If Wishes Were Hisses 

By Hypnosnake
Story Copyright (C) By: Hypnosnake
 2001 - All rights reserved.

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by Hypnosnake

Jason was rummaging around in his attic, doing some spring cleaning, when he discovered the old book. The cover was dusty, cobwebbed and showing signs of decay, as with all old things, but the pages, as far as he could tell, were still fresh and new. They glowed faintly in the dark. "Maybe it's phosphorus," Jason reasoned. "I wonder what's in it?" He opened the book to find out. "Maybe it's just an old photo album or..."
As Jason opened the book, the glow seemed to leap off the pages and form into a smoky mist! Jason leaped back, surprised. The mist pulled itself into a man-sized mass. The individual faintly glowing specks and particles of the cloud condensed and solidified, pulling together to form...
"Oh, you've got to be shitting me!" Jason remarked as a beautiful woman materialized from the mist. Long dark hair fell in curls around a heart-shaped face and a slim neck, which tapered off at curved shoulders. Two firm, high breasts formed at the chest, the waist a perfect hourglass that ended in rounded hips which tapered into slender, shapely legs. The whole woman was clad -- barely -- in diaphanous clothing.
Jason blinked. "This isn't happening," he thought, trying to reason it out. "This only happens in TV shows and comics and wild sexual fantasies and..."
"Shall I show you how real I am, rescuer?" said the woman in a musical voice, like liquid silver. She reached her arm out to him and stroked Jason's cheek; then she leaned in closer and kissed him. Her lips were moist and sweet, and set Jason's mouth to tingling.
As she broke the kiss, Jason scratched his dirty-blonde hair. "Okay," he said, "this can't be what it looks like, can it?"
"To what do you refer, releasor?" asked the woman in her beautiful voice again.
"You're a...a genie, right?" Jason stated. "I mean, provided this ain't some weird hallucination or something..."
She wrapped her arms around Jason, pressing her breasts against him. "I think more proof of my existence is in order," she smiled, kissing him again. Jason's body became quite flushed with the sensations.
Then she broke away. "Oh!" she gasped, frowning. "I am being rude." Then she bowed before him, as if speaking to a king. "I am Tamira. For releasing me from my imprisonment, I shall be your servant in all things."
Jason stood there puzzled. Then he laughed. "Oh, I get it! This is the part where you grant me three wishes, right?"
"As many as you may have, sirrah," she said gratefully.
Jason looked her up and down. <i>Damn, she's gorgeous,</i> he thought. And then an idea occured to him.
Tamira looked up at her savior, and her eyes twinkled as she read his desire. "I suppose I can guess what your first request is," she laughed, in a chuckle like the tinkle of silver bells. With that, her clothing sank back into her body.
Jason gaped. Tamira was built like a goddess, all right, and his pants grew extremely tight. But he managed to snap out of it enough to explain. "Actually, my fantasy's a little more complex than that."
"Oh?" she asked. She searched his mind, then with an eyebrow raised, she smirked. "How amusing. And yet...the ultimate expression of phallic power and virility. Very well, sirrah."
"Actually, my name's sss..." Jason never told her, because that was when his head and neck became those of a python. His upper body elongated, his abdomen growing more abdominal muscles than normal. His arms went to his sides, becoming absorbed into them. His legs also fused together, becoming the tail of a snake. None of this actually hurt, but damn, it felt weird!
When it was all over, Jason was a twenty-foot, two-hundred-pound python. Even his clothing had been absorbed into the change. "Well," he thought philosophically, "might as well act out the rest of the
With that, he slithered over to Tamira and coiled himself around her knee, tight enough to keep from falling, but not too tight. "Don't want to actually crush her," he thought, taking care.
"Do not worry, master," said Tamira's voice in his mind. "Like you mortals, we djinns prefer pain over pleasure; unlike you, however, we are able to adjust our manifestations accordingly."
"That's good to know," Jason thought back. "And the name's Jason."
"Very well...Jason," Tamira answered.
With that, Jason continued to coil up Tamira's leg. Going up her hip, he instinctively and skillfully twisted himself so that he was going between her legs upside down. Flicking his forked tongue, he tasted her salty-sweet pussy; then his underbelly muscles rippled against her clitoris, over and over. Tamira gasped, her body going rigid with the indescribable sensations. Jason smiled, or tried to with his serpentine, lipless mouth, as he slithered over her groin and abdomen, winding a thick, muscular coil around her arms and waist. A second coil was made, around and just below her breasts. By the time the third coil was made above her breasts, Tamira was gasping. An onlooker would have thought it was from constriction, but Jason knew the truth. No matter how tight his coils became, Tamira was impervious to crushing or any other damage.
Finally, Jason wrapped his remaining length around Tamira's hips, thighs and shins. Then, the tightening of the coils began. Jason's underbelly rippled slowly, back and forth, between Tamira's legs, her vagina stimulated by the steady, inexorable massage. Her bottom was similarly stimulated, and her breasts were squeezed, the nipples stroked, the rubbery flesh crushed between the coils.
A human woman in Tamira's position would have been unable to escape with her arms pinned, even if she'd wanted to; for Tamira, escape was easy, but she was unable to want to. From the moment her clitoris was struck, she had been mesmerized with the pleasure.
Jason could feel his own orgasm rising, could feel his penis erecting beneath Tamira's bottom. Suddenly, his penis shot into Tamira's anus, and she cried out with the unexpected sensation. The two of them reached their sexual peaks then, and then Tamira's sensations overloaded, causing her to have a massive orgasm.
"HERE IT COMESSSS!" Jason screamed mentally, his own body exploding as he shot his load into her ass. As they climaxed together, Tamira telepathically broadcast her orgasm into Jason's mind, even as she received his. Jason's python body tightened as much as it could, causing Tamira's already double-orgasmed body to reach an even more intense peak. The sensation was relayed back into Jason, causing him to seize up even more, which fed back into Tamira, until their orgasms blended into a single permanent climax. Neither of them could think of anything except the pleasure, and both were completely paralyzed by the sensation. All they wanted was for this joy to last forever.
But in the end, only Tamira had the sexual energy for that. Like a doctor's blood-pressure cuff, Jason's body, after tightening so much for so long, relaxed and went limp as he lost consciousness.
Not long after, Jason awoke. His human reasoning shut down from the experience of earlier, he now responded to the instincts of the python he had become. What he held in his coils now was no longer called "Tamira", but merely "prey". The python sensed that its prey was not breathing, but that its heartbeat had reached a peak, as had all its other muscles, and it was warm. Thinking the prey freshly dead, the python opened its mouth, unhinging its jaws. It proceeded to "push" Tamira's body into its maw with its coils.
Unknown to the python, Tamira was alive and semi-conscious of what was happening to her. A human woman might have been able to free herself, would at least have screamed in terror; but Tamira did not react to her situation. As a djinn, she was basically an immortal spirit who could reform another body when needed. Besides, she figured that this was part of Jason's fantasy. She closed her eyes and felt the insides of Jason's long body press against her with each swallow. Jason's insides pressed against her breasts, belly, buttocks and crotch with each swallow, causing her to build to another climax. By the time he had reached her knees she had convulsed into yet another orgasm, her body trying to writhe in the tight, warm, moist cocoon that surrounded it.
When he had completely swallowed her, she entered his stomach face-first. The digestive acids would have brought incredible pain and agony to a human woman as they dissolved her flesh; but Tamira's system was wired solely for pleasure. Instead, the acids brought her to her most incredible ecstasy yet, adding to the orgasm she was already experiencing.
An empathic wave of joy flared from Tamira into Jason, and from Jason into the entire world. Nobody would ever find the exact cause of the "worldwide epileptic seizure" that rendered the population of Earth unconscious, though some would theorize alien invasion or government accidents.
As Jason regained consciousness, he realized to his horror what he had done. Not only had he commited murder, but the victim was the only woman in the world who could change him back!
Then he heard Tamira's voice. "Worry not, Jason. I live still in an ethereal state. See?" Tamira's "mist" flowed out of Jason's body like light through glass, before resolidifying into the beautiful woman. "That was a wuuunnn-derfullll experience," she moaned.
"That gives me an idea," smiled Jason.
Tamira listened to Jason's idea. Then she smiled wickedly. "Granted..."
Tamira created a harem for Jason, complete with djinn concubines who were slavishly addicted to sex, especially after having Jason's technique used on them. They would compete with each other for Jason's affections by screwing each other unconscious; the last one standing would then have the infinite pleasure of being squeezed-and-swallowed by Jason. Tamira even cast spells of heightened sexual stamina and eternal youth on Jason, allowing him to enjoy an eternal orgy. Jason's last thoughts before going completely animal were of what a stroke of luck the old book had been.