Title: Seven Little Goats all Together
Author: Rayaris
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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Author: RAYARIS (the rayan Ape)
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
If you wish to use the stories, or anything copyrighted by the author, please E-mail me, and I'll try and forward your request to the author.

Summary: This is when a wolf takes over the fairytale. Sometimes we have to manipulate it so small children do not get upset. But this is how it really happened.


" I will go to the market to buy food, remember, DO NOT open to anyone, except me, and only me!" Said the mother goat to her seven little goats.
"Yes mother" said all of them with one voice".
Mother goat left, and behind her, the oldest of the seven little goats locked, and put the locking chain.
Now, they were all able to play without having their mother to tell them do not do this, and do not do that!

The same time, on the other side of the field, a family of wolfs had a little problem in their cave.
"You moron! You do nothing, but sit all day in the sofa!" Was shouting the female.
She had been the prettiest of the wolfines, and she married him cause he was very charming. He was the largest one she had met. He liked him for being a Big guy…but later on she found that some problems came, such as that he was very lazy. And he was eating a lot. He used to be quite thin, but after a few years of marriage he become stocky, even a pit chubby. She was the one that had to go out for food, more than half of which would go to his stomach. That tired her. They had one cub, and she was in charge of it. She was actually in charge of everything. Not that she didn't appreciate him the cold nights that he was warming her up. The cave was very small anyway, and working without him there was much easier.
"Go and fetch food!" she was nagging since morning, and to make her calm down, he decided to go out.
He just wore his trousers and white shirt and left.
"You may try going to that house on the hill, I am sure you can find some tasty little goat to bring us!" she said while he was going out.

The day was warm and while he started walking. After a few minutes, he got near a quite large nice house. He knew it was the goat house. These goats had seven small…sweet little ones. With this thought, a weird sound came from his empty stomach like calling him. He heard of all that noise from the interior, and figured out that the mother was missing. He knew the house as he had broken up some times, and ate a few little goats. But this time there was a new lock on the door. No way he could break it. He had to find an other way.

Knock-knock- made his large paw on the wooden door.
"Who is it?" asked the older goat.
The wolf though for a while and then tried to do his voice the softest he could do.
"It's me, your mother!"
The kids were quite young to get any difference, and laughing when to open the door, but the older one was a pit suspicious.
"If you're our mother, show us your leg though the door!" And opened the door as much as the metal chain lock permitted.
A brown massive leg appeared, furry like a carpet, having nails like knifes on the toes.
The little goats rush to close the door, injuring a pit the leg of the wolf.
"You're not our mother! Our mother's leg is white!" Shouted the older goat.
The wolf came up with an idea after lots of thinking. He run back home, and used the last of the flour to whiten the fur of his leg.
Then back to the goat house.
"Open my little ones, it's me your mother!!!"
"Show us your leg!"
The wolf showed his white leg.
"It seems bigger…" commented the youngest.
"It's white, isn't it?" said the wolf with his sweetest voice.
"Then it's your mother!"
The goats believed him, and opened the door.

" Well maybe NOT!" He shouted with his true voice, and closed the door behind him. All the goats got panicked on the sight of the huge wolf, and started to run around without really go anywhere.
The wolf grabbed the first one from it's legs, and while it was screaming he raised it over his head and opened his jaws. Slowly he lowered the goat kid and licked with his tong his head. Yes…that was a satisfaction. But he was too hungry to spend time in that. His stomach was ruling now. He lowered more, and started gulping. The head passed his jaws, and the hands, and the rest of the body. Gulping again and again, the goat went slowly through his neck and his esophagus straight to his louse belly and laid inside the stomach. He licked his lips, and quickly looked around for the next victim. The goats after the view of the disappearance of their brother was standing like petrified. But when the wolf made his next move, they started running again.

The wolf cached the second one, a chubby little female. With the same moves, he raised her over him, and opening his mouth, and slowly started gulping, before she even reached his tongue. Again, and again, gulping, he kept his eyes closed feeling with pleasure the tasty little goat, coming down. A bulk appeared from his neck, and went down, and down, until it sat in his belly.

The next one was the older goat, which looked like a small white pig.
"You eat well, eh?" Smiled the wolf. " Well today, I am the one who eats!" and stuffed him immediately into his mouth. But while the wolf was gulping, a new feeling started to take over. He started feeling a weird tightening around his waist, as the pants were shrinking. But of course his stomach was expanding, as the third goat, came to join his brothers.
The wolf opened the buttons of his shirt, and took it of, and then unbuttoned his pants, and took them off to. The four little goats that were left watched the big wolf semi-necked wearing only his boxers with his inflated hairy belly jutting out.

Then, he took a nice stretch so the food would take the most comfortable seat in his belly. Then he could continue. Yea, now he felt good…
And while the fourth little goat was going down his throat already, he grabbed a fifth one. Gulp, gulp, he was gulping his food with pleasure, feeling already full. One more…that would be the best one. In a mater of seconds he held it with his hairy arms, and gave it a very warm hug. He wanted to show it how nice it would be in his massive body. And there it goes.
The wolf was so occupied that he missed the seventh and most tiny goat. The little goat run and hide inside the big furniture clock.
The wolf gorged looked around for the last goat. He didn't see it anywhere. Not very worried he went around the house to search. When he entered the bedroom he saw the Big and unbelievable comfortable double bed of the Mother Goat. No need to look for the little goat. He lay on the bed, covered with the feather blanket and within minutes he fell asleep holding his round stomach.

Only one hour passed when the mother goat entered the house with two bags full of candies for the kids, and seven large strawberry pies-one for each. But she immediately sensed that something was wrong. She started to look all around the house. She had a bad feeling. All of it went away when she entered her bedroom and realized that there is a huge bulk under the blanket. She left the bags next to the bed.(she didn't notice the big hairy legs that were actually extending out of the bed. Cause the wolf was so big he didn't actually fit in it.) She smiled thinking that the kids had been hiding from her and she would reveal them by raising the blanket. And so she did, but it was not he kids! She almost screamed by her surprise. It was a fat brown haired wolf head sleeping! Her first thought was to see the rest of his body…including his member. Then she realized that he might have damaged her kids. But then she stacked to the first idea. So she slowly uncovered his furry gray chest. I appeared big and pillowy. A golden chain around the wolf neck was lying on his chest, making it look even more interesting. Up to now everything was perfect. The goat sat next to the wolf. She was a pit afraid, but on the same time really excited. She had a very attractive beast on her own bed, and she would take the most of it!
She pulled the blanket further down. The wolf belly revealed in all its glory like a big hairy beach ball, inflated with his last meal. The wolf started to snore obviously out of pleasure and while asleep he scratched its stretched skin… The goat understood what happened. She had lost a few kids by wolfs so she was only a pit sad. But more anxious. She put her hands under the blanket hoping to hold his cock. Slowly but insisting in his underwear she got it. Her eyes blinked. It was HUGE! She took the rest of the blanket off, and took a more comfortable position to feel it on her mouth. That was a little problem though as the belly was hanging heavily over it. With some effort she managed to push the belly of the sleeping wolf so her mouth could taste his big cock. The wolf was feeling full and satisfied during all this time. But now he started feeling a funny erection within his hairy legs. The goat had started to suck with all her passion. She could feel the erected cock up to her throat!
Mean while the wolf started to wake up. His eyes opened slowly. After a few minutes he realised what was happening, and decided to leave the goat do her job. His stomach was satisfied and now he was enjoying the goats tongue on his cock.
Suddenly he felt like some air in his throat. A loud burp sounded in the room. The goat surprised stopped and stand. She saw the wolf looking at her.
"Oh dear!" she soughed and realized that the wolf was away. She turned and started to run to the door. She had to go out. The wolf was behind her. He could feel his swollen belly jiggle left and right. He should let her go like this. She passed the corridor with the rooms, run down through the stairs and passed the lining room. The moment that was ready to open the door, and big hairy bulk appeared in front of her. She was in such a hurry that she couldn't stop running until she bumped in the wolfs round belly. Trying to get breaths she looked over. The wolf was twice her height. He was staring her with eyes full of lust.
"Please don't stop." he said with voice sweet like honey " I like it".
She fell immediately more comfortable with his sweet deep voice.
But then came Hell with a voice shoutingg from out…
" Darling!!! What are you doing in there???"
" Shit! My wife! You have to hide!"
The goat run again up stairs to the bedroom and closed the door behind her. The wolf thought for a moment not to open the door. But it would have no meaning as his wife had seen him from the window (luckily not the goat). He realized that he was wearing nothing. He run to the living room and get his clothes. And his belly, being enlarged now, was making his actions difficult. "Damn!" he said when he realized that the pants had shrink. Or actually it was his stomach that had grown. After great tries to suck his belly he at list fitted in them having them unbuttoned. Then the shirt. He really looked funny, as the shirt was in such a tense in his waist there was a gap between every button overflooded with brown tufts of hair . He could do nothing more than opening the door…
" Hey dear…"
" Why do you stand behind the door? Let me inn!" said the wolfine. The wolf opened and let her in. While he run and sat at the dining table, opening his legs so the belly could fit. He bended down so his big gut would be hidden under the table. A funny thing sounded when two buttons of his shirt flinged to the floor.
" So were is our lunch?" She asked.
" ehm…"
" No, listen I can explain…"
" there's nothing to explain. I had enough of you! Go and get food, or else I will take the kids and move out!"
" Honey listen…do you like this house?"
" Yes…it is more than you can afford…"
" I bought it for us!" he lied to calm her down.
" Oh yes? And were did you get the money?"
" The goat sold it to me half price cause she was in a hurry to move".
" Really???" Her voice and face softened to a sweet expression. "Honey I love you, I'll get home-I mean ex-home- to get the kids!"
After the door closed behind her, the wolf raised and head to the upper floor in the bed room. He felt a pit funny in his front, while he was walking, noticing that all the buttons of his shirt were popped off, leaving the Large hairy belly to hung free. He didn't notice that someone was at the door, entering… and it wasn't his wife.
The wolf took off his pants while descending up the stairs. The door opened and with the sight of the goat nude on the bed, the wolf jumped over her. His cock was already up. He fell with his belly over on her, not leaving her a chance to move. The legs of the bed couldn't stand so much weight and with a crashed, taking the wolf and the goat on the ground with the mattress. His cock was in it's target. He was feeling such a satisfaction as the goats hole was small- in comparison with his wife. While the goat feeling pain she found her self feeling like screaming of pleasure.
" What are you doing there woman!" Yelled a ram that entered the bedroom.
"Oh my God! My husband!" said the goat. " He was in a ship trip!". Her voice had fluctuations as the wolf was moving up and down over her. He turned to look who was at the door. It was a short fat ram covered in grey fur. He looked very angry. The wolf wasn't used to be bothered by anyone (but his wife).Anyway he had such a good time that he turned, and continued. The Ram got mad of anger and pounced on the large carnivore ready to beat it. The wolf felt something bother him around his neck fur. Instantly he grabbed that Ram and opening his mouth he stuck his head into his jaws, with ought even stopping moving over the goat. The Goat was in a dilemma, of pleasure and fear of her husband, or the wolf.
The glutton wolf decided that (even if he was full) he wanted more meat into his belly. His tong already tasted the fatty lanoline from the Rams head. The Ram could see nothing within the wolf jaws. He felt a gulping pulling him in, while regretting for interfering with his wife's bysnes. The Goat, being held down of the weigh of the wolf, saw her husband being devoured.
" No!!!!" She shouted and freed her hoofs. She grabbed the legs of her husband. The wolf closed his eyes, while being in extreme pleasure…sexual and gastronomical. He could just feel meat getting down through his oesophagus. They three looked like an odd circle. The wolf was penetrating the Goat, the Goat was holding the Rams legs, the Ram was being swallowed by the wolf. But there was an end to that. The wolf gulped again, while feeling the new meat reaching the already swollen stomach. Now only the Rams legs were extending from the wolfs jaws, and the Goat was still holding them. The wolf gulped again, and felt a weird pulling down, but he didn't gave attention. It was actually the goats hands that were into his mouth. The Goat tried to free them, but it was to late. The wolf didn't noticed that either. He just enjoyed the gluttonous feeling of his gut expanding violently while the Ram was half way through, meeting his children. The wolf bended down continuing devouring.
" Wait, wait!!! You're eating me to!".
The wolf opened his eyes and realised it. But Who cares! He wanted more meat, and MORE meat to his already rounded belly. He put his hands on his abdomen pushing down the bulk of the Ram. One pushing was enough. And suddenly the great stomach extracted violently when the legs of the ram entered it, moving his bellybutton several centimetres forward. The wolf felt this sudden expansion even to the bones of his waist. That was enough…if he kept this going he would certainly explode! But he couldn't stop. The goat was already half way through. He felt her head as a bulk deep into his hairy chest, while he felt in his jaws the flabby belly. After the extraction of the rams way through, the goat was much easier to enter. The problem was that the stomach couldn't afford to hold more. An other gulp, and the head of the goat reached the stomach. She felt her husbands back. The wolf was now in a pain. But he couldn't stop until this was finished. One more gulp and the legs disappeared through his jaws. This was impossible. The wolf Tried to land his legs on the wooden floor, while looking up. He stand, and his belly was laying on the mattress. With his upper paws he forced the bulk of his neck to go down. The wolf felt he was out of power. Gulp again. With a final try the Goat was stuffed in the stomach, making it reach it's ultimate elasticity.
The wolf fell on the bed. He left a loud burp, and fell asleep.

It was only fifteen minutes later when the wolfine entered the house with their little cub. She looked around. She felt very proud for her husband after a long time. He managed to buy this beautiful house, even if the furniture looked a pit small.
-no answer-
Maybe he wasn't there. " Kid, go up, and pick up your room. We'll all enjoy this house!"
After a while the wolfy cub came down running: " Mum! Something's wrong with dad!"
The wolfine went on the upper floor, walked through the wooden corridor, and entered the main bed room. And there he was…
In the beginning she was surprised by the funny view. But when she realised what had happened she smiled sweetly. The cub went behind her.
"It's nothing… your daddy just did his best for us to have a better house. Go to play now" she whispered.
She walked into the room. Her husband was laying on a collapsed bed. Deeply asleep. His one hand was hugging a pillow. The other one was laying on his furry chest, scratching it now and then. From the head to the hand on the chest, everything was normal. But further down, was a huge mammoth belly, that looked as if it weighted as much as his weigh! It was so much over stuffed that in the area around the bellybutton she could see the skin being stretched under the fur! Her beloved husband was laying there, bearing in his monster stomach a hole goat family. Thank his huge appetite!
He did everything for his family (well basically cause of his gluttonous appetite, but anyway). The wolfine felt very touched. She went near and padded his over swollen stomach gentry. She was amazed he did that. She had to do something to please him…

The wolfs eyes opened and closed. In the beginning he didn't feel anything.
"…honey! Wake up, come down!". Now he realised. That was his wife calling. The wolf tried to sit on the bed. That was much more difficult than he expected. He was feeling a funny pain on his waist. Then he remembered. And with pleasure he patted his belly. It had been so much bloated that the feel of it was hot and hard. When he managed to raise, he had to walk bending back, to tolerate his new weight. He was walking slowly, feeling gorged to carry six little goats, a Ram and a sexy famine Goat all in his waist. All together in the round Meat ball of his own.
When he finally arrived down, he realised that it was nigh, and all the new home was full of light. On the living room was a large armchair. And on it there was his cub sleeping. Only wearing his underpants. His belly was big and round. Like a micrography of his father.
"Hey dad… you left something in the clock…" and the cub patter his gorged belly. sure-that was the seventh little goat.
"Wooow!" Said the Big Wolf proudly. Went and raised him on his arms, admiring his sons new belly, that looked exactly like his (20 time smaller). He sat on the armchair, feeling like filling the hall space, while his sides excess. He placed his cub on his massive gut and padded him.
" I see that you take good examples of your father!"

" Boys…" they both turned to see the mother. I made something little to celebrate our new home. They both turned and see that the table was full of sweets. And two Huge wonderful smelly apple pies.
Both wolf and wolfine looked at their swollen bellies, wondering whether they could bear more. -sure they could.
Eventually the cub ate a little of the apple pie. All the rest went to the MEGABELLY of the father.
They all lived there together. The wife, never yelled to her husband.