Title: Scar's Uprising
Author: Wolfgang Wolfe
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Scar’s Uprising by Wolfgang Wolfe
An alternate lion king vore story

All characters Copyright of Disney

The Savanna, a beautiful place really. Tall brown grass hiding the dry dirt below, a water hole scattered here or there and a variety of fauna in the area. The gazelle grazed with their young, the hippos floated about in the cool water while others basked in the sunlight. The many colorful birds flew about minding their business and tending to their own birdlike matters in the tall trees that were few and far apart. A hyena here or there skulked about hoping to find a carcass or two but more importantly were the almost regal lions. They resided in a certain rock formation known as pride rock, further feeding their royal appearance. It was a large place that could be seen from anywhere in the area, it had large caves within that housed the lions and served as their own places to keep cool.
At the top of it all was the head lion Mufasa, a very wise and fair king in the area. He was not small for a lion though not exceptionally large though either, his golden fur was only offset by his reddish brown mane that he proudly showed. Next to him his mate and queen Sarabi, a beautiful lioness who stood not much shorter than Mufasa. Though she had no Mane to distinguish her, her tan smooth fur was hardly common as many of the other females looked rougher. And finally their son Simba, no more than a few weeks old at the time stood between them looking over the edges of the rocks curiously, he looked exactly like his father minus the mane (that would soon come) yet he had the wide inquisitive eyes of a child. They looked down at their son and smiled knowing that he would soon grow and take over, finding his own mate. As did Mufasa’s advisor Zazu, a small blue bird with a real big beak and a very snotty attitude, and Rafiki, a shaman and baboon that had helped present Simba before the kingdom and was a good friend of the Royal family.
None of the other animals objected to this as it was the customary pattern and most people were rather happy to hear of his birth…all except for one…

Mufasa’s brother Scar wasn’t all too happy to hear about the cub’s position who was undoubtedly better than his own. As the kings brother all scar got was to stay on pride rock. The skinny and sleek lion snuck about almost in shame or rather like a snake, his dim orange fur could barely or was rarely seen in sunlight, his black mane which distinguished him very much and those eerie green eyes didn’t help much either. Another key feature was the “scar” over his right eye, obviously giving him his name. He stayed to himself at the lower regions of pride rock, he came and went at his leisure and secretly had a good portion of the hyenas at his control. (just in case he should ever plan his uprising)
But nobody paid him much attention and he was content with that at least, this gave him plenty of time to scheme. So he sat in his cave day after day night after night, knowing he would have to get rid of Mufasa and more importantly Simba in a way that not a single trace could be left…finally he had it. Though it took a good year and Simba had matured much more since then he finally had his idea and he was about to set it in motion….
“Dad! Dad!” Simba yelled biting at his father’s ear as he tried to wake him up. The lion rolled over lazily and looked at his son still half asleep.
“What…what is it Simba?” Mufasa asked still trying to wake up.
“Remember! You said that today we would go hunting!”
“Oh yes, I did say that didn’t I…well Simba I didn’t mean at the crack of dawn.” Mufasa chuckled and pat his son on the forehead, “But now that I’m awake I might as well, c’mon son, lets get ready.” Mufasa said and finally stood.
“Yeah! I can’t wait!” Simba smiled and followed his father eagerly anticipating watching his father in all his hunting glory.
“So where are we going to go anyway dad?” Simba asked and climbed up onto his fathers back,
“We’re going to go down by the river today, but we must be careful not to go into the river, the current is very strong and who knows what is farther down the river So be careful ok son?” Mufasa said in a serious tone, “Ok dad! I’ll be really careful!” Simba smiled and climbed onto his fathers head. Mufasa chuckled, “alright then, lets get going.” He walked away from pride rock for the last time, though he did not know it was his last time, nor did anyone else…except for scar.
“Now let’s go through this again so that you idiots don’t botch this up!” Scar growled as he congregated by the river with some of the hyenas, “the three of you will grab that little snot of a nephew of mine while I take care of Mufasa, and you over there,” he yelled over to some hyenas standing by the edge of the river, “Make sure those rocks over there are good and slippery!” They smiled back at him and nodded as they began to use their tails to splash water onto the surrounding rocks.
“But boss, how are you going to take on Mufasa all by yourself?” One of the less intelligent Hyena’s asked, which was answered with a slap from Scar.
“You idiot, when Mufasa gets here I will distract him and he’ll slip on the rocks over there, a fall like that should be enough to knock him out long enough to finish the job.” Scar smirked at the thought of it, “Oh, wow you’re smart boss!” The hyena nodded.
“Yes I know, now everyone get into your positions they should be arriving soon.” He whispered and hid behind the now slippery rocks near the edge of the river and awaited Mufasa and Simba.

A few minutes later the two arrived near the river and stayed low as not to alert any prey in the area. Mufasa signaled for Simba to stay close as he looked for something to attack, Simba looked around and tried his best to imitate his fathers motions when suddenly he saw a grasshopper go hopping by. He instantly turned his attention from his father to that as he strayed from him and followed the grasshopper away from his father. He followed closely behind it for a good 20 ft and just as he was about to pounce a paw covered his mouth and pulled him away behind a few rocks that had piled up near the river. Mufasa turned around quickly as he heard a muffled yelp and saw that Simba was nowhere to be seen!
“Simba! Simba where are you!” he yelled out looking around frantically for his son. “Simba this is no time for games!” he shouted growing more desperate and worried by the minute, it was then that Scar decided to strike…
“You say it’s no time for games, though I have always enjoyed a nice game of Tag!” Scar roared and leapt at his brother who didn’t have enough time to turn around as Scar landed heavily on his brothers back. He might have been able to withstand the blow but his paws shifted uneasily under the rocks below him and slid out of control into a large rock head first. He laid there bleeding some from his head as his world became blurry then dark, the last thing he saw was Scar laughing down at him before he blacked out, not dead but unconscious.
He walked down to his brother slowly and stood over him, chuckling to himself, “well brother, I bet you never saw this one coming did you!” he smirked and looked up as he saw a group of hyenas coming back carrying the struggling Simba with them, one of them still covering his mouth as he tried his hardest to yell for help.
“Make sure he watches, I want him to remember this for the remainder of his short life…” Scar laughed and repositioned himself over his brothers head, he laid down on his stomach and faced Mufasa, they now laid face to face on their stomachs (though Mufasa had been knocked out) that’s when Scar did something VERY unexpected. He yawned his jaws wide open until they all heard a loud pop from his jaws! He had unhinged his jaws completely! He continued this yawn until his mouth nearly touched the ground! He then inched forward and began to take Mufasa’s head into his jaws!
Simba struggled even more now but unsuccessfully as he watched his father about to be eaten alive and unable to do anything about it. Scar just continued to take Mufasa’s head into his mouth as he swallowed now, bringing Mufasa’s muzzle into his throat, he now had the entire lions head in his mouth and began to coat him with saliva to make it easier when he swallowed, when he was done with that he swallowed again and brought all of Mufasa’s head into his throat. His throat bulged around the large meal but pulled Mufasa in inch by inch as he continued to move down the larger lion. Scar opened his mouth extra wide to take in Mufasa’s broad shoulders, feeling some pain as he opened his mouth monstrously wide to do so. After much licking and forcing with his paws he finally worked his way past the shoulders and was now licking over his brother’s large chest. He continued to lick and pull him in until his wide chest was also pulled into Scar’s Ravenous gullet, once he got past that it was an easy task after that. The other Hyenas watched and chuckled and laughed to themselves as Mufasa had already begun to awake midway through the eating. His head could be seen entering Scars belly and his legs kicked weakly, Scar paid it no mind though and continued to swallow down the king of the Pride lands.
Tears streamed down Simba’s face as he watched both confused and horrified as his father, THE KING, was swallowed alive. Scar had finally reached his waist and continued to lick and almost enjoy his brother’s taste or rather the taste of victory as he nearly finished off the king. First one leg slipped in and then the other as he swallowed them both down with relative ease. All that remained was Mufasa’s long tan tail that ended in a tuft of that reddish brown hair, then even that disappeared into Scars jaws with a loud slurp. He rolled over feeling utterly stuffed and looked at his HUGE lion filled belly. He patted it and watched it quiver with his brother inside and snickered to himself. It now stuck out a good 5 or 6 feet before him as he looked over to Simba and smiled in his face, followed by an unrepressed belch. The other Hyenas laughed and cheered at this sight while Simba’s Sadness was replaced by anger and hatred. He took the opportunity to bite the Hyenas hand, after a howl of pain he released Simba and he charged full speed at his gorged uncle.
“Foolish cub!” Scar laughed and effortlessly slapped Simba away, though not intended the slap knocked the rampaging cub into the river, which wasted know time in swallowing him up…he was out of sight and tumbling down the raging river in a matter of seconds….
Scar rolled over onto his side and then stood with some difficulty as the 450lbs of lion in his gut sagged to the ground heavily. The sounds of steady gurgling could be heard and the digestions would take some time (and add on QUITE a few pounds) but scar didn’t care…he had finished his job and now would claim his place as ruler! With no one to claim the throne, his reign of terror had begun....

Somewhere down the river….
The river emptied miles away into a rather large oasis, large trees swayed all around it and provided cool refreshing shade, the water glistened in the sunlight and in the distance…singing could be heard… “Awimbaweh Awhimbaweh, In THE JUNGLE THE MIGHTY JUNGLE THE LION SLEEPS TO…hey, Pumbaa! What’s that over there in the water?” The small mere cat jumped off of the rotund Warthogs back.
“I don’t know Timon...hey it looks like a Lion cub! And he’s still alive!”
The end…or just the beginning…