Title: Dealing with the Newbies
Author: Strega
© 2003
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Dealing with the newbies

By Strega

Candra had spotted the gul as he came in from patrol. She knew this one's name: Kigatz. He was one of the youngest warriors, and though his six foot six and 375 pounds of muscle made him a formidable fighter, he hadn't earned the respect of his peers yet. What's more, the gul females and even the volpa foxwomen didn't give him much attention.

That wasn't all they failed to give him. He was anxious and bristle-furred as he walked in the door, and she couldn't help but smile ruefully. Casually she followed the anthro-wolverine down the hall, and when he stepped into his private chamber (all of ten feet square) she slipped in behind.

"Candra? What…?"

She shushed him with a finger to her lips. The walls were thin here. "I need you to be quiet," she mouthed, and knelt before him. He'd already shucked off his chainmail hauberk, and she flipped his loincloth up --

Just as she had thought. His little eyes, still confused, burned with a feral light as she opened her lips for the first two inches of this thick, black erection. He was already hard and half out of the sheath just walking down the hall! No doubt he'd planned to masturbate, but she could help him with his little 'problem' just as easily -- and probably more pleasurably -- than his hand could.. After all, a gul's furry palm, excellent for gripping a weapon's haft, wasn't nearly as good for gripping this.

He couldn't suppress a rumble of lust as her lips wrapped around the meaty tip. Skipping the licking for now, she simply began to suck while one hand kneaded his sheath and the other his balls. Within seconds his entire cock was out of the sheath, and she took the thing in both hands. It was stiff as a board and half slickened by the sheath's own juices, so she began to pump her hands up and down the massive pole.

It was hard for him to remain silent, and hard for him to resist thrusting into her mouth. His huge hands clenched and unclenched as she did her work, her saliva drooling down to lubricate her hands as she sucked and licked. He was a proper mouthful, like most gul: his cock must have been over two inches thick, and so long both her hands couldn't conceal all of it. The taut, veined black skin moved through her fingers, increasingly slippery, increasingly wanting to move on its own as the young Gul struggled not to hump his hips forward.

She was so used to the smelly gul that she was hardly aware of his potent scent, even though the mixture of stinking musk and sweat grew to nose-hurting intensity as he came to full arousal. The tastes, on the other hand, she noticed. Her mouth filled with musky flavors, the natural taste of gul 'sausage' and the almost instant dribbles of salty precum.

This one was very eager, very pent-up. Maybe she should have had him sit down first? But then he'd be resisting the urge to put his hand on the back of her head and push his thick cock right down her throat.

It hadn't been very many minutes since she started, and yet he was trembling. "Go on," she mumbled around the tip. "Don't hold back."

And he didn't. Both enormous hands suddenly cupped her head, pulling her in closer, and as the fat, fleshy tip jammed into the back of her mouth he snarled. His belly pelt twitched hard against her forehead and his thighs convulsed, finally humping his cock forward. Just as the tip squeezed into her throat, the thick pole pulsed between her lips. Gelatinous seed spurted forth, flooding her throat and escaping around the embedded tip to fill her mouth as well.

It took effort to not let the huge load escape. A less experienced woman would have had it spilling from her lips and staining her face and dress. Then there'd be no concealing what she had done: any passing gul would smell his semen on her and know the two of them had coupled.

This particular gul was young enough that he'd he harassed for daring to shoot off in her mouth, so she gathered the semen in one lump and swallowed. The heavy mass slid down her throat, felt as a moving warmth halfway to her stomach. Plenty of gul seed had taken that route over the years, but it was always a surprise how much a truly pent-up young one could produce. It had been a full mouthful, bulging her cheeks even when she let his cock back out.

When she stood back up, there was no trace of his seed, or of the deed. She straightened her hair, nodded to him with a smile as he stood panting, and went out the door without a word. Just one pat on his muscular rump and she was gone, leaving him spent (at least temporarily) and a bit confused.

Before she was ten steps down the hall a gul peeked out through a door-crack at her, and as though she had planned it all along she turned casually into his room. Not one but two young Gul were here, both also fresh in off the patrol and out of their armor. It only took one glance at the two, one seated and one standing, to tell they had the same intense needs as Kigatz.

"Now remember," she said in a near whisper, "You need to be quiet." By the time the words left her lips she had peeled away the loincloth of the seated one and straddled him, impaling herself on his growing erection. This was why she didn't wear anything under her dresses: easy access. Hard black shaft slipped into her slick wetness, and behind her, the second youth stepped in close.

As two sets of powerful clawed hands went around her and a second, equally massive and hard gul cock went up her ass, Candra grimaced. But it was a happy expression, for all the pain involved.

You see, Candra had a thing for animals and furries. And gul, with their pleasantly massive malenesses, were a particular favorite of hers. Which no doubt explained why she was a favorite of theirs. Two 350-pound-plus gul trapped her between them, filling her holes with more cock than the average women could handle, and Candra didn't scream.

She grinned.

The end