The Killer Whale 

By Red Rover 
Story Copyright (C) By: Red Rover
 1998 - All rights reserved.

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  The Killer Whale.

by Red Rover:

It was a late night at Sea World. I was one of the clean up crewmembers. I
went SCUBA diving into Shamus tank so I could clean it. Well as you would
figure, Shamu and I are very well aquatinted. Well after about 2 years of
working there Shamu started acting different towards me. She would nuzzle
my butt with her big nose. I have always seen her as sexy, but I never
ever thought I could ever even fathom having sex with her. 

Well I figured it was worth a shot. One night I decided that it would be
the right time. I got in the pool naked and sat on the edge where the
water is about a foot deep then it drops off. I hit the water with the
palm of m hand. She swam over to me and rubbed up against my legs and the
edge of the pool. I reveled in the warmth of her rubbery skin. She turned
around so her body was in the water and just her head was sticking out of
the water. I pt my hands on ether side of her nose and stroked her face. I
jumped into the water and went down underneath her. With the underwater
tank lights on I had a very good look of her vagina before she swam away.
I swam to the edge of the pool and out of her way because I knew what she
was going to do next. She swam to the bottom and then swam fast to the top
so she could get in very shallow water where she usually presents herself
to the audience. She rolled over on her side and exposed her vagina to me.
I quickly jumped up into the shallow water and ran over to the valve that
controlled the mist sprayers overhead so she doesn't dry out. Then I
walked quickly back to Shamu. She was gorgeous and huge. I have never been
this close to her pussy before I put my hand on her lowerbelly and moved
it down her midline until I felt the beginning folds of her 2-foot long
vagina. I was a bit confused on what to do next until she opened herself
and I could see the red walls within her. I inserted my hand then the rest
of my arm. Just then I felt sexual energy like never before. I could feel
every bump and nook inside her hotness. As if it hadn't already, my cock
sprang to horizontal attention. She rolled over more so she was almost
completely on her dorsal fin. So I walked down to her tail and walked
forward so it was between my legs. She was too wide so I straddled her
tail and scooted up toward her belly. Her pussy was right before me. I
brought one leg over and inserted it into her. Then the other; all the
while she lay contently on her back not moving. I could feel her
silkiness, and she was so hot. She was one hundred degrees easily. I
slipped in a little more and a little more then my dick slipped into her.
Oh, the feeling of her pulsating flesh was all around me. I was almost to
my waste when I could feel a curving inside her. It went up toward her
head. Supported only by my hands I eased in a little more. I could really
feel the walls contract around my body. She had an incredible grip.
Slopped in a bit more so my belly button was in. well I figured with her
grip I could stop supporting myself with my arms and slowly slide in. So I
did with an easy tension I slipped in at a steady pace. The deeper I got
the hotter she was. I was surprised I was in this far. Finally my nipples
where in and I was up to my chin with my arms out so I don't fall in. When
I tried to push up I found that I could not and then thought what the
hell, took a deep breath and put my arms up and I slid entirely inside

The sensations were incredible. It was pitch black and so hot I had just
enough room to move my arms. I could feel her cervix at my feet and had to
bend my knees a little to stay totally within her. Every move I made
caused her to squeeze on my entire body. Running out of breath I had to
exchange air outside. I pushed with my feet and my head just barely
emerged. My head covered with a thick coat of her vaginal juices it was a
little difficult to get air but I was ok then sunk back down. As I did I
accidentally discovered her clitoris as it rubbed against my face. It was
big. About 7 inches long I figured and 2 or three inches wide. It was hard
to tell because it was pitch black. I ran my slick hands over it. The area
was very cramped and when I stroked on her sensitive clit she squeezed
hard forcing my face right against her clit and my mouth right over the
tip of it. The she chattered and squeezed so hard I thought I was going to
pop. I almost couldn't hold my breath. With my cock against her hot juicy
wall and pressed against my thigh I came immediately. My hot spurts
mingling with the gallons of her vaginal lube. She continued to squeeze
and I was struggling to get a breath. After a horrifying yet incredibly
erotic 10 more seconds or not being able to breathe, but caressed by her
wonderful pussy she went limp inside and I pushed hard against her cervix
with my feet I sprang out of her to about my belly button. As I exhaled I
made a bubble with her cum over my mouth. It soon popped and I took in a
deep breath. Cock and legs still in her, I felt wonderful. With me totally
covered in her cum, she rolled over onto her side and I fell out of her
and into the cold shallow water. It was probably like being born again.
Going from my mothers' warmness to the cold relentless outside world. She
waddled around so the was facing me. She then opened her mouth to me. I
reached my arm out and stroked her tongue. My arm still partially covered
with her juices. I think she sensed this and decided to take some action.
With incredible preciseness she clamped down on my arm just herd enough to
hold my in place, but not break the skin or my arm for that matter. Then
with a quick movement of her body and head I was pulled inside her mouth.
I landed in the fetal position with my feet toward her throat. I was in
horror. Especially when she started to swallow. The strong suction pulling
my feet into her through. Again she was very warm. As she pulled me in, I
was forced to roll over onto my belly. Quickly my knees where in, then my
thighs, and my butt and cock. At that moment she stopped. My cock fitting
nicely in a little crevasse just inside her throat. I hugged her huge soft
tongue and sensed what was going on. She opened her mouth and I could she
that she was moving toward the edge of the shallow water. Just before she
slid into the deep water she closed her mouth. In the darkness I could
feel us moving around in different directions under water. I had a total
of about a square foot of breathing room spread out in her mouth. Her
throat caressed me and my cock in her little crevasse. I don't know if she
intended me to have any pleasure in her mouth but I started to hump the
fold in her throat. As her muscles contracted around my cock and lower
body, I felt an orgasm quickly returning. I trust faster and faster into
that fold. As I humped out by but rubs hard against the top of her throat.
I could feel her suck on my body making all sensations magnified and I
felt my body slip a couple inches further into her. Then finally I burst
into her throat with an incredible orgasm. I could feel my balls and dick
strain against my flesh and I continued to orgasm into her. And finally my
orgasm was over.