Ever Wonder What Plushies Eat?

By Glee
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This story is about a male human and a female plush dragon, and vorarephilic content is contained herein. If you don't know what that means then you probably should look it up first. It's not my fault if you don't like the story's topic. ;)

Ever Wonder What Plushies Eat?

Steve blinked a half dozen times as he stretched, rolling over to check the digital clock adjacent to his bed. "Two?" he mumbled, sitting up and scratching his chest to adjust his T-shirt. "Good, four more hours." He stood and straightened out his boxers as he stepped heavily into his bathroom, relieving himself before returning to bed, wondering blearily what precisely had brought him to consciousness. Shrugging and rolling over he tugged his nightly snuggle-partner, a black plush dragon he had unimaginatively named Ebony, under his chin. A silly smile spread over his face at the feeling of his plushie's softness against his neck and chin, nuzzling his face a little against Ebony's head before relaxing fully, quickly falling back asleep.
He woke up with a start, somewhere between daydreaming and being fully asleep, not sure if the feeling of movement was real or from his dream. That set him to thinking on the dream he had just had. It started like a normal night, his best friend going home, Steve taking a shower, getting dressed for bed, pulling his plush friend out from under his bed's storage area, and snuggling up with it. But, then, Ebony had come to life, and had started to lick his chin and neck. It was happening again, he realized, and he started to relax at such a sensation, the satiny and silky tongue tenderly grooming at his sensitive skin.
Steve's eyes flew open and he sat up quickly, flicking on the lamp near him, realizing that Ebony didn't have a tongue. Apparently, it did, though, considering the way the dragon was sitting there, eyes looking up at him, tail swishing behind it, mouth slightly ajar in a lopsided grin. He probably would have leapt from the bed if Ebony had came toward him, but instead, the dragon waited for Steve to speak, something he found hard to do for a few moments.
A few deep breaths and disbelieving eye-rubs later, Steve started to reach out toward Ebony, only to pull his hand back before getting it close. At this the dragon laughed, a short, pleasant sound, which brought a smile to the human's face. "You.. you really are real?"
"No, of course not, you're dreaming. Wake up, silly, you're going to be late for work." Ebony winked, grinning, head tilted just a little to the side. Steve wondered if the plush was purposely trying to appear cute, because, it was doing a good job of it. Thirty inches long, shaped like a 'western dragon' as most called them, black all over, a little felt ridge along it's back, bright blue plastic eyes that seemed to twinkle now.
"How cliche," Steve thought, looking at those eyes.
"I know, but what are you going to do?" Ebony responded, in what Steve started to realize was a distinctly feminine voice, even as he realized the dragon (dragoness?) had heard his thoughts.
"Yes, I'm a dragoness, and yes, I read your mind. I'm not normal, obviously, and that's part of my powers. You can call me Ebony, as that's easier to pronounce than my real name."
"But, but, how did you get here? I mean, I know how you got here, I bought you.. but I bought a plushie, and you're not just a plushie, and.." Steve licked his lips and tried to form his thoughts together while Ebony laughed and stepped forward to nudge the tip of her snout against his leg.
"You bought this plushie, and I was attracted by the positive energy you deposited in the object each night you spent lovingly cuddling it as you went to sleep. I've been here for a week, enjoying your attention and observing you." She paused for a moment to let that sink in, then laughed at the thoughts going through Steve's mind. "Yes, I saw you do that too, but don't worry, the positive energy you radiated when you did it was quite.. delicious."
Steve was starting to relax, enjoying the tone of Ebony's voice, sitting up more fully and looking down at Ebony with a smile on his face. "So.. wow. So, why have you let me know what you are now?" He tensed a bit as Ebony hopped up onto his lap, but relaxed almost instantly as she nestled up against him, reflexively lowering a hand to stroke along her back.
"Because, I think we'll have more fun this way. You loved your plushie, and that was a good feeling to pick up on, but this way you feel the affection towards me, directly. Not to mention the fact that I can make you happier if I can move than if I just sit there." She lowered her snout and nosed up under his shirt, standing up on her hind legs and pushing herself close.
Steve laughed a little and squirmed at the sudden, soft feeling along his belly, tickled at first by the touch. But, he quickly wrapped his arms around the dragoness and held her close, leaning down to touch his lips and nose to the tip of Ebony's snout which poked up from the front of his shirt's collar. The plush wiggled around and started to emit a purr, but before the young man could react to it Ebony pushed her snout up further and lapped her wide, soft tongue over his lips. "Take this silly thing off!" He quickly wiggled out of it and lowered himself back down onto his back, squeezing Ebony to his chest, smiling widely.
Steve shook his head and quickly let up the pressure he had put on the dragoness, looking Ebony over. "This.. this is just going too fast. This is.. wow.." The plushie laughed and started to trace the wonderfully soft fur of her snout along his neck, licking at it as well, the satiny, silky tongue making him shiver and hold her tight again. That purring sound started to come from Ebony's throat again.
"You'll get over it, you know you've fantasized about this more than once." Grinning at the blush she got out of him at that statement she raised up enough to lower her snout and surprise Steve with a kiss, purring against his lips. It lasted several seconds before she was pulled in closer, the human most definitely enjoying the affection. It ended all too soon, Ebony sitting back onto her haunches.
Licking his lips, surprised at the lack of shed plush 'fur' onto them, he looked over Ebony's form again. "You know, I wish you were bigger.. much bigger."
"I know, I know, but there's no room in here. But, then, I don't have to be bigger." Giggling at the confused look on Steve's face, Ebony used her plush, un-teethed lips to nip his chin. "Here, let me show you.."
It took Steve a few seconds to focus his eyes, but when he saw the large brass trunk forty feet to his side he realized he'd been shrunk. Gasping in surprise, the miniature human fell over as a huge, gloriously soft and warm tongue slathered over two-thirds of his body at once. He was scooped up before he could over-react to his sudden nudity; only he himself had shrunk, his boxers nearby on the bed.
With the front of his body pulled in against Ebony's belly and chest and his head tucked under her chin he gave a shiver and soft moan of joy, nestling his body in closer against the touch without even thinking. Large, broad, warm paws stroked along his sides, head, back, and rear, while Ebony's wide, satiny tongue caressed along his neck and shoulders. He was in heaven, even as a blush started to rise on his cheeks as he felt himself becoming more than a little aroused.
Ebony apparently felt little embarrassment about the situation and shamelessly grasped onto the young man's rump, pushing his hips up against her softness and slowly moving him in a rocking motion. He gulped nervously and started to move himself away a little. "No, no, none of that!" Ebony giggled as she pawed at his hands, lapping playfully over Steve's face half a dozen times to distract him, making him giggle and push at her tongue.
"But, I-"
"I said no!" The sudden tickling along his ribs made Steve squirm about.
"Alright, alright!" He panted a little and shook his head. "You know, you're real pushy for a toy." With a dull thump Steve found himself back-down on the bed, with each of his limbs spread out, one of Ebony's paws on each of his wrists and ankles.
Squirming, at first Steve was worried he had somehow angered his newfound and very appreciated friend, but then he realized that Ebony was grinning at him. "It doesn't look like I'm the toy here to me, little one." Before he could phrase a response, Steve was squirming and laughing, his left side being tickled mercilessly by the tip of Ebony's quite prehensile tail. To Steve it felt as if the tail had been created purely for use as a tickling instrument! His back arched as Ebony's tongue came into play as well, working over his belly, furthering his struggles. Steve had known for many a year he had a thing for being tickled, especially while helpless to avoid it, and realized in a part of his mind immune to tickling that Ebony had known this because of her empathy. Wondering how many other fetishes the dragoness knew he had, he heard the response quickly. "All of them, of course!" The plushie's tickling seemed to stop, only to worsen as Ebony pinned Steve's wrists together over his head, holding them both with one paw, and used the paw that was freed up to help as well, working all along his ribs and belly while her tail tortured his feet. It finally stopped, after enough to make sure Steve's hard-on was very, very rigid. Instead of being set free, though, Ebony started to tonguebathe the poor tortured soul.
Giggling and twitching in aftershock, the licking came as a surprise, but not one that he was about to argue over. The appendage was applied firmly enough that it didn't tickle, and Steve's oversensitized flesh was shivering within moments at the delicious full-body massage. "Mmh, my toy tastes gooood," Ebony teased as her tongue was playfully applied between her captive's legs, first tickling his thighs, then tracing up over the underside of his balls. A few more carefully distributed licks, directly along Steve's twitching shaft, and he was squirming again, but in a sensual manner, in no way wishing for the tongue to cease it's actions. The licking did stop, though, as all good things do, and the young man started to relax after a few moments.
Opening his eyes the first thing he saw was a large, pink void, which suddenly disappeared as he was pulled sharply forward, his head pushing against something tight, his entire torso inside of Ebony's warm, incredibly silky and smooth maw. A second after he realized how good this felt he realized how dangerous this could be, having no idea what would happen if this being, this being which he really knew nothing about, swallowed him whole! He struggled, but his arms had been pinned to his sides as he had been pushed into the tight mouth, especially as it closed around him.
"Oh, don't worry about it, I wouldn't hurt you, you should know that! How else will I get my daily nutritional intake of joy?" Ebony didn't speak with her mouth, but directly into his head, though he didn't seem to notice, instead jerking because the dragoness' tongue had extended outward to trace along his shaft again. Then, the tightness on Steve's head squeezed while suction pulled over his torso and hips, his shoulders forcing their way past the tightness of Ebony's throat. He started to wiggle around again, but stopped within a few seconds to instead just roll his hips against the tongue that lapped along his cock, moaning muffledly, eliciting a giggle from the plushie.
"No, I won't hurt you, I just think it'll feel really good if you feel lots of pleasure inside of me.. it'll taste so great!" Steve nodded wholeheartedly inside of Ebony's throat, unable to see anything, hearing nothing except for the moans and grunts that came from his own mouth as he squirmed around, the tongue slathering over his malehood, not to mention nudging and rubbing over his balls as well. Another few strong swallows from the plushie's throat and only Steve's feet were outside of the plushie's lips, the suction and tonguing pushing him quickly towards the brink of an incredible climax.
When his shaft got pinned between his belly and the wall of velvet-like plush throat he lost control, curling his toes up, writhing in pleasure. His head rolled around as he bucked his hips and shot his seed all over the inside of Ebony's throat, cum spreading out even more as the dragoness' swallowing worked over him more powerfully. The pressure rolling over his body was wonderful, and the more he was moved the more his cock was pulled along the throat's lining, making him shiver in oversensitive pleasure. But, his head had pushed through the barrier into Ebony's stomach during his climax, something he hadn't realized through all the pleasure, and his shoulders being pushed past it as well brought him back to full consciousness.
Even as he phrased the question in his mind Ebony responded, stroking her throat, and thusly the lump therein. "Yes, of course I'm sure you'll be fine. I don't digest, because I don't eat things. I only have this opening inside me for holding you. And trust me, it's not a normal stomach." Despite his curiosity at that statement the dragoness wasn't going to share. But, as the 'stomach' within Ebony's body began to suck and pull Steve into it, it became apparent it wasn't mundane.
At first Steve found it hard to do anything, having been curled up into a slightly uncomfortable fetal position because of the limited space inside of Ebony's body. However, within moments, he found himself being manipulated like a puppet, pulled out as if he was on hands and knees, then spread out on his belly. When nothing happened for a few moments he tried to move, but found he couldn't, no more than an inch or two in any direction. And that's when Ebony sprung her surprise on him. The surface all around him starting to slowly roil and slide along his form like liquid plush, imitating dozens of soft, loving hands, stroking all down along his back and legs, scritching him at the back of his neck, rubbing his rear and balls, caressing along his cock as it started to harden again. "Being a plushie is such a wonderful experience, Steve, I thought I'd share it with you." Ebony had spoken aloud again, considering her maw and throat had been vacated, and the giggle in her voice was unmistakable.
She curled up on her belly and purred loudly, enough that the vibration ran through Steve's body, adding just a little more to the sensations washing over him. The malleable material surrounding him had changed the touch on his cock to simulate the feeling of a tight plush snout, suckling on him as if it was in a feeding frenzy, pulling him close to another orgasm he had no power to stop himself from having. Trembling in pleasure, Steve thought to himself, "Ebony sure is going to feed well tonight."
The dragoness just giggled, grinning widely and happily to herself, nuzzling the bulge in her belly as it cried out in pleasure.

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