Title: Jungle Preds
Author: Wolfgang Wolfe
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The Jungle Pred
By wolfgang wolfe all characters copyright of disney

The jungle itself was a dangerous place but to add to the ever present danger was the tiger everyone feared….Shere Kahn. A powerful 600lbs of striped terror stalked the jungle looking for one thing and only one thing, the man cub mowgli. After being humiliated by him once he was more than ready to get his revenge and not fire nor that oaf of a bear or that damned panther could help him now, he had his ways when it came to getting rid of them…
He also knew that every once in awhile the man cub would sneak from the man village and back into the jungle, but in order to get to him he would have to get rid of the others first, and Bagheera was first on his list. He stalked through the jungle keeping a low profile as he searched for his prey, the thick green of the jungle provided excellent cover.

Baloo and bagheera walked through the jungle side by side without a care in the world, well not Bagheera anyways, Baloo was still a little depressed about the loss of his would be cub Mowgli. He sighed a deep breath and bowed his head. Bagheera looked up at him a little concerned, “oh Baloo are you still sad about mowgli?” He asked and stopped to groom himself,
“Of course I am baggy! I miss my little britches…” he sighed and sat down beside bagheera,
“But you must realize by now it is best for him! We both know how shere kahn has come back looking for him, and after last time I’m sure he will not rest this time.” Bagheera said looking up at the big bear. Baloo simply sighed and nodded, “I suppose youre right , well, I’m gonna go get me some grub, I’ll catch up with ya later baggy!” he said and walked off in his usual upbeat manner. Bagheera however stayed behind and continued to groom himself sitting in the quiet patch of jungle, unknown to him that Shere kahn lurked only feet away…
“That’s right bagheera, I have no intention of letting that mancub get away and you wont even be there to stop me.” he growled to himself…
Bagheera stopped and turned around, thinking he heard something and stood. He looked through the area, not knowing just how close the huge tiger was. After a few moments he simply shrugged off the feeling and continued with his daily activites. The tiger stepped out from his hiding place feeling his belly begin to grumble from his earlier meal. Some idiotic vulture who didn’t know when to quit,
“What was his name again….oh yes, lucky,” he stopped and burped up a few feathers and rubbed his slightly sagging belly, “ha, how ironic they would call him that.” He grinned as the panther spun around hearing him now.
Bagheera spun around abruptly, trying to find the Tiger in the clearing but there were many places to hide and he was nowhere to be found.
“Show yourself shere kahn! The man cub is not here and even if he was you have no business here!” He growled still searching the area. Shere kahn simply laughed and responded.
“The man cub is no longer your problem. Though I do admire your bravery I must also inform you, anything that goes on in this jungle is my business!” bagheera stood ready as he heard everything go silent once again, only the sounds of the jungle could be heard about him, until a subtle growl broke the silence.
The tiger lowered himself and prepared for the pounce as Bagheera still searched about, his muscles tensed and with a roar he flew from his hiding place and landed directly atop of the panther, the force of the pounce pinning the Panther on his back. Bagheera coughed having the 600lb tiger land atop him. He struggled very weakly but to no avail. The tiger simply growled lowly, feeling such dominance over his prey and then, much to Bagheera’s surprise the tiger licked his face.
Bagheera gagged in pure disgust as he did so and began his struggles again but once again with no effect.
Shere kahn merely smiled and licked the panther again, this time more so…tasting him…
“Ive waited for this for a long time Panther, though, not the method I would’ve usually preferred but satisfying none the less.” He purred and with that opened his mouth unnaturally wide! Bagheera could feel the huge tigers breath on his face as suddenly his muzzle descended over his own. He kicked even harder now, a muffled roar escaping his mouth as he was swallowed in more now, his head easily fitting into the tigers Gaping maw. In a powerful gulp the panthers head began the trip down the Tigers gullet, the powerful throat muscles instantly began to tug him down hungrily.
Bagheeras muffled growls and grunts got more and more intense as he disappeared into the tigers throat, shere kahn rose to his feet and gulped again, the Panthers sleek shoulders were gulped in with minimal trouble as the tiger growled, never having such a large meal all at once. Bagheera mewed weakly as the Tigers hot throat over powered him, his kicks grew weaker and with the next gulp he stopped, breathing heavily in the tight tube.
Shere kahn growled happily feeling the panther growing weaker in his jaws, he used an extra burst of strength and rolled heavily onto his back, now only Bagheeras hips and tail hung from his jaws. He groaned and used his paws to rub at the bulge in his belly, Bagheeras head was beginning to settle next to the other bulge that was the vulture.With another powerful gulp aided by the Panthers own weight his hips sunk deeper into the tigers mouth. Shere kahn chuckled some and pushed on the panthers rump shoving him in more, growing a little more hungry as he tasted him all over. Two more strong gulps and the Panthers hind legs disappeared into the ravenous tigers mouth followed by the tail which was slurped up like a long string of black spaghetti. The huge lump of Panther traveled down his throat and into his growling belly, his gut distended a full 3 feet in fron of him, Bagheera curled up tight and uncomfortable in the Tigers hot and moist belly.
“Ah, *uuurp* who would’ve thought that Panther would be so filling! Oh well Bagheera, you were at least moderately helpful…” he chuckled some slapping his tight gut, he let it slosh around some and finally with great difficulty rose to his feet, his belly dragging heavily across the ground.
From inside the belly of the tiger Bagheera struggled weakly to hit against the tigers belly but the lackof air and other things weakened him dramatically, his vision getting blurry…
“Damn you, treacherous…cat…” were his finally words as he slipped into a deep sleep. The tiger smiled feeling this and trotted off slowly his gut dragging through the dirt.

A few minutes later the large bear returned to the spot where he left his sleek black friend.
“Baggy? Baggy where are ya?” He asked scratching his head as he looked about. “Oh well, he probably went off for lunch.” He shrugged and walked away, unaware of the previous events, though he would know in due time.