Title: Possession is 9/10 of the Law
Author: Anima
© 2003
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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Summary: A female wolf finds an abandoned kitty, and ends up enjoying it's company quite a bit.
F/?, F/M, Furry/Animal, Furry/Furry, unbirthing, vore, digestion/absorption
Possession is 9/10 of the Law

(A vore, unbirth romance by Anima. m/f)

A gray shadow towering over the villagers, the massive macro-wolf raised her muzzle to the stars and howled! She would feast tonight...glut her every appetite, with the aid of the villagers... The first couple she spotted were darting towards the illusory safety of a barn; these she scooped firmly into a gigantic paw with a swoop that blew branches off nearby trees. Sitting down with a THUD in the dusty town square, she lowered her squirming handful against her sopping sex, rubbing their thrashing little limbs into her swollen slippery folds--

“Ahh, excuse me…miss? Did you need something else?”

Diedra opened her eyes to see the raccoon custodian peeking in the doorway at her, mop and bucket squeaking behind. She found her handpaw hovering near her thigh, and transformed the motion into a grab for a cable on the floor.

“No, no! No, I'm--fine. Just...trying to get the big picture for a moment there.” She murmured, a blush burning in her ear lining. Oh gods, she *knew* it hadn't been a good idea to read that story right before work! Deed kicked herself as the custodian nodded, and squeaked down the hall with his bucket. Gusting out a sigh, the anthro-wolf turned back to her task, threading a bundle of cables through a hole in the wall to the computer lab.

Geez, I hope he doesn't report that...I've got enough of a reputation with el-bosso as it stands. She thought, ears pricking forward intently as she bent to the task. It wasn't long before she realized there was a problem. The wall wasn't quite level with the next room. She groaned, remembering there were some steps up to a slightly lower level out in the hall. She couldn't bore a hole in the middle of the wall! Frustrated, she leaned her forehead against the sun-baked flaking plaster. Gods...what she wouldn't give for a nice warm mate waiting for her back home in bed. Lying stretched out on the clean sheets, his arms open for her… That would make it all worth while. She wouldn't have to rely on a toy to sate the moist hunger her loins complained of today, ever since she downloaded that story.

“Bah.” She murrphed, and began peering along the wall. Ah-hah, there! The floorboards were uncovered in the corner, beneath that unused desk. She might be able to get in there, and run the cable from beneath. That wasn't the best solution, and she'd likely get caked with dust, but she wanted to get out of this lonely, empty school building! It brought back unpleasant memories of her own mind-numbing student days. Standing, hands at her back as she straightened up, Diedra glanced about for her tools. Scooping them up, she shoved the desk firmly away from the wall, and knelt. Using her claws, she yanked at the floorboard, wrenching it up. Another pull at its other end, and she was able to take a peek into the musty darkness.

“Hmmm...” Playing her flashlight around, Deed saw that this would do nicely. She wouldn't have to go in there after all; just find another spot in the adjoining lab to pry up a board. Grabbing the bundle of cables, she was just about to feed it down under the floor, when she caught a flash of gold down there...

“What...?” She murmured, immediately dismissing the possibility of treasure; the school was doing okay, but not *that* well. Grabbing the flash again and shining it down into the hole, Diedra searched the forlorn hollow. The light revealed a cat...a *very* small cat, just slightly larger than a hamster. She reached down carefully, and was surprised when the little kitten let her pick him up. He licked her palm pads with a tiny pink tongue, purrrrrring innocently there in her paw. How had this tiny cat gotten under the floorboards? And why was it so small? Not even newborn kittens were that tiny… Of course, being so small, he could fit in lots of places other creatures couldn’t--- Diedra's tongue lolled, as a sudden flash of arousal ran down her spine, into her groin. So small...just like those villagers in the story... She shook her head violently. What was she thinking?! She couldn’t…on the job…it was just an innocent little kitten…

Oh, the heck with it.

Glancing both ways, and pricking her ears for sounds, Diedra scooted back from the floorboards and under the desk. Bracing her back against the side of the drawers, and her bare feet against the opposite leg-wall, she panted to the kitten.

“I'm gonna tuck you someplace nice 'an warm, okay? I want you to squirm and paw around...if you do good, I'll take you home and feed you!” She promised the solemn pair of golden eyes. Then, unbuttoning her jeans, she slid her paw shakily down into her pants...pulling aside her panties and the pad there, depositing the kitten against her soft slippery folds. A brush of her paw nestled him right between the flushed, outer petals. Her sex quivered and pulsed softly, tickled and aroused by the kitten's soft fur and curious paws... Quickly, before the tiny black cat could slide out again, she let the elastic of her panties slip tight again, hurriedly re-buttoning and buckling her jeans. Her denim groin bulged and squirmed as the lil cat struggled to free himself; the warm, silky little body twisting and nudging Diedra's swollen sexlips. Jaws gaping wide, and claws *screeching* on the metal of the desk as she squirmed, the wolf let a soft “MurrRRRRrroaN!” escape her moist lips! Hands slip up to cup and knead her breasts through the thin material of her shirt, her thighs quivering, as her body told them to close... This was even better than she'd imagined! Now she was that giant wolf, thrashing in feral joy as her captive’s helpless struggles pleasured her… As the kitten's body grew soaked with her excitement, his movements grew quicker, and his contact with her hot flesh more complete! She was rising rapidly towards a climax, guilt and pleasure blending in her to form a delightful bitter-sweet indulgence... Suddenly, Diedra felt an intrusion! One of the kitten's paws had slipped into her by chance, and was beating about inside her soft passage! Squirming, her rump scooting back and forth on the floor and her tail beating a staccato against the desk, Diedra bit back a cry! It wasn't until she felt her folds stretch around the kitten's head that the horny wolf thought she might need to take the kitten out... As she fumbled with her belt, a hungry muscular ripple in her cunny tugged the kitten deeper! Diedra's eyes bulged as she felt the kitten slide into her, swallowed up wetly by her craving sex! With a will of its own it seemed, her pussy sloppily engulfed the squirming cat… Her silken tunnel stretched around the burrowing bulge, slippery flesh gripping and suckling it deeper and deeper... Inwardly cursing her jeans, she finally got them unbuttoned, and in lust-clumsied movements tried to grab the lil cat and pull him to safety. But all she found was his tail, wet and slippery from her juice! When another thick 'swallow' of her muscles came, she couldn't hold onto the slick, writhing tail, and it vanished with a quiet slurp into her sex! At that worst-possible moment, when Deed was terrified she’d just condemned the tiny cat to suffocation, her climax hit... Jamming herself tight in her little alcove, back arching, Diedra shut her jaws on her howl of joy! The fingers about to dip into herself and retrieve the kitten were pulled instead to her throbbing clit, rubbing the little knob, prolonging the pleasure, thoughts of all else driven out while her body thrummed with the sweetness of it... It burned through her deliciously, a rocket-blast of ecstasy that left her glaze-eyed and gasping in the golden afterglow…

The moment passed, and Diedra sat back up, panting heavily... But, the kitten! Then she felt the stirrings in her belly...the slow, slithering pulse of muscle, and the sudden pressure deep inside her! Her cervix... Forced open with a twinge of discomfort, the wolf's womb engulfed the kitten, accepting the soaked, squirming lump of feline. Staring, she grabbed her shirt and hiked it up to see her flat, furry belly. There...she could actually see a small bulge, twitching beneath the layers of fur and flesh... It felt so strange! But...also, there were nerves in there being touched that made her wild with need despite her incredible release of seconds ago…making her want to grind her sex against the floor, smearing her fluids along the polished wood... Diedra squirmed out from under the desk, and put her clothes back in array, giddy with worry and excitement. What would happen to the kitten in there? Would she need to go to the doctor, and get it removed? Her body revolted against that idea, reminding Diedra with a rush of warm pleasure that the presence of the kitten was a good thing... But how would she feed it? And what would it do about a litterbox?

Groaning, she hurried back to work, shoving the cables down beneath the floor. Idly hoping no one would notice the sex-scent she was leaving on the cables, the stumbling hyper-aroused wolf hurried to finish. The job got a lot easier when the kitten stopped moving inside her, settling down for a nap. Deed would’ve worried he’d perished from lack of air, but she could feel his rattly little purrrr in her depths..

Diedra walked out of the school with her toolbox in one paw, and the other resting on her belly, the wolf smiling fondly down at her middle.

“Mmmm, welcome to the family, kitten...” She murmured, grinning as she climbed into the van emblazoned with 'NetConnect.' Pulling out into the street and heading home, Diedra rubbed her belly and wondered what would come of this... How was this going to work? What the heck was it doing under the floor in the school anyways? What would her brother say about it? Without warning, her heart leapt within her! No, not her heart, too far down...the kitten! He'd pounced the inside of her womb! Grunting with the impact, Diedra twisted the wheel in her surprise and found herself staring at a huge pair of headlights!

ONKKKKKKK! ONKk-eeeeeeeerrr… She twisted back into her lane, fur on end, tail bristling! Inside her, the kitten romped, tumbling about...making her sex drool again into her already-damp jeans...

“You,” she poked her middle, ”are going to have some rules to follow while you live in my belly!” She scolded the fur-muffled microcat. A quiet, inquisitive ”Mrewl?” brought the gape-grin back to her muzzle.

”Bah. Cats...” At least it hadn’t used its claws on her. Hmm. She realized she hadn’t noticed if the lil cat even had claws. Wouldn’t it have used them when it panicked? Traffic demanded her attention, and the wolfess left her thinking ‘til later.

Pulling into the driveway back home with a crunch of gravel, Diedra jumped out and hurried into the house, paw still glued to her tummy. Her brother was on the couch, laptop across his knees, as she stepped inside.

“Hey Deed. Food's on the table,” He murmured, looking up at his sis.

“T, thanks, not too hungry. Gonna be busy awhile!” She managed, pads sweating as she crossed the den and into her bedroom. Shutting the door firmly, Diedra shed her clothes on her way to the bed, pausing to grab a couple towels and spread them over the sheets. Sliding up onto the bed, she spread her legs wide, and toyed with herself...feeling the tiny cat pawpawpaw at her innards.

“Ohhhh, goddessssss!” She hissed, sliding a couple fingers into herself, and pumping them gently in and out... This pleasure was almost unbearable! How would she function at work?! Her body demanded more brain be devoted to sex right now, so Deed’s worries were displaced. The air in the room was still and hot, almost seeming to exert pressure all over her body...caressing her arching back, heaving chest... Diedra found herself fantasizing again that she was the macro-wolf of that story...and she'd crammed a person between her slick folds, and forced him into her womb for her own pleasure... But she wanted more... She grabbed more and more of the fleeing people, and fed them to her hungry, dripping slit, until her womb bulged and writhed! They transformed her flat belly into a dome she couldn’t see over, the fur swelling and dipping with their frenzied movements in her depths! The struggling little creatures weighed her middle down, and caressed her hot slippery insides with their desperate struggles, fighting to escape the giant wolf's musky womb! She still ached for more, but couldn’t even reach her sex now… Rolling onto her tightly-stuffed belly, she closed her thighs, rubbing them against each other, the warm fur soaked with her nectar. She bit through a telephone pole as she came, howling, tail high and thighs spread obscenely wide, and the stroking pleasure from within increased! The orgasms piled up on top of one another, faster and faster, while her juices roared through the streets in a musky flood...!

“HOOOOOOOOOOOOWOOOOOooooo!” Diedra threw back her head, warm goo spraying from her inflamed loins, covering the towels in her warmth and scent... The wolf's warm, fleshy womb rippled and squeezed down around the kitten trapped inside, eliciting frantic struggles from him, causing another orgasm right on the tail of the first! The cycle was interrupted when the kitten fell limp, exhausted from all his wriggling, and Deed began calming down...

“Ahh, Deed? You're okay?” Came the worried voice of Deed's brother, Philip.

“F, fine,” She murrrrrrrred, turning on her side, blushing at the sight of the mess she'd made... “Could you start me a bath, hon?” She called, sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling down at her tum... “You little delight, you,” She whispered, caressing her moist tummyfur. “I'll need to go shopping tomorrow...”

Diedra woke up late, stretching and yawning. Her movement stirred and woke the kitten, who immediately began meowling pitifully...

“Awww, hungry kitten? Don't worry, I've got a plan.” Throwing on shorts and a tanktop, she waved bye to Philip and jogged down the lane, tail flipping happily behind her. The combination of material rubbing against her sex with her motion, and the jouncing weight of the kitten inside her had given Deed quite a workout by the time she got to her destination: The Willing Victims Guild. Interesting place; she'd only ever visited once, and that with a friend who wanted some entertainment for a party. She blushed a bit, remembering that particular celebration quite well… This time her goals were quite different...

“Microfurs, 2 dozen, for meals.” She murmured to a clerk inside. Peering about curiously while her order was filled, Deed's eyes fell across cat-sized furs, making an appreciative ”Oooer,” sound. They were relaxing and chatting in miniature lounges, while others were in chains or comfortable cells...all waiting for a buyer or renter. Deed blushed hotly in the ears as she wondered whether any of those would fit up inside her... The clerk, used to eccentric clients, pretended not to notice the musk of the attractive wolf customer's aroused scent as he handed over two largish shopping bags.

“Come again!” He smiled as she stepped back out.

“Oh, I will...” She murmured over her shoulder, setting off back home. Despite the weight of the bags, she was soon back in her bedroom, trembling as she undressed again. Deed smirked when she wondered idly how much more time she was going to be spending in the bedroom… Lifting out a case with a tiny bunny-male inside, she grinned and tipped him out into her palm.

“You're my 'host' ma'am?” He grinned, rubbing himself sensually along her palm. Deed grinned as only a hungry wolf can,

“Well, yes, though not your final destination.” she murrred, lowering him between her legs. The bunny saw the giant, dripping cleft, the scent of sex heavy between her warm thighs, and quivered... She thought he might protest, but be submitted to this fate as well, shivering excitedly as she fit his head between her slippery lips, then nudged him up inside halfway with a squirsh. Groaning heavily, the wolf leaned back into bed as she used one finger to ease him deeper, his slender body squirming as he sank from sight between her lush, quivering labia... Sure enough, her muscles caught him and sucked him deeper, the wobbling ripples of the muscular action intense and delicious... Her cunny felt like a separate part of her...a part with a wild, ravenous hunger, a need to be filled! To be fed... She could feel the tiny lapine sliding his arms and legs along her smooth wet insides, bulging her soft sex-tube, humping into the satiny flesh... The panting wolf felt the pressure as he passed her cervix, then giggled as a weight abruptly shifted. The kitten must've pounced the bunny... She heard barely-audible moans, then all was still, the kitten's purrrrrrr the only indicator of whom had engulfed whom. The next one, a smooth lithe salamander fellow, dived into her sex without a second of hesitation. He virtually *climbed* up her passage, and she could only guess, stuffed himself into the tinypanther as well. Guessing that was enough for one meal, she gathered the rest of the willing victims, and placed them in a shoebox lined with soft flannel, a dish of water and a bowl of the food pellets the Guild had sold her. A sprinkle of her mild perfume to erase the scent of the food made the box just like home for the tiny creatures.

“I expect you'll all be inside me by Tuesday,” She murrrred, stroking her cunnylips above the box for their benefit. To her amusement, several began pleasuring themselves or each other, moaning and panting...

Makes me wonder if I'm not the first to discover this deliciousness, Diedra pondered, covering the box and stowing it under the bed... Sighing, she straightened up and glanced about the room. A gentle twitch in her tummy reminded Deed of her next task.

“Now, to find out about you,” Diedra whispered to her belly, sliding onto the bed again and opening up her laptop. She did a search of the community and found the newspaper for the high school where she’d found the kitten. A glance at the academic calendar gave her the dates she needed to search for. Humming softly, she clicked through several pages of information, then narrowed her eyes at a particular article.

‘Student disqualified from Science Fair’ the title read. It was the only significant item she’d found pertaining to the science program at the school, so Diedra expanded it and read with interest…

Philip Loadbagger, a straight-A student at the school, had done a project on the hypothetical genetic alteration of creatures to eliminate waste production by vastly increasing food absorption efficiency. It was astounding work; Diedra didn’t believe for a minute it was the student’s. His father’s perhaps, gleaned from his good old dad’s briefcase, no doubt. He was disqualified for having performed an experiment, but showing no results. However, the reporter added, it was just as well he didn’t have results, as Philip hadn’t filled out the correct forms to do live animal experimentation. If he’d had an animal to display, it would’ve brought up criminal charges…

Deed shut down the computer and caressed her belly…”You were a science fair project, kitten! Lucky for me that foolish kid ditched you,” she grinned. “Don’t you fret, I’ll take good care of you!”

The weekend was spent feeding her appetites and the kitten's, endless pleasures broken only for meals and paperwork for Monday, office day. Philip puzzled over Deed's withdrawal, but knew the scents on her lately, and just assumed she'd found a new way to...divert herself. When Monday came, Diedra waved a cheerful goodbye and headed out the door...handpaw hovering near her middle. Philip shrugged, and bent back over his laptop. If Diedra had something to share, it would come out eventually...

Everyone noticed the difference in the wolf as she made her rounds at the office. She was happy, bouncy even, joking with everyone and smiling. When problems arose that normally had her tearing out her fur, Diedra handled them with ease, tail flipping about cheerfully. Even 'el-bosso' noticed, and assigned Diedra a new customer with some reluctance. Another wolf, a male one, wanted a high-speed cable run to his loft. Deed noted the appointment down for the next day, and had started on the associated paperwork when the kitten roused. The heavy meal from yesterday had seemed to put him in a torpor, but in the next few minutes he became *quite* active! It was impossible to ignore, especially since he seemed to have grown...not just in the belly, but everywhere! Almost the size of a regular kitten, mebbe larger! Was this how the increased efficiency worked? The kitten would just grow all over every time she fed him? Gods… Diedra didn’t know whether to be excited or scared… She hurried to the bathroom, locking the door and pulling her jeans down, cupping her warm mound with a shaky paw and squeezing...moaning lightly, as her belly wobbled and jumped! It wasn't until the cat started kneading around her cervix that her need became unbearable, and the hot and bothered wolf began strumming her slick clit, tilting her head back and letting her eyes slide shut... *whump whump whump* went her tail against the toilet tank, a big grin on her muzzle as hot pulsing pleasure suffused her...spreading from her loins and belly to fill her whole body... With a final squeeze of her sex, Diedra came with a shudder, dripping into the water heavily for a moment... Finishing up and drying off, she washed her paws thoroughly and returned to her desk, the kitten's play a lil easier to take with the edge off her hunger...

By lunch time, she'd made three more trips to the bathroom, but at least the paperwork was done! The rest of the day passed easily, as the kitten slept. For once, Deed was truly grateful for how often felines slept… Ready to head back home, she took a cup of coffee and skipped lightly out, padding towards the van.

"Diedra," A high-pitched voice yapped behind her. She turned slowly, and blinked at her Chihuahua-boss. "What izzit today with you?" He demanded, beady little eyes more irritated than curious.

"Oh, ahh, I've found fulfillment!" She blurted, keeping her paws at her side by sheer force of will. Her boss' eyes rolled skyward.

"Oh, zee releeejun," He snorted, and turned back to return to the office. "Just don't let eet interfere with Sunday appointments!"

Deed thumbed her nose at him with a giggle, rubbing her tummy on the way to the van.

"Mmmmm, religion. The cult of the belly-cat?" She giggled, murrrrrrrring softly each time her little guest shifted in her depths. "I suppose the body's the temple?" Deed shook her head, chuckles blooming. She hadn't laughed this much in weeks! Were these belly-laughs? Deed groaned out loud, horrified at her brain for that one! Slipping into the driver’s seat, she started up the faithful van and headed home. The kitten needed his dinner!

Philip watched Deed slip inside, a shopping bag in hand. Murring? curiously, he got up to take a peek at his sister's purchase. Diedra playfully hid the bag behind her back, tail beating it happily.

“I remembered you telling me about that new Lunar game...and I found a used copy at the electronics place...” She reached into the bag, and tossed the game on the couch. Philip pounced it! and Deed slipped by, chuckling, into the bedroom. Her brother needed a little distraction...she wasn't ready to tell him about her kitten yet.

Diedra learned some control over the next day, but was still nearly perpetually wet! As the panther grew, so did his appetite, and the wuff giddily experimented with larger willing victims... Ferrets mostly, and other long, sleek-bodied furs... She came home with the first one, paw pads sweating, her belly clenched tight around the meowling hungry-cat... Philip waved briefly, eyes not leaving the game. He gave her a report each night at dinner on how he was doing with the game; Deed worried he was beating it too quickly, and made a mental note to break the kitten to Philip somehow. Slipping into the bedroom again and shutting the door, Deed threw herself on the bed, ferret in paw.

“Be good...you're my first, this big,” Diedra whispered to the sleek creature, who nodded eagerly. Rolling over, throwing her moistened thighs wide, she wedged the weasely-creature's head between her sweating cunny petals... The ferret gently inserted his forelegs, helping stretch her tunnel out, before nosing deeper inside the sweet, musky tunnel... Belly dipping and rising rapidly in her excitement, Diedra shoved it in firmly as soon as the widest part had passed her fleshy gates! Gasping and arching as she stuffed herself full of squirming ferret, Diedra wondered dreamily what the kitten would think of this! Fitting it *was* a stretch, and she could see the bulge as the ferret sank deeper inside her, trusty muscles gulping the happily writhing woozle with lusty abandon! Her powerful vaginal muscles rippled thickly, each wave squeezing the ferret a bit deeper, until his tapered muzzle hit her cervix. Slowly, the wolf felt her muscles force the sleek fur into her womb, leaving her tunnel empty again. The panther-cat, Deed felt as she panted there on the bed, didn't go for the new arrival immediately when it squirted up into the cushy womb. Understandable really; it was bigger than anything else she'd fed him thus far! But after a moment, she felt the pounce, and a tussle....then a sleepy, gorged purrrrrrrr... Moaning, she stroked her stretched sex, grinding juicily into her palm until she came with a muffled growl. Snuggling down into the sheets, a happy murrrrrrrrrr nestled in her throat, Deed hugged her belly and dozed...

The alarm clock woke her a few hours later, and groggily, Deed stumbled to the shower. After a nice shampooing, and a good toweling off, she dressed herself and marched out to the van. She found her lower back aching as she climbed in, wincing a bit as she settled into the driver’s seat. This was like an accelerated pregnancy…but there wasn’t a chance she was giving up the delightful bundle in her womb!

Diedra whistled softly as she pulled up outside the customer's house. He was living in the loft, but if the rest of the house was any indication, that loft was probably twice as nice as her home! She actually had to pass through a big wrought iron gate and pad along a winding path to reach the towering edifice. Pressing the bell with a warm finger-pad, Diedra admired the landscaping while waiting on the porch for someone to let her in. Presently, a tall young wolf dressed in a tie-dye shirt and black slacks, opened up and invited her in with a grin. A pair of earphones ringed his neck, probably forgotten there, as the unconnected cord dangled behind him like a ponytail. A pair of cool-green sunglasses rode low on his muzzle, completing his 'hip-hop' image.

“Netconnect, right? Thanks for coming! The loft's this way,” He smiled, offering Diedra his paw. Raising a furry brow at the paw, she gestured for him to lead the way, declining the offer. Unoffended, he bounced up a circular staircase with polished cherry handrails. The whole house smelled like lilac, covering a scent of lemony furniture polish. Deed sniffed approvingly, tail swishing as she clicked up the stairs after the other wolf.

“My name's Sven,” the male smiled, holding open a door at the top of the stairs for her. Diedra nodded, stepping through.

“My name's...” the words died in her throat as she stepped into the loft. Eyes round and muzzle falling open, Diedra stared around the crowded room. This was...incredible! Computers everywhere, hi-tech expensive gadgets scattered on the comfy looking furniture. The loft was practically a monument to the modern tech-geek, with all the latest equipment and games tucked away into odd corners. “Ahh, you have a closet?” She murmured, looking around with wide eyes. Sven nodded, chuckling, and pulled open the door to...well, a real closet. Blinking inside like a forest full of little forest critter's glowing eyes, network equipment stood in racks, cables running in thick bundles through neat incisions in the wall. It looked like some kind of electronic jungle…

“Well, um, guess I'd better get my tools,” Diedra stepped back down the staircase, Sven still at her heels.

“The folks aren't home, so make all the noise you like,” He assured her, curiously peering into the back of the van as she pulled out a big reel of cable and her tools. He offered to carry the toolbox, and smiling, she let him.

“Where's the junction box? You know?” She asked as they slipped back inside.

“Basement, behind the exercise machines,” Sven snickered, leading the way.

What followed was dusty, wire-tangling work, but Deed ran the cable and completed the installation. Grinning as she stood behind Sven and watched him literally *drool* on his keyboard at the speed he was getting now, Diedra started picking up her things. Then, for no real reason she could figure, the kitten in her middle decided it was dance time! Almost doubling over as the catling bounced against her sensitive flesh, Diedra’s sex juiced up readily! Her scent starting to diffuse, Deed knew she had to get out of here! That or visit the bathroom...

Sven turned around to see her looking...distraught.

“What's the matter, miss? Something you ate?” He murmured, worried. Diedra nodded quickly.

“M, must be! Could I use your *yip!* bathroom a moment?” She managed at last through clenched jaws. Her womb-wrapped kitty was slithering and twisting about like a wet furry snake, one of the most enjoyable movements the wuff had yet experienced! She could hardly believe Sven couldn’t smell her excitement, or see the writhing lump in her abdomen. With Sven leading the way, she clutched her bulging middle, tools forgotten upstairs. Sven led her down the staircase, and pointed her down a hallway that vanished around a bend.

“First door on your left, before the kitchen.” He directed her, shoving his glasses back into place. She nodded quickly, and padded around the bend in the hall, one paw sliding immediately down to her groin the moment she was out of sight. Unfortunately, she'd been looking backward when she performed that maneuver, so didn't notice the large wolf who had entered from the door in the kitchen... She bumped right into him, and jerked her head up with shock, meeting his own surprised eyes. Her twitching, writhing belly was snuggled against his own middle, her paw trapped between them. For a heartbeat they just stared at each other... Then, amazingly, he dropped his gaze and backed up, apologizing meekly. He too pushed glasses back into place, but unlike his brother's, these were clearly corrective lenses. His clothes were dark, headfur gently mussed, and dang was he tall... Gangly almost, but for the muscles... Diedra caught herself, and stammered,

“I, I'm so sorry sir. I was here for the cable install, and I just needed to use the URK, bathroom!” The last word petered into a squeak, as the kitten flung himself into the 'ceiling' of his slippery prison, impacting her diaphragm. Simply nodding, hands stuffed into his pockets, the big wolf kept his eyes...nice, deep amber eyes she noticed, glued to the floor. Diedra found the correct door, and quickly slipped inside, shutting it with a click. A moment later, the disoriented male wolf was shoved against the wall by the hasty ejection of the butler within, with his armload of towels. Click.

He stared at the door, absently helping the butler pick up the spilled towels and sending him into the kitchen.


Sven finished lugging down the Netconnect woman's tools, just in time to see his big brother stumble out of the hallway, looking back over his shoulder...every line in his big frame tense. Sven grinned, tongue lolling.

“I guess you met her then?” He chuckled, coiling up some extra cable. The other wolf just nodded, quite speechless, though his scent said plenty. Sven hadn't that keen a nose, for a wolf, but he was used to his brother's...

This could prove an interesting hobby! Sven giggled to himself. Finding his poor geeky, lonely brother a nice femme. From the conversation he'd pestered Diedra with while she did the install, he'd learned she wasn't attached...which made him wonder about her pregnancy.

I bet the dumb bastard dumped her when he found out, He decided, and that only doubled his resolve to match his brother with her. Well, where did she live...? He started going through the papers in a folder tucked in the toolbox. Like a ghost, forgotten for the moment, the bigger wolf padded upstairs with a singular goal in mind...relieve this awful pressure in his pants!

That was no pregnancy...not a true one. She's got...someone...in there. He thought, the idea making him pant, and his pads sweat... Well, it wasn't his brother. He almost added 'unfortunately' but stopped himself. He didn't want his brother being the one to arouse that female...and she was definitely excited when they'd collided! Nothing wrong with his nose. Sven had picked up all his mother's allergies. Now, where had he filed those UB pics...

Diedra left the bathroom at last, calm and composed. The kitten was quite worn out for now by all the squishy kneading her womb had given him, as she'd sat and cum silently all over the tile floor... That was cleaned up, and the air spritzed with perfume before she left. Sven had taken all her things down to the front, and thanking him with a bright smile, she scooped them up and strode back to the van. She didn't see the eyes watching her longingly from the upstairs window, and she certainly didn't notice that her papers were out of order... She just loaded up and took off for home, where a nice fat mink awaited her bellycat...

“Nice folks, weren’t they?” She murrrred, patting her tummy lightly. Even the butler had been gracious when she’d apologized on her way out. Nice…especially that tall one…

“Taylor?” Sven queried, swinging open the door to his brother's 'den'. His brother shoved a pile of slick socks under his bed with a footpaw, then turned to nod at Sven.

“Yeah?” He murmured, voice quiet and deep. Sven padded through the mess in the room, to plop down in a beanbag chair beside his brother's computing chair: an enormous armchair that normal furs vanished into when they tried to sit in it.

“Liked the look of that technician, today?” Sven asked, scanning the CD-case titles in a rack beside the desk, cool as a cucumber.

“Mmmph.” Taylor responded, heat rising to tinge his ears pink. He'd liked more than her look. He'd liked her eyes...her voice...her scent...and that *bulge* that quivered against him when they'd pressed close for that moment...

“-like me to point anyone knowledgeable her way.” Sven was saying, and Taylor realized he'd missed several sentences in his contemplation of that wolf.

“What?” He replied cleverly, turning to actually look at his brother. Sven rolled his eyes, fingering the headphones collaring him.

“I said that Diedra, the tech, is scouting a bit for more help at the office. I know you know more about networks and crud than even I do, so I think you should check. You know Mom and Pop have been bugging you to get a summer job. You really need to--”

Taylor had stop listening. A job where he'd see her? Maybe every day? And show her he was good at something besides looking shy and ineffectual? His attention refocused...

“--gave me this card,” Sven was saying, pulling out a simple business card with the company info on it. “Why don't you send in your resume?”

Taylor took the card, considered it as it lay there in the big palm of his handpaw...and moved to pull up the right file. Sven quietly rose and left, grinning so broadly he got his whiskers on his tongue.

Diedra stepped into work once again with a bounce in her step and a lovely warmth in her belly. She'd gotten the notion to fill herself up with warm water, leaving some room at the top for her bellycat to breathe. When she'd accidentally filled herself too full though, (the sensation of water flowing into her had been niiiiice, murRRrrrrr...) and the microcat hadn't been alarmed a bit, she just left it at that, though she wondered how the cat was getting along so well inside her. What other changes had that kid made to the lil kitten? The size, obviously, no claws, and the food absorption, and now the ability to pull oxygen from water and womb-juice? She knew normal cubs would have the advantage of an umbilical, but she wasn’t exactly pregnant, and there really wasn’t any chance such a link would develop… Diedra shrugged to herself; she’d figure it out sometime. There were advantages to being a wuff water bottle! The water cushioned the lil feline's squirms, but at the same time, made her feel much, much more sensual...but also enhanced her 'pregnant' look. No one was suspicious; they all just smiled and congratulated her. Except the boss, he just rolled his little eyes. Deed stuck out her tongue at the memory, as she gingerly seated herself, a little giggle escaping as she heard herself slosh. A sticky note was on her monitor... 'Interview prospect, 9:30, front office.' Deed looked at her watch: 9:27. Hmmm. Standing back up carefully, she grabbed her briefcase, and snagged some needed paperwork on her way to the front office. She opened the door, stepped through, and turned to close it before really looking at the interviewee. She barely caught herself in time not to drop her briefcase on her footpaw. She knew this one; the fur waiting for her was hard to forget.

“G, good morning,” She said instead, setting the case on the table before it fell. Just as nervous as she, the tall wolf from Sven's home nodded a greeting. He looked much more respectable, garbed in a black suit, his headfur lying properly in place, his ill-fitting glasses replaced with a gold-rimmed pair that made him look like the owner of a bank... “You're applying for a position here?” Deed finally asked, keeping herself occupied shuffling papers, instead of gazing at the other wolf. “Mr...Taylor Brand, is that right?” She glanced up again, at the same time he did, and their eyes met again... Suddenly all that romantic junk about ‘sparks’ snapping between people made perfect sense… Both of them blushed and looked down at the scratched table’s surface.

“That's right,” Taylor murmured, voice so soft Diedra had to prick her ears forward to catch it all. “I know about networks; I wired our home, and some friends' places. Went to technical school for a few summers and received certification.” He pulled out a piece of paper and sent it coasting down the wooden table’s length to Deed. She picked it up and inspected it.

“Furtech? You got a degree in a few summers? That's impressive!” She smiled some, sending the paper back. “That's where I went. Took me a couple years to finish.”

Taylor nodded quietly, and then handed over a copy of his resume.

“I submitted this before, but in case they'd lost it...” He lets his sentence trail off as Diedra grinned slowly at him.

“You really know how things work in a place like this, don't you?” As she took the resume, and flipped through it, nodding as particular items of interest caught her attention. At last, she stood, (belly bouncing gently) and extended a paw. “We can really use someone of your talent. The position's yours, if you want it.”

Taylor gently enfolded Deed's handpaw in his own,

Engulfed it, more like...he sure is a big wuff! Deed murmured to her brain. Inevitably, aided by the movements of the bobbing cat inside her, Diedra's thoughts turned towards what mating this tall male would be like. Was he...big, all over? A slight blush tinted her ears, and she shook herself mentally. Then...she noticed a similar flush in Taylor's own ears... “Well, er, let me give you a tour!” She said at last, and padded towards the door, briefcase in paw. This wasn’t part of the normal employee-orientation program, but no one said anything as she made her way through the building, tailed by the other wolf. Taylor followed meekly, though his tail was going a mile a minute. Happy about the job, or seeing her from behind...? Giggling to herself, Deed rebuked her hormone-soaked mind, and showed Taylor around and introduced him to the people who actually knew what was going on in the company. She could feel his gaze on the back of her neck, feeling a mixture of remembered-alarm and deep appreciation of those eyes... She paused a moment when she realized she was growing damp, and without the aid of the kitten... She led Taylor into the break room, which she saw with relief was empty. Plopping down in one of the chairs, she looked up...waaaay up at the nervous wuff.

“I...want to apologize for running into you the other day.” She murred up at him, handpaws folded innocently over her round tummy. Taylor struck an even more awkward pose, scratching the back of his head. It was a nervous habit, she decided, not fleas. It was amazing, watching the way he moved…the bulk of that arm as it torqued about to scratch, and the thick furry column of his neck showing above his starched collar as he turned his head. She’d never seen a better-looking wolf outside of the idiot box…

“Mm...that's okay. I, I was wondering though,” He stammered, shifting his paws, the blush she'd noticed earlier returning in force.

“Yes?” Deed murmured? ears pricked for his question. It was so strange to see a male so gorgeous who wasn’t so full of himself…and such a refreshing change! Why was he so nervous? Was he asking about pay? Always a sensitive subject.

“Y, you're not pregnant, are you?” He blurted out at last, staring steadfastly at a point on the floor between his tour guide's feet. Deed stared at him, open-mouthed a moment, her womb tightening around the ball of water-and-kitty.

“How did you know?” She whispered, tail bristling in her shock. Was keeping the cat inside her wrong? Was he some sort of animal cruelty informer? The kitten squirmed as her muscles held him fast, clutching the cat as a wave of terror washed through her and passed.

“I, I felt your belly move against me in the hall...and no cub's ever moved like that before that I've seen...and, ah,” He blushes even more fiercely, “You, were...your scent, ah, I'd never heard of pregnancy having that effect on, erm...” He finished lamely, paws weaving obscure patterns in the air. Deed was quiet a moment, relief and incredulous pleasure spreading through her mind...then nodded, patting her belly gently.

“Well, you're right. I'm not pregnant...not with a cub... I accidentally let a very small cat into my womb. He's gotten bigger...” She murrrrs, losing track of everything outside her and the feline within for a moment...

“I guess!” Taylor breathed, eyes wide as he studied Diedra's middle... She found herself enjoying those eyes again…noticing how they seemed to glow from within…so very warm.

“Would you like to feel it?” She whispered after a few false starts at the same sentence, stroking her belly smoothly through her shirt, shyly beckoning him closer. Attracted almost magnetically, the tall wolf shambled closer, then knelt with a surprisingly graceful movement for someone of his frame. Taylor leaned over to rest his cheek against Deed's tummy, his breath coming fast... An employee walked in, and grinned at the innocent scene of a proud mother letting a coworker listen to the cub's movements. After exchanging a pleasantry or two, she left, both wuffs breathing out a sigh of relief.

“Incredible...” Taylor murmured, replacing his cheek with a gentle paw, so large it nearly covered the whole dome of her swollen middle. Deed nodded softly, smiling.

“I thought so too...it's wonderful having him inside...every day. Do you know anything about…this,” She murmured, gesturing to her belly generally, “then?” She asked, suddenly curious how Taylor had jumped to the conclusion the guest in her womb wasn't of her own making. Taylor scratched the back of his head again...

“There's...stuff like that online...taking others into your womb...or into your stomach.” He murmured quietly. “I, I really like stuff like that. Read lots of stories...”

Deed blinked slowly. “Into my...stomach?” She wondered aloud. As the full import of that concept reached her, Diedra nearly came instantaneously, a new hunger and lust blooming in her breast. She'd been feeding the cat, and guessed that he'd eaten what she'd sent him whole and alive, (Which made her wonder again what changes had been made to him…it was starting to seem ridiculous, the abilities of this tiny panther,) but hadn't even considered doing it herself.

I mean, it's cannibalism, isn't it? Why then do I want this lovely wolf to hump me silly, and then let me cram him down my throat to bloat my gut? As those thought-images ran through her mind, Deed *did* cum, and blushing heavily, got up and slipped away into the bathroom, with the assurance to Taylor she'd return in a moment.

Taylor sat in the chair Deed had vacated, drinking in the lingering traces of her scent...and staring at the sweating pads on his paws that had seconds before been running along the wolf's swollen belly... What was he going to do? She was perfect, beautiful, excited by the same things he was... Would she be the one? The one he'd pumped iron for ten years for? The one who would fulfill him, and let him fulfill her? And simply fill her, he laughed in his mind, a bit hysterically. He was a virgin...had never touched a female...mostly they'd ignored or teased him. Of course, that was in high school...he was a different wolf now, but old habits were hard to break and he avoided the other sex like the plague. Diedra had appeared rather suddenly in his life...and with the excuse of a job interview, he'd managed to see her again...and apparently, capture her interest... Would, gulp, would she be the one...to...engulf him? To eat him whole? He tried to picture it...Deed's furry throat writhing around the massive bulk of his frame, her hands buried in his fur as she yanks him faster down her gullet... He felt a rush of warmth in his pants, and caught the scent of his own climax. Groaning, shaking his head, Taylor met Deed in the hall on his way to the Men's room. One whiff and she just shook her head, giggling into a paw, ears flushed.

“I'll wait for you in the break room.” She murmured, and patted him gently on the rear as she passed. Taylor startled! but continued on, tail wagging...

Oh gods, what a day!

That night Diedra reflected on her day, fingers petting her warm folds, her other paw stroking her tummy in a circle...

Should I have asked him out, just like that? The way I acted...I haven’t flirted like that in ages! And when he asked...it all just came pouring out! Geez…I don't want him to think I'm a slut... She paused in her train of thought and chuckled at herself. Worrying about being called a slut, as she pleasured herself? No. What was wrong with pleasure, after all? The kitten batted at her innards, sending twinges of pleasure flooding down into her loins. Squirming deliciously in the quilts, she stroked herself more briskly.

No...I needed to ask him, get him as soon as I could, before someone else did... It wouldn't have taken long...he's magnificent... She sighed wantonly, staring up at the ceiling while her sex suckled on her probing fingers... There was no way she was going to let Taylor get away. She was going to have him for her very own...love him, mate with him...and then... She quivered in frightened desire, a piquant mix that made her tremble and sweat... And then, eat him. Stuff him into her stomach. And see what happened from there.

Oh yes, my Taylor, She murrrrrrrred to herself as climax rapidly approached, You will be mine. Growling through clenched teeth, Deed came with a heavy gush, some of the warm water from her womb splashing out as well. Surprised, she patted her tummy, and didn't feel any smaller...then she realized the kitty must've had another growth-spurt...and was making more room for himself... Smart kitten, that one. Smiling tenderly down at her tummy, she caressed and stroked the warm bulge of her bellycat, feeling him rub back against her caressing paws... He was getting so big…

“Ooooohh yeah...that's my kitten,” She breathed, eyes sliding shut. Drying off with a towel, she pulled the covers up to her chin, and dreamed of feeling full...

Taylor was trapped! Crammed into an elastic sac of slimy flesh, body compacted into a space much too small for it, mucous matting his fur... He was in Diedra's belly; he could hear her excited heartbeat, feel her lungs expand against him through the fleshy walls...hear her moans... He was cramped and compressed into a fetal ball, the flesh of the wolf femme’s stomach a taut, tight second-skin binding his limbs tight to his body. He could hardly twitch, but constantly slid and shifted orientation as the slimy coating in there lubricated his body. Organic gurgling sounds rumbled up from her guts, scaring/thrilling him with the intimation that her body was demanding he give himself up…and become one with his lover.

NRRZT NRRZT NRRZT—click. Taylor slapped his alarm clock, groaning as he swung his legs out of bed. The first thing he noticed as the sheets fell away was the gooey mess in his groinfur. Smiling a little and panting a lot, he padded down the hall to the bathroom, whistling a cheerful little melody. Sven passed by the open bathroom doorway, and smirked smugly.

On the way to his loft with some blank CD's, Sven pondered, Wonder if I could get furs to pay me for this?

Diedra was sitting on the porch, dressed in a long but simple dress of blue-purple. It reminded her of dusk, and made her feel fancy, so she wore it tonight for Taylor... He arrived in his car, a sleek Ford or somesuch, with cushy seats that made Diedra grin.

“My parents bought it for me,” He shrugged awkwardly, scratching the back of his head.

“They've got good taste,” She murrred back, tucking her tail to one side of the seat. It swatted a control, and Diedra found herself staring at the ceiling. “Wha?”

A long furred arm slipped across her field of view, and brushed her breasts as Taylor reached over to flip the switch she'd knocked. Blushing, he snatched his hand back as soon as the seat whirrred upright again, but Diedra just leaned over to nuzzle his shoulder. “Where're we goin?”

Taylor pulled at the collar of his dress shirt, and finally unbuttoned the top button to cool off a little. “Er, ahem, I thought we'd go to the Olive Garden?”

“Neaters, let's go.” She grinned, buckling up. Taylor smiled to himself, and started the car, stealing glances at Diedra's middle, which strained the material of the dress she wore.

In turn, Diedra stole glances at Taylor's build, handsome muzzle, and the bulging crotch of his smooth gray slacks. Murrrrr...

After a thirty minute drive, during which both undressed each other several times with their eyes, the two wolves parked at the restaurant and padded inside. Their timing was exquisite, and the couple was seated right away in a cozy, dimly-lit corner of the place. Their waiter was an older gentleman, who recognized a couple that could occupy each other and didn't need interruptions. Their food was delivered expediently, and the two watched each other eat... Diedra's belly made some interesting sounds while they ate, forcing Taylor to leave the table twice... Finishing up with some dessert neither could pronounce, each wolf lay back in their seat and gusted a happy sigh... Diedra began to chuckle.

“You know...” She breathed, paws on her middle, “Most folks would just want to go to sleep after a meal like that... Us,” She grinned, throwing out a paw and running it down Taylor's belly behind the table, “Food just excites us...”

Taylor nodded, and stifled a belch, stroking the paw Deed kept on his middle. “You said it,” He murrrrred, pants happily tented. Each gazed at the other, half-shy, and half obviously lusting for each other… Taylor finally dropped his eyes, and called for the check. Emerging from the warmth and noise of the restaurant into the cool breeze of the parking lot, the pair crossed the rain-slicked asphalt to the car. As Taylor drove Diedra home, they got to know each other a little better…chatting about work, music, the sorry state of the world…

“You know, you should meet my brother,” Diedra murmured idly as they neared her home. “He’d probably like you. Want to do it now?” She turned and raised an eyebrow, trying to avoid brushing any more switches. Taylor nodded with a chuckle, and parked in the pine-shadowed driveway. She led him into the house on her arm, and snapped her fingers cheerfully at Philip. The wolf on the couch immediately paused the game, stood and saluted.

“Conditioned reflex from his time in the army,” She stage-whispered up into Taylor’s nervously-twitching ear. “Never use the word dingleberry around him; that’s his cue to kill.” She finishes, and happily slips from Taylor’s suddenly-weak arm to scritch her brother’s ears.

“Philip, this is Taylor, my suitor.” She chuckled, watching as the two shook paws. When Taylor agreed to sit down and play a game with Philip, Deed was certain things were perfect. Anyone who would play games with her brother was immediately embraced by Phil as someone he could trust. And their military-training act didn’t scare him off, so that made her feel even better about Taylor… Making some tea while the two growled and jostled each other in a game of Jet-moto, Diedra reflected on how wonderful this was all working out… When Taylor hugged her goodbye on the porch a few hours later, neither wanted to let the other go… Diedra gazed up at her wuff, chin resting on his firm chest, her arms around his ribs.

“See you tomorrow?” She whispered up at him, and Taylor was overjoyed to accept, his tail swinging energetically.

“We’ll go to the state park,” He murrred down to Deed, reaching up to scritch her softly between her ears. Diedra’s eyes slid shut, and she just leaned into Taylor’s arms…her belly wobbling gently between them. The same thought ran in both their heads…

My life’s never been this good…

True to his word, Taylor picked her up for work, and afterwards they headed out to the park. Late summer, the heat made the two drowsy and relaxed…and instead of the hike they’d intended, Taylor and Deed settled down on the grass in the shade of a spreading willow. Honeysuckle soaked the air with its insistent perfume; each breath was like a drink of fragrant wine.

Sitting together, Taylor with his back against the willow’s trunk and Deed with her back against Taylor, they watched bees busy themselves among the clover. Deed slid her hand into Taylor’s, twining fingers with him as they nestled.

“This is so perfect,” She murrred, half to herself, as a flirtatious breeze rustled the willow. Taylor leaned over to nuzzle Deed’s cheek, sighing happily in response…

Not many words passed between them; the moment was too glorious to spoil it with chatter. Slowly the sun slid down towards the horizon, leaving a fleecy quilt of red and gold stained sky behind it. Neither made a move to go as the evening rolled over the park, and fireflies started their display. Diedra began to giggle softly into Taylor’s shoulder.

“What? What is it?” He smiled, wanting to be let it on the joke. She just shook her head, chuckling…

“It’s a cliché,” She murred…”All those romance novels and chick-flicks…fireflies are a convention. But, I don’t care a bit.” She murmured, and slid up into Taylor’s lap, turning to snuggle against his chest. It was so wonderful to have someone to hold like this… Philip was wonderful of course, and they nestled cozily while watching tv and such…but this was different.

Taylor smiled, and leaned his head back against the trunk of the tree, eyes sliding shut as his arms wrapped around Deed.

“I know what you mean,” He murrrred back. “But this, this is quite real…I should know, I’ve been pinching myself for hours.” He admitted with a wry grin. Deed made a little ‘Aww,’ sound, and scritched Taylor’s jaw firmly.

“Mmmm…” She sighed at last, and climbed from Taylor’s lap. “Let’s get home. We’ll make something to eat.”

Taylor smiled, standing and stretching. “Sounds good.”

A week went by, the two meeting every day…each meeting having more trouble keeping their paws to themselves. Taylor took Deed to a movie on Saturday, and as the lights went down, Diedra felt a heavy paw slide over to caress her belly… She mmmed quietly, shutting her eyes as the previews rolled. Her bellycat had grown still more during the week, and stretched her gently… Now her abdomen lay across her thighs as she sat in the theater bucket seat, and she gently took Taylor’s paw to guide it beneath her t-shirt… His breath shuddered as he felt the warm squirming lump of the cat inside his lady, slowly caressing her full belly in slow circles… She nearly had to bite her lip to stop a moan, and occupied herself with reaching over to stroke Taylor’s thigh. Their scents were growing stronger, starting to diffuse through the theater, attracting some curious eyes and a few knowing smirks.

“Wanna get out of here?” He whispered, leaning in to lip at Deed’s neck fur. Deed leaned into the big wolf’s nibbles, murrring softly…

“After,” She whispered, and kissed his nose, reluctantly taking her paw from his leg. He slid his own hand out from beneath her shirt again, and fidgeted through the movie, holding her hand in both of his. She smiled to feel his pads sweating…so were her’s. As the credits began to roll, she staggered upright, and led him out by his big handpaw. “Your place? Mine? Hotel?” She giggled, stroking his shoulder as they walked through the parking lot, glistening wetly from a cloudburst. The scent of cool rain in their noses lent a purely fantastical air to the evening… The sun was no longer visible, but the sky was still fairly light…dusk. Taylor opened Diedra's car door for her, then slipped in on the other side.

“We're staying at the Crowne,” He grinned at her, twisting the keys. “They know me there, a room won’t be a problem…” Diedra goggled at first; the Crowne was the most opulent hotel in the city... She shrugged; if her beau has money, why not spend it? Grinning, she leaned back in the chair, swishing her tail over, whirrrrrrr

“Aw danggit...”

Taylor slid the electronic card key through the door and stepped in, flipping on the lights, a bag in paw with some necessities. It turned out he’d been keeping them in the trunk since their first date…not presumptuous, but just in case… They turned out to be unnecessary necessities, when Diedra peeked into the bathroom. Shampoo? Conditioner? Of course. Scented soaps and perfumes? Quite a selection... Bathrobes? Three sizes...

Diedra slipped out of her dress before Taylor finished his circuit of the suite, and wrapped herself in a soft white bathrobe, murrring at the feel of it and relaxing in clothing that wasn't so confining. Her bellycat had grown to the size of medium dog, and made quite a hefty lump beneath her thick fur... And still such an active lump! She held her middle with both paws, panting, as she slipped around the corner into the bedroom. She found Taylor standing at the window, arms turned outward and propping him up on the sill, big paws gripping the marble. He'd flung open the windows, admitting the slightly-cooler-than-comfortable breeze that teased the curtains, and the wolf's fur. The moon was of course, quite full, and Diedra killed the lights to watch the silvery glow hi-light her lover's fur. Taylor just looked back over his shoulder at the wonderful wolf he'd brought here, and smiled shyly... The look in her eyes as she gazed on him was unmistakable, and he felt the same stirrings. The strength in them, and the fear Deed would change his mind if he resisted too long, overcame his nervousness. Giving in to their instincts at last, the two drew closer, noses extended as each drank in the scent of the other... Deed left off worrying about tonight and let things flow, circling with Taylor...her big lanky wolf... She felt shivery in her stomach, her delightful nervousness and intense desire a potent mix…magnifying and enhancing the whole moment into something precious beyond words. This was something she would look back on, and re-experience in her mind countless times, she just knew it…

“Gods Deed...” Taylor breathed, slipping from the mating trance a moment as his fascination peaked once again. He could see her belly shift and gently writhe with the stirrings within, sensual fleeting glimpses in the shadows. Diedra abruptly stepped in close, sliding her chin up his chest, until her nose touched his throat.

“Murrrrrrr....” Was her only comment, eyes half shut, paws sliding down his sides, caressing him slowly, surfing the warm coat of his thick fur...but he knew the undercurrent of urgency was there. Her heat had her now, and she wouldn't calm down until it had been somewhat...doused. Taylor grinned softly as he bent his head down to cover Diedra's shoulder, and sway her softly into a simple slow-dance… A reach with one of those lanky arms let him touch a button, and music began to play…something Deed hadn’t heard before. Nothing modern, no…this was old, old and sincere somehow. She resisted the urge to throw Taylor on the bed…knowing what he was doing. This pause, this could only let anticipation build. They’d waited over a week, they could savor this a few more minutes.

Taylor led her around the large suite, molding his body to hers to stay as close as he possibly could. Diedra felt warmth seep down her legs, and blushed into Taylor’s chest. “I love you,” She murmured up to him. “There’s no other way I could feel like this.” She sighed, warm breath tickling Taylor’s fur. He gave her a hefty squeeze, paws whispering on the lush carpet as they swayed into the closing rhythm of the music.

“Loved you since I saw you at the office, that day…” He whispered back. “I never want to be with anyone but you. You’re my first…and my last.” He murrred, eyes moistening as he hugged her tighter still. Deed pulled him softly over to the largish bed.

“Now,” She murrred, kissing up at his chin before sitting. Taylor slipped out of his clothes and pressed her down to the bed with his body… On top of Diedra, Taylor watched panting as the wolf femme parted her robe with a whine...tail beating hard enough against the bed and him to leave bruises... His own was stirring the air feverishly, as he nipped and licked Diedra's muzzle, neck, and at last her throat as she arched beneath him... The speed of their nips and licks increased as the urge consumed them both. His maleness swelled out of its sheath eagerly, the hot swollen tip brushing first the left of Diedra's sexlips, then the right as he overcompensated... Then with a unanimous groan, they joined, Taylor sinking into his lover, sheathing his thickness in her moist insides... It felt like such a deep stroke, he’d never be able to pull out again…and for a moment Deed speculated on that, before her need washed away all thought. Deed’s soft fleshy lips spread and stretched taut around his girth, making the wolf-cock vanish in a flat second. Taylor shook, biting back a yelp at the power of her muscular clenching! This explained how she'd gotten that cat so far up inside her! Shuddering as he realized the twitching against his own belly wasn't precisely from Deed, but from her 'passenger,' Taylor arched to bury himself to the hilt, knot swelling slowly as pre gouted into Diedra. There were no words; there wasn't breath for them. All energy was focused on the mating...the back-and-forth pounding of Taylor's hips, the thrusting of Deed beneath his furry bulk, the growls, whines and gasps of both... As they stared into each other’s eyes, not willing to shut them a moment lest the other vanish, something passed between them that words never could have conveyed. Slippery, clenching muscle worked over Taylor’s thick member, hungrily suckling it deeper, Diedra’s body’s hungers not to be denied. Rocking briskly atop his lover, chest snuggled close to flatten her breasts out between them, Taylor made inexpert love to his chosen. He gloried in Diedra’s quiet murrroans, her eager caresses and hungry rippling sex… They meant she was loving this, as much as he, and that knowledge was so precious to him... When the full realization came that she was as lost in erotic bliss as he, Taylor could hold back his peak no longer. The large wolf wedged his bloated knot into Diedra, making her vulva bulge with the ‘mouthful’. His shaft flared, throbbing so quickly the beats tripped over each other! Liquid rushed from his depths, mixing with seed squirted from elsewhere in his loins, surging up into the wolf arching beneath him! Taylor came with a howl, hot cream spurting in heavy pulses to splatter and coat her insides… A last desperate thrust nudged his tip through the wuff’s cervix, letting long streamers of silky cum ribbon into her womb, to float in the liquid around the panther nestled there… Deed clenched her hands around fistfuls of her mate’s back-fur, and echoed his howl full-throatedly! The heat of his orgasm and its sticky fruit had triggered her like a match to a powder-keg, and the muscle-seizing breath-stealing climax that resulted used every ounce of her energy, satisfying her until nothing was left but satisfaction…

The bellycat, who'd been getting a very interesting ride inside his wolf-host, felt something warm and sticky surge up through the water around him. Similar surges followed for three minutes, considerably changing the viscosity and taste of the water... Mewling to himself, he stroked his host and adjusted.

Deed's eyes seemed to glow when Taylor finally unclenched his own to gaze on her... His shaft stopped dribbling, and gradually his knot began to shrink... Diedra licked up at his muzzle with a low, happy murrRRRrrrrr...

“Lovely wolf,” She whispered, clenching firmly around his organ. “My wolf.”

“Yours,” He nodded, his orgasm-weakened libido peaking right up to full again with just those two words. He knew his fate...he welcomed it. They hadn't even really discussed it, they both just...seemed to know. Reaching into the pocket of the robe wadded up beneath her, Deed retrieved a couple pills, one blue and one red.

“No jokes,” She growled, as she popped the red one into her jaws, and tenderly slipped the blue past Taylor's lips. Suppressing a snicker, the male gulped the pill, and then bent to nose at the wonderful female he'd tied with. Her muzzle glomped up along his, thick drool smearing his fur, nose and lips.

“Tho thoon?” He mumbled, arms sliding around the considerably-smaller wolf. She just grinned, and shoved her muzzle forward. They both heard an alarming snap, but Deed held him down when he tried to pull away. Her jaw sagged loose, allowing the ravenous wolf to slide her mouth over the entirety of Taylor's lupine head. He shuddered in the slick heat of Diedra's mouth, feeling her teeth scraping through his fur, feeling his ears pressed tightly to his skull by the ribbed roof of her mouth. His muzzle wedged down into the back of her jaws, where a smooth ring of muscle caressed him... When Diedra swallowed, he felt as though he'd immersed his muzzle in a sink full of warm water. That warmth was soon complemented by a slippery stroke as Diedra's throat pulsed up over his muzzle, as far as his shut, drool-smeared eyelids. Tucking her handpaws under Taylor's arms, she began to haul, desperate to stuff him down into herself! The appetite she’d been stoking for so long was a beast inside her, and she could never stuff him down fast enough… A loud gorgle and glursh from her middle banished any doubt from Taylor's mind of Deed's need or intended use for him... Gulping again, a thick, organic sound that would have swollen his knot tight again within Deed if it hadn't already slipped out, Deed suckled him in past his ears. He could still pull out at this point...just give into the little voice in his head muttering about all the people who would miss him...his little brother messing with his stuff once he was gone...but that little voice couldn't compete with his passion, and his need to become his mate's meal. Taylor's head popped completely into Diedra's elastic throat, making her soft throat fur writhe over the cartoonish bulge it had acquired. Another hurried swallow dragged Taylor's corded neck in as well, leaving the daunting broadness of his shoulders to work on. He felt a wet warmth soaking into his fur, as well as a slithery little caress that he guessed must be Deed's tongue...slathering him thoroughly for the impossible-seeming stretching to come. Diedra tried, one way then another, with no success. She just couldn't manage it...couldn't stretch her jaws enough to get him in. She tried one shoulder at a time, but the first always popped back out... Taylor was feeling hot and faint from the little air reaching him, when he decided to help. Reaching up, he slid one huge paw in alongside his neck, and let Deed eagerly engulf it. The other slid up, and was swallowed with just as much relish. Then, he straightened his arms slowly, feeding them down into Diedra's gullet. Gagging gently, she lunged forward, and in one go absorbed him from elbows to shoulders. With that taper, she was able to take him in, and began hauling her wolf in again. Fingers brushing her stomach valve, Taylor whimpered very quietly. There was absolutely no going back now. Deed's throat muscles had as much strength as her sex's...they simply took their time. Another two swallows, and Taylor's muzzle followed his forearms into Deed's stomach. It stretched with amazing ease, though there were directions that seemed to make Deed quite uncomfortable, which he quickly learned and tried to avoid. He could hear her speeding heartbeat, even feel her racing heart pound through the thick flesh of her gut… Other gurgles, churnings, squishes and drippings surrounded him, the sounds of his lover’s body going about its work. Her voice was there too, a vibrating murrrrrrrrrrr that seemed to settle in the bones of his ears. The temperature difference was staggering too…he felt so cold from the shoulders back, the parts Diedra hadn’t swallowed yet. He craved the humid heat of his lover’s insides, whining as his desire to fill Deed grew still greater.

Diedra wrapped her arms tight around Taylor's warm, heavy torso, and gave another mighty pull while swallowing! She felt sculptured muscle slide past her lips, then the nubs of his nipples. These she teased for a moment while she gathered strength for her next gulp. This was tiring work! She'd take a rest break if she dared, but the oxygenating properties of those pills only lasted so long... At least the elasticity in her's was working! Groaning and swallowing once again, she pulled in another four inches of hot male wolf. She could feel his touches on her insides now, and the intimacy she now felt with Taylor made her feel light-headed... This was so far beyond mating, there was nearly no comparison. He was giving himself to her...for food. A male, her equal or superior, of her species. She was...devouring him. His taste, so like his scent, coated her tongue and pooled in her stomach, which was more desperate than when she'd started to have *all* of this wolf inside! Deed swallowed firmly, dragging Taylor's belly over her tongue, and feeling his wonderfully shaped hips against her lips... She licked him over and over, lapping desperately, before trying another tractoring gulp. By now she was on her back, her lover's body contorting as she fed it down the slimy chute of her pulsing throat. A paw strayed from Taylor’s thigh to glide along the grossly swollen warmth of her throat-fur, feeling the body inside slickly shift downwards as another gulp claimed a few more inches…

Taylor felt his body slowly sink down Diedra’s gullet, all the way to his hips… Spurting quick little surges of precum, the wolf’s cock bobbed before her lips, purple with its swelling. Deed encircled that beautiful cock with one hand, and stroked him a few times up and down, while wrapping her other arm around his rump and pulling! Stretching further to envelop his hips, Deed’s lips quivered and glistened with her saliva, rolling down over his sweet rump…nestling the wuff’s shaft in the trough of her tongue. She eagerly tasted his organ, thrusting her tongue along its underside, panting through her nose as pre rolled down her throat to soak the wolf wrapped in that hot flexing tube. But lingering wasn’t going to be permitted it seemed… Before Deed knew it, she’d swallowed again, and Taylor’s cock was half-sunk into her throat. She lapped at his balls then, suckling their heavy mass, and smiled softly as she felt another hot creamy emptying in her throat.

Taylor gasped and squirmed as Diedra fought her hunger off long enough to tease and pleasure him, cumming in the rippling softness of her throat as she suckled on his sac. His blurring tail was caught and held by Deed’s paw as she swallowed him again, dragging his soaked furry body another few inches down. There were just his legs and tail left now to take in, the rest of him curling down into her stomach…bulging her hugely and rudely crowding the cat in her womb!

Deed gave up pulling or pushing Taylor in, and began simply caressing his legs…feeling the muscles she hadn’t taken the time to feel…savoring the soft warmth of his fur she hadn’t nosed through…tickling the footpads that were cool with the sweat of his exertions. Whether it was gravity or the weight of his body already inside her, eating the rest of her lover took little time, and before she’d realized it, her jaws had dropped slowly shut after his flexing, wriggling toes. Diedra laid one hand on her throat, and the other on her gigantic stomach. Beneath her fingers, she felt her throat slim, then abruptly empty, as Taylor completed his journey. Beneath her other hand, she felt a slight swelling, then a slow careful shifting as Taylor settled himself in her belly… Snapping at the air she swallowed a few good gulps, and fought the urge to belch it back up. She needed to feel him live inside her…

Taylor was starting to black out when a puff of warm air hit his face, clearing his mind and lifting his head. With the most tender care he could, Taylor caressed his love from within, feeling the mucus of her inner lining coat and cake his paws as they slid along her stomach walls… His tail continued to beat about, despite his best efforts to still it. At least Deed didn’t seem to mind…

“Taylor…” She breathed, eyes shut, lying on her side now to keep the awesome bulk of her belly from squeezing the air from her lungs. Deed could scarcely believe she’d done it…covered her lover in herself. No one would ever see him again…he was hers. Forever. That feeling made her shudder violently, clutching her stomach… She’d called him hers, and it was true. Nothing he did now could change that, time would do nothing. Hers…

Gradually, the pills oxygenating effects were used up, and Deed continued to feed her love warm air… No acids collected, and Taylor wondered how long it would be before they would… He tried to shift, muscles growing kinked, and couldn’t. He seemed…stuck to the lining of Diedra’s belly. He mumbled a sleepy question, but Deed couldn’t make it out, muffled as it was by her body. She just smiled…caressing her belly deeply…feeling Taylor’s mass and warm weight pinning her to the bed. Taylor gasped softly as he realized he was being absorbed, right into the lining of the Deed’s stomach. How could that be?

But…it was painless, and so very warm… He found his eyes shutting, and sleep stealing over his mind. Diedra felt his gentle snores, and slept without another worried thought. When Deed would wake in the morning, Taylor’s last waking thought read, they would wake as one…though in a different sense.

Gray light filtered in through the curtains, touching the engorged wolf, sleeping soundly…curled around her bloated stomach. The bellycat woke to sense another presence with him inside Deed’s womb, this one attached to a warm, pulsing umbilical. He curled around the new form with a bubbly purrrr…instinctively recognizing his new brother…Taylor.


(This story is dedicated to Silvara, and I’m sorry I didn’t get it done sooner. I’m a lazycat. -,- Any comments, questions, etc. should go to Yaounde3@hotmail.com)