Magic Mishaps 

By GryphRaptor
Story Copyright (C) By: GryphRaptor
 1998 - All rights reserved.

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     Dez sighed as she looked around, wondering how long till her master would return. She’d been captured several months ago by a raiding party to her small village, and had then been sold off to the slave markets. Her new owner, while he didn’t really treat her bad, did use her to test out spells and such on, usually they didn’t do much more then just make her tingle a bit, or her tan pelt turn strange colors. Though once she did find herself sporting rather large wings on her back after one particular experiment, unfortunately, those hadn’t lasted…
  She knew that her master was also using her for sex, but for some reason couldn’t remember those times, Dez wondered just what he did to her that she couldn’t remember any of it. Each time he used her for sex, she’d found herself feeling rather stretched out, or feeling as if she’d been overfilled several times. Looking at herself, Dez began to wonder if she’d ever be able to escape, she regarded her lean body, being a kangaroo her legs and tail were very well muscled, idly she ran her hands along the rim of her pouch, sighing softly as she missed being able to hop along at full speed in the open plains of her home.
  Malor hmmmed softly as he went over the spells he’d use that night on his pet, thinking of how it was drawing close to the time he’d need to get rid of his latest test subject. All the magics he’d been using on her would eventually begin to react strangely with each other, the residue from each spell changed her a bit more, already some of his spells were beginning to react unpredictably with her. He sighed, and she was such a good test subject too…not to mention that he enjoyed using her for sex occasionally, though he was always careful to hide those memories in her subconscious.
  Preparing for the experiment that night, Malor smiled, after he was done, he’d enjoy his pet for a bit, since this would most likely be the last experiment he’d be able to preform on her, the residue from previous experiments was just becoming to high within her. "Ah well…" he thought, there were always more where she came from…
  Later that night, Dez once more found herself being escorted to the lab, she shivered, wondering what sort of experiment would be performed on her this time. Once in the room Malor walked over and examined her for a bit, "hmmmm…looks like you’re faring well my dear…ready for tonight’s little experiment?" he asked her, and without really waiting or even wanting an answer he cast the first part of the spell onto the captive ‘roo. 
  Malor smiled as Dez collapsed onto the floor, and moving over her arranged her carefully, beginning the second part to his spell. Pouring several vials of strangely colored liquids down her throat and over her body, watching as the liquids flowed over her, before sinking into her body, disappearing as the spell slowly continued. Malor made careful observations as he worked his way through the spell, noting the reactions within his subject’s body. Eventually he finished the spell and wrote his observations and notes for possible improvements for later in his large tome. Once finished he regarded Dez and grinning unclothed himself, he’d take a bit of pleasure in her first, before he’d get rid of her. He’d noticed the residue beginning to react to his spell after he’d finished, and knew it was time for her to be disposed of.
  Slowly Malor spread Dez’s legs apart and sighed as he slid into her, shivering in pleasure as her tight passage was slowly stretched by his shaft, his thrusts driving him deeper into her body as she lay there unconscious. He loved being able to use her like this after he did his experiments, it really was a shame he’d have to get rid of her since her usefulness was coming to an end. Soon enough he’d climaxed within her and lay himself down atop her body, smiling in contentment as his cock pulsed within her tight embrace. Leaning forward he kissed her deeply, his lips pressing against her muzzle, his tongue exploring inside her mouth.
  Dez groaned softly as she lay there, still unconscious as Malor used her body, as he kissed her, slowly her arms wrapped around him, holding him close as she deepened the kiss. Malor was startled, wondering what was going on, he could sense that Dez was still fast asleep, and yet her body was reacting to him. The roo’s arms slowly held him tightly against her as her jaws slowly began to part, pressing upwards around his face. Malor just blinked as he watched Dez slowly begin to force him head-first into her open mouth, her tongue rubbing over his face as her jaws stretched wider and wider. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him, and he began to struggle, but Dez’s magically experimented upon body had become far stronger then she looked, she held him easily, and forced his shoulders slowly into her mouth, her throat beginning to swell as the mage’s head was pressed into its tight embrace.
  Malor continued to struggle even as Dez’s unconscious body stuffed him further down into her throat, her lips slipping slowly around his shoulders and then chest, as she eagerly devoured him. Dez moaned softly in her sleep, her throat bulging as more of the mage disappeared between her lips. Her stomach slowly began to bulge larger as Malor’s head and shoulders were forced in, his belly slowly slipping into her mouth as he continued to struggle. Eventually Dez’s steady swallowing pulled the mage completely into her body, her belly massively distended to hold his still struggling body. Malor tried desperately to escape, but was held tightly inside his pet’s stomach.
  As Dez continued to sleep, slowly Malor was absorbed into her body, his magics joining with the remnants of all his experiments from before. Eventually Dez woke up, feeling very strange, and wondering why she was still in Malor’s lab. Looking around she couldn’t see the mage anywhere, and began to wonder why she felt so full. Shrugging a bit she turned and decided to make the best of it, quickly making her way from the lab, noting that there seemed to be no other signs of life in the small keep. As she walked along, she noted a strange weight growing on her back, starting at her shoulders. Pausing to take a look, she gasped, large, pure white wings were sprouting from her back. "At least something good’s come from what’s been happening to me…" she thought to herself as she searched for a way out, pausing in a small pantry she came across to gather up some supplies for her escape.
  She couldn’t believe that there was no sign of her master, she wondered what happened to him, and why he’d just leave her like he did, he was always so carefull to put her back in her cell and everything. Taking advantage of the strange situation, Dez eventually made her way out of the keep, noting no sign of any guards, magical or otherwise. Quickly she headed towards the forest, strong bounds carrying her quickly over the distance, her still forming wings allowing her much more distance in each bound then she was used to, "that’ll definatly take some getting used to" she thought as she quickly left the area of her master’s keep.
  Eventually Dez came across a small hollow formed of several downed trees, and tiredly slipped into the shelter offered. Sighing softly she curled up and nibbled a bit on the foodstuffs she’d stolen from the keep. Exhausted she slowly slipped into sleep, her wings keeping her quite comfortably warm as she slept.
  Dez woke up after awhile, feeling very strange, groaning softly she shifted around, and was startled to find that what had been a fairly roomy hollow was now quite cramped, squirming around, she slowly made her way back out and gasped. She had doubled her original height somehow. She shivered as she looked around, her head now about ten feet off the ground, her body looking exactly the same as when she’d gone to sleep, just twice as tall. Her new wings rustled softly with her movements as she tried to figure out what was going on. Realizing it had to have something to do with all the experiments the mage had done to her she knew she had to find another mage to help her. Snacking on the supplies she’d stolen from Malor’s keep, she headed off, hoping to find a town where she could get directions to a healer or something. She was reluctant to try her wings out as she had no idea how to fly.
  As she bounded along, she could tell she was continuing to grow larger, she hoped she wouldn’t get too large. Wrapped up in her thoughts of what was happening to her, she didn’t notice the large shadow that passed over her, the only warning she had was a loud woshing sound from behind her, before something landed hard, and knocked her out.
  Moonfang smiled at his catch, he’d never seen such a large specimen of kangaroo before, and she had such lovely wings too. The large dragon examined his catch, licking his lips at the thought of how filling she’ll be once he had a bit of fun with her first. Measuring her length he grinned as she measured around fifteen feet total if she’d been standing upright. The large black dragon, slowly gathered Dez up and took off, he was looking forward to playing with this one, it was rare that he found someone that would last through his playing, and this one looked like she’d last quite well.
  Finally Moonfang returned home, settling himself in his lair he laid his catch out, and rolling her onto her back, straddled her, forcing her legs apart as his thick shaft slowly slipped from his sheath, sighing in pleasure as he eased into her tight cunny. Mmming at the feel of her warm passage stretching to hold him, his pre already beginning to flow as he began to pleasure himself with her.
  Dez groaned as she slowly woke, feeling something large forcing its way deeper into her sex, stretching her tighter and tighter, beginning to struggle, she opened her eyes to find herself looking up at a massive dragon. Crying out, she struggled harder as the dragon forced himself fully into her, his cock slipping all the way up into her womb as he used her, thrusting hard and deep into her body.
  The dragon rumbled in pleasure as he continued to thrust into the ‘roo, filling her with his pre, his cock throbbing strongly within her, as slowly he approached climax, her struggles only serving to arouse him further as he shivered in pleasure. Driving himself deeply into her body, holding her firmly beneath himself as he continued. Slowly he bent his head down and pushed himself into a rough kiss with her, his tongue sliding around inside her muzzle and against the back of her throat as she continued to struggle beneath him.
  Shuddering, Dez felt a strange sensation slowly flowing through her as the dragon continued to use her, her womb filling with a mixture of the dragon’s pre and her own juices. Groaning softly as he pushed himself into a kiss with her, she reached up, and grasping him by the neck, forced her jaws wider open, her body seeming to work on instinct now as she felt the dragon abruptly climax into her, driving himself hard into her body, filing her further with his thick seed.
  Moonfang shuddered as he climaxed hard into his prey, thrusting deeply into her as he shot his hot cum into her body, feeling a strange warmth slipping up around his muzzle as he continued to kiss the ‘roo. He could feel her arms wrapping around his neck, and for some reason she seemed to be pressing him tighter against her body, his pleasure-clouded mind to blurred at the moment to figure out what was happening as Dez slowly began to swallow him down head-first. Her jaws and throat opening up wider and wider as she pushed him into herself, the strange enchantments on her body allowing her to do so.
  Dez moaned softly as she found herself stuffing the dragon down her throat, even though he must mass at least three times what she does. She shuddered as Moonfang’s cock continued to pump his seed into her belly. She could feel the dragon’s head slipping deeper into her throat, stretching it tightly even as his climax began to ebb, his body still thrusting against her, unaware of just what was happening. She couldn’t believe what her body was doing.
  Slowly Moonfang began to recover from his climax, feeling a strange tightness surrounding his head, neck and shoulders, realizing that somehow he was the one being eaten, he began to struggle, but to no avail, the kangaroo was much stronger then she looked and held him easily as she continued to stuff him down her throat. Her sex milking his shaft for another load of his seed as she slowly gobbled him up, his struggles now serving to excite her as he slowly disappeared between her lips.
  Groaning Dez felt the dragon climax once more into her, her womb swollen with his thick seed as she lay there, swallowing him slowly down. Her stomach growing as the dragon was gulped down, forcing him to curl up within her stomach, her deep moans filling the cave as slowly the dragon’s belly slipped between her lips, leaving his lower-body still dangling out of her mouth. Shuddering she reached up and guided his still hard cock into her mouth, suckling on it for a bit before continuing to swallow him down.
  Dez couldn’t believe what she was doing as eventually Moonfang disappeared completely into her stomach. Stretching in immensely as she lay there, feeling her captor turned captive struggling within her now, his form visible beneath her tightly stretched stomach flesh. Slowly she found herself growing very tired, her hands rubbing over her swollen belly as she realized what must have happened to Malor, yawning widely she slowly slipped into sleep, wondering what would happen to her now.
  As she slept, Moonfang was slowly absorbed into Dez’s body, his essence and mass being absorbed into her, causing her body to slowly grow larger, and causing her to gain much of the dragon’s knowledge and abilities, Malor’s knowledge and abilities also slowly surfacing into her mind as she slept. Dez’s body continues to slowly grow larger, gaining the dragon’s mass as her belly shrank back down, growing steadily flatter as her meal was absorbed completely.
  When she woke, Dez shivered as she found that she’d almost tripled in size this time, now she would stand about thirty feet tall standing upright. Considering her options, she looked around the dragon’s lair, now her’s. "well…at least I’ve not got money…" she thought as she came across Moonfang’s hoard, quite a bit of treasure lay there, spread out towards the back of the cave. As she considered what had happened, she realized that she had access to the knowledge of both Malor and Moonfang.  Slowly she walked to the lair’s entrance and spreading her wings, took to the air, reveling in the freedom of flight, wondering why she hadn’t tried it before, though she realized that it was Moonfang’s knowledge and skills she was using to fly now.
  She smiled to herself as slowly she grew used to the strangeness of her larger form, she’d practice her abilities, before she went in search of a healing mage to help her, but first she’d search out that band of kidnappers that had stolen her away from her family and make them pay.  She found herself licking her lips, and grinned evilly as she began to plan, settling herself back in her new lair, taking stock of her new skills, knowledge and abilities to prepare herself for her new life.