Vixen 3: There Goes the Neighborhood... 

By Anima 
Story Copyright (C) By: Anima
 2000 - All rights reserved.

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  There Goes the Neighborhood...
(A furry fantasy by Anima. Contains vore, genital vore, yiffing, intense 
cuddling, shameless plugs for my character, :K) and maybe a bad pun or two)

     Krys relaxed into the soft bed she called her own, sighing in relief. 
What a day. Lazily, Krys stretched out her anthro-vixen body on the bed and 
reached for the newspaper.
     "Mmm, the Bengals won another game. If there's hope for them, there 
could be hope for their namesakes too." She chuckled, tossing out the sports 
section. Krys slowly shifted onto her side, propping the paper against her 
nightstand. Lots going on, it seemed... She was just about to put the thing 
aside and get settled for bed when a picture caught her eye. A couple of 
morphic foxes stood on a street corner, waving at the photographer. In this 
land, that wasn't an unusual sight in the least. But this story was from out 
of town, and the foxes were dressed as cops! Krys turned to the main story.
     [Continued from A1. ...and Tad Beauville have made our city so much 
safer since they signed on at the local police station. These two remarkable 
vulpine-inclined people have singlehandedly cleaned the streets of dangerous 
dogs and other animals. Though the neighborhood has yet to fully accept the 
married couple, the Beauvilles are confident that given enough time, the 
citizens will come to realize how much they owe the pair. When asked about 
his origins, Tad Beauville just shrugged helplessly.
     "I really don't know how it happened, and you wouldn't be allowed to 
print the circumstances leading up to the transformation. I used to be an 
average white teenager." Reya was similarly cryptic.
     "I've always been a vixen." She said, treating me to a smile the police 
force's male population has gotten to know quite well. A week after the 
interview, I learned Reya had become pregnant. Is this the start of a new 
     Krys mmmed dreamily, using a clawtip to trim out the picture of the two 
     "Such beautiful foxies... I wonder if they wouldn't be happier around 
here?" The vixen blushed, thinking of another reason she'd like to have the 
couple where she could get at them. Well, who was to say the Beauvilles 
wouldn't be open to experimentation? She decided to sleep on it, and 
extinguished the lights.

     "Ohhh, YESSS!" Krys startled herself awake with a yell, finding her 
heart pounding and loins throbbing. When she shifted, she felt her soaked 
panties cling creamily to her. Krys recalled the dream to mind, and wasn't 
too surprised to find the Beauvilles there. While she cleaned up herself and 
the sheets, Krys made up her mind. She *needed* those foxes here!

Chapter 2

     "Tad? Want to feel him kick?" Reya nudged her drowzy mate, who nodded 
and pressed his cheek to the vixen's gravid belly. A gentle shifting under 
Reya's flesh sent a tender smile creeping across Tad's muzzle.
     "You're sure it's a him, dear?" He murred, pulling his body over to 
nestle close to Reya's side. She nodded, turning her head to lick the todd's 
     "Yep, I just know. Are we working tomorrow?" Her blue eyes almost 
pleaded, as she nosed Tad. He grinned, and quickly shook his head.
     "Nope. They're giving some cadets a little field work, and didn't need 
us around. And nobody's seen a mean dog in weeks." Reya chuckled softly to 
herself, stroking her belly. Not all that bulge was pregnancy...dogs 
wriggled too nicely going down for the vixen to give up eating them.
     "I wonder what happened to 'em all?" Tad sighed, taking Reya's tail in 
his paws and caressing its silky length. He really did sound mystified, and 
maybe a little worried. Reya sat up and hugged him, twitching her tail out 
of his grasp.
     "I'm sure they're just scared of us dear, and have learned to run when 
they see us. Let's just tumble for a bit, hmm?" Tad nodded, letting loose 
with an excited little bark. 'Tumbling' was Reya's pet term for the couple's 
favorite activity. Out went the lights, and off came the p.j.'s.

     "You! You wretched demons! Return to the pit you were spawned from!"
     "Yeah! Pagan monsters, we won't have you living here!"
     "They'll corrupt us all!" Angry voices roused the couple from pleasant 
dreams. Tad went to the window and looked out. Reya hurried to join him when 
she heard his horrified gasp.
     "It's my old pastor! And he's leading a bunch of the neighborhood 
folks...they've got weapons." Indeed, the mob was armed with everything from 
steel rakes to .45's. Reya was on the phone and dialing the department when 
the first rock flew through the window. Glass showered Tad, as he crouched 
and loaded his revolver. The shouts built as the crowd grew excited, still 
under the "holy man's" control. Gasoline fumes reached the foxes' noses as 
they waited, terrified, for aid to come. The first hungry flames were 
licking at the house by the time the first police cruiser arrived. The mob 
scattered, darting into alleys and apartment buildings. Reya and Tad had
little difficulty leaping from the second story window to the lawn below.
     "What about the McKnights?" Reya cried, pointing back at the house. 
Their downstairs neighbors, a small family of four, were nowhere in sight. 
Tad hurtled through the front foor, and emerged moments later leading the 
confused and shaking family. One, the youngest daughter, was unconscious in 
her father's arms.
     "Where are the BASTARDS that did this!?" Mr. McKnight sobbed, while Tad 
checked the girl's vital signs. One of the officers emerged from the car, 
where he'd been calling for backup.
     "Paramedics will be here in three minutes. Is she breathing?" Tad 
nodded after a moment, pushing a lock of hair off the McKnight girl's 
soot-blackened face.
     "Not well, but she can hold out. Gee, this neighborhood has really gone 
downhill." Soon the front lawn was a mass of paramedics, cops, detectives 
and gawkers. Not wanting to create a media circus, the cops got the 
McKnights and Beauvilles under cover ASAP. For the second time in their 
lives together, the Beauvilles slept in a police station victim's apartment. 
This time, however, they shared it with the McKnights.
     "I'm sorry Mr. M, it's all because of Reya and me. We'll stay away from 
now on, just to make sure you people aren't hurt." Tad told Roberts, his 
voice heavy and thick. Roberts made a rude noise.
     "Hell you will. I'm going to personally disembowel anyone I find that 
doesn't approve and admire you two. You're good people! *People* dammit, not 
monsters or demons! You'll be on the top floor of our house, just like 
before. Soon as we have a house again." He chuckled, and ran his fingers 
through Tad's headfur. The todd smiled uncertainly, and clasped the man's 
     "I know how you feel sir and I thank you, but it's too risky. We can't 
endanger your family. Thanks for sticking up for us though." Robert looked 
about ready to say more, but his wife silenced him with a look. She 
understood, and the matter was settled. No one got much sleep that night, 
thinking about what had happened. But as it turned out, the McKnights need 
not have worried about where the Beauvilles would live...

Chapter 3

     "What do you mean they're not available? I need to see 'em!" Krys 
tick-tacked her claws on the front desk at the police station, impatience 
gleaming in her eyes. The officer at the desk looked a bit pale.
     "I'm, I'm sorry Miss, but only family are allowed to see them. 
Recovering and all that. You're...not family, are you?" Krys sighed, and 
read the man's nametag.
     "Well Officer Windsor, I don't exactly look like an overdeveloped 
monkey do I? OF COURSE I'm family!" By now Windsor couldn't bring himself to 
look in Krys' eyes, and found his gaze resting on her t-shirt and the proud 
mounds standing out beneath it.
     "Um, yeah, yes Miss. Follow me." He stumbled to his feet, and 
practically fled down the hall. Krys sighed, shaking her head, and followed 
at brisk walk. Windsor knocked, then held open the door to the victim's 
     "They're in here Miss." Krys nodded curtly, and the man vanished 
instantly. A collective gasp went around the room as Krys stepped into the 
room. The McKnights were wide-eyed at the sight of another fox-person, 
almost as wide-eyed as the Beauvilles. The vixen gave the assembly her most 
winning smile, and dipped her body in a graceful bow.
     "Hi everyone. I'm Krys." Tad patted Reya's hand and rose off the couch, 
extending a paw.
     "Nice to meet you Krys, I'm--"
     "Tad. I know. I came a long way to see you and your wife. What's 
happened by the way? I checked your house first, but all I found at the 
address was a...oh. Neighbors not all that friendly huh?" Tad made a quiet 
noise of agreement, as Krys' strong slim fingers clasped his.
     "You could say that. Where are you from?" It was a valid question, as 
far as the fox folk in the room were concerned. Tad and Reya had been a very 
special case, where else would someone like them come from? Krys inquired 
politely, and received the go ahead to settle down on the couch beside Reya. 
The couch was rather small, and the vixens found themselves quite cozy 
     "Good question. I hail from California. All sorts of strange things 
come out of there, including people like me and you. Not just foxes, but 
animals of all types that walk on two legs, talk, and everything else humans 
do." Tad gaped, looking inordinately silly. Krys giggled at him and 
continued. "I saw a story about you two in a newspaper, and decided to come 
visit. I thought maybe you might be interested in seeing my place of 
residence. Especially since this area doesn't seem to be all that 
amiable..." Reya reached up tenatively, running her hand over Krys' head and 
down her back. Krys shivered appreciatively, and Reya snatched back her 
     "Sorry Krys, just checking. Thought maybe you were some kind of 
costumed nut for a second..." Reya blushed, the insides of her ears 
coloring. Tad drew close and took his mate's paw.
     "I think we'd like to see this place. I'll clear it with the Chief 
first, then we'll pack a bag or two." Krys nodded happily, and beamed at the 
     "You, you're going away Tad? Reya?" Jerry, the thirteen-year-old 
McKnight boy quavered, on the verge of tears. Reya pushed off the couch 
heavily, then knelt before the boy.
     "Not for good probably, Jer. Just to see what this place is like. If we 
do decide to stay, we'll come back first and say goodbye properly." She laid 
a soft paw on the boy's cheek, and smiled. Jerry nodded, and reached up to 
scritch behind the vixen's ears. She murrrrred, closing her eyes in bliss. 
Jerry giggled.
     "Well, maybe we can visit each other too." He said quietly. Things 
moved quickly after that, bags were packed and leave time was secured. Soon 
Tad and Reya were standing outside the station with Krys, waving goodbye to 

the McKnights.
     "See you soon folks." Tad promised, as Krys began leading them down the 
street. He turned and hurried to catch up with the vixens, who were chatting 
and laughing quietly.
     "How're we going to reach California Krys? We don't have much money..." 
He asked, puzzled. There was really nothing within walking distance of the 
police station, airport or otherwise.
     "I arrived right over there, we'll go back the same way." Krys said, 
indicating a shop across the street. A gleaming glass door stood there, the 
front of a computer store. Tad and Reya glanced skeptically at each other.
     "But...that's a shop. Don't we need a plane or something?" Reya 
exclaimed, shaking her head in confusion as they drew near to the doors.
     "We can use an ID portal to get there too. ID stands for 
inter-dimensional. This was an ideal place for such a structure..." Krys 
explained as she opened up the shop's doors. The Beauvilles just shrugged.
     "Well, whatever and wherever it is, if your home is as you described 
it, we don't care if we have to jump in a clothesdryer to reach it." Krys 
laughed, and opened the doors.
     "This won't take too long, the portal field is already in place." She 
pulled a little black box out of her jeans pocket and pointed it back at the 
double doors they'd just come through. Krys depressed a button on the box. 
Light exploded out across the panes of glass, taking on a myriad of shapes 
and colors. Tad and Reya shielded their eyes as the light flowed together 
into a whirling vortex of energy.
     "Cool! Just like Stargate!" Krys and Reya glanced at Tad, and shook 
their heads at each other. Whatever. Krys went through first, stepping over 
the lip of the swirling chasm of energy. Tad followed, Reya's hand in his. 
There was no sensation of falling or dizziness, like the couple had 
expected. Tad continued walking, looking from side to side. They seemed to 
be walking down a hallway of plasma...the ground was solid enough though. A 
shadow momentarily darkened the 'hall,' making Reya jump and scream a 
     "What was that?!" She muttered, tail swishing agitatedly. Krys 
shrugged, looking a little worried.
     "Not sure. It could've been another passenger, but it seemed a little 
big for that. Not to mention fast. Well, we're okay, so let's keep going." 
The three foxes speeded up after that, and soon found the light-corridor 
fading into normal surroundings. They stood in an apartment from the looks 
of things, or perhaps just the living room of a house. A few pieces of 
overstuffed furniture stood about, as well as a television and a coffee 
table. Krys padded over to an armchair and flopped down into it.
     "Welcome to my humble home. Make yourselves comfy, and we can get to 
know each other better." Reya and Tad started towards the couch when a loud 
crash sounded from the bedroom. Tad leaned back to see down the hallway, and 
cried out!
      "Everyone get behind something, there's a monster in here!" Tad 
yelled, scrambling further into the room. A low rumbling voice echoed down 
the hall from the bedroom.
     "I'm no monster! Gee, what nerve. I just happen to be a bit lost." Tad 
crept to the lip of the hallway again, and peeked around the corner. A 
gigantic black cat crouched in the bedroom doorway, his large gold eyes 
gleaming in the dim light. It was a panther...sort of. Slowly, the creature 
padded down the hall toward Tad. The fox backed up into the living room as 
the panther entered.
     "Sorry about your dresser, miss. My landing was a bit rough. I think 
what happened is my ID corridor meshed with yours...I was supposed to be 
directed to Immigration." Reya turned to look at Krys with wide eyes.
     "Immigration?" Krys nodded, and beckoned the panther to come on in.
     "California seems to attract the strangest things from all over the 
universe. Viewed from other dimensions, it's kind of like a funnel. ID 
corridors, subspace travelers, wormholes, many of these just empty into the 
state. Immigration has been expanded to deal with all the, um, visitors. 
Well Mr. kitty sir, I'm Krys, and these two are Tad and Reya." Mr. Kitty 
nodded, smiling and bowing a little in their direction. He certainly seemed 
     "Hi foxes. I'm Anima. Does the name mean anything to you?" Krys shook 
her head, while Tad and Reya just continued to stare at the cat. "Well, a 
human philosopher named Jung took the stance that all people have a divided 
psyche. Women have a 'male-force' living in their minds, called the Animus. 
Men have a 'female-force' called the Anima. I like to think of myself like 
that...though thinking too hard about it makes me dizzy. I had to stop 
reading the book I'd found about it when my eyes started, ahh! There it goes 
again."  Anima shook his head to uncross his big golden eyes. Reya giggled 
in spite of herself, and Krys was grinning. "Anyways, nice to meet you 
three. Are you visitors as well?" Krys stepped a little closer to the 
formidable looking feline.
     "These two are, I'm their guide. If you like, you can accompany us and 
learn the lay of the land." Anima nodded as she spoke, and sat back on his 
haunches. His head stood a good four feet above those of the vulpines in 
this position, nearly brushing the ceiling. As most cats do in times of 
indecision, he washed his paws. After a moment, he looked back up.
     "I'd like that. Where to first?"

     The four furs hit the town, walking so as to let Anima keep up. A small 
strip mall was within walking distance, and Krys led them to an A&W for 
lunch. Reya and Tad both paid their way as well as Anima's, he having no 
     "We don't use money where I come from, we just do each other favors." 
The big cat smiled a little when he said 'favors,' making the other three 
wonder. The place was crowded and warm, forcing the group outside onto a 
grassy hillock. Anima stretched out, then invited the foxes to lean against 
him. Tad was shocked at the creature's forwardness...but he seemed to have 
good intentions.
     "Nice and soft, not to mention warm..." Anima wheedled. Eventually, and 
cautiously, Reya, Tad, and Krys sat down with their backs resting on the 
panther's flank. Chatting and sipping rootbeer, the four became fast 
friends. Anima, it turned out, was a little more than he seemed. An energy 
being of sorts, the shape they saw was only what he chose to be at the 
moment. To prove his point, Anima swiftly morphed into a fox the size of his 
panther-form, and back again. Reya whistled through her front teeth.
     "Nice trick! Can you influence others too?" Anima nodded, though 
     "I have to know the person quite...intimately to influence them. And I 
don't have purrfect control over what happens to those I, um, 'experiment' 
on." Tad suddenly chuckled, looking at Krys. The vixen had a lovely mustache 
of rootbeer foam on her muzzle. Reya whispered something to Tad, which 
broadened his grin. Before Krys could ask what was going on, the todd leaned 
over and licked the foam right off her lips! Krys shrieked, then broke down 
giggling. She grabbed Tad and snuggled close into him, joined eagerly from 
the other side by Reya. Anima's soft flank made a wonderful counterpoint to 
their activity, a warm resilient surface to work against. The huge cat 
purrrrred loudly, smiling at the trio of foxes. But their play seemed to be 
getting a little...sensual. Reya felt it first, a warm pressure against her
left foot that jerked away the moment she touched it. The vixen looked back 
over her shoulder and gasped. It seems their play had had a significant 
influence on Anima; His cock lay fully erect on the grass, a glistening 
black pole almost three feet long and four inches thick. A powerful musk 
exuded from the private flesh, like a beckoning finger to the vixen's 
nostrils... Tad and Krys looked too, curious as to what had so riveted 
Reya's attention.
     "Um, I'm sorry. I should be going, to immigration. Nice to meet- 
*YOWL*" Anima's embarrassed goodbyes were cut short as Reya carefully 
scooped Anima's member into her arms, and hugged it tightly against her soft 
chest. Krys cleared her throat, still wrapped partially around Tad.
     "People around here are generally pretty laid back, but it might be 
best to continue this at home..." The others agreed. Reluctantly. The trip 
home was taken at a quick pace. Three foxes and a panther bounded through 
the door of Krys' apartment and into the bedroom, those who had clothes 
slipping them off as they went. Soon Anima was on his back in the bed, Reya 
straddling his lowerbelly above the massive cock. Tad and Krys were teasing 
each other, the vixen in Tad's lap as he sat in an armchair.
     "Are you okay with this, Reya? You don't mind sharing Tad?" Krys 
suddenly turned and asked, her tail swishing frantically. Already her scent 
was wafting around the room, driving the others' excitement to new levels. 
Reya grinned toothily and shook her head at the other fox-femme.
     "I'm his first love, and since I'm just about to take on another male, 
I'll have to let Tad get involved with another vixen. Besides, I KNOW how 
vixens get..." The two traded knowing grins, then turned back to their 
chosen mates. Anima mewled quietly, almost a plea, his member jutting 
straight up into the air. The vixen watched in awe as the cock jerked in 
time with the big cat's pulse, a major vein bulging. Thick precum ran down 
the dark flesh, pooling on his lush fur. Reya ran a finger through the 
sodden pelt and tasted the resulting goo. She shivered with approval, and 
set about lapping up as much as she could off the pulsing panther penis.
     "Enjoying yourself kitty?" She asked between licks. Anima paddled his 
paws in the air as that raspy fox tongue ran over his sex, and his pre ran 
thicker than ever.
        "M, more than you could ev, *ooooooh* ever know!" He growled, muscle spasms 
testifying to the strain Reya was putting on the big cat's nerves. 
Meanwhile, Tad and Krys had moved to the floor and were in a 69 position, 
yiffing and barking their joy and delight as they shared each other's 
bodies. Reya paused a moment to straighten up and take a breath of fresh 
air. The musk of the huge male beneath her was intoxicating...her senses 
were getting fogged.
     "Ohhh, it's too bad I can't take you inside me kitty..." She moaned, 
wrapping the big cock in her arms again. "But with my cub..." Anima nodded, 
he was all too aware of the vixen's gravid state, as her life-swollen belly 
rubbed firmly against the base of his cock. Reya let him thrust agaist her 
silky chest, while she worked a hand under one slick thigh to her crotch, 
slipping in a couple of fingers with ease. Soon the vixen was coated thickly 
with pre as well as her own cream, and panting with her partner as climax 
approached. On the floor, Tad and Krys had moved from 69 to missionary, well 
on their way to a second orgasm. Tad's firm pink member flashed in and out 
of Krys' soft pussy, lubricant dribbling out of the vixen with every thrust. 
Krys played with her nipples, thrashing her head from side to side and 
moaning with increasing volume. Reya was watching them out of the corner of 
her eye and missed the great jerk that wracked Anima's soft ball-sac... An 
almost inaudible gurgle brought her eyes back to Anima's rod, just in time 
for her to see the slit in the end of the enormous piece of meat wink at 
her. The next second, she was blasted in the face with a geyser of 
panther-cum! The musky cream filled her mouth, ran down her chin between her 
breasts, and dripped down her back. It was everywhere, and it tasted sooo 
gooood! Not like Tad's, it was almost like a wine. It had an acidic bite 
that was nearly citrus... Reya lounged in the sperm bath, letting it soak 
into her fur, while her paws stroked and squeezed Anima for any cream he 
might have left. Anima sighed with great relief, and began to purrrrr his 
satiation. Reya smiled at her condition, soaked to the skin (literally,) 
with the seed of her lover. It was still warm though, the only shivers she 
experienced were those of orgasm as she finished mastrubating to a climax. 
Pleasure washed through her body, rippling through every single organ and 
sending her mind afloat on a sea of fleshly pleasure... Her fingers faltered 
and twitched inside her, pressed on from all sides by the spasming walls of 
her warm cunnie. Reya threw back her head and barked softly, shuddering as 
the pleasure coursed through her system... That's when she felt the stirring 
inside her. Oh, great. Could, there be, a WORSE time?!
     "Um, Tad!? It's time...the cub's coming!" She cried! But Tad was in no 
state at all to do anything, lying on the floor with a foolish grin on his 
face. Krys wasn't much better off, panting and moaning quietly to herself, 
still impaled on her new lover's member. Anima was the only one who looked 
sane anymore...and when Tad didn't move to help, he reached down and tugged 
Reya up onto his upper chest. He had to smile, seeing the sticky trail of 
white she left behind on his ebon fur.
     "I've never done this before, but I've seen it done once or twice.'re dilated pretty wide, my dear vixen! In fact, WOAH!" This last 
exclamation coincided with an intense contraction, the vixen's birth canal 
rippling and spurting the womb's contents onto Anima's soft chest. An 
adorable plushie fox lay there, soaked with fluids and murrring softly. 
Anima looked into its big, bright eyes and melted.
     "Awwww, he's adorable! Is it a he? Let me check...oh. My. Congrats 
Reya, it's a, *ahem*, a hermamphrodite." Reya shook her head to clear it, 
and muzzily looked at her cub. She wasn't in any pain at all...though she 
found her body felt empty without a moving creature inside it. Maybe she 
could remedy that later...either with Tad, or a certain open minded vixen 
she'd met recently... Shaking her head again, her thoughts returned to her 
     "Herm? You mean..." Anima nodded, flipping the cub onto hir back. 
Nestled there between the cub's legs, clear as a non-LA day, were a soft 
sheath and a plump little vulva. Reya gasped, then reached out to touch her 
offspring with a soot-colored paw.
     "Well, shi's beautiful...Tad! Wipe that grin off your face and come see, daughter-son." Soon the three foxes had the cub surrounded, and 
were cooing and playing with hir. Anima, having been relieved of the cub, 
smiled from a few feet away, unintentionally excluded from the celebration 
of new life. But that didn't last long. The cub shook hir soft little head 
firmly, and sat up on hir own, stubby legs, wobbling a little. Shi looked 
right at Anima, then made a flying leap for him. The panther shifted to 
anthro quick as thought, and neatly caught the cub. It gurgled happily, gaze 
fixed unwaveringly on the panther, and spoke.
     "Mine." Everyone's eyes bugged out, as the four-minute-old cub spoke! 
Then things began to get weird. The cub murrred, rubbing up against the 
panther's chest. Anima raised a hand to stroke it, and was caught by the 
fox's soft jaws. He smiled as a tiny little tongue rasped at his fur. The 
smile faded when a powerful swallow took Anima's hand inside the cub up to 
the wrist! Anima yelped, and grabbed his wrist in an effort to pull himself 
out. Had the cub meant 'my dad' or 'my first meal?' The panther tugged at 
his caught limb, but another quick gulp took in that hand as well! Inch by 
inch, the gigantic panther was being engulfed by this tiny fox plushie! 
Anima marveled at the feel of the insides of the cub, which seemed a 
combination of plushie and organic. The inner surface was something like 
satin, but slick. It pulsed slowly, and seemed to have flesh and muscles 
beneath it. Powerful muscles! The rippling squeezes were testament enough to 
that. Inexorably, the panther's arms vanished, bringing his face flush with 
the cubs. Shi slurped him cheerfully with hir little satin tongue, than 
resumed the feast. The three vulpines stared in shock, as the cub's lips 
slid up over Anima's face. Muffled cries for help pierced the soft fabric of 
the cub, as the kitty sank deeper. As the absorption continued, the feline's 
cries grew fainter and fainter... The cub continued swallowing, and 
stretched easily to accomodate its meal. More than anything, it looked like 
Anima had gotten stuck while putting on a too-small fox-fur sweater! His 
shoulders slipped from sight, then his chest, before the process slowed down 
a little.
     "We've got to help him!" Krys yelled, starting toward the bed. Tad held 
her back, eyes wide in horror and disbelief.
     "What's the point? If it could take on a multi-ton panther and win, 
what chance do we have? We'd just end up lunch too!" So the trio standing by 
could do nothing but watch as the cub finished Anima off. Hir lips glided 
easily past his waist, then up his legs as the plushie gulped in series. 
Gulp, swallow, stuff, only Anima's tail lashed outside the cub's voracious 

*GULP*. *Streeeeeetch* *GURRRRRRGLE*

     Anima was gone. The cub, stretched as shi was, looked exactly like a 
toddler's sleeper over the bulk of the great cat, those fuzzy ones with the 
feet. Anima jerked once or twice within the cub, then was still.
     "Um, Anima? Are you okay? Bad foxie! Don't eat anyone else unless we 
tell you to!" Reya scolded, quickly stepping over to the cub. She ran her 
hands over the grotesque bulge of fox-tummy.
     "I'm fine Reya." The vixen turned and yiped! to see Anima behind her, 
just as big, black and alive as ever. "Shush! Don't look so surprised. I'm 
energy, remember? There's enough of me to go around...for a little while at 
least." The cub belched loudly, stomach still gurgling happily away. The 
cub's eyes tracked back to Anima.
     "Mine. Mate." It growled possessively. Reya shook her head in 
     "I don't think that Dr. Spock's book said anything about this, dear." 
Tad stared at his child, tail swishing nervously.
     "What happens when he gets past the oral stage? Into the an-" Krys 
clamped her hand over Tad's muzzle.
     "Shut up! You'll give hir ideas."
     "Taste good." The cub licked its chops, and winked at the four furs.

     The next week was interesting if nothing else. Anima tried to keep the 
cub from wolfing him down, (Succeeding nearly half the time,) while the 
three foxes played with each other. Shi was always hungry, whatever meal shi 
ate vanished overnight. Where the mass went to, no one could figure out... 
Eventually though, the panther ran out of tricks to elude the cub and 
submitted to the two-foot long plushie. It made for an odd scene.

     "All right! I give up. Do what you want with me." Anima sighed, 
collapsing on the bed, his muzzle pointing at the cub. Shi giggled, turned 
around, and planted her plush little tush directly over Anima's muzzle. It 
settled with a quiet squelch over the tip of the great cat's muzzle, and was 
soon met with his broad tongue. Did shi want to be pleasured? No one could 
really claim to be surprised when the giant cat's nose was sucked in, slowly 
vanishing through cubbie's vulva. Anima moaned and twitched from time to 
time, but it was a token effort at best. Like a sock being drawn over a 
foot, the panther was slowly engulfed in a soft, honeyed canal. The audience 
of vulpines watched as over the course of an hour, Reya's child's pussy 
sloppily devoured their feline friend. Shi groaned and ooohed as hir little 
tummy got bigger and bigger, hir soft womb filling with hir chosen partner. 
Through hir soft fur, the spectators coulde clearly see the outline of Anima 
as he was fed up into the cub's womb. Gradually, he was forced into a fetal 
position to conserve space. It was such a tight fit, Krys imagined she could 
feel Anima's chest rise and fall if she touched the cub's distended abdomen. 
When only Anima's slinky tail protruded from the plump lips of the cub's 
sex, shi rubbed hir grossly stretched belly and grinned.
     "Ahhhhh...nine months. Then mate be fox." Shi giggled with delight. The 
three started moving closer then, but stopped cold once more when the cub's 
sex noisily slurped down the dangling panther-tail as well. The thick, 
swollen labia admitted a trickle of nectar and what looked suspiciously like 
panther-cum for awhile before, presumably, the womb closed up shop for nine 
months. Krys shook her head, and wrapped her arms around what she could of 
the plushie-cub's distended belly.
     "Well, you'll have to share him as mate dear, or take me in there as 
well. Reya's already got Tad, I'm not gonna let you take Anima too!" The cub 
appeared to think for a while, then nodded.
     "Kay. We share. But only I get to eat him." Krys nodded, she could deal 
with that. Reya shrugged, and cuddled up to the little monster.
     "Well, are you going to behave now?" Shi nodded, and joyfully licked 
hir mom on the nose. Reya shrank back for a second in fear, then giggled at 
the feel of the smooth little tongue. "Then we must give you a name! What 
about...Vora?" Tad stepped in, shaking his head.
     "We decided on Windsor, remember dear?" Reya oohhed, and nodded.
     "I'd forgotten. How's Windsor sound, cubbie?" The plushie nodded 
happily, then proceeded to nuzzle Reya's soft chest. Murrring in delight, 
mother began nursing cub. Reya was forced to lie down in order to position 
her nipples, as Windsor couldn't very well move under the mass of panther 
sitting inside hir. Tad settled down with the group of vulpines, nuzzling 
each affectionately in turn.
    "Well, given what happened to me and you dear, what do you think 
Windsor'll turn out like?" He murred, briskly rubbing the bulge inside his 
son-daughter. Reya shrugged, still smiling down at Windsor as shi nursed.
     "I think it goes without saying shi'll be black. As for Anima...well, 
he'll probably be the same 'ol shape-shifter. Just a little thinner." Krys 
nodded and snickered, cupping her nubile frame against the womb-sheathed 
     "Well you two, I've got nine months before I've got my mate back again. 
Think you can stay and play with me awhile longer?" Reya glanced at Tad, who 
merely grinned like an idiot.
     "Yeah, I think we like it there much of a need for cops here 
in California?" Krys stared at Reya in disbelief, then burst out laughing.
     "Remind me to let you two watch the news tonight."

To Be Continued

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