Title: A Wendy Snack
Author: Gimlet
© 2003
All rights reserved. This story is not to be reprinted, or redistributed without the author's permission.
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Summary: Tinkerbell gets fed up with Wendy getting all the attention and does something about it
F/F, Fairy/Human, microvore, nonconsensual, soft vore
A Wendy Snack (F/F, microvore, nonconsensual, soft, no digestion)
By Gimlet

With a flourish Peter Pan grinned broadly, drew his sword and dived on the pirate ship. Below Captain Hook waved his hook hand menacingly at the small boy swooping down towards him, winking at his men poised behind the aft decking. He watched the descending green figure and muttered to himself as it drew nearer.
"That's it me boy, nothing here but old Hooky. Just a bit closer..."
His men hiding in the shadow of the wooden aft deck hefted the bucket up and waited, but Peter paused, hanging in midair just out of sword reach from the deck. Hook grimaced lifted his blade with his good hand.
"What is it Peter? Don't tell me you're scared of little old me?" the Captain said, grinning from ear to ear. "After all there is nothing to lose... unless you came here looking for someone?"
At this cue a few other crew whisked off a tarpaulin from the side of the ship showing Wendy tied and bound. They all took hold and prepared to toss her into the water.
"You old Codfish, you harm a hair on her head and you'll pay for it!" Peter
declared, pointing his sword straight at Hook.
"Well, you know me Peter, never a fairer man than old Hook. I'm willing to release the lady, but only on one condition. You come down here and face me, man to boy, on the ground. You fly, she dies. What d'ya say hmm?"
Peter grimaced at Hook, then his face burst into a boyish smile and he threw his head back and crowed loudly before diving at Hook. He swooped down and landed on the deck before him, sword at the ready.
"There, I knew you could be trusted boy. Shall we?" Hook said, raising his blade at the ready.
"Any time Codfish." came Peter's retort. With a clang the two met in battle, metal flashing as they danced back and forth, Peter carefully dodging the expected swipes from Hooks hook hand while he fought.
"Hah! A cheat to the end eh Codfish?" he quipped, though Peter did wonder why Hook seemed so cheerful. Normally as soon as Peter started to get the upper hand in swordplay the old fool began to get grim. This time he seemed confidant... too confident. Then, as he stepped in to follow up an attack as Hook ducked back, he suddenly got a face full of dust as the crew poised in cover threw the heavy bucket at him, emptying it's contents all over him.
"*Cough cough* what is this Hook? Planning on choking me to death?" Peter tossed his head, getting it clear of the remainder of the dust and he grinned, dancing forwards into battle once more.
"What? You should be putty in my hands? SMEEEE!" he yelled, now looking rather nervous as Peter fought back, pushing him to the edge of the deck. Briefly two of the pirate crew came to meet Peter, but he ducked back and then pushed a barrel (laying conveniently nearby) towards them, sending them flying.
In a frantic few seconds Hook struggled to keep pace with Peter, but failed and one last slam with Peter's shoulder toppled Hook over into the water beyond, only a wailing 'SMEEEE!' to be heard before he splashed into the sea.
After a sudden cry of 'COCK A DOODLE DOO!' Peter dodged up into the air, leaving two pirates who aimed to grab him to clash together in a tangled pile. He then swooped down, grabbed the rope binding Wendy and took to the sky, hauling her with him as the two Pirates guarding her gaped up at him.
"Captain, Captain!" Smee yelled peering over the edge of the ship "Are you all right?" Several yards up the ship a very wet looking Captain Hook dragged himself up onto the deck, looking sheer murder at the nearby crew who shied away from him.
"Caaaaaptaaaaaiin!" Smee yelled, cupping his hands around his mouth, completely missing the dripping Hook behind him.
"I'm here Smee," growled Hook, making Smee jump almost a yard in the air in shock.
"Oh Captain, I'm so glad you're OK. You fair had me worried there for a moment, yes you did. Lets get you dry shall we?" he said fussing over the Captain and getting his Jacket off and squeezing the water out of it.
"I don't understand it Smee. I spent months getting those Indians to divulge the secret of this magic powder, more weeks of searching out the ingredients, and then nothing! How does that brat do it? He should have been helpless!"
"Yes yes," muttered Smee as he patted Hook down with a cloth in a futile attempt to dry him "After all, that silly Medicine man said it would get rid of anyone's bones and make them a simple bag of stretchy skin. It would be a simple task to defeat him then... Oh, not that you'd need such a trick to defeat a mere boy, oh no Captain, of course not!" Added Smee hastily as Hook's steely eyes fell on him.
Then his eyes focused on something else. While Smee prattled on he frowned, glancing back towards the back of the ship where a shadow moved jerkily. Smee's mutterings slowed and stopped as his captain ignored him and strode past, motioning for crew to follow him. He got closer to the shadow as it neared the edge of the deck.
"Ah ha!" yelled hook as it moved out into the light "Of course, the esteemed Tinkerbell. I should have guessed!" And indeed, the tiny glowing fairy was hauling a bucket that she'd hastily switched prior to the battle. Now she struggled to fly it to the edge so she could dump it in the water. She still had too far to go however and when Hook charged at her she gave a little tinkley yelp and shot up into the air to doge him.
Unfortunately the edge of the bucket caught on the aft decking and she suddenly found herself tumbling downwards as powder flew all around. She coughed and spluttered as Hook scrambled to get out of the way of the powder falling everywhere. He may have been successful, but Tinkerbell wasn't.
She shook her head, trying to shake the queer feeling from her body. Then she looked up as the pirate crew charged down at her. With a little shake she shot into the air and disappeared into the night, letting the night wind disperse the remainder of the magic powder.
"Lost, all lost." Hook said forlornly "Curse you Peter Pan, I'll get you if it's the last thing I do!"
"... And did you see how old Codfish fell? Ha! I can out fence him any day of the week!"
Wendy sighed, a little more relaxed now that they were off that horrible pirate ship. As Peter continued to talk of the glorious victory she tried to straighten her nightgown. She'd been here for a few hours now, after Peter insisted she come to Neverland AGAIN. It had only been last month that he'd brought her here last time. He was coming more often now. She sighed once more and picked bits of wood from her gown. It had been many years since Peter had first caught his shadow in her bedroom and she was now a growing girl of sixteen. She was still secretly rather fond of Peter, but he didn't even seem to notice the changes in her. Once he'd not visited her for almost two years and she began to think that it had just all been a child's fantasy, but he came back again and now she was here 'playing' amongst the Lost Boys in their huge jungle of a playground.
She was happy to be back in one way, but sad in another. Peter hadn't grown at all of course and to her he still looked like a boy, true a rather charming boy, but looking on him now he had lost some of the charm she once held for him.
"Well?" Declared Peter, staring at her, breaking her trance.
"Oh, definitely Peter." she said, keeping a straight face, not having a clue what he had just asked.
"Ha, of course! But he didn't count on Peter Pan did he! Ha!"
Wendy sighed again as Peter started off once more. This may be a long night. She completely failed to notice another figure nearby, a rather small one. Tinkerbell watched grumpily across the room as Peter fawned all over Wendy, and when Tinkerbell had been the one who'd saved Peter this time too! It wasn't fair! She scuffed the floor with her feet as Peter went on. Tinkerbell felt it may be a long night too, and not a fun one at all.
Eventually the Lost boys came back and that meant Peter telling them too about the whole rescue once more (several times) but even they got tired of hearing it eventually and to Wendy's (and Tinkerbell's) relief they stared to slump to their beds. As usual they demanded that 'Wendy Lady' tell them a story, and she smiled and did so. After a tale about Chicken Lickin who feared the sky falling on his head the Lost Boys fell sound asleep and she tucked them in. Wendy gathered her nightgown around her and got into bed herself. She had to admit it was nice to care for these boys. One day she hoped to have children of her own, but of course she was too young to really be thinking such things yet, it wasn't proper! Still, she dreamt of it to herself as she settled under her covers.
Tinkerbell wasn't feeling sleepy, she was still mad at Peter. After a little while of just hovering over Peter fuming she then slunk over and landed on a shelf near Wendy and glared at her. How could this girl get all the attention whenever she was here? Peter just didn't listen to her when Wendy was around. It would be far better if she didn't come back any more.
She grimaced for a moment as her belly churned.
Her whole body had tingled ever since that bucket of powder had fallen on her but she'd tried to ignore it. Now it seemed to be focused on her belly and she didn't like this feeling. Fairies don't eat, they only need goodwill and belief to thrive, but now Tinkerbell's belly was suddenly making noises. Tinkerbell didn't really know what to make of this. The feeling inside her kept going, but she kept focusing on her hate for Wendy. She suddenly flew up and over, landing on the foot of Wendy's bed where her covers had lifted up a bit, leaving her feet dangling naked. Out of spite Tinkerbell went up and kicked Wendy's foot as hard as she could. Wendy didn't even notice, and this made Tinkerbell even more angry.
She felt like she could... could... Then something clicked in her head and before she had even realized what she was doing she dropped to her knees and opened her mouth, sucking in Wendy's big toe.
Tinkerbell blinked. What was she doing? Many creatures had tried to eat her before, but she didn't eat others, she didn't need to eat! Her stomach then loudly disagreed with her and she instinctively swallowed.
A wet slurp sucked Wendy's foot towards Tinkerbell and toes popped in one after the other till Tinkerbell's wide stretched mouth encapsulated them all.
Blinking in shock the little fairy just stared at the foot sticking from between her dainty lips. This couldn't be right, after all... then her tongue slid across Wendy's big toe. Tinkerbell's eyebrows rose. MmmmmMMMMmmm! She thought to herself. Perhaps Wendy was good for something after all?
Tinkerbell thought hard. She stared up at the bedclothes covering Wendy's body. She was enormous, how could someone as small as her even think of eating such a huge meal? Especially when she'd never eaten anything before?
Then her stomach growled at her and her throat rippled, sucking toes down into its depths. Wendy's delicate foot slipped further into the tiny fairy, stretching lips, jaws and neck wide as it made its way down. Tinkerbell smiled around the huge meal; maybe she could at least give it a try?
Wendy squirmed in her sleep, faint dreams of swimming flitting through her mind. Something was tickling her foot, and she giggled, scratching at it with her other foot. All this seemed to do was get that foot tickled, and now she couldn't move them apart. Her sleep-fogged brain didn't stir though and she tossed under the covers, rolling onto her front, plumping a pillow she'd brought from home up under her head. What ever was tickling her feet certainly felt nice, a warm wet, squishy sort of nice.
In fact squishy noises could be heard from under the covers as Tinkerbell slowly worked up Wendy's calves, sucking and gulping for all she was worth. Sheer determination worked more of the slender girl's legs into the impossibly small mouth and down into a belly that was already far larger than the rest of Tinkerbell and almost entirely leg shaped from its contents.
Another giggle from Wendy spurred Tinkerbell on and her lips slipped up and over Wendy's knees. She really did taste quite lovely! The smirking fairy gobbled her way upwards, her head slipping up under Wendy's nightgown as she gained ground on the girl's thighs.
Wendy was starting to get a little warm, and in more ways than one. Little hot flashes swept over her and in her dream state she got brief flickers of odd visions, usually involving Peter embracing her. She didn't quite understand it all, but just wanted the feeling to continue, and continue it did.
Tinkerbell was beginning to strain as her lips got closer to Wendy's hips, and wondered how much of the huge girl she could actually swallow. Then all of a sudden she felt her belly heave as Wendy's legs gave way to the tight grip of her stomach muscles and bent over. With a sudden slap Tinkerbell felt stomach flesh covered calves hit her neck and the strain on her belly eased enormously. Grinning she began working the luscious thighs in more quickly, slurping her way up towards Wendy's sex.
Wendy's dream images were getting more chaotic and broken up, and her body was feeling very warm. She panted in her sleep as moist, hot lips sucked their way up thighs, slowly tucking her fleshy buttocks away inside their tight embrace. When the slick upper lips stroked across her sex she spasmed, abruptly, jerking in the bed and making faint strangled moans as she came for the first time in her young life.
Tinkerbell fought to keep hold of her meal, worrying that all this commotion would wake the others, but they were sound asleep and didn't awaken luckily. Wendy however was blearily awake and wondering what that wonderful dream had been. Tinkerbell knew she'd have to hurry if she wanted to finish this meal without interruption!
Wendy curled up against her pillow, relishing the fantastic feelings flowing over her. She'd never felt anything like that before, and she had an incredible need to hug Peter right now. Smiling at the thought her still foggy brain faintly noticed the tight wet feeling creeping up over her middle. Frowning slightly she tried flexing her legs, but only managed to bring her knees upwards a little, her calves stayed tucked tightly against her thighs in a kneeling position. She tried to focus on why that should be, but the feelings of heat and wetness sliding over her lower body did sort of distract her from this. She moaned as she snuggled into the bed a little deeper, wiggling against the tightness.
Then she felt it touch her breasts under her nightdress. That was very personal! But her brain fogged this out just as it had fogged out the other touch it had received earlier in a much more personal place. She moaned as teeth pinched into her soft breast flesh, working their way up over their bulk. As Tinkerbell slowly slurped up Wendy's breasts Wendy began to truly wake up and wondered what was going on.
"Ungh!" she muttered softly "Wh... whaa... oooh!" she sighed as teeth gently scraped over her very hard nipples, her breasts now half consumed, the other half now being devoured more easily as lips slid down their well sloped top. Wendy tried to wrap her brain around what was going on. She felt a warm wet cocoon around her body, right up to her shoulders now. She managed to toss the covers off, but she looked pretty normal there as far as she could see. She nervously looked around to check if any of the Lost Boys were awake, and finding that none were she carefully pulled the neck of her nightgown up away from her body to peer in, trying to see what was covering her. The view she got of Tinkerbell's face glaring up at her above a grossly distorted maw encircling her body took her breath away.
Tinkerbell knew the jig was up, but wasn't willing to give up such a wonderful meal. Those breasts had been wonderfully soft and squishy as she'd slurped them in. So she tensed and gave several mighty swallows, giving her all. Wendy gasped as the flesh all around her body suddenly squeezed and quivered, sucking her down the bed several inches abruptly. Tinkerbell's lips shot up, lifting Wendy's arms in the air and lifting her nightgown up off her shoulders. She was being eaten out of her own clothes!
"N... no, Tink, why?" she managed, then gasped as another gulp heaved her head down into the neck of her nightgown, and partway into Tink's slick mouth. Lips encircled her head now, reaching just under her nose. She couldn't speak at all and started to struggle, though too late she knew.
Tinkerbell relaxed. Now she could proceed at her leisure. She reached up and stroked her hands through Wendy's hair as she struggled, waving her arms back and forth above her head. Slowly Tink started to swallow Wendy's head, inching her way over that nose, watching the terror as her eyes were enveloped in the slick insides of Tink's mouth. Eventually a powerful swallow sucked Tink's lips over the crown of Wendy's head driving it down her pulsing throat and only hair and arms remained.
Wendy kept on struggling as Tink slurped up her arms, slowly gobbling up those flailing limbs. Eventually two quivering hands were all that poked from between Tink's red lips and she tickled them before she gave a mighty gulp, sending them down to the enormous Wendy shaped bulge in Tink's belly.
She sighed, reveling in the wondrous sensations as Wendy struggled inside her. Tink knew she couldn't do without such a fantastic feeling from now on, she just couldn't give Wendy up. But... Tink looked down at her belly. She was just a tiny fairy, but now her gut stuck out fantastically around the full sized bulge of Wendy, visibly twisting and churning inside. When Peter awoke Tink just knew he'd order her to cough Wendy back up again.
Tink pouted, sad that she'd have to give up this wonderful squirming twisting feeling inside her so soon. Then she brightened up. Fairy magic was especially good when it focused on just her. Maybe she could do something about this?
Slowly she rolled back, getting a muffled gasp from inside her Wendy shaped gut, and began to beat her wings. Incredibly Tink floated up into the air, the glow around her making her belly look like a Chinese lantern made in the shape of a curled up girl.
Straining, the impossibly large floating Tink muttered, little tinkles of her voice carrying gently across the room. Slowly she felt her stomach twitch. Wendy felt it too. Wendy couldn't believe that Tink had done that. She knew Tink had always been jealous of her and Peter, but this? After all, who would have believed that the little fairy could have managed it? But she had... and how!
Quivering inside Tink's belly Wendy kicked and twisted, hoping that Tink would get tired of her struggles and let her out. It was all she could think of.
Then the hot, moist fleshy walls around her tightened. Gasping she felt the muscles of Tink's stomach clench, then heave inwards. Suddenly she was crushed into a fetal position, the wetness of the silky stomach lining pressing in from every angle, pushing into every crevice, cramming in against her like a warm wet vice.
She tried to scream but the breath was driven from her as the soft walls heaved in tightly. She felt the silkiness of their flesh ripple over her, pressing ever tighter and tighter. Despite the wonderful sensations as she was stroked by the squeezing stomach she felt like this was going to snap her in two! Then, at last, it relaxed, the yielding flesh that stroked against her body no longer driven by Tink's huge stomach muscles. She sighed, quivering in her hot wet cocoon and wondered what was to become of her.
Tinkerbell smiled as her stomach contracted, heaving down on the delicious form of Wendy inside her. Slowly her muscles squeezed, and her magic tingled, and her belly shrank rapidly. In a matter of seconds the enormous bulk of Wendy shrank and disappeared into Tink's tiny body, her belly getting smaller and smaller, till it looked no larger than normal. Finally she could relax, feeling Wendy wriggle a little again in her belly. Oh, that did feel good! Now Wendy's huge body was tucked into a stomach barely the size of one of Wendy's thumbs!
She hugged herself as she floated in the air, then realized that her clothes had torn off her while she devoured Wendy. She scoffed. Well, Peter hardly noticed her anyway, she doubted he'd notice if she wasn't wearing any clothes! And if he did... well all the better! She smiled, then felt a tension inside her.
Tink squinted, straining as something shifted inside her belly. With a slight grunt she shivered in mid air, then grimaced, clenched her eyes tight and...."BURRRRRRRRRPPPPP!!!!!" echoed the deep reverberating belch from the depths of the tiny fairy, quite inappropriate for such a dainty little creature.
"Wha.. what?" Peter said, sitting up suddenly, grasping for his sword.
Tinkerbell grinned and went over, the tinkle of her voice saying 'Nothing Peter, go back to sleep'
Peter smiled, barely awake as it was, and he slid back to sleep muttering "G'night Tink"
Tink tinkled back 'goodnight Peter' and floated down to kiss him on the cheek. Maybe at last she could have him to herself after all.
Then she giggled as Wendy struggled again within her. Well, maybe not completely to herself. Wendy would always be with them; it was just that Peter would never know it!