Title: A Safe Hiding Spot
Author: Smokey Blue Dragon
© 2004
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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A Safe Hiding Spot

by Smokey Blue Dragon

Jerry and Alice had been married for about 5 years now. They loved one another more than anything else in the world. One of their favorite things in the world was traveling the globe which they did a lot of, taking in exotic sights and local foods, customs, events, and of course, the ever popular marital relations, which they enjoyed a lot of. They were a very passionate couple and always enjoyed trying new things, some of which were inspired by the places they visited. As time went on, they agreed with one another that there was something missing in their life. It was elusive, difficult to describe. They both felt they were missing a sense of completeness that, even though they loved each other dearly, neither one of them could give one another. They considered having a child but both agreed that their lifestyle wasn't exactly right for a baby to be raised in. They made a pact that they would travel for 2 more years then settle down somewhere to start a family. So off they went on their merry way. It was early summer and the happy couple sought a rural backdrop, a place away from civilization where they could run through the forests and fields nude without care. Being of the adventurous type, the decided to explore an uncharted area. As they plunged deep into the heart of the wilderness, both man and woman could feel the excitement build within them. Out here they could be freer than they had ever been before.

Alice navigated, charting their path as they went, "Honey, how much further do you think?"

Jerry drove their rather used looking SUV (Some would call all the dents, scratches, and dings 'character' of which this vehicle had a lot) through the trees, going slow enough to miss anything that might get in their way, "What do you think would be good? About another mile or so?" Alice nodded with a smile and leaned over to kiss her husband. As they mentioned, after another mile or so, they came to a stop, turning the car off and climbing out. They moved around front and embraced one another, taking in the fresh air around them in long, deep sighs of joy.

"It's so beautiful here honey," Alice cooed softly.

"Not nearly as beautiful as you, love." Jerry was always a romantic, knowing just what to say to make his blushing bride blush all the deeper or giggle giddily like a schoolgirl. They kissed deeply and went exploring, not even bothering to unpack yet. They raced each other through the trees, their laughter echoing through the branches. They came upon a lake and immediately begin stripping down to their birthday suits. Alice was a lovely, curvaceous beauty with ample breasts, a thin waist and long, flowing chocolate colored hair. Her eyes were a deep, hypnotizing blue, deep enough for Jerry to lose himself in them every time he peered into those pools of love. Her voice was soft and sultry, yet it had fire to it. She was a free spirit indeed, always having been strong and passionate in everything she did, never having regrets. She removed her clothing to reveal that awe inspiring body of hers before diving into the cool water with such grace one would think she was part cat.

Jerry looked over at her as she walked forward in all her nude splendor and splash into the lake. He was well built, rather strong but not overly bulky. He stood about 6' 3", only an inch or two taller than his gorgeous wife. He shook his head once free of his t-shirt which had held him captive in its tyrannical nylon and cotton grasp long enough. His golden locks fell long enough to cover the tops of his ears but little more than that. His dark brown eyes scanned the surface of the water as he waited for Alice to return to the surface. Her head broke the still of the water and she laughed loudly, enticing him to jump in. Once his own body was free of those evil garments, he leapt into the pool below him, swimming up to his wife, taking her under with him as they tickled and wrestled with one another lightly. They surfaced again, their laughter floating up to the lazy clouds above them as the sun shown down, warming them. They dove under again and made love as they savored the freedom of the wild, part of both of them wishing it would never end. After their passionate joining, they climbed from the lake and gathered their clothing. Jerry pulled her to one side and kissed her deeply, forcing a soft ‘mmm…’ to escape Alice’s lips.

“It’s so peaceful out here, why don’t we just forget about our clothes while we’re in the wild?” suggested Jerry. Alice giggled softly and ran a finger up his chest.

“That sounds like a wonderful plan to me, love. Would be just like back in the garden of Eden.” They both chuckle and kiss again, returning to their SUV to drop off their clothes. Surprisingly, there was little underfoot to give them reason to wear shoes or sandals, so they went barefoot. They went out exploring again, loving the nature that surrounded them, the sights, the sounds, the smells, it was heaven to them. They stopped several times, lost in the aphrodisiac of being alone, miles away from anyone or anything resembling the life they were ‘supposed’ to live. They could do anything they wanted here and they did, exploring every sexual fantasy they could with just the two of them. He pleased her again and again in various manners as did she for him, yet there was still something they yearned for more than this.

Minutes turned to hours and the sun began to set. It was with a tinge of reluctance that they decided to return to the car. They walked and walked, not seeming to tire, something in the air must have given them newfound strength and endurance. Alice had never known Jerry to be so vigorous in his love making. Jerry was also stunned at how much longer she could hold an orgasm in this new environment. That wish in the back of the minds became a thought, wondering why they couldn’t just live out here. They were so lost in their thoughts of each other they didn’t realize they were lost in the forest as well. It was Alice who brought it to their attention first, noticing how low the sun had sunk.

“Um, hun, shouldn’t we have gotten to the car by now? It’s starting to get dark.” Jerry blinked a little as it hit him. They had been walking a long while, longer than they had on their jaunt away from camp. It wasn’t terribly frightening that they were lost but they hadn’t found any reason to be upset about it. There was no bad weather on the way in and it was pleasant out. There wasn’t any way they’d be able to get back to camp before the sun set.

“Hun, why don’t we just sleep here? I mean it’s soft enough and there’s nothing to hurt us out here. It’s perfect.” Jerry considered her words for a moment and then nodded in agreement.

“You’re right, this is perfect. We’ll be just fine right here until the morning.” He kissed her forehead and sat down, pulling her into his lap. In one fluid motion, she eases into his arms and they lay down under a tree, curling up together. It wasn’t like anything they had done before, sleeping on the ground, the ground itself, no sleeping bags or pads to separate them and the soft moss which made contact with their still completely naked forms. It didn’t take long before they fell asleep. They didn’t realize just how comfortable it was sleeping on the ground like this. As the night pass, a cool breeze slipped between the trees, brushing over them softly. It wasn’t overly cold, but just cool enough to make the two nude humans shiver lightly.

Drawn to the area by a strange scent, one she had never picked up before, Shayna drew closer and closer to the source of such a strange mixture of smells. She was used to wandering the woods at night; her eyes easily adjusted to the darkness, those lovely baby blue slits were quite remarkable. She was able to detect all kinds of smells, males she might like to meet, possible meals, and even various kinds of flowers that appealed to her, but the one thing that had caught her interest was the mixture of human male and female arousal. She had never smelled both at once and it intrigued her. Perhaps they were still mating; she was going to find out. With the grace of a cat, her talons quietly made contact with the forest floor as she edged closer and closer to her destination. She pulled her white feathered wings around her to prevent even the slightest rustling sound. Unlike herself, she crept forward on all fours so her head didn’t knock against any low branches. The moon glinted off her silvery-white scales, revealing her location among the trees but the slumbering humans never saw her coming. The 15 foot tall dragoness took the greatest care not to wake them as she finally reached a vantage from which she could see them. To her disappointment, they were indeed asleep. She stood there, watching them for a while until she noticed them shivering. It did occur to her that she could devour them. They did look rather tasty but something inside her told her not to. Instead she took pity on the humans and crept closer, curling up around them and draping a warm, feathered wing over them to shield them from that chilly breeze. Something about this just felt right to her. Her eyes slowly drifted shut as sleep took her. A soft purr was the only sound she made since her arrival.

As dawn came about, the sun peeked through the trees poking Jerry in the eyes until the sunbeam’s light woke him. He stirred softly and let out a soft yawn. He felt warmth around him as well as the warmth of his lover pressed against his body. He looked around with sleepy eyes, seeing only a mass of feathers over his shoulders and the rest of his lower body. He kissed Alice’s cheek lovingly and roused her.

“Hey, morning love. Looks like we had a visit from an angel or something.” She woke gently, confused by his words.

“An angel? What are you talking about dear?” Alice looked into his eyes trying to find some kind of answer in them.

“Did you two sleep well?” spoke a voice, soothing, rich, and sultry. The nude lovers looked up at the source of the voice and woke instantly, biting back screams of terror but all that met them was a soft, caring smile spread across the delicate muzzle of a very beautiful dragoness.

“I tracked your scent and found you last night. You both were shivering from a breeze so I thought I’d keep you warm. My name is Shayna. Pleased to meet you.” Alice and Jerry were awestruck at her manners and kindness. All the stories they had heard about dragons were those of them being horrific monsters, ugly and ill-tempered. This one was the exact opposite, and her wing was so soft, so comfortable. It was like she herself was indeed an angel.

“I…mu…you…I’m Alice…this is Jerry, my husband. Please don’t eat us Mrs. Shayna! We didn’t mean to trespass on your land!” Her fear was apparent as was Jerry’s as he nodded agreeing with his wife. Shayna giggled happily and licked both of their cheeks.

“I’m not going to eat you two. I came to keep you warm. I caught your scent, the result of your mating I believe, and I just followed it to you. You don’t have anything to fear, I won’t hurt you.” Her eyes softened as her friendly smile widened. Though she was a total stranger, and a dragon to boot, Alice and Jerry felt they could trust her. There was a tone to her voice that laid to rest every fear they had about her. They smiled and curled up against one another happily.

“Thank you Shayna. We are in your debt. My wife and I appreciate your kindness.” Seeing them curl up together moved something inside the dragoness, something deep inside her. She wrapped her arms around the couple, pulling them to her chest, resting their heads on her pillowy breasts. Alice was well endowed but Shayna could put her to shame if she were human. The same purr radiated through her into the humans as they found comfort in their new friend’s arms. They lay there for quite some time until a soft gurgle could be heard coming from under Shayna’s wings. She looked down with a grin.

“Hungry are we?” Alice blushed lightly and nodded as did Jerry.

“We went out on a walk yesterday and got lost on the way back. We haven’t had any thing to eat since lunch yesterday. There’s food in our car if you could be so kind as to help us find it.” Jerry looked up at the lovely dragon’s face with the hope she would agree.

“Oh now how could I say no to a face like that? Of course I’ll help you. I’ll fly you to it. Just point it out once we’re in the air.” Alice giggled happily, never having flown on a dragon’s back before. They nodded to their reptilian friend. Reluctantly, she unwrapped her wings and got to her feet, kneeling with her back to them.

“Hope on my friends,” she cooed softly and they obeyed, climbing onto her back. Once they had a good grip, she stood up, lifting them well above the ground. With minimal effort, she leapt into the air, spreading her wings as she flapped away, taking them aloft with her. Moments later they were high above the trees and the humans were enjoying the trip. For some reason, the feel of her scales was pleasant to the touch to both of them. It wasn’t long before they were able to locate the car. Shayna tilted her head at such a contraption when they landed next to it. It looked like some kind of beast that one could see through. They even climbed into it! The humans explained to her it was just a machine, an object that was built to transport people and things along the ground. That seemed to suffice and they went about cooking breakfast, still not bothering to dress. They ate their food while Shayna told them all about this wonderful place. It turned out that several dragons roamed the area, some were kind like her, some were…well, not so kind. It was a stroke of luck she found them before one of the more impulsive dragons found them.

The more they conversed the better friends the trio became. Shayna was like their personal guardian dragon and they enjoyed her company immensely. She was kind, generous, and most importantly, warm. Every night, they curled up against her while she draped her wings about them. This went on for about a week until a storm rolled in one night. It didn’t disturb Shayna, she simply continued shielding her precious human friends from the weather but it wasn’t enough. The next day, Jerry had a fever. It wasn’t anything that should seem alarming had they packed the proper medication for just such a situation but it was deemed he just needed to stay warm and fed for a few days; a roll Shayna took seriously. She protected him as if he were her child but after a few days, he didn’t seem to be getting any better, in fact, he was getting worse. Alice was worried something awful, never leaving his side as they waited for him to pull through.

On the forth day, Jerry seemed to have taken a turn for the worst. His fever was critically high and he looked horrible. Alice was worried beyond description. As he slept in Shayna’s wings, the two girls spoke.

“I’m so worried! I can’t lose him! There’s got to be something we can do!” Shayna sighed quietly.

“I’m sorry but all my healing spells have done all they can. All we can do now is wait to see if his body can fight the illness.” Alice pressed her face against the dragon’s scaly hide, sobbing loudly.

“That can’t be all we can do!! There has to be something else!! Please!! Tell me there’s something else we can do for him!!” Shayna sighed again, knowing there was at least one thing she could do.

“Well…there is one thing…” Alice looked up sharply, her eyes begging her guardian to do what ever it took.

“Please!! What ever it is, do it!! Save him!! I can’t lose him!! I love him too much!! We’ve been through too much just to have something like this take him down!! What is it!? Please tell me!!” Shayna moved the hysterical human into her wings with the little one’s mate.

“It’s a little strange and I don’t know if he would agree to it but, I know for a fact it would heal him.” Alice hugged the silvery lizard tightly, looking up through tear filled eyes.

“What is it? I’m sure he’d agree to it if it healed him! Please you must tell me!!” Shayna sighed again and gave in to her friend’s sobs.

“I can give him the immunities I carry but to do so, I have to carry him inside me for a short while.” Alice blinked, not understanding what this meant. She voiced her confusion and Shayna explained.

“When I say carry him inside me,” she bit her lower lip, uncertain of how she would react, “I mean carry him in my womb. I would slip him in and hold him there for about a day or so. No harm would come to him and there would be no physical changes, only that what I am immune to, he would become immune to as well. I’m sure that would help him get better.” Alice nodded, pressing her face back against the dragon.

“Please, do it. Whatever it takes to bring him back.” Shayna shook her head.

“That’s a decision only he can make. When he wakes, we’ll tell him.” Just as she finished speaking, Jerry stirred and looked weakly up at his wife and the dragon.

“Do it…put me inside you…I won’t object…on one condition…” Shayna tilted her head a little.

“One condition? What condition?” Jerry gripped Alice’s hand in his with what little strength he had left.

“That Alice join me inside you, I don’t want to be apart from her. Please.” Shayna nodded and smiled softly. Alice clung to him tightly, professing she would follow him anywhere, even into the womb of their guardian dragon.

“Alright, I’ll take both of you into my womb and give you my resistance to disease.” She caressed their cheeks softly and laid back on the ground, pulling her wings back from around them. Alice helped move Jerry off of Shayna and the silvery dragoness spread her thighs, taking a few breaths, readying herself for the coming sensations. Alice looked up to her friend, unsure of what to do next.

“Just push him in Alice. Once he gets far enough, I’ll do the rest.” The human nodded and kissed her husband softly.

“I’ll see you shortly, then we’ll be together and you’ll shake this bug.” They hugged weakly and she moved him to the reptilian slit before her. It was at least half a hand span in length and her vulva bulged softly beneath her scales. Still uncertain, she took her love’s hands and pressed them against those soft, velvety lips until they disappeared into her. Shayna moaned softly as her sex began to encompass the sickly human, moistening at the sensation. Alice pushed Jerry’s arms in deeper, up to his elbows forcing those beautiful lips to part further. Shayna’s moans maintained their presence in the air. Alice looked up at her with worry.

“Are you alright? It doesn’t hurt does it?” She shook her head violently, her long flowing locks of silver sparkling in the light of day.

“No…no it feels wonderful!! More! Push him in further! I can’t pull him in yet!” Alice complied, helping her lover slip into the dragoness’s birth canal. Within a few moments, numerous moans, and a great deal of moister glistening over her labia and Jerry’s arms, shoulders and back, his head popped into the warm confines of her reptilian body. Shayna’s ability to stretch around his body amazed Alice. A series of pants and purrs escaped the lizard as the human female pressed her husband into those warm, wet folds, his chest offering little resistance but a great deal of pleasure. Shayna panted and reached down, softly pulling Alice from her mate’s body as she took over.

“That’s….far enough…I’ll…take it….from here…” She wheezed through her lust filled pants. Already, a swelling formed in her middle as the human male passed upwards into her body. His arms had already hit her cervix which had begun to part with very little forgiveness; this was going to be difficult. With part of his forearms already in her womb, she took a deep breath and tugged hard, the muscles of her vagina rippling over Jerry’s body, pulling him up into her belly. More moans, louder than before, ensued in this endeavor, her juices flowing freely around him, slicking him up for the remainder of the trip. Alice moved up to Shayna’s side, rubbing her tummy, specifically over her mate’s form under that lovely scaly skin.

“What can I do to help?” she asked as she looked up at Shayna.

“Just…keep…rubbing…that feels…nice…” Alice nodded and caressed away while the dragon took another pull, letting Jerry slip in up to his hips. The ground became soaked with Shayna’s fluids as she moaned and groaned, her voice echoing over the treetops. She rolled over onto her side and got to her knees, Jerry’s legs dangling below her as she got down on all fours, pointing her tail skyward, hoping to let gravity help her. Her tummy began to sag towards the ground as more and more of the human slowly passed within. Shayna howled in pleasure as she came, climaxing heavily around the human, causing his whole world to shudder about him. With that powerful orgasm, his legs were slurped up by her hungry sex, leaving only his feet and ankles poking out. She reached down and with a great deal of satisfaction pressed his feet into her body. Her pussy sealed shut behind him as he passed the rest of the way through her cervix, curling up in her womb. By now, her belly was a round dome, appearing as if she were pregnant when indeed she was. Alice looked on in awe as she watched the man she loved disappear from the world’s view into the belly of this creature that had protected him for almost two weeks now. Shayna rolled back onto her back, murring in pleasure as she felt him squirm lightly inside her. She rubbed over the round bulge in her middle with what could only be described as motherly love.

“Mmm…that’s right sweetie, you’re safe as can be in there. Alright Alice dear, your turn.” She smiled down at her, spreading her legs again. Alice practically leapt into her vagina, inverted so that she ended up facing her husband once she got inside. Her breasts surrounded the dragon’s vulva, squeezing it softly, massaged by those two luscious lumps of flesh. This drove Shayna insane and she struggled to keep from flailing her legs as she tore deep ruts in the ground with her claws. She was already wet from Jerry going in, but this was making her gush wildly around the human female. With a soft pop, her chest slipped up into that warm cavern of dragon flesh. Shayna’s belly began to swell again, becoming tighter as her second passenger slipped into her. With a couple of tugs, Alice’s hips entered that slick channel, forcing Shayna’s clit to press against Alice’s own. The sensation was very pleasant for both. The pregnant dragon held her second ‘child’ where she was for a moment, pressing her vulva against that tight human sex, driving them both to orgasm at almost the same time. The strength of this climax was enough to tug her in up to her knees. With that same hand, she pressed the girl’s feet into her cunt and sealed her in. Her tummy rounded out further, making her appear to be HEAVILY gravid. Shayna closed her legs with great satisfaction, caressing her belly lovingly, enjoying the feel of two humans moving about under her skin. Her purrs and heartbeat soothed the pair into a deep sleep. Inside the dragon’s womb, it was warm, dark, and soft, perfect for slumber. The round reptile sat up, hugging her tummy.

“Don’t worry my friends; I’ll take good care of you. You don’t have anything to worry about in there, not a single thing.” With that, she managed to get to her feet with minimal effort; the added weight didn’t seem to bother her at all. Inside, Alice and Jerry curled up around one another as they slept. Each step Shayna took made them bounce lightly, rocking them to sleep. And so it went for the rest of the day, all three enjoying their new condition beyond words. Just as Shayna said, once the two inside her became linked to her body in order to support their lives, her immunity passed to them, allowing Jerry to heal within the safety of her womb. Almost immediately, he began feeling better; the new antibodies he was making acted fast.

The day past swiftly, the trio lost in a sense of pure pleasure. Shayna spent the day roaming about, happily caressing her tightly packed belly while her passengers slept comfortably inside her well-cushioned womb. After some light hunting, making a meal of a rabbit or other rodents she could find. She was afraid anything bigger would upset her ‘babies’ and that was the last thing she wanted. The fact of the matter was, she could have stepped on a land mine and it wouldn’t have upset them. Jerry and Alice were curled up tight around one another and sleeping soundly. Shayna could even feel their breathing, causing a wave of motherly love to sweep through her. She couldn’t help but indulge in those instincts of hers and build a nest. It took most of the afternoon but as night began to fall, she was curled up around her tummy, cooing softly at the soft motion under her scales. It didn’t take long for her to drift off to sleep with her ‘children’ who were just waking up. They giggled and kissed each other as they came up with an idea they were sure Shayna would enjoy. They kissed deeply and fell back to sleep. All three slept happily through the night, Shayna’s nest keeping them all plenty warm.

Alice and Jerry woke before Shayna, giggling happily again as they squirmed about. The dragoness purred happily in her sleep as the humans in her belly shifted into a new position. Shayna’s tummy distended in a different direction as they moved around until they were ready for her wake-up call. The motherly lizard murred softly as she massaged the dome about her middle as the humans pressed themselves together. More sounds come from within her depths, moans and soft grunts as Jerry slid his now rigid shaft into wife’s exceptionally wet slit. They both cling to each other tightly as they locked into their passion. Jerry began to thrust softly against his lover, eliciting more soft moans and coos from her. As they made love, their ‘mother’s’ middle shifted about and stretched in various directions, causing her to purr louder and rub over them faster and faster. Alice wrapped her legs around her now completely healed husband and bucked her hips against his, forcing the dragon’s belly to shudder and squirm further. As the heat built up within the already warm chamber, Shayna finally woke, her eyes drifting open as she peered down at the huge bubble of flesh in her arms as it changed shape and swirled about. She moaned loudly, feeling every passion-filled thrust inside her. Her hands slid down over her belly to her groin where she teased and pleasured herself to the mating going on under her scales. Deep in her womb, Jerry and Alice lost all sense of themselves, thrusting, bucking, moaning, panting, screaming harder, louder and heavier than ever before, building to the most powerful climax they had ever experienced. They pressed against one another and the walls around them as Jerry’s member pulsed heavily, filling Alice’s now exceptionally tight crevice with hot, white seed. Shayna continued to finger herself around that massive belly of hers until she roared in pleasure, soaking the newly built nest with her fluids.

As all three bodies were wracked with orgasm, they twitched and filled the air with their sounds of satisfaction until they all lay together, curled up tightly as they all gasped for breath. Shayna hugged her tummy tightly as a loud, soothing purr rumbled around her ‘babies’ who were kissing each other like mad. Shayna smiled and pat the now still lump in her body.

“You two seem to be enjoying yourselves in there. I know I’ve loved every minute of it, but, unfortunately, it’s time for you to come out. I wish I could keep you in there longer but I need to eat and I dunno if I can hunt very well carrying you two around.” The humans whimpered loudly, faking their disappointment knowing what they had in mind later.

“Oh alright Shayna, we’ll come out, but you have to let us crawl back in here tonight. You make a great bed.” Alice giggled happily and was immediately silenced by Jerry with another passionate kiss. The dragon who had taken it upon herself to give her body for them to use as shelter smiled and craned her neck down to kiss her belly.

“Of course you can loves. You’re welcome to crawl back in me anytime you like. And with the magic of this land, you can crawl in anywhere you like as well. I’ve heard of many who enjoy curling up in other places.” She stroked her tummy as she cooed softly to it. Alice and Jerry already had their minds made up, they wanted her womb, and her womb only.

“Thanks but I think we’ll stick with this little room for now. We might be swayed to try something else later.” Jerry kissed her belly from inside as he hugged his wife tightly. Shayna giggled happily and sat up, spreading her legs to free her prisoners who she loved so much. After a couple of pushes and a good deal of moaning, Alice and Jerry emerged back into the light. Without a word they curled up against their dragoness’s chest, hugging her as best they could. Instinctively, she picked them up in her arms and wings and pressed their lips to her breasts, nursing them as she would a pair of actual children. The humans were a little perplexed at first but their own instincts took over shortly after having been served a mouthful of nipple. They latched on and began suckling. Warm milk flowed from those beautiful orbs and they slurped it up happily. Shayna purred softly as she cradled, her twins, the motherly sensation so very powerful in her mind, driving her to protect them as if they truly were her offspring. The little ones drank their fill and rest their heads against their mother’s chest blissfully. They pretended to fall asleep in her arms, as a response, Shayna carefully laid them back down in her nest and snuck off to do a bit of hunting, wanting to eat a good meal so she could feed them better tonight.

Alice was the first to open her eyes to see if the coast was clear. When she was sure their guardian dragon was gone, she roused her husband and they took off, as giddy as school children in the last few minutes before summer break. They had a marvelous plan and if what they had in mind were to work, Shayna would be able to live with them for the rest of their lives. Shayna meanwhile was out sniffing out a good meal. As soon as she had eaten enough to fill her and the two she had waiting. She began her hike back to the nest, which happened to be not far from the car her humans arrived in. Upon arriving, Alice and Jerry were nowhere to be found. Shayna began to worry. At once, she began sniffing them out and tracked them all over the area, though their trail never got further than about two hundred feet from the nest. Just as she was giving up and walking back to the nest, a new scent infiltrated her sinuses. It was a male dragon, and it was strong, very strong. She followed it, tracking it to its source. The source was indeed a male dragon, a very muscular male dragon. For some reason his scent was thick in the air. She examined him as he greeted her with a warm smile and an invitation to come curl up with him. She reluctantly walks closer, her arms hugging her now flat tummy.

“I’m not guessing you’ve seen any humans around here have you.” She looks down at her feet. The green male tilts his head a little, a slight grin on his muzzle.

“Well, I might have. Little pink things with a lovely scent…anything like that?” Shayna’s eyes lit up as she lifted her gaze to meet his, nodding vigorously.

“Yes! Yes, that’s them! Have you seen them?? I’m so worried about them! I can’t find them anywhere!” The green dragon grinned wider and nodded.

“I have indeed seen them. They came and found me with a rather unusual proposition. I countered it with my own that they seemed rather enthusiastic about.” Shayna listened to his words, scooting closer to him.

“What proposition? And what did you ‘counter’ with?? Please tell me! I’m so worried about them! They’re my best friends! They’re my babies!” The green one laughed softly and placed a hand on her shoulder gently.

“They’re just fine m’lady. They’re in a very safe place, and having a great time as far as I can tell.” He grinned at her and lifted one of his legs, revealing his massively swollen sack. It wasn’t just swollen but it was moving. Faint giggles and moans could be heard from under the skin. Shayna gasped softly in surprise.

“They’re…in there??” She reached out tentatively and gently stroked the massive lump of flesh. The green one purred loudly in approval and nodded.

“Yes, they are, and they seem to be enjoying themselves.” Shayna continued to caress the forms of her humans underneath the green dragon’s flesh, eliciting more purrs from him. Enjoying her attention, he pulled her to his chest and hugged her warmly.

“Would you like them back?” She nodded in response.

“Yes, I would. Could you please let them out?” The dragon chuckled at her request and wrapped his wings around her softly. She didn’t mind, she enjoyed being close to this male. He was handsome, kind, and to be frank, incredibly well hung.

“I can let them out, but I don’t think they want to come out just yet. I know a way you can take them with you without having to expose them to the outside world until they want to come out.” His eyes were pale yellow, almost spooky yet, something about them seemed kind, “My name is Aron, it’s a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Shayna. Your friends have told me all about you.” She blushed deeply and hid her face in his wings.

“It’s nice to meet you as well. If you could, please tell me this idea you have. I would like to see them safe and sound back in my nest.” Just as she covered her face with his wings, he pulled them back and kissed her cheek softly.

“Why don’t I just show you instead? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” He gave her a warm smile and she nodded in agreement. With that settled, he rolled onto his back, pulling her onto his chest, her back to him. He scooted over to a tree and leaned against it as he spread her legs slightly and thrust his enormous shaft, now fully erect into her velvety slit. She moaned softly feeling him penetrate her. She struggled lightly, thinking he was trying to rape her but hearing the voices of her friends below her, assuring her it was alright, she reduced her efforts to light squirming. Aron smiled again and kissed her cheek once more.

“There you go; I think you’ve got the idea now.” He held her tight against him as he began to slowly thrust in and out, his shaft gliding between her lips without difficulty. There they lay, him making love to her slowly, passionately, lovingly. He couldn’t help but kiss her again and again as they moved against one another. He had fallen in love with her from what Jerry and Alice told him and hoped she might feel the same about him. Shayna moaned softly with each thrust, tensing up around his powerful rod each time it was sent deep into her warm cavern. The humans played their part as well, moving around to massage the insides of Aron’s sack, driving him closer to orgasm and the resulting shift in their location. It didn’t take long before the first climax struck both dragons. Shayna cried out as she came around Aron’s member, which was already throbbing wildly. Alice kissed her husband, embracing him one last time before she parted. The instant the green dragon peaked; he tilted his head back and howled in pleasure, firing off inside the silver one, sending the female human up his length and into the safe confines of Shayna’s womb once more. He panted softly but did not give out just yet. He had one more human to tuck away safely inside his love’s belly. Shayna gripped his sides as she cried out during the first orgasm, and then massaged her belly as it stretched to hold her ‘daughter’ safe inside. She panted and began pressing herself against Aron harder and faster, wanting to feel another enormous lump slip up into her. Her wish was granted not long after. Another climax, far stronger than the first wracked her body as Aron came again, emptying his sack into her completely, depositing Jerry into the same chamber his wife was curled up in. Shayna’s hands rubbed over her once more round and tightly packed belly, panting heavily as she lie atop her new lover, weak from their exploits.

“That…was…wonderful!!” She turned her head to kiss him. Aron met her with his own and the two locked lips, murring happily as all four hands massaged her middle. Jerry and Alice were on cloud 9, happy to be back inside Shayna’s tummy and absolutely covered in Aron’s seed. It was like a wonderful, musky bath. Aron hugged his silver love tightly, whispering in her ear softly.

“I love you. I fell in love with you before I even met you. Please, be my mate. Let me make you happy. We can do this as often as you like.” She sighed happily and reclined against him, one hand on her belly the other holding one of his.

“Of course I will. That was the most intense experience I have ever had. How could I leave you after that?” They kissed again as the humans inside the female dragon made love themselves, sending her into one last powerful orgasm. The combination of their moans and screams echoed over the treetops until the heavily gravid lizard passed out in her love’s arms. Aron picked her up and carried her back to the nest she had made, laying her down in it before curling up around her to keep her warm. There they slept for the rest of the day and night, the humans having tired themselves out. Little did any of them realize what they had done. In the night, Shayna’s body began to change, sealing her babies inside her for the nine months they would spend in her cushy belly. Her breasts began to swell with milk once more and the seed surrounding the two inside her began to seep in, changing them. Aron and Shayna took great care of Jerry and Alice while they slept in the silver-scaled mother, growing and changing until the day came for them to be born again.

With more pleasure than pain, Shayna gave birth to her twin children, no longer human, but dragon. Jerry was a spitting image of Shayna though he was more masculine in appearance. Alice took on the emerald hue of her ‘father.’ Both had feathered wings as their mother had, and deep black hair as they had inherited from Aron. At first they were shocked to see they what they had become. It was an unexpected side effect but, they noticed something else. That sense of something missing was completely gone. Their new bodies felt right, as if that was what they were supposed to be. They embraced and kissed one another deeply, enjoying the feeling of scales on each other. All four curled up together, each one giving off a loud purr as they came to realize their family was complete. The miracle they had performed was only the start of their adventures. Only the future knew what was in store for the happy quartet.
This story is ©2003 Smokey Blue Dragon (aka Smokescale)