Title: High Treason
Author: Wolfgang Wolfe
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High Treason
Little John, Robin Hood, Prince John and Sheriff of Nottingham, and all other characters© Disney.
Story by Wolfgang Strife

It was a sad day in that forest when Robin Hood and Little John had been captured. No more merry tunes were heard throughout the forest, no, they had been replaced by the woeful mourns of the good people and most especially of all from Maid Marion. She feared she would never see him again, she had heard many rumors about new execution methods the prince had been experimenting with and her fears and worries would all be confirmed.
The prince sat atop his throne with the Sheriff at his side, down below them in chains and twine were the so called “criminals” Robin Hood and Little John.
“Bring forth the prisoners!” the fat wolf yelled, adjusting his already tight belt around his gut. The Prince sat contently as the guards forcefully pulled Robin and Little John to their knees.
“And how do you scum plead to your crime of Treason?” The prince asked with an evil grin plastered on his face.
“Not Guilty!” Little John yelled out struggling to get free from the chains but it was no use.
“Silence the fat one!” The prince declared and snapped his fingers; the guards instantly gagged the portly bear. “And you Robin Hood? How do you plead?” The Sheriff asked his paws on either side of his gut.
“You know the answer to that! And I say the crown belongs to the real king…LONG LIVE KING RICHARD!” he shouted and also tried to pull from his chains.
“SILENCE!” The prince shouted and stood up from his throne. “Throw these miserable outlaws into the deepest of my dungeons, I will see to their execution….personally…” he chuckled and was escorted away, the Sheriff following close behind. The Blunt edges of swords hit Robin and Little John behind they’re heads, making them fall limp on the ground, not knowing where they would be taken, or where they would awaken…or if they would at all. Days went by and they neither ate nor drank for that time, until one day when morning came….

Robin Hood and Little John awoke to find they’re arms still bound to a wall with chains; they’re only escape a door that was guarded by two huge alligator guards.
“What are we gonna do Rob? We haven’t eaten in days and I feel as though I may pass out at any moment!” Little John said now a look of worry came across his face,
“I don’t know Johnny but be brave…”Robin said, before he could finish his sentence another rather large alligator came into their cell, his belly hung out clearly from the uniform he was wearing, he was not a guard but rather he seemed to be wearing something odd….a chefs outfit?
“Well, well, Robin Hood and Little john…” the chef said walking over to them, he looked at Robin with an evil glare and lifted him up easily by his neck with on claw. He used his other paw to squeeze and pinch at his flat stomach. “Hmmmm, what a disgrace, just skin and bones!” he laughed and dropped robin hood rather roughly on the ground, then he turned his attention to little John and grabbed his brown furry gut. “Ah this is more like it, but still not good enough. Well the prince has requested that you too be *chuckles* well fed before your execution, and I’m here to see to that.” He said and snapped his fingers; the two guards came into the room and unlocked the chains. Robin Hood and Little John tried to spring to their feet but found they could not move them as they had been drugged in some way.
“Take these two to the new torture chamber, I will be there shortly!” The fat Alligator yelled and walked out of the room, the two guards struggled to lift Little John out of the room as another guard came in and effortlessly slung Robin Hood over one shoulder.

A few moments later they found themselves tied and bound once again but this time each of them were tied down to two separate tables, with their arms spread above them and their legs spread apart as well.
“Why don’t you stop messing around and kill us already you scoundrels!” Robin Hood shouted out again, but his yells fell on deaf ears. A moment later the door busted open again and about 20 of the kings wenches barged into the room, each of them carting in large trays of food! Some containing fine pies, cakes, various meets and soups, another tray containing barrels of cream and ale’s while other contained nothing but sweet pastries and other desert dishes. 10 of them each gathered around the two captives, followed by the large alligator chef.
“Well, I hope u enjoy your torture here with our fine cuisine considering that this meal will most definitely be your last…” he laughed and left the room, locking the door behind him. The wenches all turned to Robin and Little john laughing some as they prepared to serve the food.
“Open wide big boy” one of them giggled picking up a nice sized apple pie, another 2 girls came over to the sides of the table and tilted them slightly so that they were almost standing straight up with a slant. But the two instantly shut their mouths and turned their heads as the girl tried to feed them.
“Ah I see you must think it’s poisoned…well here look.” She said and took a fork and stuck it into the warm pie, she pulled it back showing thick gooey apple sauce and nice flakes of crust and pushed it into her muzzle, gulping it down easily. They waited a minute and watched as nothing happened to her. “See? Now open wide sweetie.” The girl said stroking little johns’ chest, he slowly opened his mouth and took a bite of the pie as she held it up to his muzzle…it tasted great!
“Mmmm! Oh man! Rob you gotta try this stuff!” he said and began to greedily plunge his face into the plate of pie. Another girl instantly took the opportunity to walk over to Robin Hood with the same kind of pie and allowed him to take a bite.
“Mmmm! It is good Johnny!” he said and also dug in.
“Hey man, *gulp* if this is torture, I want to be captured all the time!” Little john said with a mouth full of pie. The girls giggled and watched as the 2 girls fed Robin Hood and Little John the apple, and the 2 ate every bite. Hell, Robin licked the pan when he was done. Next one of the girls grabbed a barrel of ale and held it up to little johns’ mouth; she tipped the barrel back as he began to drink from it, some dripping down onto his shirt and belly as he drank rather sloppily. Another wench was doing the same with Robin only he had had a barrel of cream. The food was so good that he barely even noticed he had begun to develop a little gut…
Finally, after the two had finished off the barrels of drinks Little John belched loudly and licked his lips, quickly looking around for the next girl. “Hehe so what’s next on the menu?” Little john asked and watched as the girl pulled a chocolate cake from the cart, he opened his mouth wide and the girl stuffed a fourth of the cake in, he munched it loudly and looked over at robin hood who had a mouth full of cupcakes. Little John wolfed down the cake and opened wide for the next piece, his own belly beginning to grow a bit bigger. The bear finished the cake in no time and quickly began on a plate of brownies; the wench simply slid the tray into his jaws and allowed him to swallow the brownies almost whole. “How you doing buddy?” Little john asked looking over at Robin hood who’s shirt became tight on him as his own belly poked out from under it. He had just finished with eating two hole pieces of the finest ham when he turned to little john and Belched,”I’m doing fine John!” He said and opened his muzzle again as the wench began to pour a large bowl of pudding into it….
A good 3 hours had passed and the two now lay their on the table stuffed to capacity, their tight shirts had ripped open and their bellies hung down well past what they did when they first arrived. The trays had all been emptied and not even crumbs remained in the wake of their gorging. They laid and moaned as their bellies were tight and the fur and skin stretched painfully over them, Robin Hood’s cheeks had grown fat and so had little johns as they had eaten enough to feed a good village block of people back in Nottingham. The wenches just stood around them giggling to themselves when suddenly the Cook walked in again smiling widely at the site of the two.
“Now this is what I like to see!” he grinned and patted Robin hoods tight belly which stuck out a good 2 feet in front of him. “So gentlemen are you ready for the next course of out meal?” He asked and put his other paw on “not so” little johns belly which now stuck out about 5 feet in front of him. The two groaned already feeling stuffed.
“I’m sorry sir, your food was excellent but we can’t eat another bite!” Robin Hood groaned.
“Oh I knew you’d like our new extra fat cooking methods but I’m afraid your meal has just begun…” he grinned evilly and snapped his fingers. About 4 rhino guards walked into the room holding the family of Rabbits that Robin Hood and little john had become good friends with. “It seems somebody needs a little lesson in what happens when you forget to pay taxes; we shall now show Ms.Rabbit a little lesson in what it is to be without!” The alligator laughed with his hands on his own jiggling belly, the guards threw the family of about 20 rabbits roughly onto the torture chamber floor. They all hugged each other, sobbing and crying as the mother rabbit was brought in after them, the alligator quickly took her and bound her hands and feet with chains to one of the rooms’ walls. The alligator nodded his head and the wenches left the room, soon replaced by 3 alligator guards, one of which was dragging behind him a rather large figure, apparently moaning in pain. Little johns’ mouth went wide…”Is that…Friar Tuck?” he asked seeing the rather plump badger dragged into the room. One of the guards laughed evilly, “He also was arrested and sentenced to execution for treason…” he said and dropped the friar into the room, closing the door behind him. Two of the guards then turned Robin and John to the family of rabbits (now with some difficulty) and then stood just in front of the family. The large alligator chef nodded again and the guards smiled, the first guard grabbed a young rabbit maybe no older than 5 in his paws and lifter him up to his muzzle.
“NO MY BABY!” The mother rabbit yelled out, tears streaming from her eyes.
“NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Robin Hood yelled out painfully and struggled to move with very little success. The guard opened his muzzle wide and stuffed the crying rabbits head into it, he licked over the rabbits face, almost tasting his tears and took his entire head into his mouth, he gulped loudly and pulled the rabbits head into his gullet, he swallowed again and pulled in the shoulders with little effort followed by the rest of the rabbit, after a few moments all that remained were the quivering legs of the rabbit before the guard tilted his head back and gulped them down. A shivering lump could be seen going down the gators throat before it settled and formed a lump in his belly. He grabbed his distended gut and belched loudly having had his first snack. The other guards followed his example and one by one the rabbits disappeared. A few moments later, the guards stood there stroking their bunny filled bellies, the scales stretched some as the rabbits wiggled about, feeling the digestive juices beginning to work. They burped almost in unison and laughed as the rabbits slowly began to stop moving. They each consumed about five rabbits maybe no older than 6 years of age for each now only 4 rabbits remained, the mother, the oldest son and daughter and the youngest. Robin coughed now almost wanting to vomit at the sight, for the first time in his life he felt…defeated.
“You bastards, you…you didn’t have to involve the children.” he sobbed crying some, all little john could do was stare at the gators and growl, trying his hardest to break from the chains. “Oh sir Robin hood the fun has just begun!” The largest gator growled and snapped his fingers again. An alligator guard grabbed the oldest son by the neck (Skippy) and nearly choked the life out of him, using his other paw he stripped the child of his clothing and signaled for the other two to grab robin hood, the first one grabbed robin hood and held open his muzzle and the second held him still as he tried to shuffle about. The largest gator nodded at the guard who awaited his command he grinned and began to lower the now screaming rabbits head into robin hoods muzzle, tears poured from his eyes as he saws his mentors jaws just inches away from his muzzle. Robin Hood himself broke into tears as he felt the poor rabbits head enter his mouth. The screaming became somewhat muffled as this happened and the guard pressed his head in farther, making robin hood swallow and pull the rabbit into his gullet.
The large alligator placed his hand on the guards shoulder,”don’t push him in too quick…I want this to last” he chuckled and let him finish his work. The guard shoved the rabbit in up to his chest as a noticeable bulge began to show on robins’ neck, he gulped reflexively as the guard let go of the rabbit and let Robins own throat do the rest. Every swallow made him cry more as he now knew there was nothing he could do to save him. He gulped again pulling the young bunny in up to his waist, now that his throat muscles pulled as well the bunny was quickly finished and sent down his gullet and into his much larger belly. He could feel the Skippy quivering in his belly and he could almost hear him screaming from inside him…the feeling made him sick.
The large alligator chef walked up beside robin hood and whispered in his ear…”Now the worst part is over, the other we’ll just stuff in as we’re pressed for time. But know at least that all this has been prepared just for you. One of the slowest most agonizing punishments we could think of, but it’ll all be over soon.” He smiled and left the dungeon again. Little john now also cried knowing that robin had been broken by this act, he laid there almost in shock as he saw his friend held down as the guards began to stuff the second rabbit down his throat. Robin couldn’t even protest anymore as he gulped down the second rabbit, now 2 were quivering and dying slowly, being digested in his tight gut. Finally they forced fed him the youngest rabbit and simply laughed as he cried quietly to himself. Little John looked over to see the little bulges in his belly move about as Robin laid there still sobbing some though not as much, then he quickly turned his attention to friar tuck who had just begun to wake up, though he could not speak (for there was a gag in his mouth) he quickly noticed little john and Robin hood. Just then two of the guards pulled him to his feet while the third stripped him naked, his light tan colored fur was exposed and his belly poked out some, well below his waist. After he was relieved of his clothing the third guard brought his attention to Little John, he quickly returned the table he laid on to a simple laying position and motioned for the two guards to bring over the corpulent cleric. They roughly pulled him over and then did something rather unexpected, they tossed the friar atop of little john and the two lay belly to belly, looking somewhat confused and worried at the same time. “Heh you didn’t think we forgot about you did you little john?” The third guard said and then forcefully opened the large bear’s jaws. Little john tried his hardest to close them back but to no avail, Just realizing what was about to happen the friar struggled to get away but it was hopeless as the other two guards held him in place, pinning his arms to his sides.
“He’s a big one aint he?” said a voice from outside the torture chamber, as the door creaked open they found it was the sheriff! “I’m guessin’ you’ll be needin’ some of this then?” he said and help up a little vile containing an odd yellow liquid. He smiled and walked over to the Friar and licked the side of his face, “you don’t know how bad I wanted to be the one to do this to ya, but orders are orders, For now anyways…” he chuckled and poured a few drops of the liquid into Little Johns mouth. He suddenly felt his jaws loosen and pop as they dislocated allowing them to stretch impossibly. The guards didn’t waist not one minute before they pushed the Friars head into little johns gaping maw. He groaned and struggled as they shoved him in but his head fit in easily with the help of the mysterious liquid. Little john tried his hardest not to swallow but found himself doing it uncontrollably as the friar pushed into him easier and easier. The bulge of the friars’ head became visible as the bear now gulped him up to his shoulders. The guards wasted no time and pushed on the fat Friars rump, shoving him more into the Brown bears muzzle. He was in up to his chest now as little johns tongue licked over it accidentally, tasting the badgers’ sweaty fur. But now came the most difficult part, the badgers’ huge belly! Little John’s jaws strained to take it in but soon enough his belly began to be gulped down as the rest of him did. Halfway across his belly little john began to sob at the thought of eating one of the only men in the forest who always stood by Robin Hood and their cause. The sheriff was oh too pleased to see this and began to rub the big bears belly as it expanded full of badger. “Just a little more now.” He laughed as the friars’ entire belly had finally been mashed into little johns’ maw, he swallowed heavily and sent it into his gullet as the throat muscles massaged and compacted it. With a few final gulps the friars’ legs slid into his jaws, only twitching some here and there as he swallowed them. After a few agonizing minutes the now huge bear gulped down the friars’ feet and belched loudly as he did. His belly stretched tremendously now sticking out a good 6 and half feet in front of him. He groaned and belched again, never being so full before in his life. The sheriff smiled and pressed and ear to the Bears quivering belly and laughed some. “Finally, you guys down here in the torture chamber sure do take your sweet time with the prisoners; now bring these two to the princes’ chambers.” He yelled and the guards quickly undid Robin Hood and Little johns chains, neither of them putting up much of a fight…they had successfully been broken. It took a good 5 guards for each of them to even be lifted off the tables and they were taken slowly out of the room, all that remained there was the mother rabbit who still had not awaken from her shock.

A few minutes later….
Robin Hood and little john found themselves laid across the princes’ bed, making it creak loudly under their weight. It would have been a beautiful room to be in if not under the current circumstances; the bed was a large canopy bed with red sheets and drapes hanging around it.
Robin hood turned and looked at little john then spoke softly, “john, you’ve been a truly good friend, and whatever happens from here on, no matter what they do to us, know that we died as brothers and we died for a righteous cause.” He smiled weakly, now truly feeling death around him. “Right rob, you’re like a brother to me to, no, you are a brother. And if I could’ve chosen to die with anyone else it would be….” He was about to reply when the evil sound of laughter could be heard coming down the hall way.
“What a truly sorry sound, Robin Hood and Little John…Sobbing like babies!” it was the dishonorable prince john. A rather scrawny looking lion, with no mane and very dull claws (due to his “sheltered” life) he was wearing a blue robe of some sort and with it tied tightly on him it still hung loose, some prince indeed!
“Oh, I’ve waited for this day a long time, and I would have gladly given all my gold for this!” He laughed and walked over to a chair in the corner of the room; he slowly pulled it over to the foot of the bed and just sat looking Robin Hood over.
“You may kill us scoundrel but know this, once the king hears of this you will surely be murdered!” Robin hood said gaining back some of his past vigor.
“Oh, Robin ,Robin my dear boy, you must mean if the king hears about this…and if he does…we have ways to take care of that.” He grinned and reached into an inner pocket of his robe, he pulled out a vial of the same yellowish goo that the guards has used on Little John to make him swallow Friar Tuck whole! Just then the fat wolf of a sheriff came into the room, no longer wearing his uniform but more of a night gown like garment, and by the looks of it he was sporting an even bigger belly than usual.
“I’m sorry if I’m late Sire, but I had to go keep Ms.Rabbit Company…”He belched and pat his swollen gut as he sat in a chair across the room and placed his paws on his twitching gut.
“Just wait till I get my hands on you!” Little john said still struggling to but still unable to move, but now rather because he was stuffed to immobility.
“Hehe you seem to be right on time…”the prince chuckled and then turned his attention to Robin Hood, “Now as I was saying, this vile I have here contains something that I’ve had my best scientists working on for some time. If you may remember that imbecile Hiss that I had working for me, well as you can see his no longer here, the useless fool….anyways he did provide some use in the end, we devised a way to drain a certain gland that can in fact allow anyone who drinks the substance to dislocate their jaws, much like a snake. Marvelous isn’t it?!” He laughed and slapped Little Johns belly.
“You’re a monster!” Robin Hood said and kicked the Prince across his face with all his might, the princes head jerked away and when he turned back his nose was steadily bleeding. He put a paw to his face and saw his own blood. “Ok, Robin! Perhaps I may have changed my mind if you begged for your life and I would have simply had your head chopped off! But now I see I’m going to enjoy this more than ever!” He yelled and opened the vile; he quickly gulped the contents down and tossed the vial aside breaking it. In no time at all two loud popping noises could be heard as the prince yawned and made his mouth stretch impossibly! He quickly grabbed Robin hoods legs and stuffed them into his muzzle, licking them over blissfully as he tasted the stuffed fox’s fur. He wasted no time and gulped them down into his gullet, Robin tried to kick but it was no use, the powerful throat of the Prince did not allow him. He began to gulp in his legs and licked them over slowly as he drenched them in his hot saliva. Little John gasped at the sight and tried to stop the lion but in his stuffed state he was no use at all. The lion smiled some and continued to devour the fox, he made his was past his crotch and licked some there causing Robin Hood to groan for a second. Then he got to the gorged foxes belly, he sat back some and pulled Robin hood with him, he used his paws to compress the foxes belly as he began to gulp it in, he licked over it lustfully and enjoyed every second of it. He gulped again and his entire belly was now in his fox filled jaws. A few more gulps and he was at the fox’s chest licking it over as he groaned and tasted the delicious canine. Robin now tried to push the Lions jaws back with his free hands but it was no use, he finally gave up and accepted his fate. The lion murred at the sight and sat back in his chair to watch his belly begin to balloon out, he gulped again and in one large chomp the Fox’s head disappeared into the Lions mouth. The last thing remaining was the Foxes waving arms but in another few gulps his red furred arms disappeared into the lions hungry jaws. The prince sat back in his chair his large fox filled belly perched in his lap, he lazily laid his paws against his jiggling belly. A large belch escaped his jaws as he smiled there quite happy with himself.
“Robin! You monsters will pay for this!” Little john shouted trying his hardest to move but his huge belly prevented him from doing so. The sheriff stood, a grin plastered on his face and grabbed his belly in both paws.
“Don’t you worry, little john…you’ll be joinin’ him soon enough” the sheriff chuckled and walked towards the head of the bed, he slowly began to lick the fat bears face, just before he dodged a fist that swung at him at full speed. “Alright so ya wanna play rough huh?” The sheriff said and also pulled out a small vile filled with the oil from hisses glad and drunk some down. His jaw popped once then twice and he quickly took little johns entire head into his mouth. The bears muffled screams and various curses could barely be heard from inside the wolfs mouth. He gulped loudly and the bears head was pulled into the wolfs gullet, he grabbed the bears arms and pinned them at his sides while he pulled in the bears shoulders and chest tasting the bears sweet, sweaty fur. He quickly gulped again, pulling the bear in further as he reached the huge arch of the bears belly, His jaws had to stretch impossibly to take him in, he groaned some from the pain but kept on swallowing, licking down the bears gut to slide him in easier. The prince watched and laughed to himself in his chair quite enjoying the sight before him. The gluttonous wolf quickly though with some difficulty sat up and tilted his head back allowing gravity to slide the fat bear into his belly, in a few quick gulps; the entire bears belly entered his jaws. He rested for a moment and began to lick over the legs, enjoying the taste of all that bear meat in his mouth, then slowly he pulled them in too, all that remained of little john was one foot which was quickly gulped in as well. With another loud gulp the bulge in his throat empties out into his already bulging belly he lays back and begins to rub his huge gut, A few moments later a large belch breaks the silence.
“A fitting end, to traitors of the crown.” The prince smiles belching some, the taste of partially digested fox on his breath.
The wolf simply smiled and turned to see his stuffed lion companion. “I could get used to this… all we have to do is charge more people with High treason!” he laughed, and from this day forth no one In Nottingham has ever known the truth about Robin Hoods demise, they simply figured that the prince had put on a few pounds…but we know better.
THE END…or is it?