The Raid: Part One 

By Strega
Story Copyright (C) By Strega
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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  Raugk paced through the ruined caravan, grinning at the gnolls who flanked him. To one side a wagon went down, wheels hacked out by two of the hyena-men swinging poleaxes, and half a dozen armored men - the last of the caravan guards? - tumbled from its shelter.
He waited, giggling to himself, as half a dozen tribe-gnolls fell on the guards. There was a chaotic exchange, as two of the men slashed to one side and the other with hand-and-a-halfswords, and three of the gnolls fell back, one going to his knees and clutching at ropes of intestine that spilled from his split cuirass. Another flurry of motion, and the two men were the only ones still standing, three comrades hewed down by great swipes of the axes, another stumbling past the wagon and into the jaws of two of the tribe's pet hyenas, who ripped him apart before he had time to scream.
The three remaining gnolls charged, and the humans split up, one drawing the attention of two tribegnolls while the second slammed a sword-stroke through the spine of a hyenaman. The remaining gnolls turned and ran, giggling in fear and battle-lust, the men pursuing….
And Raugk slammed a flindbar into the side of one, stepping from behind the shattered wagon. The man cursed as chainmail failed to blunt the blow, ribs giving way, and then went silent as the second flindbar slipped beneath his helm and caught the base of his skull. Raugk giggled, surveying the carnage. Less mouths to feed, and so much food….
He second man skidded to a halt a few feet away, and spun to confront the chieftain. Raugk looked him over, as he was himself viewed….
Raugk knew he was a frightening presence. A flind, a hyena-man like the gnolls, but stockier and shorter - though he was over seven feet tall, a giant of a flind. He didn't bother with armor beyond a set of steel bracers, and his mangy, scarred yellow-brown fur and bestial hyena-face leered as his opponent, giggles bubbling up from deep in his chest as he realized his opponent was a woman.
She wore a black chain-mail shirt, with iron plate leggings and vambraces, black boots much like his own, and a bar-faced helm with a chainmail coif. She eyed him warily, shooting glances to the side, where the screams of the other caraven-travellers and guards lingered. Some of the travellers would die quickly, some would be less fortunate, Raugk considered. Some would be brought back to camp, for amusement…this woman, perhaps, almost two feet shorter than he, might be part of that amusement.
He grinned, a long string of drool streaming from his lips, and giggled loudly, the sound bouncing back from the overturned wagons around them. The hyenas looked up from their meal, and a gnoll-face or two appeared around corners, some bloody, some - the ones spending their time looting - still clean.
As if it were a signal, the woman stepped in, and chopped briefly at his side with her bastardsword. He giggled! - for there was a reason he wore no armor - caught the stroke in the chains of both flindbars, tearing the sword from her hands easily. "You." He coughed out the few words of Common he knew. "I'm going to have you."
He paused, grinning, and ran a hand over the rancid fur of his loincloth. She didn't take the time to look - a shame, it was bulging already - rather drawing out a shortsword and a dagger, and alnost before he could react she slashed at him again!
She was fast, but so was he. The shortsword slipped past his arm as he turned, slicing shallowly into his pelt, and one flindbar whipped around her hand, the opposite end of the chain-linked bars slapping back into his hand to tie her securely. The dagger almost got him in the side, but skipped from his bracer as he twisted the other way frantically. Almost by accident the second flindbar went around her daggerhand, and with a triumphant leer he hauled her from her feet, giggling madly.
She cursed - a word or two he knew - and tried to kick him in the groin. Grinning, he turned the attack with his hip, threw back his head, and shouted.
"Kransh!" The sound slapped back at him, overpowering the whimpers and screams of the fallen humans and gnolls, and Kransh tumbled out of a wagon as though propelled by a catapult. Another flind, shorter than Raugk by six inches, he lifted himself from his belly, saw the human, and his leer matched his chieftain's.
He was to them in a moment, and leaning in behind her, licked hungrily across her neck. Raugk leaned in to do the same, but she kicked again, her boot scraping the ends of his loincloth and pulling it aside. He felt cool air down below, and cackled at her, drawing her eyes down to the thick, dirty cock that was stiffening out of his parted loincloth. Her eyes went wide in disgust and horror, and he threw back his head to scream out a giggle as he felt himself go hard.
Kransh had been busy, scraps of cloth littering the ground where he had ripped the thin leather between the plates of her armor away. Her leggings and chain-mail left a gap around her middle, and the subchief pulled away the tassets of hardened leather that were all that stood between them and her tender parts, now. Kransh's furred loincloth dropped to the dirt, his own thick shaft going rigid at the sight and smell of the captive woman.
Raugk looked down, and back up, grinning at the woman. His cock was bobbing, standing up towards her, and thick as her ankle and long as her forearm. It was dirty, greasy and unwashed, his balls in their foul smelly fur (or so his slaves said…) taut with his lust. She yelled again, cursing at the top of her lungs, as Kransh knelt behind her, lapping out his foot-long tongue to wet her nether parts while he stroked himself to readiness.
Her eyes went wide as Kransh stood again, one hand going across her armored belly, one gripping her ankle, pulling one leg to the side and past his hip. Pulled back against him, she opened her mouth to yell again…but instead, she screamed, as the subchief took her from behind, forcing his tip into her anus and following it with a heavy length of thick shaft. Kransh was giggling, licking her arm between the chain-shirt and the vambrace, and the woman's helm tumbled off as he nuzzled her violently.
Raugk stepped in close, pushing her arms together, and took her wrists in one hand as he shoved his flindbars into his boot with the other. His hand free, he grabbed at the inside of her knee, pulled it towards him and up…and, as her thighs were spread by the two flinds' grip, straightened his knees and pushed into her sex.
Gnolls were gathering, now, grinning and giggling at the sight. Some carried body-parts of the travellers and guards, some were loaded down with pouches and chests, one was even gnawing on the severed arm of a fallen gnoll. They were used to their chieftains' like of human women, and some stroked their own loincloths. One, lucky enough to have taken a human woman of his own captive (Raugk would have to see about that), pushed her face down into her lap, ignoring her whimpering as he pulled his loincloth aside.
Raugk grunted, and turned back to the business at hand, pushing the woman against Kransh as the subchief pushed back. The woman was impossibly tight around his cock, but he pushed in, kicking his legs to get himself seated in her sex. He let his tongue loll out, and washed it wetly across her face, as his knees bent, straightened, bent, the flind behind her doing the same as they ground themselves deep.
Kransh was wide-eyed, giggling, licking her neck and arm, his cock buried deep in her ass now. Her eyes were squinted shut, her grimace of awful pain only making Raugk harder, his thrusts becoming frantic as he felt his balls tightening. He tugged at her leg, pulling it up beneath his armpit, the pussy loosening slightly as she all but did the splits, and he forced in more cock. He felt a familiar tightness around the head, knew he couldn't get any more in, and let his back arch and straighten, sliding himself through the too-tight sex. He could feel heat building in his belly, no need to hold back for a human….
Kransh was looking at him past the woman, now, and for a moment Raugk felt the subchief's balls against his own. It wasn't the first time it'd happened, and he suspected that the lesser flind enjoyed that touch almost more than the woman's ass. He always took the ass, Kransh…now the subchief's eyes were glazing, both hands trembling where he hugged the woman to his belly, and he tugged frantically as he buggered her.
Raugk noticed the human-woman captive, now, her new master's cock visible where it vanished into her lips. She was sobbing, but the gnoll's eyes were shut, tongue lolling as she sucked. Next to him, a gnoll had taken advantage of his distraction, and was moving in behind the kneeling woman, as the gnolls nearby grinned and rubbed themselves. Raugk thrust, felt the heat gather in his balls…and then couldn't think of anything else.
The woman between them went wide-eyed once more, he saw for a moment, and then he shut his own eyes, pushed upward hard…and felt a great pulse of pleasure flow through his balls, through his cock, as he let his seed out. It felt thick and hot, as it filled her sex, another pulse and another pooling around his head, sealing the space around his shaft as it dripped down her tight tunnel.
He felt Kransh twitch, the woman pushed hard against him, and she moaned as the subchief let go as well. Something thick and hot dribbled across Raugk's thighfur, and his knee, as he and subchief's seed leaked in strings from the human woman's holes despite the cocks sealing them shut.
He rocked forward and back, thrusting slowly into the now-slippery tightness, more seed pulsing out of him. The flow ebbed, and he opened his eyes, meeting her disgusted glance. "I told you." He grinned at Kransh, who was leaning back behind her, tongue lolling to the side. "I would have you." Leaning forward, he lapped beneath her chin.
"You…bastard!" Now, those words he knew. He licked at her, looking past his muzzle at her face, watching it contort as she threw more words at her. His balls lost their tightness after a moment, and he relaxed, satiated…save that now, his belly rumbled hollowly. He considered.
She was dangerous, a good fighter, and contrary. While he might chain her, tie her to a post - or, one of his favorites, strap her belly-down over a bedroll and take turns with his pet hyena at her - she would be a problem. He had other human women, well, one anyway, as the other had been eaten last week. This one he didn't truly need.
He opened his muzzle slowly, his tongue padding her chin as he licked, his nosepad bumping at hers and then going past. She made a surprised sound as his fangs scraped over her forehead, and tried to jerk away, but Kransh was already there, and the subchief pushed her face into his chief's maw. Her chin pressed down into his tongue, her head hard against his palate, and his fangs popped past the peak of her skull to hold her face in his jaws.
He stole a glance to the sides - feeding left him vulnerable, and no one was to be trusted, not the gnolls or least of all, Kransh. The gnolls were amusing themselves with the woman they had, though, three of them on her now, her chin dripping with her owner's seed. The remaining ones lazily watched him start to devour his own woman. Surprisingly, there were even three gnolls watching past the wagons for any threat. Those three would join his private guards….
The woman wriggled in his grip, and he realized he'd had her face in his jaws for half a minute, now. His cheeks bulged up against his eyes as she squirmed, and he tilted his head down, biting down roughly over her head-top. The pressure forced her head inward, and with a slap her face pressed into his tongue, her head now wedged into the back of his jaws. He ignored her struggles as he ignored Kransh's giggling (the subchief was working himself into her ass again, somehow already hard…), and pushed his jaws forward, feeling them stretch at the back as her head was gradually let into his gullet. Her cursing was increasingly muffled….
With a creak he felt his jaws go loose, and her tiny nose made a furrow in his tongue as it slid to the back of his muzzle. His neck-pelt stretched, and rocking his head forward, he got his tongue beneath her chin. With a great, hungry gulp he swallowed her head, her voice finally muffled completely as her face was wrapped in his gullet.
He paused, and licked up beneath her neck, tasting the smooth, sweaty skin. He probed lower, and his tongue slid over rough chain-mail links, bump-bump bump. Swallowing prey after a battle was always like this. He never remembered to strip them first. Not like when he grew displeased with one of his slaves…pushing his tongue up beneath her chin, right at the back of his jaws, he swallowed again, enjoying the tautness in his neckfur as her neck slid into his maw.
She was wriggling frantically now, and he grinned - or at least tried - and pulled her hands down, holding them against his nose with one hand. With her legs spread and held, and her wrists gripped, as she could do was wriggle her body like a frantic animal, like an otter swimming. He swallowed, stretching his jaws down over her shoulders slowly, in a series of slow yawns. She rocked against him, and he remembered Kransh, who had his hands on her hips from behing now, and was humping hard against her naked rump. Her one free leg kicked, and he felt his cock move inside her, almost enough to bring him erect again…but this morning he had been with his slaves, and he didn't have the pent-up lust the subchief had. Swallowed, and found her shoulders in his jaws, the pauldrons of cool iron scraping his fangs as they slid into his mouth.
Hot seed dripped on his legs as he worked his jaws over her shoulders, his throat swelling around the harsh-tasting iron of her shoulderplates. Metal scraped flesh, and he grimaced, pushed his muzzle down hard, and gulped with all his might. She twisted, as she felt him swallow, but his throat had a strong grip now, and he felt his chest creak and stretch as her face slid down into it.
Her arms were being pinned more and more to her sides now, the chain-mail sleeves tickling his lips as they slid past link by link. A soft, yet rough firmness filled his cheeks, and he looked down to see her breasts gradually engulfed, his swallowing pulling her in an inch at at time. Another gulp, as her breasts filled his cheeks like a squirrel's, and for a moment he almost regretted eating her. Under the armor she was soft and well-built for a human, and he knew things to do with those softnesseses. But his belly gurgled again, and he swallowed, her breasts now bulging out his neckfur.
Kransh was riding her hard now, panting as his rump went up and down, his hands around her waist and tail thrashing. The chieftain's swallows were pulling in the woman more and more rapidly, and the lesser flind plainly saw his chance for a second shuddering bout of pleasure slipping away, down the chief's throat. Raugk giggled muffledly, sucked in a sip of breath past the woman in his throat, and swallowed again. Her hands plucked weakly as his chinfur, as her belly was gulped down; even her free leg slowed its kicking.
Raugk got the woman's hips in his jaws, and straightened, ignoring Kransh's whine of dismay. The smaller flind's cock popped into view, steaming in the evening air and hard as a board. He pawed at the chieftain, whining, and Raugk pushed him away as he jerked his muzzle upward. His air was growing short, with the woman's breasts blocking even the small breaths he'd been taking. He ignored Kransh, and swallowed, jerking his muzzle up, and felt his fangs scrape hard over the woman's rump where the subchief had torn the leather away. The skin was wet with sweat, her juices, and the seed of the two of them, and he licked his tongue up over her sex, enjoying the salty, musky taste.
He probed with his tongue, slipping it into her mound to get more of the taste, and she moved slightly, wriggling in his gullet. Her head was so far down his gullet that he couldn't believe she could still move - there couldn't be any air for her, so close to his belly. His chest was taut around her, squeezing her tightly, moreso with each gulp. Still, she moved, and with a strangled giggle he pushed his tongue into her fully, watching her armored legs kick feebly.
The sex trembled around his tongue, almost as though she was about to climax. She hadn't, when the two of them had her. He pushed at Kransh again, and drove his tongue hard into her, gathering it against her labia. She shivered…and he swallowed, pushing her down with his tongue, feeling his throat grab at her and suck her downward. The sex clenched, squeezing his tongue, and somewhere deep inside him, he heard a muffled groan, as the woman shivered. Her legs kicked surprisingly hard as his throat got a grip on her hips….
And her legs vanished in one long, swift slide, the plate-mail armor scraping his fangs, plucking at his lips. It had a hard shape against his throat, each plate grabbed by the ripples of his gullet and tugged downward, and her knees slid away and were gone. The black, leather boots were more smooth, but he didn't notice, leaning back and holding his belly as the hard lump slid through his chest. His torso creaked and popped, a weight developing beneath the fur of his belly as her head entered his stomach
Kransh yelped, and jumped at her feet, and Raugk opened his eyes with a grin. The booted feet were in his jaws now, sliding from view without any help as the woman's weight pulled her down, but he closed his muzzle around the toes and gulped ostentatiously. The smaller flind's fingers just missed the toes, and Raugk leaned back again, his belly lurching downward into a quivering bulge. He gripped his fingers into the pelt, and pulled it back towards his spine, working the woman around inside him until she fit best. She was still trembling.
Kransh watched the bulge, eyes downcast. He looked down, at his cock still so hard, and then over at the other captive woman. Raugk's eyes followed…and found that an argument or overzealous coupling had torn her apart, leaving half a dozen horny gnolls squabbling over the bits. The other gnolls were back to looting, gnawing on the fallen, and a couple of the self-appointed guards had gathered the surviving horses.
Raugk grinned, and pointed at the horses, shouting in his foully accented Gnoll (not that that language could be worsened much). "Load the loot on the horses! Any captives walk! Don't kill any more!" (Perhaps too late, that). He turned to Kransh, who was gathering up his loincloth and surreptitiously stroking himself. "Lead the *Belch!!*," He wiped his muzzle, grinning at the frustrated subchief, his other hand on his fat belly. "Lead the scouts. Hah!" He punched his subordinate in the shoulder roughly. "Stop rubbing yourself. When we get back, I'll have my slave suck on you. That'll be fun, eh?"
He walked with the horses, with the strongest of his bodyguards. He checked their work; there were no survivors left behind, and the bodies and tracks were taken and concealed, respectively. With ten less gnolls to feed, and thirty humans (plus ten gnolls) for the pots, there would be a mighty feast when they got back to the tribehome.
He rubbed his belly, giggling. He wouldn't need a feast. The Maker had changed him as he'd changed others, and the armored woman had been a heavy, filling lump gulped down alive. She was quiet now, flesh and bone being worked at by his scavenger's stomach. Those would dissolve, even the largest bones; tomorrow sometime, he'd cough up the metal parts of the armor. That would be uncomfortable, but it had been worth it, to feel the doomed woman squirming in his throat.
He rubbed his grimy loincloth under the big bulge, feeling the first onset of the stiffness. Perhaps Kransh would have to wait a bit when they got home. Or perhaps they could share the human slave-woman. Right now, the thought of her atop him, straddling his hips, was sweet.
He didn't miss the glance Kransh threw at him. The subchief eyed his tailroot, the hard shape of his hip, his muscular chest. Raugk was sure now that the lesser flind wanted to be closer to him than a woman between allowed. It wasn't a unique fixation; in the heat of battle, passions rose, and males might find release in each other when no women were there. It didn't particularly interest Raugk….
He belched, and rubbed his muzzle. But, there were times when he, too, lacked a women. He'd remember that glance….

The End