Vixen 2: Foxes in Blue 

By Anima 
Story Copyright (C) By: Anima
 2000 - All rights reserved.

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  Foxes in Blue
(A yiffy tale about a coupla foxies. What else would a story about foxes be 
about? Contains genital vore, and furry sex)
by Anima

     "I'm cold Tad..." Reya stuttered, shivering under the spare blanket 
that Tad's old comforter had become. A young male fox, a humanoid, slid over 
to press his body against his mate's. The anthro-vixen's shivering subsided 
a little as their bodyheat mingled, and she leaned into her lover.
     "I'm sorry dear...we'll find somewhere better to stay soon." At this 
moment, a good solid refrigerator box would've topped their current shelter. 
A drafty shack in an abandoned warehouse, the cubicle-like room had probably 
been a manager's office when the warehouse had been in business. Now it was 
home to the two foxes and a few rodents. Reya sighed softly, and stroked 
Tad's creamy white chestfur.
     "I still can't believe your parents threw us out. I mean, you're still 
their son aren't you? Despite what, um, happened to you?" Tad frowned, using 
his claws to scratch up and down Reya's back. She murrred a little in 
response, too weak to do much else.
     "For a while I had hoped they'd change their minds...but after the 
pastor convinced them they were doing the right thing, we didn't have a 
chance." Tad was very bitter about that aspect. He knew God would never do 
something like what that pastor did. Weren't we all equal in his eyes? Oh 
well, no sense in worrying about it now. "Anyway, we can get along all right 
on our own. As soon as I can find some work, we'll start saving up for a 
place of our own." Tad tried to infuse his words with hope and 
determination, but they came out sounding tired. Reya nodded, then got up. 
She slid over into Tad's lap, pulling the blanket over both of them. Her 
long beautiful tail curled around Tad's waist possessively.
     "Well, let's try to get some sleep before those dogs start howling 
again." Tad agreed reluctantly, and began dozing.

     Both foxes woke instantly at the sound of voices and splintering wood. 
Tad stumbled to his feet and stealthily moved toward the door. He motioned 
for Reya to stay where she was, his tail frizzed out and swishing 
agitatedly. They'd had to beat off other luckless animals before to keep 
their pathetic little shack. Any humans that tried to muscle in took one 
look at the couple and fled.
     "Anything in this one?" A husky female voice called out into the 
echoing building. Another voice answered her, deeper.
     "Maybe. Someone's put up some plastic sheeting on that office over 
there." Tad whimpered quietly, and made his way back to his love. He 
couldn't hope to deal with two determined humans, probably armed. They 
huddled together, waiting for whatever fate had dished out for them. The 
door to the office, long since splintered at the hinges from rough use, fell 
into the small chamber with a dull clatter and a puff of dust. A policeman 
decked out in navy blue, wearing a black windbreaker, stared at the 
red-furred creatures on the floor. The miserable couple stared back, fear in 
their wide green and blue eyes. After a long moment of shocked silence, the 
officer cleared his throat.
     "Don't be afraid of me folks, I'm not going to hurt you. But I will 
defend myself if necessary! Do you speak English?" Tad and Reya nodded 
together, their bodies still taut with anxiety. The woman they'd heard 
earlier stepped in beside her partner to find out what had him so spooked. 
"Sandy, I think maybe we should call this one in."

     "Tad? Tad Beauville? Yes, we have your social security number on 
record. But...what are you? If you don't mind me asking." The detective 
questioning Tad was a sweaty pink-faced man, who didn't look exactly pleased 
to be handling this case. The young fox shrugged, and crossed his arms over 
the t-shirt he'd been given.
     "You wouldn't believe me if I told you sir. I'm human, or used to be. 
How I got this way I have no clear idea...just that magic must've been a 
part of it." The detective liked this even less. "When can I see Reya? Is 
she okay?"
     "The other fox-person? She's fine, some of the men are treating her to 
coffee and doughnuts. They seem to have taken a liking to her." A small 
frown twitched at the corners of the man's face. "Well, we picked you two up 
in a routine sweep for homeless folk. Didn't you know there was a shelter 
not two blocks away you could've stayed in?" Tad shook his head angrily, his 
ears laid back against his skull. The moisture welling up in his eyes belied 
the aggressive posture.
     "We tried to get in there! The staff took one look at us and panicked. 
Reya and I left just before they started breaking out weapons..."
     "I see. Well, this is a special case then I suppose. You two will stay 
here tonight, we have a room we use for putting up victims who need a place 
to crash. In the morning, we'll try to work something out." Standing up, the 
detective offered Tad a hand. For the first time, Tad noticed the namebadge 
on his chest.
     "Thanks Mr. Conner. Reya and I appreciate anything you can do for us." 
Tad took Scott's rough hand in his own, leathery pads startling the man with 
their coolth. Then Tad left the detective's office in search of Reya.
     He found her in the lounge, looking incredibly cute with powdered sugar 
on her muzzle. She was surrounded by four or five cops. The men were smiling 
and all ears as Reya told them the story about a fight she and Tad had been 
in with a pack of stray dogs. She had just gotten to the part where Tad had 
knocked a doberman senseless with a single blow when she noticed her love.
     "Ah, here he is now. Bill, Reggie, Sanders, Fuji, meet Tad." The four 
men each shook Tad's paw-hand, admiration and something else in their eyes.
     "You're a darn lucky fox to have this lady, sir!" One of them chuckled, 
and handed him a cup of coffee. Tad grinned, settling down on a leather 
couch with the vixen.
     "Oh I know, there's no one else like her." Reya nodded, satisfied with 
that description, and gave Tad a lick-kiss on his cheek. Her whiskers 
tickled Tad's nose pleasantly.
     "From the sound of things, you'd be welcome on any of our beats. We 
deal with stray dogs all the time, and if you handle them so well, I doubt 
you'd have to worry much about the human criminal element. I'd take a mugger 
over a big dog any day." The cop, a tall beefy fellow whose badge read 
'Bill,' sounded quite serious as he chatted with Tad. The germ of an idea 
took hold in the todd's mind.
     "How long did it take you guys to get through police academy?"

Chapter II

     "You weren't taking Bill seriously, were you dear?" Reya whispered in 
Tad's ear. They lay close together on the floor of the room the station had 
let them use. Tad turned on his side, pulling his mate close. She was thin, 
too thin, her ribs poked out against his hands like steel hoops. Tad kissed 
her coal black nose tenderly, murrrrring in what he hoped was a soothing 
     "Yes, it might be a good idea. The men here have already taken a liking 
to us, and what better way to have society accept us than if we serve it? Or 
me at least. I won't ask you to go along with me." Reya barked sharply, 
digging her claws threateningly into the male's buttocks.
     "I'm not having you out risking your life every day alone. I want to be 
there, by your side. When's our first class?" Tad chuckled, a low throaty 
sound that gradually built to a joyous laugh.
     "Love, I don't think you can know how much that means to me..." He 
managed after a while. He felt the vixen pull away for a moment, and heard a 
rustle of sliding fabric. A moment later, a soft, heavy, silk-sheathed 
breast came to rest in his hand.
     "If you appreciate it so much, then you can repay me like this." Tad 
grinned as he made out the smiling muzzle of his lover in the darkness. She 
licked her chops, then tilted her head to one side and engaged his own 
muzzle in a deep, wet kiss. Her hips settled over his, Reya's thighs damp 
with the secretions of her lust. Tad's soft sheath swelled around its fleshy 
contents, then produced a shining pink shaft a moment later. It grew right 
up against Reya's soft belly. She reached down and pushed the glistening 
cock snug against her tummy. The soft fur sent Tad into ecstatic spasms as 
it brushed the sensitive skin of his glans.
     "Don't think of it as payment my dear. I'd be-- *yip* --overjoyed to do 
this for you anytime!" Reya snapped at him for breaking the kiss, and 
wrestled his muzzle back onto hers. Her huge, soft tail arched and quivered 
as she moved her rear, holding her body above that wonderful fox penis... 
Drops of her honey spattered Tad's fur as she suspended herself with great 
effort. Slowly, so very slowly, she began lowering her hips. The bloated 
head of Tad's member bumped one of Reya's swollen nether-lips on its way in, 
eliciting a shiver from both foxies. As the mouth of the vixen's pussy 
grasped the cock, Tad arched his back sharply. This motion shoved his staff 
deep within Reya's loins, the tight warm slickness riding down his length. 
Reya *yifffed* loudly, then relaxed her body and let it sink down onto 
Tad's. She felt the last inch of cock slip inside her, then felt the heavy 
knot hit her clitoris. Tad wanted to thrust, his instincts eating at him and 
driving him half mad, but Reya was in total control. The sucking gullet of 
flesh her vagina had become rippled and stroked Tad's toddhood, pulling a 
steady stream of clear pre from his body. His soft furry sac twitched in 
time with his pulse, nestled between both fox's thighs. Reya concentrated, 
exerting control over her muscles, and began milking her lover's sweet cock. 
Tad's eyes rolled back in his head at this new development, and he adopted 
an attitude of complete surrender. Reya sensed this, and murrred with 
approval. She grasped her breasts, using her thick thumbs to stimulate her 
cute little nipples. They swelled out into the cool air, quickly hardening. 
Sex cream squirted out around the meaty plug within Reya, soaking the russet 
and cream fur. A delicious ache rose up in the vixen as her muscles 
continued to work, contracting, rippling, and squeezing... Passion bubbled 
up within both of them, manifested in quiet little yips and grunts. Their 
tails twined around each other, a lovely mass of braided crimson. Tad was 
the first to release; his sac jumped and filled his inner plumbing with 
seed. It rushed along the length of his member, the sensation telling him 
what must be done. He jerked his hips, shoving the taut bulk of his knot 
past the hungry lips of his lover's vulva. Reya screamed in delight as she 
was stretched, and came on the spot. Her spasming pussy was soon filling 
with musky fox seed, warm and sticky ropes of it painting a picture of 
virility on the canvas of her secret flesh. Reya fell limply atop Tad, 
feeling him encircle her with his arms and hug her body wonderfully close to 
his. They lay like that until the sun rose...

     Police Academy wasn't far removed from high school as Tad learned. Many 
of the same principles applied. Studying was still an important part of the 
couple's classes, teaching them everything they'd need to know to 
effectively enforce the law. Reya, though she'd never been in school, also 
had little trouble integrating herself because of her brilliant mind. Few of 
the students gave the couple much trouble because of their appearance, most 
seemed to enjoy having two such, 'unique' people around. The instructors 
were all impressed with Tad, who possessed reflexes far beyond most humans', 
and a proportionate strength that was the envy of the most heavily muscled 
cadets. Reya had little of those qualities, but was a crack shot, a fine 
negotiator, and of course, cunning in the extreme. The days were filled with 
book learning, interspersed with physical training. Reya had the most fun at 
the shooting range, while Tad preferred the obstacle course. Cadets on break 
loved to come to the field and watch the todd scramble through tunnels, 
climb fences, and roll under stretches of barbed wire. No one seemed to mind 
too much when he broke the speed record either! Life soon became a 
comfortable routine. The couple was forced to split up at bedtime, as the 
dorms were not coed, but as foxes tend to do, they managed to get together 
for joyful periods of 'exercise' at odd times during the day and night. 
Classes and months sped by, and before either of them expected it, Tad and 
Reya were standing on the lawn of the academy for their graduation ceremony. 
They looked great in their navy uniforms and hats, which had slits to allow 
theirs ears to protrude. They'd had to make holes in the seat of their pants 
themselves to allow for their tails. Standing straight and proud, they 
listened to the speeches of congratulations.
     "We did it, love. We did it." Tad murmured. Reya nodded, and put an arm 
around his shoulders.
     "That we did, Officer Beauville."

     That night, after all the festivites were over with, the Chief of the 
academy handed Tad a package.
     "This is your assignment Tad. Of course, Reya will be joining you. 
You're to be part of a special animal handling squad in the city, but when 
your special services aren't required, you'll be walking a beat like the 
average flatfoot. It has been a pleasure having you here, Beauvilles." Reya 
nodded, touching her wedding ring unconsciously. Her formal marriage to Tad 
had been just last month, and being part of the Beauville family was still 
strange. Not that she'd had a family name before that, she'd been a soft, 
cuddly toy! It was nice to belong...even if the rest of the family saw them 
as infernal demons! Tad shook the Chief's hand, as did Reya, and the two 
climbed into a taxi bound for the city.

     A small apartment in town was soon located, well within reach of the 
couple's finances. Settling in took little time, and soon the two foxes were 
at loose ends.
     "Well, work doesn't start until the day after tomorrow. We have food, 
all our things are moved in, and we've met the neighbors." Tad grinned, the 
family living downstairs had shown nothing but fascination for the vulpine 
police officers. "So, what's left to do?" He sat back in the soft loveseat 
they'd purchased, and looked up at his lovely wife. Reya smiled, showing her 
teeth, and swished her tail around to curl across her belly.
     "Well, there's always..." The tail flicked away again, hiding the 
vixen's movement as she tossed aside her shorts. Tad panted happily, and 
took the vixen in his arms. The walls were thankfully thick, so the 
neighbors didn't hear a thing...

Chapter III

     "Ahh, the Beauvilles! Chief Hardy was speaking to me about you two last 
week at an officer's banquet. He knows we've been shorthanded lately, and in 
special need of animal handlers." Tad and Reya made a little bow before the 
chief of police.
     "We're proud to be here sir." Tad said crisply, looking quite dashing 
in his uniform. The chief nodded, and waved at the building around them.
     "I assure you, the men and women here have been forewarned of your 
appearance. You'll have no trouble in that regard, I think." Indeed, every 
officer the Beauvilles had seen on their way in had offered them nothing but 
friendly smiles and accurate directions to the chief's office. Their new 
boss handed over a sheet of paper on a clipboard, and then called in a cop 
who'd been standing outside the office door.
     "These are your orders for the next three days. Officer Windsor here 
will show you around and explain your schedule. Welcome, and good luck." Tad 
and Reya thanked the boss, then allowed Windsor to lead them out. Windsor 
was a tanned young man with spectacles, who stood nearly six feet tall. He 
was wiry, but his tall frame just made him look gangly.
     "I've been hearing about you two for a while now! I'm glad I was picked 
to show you around. If you'll follow me, I'll show you where all the 
important stuff is around here." Reya grinned, her teeth shocking the young 
man for a split second.
     "Thanks officer, it's very kind of you..." Windsor cleared his throat 
and grinned back weakly.
     "It's, um, no problem." He stuttered, then began walking. Tad elbowed 
Reya, winking at her.
     "You vixen..." He whispered once out of earshot of Windsor, who was 
pointing out office doors as he stepped quickly down the linoleum hall. The 
station wasn't a large one, and the tour was soon over.
      "Well, thanks a bunch sir. And now for our orders..." Tad handed over 
the clipboard, and waited expectantly as Windsor read from it.
     "Okay, you're scheduled to run a beat between Main street and the edge 
of Tylersville. Cruise up and down the streets, looking for violations of 
any sort. From time to time we'll have to split you up, but the chief has 
decided to keep you together whenever possible. The beat is today and 
Wednesday, but tomorrow, you'll be on hand at the Animal Control Center. 
There's a map over here..." Tad and Reya followed Windsor, and quickly 
learned where everything they needed to know was. Their guide beat a hasty 
retreat as soon as Reya and Tad thanked him, the vixen with one of her 
smiles and Tad with a simple handshake. Another officer came along, and took 
the couple to the garage. A nicely waxed cruiser waited for them in a bay, 
decked out like a parade float with bubblegum lights and racing stripes.
     "Wow, I'm surprised! They've given us a new one..." Reya whispered, as 
the mechanic handed Tad the keys. Tad just grinned in anticipation, and 
hopped in. Police Academy had made the todd an excellent driver, and now for 
the first time, Tad was able to use his skills in the field. Tad and his 
partner ran the beat effortlessly, scanning with his mate for trouble spots 
and listening to their radio. They pulled over several cars for traffic 
violations, helped direct traffic around an accident, and even rescued a cat 
from a telephone pole. The cat was not exactly thrilled to see the two huge 
foxes! People sometimes screamed when they got a good look at who was 
wearing that blue uniform, but most folk just treated them like...cops. When 
their shift was over, the Beauvilles returned to the station. Inside, they 
found Windsor waving them over with a big grin.
     "We've put together a little get-to-know-each-other gathering in the 
lounge. We thought it would be a good opportunity for you to integrate." Tad 
almost refused, but Reya spoke first, bouncing up and down with excitement.
      "Oooh, a party! Come on love, there's bound to be doughnuts." She 
hooked one arm around a blushing Windsor's and the other around Tad's. And 
yes, there were many many doughnuts. Everyone seemed taken with the new 
recruits, eager to share advice or answer questions. Again, Reya gained a 
little following of burly male cops. Apparently, fur or not, men knew a foxy 
lady when they saw one! After an hour of socializing, the couple returned 
home. Reya made sausage and crescent rolls for supper, the scent luring Tad 
from his magazine to the table.
     "How's this working out for you dear?" He murred, squeezing her from 
behind as she set down the plate of meat. She took one of his paws in both 
of hers, raising it to her lips for a kiss.
     "It's a lot of fun so far. As long as neither of us gets hurt, I'm 
happy with this." Tad nodded, satisfied, then sat down with Reya in his lap.
     "Well, fork me over a sausage then, will you dear?"

     Weeks rolled by, turning into months. Reya and Tad became every stray 
dog's worst nightmare. The cold weather eased, pushed aside by the warmth of 
late spring. And with spring, came something new...
     "Tad? Tad, we need to talk." Reya called, searching through the 
apartment. It was Sunday, and they were off work. A quiet bark gave her his 
location, and the vixen tracked him to the bathroom. Tad was brushing his 
fur, standing natural in front of a small mirror above the sink. He turned 
and gave his mate a smile.
     "So I'm vain. Can I help it with a body like this?" Tad's smile faded 
when he saw Reya's serious expression. She sighed, sitting down on the edge 
of the bathtub.
     "I'm feeling things Tad, must be the right season or something. I want 
a cub." That got his attention! Tad dropped the brush, and knelt in front of 
his wife.
     "But, we've tried before! I mean, we've never even used protection, and 
there hasn't been a child. So how..." Tad stemmed his flow of words when a 
tear trickled down Reya's fluffy cheek. "Oh dearest, I want a little one as 
well. We'll see what we can do." So Tad called up an OB and scheduled an 

     The office they visited later that week was small and clean, the decor 
done up in warm colors that calmed the two nervous foxes. Dr. Marchey was, 
needless to say, a little shocked at the nature of his patients.
     "Well, it was either you or a vet, and there's no vet around here 
that's good with large animals." Tad laughed, joined nervously after a 
moment by the Doc. He invited them into the examination room, and proceeded 
to look over and into Reya. After a while, he pulled off an examination 
glove and sighed.
     "Well Mr. and Mrs. Beauville, I'm a little stumped. Reya, you seem to 
be quite fertile. Your anatomy is a little strange, especially in the realms 
of elasticity, but I don't see any reason why you should be having problems 
getting pregnant. It could be Tad's seed isn't healthy. If I could get a 
specimen..." He trailed off. Tad nodded, and asked Marchey to leave the room 
for a moment. Reya made a game out of it, getting Tad up on the table and 
into the stirrups. With his legs spread wide, the vixen wriggled up between 
his thighs and gave his quivering member a lick. He responded with a low 
moan, and was soon writhing on the table as Reya went down on him.
        Marchey twiddled his thumbs, blushing a bright red as he stood outside the 
door. Moans and cries of ecstasy easily penetrated the door, drawing 
scandalized looks from one or two of the other patients.
        Very soon the specimen cup had a copious amount of foxy sperm within it. 
Reya and Tad cleaned up and got dressed, then handed over the sample. The 
doctor took the cup without batting an eye.
     "Thanks. I'll run this through the lab and call you tomorrow with the 

     The couple was up most of the night, holding each other and whispering 
comforts that the whisperers needed to hear as much as those they whispered 
to did. When Tad and Reya returned home the next day, a message on the 
answering machine awaited them.
     "Beauvilles? This is Dr. Marchey. Tad, your sperm are...well, rather 
incredible. They're extremely strong and healthy, and in fabulous 
concentrations. If it weren't for your genetic, um, eccentricies, I'd draft 
you for our donor program. I'm afraid I'm stymied. Perhaps a second opinion 
would shed new light on this. Sorry friends." Reya growled, turning to the 
couch and raking her claws down one arm of it.
     "It's not fair!" She cried, tears wetting her cheeks even while she 
ripped up the couch. Tad came up behind her and grasped her arms, making her 
lean back into him.
     "No, it isn't. But we'll think of some way to get you pregnant..." He 
said, nosing his lover gently. Reya went limp in Tad's arms, shaking.
     "Okay Tad. I know you'll try your best. Let's just go to bed." As they 
settled in under the covers, Tad had an idea. As often happened at night, a 
wild thought found fertile ground in the todd's brain. It grew in his mind, 
until he couldn't keep quiet about it any longer.
     "Remember how we both got the way we are today?"
     "How could I forget? I gulped you down with my-"
     "Yeah, well, why not do it again? Maybe having me inside you will make 
you feel better. And we've got a little off-time..." Reya sat up in bed, 
turned and buried her head in his chest.
     "You'd do that for me?! Oh Tad, that really would help..." She made a 
happy little yipping noise, and rolled onto her back. Tad spread her legs, 
getting a good whiff of his vixen's heady scent. It made his mouth water, 
and his sheath swell.
     "I think I'll try feet first this time..." He murmured, reversing his 
position. Reya was already moaning and rubbing her breasts and clit, the 
idea of unbirthing her lover again incredibly arousing. When she felt Tad's 
toes slip between her sex-petals, she mmmmed, and spread her legs wider. Tad 
bent his knees, moved his rump forward towards Reya, then pushed. His feet 
went in easily with a moist slurp, coaxing a fit of yiffing from Reya. 
Strong muscles grasped his feet and tugged them deeper, wrapping Tad in 
soft, slick heat. His calves slid in next, just gliding in. Tad could see 
the outline of himself through Reya's tummyfur, then found his view 
obstructed by his excited todd-hood... By now Reya's vaginal opening was 
stretched nearly a foot in diameter, but the vixen took it in stride. He 
gave himself a good shove and sank inside past his knees. Reya's cervix 
dilated smoothly and sucked Tad's feet inside. Displaced air squeezed out 
around Tad's legs, and Reya's sex burped wetly. The couple paused to giggle 
for a moment before their lust overcame them once more. By now Tad's feet 
were pressed firmly against the wall of Reya's womb, so flexing his legs 
were necessary. The vixen winced just a little as this maneuver stretched 
her tunnel, but the pleasure of the whole thing obliterated any thought of 
stopping. Moving quickly now as he sensed his lover's discomfort, Tad 
scooted forward and fed his thighs into Reya's voracious cunnie. It really 
did seem like another mouth, slurping and drooling copiously as it devoured 
him. The bulk of his hips went in with a little wriggling, stretching Reya 
to a point Tad thought must be excruciating! But the vixen showed signs of 
nothing but ecstasy.
     "More! MORE! Fill my belly with yourself Tad! Stretch me!" She cried, 
arching her back. Ripples inside Reya's canal swept up and down Tad's lower 
body, agitating his rock-hard member. Tad growled lustfully in response to 
his lover's words, and grasped Reya's legs. He used them to pull his body 
deeper, and soon he was kneeling against Reya's womb wall. The tissue was 
spongy and soft, promising a lovely time when he managed to get himself 
fully inside. Looking up for a second, Tad gasped at the size of his wife's 
belly. It heaved and shifted with his movements, while Reya slid her hands 
frantically over herself. His cock grated against Reya's cervix for a moment 
before slipping within, as Reya's sex *slupped* up to Tad's armpits. After a 
moment of thought, Tad reached down and plunged both his arms down into 
Reya's hungry sex. The vixen cried out as she was stretched further, orgasm 
bubbling up inside her...
     "You'll have to take it from here love." Tad whispered hoarsely, 
overcome with sensations. She groaned and nodded, then willed her muscles 
into action. She started in surprise as with a single contraction, her pussy 
swallowed Tad down and tucked him away inside her. She orgasmed again and 
again, soaking the sheets down with her nectar, while Tad thrust his cock 
into the silky walls of flesh around him. The vixen's furry mountain of a 
belly shook and sloshed as Tad squirmed within. Reya barked and yiffed, 
hugging her huge belly, cream coursing from her gaping slit! The scent of 
sex permeated the air of the apartment. Slowly, the waves of intense 
pleasure ebbed, leaving a warm glow that suffused Reya's body wonderfully. 
When both had exhausted themselves, there was nothing left to do but talk 
quietly to each other until sleep claimed them.
     "Oh feels wonderful having you inside me. When I get excited 
during love, I want more than your cock in me. I so wanted to grab you and 
stuff you up between my thighs! And now I's wonderful." She 
murrred, stroking her belly with an expression of pure content. Tad's words 
were muffled by amount of heavy flesh around him, but Reya thought she 
caught an 'I love you' somewhere in there. Then, with her tummy full of 
sweetheart, she drifted off.

     Dawn shone in through the small window that was the bedroom's primary 
source of light. Reya stretched, and smiled to feel the mass inside her. She 
reached down and stroked her belly, murrrring in pleasure. But the bulk 
seemed smaller...
     "NO!" She screamed, and sat up, clutching her abdomen. It WAS smaller, 
by at least four times!
     "TAD!" Reya sobbed, rocking herself in place. "I've killed him, 
digested him or something..." A paw on her shoulder scared Reya into 
tumbling off the cot. Tad stared down at her, blinking sleepily.
     "Tad?" She whispered wonderingly, gazing up at him. "Then who..." She 
looked down at her heavy belly. Tad smiled, and reached down to stroke his 
wife's tummy.
     "You're pregnant. I think I needed to deliver my seed up close and 
personal...or maybe I left something else of myself behind. I don't know. 
All I do know is that I fell asleep inside you, and woke up curled against 
your side. Rather sticky, but otherwise perfectly alright!" Reya stared in 
amazement at her pregnancy. A smile slowly crept across her muzzle.
     "Thanks did it." Reya climbed back into bed, and smothered 
Tad with kisses and hugs. Despite the thick walls, Tad was sure the 
neighbors could hear her ecstatic yips and barks.
     "Now, what will we call the cub?" He asked, trying to distract the 
desperately affectionate vixen before he suffocated. She leaned back and 
considered. Then her bright eyes lit up even brighter.
     "Windsor!" Tad began to giggle, joined a second later by Reya.
     "He's gonna die when he hears that."

To Be Continued

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