Quickpaw and Liese 

By Strega 
Story Copyright (C) By: Strega
 2000 - All rights reserved.

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  Quickpaw was a little raccoon.  He’d always been littlest…’always’ being somewhat inaccurate, as he was less than a year old.  Perhaps he’d mature to match his more heavy-bodied siblings, but for the nonce any one of the other males had several pounds on him.
He’d not really minded, seldom as there was a conflict over who got which stretch of stream.  There was plenty of stream.  But then came winter, and the earliest of spring…and new urges developed.  Now, there was a powerful wish to bed down with the females, or at least have them alone in a fold of the streambed for an activity that filled the nights with churring.  Quickpaw, like his brothers, sought the females.
And like most of them, he failed.  There seemed not so many females, and there were still the older males, the boars who had not seemed to notice the little males along the stream.  They noticed now, and Quickpaw was bounced from once stretch of stream to another by irritated boars thrice his mass who had no patience whatsoever for him, suddenly.  They were the ones who covered the females with their bulk, they were the ones who churred.  It was all very frustrating.
Liese noticed this.  Liese was a fat skunk female, large for her kind and indeed as large as most of the males of her kind.  She’d borne two litters already, and would soon bear another.  Several skunk-males had combined their seeds in her, and after a time, the fertilized eggs would implant, and she’d grow gravid.
But the mating this year had not sated her.  She’d grown large, and her litters had stretched her.  Even the burly male-skunks, hard as they’d ridden her, had not pleased her, as she wanted to be pleased.  They were somehow…just not large enough.
So she lay in the brush in the gloom of dawn, and watched a boar-coon and a coon-sow.  The view was not perfect, with all the movement of the two…but she saw enough to know that raccoon-males were a world different from the male-skunks.  And so she lay, and thought, and pondered.
Her people were not the most popular.  Though she did not stink, due to great care in the dispersal of her scent, her white stripes and black, black bodyfur made nearly any animal shy away.  So she contented herself with watching, and managed to catch sight of another boar-coon covering a sow.  And that was how she saw Quickpaw.
He was a little thing for a coon, and he clung to the shadows, enviously watching the big coonboar arch and churr.  When the motions of the two grew tense and shuddering, he turned away…and she saw the swollen curve of his sheath, the naked, pink tip that showed his lust.  He might be small in body, but here, he was fully a coon-male.  Liese watched, and thought….
And followed.  No-one paid attention to a wandering skunk, save for those in its way and those small enough to vanish down its gullet.  Quickpaw was neither, and he spared her a brief glance only.  Soon, he climbed a half-rotted tree, and vanished into a deep cleft in its bark.
She had expected this, as dawn was upon them.  She waited a time…a nap passed over her, but an irritating fly bit at her ear, and she woke to snap at it.  A lazy fly, it became one of those things that passed down her gullet, and she licked her lips, looking at the tree.  It would not be easy to climb.
But she managed.  With much scratching of her clumsy paws, she pushed her way up…not so great a distance…and once she caught a claw in the cleft, she was inside in moments.  A dark space, the opening blotted out by her brush of black-and-white tail, and nearly filled with curled, sleeping coon.  Belly-towards her, she noted with a smile, and waddled in close, her muzzle following his bellyfur back towards his tail.
Quickpaw dreamed.  He dreamed, a smaller raccoon, a female, drawing close before him.  She taunted him, fled, and the two of them avoided the attentions of a much bigger male, fortunately napping.  Finally she paused to clamber a stump, and his hands were around her belly before she could, hugging her tight as he belly curved over her rump.  His hindpaws kicked at the dead leaves, tail lashed, as his rump went up and down…
He woke, shivering.  He’d had dreams like this before, woken with bellyfur stuck together with a gummy mass.  He could feel his sheath, drawn back and tight around the base of his shaft, thick and curved as was a coon’s way.  Cool morning air…
…Was not touching his shaft!  He jumped, hissed, as something slid along his member, soft rubbery grip stroking him on all sides, a warm softness tracing behind.  What…?  His dark-brown eyes blinked open, to see a mass of black and white fur.  It moved slightly, as he churred helplessly as its muzzle pulled up, his shaft appearing from inside the narrow muzzle.  A touch of tooth, careful, a lick…and the she-skunk was smiling at him, licking her chops, as her long-clawed forepaws held his shaftbase.
What did she want?  Quickpaw made a cautious sound, not sure what to do with a skunk so close.  And then a moan, as she stroked his shaft to the tip, and kissed that with rubbery lips.  He was so, so needy of a female, after his dream, her attentions.  Nothing to do, even now, but to look for one.  He stirred, tried to roll to his paws and leave her.
And she was there, turning to leave as well.  He ended up half-tangled with her, his forepaws to either side of her rump, and her great mass of tailfur made him sneeze.  Tried to pull back, but she followed, backing towards him, beneath him.  One does not take a backing skunk lightly!  He tried to retreat.  But the little sleeping-space left him no room, and suddenly he was arched over her, her tail tickling his bellyfur, his chest on her shoulders, his muzzle at hr scruff.  Soft, dark fur rubbed at his shaft, a touch of warm flesh, as she shifted her paws, twitching her tail to the side.
And his forepaws went around her belly, his back arched, and he let out a churr.  He blinked, confused for an instant by what was happening, but he needed a female…so very badly.  By instinct, for he’d never been with a coonfemme yet (much less a skunk!), he shifted his hindpaws, and by good luck, his shaft-tip caught in a soft, warm fold of skin, there in the midst of her nether-fur.  Before he could pause to reconsider, his back arched, all of itself, and a wet tightness bound down around his tip, hot and slick.
Liese screeched!  The coon-male was even larger than she’d thought, and it was a powerfully tight fit, stretching her harshly.  Her claws scrabbled at the dead grass a squirrel had left before the coon moved in, and she strained for the exit, trying to escape that pressure.
Quickpaw’s eyes went from confused to bright and eager as the smaller skunk tied to squirm out from under, and his hands-forepaws dug into her bellyfur.  Like a coonfemme, she tried to get away, and he pulled her back against his belly, arching hard to drive more of his shaft into her.  She was tight, so tight…but slick, and his bone-stiffed harness slid into that welcoming warmth, each stroke forcing a churrrrr of lust out of him.  This, this was what he had wanted, though her fur looked wrong beneath him.  She should not have this black and white…but, he was ceasing to care, as he rocked his hips, stroking in and out.
Liese gasped, and struggled, and finally settled, panting, as the raccoon’s pace built up.  She couldn’t get out from under his bulk, and as she grew more used to his overly large shaft, she began to feel what she had longed for these last months.  The skunk-males had not really been able to fill her…but the coon did.  From labia to cervix, she was stuffed full of cooncock, hard and slick with her juices, and trying hard to enter her still further, inches still outside.  The coon grunted, churred, and arched, humping above her.  And a fire awoke, at last.
Quickpaw was into his rhythm, rump moving up and down, haunches in and out to push into the little, now-silent female.  The tightness binding down around his curved tip was complete, stroking him intensely with each withdrawal, and his dream and daydream of lust had driven him far along already.  When the little female tensed, and cried out, her sex squeezing down around his shaft, he let out a snarl of his own.  Felt a heat in his sides, his belly, and a pulsing, twitching pleasure, as something passed through his shaft, gouted into the female.  Again, and again, as he churred his passion.
Liese shrieked, then groaned in post-orgasmic letdown as she felt the coon’s cock twitch inside her, felt the hot gout of his semen, gushing in to fill what little of her wasn’t packed full of coonshaft.  His nose touched her nape, right where he should be biting, and her neck arched up, a tearing screech as a second, still more intense climax wracked her.  She took his seed, as he arched and trembled, squeezed the last drops from him…and then, exhausted and sated, collapsed weakly beneath him.
Quickpaw blinked, and finally relaxed, as the tension drain out of him along with his seed.  Buried in the little female still, he felt a slow pulse through his shaft, as something oozed out to join what was already in her.  He looked down, less lustful, more alert…and realized, suddenly, that he was on top of a skunk.  Skunks were hard to get close to, and impossible meals because of their spray.  Unless, somehow, you were right there with one, too close for it to get away….
Liese moaned low in her throat, sated now of her need, with a shrinking raccoon-cock half as long as her body still stretching her.  This had been what she wanted, and she lay relaxed, though for some reason the coon’s paws felt their way up her belly, caught beneath her chin, and lifted her muzzle.
Quickpaw pulled the skunk’s muzzle up to face his own, upside-down, and before he could convince himself otherwise, yawned as wide as he could.  His lips draw back around his narrow jaws, and just as the skunk’s black eyes blinked open, he snapped his head down.  Her wedge-shaped head went into his mouth, and with a thump, past the tight body spot at the back of it and into his throat.
Liese churred to herself, opened her eyes…and, in a flash of pink and tightness, the light was cut off.  A ringing blow struck at her cheeks and head-top, half-stunning her,  and something wet wrapped itself over her muzzle and head in a flash.  Her ears were pressed flat, and a hot wet darkness closed around her as she lay confused.  What was happening…?
Quickpaw held the skunk’s torso, now, and curling his head down beneath his chest, rammed his jaws over her shoulders.  Black and white fur spiked up around his lips, and his mouth grew heavily full, as more of her slipped past to stretch out his gullet.  She was bigger than a big rat, the largest thing he’d gulped down whole, but he couldn’t eat her the normal way for fear of setting off her stink.  So he pulled at her, and gulped hard and fast, as her tail began to fluff out and thrash.
Liese woke from her daze, and felt the wet slickness stretching so tightly over her…just as she had stretched over the coon’s huge cock.  And then, just as she began to realize her situation, the push of the wet tight thing shoved her back onto that shaft again, and she let out a strangled moan.  He was so tight in her…she shivered, and moved her forepaws weakly, unable to think.
Quickpaw grunted, a muffled sound with jaws full of skunk, and shoved his jaws down over her shoulders.  There was a compression and shifting as they slipped past his jaws, her flexibility letting her squeeze through that tight space and into his increasingly full gullet.  He moved his paws to her haunches, gripping down tight, and swallowed again, feeling his throat tense and ripple over the half-swallowed meal.  It helped pull her in…and she shuddered, and squeezed down hard on his cock again.  His eyes went wide, and he felt a sudden new pressure, as his shaft went hard all at once, pushed to the limit in the female by the effort of swallowing her.  But he couldn’t stop, her soft belly bulging out of his jaws, and kept swallowing.
Liese groaned, and shivered, thrust into again by the raccoon’s heavy cock.  It helped push her into the tight wet space, and she felt a vague fear.  It seemed wrong, somehow…but then she gasped, tried to take a breath in the hot dark, and couldn’t.  She shuddered, fire sweeping over her again as her genitals spasmed, and began to thrash, little as she could move in the slick tightness.
Quickpaw’s haunches had begun to move, all by themselves, even as he wriggled his jaws down over the skunk’s forepaws.  They gripped at his stretched lips, then were inside, pressed between his cheeks and her own fur…and a moment later, gulped down into his throat.  Now his rump was going up and down, up and down, sliding his hardness in and out of the skunk’s sex.  She was squirming, now, her hindpaws kicking, but his chin was at her tail-root, his nose at her sex, and he gulped hard.  She still hadn’t stunk him….
Liese felt her forepaws trapped, now, her body wrapped in some tight hot sheath, and in a moment of oxygen-starved clarity, realized what was happening.  The coon was swallowing her!  She kicked her hindpaws weakly, then took another thrust of his heavy cock, and relaxed with another shudder.  Her thoughts drifted, now, and she twitched her tail.  There was something she was supposed to do with her tail….
Quickpaw thrust heavily, and again, and curling into a loop on the grassy floor, used his cock’s push to help shove the skunkette into his gullet.  Her rump, largest part of her, filled his jaws softly, and he gulped at it, pulling with his forepaws to help shove it in.  Her tail was fluffed-out and twitching, now, but he couldn’t worry about that, and pushed her rump entirely into his jaws just as a sudden spasm wracked him.  He tensed, his nose against his pulsing ballsac, and felt fire gout out of him, filling his shaft and then vanishing into his jaws…vanishing into the skunkette, again.  He stood rigidly, flank-fur twitching, and then was half-aware of the black and white tail moving.  Alarm gripped him, and still spasming, he swallowed hard, pushing at the black-and-white fur that still showed.
Liese drifted, and shivered happily, feeling the raccoon fill her with his seed again.  It was warm and dark where she was, her nose slipping into a looser space, something tight around her ears now.  She tried to breathe, and couldn’t, and decided that now was a good time for a nap.
Quickpaw pushed the skunk’s rump into his jaws, closing them hard over her haunches, and swallowed.  She was a great lump in his chest, heavy and uncomfortable, and he gagged for a moment as he tried to gulp her down.  Swallowed, nothing happened…swallowed again, with all his might…and she began to move.  He felt a loosening as the weight began to drain downwards, and swallowed hard, eager to have this bulk out of his throat.  Her rump-fur folded down and slipped into his jaws, her hind legs stretching out from his lips, rapidly vanishing.  He swallowed again, and her hindpaws were gone, her fluffy tail slowly following.  His shaft pulled out of her as she went, dark and gleaming, and bumped at his chin, ignored.
Liese curled, now, in the warm dark space.  Something helped push her in, and she slid down the slick chute into the looser spot.  It was tight, still, wrapped wetly all around her, but soft and comfortable and she settled down for a good sleep.  It had been a good day….
Quickpaw planted his forepaws to the grassy floor of his den, arched his neck, and swallowed a last time.  Fluffy skunkette-tail bulged out of his narrow jaws, but it was pulled in quickly now.  Its fur was pushed flat as it slid into his lips, making it a narrow thing to swallow, no wider than a frog.  Finally, the last of it was gone, and he gulped lightly, feeling it tickle on its way down.
He settled down on his belly, then grunted, and rolled over onto his side.  It wasn’t comfortable, lying on that big bulge now.  He looked at the lumpy gray curve of his midsection, feeling the fur stretched thin over the skunkette inside.  She hadn’t stunk him…*Belch*.  His muzzle twitched, and he burped a second time, letting out some air that he’d swallowed.  Or perhaps, that she’d exhaled, there in his stomach.
After a few minutes of stroking his belly, getting used to its weight, he curled up around it, blinking sleepily.  For the first time in many days, his sheath was not tense against his belly.  He was sated, belly full and ballsac drained.  Tomorrow, and the next day, and maybe the next, his droppings would be black and white.   He lay his head down on the grass, and daydreamed about crayfish, and coon-femmes.  It had been a good day.