by GryphRaptor 

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 1998 - All rights reserved.

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 Chris groaned as he woke up, a heavy hangover clouding his mind. Shivering he tumbled out of bed, feeling really weird, a strange heaviness within his belly, his alcohol fogged mind, unable to comprehend just what was wrong. Stumbling, he made his way into the bathroom, fumbling with the shower nozzle as water soon was pouring forth. His mind just barely comprehending that he’d shifted to man-wolf form, his silvery fur looking rather matted and dull from his excesses the night before.
 Standing about nine feet tall, and heavily muscled, Chris’s were-form was normally very formidable, but he doubted he’d be much challenge to anything in his current state. Slowly steam began to fill the bathroom, the hot water soon at the  temperature he preferred. Strangely, as he moved into the steaming shower of water, the stall seemed a lot smaller then he remembered, he’d showered before in his were-form, yet it wasn’t the height of the shower that seemed off, but rather the width. Shrugging to himself, he let the water flood over his body, slowly clearing his mind, the strange heaviness still there in his guts, though now he’d swear he could feel movement.
 "Oh great…what’s going on here…" he mumbled, his brain still fuzzy from the alcohol, shaking his head a bit to try and clear his mind further. As he continued to shower, his mind began to clear enough for him to remember a bit more of the previous night. The club he’d visited, and the cute guy he’d brought home after they’d both managed to drink a bit too much, which only continued once they got to his home. It was about at that point that his memory slipped into disjointed images and such.
 As his mind cleared further, he realized it wasn’t just the alcohol from the previous night that was causing the strangeness going on in his belly, and blinking, he looked down, and stiffened as he realized his stomach was jutting out quite a ways, and whatever was within him seemed to still be alive and moving around. Gasping, he leaned against the back of the shower stall, shivering as he realized it had to be the guy he picked up from the previous night, the growing motions coming from within him, beginning to feel quite pleasant as he saw his unintended guest shifting about. 
 He just stood there, the hot water pouring through his thick fur, washing him clean, and slowly clearing his mind, it felt so good, the water and the feel of his belly being so full, an actual person held within, he couldn’t believe it. He was standing there in the shower, enjoying the feel of having someone he’d picked up the night before tucked away completely within his stomach. As he thought about it, he began to wonder how the guy had survived, if his scattered memory was correct, he’d somehow swallowed his guest down at least ten hours before.
 Softly he ran his claws over his swollen belly, a warmth filling him at the thought of Steve now held within him. He smiled, remembering his partner of the night before more clearly, tenderly massaging his guest where he lay within him. He could picture Steve now, about average height, with unruly dark hair held back in a pony tail. The thing that had drawn Chris to him had been his eyes, the deepest green he’d ever seen, he’d approached Steve, sure he’d be turned away, yet Steve had smiled and motioned for him to join him at his table. One thing had led to another, and they’d both ended up drunk, stumbling their way to Chris’ house, where the drinking and eventual love making had happened. And where somehow he’d managed to swallow his new lover completely, taking him fully into his own body.
 Chris sighed softly as he straightened up, slowly finishing up his shower, feeling his lover snuggling into the warm embrace of his belly, he was amazed that Steve seemed to be taking it so well…course he was probably still rather incapacitated by the alcohol from the previous night. Neverless, it did feel like Steve rather liked where he’d spent the night. Chris carefully eased out of the shower and began to dry himself off, using a rough towel to get the worse of the moisture from his fur, then chuckling softly he shifted to full human, his hangover immediately disappearing as he did so, but the bulge in his belly disappeared as well, leaving him standing there, confused as to what had happened. In a way he could still feel Steve inside him, shifting about slightly as he relaxed, yet there was no sign of the young man he knew was held inside his stomach.
 Shrugging to himself, Chris finished drying off, noting his rather obvious state of arousal, and slowly walked back out into the bedroom, staying in his human form for the time being. He found himself wondering about what his housemate might think when he found out what had happened. Chris strode over to his bed and lay back down, still fully nude, and regarded his body.
 As Chris looked himself over, he couldn’t see any obvious signs of the young man he knew was held inside him, yet he could still feel him in there…Unconsciously his hands slipped down to run over his belly, one of his hands slipping lower to stroke his still rather hard cock, a ripple of pleasure flowing through his body as he found himself stroking off. The added stimulations from inside his body, causing him to rapidly come to climax, thick gobs of his seed spurting strongly over his belly as he shivered in pleasure.
 Chris laid there for a bit, panting softly, before reaching over and grabbing up an old shirt to clean himself up somewhat, only after he’d finished did he note that the shirt wasn’t one of his, in fact he was almost positive it belonged to Steve who was somewhere inside his body currently. Sighing, he knew he couldn’t put it off any longer, he had to know what had happened, and shifted back to his were-form. Silvery fur sprouting all over his body as his bones stretched and grew larger, stronger, his whole body becoming more canine. A thickly furred tail sprouting from his rump as he rolled onto his side, gasping as he could feel his stomach swelling larger as Steve’s body reappeared, still held inside his stomach.
 His paw reaching down, he found himself massaging his belly, feeling Steve shifting about within as Chris’s body finished changing, a large were-wolf now lay in the bed, belly quite distended with the form of a young man within. Shivering a bit Chris laid there for a moment, amazed at how normal it felt to him, knowing he had his lover of the previous night held completely inside his body, alive and well and his completely. Stiffening his resolve, slowly he opened his mouth and concentrated, feeling his stomach clenching as he slowly began to push Steve out. It felt so strange, feeling his throat stretching wider and wider as Steve’s head moved upwards within him, his shoulders following, forcing Chris’ body to stretch further to accommodate the release of his lover.
 Slowly Chris could feel the back of his throat stretching, Steve’s head soon pressing into his mouth from behind, he couldn’t help himself, he ran his tongue over the human’s face, licking him softly as his jaws slowly parted. He was surprised at how good Steve tasted and further surprised as Steve kisses his tongue, sucking it into his own mouth for a bit as Chris lay there, carefully releasing his lover from his body. 


 Blinking, Steve woke up somewhere very strange, he felt like he was in some sort of wonderfully warm and soft embrace, his entire body held tenderly. Opening his eyes didn’t seem to make any difference as it was completely dark, yet he didn’t feel afraid, instead he felt very relaxed. Smiling to himself he could feel whatever it was he was inside moving about slightly, seeming to be alive. Steve chuckled at the thought, there was no way that could ever happen, much as he found himself enjoying the thought.
 His train of thought slowly circled in on the guy he’d met the previous night, Chris had been rather shy when he’d asked if he could join him. Steve had smiled and invited the rather cute guy to join him. Chris had looked fairly athletic, and well, cute was the only word for it, and once he’d gotten over his shyness, due mainly to several rather strong drinks, he’d opened up more, and the two of them had enjoyed themselves until the bar had closed.
 Somehow they’d both made it to Chris’ house, Chris being the much more drunk of the two of them, though Steve had also been quite drunk. Once inside the house, they both ended up in Chris’ bedroom, undressing each other and slowly beginning to explore the other’s body. Eventually they’d made love there, their bodies sliding easily into each other’s as they deepened their relationship. During one pause in their pleasures, he’d been very surprised when Chris had revealed just what he was.
 They had emptied more alcohol into their bodies when Chris had looked over and as seriously as he could while drunk, told Steve that he was a were-wolf. Knowing that Steve wouldn’t believe his word, especially in their current state, he’d shifted, and Steve had sat there, stunned sober actually, the change also allowing Chris to shake of his own alcohol induced fog. They’d sat there looking at each other, unsure of what to do, Chris mentally berating himself for doing this, and Steve trying to come to grips with the whole thing.
 Eventually several bottles of Jack Daniel’s managed to get them both back on very friendly terms, and it was at that point where Steve’s memories faded, he only remembered bits and pieces, how good it had felt when Chris had made love to him and he to the were-wolf in turn, it had been wonderful, even with the alcohol or maybe because of it. One more thing he remembered before he had blacked out was Chris teasing him, saying how tasty he’d looked, and in his drunk state, Steve had replied, "My my, what big teeth you have grandma.. gonna gobble me all up?" he remembered feeling rather silly at the time and that was about it, until he woke up, in the strange warmth.
 Shifting about a bit, Steve stroked the softness surrounding him, the previous night coming more into focus as he began to wonder if somehow Chris had actually managed to eat him. He knew he should be afraid if that turned out to be true but he found he wasn’t, and that if it was true he liked that idea a lot. Slowly he ran his hands over the surface surrounding him, marveling at how warm and soft it felt, as he slowly became more aware of his surroundings, Steve found he could hear a gentle throbbing coming from around him. At about this point he could feel himself being lifted up and being moved around, a low groan sounding from somewhere outside his current place of residence.
 At that point, Steve realized that what he’d been thinking was true, and that somehow he was inside Chris, that thought made him smile and as his lover carried him around within his belly, he found himself growing quite aroused from the feel of the silky softness around him caressing his entire body. Gently he began to rub his swollen shaft, sighing in contentment as Chris slowly woke, and from the muffled sounds and such, clambered into the bathroom for a shower. He had to smile, wondering how Chris was going to react when he realized what had happened the previous night.
 As he lay there inside Chris, Steve smiled as he felt his lover realizing he was inside, and could feel the tender caresses as Chris began to enjoy the situation, or at least come to better grips with it. Steve waited, continuing to softly stroke his own cock, shivering a bit as he came there inside the were-wolf’s stomach. He could feel Chris moving about, and soon he sensed his lover laying on his back once more, probably on the bed, and he smiled, as a ripple of pleasure flowed through his body, he wondered at it for a bit, then could feel Chris beginning to pleasure himself as they lay there.
 He could feel when the were-wolf climaxed, and relaxed in the warmth that surrounded him, wondering what was going to happen now. Slowly the warmth surrounding him began to throb and ripple, and he could feel himself being shifted around and gently being pushed upwards. He realized that Chris was in the process of letting him out, and in a way he regretted it, he found himself wanting to stay within his strange, yet wonderful lover.


 Slowly Chris let the young human out, savoring the feel of his lover’s body sliding slowly between his lips, his tongue playing over Steve’s face and chest, feeling Steve stroking him in return as he was released. He could sense the Steve’s enjoyment of the situation as his hands slipped slowly down along the were’s chest and belly. As Steve continued to find himself sliding out of Chris’ mouth, he shivered in pleasure, reaching out to the fully aroused wolf-cock he could see jutting upwards from between Chris’ furry thighs.
 Chris couldn’t believe it as his jaws continued to stretch around Steve’s body, the human easing his arms out to reach down along the were’s body, and gently he gripped Chris’ fully aroused cock, and began to stroke it. Slowly Chris found himself with Steve’s waist within his mouth, and he had to pause, the human’s own fully aroused shaft laying along his moist tongue, he couldn’t help himself, he began to work his tongue around that tasty cock, feeling Steve shiver and begin to thrust against the tongue that was stroking him. Even as he shifted about and slowly eased Chris’ cock into his mouth, beginning to suckle hungrily on it, his hands massaging the furry sheath and sac that lay before him. Steve suckled eagerly, as he in turn was being pleasured by Chris.
 Soon both human and were were trembling in pleasure, Steve’s body from the waist down still held within Chris’ mouth and throat, while the were-wolf’s cock was held within the human’s own mouth and throat. Their pleasure rapidly increasing as they suckled each other off, Chris’ paws tenderly stroking along Steve’s body, caressing him as he could feel Steve’s hands massaging his sac, and the knot held just within his sheath.
 Their muffled moans filled the air as they suckled and caressed each other, their bodies trembling as their climaxes built, then exploded into each other. Chris’ tongue eagerly working on Steve’s shaft, milking him as he writhed about within the were’s mouth and throat, while Chris’ own cock spurted it’s heavy load into Steve’s eager throat, the human’s hands deeply massaging Chris’ aroused shaft. Teasing the were into a longer climax, while his own slowly began to cycle down. Chris’ body trembling beneath and around his own as he lay there atop his furry lover.
 Steve swallowed the were-wolf’s seed down, pushing his mouth down around the thick shaft, his lips pressing against the large bulge of Chris’ knot, pushing his sheath down around so he could feel the full knot against his lips, suckling hard on the semi-canine style cock. His own cock continuing to rub against Chris’ tongue, his seed flowing freely as his body slowly cycled down from climax, the were-wolf’s body lasting longer due to his supernatural nature.
 Once both of their bodies had finished climaxing, Chris gently pulled Steve the rest of the way out of his mouth and throat, tenderly caressing Steve as he slipped fully out. The both of them shifting around until they lay there on the large bed, Chris’ larger body lovingly holding Steve’s smaller frame close in a warm embrace. Looking up, Steve smiled and gently stroked Chris’ muzzle, "mmmm…that was a wonderful way to spend the night…I can’t believe you managed to take me so deeply into yourself…I think I’m really going to enjoy becoming a were-wolf’s lover….though you’ll have to tell me what other surprised might be in store for me since I think I’m going to be sticking around for quite awhile…."
 Chris chuckled a bit and smiled, "mmmm…well…I think you’ll like my housemate, wait till you meet him and his girlfriend, I think you’ll enjoy their company…" as he bent his head down and softly licked Steve’s face, "I think you’ll get along just fine with them…as long as you don’t mind being shared by three weres…"
 Steve blinked, "what?"
 Chris grinned, "you didn’t think I was the only were did you? We generally seek each other out, both for companionship of someone similar to yourself and because we can understand what the others have gone through what with their non-human nature."
 Steve smiled, "hmmm…never really thought about it before really…guess I have a lot to learn….and if your housemate and his girlfriend are anything like you I think I’m really going to like being around you…."