By Strega
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 2001 - All rights reserved.

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I've been waiting for a chance like this for some time now. What's it been…a year?…since I decided? Since the first spell had begun to wear off?
I'm called Battle Cat, and it's a good name. I am a very big cat, bigger than my marsh-tiger parents whose green fur and orange stripes I share, because I'm part magic. When idiot Prince Adam pulls out that ugly magic sword and gives the battle-cry, he changes into the equally stupid but brutishly strong He-Man, and I….
I change from my smaller 'Cringer' self, to Battle Cat. I pretend the change scares me; in fact I look forward to it, because I can let go the feigned cowardice I use in that other form. Adam wouldn't notice, but Teela and the others - and most especially the Sorceress - would trust me much less if I behaved as Cringer as I do now. Bravely, aggressively. Hungrily.
When Adam (or rather, He-Man) and I go to battle, he won't let me kill. It's short-sighted and stupid; Skeletor and his minions certainly try hard enough to kill us. Sooner or later they'll get us, if we don't get them. I know it; Skeletor knows it; The Sorceress knows it. But the very first spell the she'd cast on me - the one that made me a thinking creature - removed my urge to kill. I gave up my hunter's ways, and was a pet for Adam, and as Battle-Cat, a mount for He-Man. No real threat to Skeletor and his troops. Until that spell began to wear off.
Snake Mountain Castle looms over us as we approach, a gray, evil-looking place hunched down atop a hill. We'd been here last week, and the week before that, foiling plans the mage-demon Skeletor devised. We stopped him every time, and every time he got away, he and his minions.
We know the ways into that place; what does that say about us? Why hadn't we led an army here, at least capturing the masters of the place, at best killing them? No, there was some sort of deal between the Sorceress and Skeletor, I think. They used us as pawns in their game.
Today I planned to remove one pawn from the board. Perhaps even a knight or bishop.
He-Man slid off my back, out of the ornate saddle built into the silly armor they made me wear, and peered around the damp cellar. "Are they near, Cat?"
"No," I snarled, and looked back and forth, armor rattling. "I smell some that way - Beast-Man, I think. Maybe Skeletor." I point a paw down the corridor, and I lower my head, sniffing. "Yes."
He lurches off down the corridor, not giving me a second thought. The ceiling was too low to ride, and after all, I was just his mount. I shook my head; he was such an idiot. I had tried to explain things to him, that is was safer to fight together, and that we needed to try harder to capture (or even kill!) the warriors sent against us. But he was drunk with the power that came with changing to He-Man.
I caught my claws in the crack of a store-room door, and pulled the thing open, careless of the lock that popped from its mount. I too was powerful…just food in this store, crates and crates of dried meat from the smell of it, squirreled away for a siege. No weapons. No bomb to leave ticking atop a mound of explosives. That would have been a tidy way to end this war. I sniffed, and thought about a snack.
I took a bite of meat from the first crate, and froze. Someone was coming down the corridor outside, and the footfalls were too light for my thuggish 'master'. Just one set of footsteps, too - and light steps meant it probably wasn't one of the common soldiers. Most likely an officer…it was Evil-Lyn! I heard that staff of hers rap the floor, the jingle of her jewelry. I flattened myself next to the door, wrinkling my muzzle up in a grin. What luck!
I waited, and after a moment, noticed a feeling creeping up my belly. It took me a few seconds to recognize it, and I sighed. Not exactly the best time to get that sort of urge, was it? But there it was, a certain…stiffness coming on. I shifted my hindpaws, and twitched an ear - she was just about to the door. Time to remove a bishop. But then, this bishop was female….
I leaped!, bearing her down from behind, and batted her claw-tipped staff away. She knew it was me at once, and twisted, cursing, firing a brief bolt of lightning that tore a gouge in the armor high on my flank. We fall, and I land on my flank, armor clattering - and with her staff removed, I use the opportunity to push her down my belly with a shove of fore-paws.
"Are you wearing anything under that dress? Hey - guess not!" She struggles between my paws, her knees pulled wide - and then she feels it.
"Ahhh! Stop it!' She pushes at my foreleg, but I shove her down, and my sheath pulls back to expose me. I'd gotten the tip in on the first try, and pushed her down into the hollow of my belly, sliding in as I did. She was tight, hot, the first human I'd penetrated. I'd wondered occasionally if I might approach Teela sometime, but it'd be out of character to try her as Cringer, and as Cat I was usually busy. Now I shoved myself into this one, and grinned.
"I've always wanted to…do this." Panting, I rolled over onto my paws and humped up against her rump, thrusting. Oh, it'd been a while.
"Get off, damn it!" She clawed at the floor, trying to pull herself away, but I had one paw back against her knee now, holding her up off the floor, Sort of like a wheel-barrow, and I was driving it.
"Oh, I'm getting off - my rocks off!" I could feel the lust building already, my balls warm and full as I humped. Nice to be able to just pounce a femme when the urge struck, because I didn't have to worry about the 'after'. No, there'd be no after for her…I shivered, losing my grip on her knee, and she flopped flat to the floor, her knees hooking over my ankles. I followed her down, curling my belly down over her rump, and the shudder ran up my belly all the way to my nose as I came.
I pant, then rasp out a long growl as my lust shoots from me in a viscid stream, and barely hear her moans, just as I barely hear my tail thumping the floor. She wriggled under me, clothing and skin rubbing my fur, and I don't feel that much, either. I just pay attention to the pleasure pulsing through my groin, through my skull, until it spends itself. Relaxing, I roll her over with a paw…and she's smiling.
"Hey, that wasn't so bad, cat. Are you done?"
I smile down at her. "Almost." And I yawn, straining my lower jaw wide, opening up my throat like a tunnel. My forepaw slides easily under her shoulders, and I pull her upward.
"Cat, what!" The rest is muffled as I take in her head, the odd headdress she wore scraping my palate as her face slides easily down into my throat. I am a very big cat. Fingers dug into my cheekfur as she realizes what I'm doing, but they're weak things, and I hook her upward with a paw, her shoulders slipping into my jaws.
"Stop!" It's hard to hear her as she's pushed deeper, and I don't pay any heed, pulling her rump up with my forepaw, wedging her in. My jaws stretch and strain, but I've practiced this with Skeletor's smaller soldiers behind He-Man's back. He thinks I raid the store-rooms here to gorge, and I don't disagree. I have to explain my drooping belly somehow.
Her rump, and her cat-flavored sex slide into my jaws, and I lift my head, grip down on this morsel, and suck with all my might, pulling her in. Jewelry catches on my fangs, but pops past, and she is drawn down into the furry sack of my neckfur, bulging it out to twice its usual thickness. Her weight gathers there, helping drag the legs and feet past my lips, and I hear that little voice again.
"Cat, wait! Can't we talk?" The ankles and feet fall down into my neckfur, and I step my forepaws apart, lift my muzzle…and swallow. My throat works around the heavy, squirming lump, pushing it down, and my gullet opens below her. It's a slippery slope, and with a despairing cry she slides down, her voice more and more muffled. My ribs creak and protest - I swallowed her in a ball, not headfirst as I'd practiced.
With a heavy, lurching thump my belly bulges out, the armor-strap there snapping as the fur stretches. Closing my eyes, I relax, feeling the struggle inside as she claws at the walls. She can't get a grip - they must be slick too - and after a moment she lay still.
"I'll get you for this, Cat!" I blink, look around, then relax again. She must have used her last bit of magic to let me hear her. I'm just licking my chops when the belch rumbles up from below, bulging out my cheeks for a long moment. BbburrpPP.
I don't bother to reply, just thinking to myself. 'Somehow, I doubt it, Evil-Lyn.' She wriggles a bit longer, then grows still, and I smile. I got my bishop, and a tasty, enjoyable chesspiece it was. And Skeletor has one less general.
He-Man doesn't return for half an hour, and he finds me stretched out sleepily amongst the demolished crates, lying in my own weight in food. Evil-Lyn's staff I'd flicked into a draingrate, and unsurprisingly, he draws the wrong conclusion; he berates me, and I absorb it wordlessly.
He still needs me, though, and I carry him out, his legs straddling my bulging belly. The castle falls behind, and as he finishes rattling on about his exploits in the castle, he asks a question.
"Did you see anything of Evil-Lyn, Battle Cat?"
I'm facing away, so he can't see the grin. "Oh, I'm sure she's around here somewhere." A small belch pops out, and I lick my chops again, thinking. Maybe one of these days I would have the opportunity to take another bishop. Or a piece that'll cause the players true difficulties; the Sorceress and Skeletor were both too dangerous, but what would happen to the game if Prince Adam were to disappear?
I licked my lips, and let myself daydream a little dream.

The End (for now?)