Getting Really INTO Tomb Raider 

By Gimlet
Story Copyright (C) By Gimlet
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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without author's Permission.

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  Max was so engrossed he didn't notice the thunder storm at first, and by the time he did hear the wind outside it was too late.

He was playing Tomb Raider I again, after the disk had been sitting in his cupboard for over a year, and had barely started the first level when he noticed the sound of the trees thumping against the side of the house.

"What the...?" he said, turning round just as the lightning bolt struck the house.

For a moment he could see nothing, his vision a blur of white from the flash, the impression of the window imprinted on his retina. After a few minutes of blinking he could more or less see again.

Then he smelt it, the tang of ozone.

"Oh m'god! The computer!" He whirled round to look at it, but stopped half way round.

To his right, about two foot away from him, was a spinning disk of multicoloured lights. It looked like some bad special effect from a 60's scifi flick.

He managed a breif glance over at his computer as he tried to figure out what was happening, and it seemed to be running, though the minitower case had splashes of carbon burns around it, and over the wall socket where it was plugged in.

"Wow, it still works?" he said, staring at Lara's back still on the screen.

Then he turned to the more inexplicable event of the disk floating in the air.

After a few minutes of just staring at it from odd angles he rolled up a magazine and tentatively poked it. The magazine dissapeared into the multicoloured disk and some movement caught his attention to his left from the monitor.

He quickly turned back to the screen, dropping the magazine to his side, and thought he saw some movement on the screen for a moment... odd? There didn't seem to be any monsters left in the vicinity of Lara so what was it?

Anyway, that was hardly important relative to the disk! He went back to it and realised the magazine was intact. He poked it into the swirl of colour again and once more it dissappeared. He looked round the back and it wasn't sticking through.

As he looked at the front again he caught a view of the computer monitor at an angle, and his jaw dropped.

Poking out from below the camera view was the end of a magazine! His magazine! He waved it around, and the one on the screen moved too, no delay at all!

"How does it do that? The computer doesn't have a model for that?" He mused out loud, trying to figure things out.

He glanced back and forth, from the disk to the monitor, and eventually he moved towards the disk. Before he could rethink his decision he stuck his hand into the disk.

There was no pain, and on the screen was a crude, blocky representation of his hand. As he waggled his fingers, so did the one on the screen!

"Wo, cool!" he said, and spent the next few minutes waving at himself onscreen.

Eventually he tired of this and pulled his hand back out. He glanced tentatively at the disk. It was over 2 yards across, it wouldn't be hard...?

He made up his mind and quickly jumped through, again before he could change his mind.

When he opened his eyes he was in a cave, and before him was Lara, her body gently swaying as she alway did on screen.

But this Lara was not the crude blocky version from TR 1, but looked more like the cut sequences, only slightly more detailed. Odd? When he'd stuck his hand through it looked blocky on screen? What is this place really?

Slowly he edged around infront of her, but Lara just stared fixedly ahead. He tentatively reached out and pushed her shoulder. She swayed backwards, then regained her posture once more, never moving her eyes once from looking straight ahead.

He pondered, not being able to resist staring at her body as it swayed faintly infront of him, and thought about all this. To his left the disk looked the same on this side as it did from the other, and seemed to be centered on the camera view in the game.

As he continued to think his eyes strayed once more to the perfectly formed breasts bobbing enticingly infront of him. He shook his head and went back to the disk. He poked his head and shoulders through and leant over to pick up the joystick.

Leaning back into the 'game world', or what ever it was, he turned back to Lara. Carefully he pushed the stick forwards a little, and obligingly Lara walked forwards a step.

Max had to jump to one side as the disk moved with her. Of course, it was centred on the camera view! The camera followed Lara about.

Though the disk moved, the length of cable from the joystick sticking through on this side seemed the same. The disk on the otherside must remain where it was, it was just this end that moved.

Making sure to stand to one side he spent several minutes admiring Lara as he made her jump pirroet and roll around. After a while he couldn't resist it and put the joystick down and went up to her.

Gently, he grasped her right breast. It felt real! It squashed lightly beneath the thin fabric of her top as he held it! Still her face remained impassive. It seemed that no matter how complex this reality was it didn't include intelligence.

Max seemed a little sad at this. He'd somehow been hoping that she'd reach up and stop him or something. Thinking about it, that probably wouldn't have been a good thing. God knows what she'd have done to him after he tried to feel her up! He chuckled at the thought as he continued to massage her warm breast.

Max was still trying to wrap him brain around this when a crash sounded from the disk. He was so tense that he jumped and his hand, still fastened to Lara's chest, pushed the computer generated woman over.

He gasped as Lara fell over backwards and landed on the floor. Surprisingly she didn't try to get up, but just lay there, gently rocking back and forwards as if she was still standing! Also the disk hadn't moved either as she'd fallen away from where she'd been standing.

Slowly Max reached down and held her under her armpits and hauled her back a ways. The disk didn't move!

Max smiled and hefted her shoulders up off the floor, resting Lara's ponytail against his chest as he backed into the disk. She didn't seem to weigh anything at all and he continued, carefully lifting her through the 'portal', or whatever it was, and carrying her over to the bed.

Again, she lay there, slightly rocking, her body positioned as if she were still standing.

On a hunch he reached through the portal and picked up the joystick again and pulled it and the cable back through.

He moved it a little, and yes, she pantomimed walking as she lay there on her back.

All this was very interesting, but he realised he'd been putting off the obvious for a while and now just couldn't resist the temptation!

He reached over and slowly reached under the bottom of her sleeveless top, pulling it out from her shorts. It was real, it wasn't just a 'graphic' mapped onto her skin. Underneath the cloth she was real skin!

He slowly stroked a hand across her belly, then quickly pulled her top upwards. Yes, her breasts were real too, though it was a challenge keeping her arms up above her head as he struggled to get her top off her. It seemed her natural position was with her arms by her side and she kept trying to put them down.

Eventually he managed not only that, but got the rest of her clothes off her too. God she was beautifull! He stood there gazing at her body as it gently rocked back and forth.

Although he was gazing at her entire body, his gaze lingered somewhat on her face. He had always had a thing about lips and mouths, and he just had to check that too.

Slowly he reached down and pressed an index finger from each hand inbetween her lips. They slipped in and he gently pulled, opening her mouth gently. Lara's jaw was eased open and Max stared in, straight down her throat.

Yes, the inside of her mouth was there, complete with tongue, but it seemed to end just beyond the entrance to the throat. He could see the inside of the back of Lara's head in to the dark beyond her gullet, barely an inch from the back of her mouth.

Gently he pushed his hand into her mouth, smiling at the odd sight, and felt his hands slip beyond the end of her throat. He felt around, and could feel the insides of her skin. She was hollow! Just a textured skin!

"But in that case why were her clothes seperate?" he wondered. This didn't seem to make much sense?

Still it seemed interesting nonetheless and starting to sweat he rapidly got undressed himself.

But rather than laying down on her naked body, her knealt up above her head on the bed, facing up away from her, and leant over, pushing his feet gently into her mouth. He pushed some more and saw her mouth stretch incredibly around both his feet as he twisted around to sit above her as he eased his calves into Lara's tight mouth.

It was quite a job squeezing himself inside her, but it felt wonderfull! Slowly his legs pressed and edged their way deeper into Lara, his feet now well clear of her throat and waving around in the open cavity of her insides.

Soon her mouth had slid past his knees and was half way up his thighs, her mouth stretched obscenely by the act. He couldn't wait for her mouth to encompass his throbbing member as it neared the entrance.

However now his feet poked at the insides of her bottom. To go any further he fiddled around till his feet slid into the insides of Lara's hollow legs, sliding down inside them.

Soon her lips spread wide around his hips and he reached down to ease his balls into her mouth gently. He sighed as her mouth held them, then slowly wriggled his way deeper, feeling her lips sliding up his shaft till it plopped completely into her mouth.

Here he stopped for a bit, wishing there was a control of the joystick he could do that would make her suck him! Sighing, he eventually pushed in further, feeling his hips squeeze into her throat, then out into her body interior, his cock springing free inside.

Slowly he worked his way in, sliding deeper and deeper into Lara. After a few minutes her lips were a warm ring fitting snugly under his armpits. His feet were nearly to the bottom of her legs and it was pinching a little in places.

He reached down and grasped her hips and pulled, edging himself deeper, pressing his armpits deeply into the side of her mouth as his feet finally popped into place inside her own. That felt better, though his crotch was a little tight, and his rear, two somethings were pressing uncomfortably against them.

He reached around and pushed his right hand in along side his body and shoved it down till her lips popped over his right shoulder. He fiddled around, but had difficulty one handed so repeated this with his other arm. Now her lips were holding his neck lightly, and he could feel her tongue against the front of his chest and neck.

He fiddled around and found a tube pressing against his cock. At first he couldn't figure out what it was, then realised, it was the passage of her vagina! When he explored at the rear it was of course the entrance to her rear.

Chuckling he eased his cock into the passage from inside and sighed as her velvety skin folded over him. God that felt good! After a moment of indecision he wriggled and felt the tube of her rear push into his. That felt odd, but after a moment he decided he liked that too.

Still smiling he settled down, and then realised he could feel the bed covers! Somehow being far enough in to 'fit' properly, his legs into hers, hips into hers etc, meant he could feel through her skin somehow!

After a bit of pondering he reached up inside and pushed his hands into Lara's arms, eventually fitting his arms into hers. Yes, those too he could feel through now! As he reached down to Lara's body he realised he could even feel her pussy as well with his cock inside it!

To complete this he reached up with Lara's hands and pushed his own head into Lara's mouth. Slowly he saw his view shrink as her lips covered his face, till it was gone completely. He then grabbed her head and pulled, trying to get further down. That didn't work so he reached into her mouth and around his head and pulled and stretched.

After quite a bit of effort he managed to push his head in past the end of her throat and laughed in joy as he succeeded. As opened his mouth to laugh the pipe of her throat slipped into his mouth and he couldn't help it as it slipped into him, his tongue fitting into hers as her head returned to normal shape around his.

He blinked. What? He could see through her eyes!

Slowly he stood up, looking down at himself. To all intents and purposes he was Lara Croft! He laughed again, and heard a higher tone of laugh, a feminine laugh. God was everything of his subsumed into Lara?

Not quite, if he pressed on Lara's hips his cock poked up out of her slit. He sighed at the sensation and just lay back on the bed, spending the next few minutes massaging Lara's breast, easing a finger into her slit, and stroking her body all over. It was heaven!

As he lay there he glanced up at the computer screen and saw the empty cave.

"Hmm, wonder if that's changed the code?" he said to himself in Lara's voice, then sat upright. "Actually, I doubt it has!"

Quickly he jumped up and sat back at the computer and exited Tomb Raider, intending to restart to see if Lara was still absent from the game.

As soon as he did this Lara's body seemed to squirm slightly, but he didn't really notice, instead started the game up again. He'd just got the game proper running and stood up to walk over to the disk when things got weird.

Suddenly he stretched his arms up and yawned... but he hadn't done that! It was Lara!

Flabergasted he struggled but couldn't do anything as his new body slowly stretched and scratched itself. It seemed she'd just woken up!

"Hmm, I feel... odd somehow. Huh?" Lara said, noticing the disk infront of her. She reached out to touch it and saw her hand slip inside it. Feeling no pain she stepped in completely, to find her self in the familiar setting of the cave.

Inside Max could see, feel and hear everything Lara did, but was powerless to stop her, eventually he gave up and went with it, watching what she was doing desperately.

Lara was trying to work out what she was seeing.

"Is that me?" she said, walking up to the other Lara Croft swaying gently infront of her, this one still clothed. "Hello?" hearing no response she waved a hand infront of the girl's face and got no response at all.

"Weird! some sort of drone or something?" she grasped the other Lara's arm "Feels warm though, seems alive, just no-one home!" and she smiled, gently tapping the other's head

Then she frowned.

"It feels like I should... do something" she pondered. It was like a compulsion. Something familiar, something she'd done recently, and needed to do again!

To Max's amazedment he saw and felt it as 'he' stripped this new Lara as naked as 'he' was! My god, since when was Lara a lesbian? But it seemed that wasn't quite what Lara needed to do.

Max stared in shock as his Lara opened her mouth wide and pressed the new Lara's head into her mouth!

He could feel it as the massve bulk of her head squeezed tightly over 'his' tongue. Lara leant over a little, and pushed down, slipping her meal's head fully into her mouth, her lips sliding down around the neck warmly.

Max couldn't believe it, he couldn't feel any pain as her mouth, and hence his mouth inside her, was stretched massively around the other Lara's head! This was impossible!

He guessed that some half remembered memory of him pushing his body into her mouth had triggered this somehow, making her desperate to eat someone, and this was the only 'person' around.

Then Lara swallowed. There was a massive stretching sensation as the enourmous mass of the head squeezed it's way down into his throat. How was this not hurting? It must be in his throat now, past hers. Surely this must be tearing his throat apart trying to get into such a small aperture! But no, it continued to gain ground as Lara's lips spread incredibly over the other's shoulders.

Max felt Lara's hands reach under and grasp the breasts, heaving the other Lara up off the ground and forcing her in deeper. With a wriggle she managed to ease both massive mamaries into the tight confines of her maw, slipping her hands free after they were completely ensconsed in the warm wet interior of Lara's mouth.

Her tongue ran languidly over their malliable skin, squeezing and massaging them even as she swallowed yet again. The two enourmous breasts were squeezed back, plunging into his throat as he felt what he thought was the head entering his stomach.

The next bit went surprisingly quickly. Lara reached up and grasped the still swaying hips and yanked them towards her. The shapely body slipped cleanly inbetween those wide stretched lips and slid deep inside, her hips only barely seeming to slow the progress as her tongue ran gently over first the belly, then sex, then slurping up the still moving thighs as they slid in.

Pushing and gulping slowly worked in the legs and Max could feel the massive bulk of the second Lara curling up inside him. he could taste her skin as it slid in and was in heaven, but feared what this was doing to him in there!

With a final rolling gulp the dainty feet slipped into her mouth and were slurped up to plunge down with the rest of her. She sat down on the floor and rubbed her massive belly.

"Mmmmm, god I needed that!" she said sighing to her self.

She sat there on the floor for a while, just rubbing her enormous belly, now outlining the shape of the other Lara curled up inside. As she (and thus Max) looked down she chuckled at the sight of the slowly swaying hips, still moving inside her.

"Well well, she takes a licking but keeps ticking, eh?" she slapped her belly roughly where those swaying hips were inside her and grinned "Now all that's left is to find out who made that thing, and why? Hmm, wonder if she was actually made for me somehow?"

Carefully she stood up, her gigantic stomach swaying before her.

"Whoah! Going to take a while to get used to th..*BUUUUURRRP!!!*" She staggered as the massive belch erupted from her, echoing round the cavern like an avalanch. Gasping she felt her stomach cave in, collapsing in tightly. By the end of the prolonged belch her belly was flat as normal and she felt incedibly satisfied. "... *gasp*... or possibly not?" she managed weakly as she leant against the cavern wall.

Poking her belly she assured herself she was still OK, she'd just.... well, absorbed probably, her meal in less than a second.

She leant against the wall still, sighing, then frowned. She felt something shifting inside her, something squirming. It felt like her insides were changing, contorting. Screwing up her face she clutched at her belly and collapsed to the floor, kneeling down as the shifting continued. With a grunt she felt it spread from her stomach outward, flowing out through her entire body!

"Argh! Ungh! God, What's happening to me!" she gasped as she clutched at her stomach.

Max was asking the same thing, after all it was HIS stomach that was contorting, not hers! And now the rest of him was shifting, stretching. Obviously she felt his insides just as he felt her outsides, but that wasn't really topmost on his mind right now as he tried to blot out the pain from his innards.

She/he knelt there, quaking for a few more seconds as the feeling continued, then gradually faded away. She/he panted furiously, leaning over on her/his hands.

Slowly Lara got up.

"God, maybe it's this place?" she managed "I gotta get out of here before anything else happens to me!"

She staggered to the disk and stepped back through into Max's bedroom. She went over to his bed and collapsed on it, gasping for breath.

"Oooh, my insides feel like.... like..." she poked her belly, then her eyes went wide "LIKE THEY AREN'T THERE!"

She sat up desperately and poked her belly more furiously, it still felt normal from the outside, but inside she couldn't feel the pressure, as if her body was hollow! As she stared at her belly she noticed something else. There was a purple bulge just poking out from her sex! She blinked as her gaze alighted on it, and inside Max gave a mental equivelant to a gulp.

She reached down and touched it, stroked it.

It felt soft and silky, almost real. She frowned and curled over, paying closer attention to her crotch. Carefully she spread the lips of her sex wide and revealed the bulbous head of Max's shaft more clearly.

"What? A dildo? How did that get in there?" Carefully she eased her fingers in alongside it, stretching her sex wider than she thought it should be able to as she did so. However somehow doing that didn't even hurt. Shrugging she slipped them in further, sighing to herself at the sensation. However she more wanted to get that thing out of her, who knew where it had been?

When both hands were in up to the knuckles she curled them around it and gripped it. Slowly she pulled on it. It slid out a little, then stopped and showed no signs of moving any further.

Frowning she pulled again and felt it tug, but didn't move outwards. She thought she'd felt it twitch, but she must be deluding herself. With a grunt she pulled again, and suddenly felt her thighs flex down of their own accord as far as they could go!

"Whoah! Hey, what was that?" She blinked as her thighs returned to normal. Max inside gave silent thanks, she'd nearly tried to pull him out by his member! His legs would have broken as they bent backwards. Actually it was when they tried to and thus bent her legs outside that she stopped. Praise for little miracles!

Lara pondered. She had to find out what this 'thing' was. And why wouldn't it come out? Well, since her sex was suddenly being so 'pliant' perhaps she could find out?

She leant over as far as she could and managed to just look down onto her sex. Then slowly she slid her hands in again on either side. Inside Max tensed for another excruciating yanking session, but it didn't come. Instead he felt the waves of pleasure as she slowly eased her hands in further, pushing them almost completely into herbody.

Then she spread her hands, gasping herself as her sex was eased open. She opened her eyes once more and saw.... a man's groin! A man's groin INSIDE HER!

"Wha...wha...?... What is this?" she gasped. She widened her hands a little further and saw it seemed to be complete, a whole set of a man's hips within her own. How was that possible... More to the point WHO was it and why had they done this?

She soon figured out what Max already had about her previous attempt and realised that was no way to exit, but how else? She then pondered, and lifted her thighs, flexing them up and down, then grinned. Well, if her sex spread that far why not?

Gritting her teeth she pulled her hands back out, biting her lip in the process as her sex quaked around her hands, then wiped them on the bedclothes. Then she paused, it was going to be somewhat awkward to manage this, if it was even possible!

Frowing she grew determined and turned over as she sat up, finally kneeling down, her legs spread wide and her body leant over almost flat with the bed. She slid her hands between her wide spread thighs and reached up to her rear.

'She isn't going to do what I think she's going to do is she?' Max thought desperately inside her. Then he felt her hands press up against her/his anus 'My god, she is!'

With a determined expression she gritted her teeth and heaved. With a wet plot her left hand plunged into her rear up to the wrist, way more easily than she imagined it could... and more pleasurably than she thought too! She clutched her eyes shut and moaned, and couldn't resist sliding her hand in and out for a moment.

Blinking she focussed and slid the other hand in too, just as easily as her rear opened wide. She panted as she reached in as far as she could at this awkward angle, but couldn't feel anything but the passage in. She heaved a little more, then her fingers hit empty air, the tube of her anus just stopped, a cavity beyond!

"N.. nothing?" She gasped, bending over a little more, pushing her head into the covers as she tried to get more of her arms up inside herself, an almost impossible task at this angle. She managed an inch, but that was all, her wrists totally enclosed between her buttocks. Her fingers still twitched against empty air in there, a void inside her... No, not her, him in there!

She didn't understand it, but that must be it. So she curled her fingers over either side of the lip of that tube and PULLED!

Max tried to yelp, but couldn't, as his insides were heaved downwards, he felt a pushing, spreading sensation on his rear. He realised it was the tube of her rear pressing first into him, then as he was hauled down, it folded outwards.

Lara heaved, feeling something give, then gasped as her knees jumped up. She was forced to stand up, and almost toppled over. She managed to twist so her boubled over back leant against the wall by the bed as she stood there, head between her legs, arms up into her rear, pulling with all her might. God she must look weird!

Lara chuckled at this for a moment, then pulled again, she could feel an odd twinging sensation, mostly in her feet and head, but a little all over. As she pulled the sensations moved to her hands as well, and also her eblows flexed oddly, wrists jumping for a moment. She could feel an odd straining inside her as she continued the heave.

As she watched the space between her spread thighs she gasped as her wrists pulled out... and were covered in something, looked like a doubled over pipe! Then she realised her hands were moving faster than the sensations in her rear said they were. This was getting way too bizarre!

With another few tugs she felt her buttocks tense, then part, and something huge start to emerge. With a grunt she heaved again, and saw that tube start to stretch and spread with the bulk. Yep, it looked like an ass. With a heave she pulled again, trying to get the invader out from inside her.

She could feel a rippling from her sex now too, and realised it was the man's tool slipping down from inside her. After another few pulls it was free, her sex now empty. For a moment she blinked, pausing. She almost wanted it back in again! No, that was no way to think. Get him out first, ask questions later.

Another heave and the odd tingling continued, her elbows and shoulders twisting oddly as if something was flexing inside, against the lines of her arms.

Lara was beginning to tire and stopped for a moment, then jumped as she felt her 'visitor' settle slowly under gravity, gradually dropping back inside her again!

"Oh no you don't!" She desperately gripped the insides of him again and pulled with all her strength. There was a sudden ripple along her arms, their shapes bulging and twisting for a moment, and similar oddities in her body as she felt a huge stretching in her rear. With a gasp she saw the tube turn inside out completely, with the man's rear heaved out of the end of the tube. With a gasp she realised she couldn't feel the insides of her rear any more, or to be exact couldn't feel 'him' in her rear any more.

She experimentally pulled one hand from him and then touched the tube. Yes! It was the insides there, turned inside out! Gross!

She tried to put that out of her mind, along with how that was possible, and shoved her hand back into him again and pulled once more. She could feel it going easier now and felt him shift, and got hislower back and doubled over thighs out of her. She sighed as her rear squeezed down around his slightly less bulky calves and chest. It seemed to go a lot easier now, and she seemed to be able to bend her legs at the knees once more.

Relaxing she gratefully bent over, kneeling down to the bed as she tried to curl the offending buttocks up between her legs so she could continue to reach and heave him out of her. It took a lot of effort, but slowly his legs and chest slipped out, till she saw a face gasping between his doubled over legs. With another few pulls his feet popped out too, only his hands from the elbow up still entrenched inside her rear.

Here she stopped and closed her thighs firmly, trapping them there and stared down at the panting naked man. She had to admit, she was having to restrain gasping for breath too! That had been very.... exhilerating, to put it mildly!

"OK, who are you, how did you get in there, and more to the point, WHY?" she said, glaring down at him.

Max shied away from her gaze and reluctantly told the whole story, including how he could feel/see/sense everything she could when he was in there. This last bit of the tale definitely got her attention, he saw her blush!

", you're telling me I'm a computer graphic?" She said, trying to focus on something else. "That's stupid!"

Max grunted, the warm insides of her rear still holding him. His hands were free in the space inside her, but his forearms were held tight in that tube.

"Look, you're hollow inside, you just came through that... that... spinny disk portal thingy, and there's a computer showing what was happening on the other side! What more do you want?" he said.

"I'm hollow inside? what about you?" He blinked not understanding her She glared down at him "Here, I'll show you!" She leant over him and shoved a hand down into his mouth. He felt it slide down, over his tongue and... nothing. He couldn't feel anything else beyond there! Then he felt a 'thump' on the inside of his head, and realised she was flicking the inside of his head from in there.... the inside of his HOLLOW head!

With a wet slurp she pulled her arm out, flexing her hand as it eased back into his mouth, then out. He gasped, then without thinking 'Mmmm'ed as his tongue slipped over her arm and hand.

Lara's eyes went wide and she whipped her hand out of his mouth.

"What, you want to eat me?" She gasped and he felt her anus clutch at his hands inside her, squeezing him tightly.

"*Ack!* Hey, don't knock it till you've tried it *gasp*, why d'ya think I did this in the first place?" He grunted as he saw her face looking a little odd. What... then it clicked, she was embarassed! "Ahhhh! So you DO want to know what it feels like!"

She jumped, then quickly lifted her legs up, planted her feet on his shoulders and shoved him free of her. He toppled over backwards onto the floor in a heap.

"N... no! That's stupid! W.. why..." she paused, Max jumped at the chance, interupting her as he pulled himself up on his elbows.

"I know you do, I know how you felt when you swallowed that other 'you'. Just imagine what it would be like on the other side" He grinned up at her, seeing her face wracked in indecision.

Suddenly she lunged at him. Max realised he may have been TOO successfull at persuading her! With a jolt she dived at him, plunging her hands straight down his throat. He gagged as she elbowed her way into him, thusting her body up vertically above him and sliding in with her weight.

A gurgling slurp resounded as her head and shoulders pressed into his mouth, his tongue playing over her body as he heard her start to moan inside him. She wriggled and shoved and he felt her breasts start to edge in over his lower lips. Jinking and heaving she slid down inside him, her breasts bouncing and squeezing into his mouth, the succulant flesh pouring into him.

Max worked his jaws and rolled his tongue over Lara's soft breasts, tasting her completely as she slipped deeper, her breasts heaving into his tight throat as she moaned and shook within him. He gasped himself, feeling her middle entering him, his lips sucking up to her hips almost too quickly for him.

Longingly he slurped in her hips, tasting her sex and giggling as the tube flexing from her rear bumped into his nose. Before her hips dissappeared from view he reached up and jammed the tube back into her and felt her jerk and gasp within him. Then Lara continued her decent.

He felt her curling up inside him, settling in his gut, swelling him as her long slender legs were slurped up, soon knees and ankles followed and then two twitching feet were gulped down and he heard and felt a tremendous shout from inside him, his body wracked as she stretched, jerked through her orgasm.

"GGEEYYYAARGGGGHHHH!!!!" came the exclaimation.

Max almost felt the same, almost wished she was out here with him to hold, to feel her skin against him again... almost. He grinned and clutched at his swollen belly, bulging with her whole curled up body.

"*Gasp.. pant* So, did you *Gasp* like that?" He said, chuckling into his swollen stomach.

A laugh answered his question, her body shaking as she chuckled deep within him.

"*sigh* Told you'd love it!" He said leaning back and lying down on the bed, the bulk of his swollen belly swaying above him. He smiled as she squirmed within him.

"Oh yes," she replied, somewhat muffled "and I KNOW you'll love how I'm going to get out!"

Max's face went white as he felt a hand on the insides of his rear. This could prove to be an... interesting relationship!