Title: Princess Who
Author: Smokey Blue Dragon
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Princess Who

by Smokey Blue Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a lovely kingdom. It was the envy of all the land in its pristine beauty. The king and queen of this land ruled with a fair and just hand, loved by all their subjects. This was the greatest of all kingdoms in the world. One day, the king and queen discovered that they were to be blessed with a child. On this most glorious day, they were given a gift for their coming baby. The gift came in the form of an egg, a pure white dragon egg. It was said it would hatch the day their child was to be born and serve as its best friend and guardian. The royal couple took the egg happily, nurturing it with love. It was the smoothest, largest egg they had seen, about the size of a person's head. Preparations were made during the queen’s pregnancy. A room was furnished with that which would be needed for a baby and a hatchling dragon. A soft, comfortable bed for the human and a regal looking nest for the dragon.

As time passed and the glorious day arrived, the egg cracked. The lizard inside fought it's way free, revealing its head as all watched. The little reptile opened its eyes to the world, showing a pair of baby blue pools that would charm anyone. It struggled the rest of the way free, giving a soft cry in frustration. The queen smiled as she reached down, picking the hatchling up and cradling it to her chest. Immediately, the dragon curled up against the woman, purring quietly. Everyone was in awe at the creature's appearance, silvery-white scales, a small tuft of silky, shimmering hair, and a pair of soft, feathered wings matching her body, yes, her body. She was a dragoness. Just as the little one fell asleep, the queen felt a sharp pain in her belly.

"Oooo...dear, it's time. Our little pet is going to have her friend today." The king nodded and his wife was moved to her bed promptly. After about 6 hours of labor, they were the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. That night, the two girls rested in their respective beds. The king and queen spent the night in their daughter's room as well, noticing both human and dragon child cried the further away they got from one another. There was already a bond forming between the newborns and being such conscientious parents, the king and queen did not deny them their presence; letting the two sleep together once they realized it was the only way they could get any rest. As soon as the curious little dragon was placed on the bed next to the baby, she crawled over to the plump little human and curled up next to her, purring softly. The sound and vibration of the soft dragon-purr soothed the baby and lulled them both to sleep. It was clear the two would get along just fine.

Years passed and the two girls grew at a steady pace, remaining about the same size but growing ever more beautiful. They both were well behaved, getting into mischief on occasion, but nothing any typical child would not get mixed up with. Through the years, they never once fought, treating each other as though they were sisters, even sleeping curled up together. If one had a bad dream, the other would comfort her and lull them back to sleep. If both had a bad dream, then they would run to sleep with their parents. They were schooled together, learning many different languages including each girl's native tongue, English and Dragon. They were highly intelligent yet still humble in their learning. As they grew older still, into their teen years, it dawned on them that the dragon was indeed not her sister but that didn't stop them from enjoying one another's company.

It finally reached the point where their 21st birthday was drawing near so suitors from other kingdoms were sent to call upon the human of the two. Even though each man was well spoken and highly respected, the girls always found something humorous about them, running back to their room giggling over it. The king and queen, while still good natured about it, didn't appreciate their behavior in this respect. It was thought by them that a princess should show her respect for her possible future husband. The girls just giggled all the more, but behind the laughter, the princess was hiding her dread. She did not want to marry one of these rigid, aristocratic men. She longed for someone who would truly love her and someone she would truly love back. Having lived her entire life with the princess, her dragon could tell instantly and comforted her.

"I'm sorry about this, but it is what a princess has to do I'm afraid. Don't worry though; I won't let you end up getting stuck with an old, wrinkly horror of a man. Your mother and father say I was given to you to protect you, and protect you I shall." Shayna smiled. The princess hugged her tightly becoming encompassed in a mass of dragon-feathers as she had been so many times before.

"Thank you sister. It really means a lot to me, but I don't think I will ever be able to find someone who truly does love me. I'm a princess, and that is one thing I cannot afford." Alexandra sighed in the arms of her confidant, laying her head against the soft, scaled chest of her reptilian twin.

"Sure you will. Everyone has to have that chance." Shayna opened her mouth as if to say something else but cut herself off, not sure of how to word how she felt exactly. The human sat up to look her sister in the eye.

"Yes? What is it? Please, say what you mean to." Shayna blushed lightly, biting her lower lip before baring her soul.

"Well...I just wanted to tell you that...I love you. No matter who you end up marrying, I will always love you." Alex smiled and hugged her sister again.

"And I love you too Shayna." This wasn't what the dragon expected; her companion had not understood. She tried again, pulling back to look her in the eye.

"I mean it, I love you. I know we aren’t really sisters at all and I know we're both women, but...I can't deny these feelings. I love you so much. I want to keep you safe and warm every night. I can't sleep unless you're in my arms and under my wings. So you see? You have someone who does truly love you. The only question is, do you love them back?" Alex was stunned by this sudden honesty, left speechless by her friend's words.

"I...I don't know what to say. You love me as more than just a sister or a friend?" The dragoness nodded, never letting her eyes leave the human's. A thin trickle of tears seeped from her eyes and ran down her cheeks before she pressed her face into the dragon's chest once again.

"I love you too Shayna. I honestly do. I don't want to marry someone and not have you to keep me safe at night. I want you to always be near me. I don't feel as comfortable when you're not around." Shayna shushed her softly, running her tiny claws through Alex's hair, combing it as she usually did.

"Shhh...It’s okay. I don't plan on going anywhere. Whoever you end up having to marry will have to get used to sleeping curled up not just with you, but with me a well. I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon." The two remained embraced for several minutes before they laid down, still hugging. Alex curled up so all that could be seen of her under the enormous feathery wings of her dragon were her feet. She looked up at Shayna, eyes sparkling.

"I know we were raised as sisters but...would you...consider...that is until I get married...being my lover? We wouldn't have to worry about either of us getting pregnant." Shayna giggled happily, craning her neck down to kiss the girl's forehead.

"I was hoping you might ask that. Of course I would. Nothing would make me happier." And so the two embraced once more, the dragon purring loudly, soothing her human. Before too much time passed, Alex got up and walked over to the door, poking her head out.

"Guards, you won't be needed for a while. I have my dragon guarding me while I take a nap. Please feel free to enjoy a little leisure time." They nodded and bowed to her.

"As you wish your majesty. Please call if you need anything." She nodded and pulled her head back in as the guards left, locking the door behind her. She turned around and grinned at her scaly beauty.

"Shall we consummate our love?" Shayna nodded happily.

"I would love to." Though she was a dragon, she was still commanded to wear clothing. Her curves were to be concealed just as Alexandra's were. She pulled off her light gown, tossing it aside lightly as the human undressed as well. They both curled back up together, enjoying the warmth of each other's nude body pressed against one another. It wasn't the first time they had been naked together, and they had been comfortable with it before. The only difference now was the activities they had planned on. Shayna rolled her lover onto her back, nuzzling her neck softly with a warm purr. Alex mmm'ed quietly at the sensation and arched her back against the dragon. They were about the same height and shared similar body types. Shayna, being a dragon was naturally more muscular but her silvery, smooth scales concealed just how strong she truly was. They seemed incredibly compatible mentally, emotionally, and physically. Alex buried her face in Shayna's bosom, enjoying the feel of her supple breasts on her skin. Shayna twitched her tail as it crept its way up between her thighs, brushing lightly against the human's groin.

"I've always wondered how two women would do this. I guess it makes it easier if one has a tail." She giggled softly as more coos were elicited from her human mate who reached down and stroked the substantial limb. Without a word, she pressed it gently into her soft folds, moaning quietly in her lover's embrace. Shayna smiled and slowly wiggled the tip of it around inside her, taking great care not to harm her. The motion of the dragon's tail made Alex gasp softly, her velvety sex moistening from the stimulation. She had never felt something so wonderful. Her mother had described where children come from to both of them, explaining the differences between human and dragon, as well as between male and female. She even went as far as to tell them some women pleasured themselves from time to time and that it was not evil or wrong, just that there was a time and a place for it. Shayna had listened to that explanation well and received even more information on the subject when she spoke with a number of females of her kind while the royal family was on a vacation in their mountain home. She moved her tail in slightly deeper, pressing softly all around inside the princess's warm passage, searching for what she was told to be the most sensitive place in her depth. As soon as she brushed over it, the girl went rigid and moaned louder, tensing up around her tail.

"Oh god, I don't know what you just did, but it feels wonderful. Please...do it again!" Shayna giggled softly and gently pressed her lips to the girl's, silencing her with a loving kiss. She brushed her tail over the same spot again and again, slowly building in speed as she pulled her tail back and pressed it back in again. She doubled it over on itself, allowing her to probe deeper into Alex's body while still massaging her most tender place. Another gasp ensued as the human was spread wider. She clung to her dragon tightly, lost in the pleasure of the moment. Before long, Shayna bumped against Alex's cervix and massaged it gently with her probing tail. It was firmly closed, never having been stimulated in any way. The girl would lose her virginity to the dragoness today and she would love every moment of it. As the dragon rolled her tail around and around inside the human, Alex lifted her legs, wrapping them around Shayna's waist, pressing her groin down on the intruding yet invited tail. As she moved it more and more, Shayna pressed more firmly against the obstacle in her way until it finally gave. Alex winced in pain slightly but her discomfort was replaced by a warmth unlike she had ever felt before. The dragon's tail had moved up into her womb, filling her with a distinct satisfaction. Shayna continued to move her tail in deeper and deeper, coiling it up inside the princess's womb, distending her belly slightly. The girl moaned and quivered in the dragon's grasp until she peaked, spilling her sweet nectar all over her lover's tail and subsequently the bed sheets. She panted and went limp in Shayna's embrace as that wonderful tail was slowly pulled free. Both rolled over until the human was atop the dragon, cooing in the afterglow of her first, rather intense orgasm. Shayna smiled and stroked her cheek lovingly.

"I'm glad you enjoyed that my love. I can't wait to see what you can do for me." Intrigued by the prospect, the girl found renewed energy and sat up, kissing the dragoness passionately. Even though she had a muzzle, it didn't stop her from pressing her lips to those of her mate, letting her tongue slip through to dance with Shayna's. Both murred softly in pleasure before Alex backed up, moving down to Shayna's already wet slit. She leaned down and placed a similar kiss on the dragon's neatherlips, eliciting a deep purr of enjoyment from the lizard. She nuzzled Shayna's groin gently before moving her hands up to massage it, letting a few fingers slip into those warm lips. She felt around inside her mate, exploring her tunnel eagerly. This caused Shayna to squirm under the human, her body flowing with lust as the princess returned her love. Alex found Shayna to be quite elastic. Her pussy stretched wide enough for both her entire hands to fit inside without causing the lovely dragon any pain whatsoever, as a matter of fact, she seemed to like it even more. Noticing how much her beloved was enjoying this kind of attention, she pressed her hands deeper, past her wrists a quarter of the way up her forearms then pulled back and pressed back in again. She repeated the motion, receiving a hearty moan each time. She giggled and leaned down to lap up the sweet fluid flowing from Shayna. The flavor she found was exquisite. She couldn't help but continue drinking deeply of her precious dragon, savoring every drop she found. Shayna clenched her eyes shut and moaned louder through her purrs, soaking Alex's arms with her nectar as well as her face. She panted heavily as the pleasure continued to build within her until she exploded, clenching tight around Alex's arms. Her climax wracked her body and she twitched all over, tugging Alex's arms in past her elbows unwittingly. Seconds passed as her orgasm remained constant; a steady rippling created by it pulled Alex in deeper.

The human felt concerned that she kept going further and further. She felt Shayna's cervix by the time she was halfway past her elbows and sighed in relief, knowing she couldn't get past it. As soon as she bumped against this, she started trying to pull out but Shayna's cunt held fast, pulsing around her, forcing her arms more firmly against that blockade. This went on for what seemed like an eternity to Alex until a heart stopping pop was felt in her hands accompanied by a dull roar from Shayna. She had broken through her cervix. The princess struggled to pull herself free but found she was lodged too deep to do so until Shayna let go. The dragon kept her eyes shut. All she could tell was that this was the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced before. Her channel continued to ripple over Alex's arms until it reached her shoulders. Her face was forced against that sweet opening just as she tried to scream to snap her mate out of it. Her voice was muffled just as her head slipped into the warm confines of the dragon's vagina. Shayna cried out again as a second orgasm ripped through her before the first one could end, pulling her mate deeper into her warmth. She was totally oblivious to the fact her belly was swelling from the princess's presence. All she knew was there was a great feeling inside her and it wouldn't stop. With a few bucks of her hips and a good deal of squirming from Alex, her neatherlips sealed shut behind the girl, having been pulled completely inside her dragon. She lay there curled up, panting, panicking. She pressed outwards against her mate's body, struggling to escape as her captor writhed in the sensation. Alex fought so hard that she tired herself out and curled up, crying quietly. As soon as the motion inside her stopped, Shayna came out of her trance, panting heavily. She still had no idea where her human was but she felt warm, full, and extremely satisfied.

"Alex...that was...incredible!! I don't know what you did to me but promise me you'll do it again!" She lay there, waiting for a response but none came. She opened her eyes and sat up, still not aware of her swollen middle.

"Alex? Love? Where are you??" She moved off the bed and grunted softly when she felt the added weight. It wasn't uncomfortable but it was unexpected. She moved a hand to her back and one to her tummy and gasped feeling the enormous lump. She sat back down and stared at her belly as the gravity of what happened sank in. She squeezed her tummy, kneading it gently.

"Princess! Are you alright??? Speak to me!" All she got in responce was a soft kick. Alex was still sobbing quietly within the confines of Shayna's womb, thinking she might never get out. As soon as the dragoness picked up on the sound of her beloved girl crying inside her, she whimpered softly.

"I'm so sorry dearest. I didn't mean for this to happen. It felt so good and I couldn't stop myself. I promise I'll get you out of there." She hugged her belly as a few tears formed in her eyes. A soft sniff followed by a faint voice answered her.

"You...you promise? You won't leave me in here?" Shayna hugged herself tighter.

"I promise, I'll let you out but you may have to help me. Can you find where you came in?"

"Yes but I can't get far enough through. It's too tight." Shayna lay back against the pillows on the bed and spread her legs.

"Are you able to breathe? Are you uncomfortable?" She continued to speak down at her girth, hoping Alex would answer her each time.

"Yes, I can breathe and actually..." She pushed around her gently again, making Shayna purr softly, "Actually, it's very comfortable in here. I just don't want to be trapped." Shayna stoked her round belly and relaxed as much as she could.

"Alright love, try now. I'll help push you out." Alex agreed and pressed her hands back through the dragon's cervix, able to pass more of her arms this time. Shayna could feel her fingers brush on the inside of her slit, eliciting another moan from her. Once a few of the princess's fingers poked through and held as best they could on her groin. The dragon reached down and slipped her own fingers in, giving her something to grasp, which they did happily. With a strong push, Shayna could feel the girl begin to pass from her womb to her birth canal and out into the world. As soon as Alex's head was free, she opened her eyes and sighed happily seeing her room again. A few more good pushes freed her completely and the two embraced one another happily, kissing each other like mad.

"Thank you for letting me out love. I was afraid you might not be able to." Shayna blushed and clung to her.

"I was a little afraid I might not either. But now we know I can." Her human nodded in agreement and they laid back down together, enjoying a peaceful silence for a few moments before Shayna spoke.

"You know...I really liked how it felt to have you in there. It was pleasant, feeling you move around." Alex looked up at her.

"Yeah...it was kinda cozy in your belly. And now that we know how to get me back out...maybe I could go back in sometime?" Shayna smiled and kissed her forehead.

"You are welcome inside me anytime." The two giggled happily and rested up before heading to their bathroom to clean up. Alex was completely covered in Shayna's fluid and her body was heavy with the dragoness's scent. She giggled; joking with her saying she had marked her territory. Even Shayna laughed a bit at the joke but the truth of the matter was she actually had without even realizing it. No matter how much the human scrubbed or how much the reptilian beauty helped, that scent would not wash out of her hair or skin. It was almost intoxicating. The determined that it probably wouldn't hurt to smell like this and that it was actually rather aromatic and fragrant. They giggled again and made love to one another once more in the bathtub, pleasuring one another at the same time. Alex used her hands and tongue again while Shayna pressed the whole of her muzzle into the girl's soft folds. The first time was wonderful but this was glorious and before they knew it, Shayna was curled up inside the princess's tummy. She purred and nuzzled the walls holding her while Alex caressed her massive bulge happily.

"Mmmmm...I think we discovered something wonderful here my love." Shayna kicked lightly in agreement.

"Oh yes, I think we have." The two lay like that for a few minutes, savoring the feeling of being so close to one another before they repeated the birthing procedure and cleaned up again. This time, it was Shayna who couldn't get Alex's scent out of her hair and scales. They laughed giddily at having marked one another as lovers and dressed before heading out. A number of people noticed the lovely scents they now sported but no one was the wiser to what they were. The girls' explanation was a new kind of perfume that was sent to them as a gift. They went on for weeks enjoying one another's bodies, inside and out. They would take turns being the 'mother' but no matter what, every night, Shayna always curled up around her lover while the girl slept under her scales. The guards didn't seem to find the new orders, knock and do not enter until bidden, to be all that strange. They were happy, happier than they could have imagined.

It was a week before their 21st birthday and a new suitor was to come on the eve. The day was like any other they had enjoyed since becoming lovers only something was slightly different. Usually, Shayna woke first, caressed her belly to rouse her 'baby', gave birth to the princess, washed themselves up, dressed, then headed for breakfast. Today, however, Shayna couldn't rouse Alex. She squeezed her tummy and swayed from side to side but there was no motion save her steady breathing coming from the massive lump under her skin. She tried again, shaking her lightly.

"Love...it's time to wake up. Time to come out." A soft moan came back as a response.

"Do I have to? I really don't wanna come out today. I'd rather just stay put." Alex shifted her position a bit and curled back up.

"I know love, I'd love to have you stay in there but you have to come out. Your father wanted you to hear about your new suitor." That elicited a stern kick from inside her. She gripped her tummy, half in surprise, half from pleasure.

"I don't want to marry anyone. I'd rather be with you!" Shayna sighed and hugged her tummy.

"I know dearest but look on the bright side, I'll still be here for you. My love for you won't change when you marry, and I'm afraid you have to marry. 'Tis the law of the land." Another kick, not as hard.

"I don't care. I'm not coming out until my father says I don't have to marry anyone unless it's you." The dragoness bit her lip, hugging her tummy again.

"I would love to be your wife and have you as mine but that just isn't how it works my dear."

"I don't care, I'm staying here with you." She curled up tight against Shayna's innards and the dragon purred quietly, touched by the girl's love for her. Her mood was short lived however. There was a knock at the door from the guards.

"Princess, lady dragon, the king wishes to enter." Shayna's heart was in her throat; she had to get Alexandra out of her and get both of them clean and dressed. She raced about, unhindered by her great girth.

"Just a moment my liege! We are not decent!" Some conversing took place outside.

"Why must I wait for her to bid me enter? I'm her father. I should be allowed inside." The guard tried his best to explain why the princess gave him these orders.

"She told me she has found a liking for sleeping in the nude, that it is more comfortable not to be bound by her nightgown when under the sheets. She is likely trying to dress at this very moment." The king frowned a little and turned to the door.

"This won't take long dear, just wrap up in a robe please." Shayna bit her lip and thought fast.

"I'm sorry my lord, she is indisposed at the moment. She will be out of the bathroom soon." This garnered a response she didn't want.

"Then I'll come in and wait for her on her bed." The guard began unlocking the door by his command and Shayna squeaked, grabbing her own robe and racing into the bathroom. Her door shut just as the king stepped in and sat down on the bed.

"She must really like that perfume, it's heavy in the air here." Shayna scrambled to the tub, slipping into the water and shaking her tummy lightly.

"Dear, I know you like it in there, I like having you inside me but if your father discovers us..." She was cut off by the princess.

"Then he'll have to let me marry you instead of those awful men. They're so boring! I can just have a boy from the city come and give me a child if that is the problem!" Shayna whimpered again. The king became impatient, wondering what could possibly take so long. He stood and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Alexandra, come out please. I need to speak with you." Shayna responded feebly.

"Just a moment my liege, she will be with you shortly!" He frowned and put his hand on the knob.

"If you don't come out here this instant young lady, you will skip breakfast." The dragon panicked again, trying desperately to come up with some means of distraction.

"My lord please, she needs just a few more minutes!"

"I'm coming in there right now. This won't take long!" He twisted the knob and pushed the door open only to see Shayna's head and neck above the top of the tub. He raised an eyebrow and walked closer, noticing fear in the poor lizard's eyes.

"Shayna...where is the princess?" Tears started to roll down her cheeks.

"She won't come out..." This confused the king.

"What do you mean she won't come out? Where is she?" The dragoness closed her eyes and stood up, covering her breasts and groin. The king blinked seeing her rather large belly.

"You...you ate her???" She cowered before him.

"No! No my lord!! She's perfectly safe!! She's in my womb!! Not long ago we fell in love with one another and found out we could do this with one another! I've been inside her and she is inside me! She sleeps this way every night now! She doesn't want to come out!! Please don't punish my master! I have not harmed her in any way!! She is still herself!" She knelt before him, her tummy sagging low as he sighed quietly. He turned to one of the guards, ordering him to fetch the queen. He departed rapidly and pulled the silver dragon to her feet, looking her in the eyes.

"I know she is safe if she is where you say she is. I will not punish you if you let her out for me. We have urgent matters to discuss." Shayna looked down, still crying.

"I can't. She has to start for me. I can't do it by myself." The king sighed and nodded.

"I thought this might happen." Presently, the queen walked in and gasped seeing Shayna's belly, knowing immediately what had been going on.

"So that's where your perfume came from. Now come to the bed and let's get her out of you." Shayna blinked a little, having expected a great deal of anger from them.

"You...you're not mad? Even though I have your daughter curled up under my skin to do with as I please?" The queen reached up and stroked the dragon's cheek.

"Dear Shayna, we are not mad at all. You could have told us this from the start and we would have encouraged it. Her father and I have engaged in such an activity ourselves. I'm touched that you have taken such wonderful care of my little girl." Shayna whimpered light again.

"But she won't come out, not until her father says I can marry her. She has no desire to meet any more suitors. She says you can find someone from the city to give her a child if that is the case. She won't budge otherwise. I'm so sorry. Please don't be mad at me." Both the king and queen looked at one another and sighed before hugging the round dragon belly, kissing it softly and speaking directly to it. It shocked Shayna a little but she did not stop them.

"Sweetie, we need you to come out. We have something to discuss with you. I'm sorry but we cannot sanction the marriage you desire. I wish we could but it just isn't possible. We have promised you to someone already. Someone very special. I know you'll like him. He is different from all those other men. Please just hear us out." They felt her kick gently against them.

"If you have something to say, then say it now. I can hear you just fine." They sighed again.

"You are willing to stay in there for as long as it takes aren’t you?" The queen spoke sounding somewhat depressed.

"Yes...forever if need be. I have no problem with living inside my love's womb for the rest of our lives." Shayna squeezed her tummy softly as if saying 'Thank you'. The king looked at his wife with a look of calm in his eyes.

"I suppose there is only one thing left to do then." The queen nodded.

"If you won't come out of there my dear child, then I'm afraid your lover will have to take your place." Shayna gasped, Alex didn't seem too shocked by it.

"That's fine with me. I'll still be with her now and forever." She rolled around a bit, massaging the dragon's groin from inside, making her purr.

"Little one, she will take your place completely. She will be heir to the throne and wife to your suitor." The great lizard blinked, almost passing out. Again, this didn't seem to faze Alexandra.

"I'm sure she will be happy with that. She would make a wonderful queen." Her parents looked at each other again.

"You would refuse our throne to be with the dragon you love?"

"Yes. To be honest, I did not really want the throne to begin with. Shayna here has always wondered what it would be like to rule over an entire kingdom." Her eyes went wide, looking up at the two who had taken care of her from the start.

"It was only a passing fancy! I meant nothing by it!" The king nodded and took her reptilian hand.

"It's quite alright sweetie. We understand. Almost everyone thinks that from time to time. Now we're giving you that chance. We are willing to take you as our daughter so that our name will go on. Please don't refuse us. We love you just as much as we love the girl inside you. We raised you both. You are a part of our family and as such are subject to our lineage. If your beloved, our daughter, renounces the throne, then please, take her place instead." Shayna was shocked again, blinking between her surrogate parents as she actually considered it. Could they have been pulling her tail? NO! They would never do such a thing when it was of this much importance. They were genuine; they wanted her to be their heir. The dragoness sighed and nodded.

"I will take my place as your daughter and rightful heir to your crown....father." The two humans smiled and hugged her warmly.

"Thank you my lovely girl. Now, get dressed, we have to prepare for your ascension as princess." Shayna hugged them back and sighed quietly from joy. She would be able to live out her dream, even though she never was far from it. The king and queen left her to prepare, closing the doors behind them. Shayna looked back down her belly full of Alexandra.

"Love? Are you willing to come out now?" There was another soft kick from inside her fleshy womb.

"Nah...I think I'll stay here until you can sanction our marriage." A soft giggle followed and Shayna blinked a little.

"But that could be years from now...you really want to stay in there that long??"

"Of course, love! I can't think of a more wonderful place to be! Besides, I've seen how I look with you in my tummy, so I can only imagine how beautiful you look with me in yours. You'll do fine." Shayna giggled softly and massaged her belly happily.

"Alright love. You'll stay in there until I'm Queen Shayna, then I'll take you as my bride and we'll be happy together." With that, she stood up and began to dress in Alexandra's clothes. Amazingly enough, they fit her perfectly with the exception of her bulging middle. She giggled looking at herself in the mirror before heading off down the hall. A few people stopped and stared at her but she didn't seem to notice as she held her great stomach the whole way to her new parents' chambers. A short while later, she was crowned as a princess and began her new life nervously, unsure of how to act, especially when heavily pregnant with the younger princess. Yes, technically, Shayna was older, but only by a few hours. It did not take long for the kindly dragoness to fit into her new roll. Her father took care to dispel any rumors about scandals and such, telling their subjects the truth, that his new daughter carried his blood within her womb. No one contested this and life seemed to go on as normal. The only difference was every night, before Shayna and Alexandra went to bed; they pleased one another in whatever ways they could, still deeply in love. Alex would massage her mate from inside while Shayna, after a great deal of practice, would slip her own tail up into herself for her 'baby' to enjoy. Shayna grew accustomed to wearing dresses and gowns, attending balls and feasts as the king's daughter while deep inside her body, the girl she loved rested as safe as she could possibly be.
This story is ©2003 Smokey Blue Dragon (aka Smokescale)