, howling in mixed pain and pleasure as her body was filled by her larger partner. Purring deeply, Gryph slowly sat back, drawing Guyver with her, keeping hir shaft fully inserted inside the female, nuzzling softly along the back of her neck as G panted, "oooh my…" she murmured, hands going down to stroke across her swollen belly, feeling Gryph's shaft still pulsing deep inside her body. Trembling a bit as she leaned back against her partner.
"Uh…it's been awhile…" Gryph murmured to Guvyer47 a bit embarrassedly, hir own claws tenderly stroking over G's belly as well, feeling the tightness hir seed and shaft made within the wolfess.
"It must have been…" she stammered a bit in reply as they both rested for a bit, Guyver was defiantly going to be sore in the morning after this…but perhaps she could get at least some revenge on her larger partner…Grinning, slowly, G47 began to pull herself up off Gryph's cock, gasping as the semi-flared cocktip squeezed back through her cervix, a bit of a bulge traveling down from her swollen belly before sliding out with a soft sucking noise. Thick cream dribbling out afterwards as she stood up, groaning, stretching a bit as the hybrid stroked her tenderly.
"You alright?" Gryph inquired to her partner.
"I will be…just not used to having someone like you inside me," as she turned towards Gryph once more, "though I think I should return the favor a bit…" as she grinned a bit evilly at Gryph.
Blinking, Gryph watched in surprise as Guyver's body began to change, slowly growing more male-like, breasts receding, soft folds of her sex slipping shut as a firm sheath developed, a ample ballsac also coming to view as Guyver shifted over into her male form, sighing in relief as her (now his) belly flattened out, G's body absorbing the thick seed in the shapeshifting process. "Now…if you'll spread those legs of yours, we'll see how well I can fill you…" as without really waiting for a reply Guyver slowly pushed Gryph's legs apart, inhaling the hybrid's rich scent in the process.
Shivering a bit, Gryph complied, and soon could feel Guyver's tongue beginning to bathe hir groin area, lapping softly over the hybrid's netherlips, down over her tailhole and up over hir sheath. Exploring slowly and teasingly with his warm, wet tongue. The wolf enjoying the rich flavor that covered his tongue as he licked all over between Gryph's thighs, pushing upwards into hir body, licking around within hir, teasing more sweet juices from Gryph's femsex, and the musky flavor from hir tailhole. Pausing for a bit to lavish a bit of attention to Gryph's cock as well, licking all along the thick length, tasting his female juices still coating it, mixed with Gryph's own seed, mmming as he slowly cleaned the shaft off, his own sheath firming up as his cock pushed out.
Taking a hold of Gryph's shaft, G began to slowly stroke the thick length, dipping her muzzle down once more to lick softly over the hybrid's warm femsex. The combination of caresses causing Gryph to arc hir body upwards, moaning softly as her hot slit slide down over Guyver's muzzle, enveloping it in hir rich flavor and scent, inner muscles ripping eagerly about the wolf's snout. Drawing back, G47 smiled, licking his muzzle as he continued to stroke his partner's cock, seeing a bit of pre dribbling from the tip as his own shaft pushed out fully, knot still soft for the time being. Gryph's tail lightly teasing along the wolf's sheath and sac, the very tip tickling against Guyver's tailhole.
Shifting position, Guyver moved upwards along Gryph's body, keeping a grip on hir shaft, milking it slowly while his own shaft began to rub against her partner's hot folds. Sliding against Gryph's cunny, G47's shaft pulsed, poking against the rippling entrance, the hybrid's tail curling up behind the wolf, stroking along his back, pressing him against hir belly, hir shaft pulsing against his belly and chest fur, matting both with hir precum as Guyver begins to thrust, driving himself into Gryph's eager depths. The hybrid moaning in pleasure as hir insides grip tightly about the wolf's shaft, netherlips suckling against G's still soft knot.
As Guyver and Gryph thrust against one another, the wolf's tail curls down to tickle his partner's tailhole, causing Gryph to gasp at the added stimulation. Tight rings of muscle relaxing briefly to allow both G47's knot and his tail into the hybrid's body. Hir cunny now pressed firmly to Guyver47's groin, while the wolf works his tail about inside hir anus as well. Guyver's knot swelling to three times its original size, filling Gryph so wonderfully as their bodies become tied together.
Trembling, Guyver47 continues to buck into the hybrid, driving in deep as his sac begins to tingle, the pressure building deep inside him as Gryph's inner muscles ripple hungrily about both cock and tail, tugging both tightly up into hir depths as the hybrid gasps. The flow of precum increasing, the liquid beginning to thicken up between the wolf and the gryphraptor, as Gryph's cocktip begins to flare as well. Gryph's legs wrapping tightly about Guyver's body, pressing him firmly into hir depths as they both neared climax. The feel of the wolf's tail wriggling about in hir tailhole finally pushing the hybrid over the edge, and with a cry of pleasure, Gryph climaxes. Thick cum exploding between hir body and Guyver's own, cock pulsing as Guyver stiffens as well. A loud howl sounds as Guyver shoves himself tightly into Gryph's body, the feel of hir inner muscles dragging the wolf's own seed from his swaying sac. G47's climax flooding Gryph's depths with the white-hot liquid pleasure.
Thrusting against each other for a good while longer, both Gryph and Guyver47's climaxes feed one another as they tremble, holding tightly to each other as finally their pleasures begin to cycle down. Gryph's purr vibrating all through Guyver as he rests atop his large partner, fronts' coated in Gryph's seed as his own shaft throbs within Gryph's rippling passageway. Tongue lolling from his muzzle, Guyver pants softly in release, mmming under the hybrid's gentle caresses at they both relax after their exertions. Resting his head against Gryph's breasts, softly lapping at one of them, teasing the nipple a bit with his tongue.
"Oooo…that was wonderful…" whispered Gryph as shi continued to stroke hir wolven partner, smiling as shi curls hir head down to nuzzle tenderly.
"MMmmm…." Mumbled G in return, mouth full of Gryph's soft breast, suckling gently as he slowly drew his tail from within Gryph's tailhole, cock remaining locked within Gryph's hot depths. "I didn't hurt you at all, did I?" he asked as he lifted his muzzle from his partner's breast.
Smiling Gryph replied, "no…you didn't…you might be surprised at what I can manage…" shi teases the wolf softly, still stroking tenderly.
"Oh?" Guyver47 questioned, as he let his body return to his female form, smiling as she feels herself slipping from within Gryph's femsex, reluctantly leaving that hot, moist passageway. Looking down she grins, "guess I'd better get some towels so we can get cleaned up a bit…" as she slowly began to pull away from the hybrid.
Purring softly, Gryph gently wrapped a wing about Guyver's form, drawing her back against hir body, stroking tenderly, "Clean up won't be necessary…at least not right now…there's something I'd like to do that I think you'll enjoy…though it may be a bit strange for you…" as shi holds Guyver close, gently lifting her, laying her atop her belly and chest, letting the wolfess' feet rest against the moist folds of hir cunny, hir shaft still semi hard, resting against G's cum spattered body.
Ears perking curiously, "what do you…" she paused as a moist warmth gently enveloped her feet, her toes wriggling into that delicious softness, "ooo…" as she turned to look, gasping at the sight of both her feet fully inside Gryph's soft netherlips, "w…what?" she stammered softly.
"I won't harm you….but I do hope you'll enjoy the experience…" as Gryph softly began to slide more of Guyver into hirself, groaning softly in pleasure as hir cunny swelled to accommodate the wolfess' legs, netherlips rippling around her lower legs. Tenderly Gryph began to work the wolfess in deeper, bucking a bit as Guyver lay there, somewhat in shock from finding herself traveling up into the soft warmth of Gryph's body. Inner muscles beginning to caress more then just Guyver's cock. Beginning to deeply massage her body as she watched as her body slowly disappeared between the hybrid's widely spread thighs.
Gryph tenderly caressed the wolfess, purring as shi guided her legs into hir depths, eventually feeling Guyver's feet tickling the tight ring of hir cervix. G marveled at the sight of the gryphraptor's sex swollen about her body, gasping as Gryph's shaft slide up along her belly, pushing up between her breasts. Lightly Gryph guided G47's muzzle down over hir cocktip, precum spattering across the wolfess' tongue.
Trembling, Guyver began to lap at the thick shaft, feeling it swell to full hardness once more, moaning softly as she hugged Gryph's cock to her body. Suckling on the hybrid's shaft as her lower body was swallowed up by her partner's sex. Gasping at the feel of that soft flesh enveloping her, rubbing tightly against her own cunny. Gryph's clit pressing firmly into G's sex, rubbing against her already sensitive folds, as the hybrid moaned deeply in pleasure.
Thrusting against the wolfess, Gryph's moans built as another climax began to swell within hir, pre pouring down Guyver's throat, filling her belly with the warm liquid as she continued to swallow about the gryphraptor's shaft. Wrapping her arms around Gryph's shaft, rubbing her breasts against the thick shaft, squirming as the hybrid's bud continued to press firmly into her own sex, their juices mixing freely as she could feel Gryph's body tightening about her legs. Inner muscles tugging almost hungrily on her body as hir cocktip began to flare once more, pushing Guyver's jaws wider apart, as thickening precum poured down her throat, the wolfess' belly beginning to feel rather full as the hybrid approached another climax.
With another loud cry, Gryph climaxed down Guyver's throat, packing her stomach with hir thick seed, even as hir femsex began once more to ripple upwards around the wolfess' body. G47's entire body trembling from the sensations as she could feel her belly growing taunt, pushing outwards as the hybrid's climax poured once more into her body. Gryph's cock slipping from between G's jaws as hir netherlips began to spread up over her cum-filled stomach. Gryph's seed pouring over her upper body as Guyver continued to sink into the soft warmth of the hybrid's depths.
Closing her eyes, Guyver murmured softly, "awesome…" luxuriating in the moist heat that tenderly enveloped her body, feeling her legs pressing through the tight ring of Gryph's cervix, picturing in her mind the hybrid's belly swelling as she was slowly pulled up into it's embrace. Thick juices coating her entire body now as the gryphraptor's folds slipped fully around her swollen belly, pressing now against the base of her breasts. Smiling Guyver plunged one of her arms into her partner's depths, beginning to finger herself, gasping as her hand pressed tightly into her own sex, while her free hand began to stimulate one of her breasts. Moaning deeply in pleasure as she could feel that wonderful heat slowly enveloping her chest now. Opening her eyes briefly, her sight was filled by Gryph's now quite pregnant looking belly, cock pulsing, spattering the large well with hir thick seed, as well as the hybrid's spread thighs. Mmming, she closed her eyes once more as she surrendered completely to the sensations enveloping her.
Gasping softly, Gryph bucked hir body, one claw going down to massage hir still pulsing shaft, stroking hirself off as an even more powerful orgasm built deep inside hir. Feeling Guyver's trembling body filling hir so wonderfully. Feeling the wolfess' breasts squeeze into the tight embrace of hir rippling vagina as G began to climax as well, soon only the female's head remained visible, panting there between Gryph's thighs as the hybrid shuddered, orgasm finally exploding through hir body.
Meanwhile, D4-7 sighed, ears twitching as she listened to the sounds of fun going on in the other room, "man…those two are really going at it…" as she smiled, leaning back on the couch, feeling a bit antsy, with what was happening in the next room. Blinking the Doberman found herself lightly rubbing herself, blushing furiously as she realized what she was doing. Sighing in frustration, the canine rose from the couch and headed towards the door, "maybe I'll just take a peek…wonder if G would share her new friend with me…." She giggled a bit as she paused at the door, pressing an ear to the wood, and listening to the sounds of sexplay coming from within. Her hand drifting back down to between her legs, beginning to stroke softly once more.
She couldn't believe she was doing this, eavesdropping on Guyver as she and Gryph went at it with one another, and beginning to pleasure herself in the process. Trembling she slipped her hand down into her panties, stifling a groan as her fingers found her firm nub, and began to rub it gently. Her other hand moving up beneath her loose shirt to play with a breast as well, leaning against the doorjamb as she closed her eyes, imagining it was her in the room with the large hybrid. Wondering what it would be like to get hir between her legs.
Shifting position a bit, D4 trembled as she neared climax, dipping her fingers up inside her sex, gasping as she rubbed firmly as the sounds from the room behind her continued. Body arcing as she stifled her moan of pleasure, D4-7 pushed back against the door as her sex clenched about her questing fingers, gasping as she came. With a yelp of surprise D4 found herself falling backwards as the catch on the door sprung. Oofing as she landed flat on her back, panting a bit from her exertions.
As she lay there, somewhat stunned, it took her a moment to take in what her eyes were seeing. Rolling over onto all fours, her jaw threatened to hit the floor at the sight before her. Gryph lay there, legs spread wide, the large hybrid stroking the thick shaft that jutted out from between hir thighs. But that wasn't what drew D's shocked attention the most. The large hybrid's legs were spread wide open, giving the Doberman a clear view of Gryph's dual nature, the hybrid's swollen slit rippled, moist with hir thick juices, and slowly disappearing into Gryph's cunny was Guyver47!
Only the wolfess' head remained visible by the point when D4-7 unexpectedly fell through the doorway. All's D could do was gape in shocked amazement at the sight. Guyver on the other hand moaned softly in pleasure, she'd never experienced anything like this. Gryph's inner muscles deeply massaging almost her entire body as she found herself being drawn further inside the large hybrid's body. Thick juices coating her body as she squirmed at the sensations surrounding her. G47 marveled at the hybrid's ability, eyes closed as she savored the experience. Helping the large creature by wriggling her way deeper, she could feel Gryph's cervix squeezing down around her body as vaginal muscles rippled strongly all around her, drawing her upwards into the hybrid's body. Giving her such a wonderful massage in the process.
Moaning softly Guyver could feel Gryph's netherlips slowly slip up over her chest, then her shoulders. Her arms already deep inside the hybrid's body, one hand pressed firmly between her thighs by the tight muscular passageway she was being squeezed inside, adding to her pleasure as her breasts were soon being squeezed and caressed by Gryph's warm flesh. Slowly the wolfess could feel that moist flesh sliding up around her head, tilting her head back to prolong the experience as she was swallowed up by Gryph's femsex. A wash of thick juices pouring out around her as soft, moist flesh enveloped her fully. Muscles contracting all around her as she found herself being tucked away within the large hybrid's waiting depths, the tight cervix slowly squeezing down over her, soon sealing her within Gryph's womb. Thick juices surrounding her there inside the living darkness of the gryphonraptor's belly.
Gryph meanwhile shuddered as shi approached climax yet again. Crying out in pleasure as thick ropes of cum shot over hir now swollen belly, hir climax dragging Guyver fully inside, swelling hir belly quite delightfully large as the wolfess was drawn up into hir womb. Purring deeply in pleasure Gryph lay there, mmming as hir cum-spattered claw slide slowly over hir swollen belly, feeling Guyver curling up deep inside. Sighing in contentment at the lovely fullness that now settled within hir depths.
"GUYVER!" D4-7 cried out as the wolfess was swallowed up by Gryph's sex, "your cunt ate her!" as she flipped over onto all fours, crawling forward, as she watched Gryph's soft folds sliding shut over Guyver's head. Inside GryphRaptor's body, G47 could swear she heard D's voice, must be her imagination though as she relaxed in the soft warmth of Gryph's body.
Blinking a bit as shi realized someone else was in the room now, "uh hiya D4…"
"What? How?" D4 stammered as she knelt there between Gryph's thighs, shivering a bit at the sight of the hybrid's swollen belly, thick shaft laying heavily across it.
Gryph chuckled a bit embarrassedly, "uh…it's just something I know how to do…"
"Is she ok?"
"Guyver's fine…here…see for yourself…" as Gryph gently scooped D4 up, grinning slightly as she saw the Doberman's panties fall to the ground, sweeping them to the side with hir tail as shi drew D4 against hir rather heavily pregnant belly. D shivered as she ran her hands over the hybrid's belly, she could actually feel Guyver shifting about a bit inside, almost as if G knew D was there, the Doberman could feel the wolfess nuzzling lightly through the warm flesh that separated them.
"But it's impossible…" D4 murmured.
"You live with a shapeshifting wolf and you think what I did is impossible?" Gryph teased.
D4 just lay there, shivering a bit in the hybrid's embrace, a soft wing curled over her, holding her close against the swell Guyver made within Gryph's belly. Gryph's warm scent surrounding the Doberman, relaxing her somewhat.
Inside Gryph's womb, Guyver mmmed softly, a gentle tingle beginning to spread through her body, strange but pleasant the sensation intensified slowly, and the wolfess realized that her body was being reshaped. Somehow she wasn't frightened though, she could sense that the hybrid meant no harm to her, and relaxing into the moist flesh that surrounded her, she gave over to the experience.
Resting while hir body began the process of altering Guyver47's form, Gryph smiled as shi cradled D4 against hir swollen belly, enjoying the feel of the Doberman softly stroking her hands across the bulge hir guest made within. Leaning hir head down, the hybrid gently nuzzled the Doberman, hir soft purr vibrating through the canine. Looking up at the large creature holding her, D4 murmured softly, "wonder what it's like for her in there…"
"You could always join your friend and find out…" Gryph replied, smiling at D4, stroking the canine tenderly.
"Perhaps another time, after I see that Guyver's ok…" D4 returned, though she was sorely tempted to take the hybrid up on hir offer, hands caressing the slight shapes of G47 beneath Gryph's belly scales. She could feel Guyver shifting about every now and then.
"Of course…" the hybrid said as shi leaned down again, and gently drew the Doberman into a deep kiss, hir beak pressing around the canine's muzzle, as hir tongue lightly ran across her teeth. D4 stiffening in surprise, then relaxing as she returned the kiss with Gryph, feeling the hybrid's full sheath rubbing softly against her thighs as she shifted position slightly. The Doberman's hands tenderly caressing the hybrid's swollen belly, unaware that beneath her caresses Guyver's form was slowly being altered, the wolfess moaning softly in the moist warmth of Gryph's womb as her muzzle broadened spreading into a large beak, while her legs developed more powerful muscles, toes and legs stretching as the inner toe on each foot sprouted large, scythe-like talons.
As Guyver's body continued to change inside Gryph's depths, the hybrid tenderly took ahold of D4 about the waist, lifting her and carefully nestling hir growing arousal up against the Doberman's soft folds. D4's eyes widening in surprise as she felt that large shaft slowly being squeezed up into her body, "NNngghh…" she moaned thighs spreading wider to accommodate the hybrid's swollen arousal. Trembling as Gryph guided her legs around hir swollen belly as she slide slowly all the way down the gryphraptor's length.
Gryph moaned deeply in pleasure as well as D4's tight body slide down over hir cock, the doberman's legs squeezing unconsciously about Gryph's belly, rubbing against the changing wolfess within as gryphraptor and Doberman began to mate. The energies helping to progress Guyver's changes more quickly, once thick fur being replaced by soft but tough hide, as G47's hips spread wider, her tail lengthening, the end splitting as the canine tail progressed into that of a shark's.
Gently working D4-7 up and down over hir cock, Gryph shivered in pleasure, belly rising larger as Guyver's form changed further. D4's belly also growing larger, but from the warm precum that her partner was pumping into her depths as well as from the large shaft buried fully inside her body, her belly rippling as Gryph's cocktip rubbed firmly against her inner walls, deeply massaging the Doberman from the inside. D groaning loudly hands rubbing over her belly, feeling her belly being pushed outwards by her partner's shaft. Body arcing, thighs squeezing tightly about Gryph as she took ahold of Gryph's breasts, begining to squeeze and fondle both breasts, lightly teasing each nipple as well, before leaning down to take one of those firm mounds of flesh into her muzzle. Beginning to suckle as her whole body trembled.
The hybrid's purr deepening as hir climax built steadily, vibrating powerfully through both Guyver and D4, G's body shuddering as well, while her canine form reshaped into something more akin to a velociraptor, an increasing tingling along her belly causing a pouch to form there. Fins pushing out from her forearms, while a larger dorsal fin sprouted from her back, between the pair of powerfull wings that slowly developed as well. Guyver's soft moans lost in the hybrid's depths as the combinations of the changes happening to her body, and Gryph's own pleasures pushing her towards climax. Inner muscles clenching tightly about Guyver's form as the process neared completion, a pair of strong tendrils pushing out from each shoulder. GryphRaptor's body beginning to squeeze the fully altered wolfess from hir depths. Continuing to work D4 up and down on hir cock. D4's breasts rubbing against hir swollen form as Gryph spread hir thighs wide apart, preparing to release Guyver from hir body's embrace.
With a loud cry of pleasure, GryphRaptor climaxed into D4's body, the doberman's cry echoing Gryph's own as she released her partner's breast, arcing her body once more in pleasure as her belly was flooded with the hybrid's heavy seed, flared cocktip further pushing her belly outwards. Inside Gryph, Guyver moaned deeply as she began to squeeze through the tight ring of the hybrid's cervix. Gryph's vagina rippling strongly as G47 began the trip down that hot passageway, stretching it a lot wider going out then she had going in.
Gryph's whole body trembled at the sensations flowing through hir, thrusting eagerly into D4-7's depths, filling the Doberman with hir seed, while hir body began to rebirth Guyver47, hir femsex spreading wider and wider as the changed wolfess began to emerge. D4's thighs also being pushed apart as G pushed out beneath her.
The newly changed hybrid slide slowly from Gryph's depths, coated in the gryphraptor's thick juices, pushing slowly out from between Gryph's thighs, hearing the combined cries of both Gryph and D4. Her own soft moans joining in as her body was deeply massaged all over as she exited the hybrid's body. Soon laying sprawled between Gryph's legs, curled about, panting softly as she rested, eyes slowly blinking open, a smile coming to her beak as she saw a now rather pregnant looking D4 laying sprawled atop Gryph's now flat belly. The hybrid's shaft buried to the hilt within the doberman's tightly stretched sex, Gryph's claws softly stroking across the canine's exhausted body.
Smiling Gryph shifted postion slightly, "mmmmm….." as hir eyes fell upon Guyver's new form, "did you enjoy the experience my dear?"
Guyver shook herself a bit, large eyes blinking as she looked about, gasping as her gaze fell to her own form, "OH WOW!" she exclaimed amazed at what her body had become. Similar overall to Gryph's own form, but with it's own unique traits. Where GryphRaptor was a cross between a velociraptor and a gryphon. Guyver was much the same, except there was a definite influence of shark to her form. Her coloring remaining the same as she had looked originally, but that and her eyes were the only things the same.
Slowly and carefully standing, Guyver began to test out her new body, stumbling a bit as she got used to a new center of balance as well as having to deal with the new wings, and tendrils, as well as a much larger tail then she was used to. One claw sliding down along her body, softly stroking over her firm breasts, before slipping further downwards over her smooth belly, mmming as she gently rubbed around the opening to her new pouch. Muscles within relaxing enough so she could feel inside, the soft hide stretching with her explorations within her own pouch.
Looking a bit more closely at herself, Guyver spread her claws, seeing the webbing stretching as she flexed her fingers, similar webbing visible between her toes as well. "Just what am I now anyway?" she questioned Gryph.
"Hmmm…well, I based your form off of my own, but wanting to give you a bit more unique a form, I mixed in a few extras…tiger-shark for instance, "as shi points to the fins and the powerful tail, " also a bit of kangaroo" as shi points to the pouch that crosses G47's belly. "I added the tendrils just because I think they're cool" as shi grins at the newly created hybrid.
"I can't wait to see what you do to D4…" G quipped, grinning as she stretched, wings and tendrils spreading out from her body as she mmmmed in pleasure.
"WHAT?!?" D4-7 started, groaning as her abrupt movement caused her to gasp, still impaled on Gryph's cock, though the hybrid gently took ahold of the Doberman and carefully lifted her off hir cock, nuzzling D4 lightly in the process.
"Well…you did say you'd try it later.." as Gryph grins at the Doberman, purring in amusement, a bit of hir thick seed dribbling from the canine's well-stretched sex, her belly still looking rather pregnant from all the cum now held locked inside.
"Oh…no…not me…" as she shivers against Gryph's body, blinking a bit as Guyver slips over and soon the Doberman finds herself sandwiched between the two quite unique hybrids. Gryph and G47 wrapping their wings about each other, snuggling together with D4.