Title: New Revelations
Author: GyphRaptor
© 2003
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Please note, the characters portrayed in this story are copyrighted by whoever it is that made the Zoids: Chaotic Century Manga series, and are being used without permission in situations that very likely would never ever happen in the series. Anyway, hope you all enjoy this work of fanfiction. Oh…another note about this story, it contains quite a bit of sex and explicit situations between the various characters. So if you find strange sexual situations disturbing, do not read this story. Otherwise, please enjoy.

Zoids: Chaotic Century
New Revelations
A fanfic by GryphRaptor

Van, Zeke, Fiona, Irvine, and Moonbay were taking some time off from their search for Zoid Eve. Moonbay had found a very nice cove quite a bit off the beaten path and the whole group was relaxing and taking it easy for once. Zeke and Fiona were very much impressed by the ocean they now found themselves looking out over, Irvine on the other hand was acting as if he were bored and had strung up a hammock and dozed off. The last member of their party, Van, was giving the shield liger, Caesar a once over, even though any time Zeke and Van merged with a zoid, the zoid's damage was repaired, it never hurt to double check things afterwards.
After awhile, Fiona and Moonbay began dinner preparations, Moonbay teaching the strange foundling Fiona some simple dishes based on various sea life they'd gathered. As the whole group sat around the fire, relaxing after such a hearty dinner, the conversations ranged through quite a few various subjects. Van retold the story of how he'd found Zeke and Fiona, his first meeting with Raven and Shadow, and the beginnings of his journey to find out more about his partner zoid and Fiona who were somehow linked. Pausing once he'd finished, Van looked over at Zeke and smiled, the small silver zoid looked much like a dinosaur of some sort, a bit taller then Van himself was, though that was more because of the Zoid's somewhat hunched over posture. It really was amazing how Zeke was able to join with other zoids and enhance their abilities, not to mention he had his own personality which was rather unique among zoids, other then wild ones.
Van loved being with Zeke, the smaller zoid was a great partner, and he knew they'd go far together, leaning back he thought of the rush he felt when Zeke opened up and took him inside, this was another way Zeke was different from other zoids, he and Van merged together, rather then the normal way of zoids and their partners. A normal zoid had a large cockpit where the partner directed what his or her zoid would do. With Zeke, it was a much different situation. Zeke's body would open up, and Van would be pulled inside, with Zeke becoming like a second skin around him. It was most defiantly a very exhilarating experience for Van.
Eventually the hearty dinner caused everyone to grow sleepy, and spreading their gear out they settled in for the night, Van making sure that Zeke's batteries were being filled before settling down on his own sleeping pad and slowly drifting off. As Van slept Zeke finished recharging his batteries and nudged the connections off, stretching his robotic body before looking around the camp. He was bored with the humans in their downtime, and pondered what to do.
Systems recharged, Zeke disconnected himself from the charger and wandered off to explore a bit, winding up eventually atop a small bluff overlooking the sea. Staring off into the distance, the bionoid sighed.
"What's wrong Zeke?"
Startled, the silver bionoid whirled around to find Fiona had slipped up behind him while he'd been lost in thought. He cocked his head to the side as he regarded his companion. Fiona smiled and sat down next to Zeke, leaning against his cool metallic hide. "It sure is a beautiful evening, isn't it?" as she gazed out at the moonlit sea, "Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever find out about our mysterious past, and how it's connected to Zoid Eve, course it might help if we even knew just what Zoid Eve was now wouldn't it?" She giggled, "Imagine that, us searching for something we know absolutely nothing about, course we do have quite an interesting time in this quest now don't we?" Fiona asked the silent Zeke, abruptly reaching around and wrapping her arms around the silver zoid. Zeke's face growing red in mild embarrassment.
Giggling at Zeke's reaction Fiona shifted position and gave Zeke a quick kiss on his metallic snout, "Mmmm…Maybe it's just the night…but I've always wondered what it's like for Van to be inside you. Sure I can help open other zoid's hearts to allow you both to join with them, but it's not the same." Zeke softly nuzzled Fiona in return, growling softly in sympathy as Fiona's hands continued to slide over him. "Would you do me a favor Zeke? Take me inside you like you do Van? Just this once so I know what it's like?" The silver bionoid blinked, gaping at Fiona, mind racing at the thought of taking someone other then Van inside himself.
"It's alright if you don't want to Zeke, I really shouldn't have asked." The young girl sighed softly as she leaned back against Zeke's belly, resting her head against his chest as she once more began to gaze out over the water. "I can feel your confusion about it Zeke, I won't push the matter, it's probably a silly request anyway, after all, you and Van are partners. I wouldn't want anything to happen to that relationship between you two. I love you both equally…" she murmured to her companion, smiling up at Zeke as she stroked lightly along his robotic jaw line.
Zeke stood there, indecision coursing through him as his arms softly held Fiona against his body. He'd never even considered taking anyone other then Van into himself. Like Fiona had said, Van was his partner, yet Fiona was special to them both and the bionoid wanted to please Fiona if he could. Shivering slightly Zeke stepped back from the young girl, causing Fiona to fall backwards as her "couch" disappeared, "what'd you do that for?" she exclaimed, then gasped as she realized what Zeke was going to do.
Slowly Zeke's chest and belly opened up, the plates separating, exposing the hidden cockpit within, cables flying outwards to embrace a very startled Fiona, as Zeke began to pull the young girl into himself, doubts still flowing through his mind as he prepared to accept another partner, other then Van. Fiona squirmed in surprise as those living cables wrapped around her body, moaning a bit in pleasure as she was drawn up into Zeke's body, the bionoid's body enveloping her completely as his chest and belly closed up, the young girl disappearing fully as Zeke merged with her. Both of them crying out in pleasure as their bodies became one. It was unlike anything Fiona had experienced before, she could feel Zeke's body as if it were her own, his mind joining with her own as rocket boosters sprouted from their shoulders and they took to the air in ecstasy.
Joining with Fiona was very different for Zeke then when he joined with Van, their minds were so different from each other, yet there was that wonderfully satisfying sensation that coursed through the bionoid when he held a partner inside him. His whole body becoming more then what it had been before as he and Fiona flew through the night sky. Slowly the new partners could feel other changes happening, things that didn't happen when Van was the pilot, Fiona grinned as she and Zeke continued to merge even further, "what do you say we give Van a surprise?" she could feel Zeke's pleasure at the thought of what she wanted to do, new sensations exploding through them both as they landed, and slowly slipped back towards camp.
Van groaned in his sleep, he was having such a weird dream, something about Zeke and Fiona, but he couldn't make out the details, not that the dream was making much sense anyway. Slowly he rose, and stumbled into the nearby bushes to take care of some rather pressing business. Finished, and still half asleep, Van blinked wearily as he heard Fiona's voice, "Van…could you come here…"
"Wha? Fiona?" as he began to move towards where the voice was coming from. Stumbling in the dark in his still half asleep state, Van found himself in a smaller cove a short distance from the camp, looking around, wondering where Fiona was as he heard her voice again, "Over here…"
"What's going on? Where are you Fiona? Is this some sort of game? It's late and I'm really tired…" he grumped as he moved towards a cave in the cliff face, "are you in here Fiona?" he cried out as something lunged out of the darkness at him, and he found himself flat on his back in the sand, a heavy weight pressing down over him, "GAHHH!"
When nothing else happened, Van blinked and looked up to seek Zeke's muzzle blocking the night sky, "Zeke…what do you think you're doing? You scared me half to death…" as he pushed against his bionoid partner, "now get off me" Zeke just rumbled his amusement as his jaws opened and he licked Van's face, "I'm serious Zeke, get off…" the young man grumbled, "You haven't seen Fiona have you?"
Zeke chuckled again as he shifted overtop of Van, pinning his human partner to the ground, "It's alright Van, I'm right here…" Fiona's voice said, as Van realized the sound was inside his head.
"What's going on around here? Fiona?"
"Yes Van?"
"Where are you?" Fiona's only reply was a soft giggle, as Zeke continued to crouch overtop of Van. Slowly Van began to realize there was something different about the silver zoid, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. "Zeke…could you please get off of me?" Finally the bionoid did so, still chuckling at some private joke apparently. As Van got up, Zeke jumped forward again, his foreclaws gripping Van's shorts and tugging them off, toppling Van once more onto his back in the process. "ZEKE! What's gotten into you? Give me back my shorts!"
The zoid just grinned at his human partner as he tossed the shorts back into the cave behind him, gazing at Van's now nude form, and lumbered forward to nuzzle Van's chest and belly, running his smooth snout against the young man's flesh. Van shivered at the nuzzling, wondering what on earth had gotten into Zeke, blushing furiously as he wondered where Fiona was, hoping she wasn't going to find him in this rather embarrassing state.
Van gasped as he felt something sliding over his groin, shivering as he found Zeke slowly licking him now, the zoid's metallic tongue rubbing over the young man's cock and sack, "Z..Zeke…what are you doing?" He groaned as the caresses caused him to harden, his body shivering as this rather strange situation got even stranger.
"It's alright Van…just relax" Fiona's voice sounded again as Zeke continued to lick, getting his human partner fully hard before enveloping cock and sac within his metallic mouth, gently beginning to suckle on both, making pleased noises as he began to pleasure Van.
Groaning deeply, Van began to run his hands over his bionoid partner's head, trembling at the feel of Zeke's mouth around his privates. He couldn't believe this was happening as Zeke's forearms embraced the human, holding him tenderly as Zeke slowly shifted position, rolling over onto his back and pulling Van with him, until the young man found himself straddling the zoid's open jaws. Zeke's tongue continuing to slide along Van's shaft, slipping against the young man's sac, before flexing and beginning to tease at the tight ring of muscle of Van's anus. Van moaned deeply as slowly he felt himself being penetrated by that thick metallic tongue, beginning to thrust his shaft against the smooth metal surface of the roof of Zeke's mouth, a bit of pre spurting from his cocktip as Zeke's jaws held him firmly within the bionoid's muzzle.
"Ungh…" Van shuddered as the pressure built within him, the feel of Zeke's tongue deep up inside his rear causing him to squirm about wildly, thrusting more and more eagerly against the roof of his partner's mouth, trembling as the metallic surface seemed to soften up against his shaft. The insides of his partner's mouth growing hotter and hotter as the young man cried out in pleasure. Zeke's tongue finding every sensitive spot up inside his rear, pushing Van over the edge finally, thick seed spurting from the young man's shaft, coating the insides of Zeke's mouth, the bionoid shivering in pleasure as Van climaxed into his mouth, eagerly sucking down the rich liquid, working Van for every last drop.
Collapsing, the only thing supporting him being Zeke's jaws, Van gasped, head resting against his chest as his climax finally ebbed. Shivering as he looked down at the extremely pleased looking Zeke. He groaned, feeling Zeke's tongue still deep up inside him, shivering a bit as the bionoid licked around for a little longer before withdrawing his tongue. The zoid's body vibrating in pleasure as he continued to hold Van within his mouth.
Softly Van stroked Zeke's head, feeling a light suction around his rear and crotch as Zeke continued to hold him, "oooo…that was the strangest experience I've ever had…" he shivered, "I really don't know what's gotten into you Zeke…but thanks" he smiled down at his bionoid partner as Zeke's jaws slowly opened, releasing the young man finally.
"We're not done yet Van…" Fiona's voice replied, startling Van.
"What? Fiona?" he looked around wildly, wondering if he'd been seen as Zeke chuckled, continuing to lay there on his back.
"Mmmm…that was so much fun…I've always envied how close you and Zeke were Van…I've been wanting to get close to you both for a long time now." Fiona's voice continued inside Van's head, and slowly Van turned and looked at Zeke once more.
"What's going on here? Zeke?" studied his bionoid partner more closely, shivering as he felt Zeke's tail curl up, the blunt tip pushing against his anal ring, and he gasped as he found himself being pushed once more against Zeke's body. The bionoid's foreclaws gently gripping the young man's shoulders, holding him against the steady pressure of Zeke's tail as Van's cock began to firm up once more.
"It's alright Van, Zeke and I want to share every experience we can with you." Fiona's voice sounded once more, as he felt a gentle warmth flowing into him, shivering as he looked once more at Zeke, as Fiona continued, "we'll all be one soon Van, but Zeke and I wanted to enjoy you together for a bit. We've both always wondered what it would be like to make love to you Van…" Van blushed hotly as he heard that, groaning as his rear slowly filled with Zeke's tail, as realization struck him.
"You two merged…" he whispered, gasping as he ran his hands over Zeke's smooth belly and chest, trembling as he realized Fiona was there inside Zeke. Yet strangely he didn't mind, if it had been anyone else he would've been furious. This was different; Zeke and Fiona were both very special to him and this new revelation made him smile. "I should probably be furious with you both…but I'm not….I care to deeply for the two of you to really be mad…but I would have liked a little warning…" he groaned softly as Zeke's tail flexed up inside his rear, the tight ring of his anus clenching as he trembled.
"We're glad you're not angry Van…" Fiona replied, and he could feel her presence now, held inside Zeke as that thick tail pushed in as far as it could go, causing Van to moan deeply. Slowly, one of Zeke's foreclaws reached down to stroke the young man's arousal, rubbing along it's length for a bit. Using his hind legs Zeke pushed Van back a bit, so the young man was straddling his tail base. Van's eyes widened as a slit opened up there between the bionoid's powerful thighs, and Zeke carefully guided his partner's shaft into the hot folds that now lay exposed.
Crying out at the feel of his shaft sinking into Zeke's body, van leaned forward, laying atop Zeke and beginning to thrust, even as Zeke's tail began to thrust back and forth within the young man's rear. The feel of Zeke's body around him was so strange, surprisingly soft insides enveloped Van's shaft. He could feel pleasure pouring from Zeke/Fiona, adding to his own experience as he moaned deeply, thrusting as deep into the bionoid as he could. Inner muscles rippling around his cock, milking it for his seed even as Zeke's tail continued to stroke the young man's own innards. Pressure building once more as the combination of sensations pushed Van steadily towards climax.
Feeling Zeke's legs wrap around his waist, Van cried out as he came, shooting his load into Zeke's depths, Zeke's own cry of pleasure echoing around them as the bionoid's insides clenched tightly around Van's cock, milking it for every last drop as their minds flowed into each other, sharing the experiences with one another. The merging pushing their climaxes longer and longer as Van, Fiona and Zeke lay there, making love to each other again and again.
Finally, exhausted, Van lay sprawled over Zeke's body, groaning softly as he felt the zoid's tail slip from his well-used rear. His shaft still buried in the hot embrace of Zeke's body beneath him. Shivering as Zeke hugged him tightly, "Wow…" he murmured, "thank you both…" as slowly he drifted off to sleep, held tenderly by his partners.
Fiona and Zeke sighed in pleasure as they lay there beneath Van, still holding his shaft within their body, mmming at the warmth that filled them both. For the first time Zeke had experienced what it was like to be fully organic, marveling at how good it felt. Fiona smiled as she stroked Van tenderly, looking forward to when Van reawoke and they could explore their new relationship even further. Slowly she too began to drift off, and Zeke smiled as he joined his lovers in slumber as well.