Title: Return of Simba
Author: Wolfgang Wolfe
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Return of Simba by Wolfgang Wolf
An alternate Lion King Vore story
All characters Copyright of Disney
Many years had passed since that sad day, with Simba believed to be dead; Scar had turned the pride land into a dead waste land. The once proud and beautiful land was littered with dead carcasses and destroyed trees, the grass was brail and dying and the waters had begun to run dry. The hyenas and Lions both had to share the land and pride rock and the results were disastrous. The hyenas stole the lions prey and hunted relentlessly, leaving little or no hunting grounds for the Lions. The hyenas grew ever stronger while the lions had to go great distances to fine food, growing weaker, slimmer and sicklier looking by the day…except for one… Scar himself. The now old lion had grown quite fat since the day he ate his brother and rather enjoyed his Cannibalistic ways. A good 4 or 5 more Lions and Hyenas had gone missing since then and it was doubted that it would stop. The Lions and Hyenas both new of his ways but there was still little they could do to stop him.
Sadly, even Sarabi, Simba’s own mother had fallen to scar’s ravenous Consumption, Especially since Scar had known how much Simba cared for her. But the thought of Simba being dead made him even more determined to do as he pleased.

The young and true King was now quite the adult. He had grown much larger since then and so had his will to return. With the help of his true friends Timon and Pumbaa he had grown well muscled, his back and legs rippled with muscles. His mane was a reddish brown color almost exactly as his fathers, whom he resembled very closely. For him it was almost like a prison without bars or walls or steel. He trained diligently though he had his moment with his friends where they would goof off. But today was the day when he would return.
“I really don’t know how I can ever thank you guys, I mean, you practically raised me!” Simba said as he was preparing for his journey back to the pride lands, the two helped him gather a small supply of food, which he would carry on his back along the way.
“Simba It was our pleasure!” Pumbaa said getting tears in his eyes as Simba prepared to leave; Timon quickly hit Pumbaa on his side.
“C’mon Pumbaa, we said, we…wouldn’t…cry!” He said and the two of them instantly broke into tears, crying hysterically. Simba merely shook his head as he looked at the two of them.
“You guys, wait a minute…why don’t you come with me?” Simba smiled at his own brilliant idea. The two paused their crying for a moment and thought…
“Go with you...hmm, I don’t know…we have so much to do here, I mean we have to sit around, and eat bugs, and well…” Timon said still thinking but Pumbaa put a hoof over his mouth and answered for the both of them.
“Simba, we would be honored to go back with you!” he nodded and smiled with great pride, “I mean after all, it’s not everyday you get to help a king!” he laughed and helped Timon climb up onto his back.
“Oy, well I suppose were going with you…but uh, just a quick question Simba…what exactly are we up against?” He asked worriedly.
“Well, from what I remember…Hyenas, lots of them, I think my uncle had control over them or he was their leader, but you guys leave him to me. Timon’s eyes went wide as he heard Hyenas.
“Hyenas?! Why did it have to be Hyenas, I hate hyenas…” he sighed and smacked himself on the forehead as they started walking away from the oasis, the sun at their backs. “Well let’s go and get ourselves killed…”Timon sighed.

Back in the pride lands…
“RAFIKI! Where is that old fool?” Scar roared as he sent some hyena’s to go find him. Moments later, three hyenas returned and tossed Rafiki near scar, on his face. He stood up and managed to keep good posture and dignity despite his situation, the old baboon that was once a respected friend of the family (at least with Mufasa) now was constantly pestered by Scar. The old, fat lion constantly sought predictions from Rafiki, though Rafiki refused to yield any. The only thing he ever told Scar was that if he refused to leave the pride lands, the Lions and Hyenas alike would die out.
“What is it you wish of me Scar?” Rafiki said staring into the lions eyes fearlessly, Scar got up lazily and walked toward the baboon which he towered over and growled.
“I grow tired of you antics and riddles shaman! Now tell me what I want to know!” He growled and raised his paw to strike Rafiki, though he stood still and never flinched.
“I will tell you as I have told you before, you must leave the Pride lands if you hope to survive.” He answered and was about to walk away when Scar leapt in front of him.
“You don’t turn your back on me Shaman! I know there are more hunting grounds out there and I know that you know where they are!”
“I know not of any hunting grounds, you have killed this land and you must move on…” Rafiki said and proceeded to leave.
Scar watched and growled as he did, unable to harm the Baboon as he was far too valuable. The same 3 hyenas walked up to him shaking with fear,
“Uh, s,s,s,sire what should we d,d,d,do?” The first one asked nervously. Scar spun around and smacked him, knocking him roughly into a rather large boulder.
“KEEP SEARCHING AND KEEP HUNTING YOU FOOLS!” He roared and retreated to his quarters. The lions merely sighed and went out again, searching for hunting grounds that they knew did not exist...among them was Nala, Simba’s Young love. She too had grown into a lithe and beautiful lioness. She knew deep inside her that Simba was alive; she also knew that he would return one day, though she knew not when. Still she trudged on and struggled to live, the other lionesses would give her any food they could find as she was the youngest and strongest and every time she promised them there would be good times again. So she continued on and waited for Simba’s return.
Rafiki trudged home to his tree, just away from the pride lands. He sat down heavily and placed his walking stick against the wall. He sighed and looked through his various drawings and potions when suddenly something hit him! Like a bolt of lightning he searched frantically and finally saw a painting of Simba he painted when the cub was born. Tears filled his eyes and once it was tears of Joy and not sorrow.
“Simba? Simba is alive!” He jumped like he had not in years and danced around happily, he knew now more than ever that Simba was alive as his greatest premonition came to him. He saw Simba return to the pride lands and strike down scar, though there was to be a great battle that would last through the night, Simba would finally reclaim his rightful throne and be king! He instantly got to work and began to prepare for the upcoming battle…

Finally the day had come…
About a day later Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa had finally reached the pride lands…Simba nearly cried at the sight of his now ruined home. The streams had dried up just as the grass and life that normally was so vibrant. He gritted his teeth and knew that only Scar could have had this effect on his homelands. Timon and Pumbaa watched wide eyed as the looked through the area, never having seen such destruction in their lives!
“Yuck! I mean…yeah this place looks great Simba!” Timon laughed falsely at the sight of this place, he rubbed the back of his neck shyly and looked at Simba who had a determined look in his eyes. “So were going to fight your uncle…for this?” Timon spoke up again and pointed at the direction of the pride lands,
“yes Timon, we are and I’m not going to stop until…” he was about to finish when he smelled a familiar scent, he looked around the area and saw a Lioness collapsed on the ground a few yards away, he ran over to her and instantly realized who it was!
“Nala! What happened to you?” he said and nuzzled her, barely conscious she looked up at him and tears filled her eyes at the sight of him,
“Simba? You’re alive! I knew you were…” She nuzzled him back weakly; he slid the pack of food off his back and nudged it to her.
“Here eat this; it will make you feel better.” He continued to nuzzle her lovingly as she quietly ate the food he gave her. Surprisingly the food gave her a big boost of energy as she stood up now, her legs feeling a bit weak. She quickly explained the entire situation to Simba who grew more and more enraged by each word she spoke.
“And my mother? She’s gone too…” he sniffled some and a single tear rolled down his cheek…
“I’m so sorry Simba…” Nala nuzzled him affectionately.
“Don’t be, all that matters now is that I KILL Scar.” He growled and they all began to press on towards Pride rock…

At pride rock…
The other Lionesses returned with out food and now without Nala. Scar was furious! A single Lioness stepped forward to scar.
“Scar, we have lost all food and now we’ve lost Nala! We must move on or the rest of us will die!” She roared at him, Scar ran down to her and was about to smack her with his all his might when from the crowds a loud roar could be heard, a roar that sent shivers down everyone’s spines.
“DON’T…YOU…DARE!” It was Simba who stampeded through the crowd of hyenas and lions (with the help of Timon, Pumbaa, and Nala of course) and jumped up just beside the lioness. She looked at Simba in disbelief and a smile instantly replaced that look. Scar had backed into a corner, frozen with fear!
“Simba, but I…how could you…?’ Scar stumbled through his words; Simba simply stared at the fat, old lion, the gray streaks in his mane made that evident.
“It would seem time has not been kind to you uncle…” Simba said stalking toward his uncle who continued to back away from him.
“Well, yes Simba...haha you have a good sense of humor despite it all…and I,I,I I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.” Scar said still stuttering with fear, “But just as time has not been kind to me…neither shall they be to you!” He roared and the hyenas attacked instantly, swarming around Simba and the others. All the lionesses stood by Simba and the others and prepared for the upcoming fight while Scar quickly began to run away from the scene, climbing up Pride rock. Instantly the Hyenas pounced almost as one, dozens of them began attacking the group. A few were knocked away effortlessly by the lionesses but other still bit and clawed at the group, some lionesses fell just as some hyenas had but Simba Nala Timon and Pumbaa still fought side by side. Just then a Hyena had managed to jump through and was jumping straight for Simba’s neck with it jaws wide open, Simba looked and cringed as it was about to strike when suddenly a stick crashed down on its head and knocked it out cold. It was Rafiki of course, who lunged out and struck a few more with his staff before he caught his breath and stood near Simba.
“It is good to see you are alive young one, go! We will hold things down here; you go and get your uncle!” Rafiki said just before he attacked another few Hyenas, Simba simply nodded to him and used the opportunity to make his way up pride rock.
He climbed the structure of rocks with great determination knowing that his goal for years would soon be complete. Finally he reached the summit and looked about, the sky was dark and clouds gathered around, the crack of thunder could be heard in the distance and it instantly began to pour down raining. He looked around getting aggravated as he didn’t see his treacherous uncle nearby, just as he turned around to look; the huge lion pounced on Simba and pinned him on his back, having a good 200 lb advantage on Simba.
“Well, well, well…look what we have here.” Scar chuckled as Simba struggled to get from under his uncle. The evil lion smiled and applied extra pressure on his struggling nephew, almost knocking the wind out of him.
Simba gasped for air and tried to speak, “well scar, it looks like you’ve won again, sneaking up on somebody like a coward.” He coughed some in his uncles face, Scar growled at this and struck Simba across his face making his nose bleed heavily and a little blood spill from his mouth.
“Oh Simba, foolish child, maybe I should dispose of you just like your father…” He smiled and licked his nephew along his cheek, Simba cringed in sheer disgust.
“Or maybe…I should get rid of you!” Simba said and using all his strength he kicked his obese uncle off of him and made him land flat on his back. Scar laid there in shock, trying to catch his breath as Simba stood weakly trying to stand. Scar having somewhat more difficulty barely could even roll over onto his side, but Simba quickly ran over to him and slashed him across his face. He watched as his uncle yelped and three sharp scars spilled blood from his cheek. Scar tried his best to crawl away though with his weight and loss of breath it was a sad sight.
“Please Simba, cant we…uh…talk about this?” Scar pleaded as he continued to crawl away,
“No scar we can’t!” he roared and leapt in front of his wounded uncle. “Give your regards to my father scar, that’s if you see him that is…” He growled and suddenly and unexpectedly yawned wide and unhinged his jaw! Scar looked on in horror as he realized what he was about to do! Simba took advantage of his shock and pulled his uncles entire head into his muzzle, Scar tried to struggle at that point but Simba pinned his paws with his own, he walked forward some and swallowed his uncle’s head with a powerful gulp, his nose and muzzle began to press into Simba’s gullet as his roars and yelps became muffled. Simba struggled to lift his uncle up a bit more but he did and held him by his sides as he leaned onto his back, pulling his uncle with him. Now Simba could swallow Scar a little easier as the lions laid belly to belly. He swallowed again and Scars broad shoulders were pulled into his maw as he continued to gulp his uncle down hungrily. Scar still continued to struggle but Simba had his paws pinned to his sides now and they weren’t doing him much good. Another powerful gulp and his chest began to slide into his maw, he licked over his chest some to make it easier but the taste almost made him spit him back out right there, yet still he continued and pulled his uncle in more with the help of his paws.
Scar had given up his struggles now and accepted his fate, as he felt his nephew’s throat muscles grasp his face and pull him down helplessly, the air got thinner and thinner for him as he heard Simba’s heart beat, one of the last sounds he’d ever hear. But Simba kept swallowing relentlessly, he reached the Lions gut however and had some difficulty as his mouth had to stretch even wider to take it in. But the combination of his Swallowing and his saliva finally won and his uncle’s gut sunk down into Simba’s gullet. Another few powerful gulps and His uncle’s gut disappeared into his gullet and was massaged by the strong throat muscles. The hardest part was done as Simba relaxed his throat and pulled his uncles legs in; he looked down and saw his own belly grow tremendously as it filled with the 500lb lion. Another few gulps and the uncle’s legs and feet disappeared down Simba’s throat, all that remained now was Scars Tail which twitched weakly as Simba’s stomach acids began to work on whatever was already in his belly, with a loud slurp the tail disappeared and Simba had won. He uuuurrrped loudly as he completed his meal and smiled contently to himself, he got up sluggishly and heard the gurgling noises of digestion and smiled to himself.
He finally stood and his belly dragged heavily across the ground, he walked to the edge of the summit and looked over to see that the lionesses were pushing the Hyenas back and several lay either dead or wounded. The rains had drenched everyone and after a few more moments, the hyenas were being driven back. The battle was won, and Simba had reclaimed his rightful place.
He walked back down pride rock with some difficulty though he walked proudly with some relief. The others walked up to him and looked him over, they realized instantly what he had done and had seen the strike across his muzzle that indicated a struggle. Nala ran over to him and began to lick and nuzzle at his cheek; he simply smiled and nuzzled back, happy to see she was alright. Timon, Pumbaa, Rafiki and the remaining lions looked on happily as the rains had begun to stop and the sun had begun to show, they barely noticed that they had fought through the night.
None of them cared though, they all rested well that night knowing that there would be peace and prosperity again, though it took time and effort, the pride lands were eventually returned to their once glory, and Simba, Nala, and all of their allies lived long and prosperous lives.
The End